From: Dennis Melcher (ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/02/90-05:35:28 AM Z

From: ai980@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Dennis Melcher)
Subject: Re: 800XL VIDEO
Date: Sat Jun  2 05:35:28 1990

I had the same problem on my 800xl computer.
The problem turned out to be the vidio modulator, a silver box near the rear of the computer where you hook up the RF cable.
My solution since I couldn't buy one locally, was to cut the wires (disconnect it from the circuit) and buy a monitor.
It was a good excuse to buy one!, even though the solution isn't the best.

Dennis Melcher ai980


Thanks for your input.  For information on repairing the 8 bit, one 
may consult a Sams ComputerFacts on the unit, available at most public
libraries...If you want to purchase them, a good place to go is
Amateur Radio Electronic on Euclid Ave. in Wickliffe...They have an
excellent collection of Sams Computer Facts, Photofacts, and tutorials!!!
Its been said that they have a better collection then CSU's library...
'course I've never seen CSU's library, so I don't know how good of
a comment that is...Mapping the Atari may have some information too, but
probably not enough...I know it has some pin-outs...Sam's Computer Facts
gives you all the details in repairing everything inside the computer...
Some repairs are extremely easy, whereas some require some computer
and electronic knowledge...I'm willing to bet that a repair on the 
video modulator would be a rather easy one....


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