From: ah241
Date: 07/30/89-09:07:38 AM Z

From: ah241
Subject: VCRs
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:07:38 1989

I have an Atari 800, and I would like to know how to hook it up tp
to my VCR or Video Camera.

** Answered by DOUG WOKOUN (aa384) on Sat Feb 18 12:25:35 1989 **

The way I usually do it is to take
the TV switch box and use the 300 ohm
connector that normally goes to the
TV.  Since VCR's usually use 75 ohm
input, you will probably need a 
converter to hook the 300 ohm prongs
to a 75 ohm coaxial cable wire.

Then screw the 75 ohm end of the
connector into the input port of the
VCR and from the output port of the
VCR, run a cable to the television so
you can see what you are doing.

         Hope this helps-
                Thanks for asking.

   Doug Wokoun
   Atari SysOp

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