SX212 Revisited!

From: ag717
Date: 07/30/89-09:04:24 AM Z

From: ag717
Subject: SX212 Revisited!
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:04:24 1989

I'm sorry that I have not made myself
clear the first time.  Let me try

I understand that SX-Express (or ANY
Express program) is not designed to do
the things that I want it to do.  I
also understand that with proper doc-
umentation I could write either:
 1) A modem program that works with
      the very limited handler that I
      do have . . .
or . . .
 2) A SX-Handler that allows me to use
      the term programs that I have
      and liked with my old 300 baud

My problem is two-fold.
 1) I have no technical documentation
      on the SX-Companion handler that
      I am useing, so I cannot get it
      to do anything other than execute
      SX-Express.  I cannot even get to
      DOS or BASIC after loading it!!!!
 2) I have no technical documentation
      on the modem so that I can write
      my own handler for it.  Typical
      to Atari, the owner's manual that
      I received barely tells me how
      to turn the modem on.

Fortunatly, I have worked with Hayes
modems, and as far as command-set goes,
the SX212 seems to be 100% compatable
(right down to the S-Registers!).

So I repeat my question!

Does anyone either have a term program
that works on the SX212 and supports
the type of options I want, or a
handler for the SX212 that allows me to
use my old programs like HomePack and

A distant third would be the doc-
umentation that I have said that I
cannot get.

                Ron Boswell

P.S. If you look carefully, your pre-
     vious answer did not say ANYTHING
     that my previous question did not.
     If you cannot help me youself,
     maybe you can suggest as to who

** Answered by DOUG WOKOUN (aa384) on Wed Sep 28 17:04:47 1988 **

Maybe I should be a little clearer
also: I don't know...

If you are an ML wizard, disassemble 
the code and try to figure it out.

I don't know who wrote the handler,
but you could write them a letter and
ask them for some information.

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