CAIN Newsletter: Ag/Sep-95 #0206

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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: CAIN Newsletter: Ag/Sep-95 #0206
Date: Sun Oct 22 22:04:19 1995

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                               Table of Contents

>From the Editor..........................................The CAIN Newsletter
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager.............................Cleveland & CAIN Newsletter
                                                                    -Len Stys

Atari News........Atari Jaguar CD System Pounces onto Multimedia Market Place
                                                         Rayman Saves the Day
                            The "Jaguar's Edge" signs major distribution deal
                                  "Extreme" Inks Exclusive Coverage of Jaguar
                                              Atari & ATOMIX confirm web site
                                         Gamers "Flip" over New Atari Release
                                                         White Men Can't Jump
                               Atari Inks Licensing Agreement with Activision
                                                                 -Atari Corp.

8-Bit Computers Support Area...............................8-bit News #1 - #4
                                                   8-bit Feature Articles (2)
                                                             -Michael Current

Portfolio Support Area.....................................Portfolio Exchange
                                             Portfolio Developer Announcement
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Lynx Support Area...................................................Lynx News
                                                              Super Asteroids
                                                              Battlezone 2000

                                                             -Barry W. Cantin

Jaguar Support Area.......................................CATnip News Tidbits
                                                            Game Release List
                                    Message from Ted Hoff, President of Atari
                                                         Messages of Interest
                                                      Game Reviews & Comments
                                                      Letter Writing Campaign
                                                            Jaguar Commentary
                                                                    -Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows......................................Atari Show Calendar
                                                              MIST VII Report
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Voting Issues and Results..................................Last Month's Issue
                                                                  -Mark Leair

General Information of Need.........................How to Contribute to CAIN
                                                             Article Requests
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the Editor
Mark Leair

Autumn is just around the corner!  Soon the leaves on the trees will show their
true colors.  Will the Jaguar as well show its true colors this season???
Let's hope so...before we know it, it'll be the holiday shopping season.  With
plenty of games on hand, the Jaguar can very well become one of the hottest
items this December.  A great price is already in let's see those
promised games!

CAIN has brought you another info-packed issue!  The Atari 8-bit section is
featuring emulators this month!  Not only do we have information on the newest
version of PCXformer, we also have information on emulators for the Amiga and
Macintosh.  The Lynx section features more information on BattleZone 2000 and
Super Asteroids; two new titles promised to be out by the end of the year.  The
Jaguar section continues to keep you up-to-date with software, developers, and
distribution matters...last but not least, the Portfolio Support Area has
returned!  This month we bring you valuable information on what to do if your
portfolio breaks, plus a developer/vendor announcement.  Enjoy!

                                                         -Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager
Len Stys

The Summer has been a crazy one for me and these double issues are because
of it.  We should be back on schedule in the Fall.  I thank Mark Leair,
the editor-in-chief and the other editors for being so patient with me while
I took care of some personal business.

I'd like to take this space to say "Congratulations Cleveland" on having
the best record in Baseball.  This team is the Cleveland Indians.  They
have come a long way.  I'd also like to congratulate the city on being the
Rock & Roll Capital of the world.  The Rock & Roll Hall of Fame and Museum
was recently opened this past Labor Day weekend.  If you take a look at
Cleveland with the new Jacobs Field ballpark, Gund Arena basketball
facility, and beautiful Tower City center, you'll notice that it is a
"come back" city.  It makes me think that if Cleveland can be a "come back"
city, then Atari can become a "come back" company.

CAIN Newsletter has become very popular throughout the Internet.  The
publication is rarely recognized by Atari Corporation, but it offers the
Atari Community things found in no other online publication.

CAIN Newsletter tries to support every Atari platform as much as possible.
No other online publication can make that claim.  It seems as if everyone
has jumped the Jaguar bandwagon and have literally forgotten completely
about Atari's strong past in computers.

