Color Term Program

From: aa338
Date: 07/30/89-09:25:22 AM Z

From: aa338
Subject: Color Term Program
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:25:22 1989

Well, I think I'm going to do it!!!  I was in the process of writing
a question because of a technical problem I found in using the modem
at 1200 baud in Basic but figured out a way to fix it while
typing the message.  I'm also interested in writing my own
BBS program for my board.  Perhaps i can have the BBS support
this program.  Please respond if you know of any similiar programs
for the 8 bit.

** Answered by JOHN SUCHY (aa271) on Sat Jun 27 02:05:04 1987 **

        Congratulations on fixing your
own problem.  Leave me some personal
E-mail about it.  Incidentally, the
current state-of-the-art BBS program 
for Atari seems to be BBS Express: see
the TAP BBS at 228-7335.
                        Your Co-sysop
                        John E. Suchy
        Thanks for talking.

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