Monochrome vs Colour

From: visitor
Date: 07/30/89-09:30:20 AM Z

From: visitor
Subject: Monochrome vs Colour
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:30:20 1989

Which is cheaper:

Buying an Mono ST or a Colour ST?

I mean, if you guy one, then buy the
other monitor later on, will the 
price come out the same?  I seem to get
the idea that the colour system is
cheaper because you pay about $150 more
for the colour system, and the mono
monitor costs about $175, while the
colour costs about $250.  
A mono can be had for about $475
A colour can be had for about $625
the difference there is $150.
So, take the mono system with the colour
added later on:  $475 + $250 = $725

Now, the colour system with the monor
added later on:  $625 + $175 = $800

You save $75 if you buy the colour
system.  Now, this is from just one
store.  I would like to know if this
logic holds true for most stores.
Thank you very much.

** Answered by JOHN SUCHY (aa271) on Tue Sep 15 10:15:56 1987 **

        If you can, indeed, get a color
monitor for only $250, then go with the
monochrome system and the color monitor.The $150 difference between the systems
seems to be standard, but the best 
price I've seen on the monochrome
monitor is $129--only about $120 less 
than your price for the color monitor.
Rule-of-thumb: check the price
differences for monitors and systems,
then buy the less expensive product of
the pair with the greater difference.
        Incidentally, you may be able
to get a better price on the monochrome
system by shopping around.  I cannot
recommend any one store in my position 
of FREE-NET Sysop.  I do recommend
buying locally, however: a few long-
distance phone calls in case of trouble
can easily eat up the "lower price" you
can get from the mail order companies.
Good luck with your purchase.

                        Your Co-sysop
                        John E. Suchy
         Thanks for asking.

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