1020 Printer/Plotter

From: ad037
Date: 07/30/89-09:06:00 AM Z

From: ad037
Subject: 1020 Printer/Plotter
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:06:00 1989

Hi. I have some questions about the
1020 Atari Printer/Ploter.
 The price is right on this thing,
but is it really useful for plotting
and printing in your opinion?
 How flong do the pens last?
 And, does it connect directly to
the joystick ports or do you need a

 Any information would be appreciated!

                   Alan Wilczynski.

** Answered by JOHN SUCHY (aa271) on Fri Feb 27 00:24:49 1987 **

     I'll answer your last question 
first: the 1020 plotter is an Atari
device that connects directly to the
Atari disk drive cable chain.  The cable comes with the 1020.  
     How the pens last depends on usage and luck.  My wife goes through four
pens a week on a light work load, while
another friend has never changed pens
while printing "tons of stuff all the
     Uses for the 1020 are somewhat
limited as it uses roll paper about 
4-1/2" wide.  Business or school use is
highly unlikely.  On the other hand,
if you mainly need something for your
own hard copy files or if size is not
a problem, then the 1020 is a very good
    Incidentally, the CACE user group
(Cleveland Atari Computer Enthusiasts),
listed in the news column, sells a disk
of 1020 utilities to their members that
includes a disk directory program and
several multi-color picture dumps.

                       Your Co-sysop
                       John E. Suchy

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