Whatta think?

From: ae586
Date: 07/30/89-08:59:02 AM Z

From: ae586
Subject: Whatta think?
Date: Sun Jul 30 08:59:02 1989

 I was wondering. What do you think
in your opinion. I was thinking about
  selling this St and getting a Amiga
2000. Most everyone I talked to
agree that the Amiga is a much better
computer. The software is reallly
starting to roll out for it
too. Personally, I had a choice
a while back to get a 64 and should
have. Even though not quite as
good in some respects, I believe
it to be a much better computer.
I think your insight would be well

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat May 14 06:52:52 1988 **

         My opinion?  A foolish move.
  Why would anyone with the
  availability of software for 4 to 5
  diffrent types of computer ditch it
  for one.  The ST is able to use
  IBM, Amiga, CP/M software among
  others.  Why change computer?  If
  you are unhappy with your present
  software change it not your
  computer.  The software for the ST
  that is comming our is amazing.
  Look at the CAD Series or all the
  midi software.  That's another
  advantage.  Midi.  A midi interface
  by itself runs around $200.  The ST
  has a biuldt-in MIDI interface
  allowing it to control your Casio
  or Yamaha keyboard.  You get alot
  for your money with Atari.  It's
  beyond me why anyone with one would
  give it up.

                        Jim Haynes

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