There is another thing that no other publication can claim.  This is that we
publish the bad with the good.  If someone makes a good point about something
that Atari is not doing, we publish it.  If there are negative reviews about
a product, we publish it.  We believe we can support Atari the best by
providing you with honest information.  It is important to CAIN Newsletter
that we are a credible publication.

The publication also supports consumer involvement.  If you look back at some
past issues of CAIN Newsletter, it would appear that CAIN Newsletter's actions
have resulted in a number of positive things.  Last year, CAIN Newsletter
took the "Most Wanted Games for the Jaguar" poll.  The poll allowed you to
vote on the games that you wanted most for the Jaguar.  Before the listing,
Jeff Minter was scheduled to do Major Havoc.  The list was then published
and a large number of you said that you wanted to see your favorite programmer
do Defender.  Today, Jeff Minter is finishing up a kicking version of
Defender 2000.

CAIN Newsletter was also responsible for a letter writing campaign to get
companies to develop Jaguar games.  Mortal Kombat II was the top game of this
letter writing campaign.  Today, Mortal Kombat III is in development by
Atari Corporation and William Entertainment has become one of the largest
third party developers for the Jaguar.  There were many games that were
listed in that letter writing campaign such as NBA Jam TE and Myst that are
now being developed for the Jaguar.

CAIN Newsletter is now publishing a list of retailers and their addresses for
consumers that want the Jaguar and its games in one of these stores.  Walmart
is no longer on this list.  This is because Walmart has agreed to carry the
Jaguar in a large number of their stores.

CAIN Newsletter is also the FIRST online publication to provide you with a
world wide web home page.  When others were asking what the web is all about,
we were providing a place on the web for you to obtain Atari information.

We have done a lot over time and we have done it for you.  Take care and enjoy
this double issue of the Central Atari Information Network Newsletter.

Atari News

Date: Tue Sep 26 01:20:37 1995

 CONTACT: Patricia Kerr or Jennifer Hansen
          Dorf & Stanton Communications, Inc.
          (310) 479-4997 or (800) 444-6663

 Atari Jaguar CD System Pounces onto Multimedia Marketplace

 SUNNYVALE, CA --(September 22, 1995)-- According to video
 game enthusiasts, it was well worth the wait. Atari
 Corporation's highly anticipated multimedia compact disc
 player for the Jaguar 64 interactive home entertainment
 system has hit the stores and is jumping off the shelves.

 Atari Corporation has already sold out of its first
 production run of the CD peripheral, and is stepping up
 production to fill the high demand of retailers' reorders.

 "Our first order of Jaguar CDs has been largely consumed by
 our customer pre-orders," said Peter Roithmayr, Senior
 Buyer from Electronic Boutique. "We have already reordered
 and are excited by the strong sales we are seeing for the
 Jaguar CD."

 The combination of the Jaguar 64-bit consoe and the
 advanced CD technology yields a system with explosive
 power. As the first CD system coupled with 64-bit
 technology to hit the market, the Jaguar CD is on the
 leading edge of "next generation" home entertainment
 systems at only $149.95.

 Gamers experience intense true color, full motion video and
 CD-quality stereo sound when upgrading to the Jaguar CD
 system. The CD component plugs into the Jaguar 64 console
 providing 790 Megabytes of raw data storage. Approximately
 15 Jaguar CD titles will be available for sale later this
 year including hits like "Myst", "Primal Rage" from Time
 Warner Interactive, "Black ICE/White Noise", "Highlander",
 and "Commander Blood".

 "The launch of our Jaguar CD exemplifies Atari
 Corporation's commitment to providing consumers value
 priced components for their Atari entertainment system,"
 said Ted Hoff, President of Atari's North American
 Operations. "Now, Jaguar owners can quickly and
 economically upgrade to a CD system and dramatically
 enhance their gaming experience."

