From: ab714
Date: 07/30/89-09:19:22 AM Z

From: ab714
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:19:22 1989

Can someone tell me why, In a basic program, when I have a line 
that is an LPRINT statement and it ends with a semicolon, and 
the next line is an LPRINT statement, the two lines will not 
print out together on the same line, when I run the program.
          10 LPRINT "This line will not";
          20 LPRINT "be printed on the same line, as this line.

I believe the semicolon is supposed to cause these 2 lines to 
print out together on the same line. This will work if you r
emove the -L- from the LPRINTs and just say PRINT. The above two 
lines will print out on the screen all in one line.
          (This line will not be printed on the same line, as th
is line.)

Why does it work on the screen but not on the printer? How can I
 get this to work on my printer. I am using a STAR NX-10 p
rinter and a 130XE computer, using standard ATARI basic and 
a P.R. CONNECTION interface.

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat Jan 10 02:29:04 1987 **

The LPRINT statement is used in Atari
basic to print one line of text. It
will end each LPRINT with an 
EOL (End Of Line) character. This is
in essence a carrage return. So your
Printer will go to the next line.

An alturnative is to open a channel
to the printer and use the Print #
statement. This will give you full
control of the EOL and let you
concatinate your strings.

This is all explained in "YOUR ATARI
COMPUTER" by Lon Poole. (also known as
        Thanks for the question and
I hope that helps. For More info. 
feel free to leave me e-mail.

                        ATARI SYSOP,
                        Jim Haynes

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