SX212 Modem operation

From: ag717
Date: 07/30/89-09:03:49 AM Z

From: ag717
Subject: SX212 Modem operation
Date: Sun Jul 30 09:03:49 1989

I was wondering if anyone could help me
get the SX212 Modem up on an Atari 800
(Original - 48k) with the SIO connector

I am currently using SX-Express with
the SX-Companion handler, but I am not
happy with it.

SX-Express does not have Auto-Login
capabilities or 80-Column. (I used both
of these features with my old MPP 1000c
modem with either HomePak, Amodem [Mod-
ified for Auto-Login], or VT 10^2)

If anyone either has a PD or Shareware
handler that will work with my old
term programs, new term programs that
have the features I'm looking for, or
technical information that would allow
me to construct my own handler; I
would be very appreciative.

               Ron Boswell

** Answered by DOUG WOKOUN (aa384) on Sat Sep 24 14:16:21 1988 **

Express was never intended to use 80
columns, auto-logins or any of the like.
If you can find some documents for the
handler, you could probably write your
own program using the handler.  

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