 In addition to the awesome gaming capabilities, the Jaguar
 CD elevates home entertainment to an entirely new level as
 it plays audio disks while providing simultaneous access to
 Atari's cartridge media. Players can experience a laser
 light show in their own homes with "The Virtual Light
 Machine" that is built into the Jaguar CD system. As audio
 disks play on the Jaguar CD, "The Virtual Light Machine"
 morphs, contorts and pulsates psychedelic light with the
 beat of the music.

 With a suggested retail price of only $149.95, the Jaguar
 CD system is undoubtedly the best value on the market.
 Atari Corporation, however, takes their commitment to
 value-pricing one step further in giving Jaguar consumers a
 bonus pack with the CD peripheral. More than $100 in
 fast-action interactive software will be included free with
 the system. The software bonus pack contains:

 * Blue Lightning -- Gamers pilot a plane from a squadron of
   United nations operatives as they fight to stop General
   Drako, the UN member turned terrorist. Players design
   flight plans and use their quick maneuvering skills to
   destroy key enemy lcations and basis.

 * Vid Grid -- An innovative way to "play" music videos. As
   players watch the video, the screen is divided into
   squares and placed out of order. Players mus unscramble
   each video before it finishes playing. Vid Grid features
   videos from hot rock artist Guns 'n Roses, Jimi Hendrix,
   Metallica, Ozzie Osbourne, Van Halen, Red Hot Chili
   Peppers, Peter Gabriel, Aerosmith, and Sound Garden.

 * Myst -- Jaguar CD consumers will be treated to a demo of
   the first level of game play for the wildly popular
   title. Players must use their intellect to unlock the
   secrets of ages past. Every detail, no matter how
   insignificant it first seems could be the key to
   unlocking the mystery.

 * Tempest 2000 -- Consumers receive the audio CD to this
   all-time favorite Atari hit. With Jaguar CD capabilities,
   the Tempest 2000 soundtrack can by played simultaneously
   with cartridge media or with "The Virtual Light Machine".

 The Jaguar CD peripheral with the bonus software pack-in is
 available in stores nationwide. Atari Corporation notified
 tens of thousands of Jaguar 64 users of the new Jaguar CD
 release through the company's Jaguar Alert consumer
 postcard program.

 For more than twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided
 consumers with high quality value priced entertainment.
 Atari Corporation markets Jaguar, the only American-made
 advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located in
 Sunnyvale, California.

 # # #

 Atari, the Atari logo and Jaguar are trademarks or
 registered trademarks of Atari Corporation. All Rights
 Reserved. All listed software is authorized by Atari for
 use with the Jaguar 64-Bit Multimedia System.

 VID GRID (c)1994-1995 Geffen Records, Inc. and Jasmine
 Multimedia publishing. All Rights Reserved. Produced by
 Norman Bell and Jasmine Multimedia Publishing. Licensed to
 Atari Corporation. Vid Grid is a trademark of Jasmine
 Multimedia Publishing and Geffen Records Inc.

 MYST software copyright (c)1993 Cyan, Inc. and Sun
 Corporation. All Rights Reserved. Atari Jaguar Adaptation
 (Worldwide) (c)1995 Atari Corporation. All Rights Reserved.
 Myst is a registered trademark of Cyan, Inc.

 Blue Lightning (c)1989, 1995 Epyx. All Rights Reserved.
 (c)1995 Atari Corporation. Blue Lightning is a trademark of
 Epyx, licensed for use by Atari Corporation.


 Rayman Saves the Day
 Ubi Soft launches new 'super hero' title for Jaguar 64

 SUNNYVALE, CA (September 19) -- Atari Corporation announced
 this morning the launch of Rayman for the Jaguar 64
 entertainment system.  Rayman is a challenging, unique game
 developed and published for Atari Corporation by Ubi Soft
 for the powerful Next Generation Jaguar 64.

