800 upgrade

From: ac964
Date: 07/30/89-08:58:23 AM Z

From: ac964
Subject: 800 upgrade
Date: Sun Jul 30 08:58:23 1989

I have an (old) Atari 800 and want to
know if it is possible to expand its
memory beyond 48K to at least 64K or
possibly beyond? 

This would be for two reasons:
-so that I could have bigger
     spreadsheet and word processing
    -to take advantage of a couple of
     programs that are better with
     64K (FS II and Microleague Base-

If it matters, I have an open slot in
the RAM section. Also, what does it
cost? In other words, is it cheaper
than buying a 130XE?

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat May 14 06:46:04 1988 **

         Although there are still a
  few upgrades for the Atari 800,
  They are hard to find. Some Mail
  order places carry them.  Our best
  advice would be to get the Atari
  130xe with it's 128k capasity. This
  will give you the added pleasure of
  a ram disk which comes in quite
  handy.  This computer is also
  expandable to 320k.  Thanks for
  your question.

                        Jim Haynes

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