omnicom and SX212 modem

From: visitor
Date: 08/15/89-08:57:17 AM Z

From: visitor
Subject: omnicom and SX212 modem
Date: Tue Aug 15 08:57:17 1989

Can anyone tell me if they know if
Omnicom will work with the SX212 modem.
I'm thinking of getting one and need
to talk with a VAX computer at work.
If it does work, what handler will I

** Answered by PHILLIP CHOW (aa400) on Mon Jul 17 11:12:47 1989 **

Omnicom was made to be used with an RS232 type modem. If you are currently
using a P:R: Connection/850/MIO with 
your SX212 then it is possible.
If not you can try to substitute the
handler your SX212 use (it should have
come on the disk with the modem) in

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