 Rayman transports players to a mystical world with vibrant
 animation and an upbeat soundtrack as they help the affable
 adventure her defeat bizarre enemies, rescue his friends
 and restore peace and harmony to the world. Combining
 challenging game play, cartoon like animation and authentic
 sound effects, Rayman appeals to gamers of all ages and
 skill levels. Players explore multi-layered worlds with
 independently scrolling backdrops leading to clever enemies
 that learn each gamer's playing style and fight back with
 wicked skill.

 "Ubi Soft has developed an outstanding game for the Jaguar
 64," said Ted Hoff, Atari's President of North American
 Operations. "The anmation for Rayman consists of over 50
 hand-drawn characters, 65,000 colors and 60 frame per
 second movement all of which highlight the superiority of
 Jaguar's 64-bit technology."

 Gaming capabilities and sophisticated visual presentation
 have the industry buzzing about this new game for Jaguar
 64. In the September issue, Electronic Gaming Monthly
 awards Rayman for Atari Corporation's Jaguar 64 the
 Editor's Gold Choice Award.

 Rayman is rated (KA) for kids through adults, is in stores
 now, and has a suggested retail price of $69.99.

 For over twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided
 consumers with high quality, value-priced entertainment.
 Atari Corporation markets Jaguar 64, the only
 American-made, advanced 64-bit system and is located in
 Sunnyvale, California.

 Headquartered just outside of Paris, France, Ubi Soft
 develops, publishes and distributes video games and
 computer entertainment software throughout the world, with
 offices in the USA, Germany, Japan, Spain, Italy and the





 SACRAMENTO, Calif., September 22, 1995 -- Just days after
 shipping its' inaugural issue, "The Jaguar's Edge"
 announced an extensive agreement with International
 Periodical Distributors (IPD), a leader in the world of
 magazine distribution.

 "Our agreement with IPD will allow us to reach thousands of
 potential readers," reported Publisher John Marcotte.
 "Their extensive distribution network will insure that
 every Jaguar enthusiast in the country will be able to go
 down to their local bookstore and get the very latest in
 Jaguar news and information."
 IPD supplies numerous bookstores and other retail outlets
 including Barnes & Noble, Inc. (B. Dalton Bookseller,
 Bookstop/Bookstar, Barnes & Noble Superstores, Doubleday,
 and Scribner's), Waldenbooks (Brentano's and Waldenbooks &
 More), Crown Books, Borders Book Shops, Hastings, Tower
 Books, Encore and Coles, Lichtman's and United Cigar Shops
 in Canada, and many other independent retailers throughout
 the United States and Canada.

 "The Jaguar's Edge" is the first magazine dedicated to the
 64-bit Atari Jaguar interactive multimedia home
 entertainment system. The bimonthly publication is just $15
 within the U.S. for one full year. Write: Jaguar's Edge,
 P.O. Box 660291, Sacramento, CA 95866-0291.

 Atari and Atari Jaguar are trademarks or registered
 trademarks of Atari Corp.


 For Immediate Release:
 September 22, 1995

 Contact: Eric Cohen @ Extreme 912-475-1937 (fax)


 (GA) - "Extreme" has announced that the publication will
 exclusively be covering the Atari Jaguar. In addition to
 television, motion pictures, music, and radio being
 covered, "Extreme" will now feature a section called
 "Extreme Interactive". "EI" as it will be known will cover
 topics including interactive cable, HDTV, and the Atari
 Jaguar. "Extreme" sees the Jaguar as the wave of the future
 and is ready to go hand in hand with the system through its
 voyage through the gaming world.

 "Extreme" is an entertainment publication that is available
 through mail order. "Extreme" is available at $2.50 per
 copy and $15 for six issues. "Extreme", 119 Saddle Run
 Court, Macon, GA 31210. For more details or to order, send
 information to the aforementioned address or fax us at
 912/475-1937. Watch for Extreme2000 via FAX and INTERNET
 this October.


