Word processing FreeNet downloads

From: ae962
Date: 07/30/89-08:55:15 AM Z

From: ae962
Subject: Word processing FreeNet downloads
Date: Sun Jul 30 08:55:15 1989

     Here's some helpful comments programmers may want to know
regarding word processors for the Atari ST (WordWriter ST, 1st
Word) and probably others:

     I just found out a few codes my word processors use to store 
extra information in documents.  Why ASCII files from FreeNet when 
loaded cannot be paragraph formatted or right justified was always 
a mystery to me.  But after some work, I found out that to convert 
an ASCII file to a word-processorable document file, the user must 

1.  Replace all ASCII 32's (spaces) with ASCII 30's.
2.  Put an extra ASCII 30 at the end of every line that is not the 
    end of a paragraph.

    Having done this minimum conversion with a program, you can 
use every function the word processor has when editing.  If you 
short-cut step 2 and place ASCII 30 at the end of EVERY line, 
which is what I do, you have to carefully remove the extra spaces 
from the end of the paragraphs immediately upon editing so 
reformatting won't turn the document into one huge paragraph!

    I suppose you could get it to remove FreeNet prompts, and 
figure out when paragraphs end in the absence of a blank line 
between paragraphs, but this makes the program longer and harder 
to write.  It's not worth it for the length of most things here.

** Answered by JIM HAYNES (aa268) on Sat May 14 06:06:58 1988 **

Thanks for the info. Max.  I am sure
our users will find it useful.

                        Jim Haynes

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