From: Dennis Melcher (ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 07/01/90-05:50:40 PM Z

From: ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dennis Melcher)
Subject: 80 COL. CARD?
Date: Sun Jul  1 17:50:40 1990

Does the 80 column card that Atari makes (xep80 or something like that) work with 850 Express!.
And also would Atari writer + work with it?, the software package of Atari Writer + I have makes no mention if it is compatable or not.
I know there is a version that will work with the 80 col. card, but is that a special version of AW+ or will all AW+ versions work with it?

Dennis Melcher ai980

*** Answered by Len Stys (aa399) ***
       at: 5:40 PM  7-1-90

I have purchased the Atari XEP80 and
there are a few things that you should
remember about it.  The first thing is
that you need a monitor/TV.  It must
have a plugging for VIDEO into your TV.
If you do not have this, the XEP80 is
no good to you.  The second thing that
you should know is that there are only
about 3-7 software titles available for
it that takes advantage of it.  The
Atari Writer + does not.  You need a
special 80 column version of it called
Atari Writer 80.  There are also database
programs and word processors made by other
companies that are sold for $40 or more.
Several term programs such as DeTerm and
BobTerm stat that you can use the XEP80
with them but I have not gotten them to
work.  I commercial package called the
Express Cartridge by Orion also says
that it supports the XEP80 which probably

Have I used my XEP80 very much?  Well,
I've turned it on about 3x since I got
it.  I'm waiting for the price to go
down on some of the software that
supports it but wanted to make sure
I had the hardware when it came out.
So far, the prices are still way up
there.  It comes with a new version of
DOS which is in 80 columns.  Not with
new features but new in the way that
it is in 80 columns?

Have I had any problems with it?  Yes,
the first time I purchased it, it worked
for exactly 10 minutes then it stopped
working all together.  I took it back
and had my dealers play around with it
for a good 20 minutes and then they
decided it was broke as well and gave
me another one.  I also had problems
with the first one or two characters
being cut off which I had to adjust and
WAS A BIG PAIN.  It shouldn't need

Overall, did I think it was a good
deal and was well worth the money?
No, I did not.  I only got it because
I love my 8-bit.  If you love your
8-bit also and are willing to dish
out the extra cash to get software
that supports it then go ahead.
But to tell you the truth, you'd be
better saving your money for an
STe.  A 520STe may come out with
10 software titles for under $400.
If you add up all the little extras
such as a mouse, MIDI ports, and
80 columns already with it, you will
see my reasoning.  Plus you will
still be able to emulate your 8-bit
with Xformer.

Thanks for your question!



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