Date: 29 Aug 95 01:33:41 EDT

 CONTACT: Jessica Nagel or Patty Kerr
          Dorf & Stanton Communications
          310/479-4997 or 800/444-6663

 _For Immediate Release_

 Atari(r) Corporation and ATOMIX(tm) Confirm Web Site
 Development Deal to Support JaguarTM Internet Users.

 SUNNYVALE (August 29) -- Atari Corporation announced this
 morning an agreement with ATOMIX, Inc. (formerly TOPIX; an
 Emmy Award winning CGI and new media development house) to
 develop a next-generation user support World Wide Web
 Domain on the Internet. The pages that make up the Domain,
 with planned installation by October 6, will host Internet
 users worldwide with news and information regarding Atari
 Corporations next-generation 64-bit Jaguar 64.

 "The Internet is exploding with popularity; almost as if
 telecommunications were being discovered all over again,"
 stated Mr. Don Thomas, Atari's Director of Customer Service
 Marketing. "Jaguar 64 is the most advanced multimedia
 entertainment platform and only Atari can offer 64-bit
 technology for less than $150. It makes sense that Atari
 would demand a next-generation development team focused on
 our Web Page development."

 Visitors to Ataris Web Domain will be treated to a wide
 variety of information, previews, reviews and interactive
 games. A Domain is an interactive billboard that is
 connected to the Internet; the worldwide information
 database anchored by universities, military sites and
 corporate participation. Individual users can visually
 travel to places established for entertainment or to sell
 goods and services. Sometimes specific topics are covered
 largely by colorful text, but most Pages integrate
 eye-popping graphics, stunning animation, appealing sound
 effects and interactive activities. Access to Web Pages is
 made available by special programs called Browsers which
 connect through an established host system. CompuServe
 Information Service is one such service which offers
 economical and versatile access.

 "The combined creative, technical and networking experience
 of ATOMIX programming artists offers Atari Corporation over
 30 years experience in innovative application to Web Page
 design," states Mr. Kirt McMaster, Director of New Media
 for ATOMIX. "Our primary focus is to engulf our clients in
 an arena of 'next-level' development. Utilizing innovative
 new Web technologies such as Sun Microsystems Hot Java, we
 will overwhelm visitors to Atari Corporations Web Domain
 with a multimedia experience that pushes the envelope of
 known standards."

 ATOMIX, based in Hollywood, CA, combines the resources of
 talent, hardware and creative application. Over 12 SGI
 workstations are staffed by the industry's most desired
 artists and expert programmers. ATOMIX enjoys a portfolio
 which includes work on movies like "Judge Dredd" and
 "Candyman II".  Studio production work includes animated
 logo material for Twentieth Century Fox which made its
 debut with the premiere of "True Lies". The firm has also
 integrated digital visual and sound technology in motion
 rides such as the one popularized at Caesars Palace in Las
 Vegas. Music video work includes performers such as TLC and
 David Bowie. Industrial and commercial references include
 General Motors, Michelob, Discover Card, Toshiba,
 McDonalds and Pirelli Tires.

 Atari Corporation has been in the video game business for
 over twenty years. Today, Atari markets the 64-bit Jaguar,
 the only American-made home video game system.  Atari
 Corporation is based in Sunnyvale, California.

 # # # #

 Atari is a registered trademark of Atari Corporation.
 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Hot Java is a
 trademark of Sun Microsystems. ATOMIX is a trademark of
 ATOMIX, Inc. All other tradenames are trademarks or
 registered trademarks of their respective owning companies.

Date: 29 Aug 95 23:55:33 EDT

 CONTACT: Jessica Nagel or Patricia Kerr
          Dorf & Stanton Communications
          (310) 479-4997 or (800) 444-6663

 _For Immediate Release_

 Gamers "Flip" Over New Atari Release
 "FlipOut!"(tm) for Jaguar 64 Hits Stores Nationwide

 SUNNYVALE, CA (August 28, 1995) -- This morning Atari
 Corporation introduced the exciting title "FlipOut!", a
 wacky and challenging puzzle game for the Jaguar 64 home
 entertainment system.

