From: ab044
Date: 07/30/89-09:13:36 AM Z

From: ab044
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:13:36 1989

I have a 130xe (upgraded to 320k) two
1050 drives a Star SG-10 printer and 
an xm301 problem is that
there is no way to use my modem and 
printer at the same time as I have an
Apeface interface. Is there any other
way besides an A/B switch?
Would an A/B switch work?

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Thu Jan  1 21:01:15 1987 **

        The best solution to the problem
would be one of the many interfaces on
the market that allow a user to pulg
in more that one device. The one that
comes to mind is the 850 interface 
but as I am sure you know these are
hard to find to say the least.

        As for the A/B switch idea 
most of the ones I have seen on the
market are for VCRs and are only setup
for the coax cable (2 wire). So, No
one of these would not work.

If anyone has more info on the matter,
Please leave me a msg. so I can post
that info here as well.

                        Thanks for the
                        Your Sysop,
                        Jim Haynes

    A much less expensive alternative
is to make one 4-ended cable out of the
two 2-ended standard SIO cables (Atari
peripheral cables).  To do this, first
determine where the two cables should be joined.  Second, remove about 2" of
insulation from each cable, being very
careful not to nick the wires inside or
their insulation.
    The third step is to examine the
wires in each cable.  There should be
13 in each.  One in each should be bare
and the others should have the same 
color coding.  If not, stop right there
and take the cables to someone who 
knows enough electronics to connect the
proper wires together.  
     If the wires do match, take a wire
from one cable and the matching wire
from the other, strip about 1/8" of 
insulation off both wires, twist them 
together AND SOLDER THEM, then tape
them thoroughly.  Repeat this for each
pair of wires.
     When finished, you can plug one 
end into each drive and one into your
computer, leaving the second socket on
each drive free for other peripherals.
There will also be a free end for other
Atari equipment (1027 printer?).

                       Your Co-sysop
                       John E. Suchy
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