Re: Copying a BASIC cart.

From: A D. Wagner (adw)
Date: 10/22/89-07:00:51 PM Z

From: adw (A D. Wagner)
Subject: Re: Copying a BASIC cart.
Date: Sun Oct 22 19:00:51 1989

This is the worlds's most delayed
responce, if this is really a 1988
message.  Nevertheless, if anyone is
still interested, the August, 1985
Analog Magazine has an article about
copying Basic A to disk and fixing 
the bugs.  You may also find Basic A
cartridges available from the mail
order houses advertizing in Antic or
Analog Magazines for around $5.00.
Basic C cartridges are probably still
available directly from Atari Customer
Service for around $15.00.  If your
program depends on some bug in Basic A
to rowork, then you will either need the
cartirdge or the bug fix file without
fixing the bugs.  I have no idea how
copyright laws affect ROM media which
is no longer available from the 
manufacturer.  It would seem that they
would not apply if the copyright owner
has abandonned the program or cartridge.
This is really my wife's login account.
I am still waiting for CWRUNET tom mail
me a registration form.

Bob Wagner

 *** Answered by Len Stys (aa399) ***

Thank you for your help!


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