 "FlipOut!" is a puzzle game with a unique twist. Players
 tour the distant "Planet Cheese" and view Mother Earth
 through the eyes of alien tourists. The game takes place at
 The Great Tile Flipping Festival, the premiere sporting
 event for the citizens of Planet Cheese.

 Players participate in The Great Tile Flipping Festival all
 over the Universe, from the Zero Gravity Arena on Planet
 Cheese to the presidential faces of Mount Rushmore. In some
 of the worlds, players must "juggle" ten tiles by flipping
 them into the designated places on a three-by-three grid,
 where one must be in the air at all times. In Yellowstone,
 aliens are flipped until they land on the color coordinated
 geyser, and in the Sphorkle Diner, players must match food
 with the correct color alien.

 Sound simple? Don't be fooled. "FlipOut!" has four
 difficulty levels ranging from normal to insane with
 obstacles to challenge even the most talented flippers.
 Each area offers different challenges, including alien
 interference, that intensify as levels progress. In the
 final world, gamers meet King Fluffy, a wacky blue-blood
 determined to confuse players by scrambling and destroying
 the difficult sixteen-tile playing field.

 "'FlipOut!' adds yet another genre of game play to Jaguar
 64," said Ted Hoff, Atari's President of North American
 Operations. "It combines animated characters with three
 dimensional multi-level game play to create a puzzle game
 beyond players' wildest imaginations."

 "FlipOut!" is just one of Atari's new title launches for
 the season. Recently, Atari released "Super Burnout" and
 "White Men Can't Jump" bundled with Team Tap(tm), a
 peripheral to link four players at once. Other titles to be
 released this summer include: "Ultra Vortek", "Pitfall: the
 Mayan Adventure", "Flashback" (published by US Gold), and
 "Rayman" (published by UbiSoft).

 "FlipOut!" has a rating of K-A (appropriate for Kids to
 Adults) and has a suggested retail price of $49.99.  It is
 available in stores nationwide.

 For over twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided
 consumers with high quality, value priced entertainment.
 Atari Corporation markets Jaguar, the only American made,
 advanced 64-bit entertainment system. Atari Corporation is
 located in Sunnyvale, California.

 "FlipOut!" All Rights Reserved. "FlipOut!", Atari logo and
 Jaguar are all trademarks of Atari Corporation.

 CONTACT: Patricia Kerr or Jennifer Hans
          Shandwick USA
          (310)479-4997 or (800)444-6663

Date: 02 Aug 95 00:24:54 EDT

 CONTACT: Dorf & Stanton Communications
          Jessica Nagel/Jennifer Hansen
          310/479-4997 or 800/444-6663

 For Immediate Release

 Atari Corporation launches "hoops" game with Team Tap

 SUNNYVALE, CA (Aug. 1, 1995) --- Today Atari Corporation
 launched two exciting additions to the Jaguar 64 product
 line. The quickly expanding Atari arsenal now includes
 "White Men Can't Jump"(tm), a fast-paced, trash-talkin'
 game of street ball based on the major motion picture from
 Twentieth Century Fox, and "Team Tap"(tm), a peripheral for
 the Jaguar 64 system that allows up to four players to
 participate at once. Now, four players can compete in this
 no-holds-barred hoops tourney where teams try to hustle and
 shove their way into the street ball hall of fame.

 "White Men Can't Jump" players must attempt to make it into
 the Slam City Tournament, the ultimate in street ball play.
 It costs $5,000 to enter, however, and players start out
 with only $500 loaned to them from the BREAKLEG BROS, two
 unforgiving loan sharks. Hoopsters must hit the court and
 win games to hustle the remaining cash.

 Players custom design their teams as well as control the
 scoring, timing and possession rules. The one thing they
 can't control is the shovin' and trash talkin'. Players
 must be tough and ready to throw elbows because street ball
 rules apply --- traveling and goaltending are the only
 fouls called.

