From: ad024
Date: 07/30/89-09:14:11 AM Z

From: ad024
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:14:11 1989

     In response to Bob Pearl's MPP 
problems I would like to mention my
own experience.
     I own an Atari 130XE, AVATEX 
1200 HC modem, Star NX10 printer, and
run 850 EXPRESS software.
     I am also using PR INTERFACE.
     With the exception of the modems
and the software (and 850 EXPRESS) looks
very similar to MPPEXPRESS our two 
systems are the same.  I have no 
difficulties at all with this set up.
Therefore, I don't think that your 
problem lies in your power supply.

     My suggestion, (and I have no
desire to contradict the sysop) is 
that either one of your cables is
defective, or there is aa problem with
your modem.

     I had an MPP1000E 
modem that I was running "SMART 
TERMINAL" software on.  Although it ran
fairly well, I did find that the 300
baud rate was very suseptable to 
static on the phone line, as most
long duration downloads were totally

     I recommend, and I know that they
cost, is a 1200baud modem (Hayes 
compatable is nice).  I would, however,
check my cables before I did anything
else.  Look for shorts and OPENS.

                 Bob Walch

** Answered by JOHN SUCHY (aa271) on Sun Mar 22 01:15:27 1987 **

        Far be it from me to hide an
alternate viewpiont, especially if it
could be right!
                        Your Co-sysop
                        John E. Suchy
        Thanks for your help.

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