 Atari also launched "Team Tap", a peripheral for the Jaguar
 64 system bundled with "White Men Can't Jump". "Team Tap"
 enables four players to get in on the jammin' hoops action
 all at once. A $29.95 value, "Team Tap" is included free
 with "White Men Can't Jump". With select future titles,
 players can employ two Team Taps for eight-competitor game

 Two play modes are available for "White Men Can't Jump":
 Tournament and Versus. Tournament mode lets one or two
 players compete as a team in a street ball game. With "Team
 Tap" and Versus mode, three or four players split into two
 pairs and play against each other.

 "'White Men Can't Jump' launches our fall line-up of sports
 and action games for the Jaguar," said Ted Hoff, President
 of Atari's North American Operations. "This game showcases
 the power of the Jaguar 64 and 'Team Tap', which provides
 the capability for four players to enjoy on-screen action
 in this two-on-two basketball game."

 "White Men Can't Jump" is rated KA, appropriate for kids
 through adults, and has a suggested retail price of
 $69.99. Atari communicated with tens of thousands of
 Jaguar 64 users highlighting the new title introduction
 and peripheral offer through the company's new Jaguar
 First Alert consumer postcard program. Other Atari
 summer releases include "Ultra Vortek," "FlipOut!," and
 "Rayman." The library of games for Atari Jaguar 64 will
 approach 75 titles by the end of 1995.

 For over twenty years, Atari Corporation has provided
 consumers with high-quality, value-priced entertainment.
 Located in Sunnyvale, California, Atari Corporation markets
 Jaguar, the only American-made, advanced 64-bit
 entertainment system.


 Team Tap(tm) all rights reserved. Team Tap(tm), Atari logo and
 Jaguar are all trademarks of Atari Corporation.

 "White Men Can't Jump"(tm) (c)1995 Twentieth Century Fox
 Film Corporation. All Rights Reserved. "White Men Can't
 Jump" and associated characters are trademarks of Twentieth
 Century Fox Film Corporation. Licensed to Atari Corporation
 for distribution. Atari, the Atari logo and Jaguar are
 trademarks or registered trademarks of Atari Corporation.
 All Rights Reserved. This software is authorized by Atari
 for use with the Jaguar 64-Bit Interactive Multimedia

 CONTACT: Jessica Nagel or Patricia Kerr
          Dorf & Stanton Communications, Inc.
          (310) 479-4997 or (800) 444-6663

 _For Immediate Release_

 Atari Corporation Inks Licensing Agreement With Activision
 Inc. Deal yields release of classic Atari titles for PCs.

 Sunnyvale, CA -- (July 17, 1995) -- Atari Corporation
 announced today the finalization of a contract with
 Activision Inc., a Los Angeles based leader in software
 development. Atari Corporation's pact with the prestigious
 developer will bring consumers classic Atari titles in
 multiple formats. The agreement will also result in the
 release of the all-time American favorite, "Pitfall: The
 Mayan Adventure" for Jaguar 64.

 "Our collaboration with Activison will offer exciting
 entertainment for both Jaguar 64 consumers and PC users,"
 said Ted Hoff, Atari Corporation's President of North
 American Operations. "'Pitfall' is a fine example of our
 continued commitment to provide Jaguar gamers with
 top-quality titles."

 The release of "Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure" for the
 Jaguar 64 system will be an ideal showcase for the
 extensive capabilities of this advanced home entertainment
 system.  "Pitfall" reflects the power of Jaguar's superior
 64-bit technology, resulting in brilliant color, intense
 speed, and stereo sound. The jungle adventure game has a
 target ship date of mid September.

 Numerous Atari classic games will soon be available to PC
 users when Activision releases "Atari Action Pak II" for
 single-user IBM and PC compatible computers. The special
 "Pak" will also provide consumers with PC versions of such
 memorable Atari titles as: "Air Sea Battle"; "Breakout",
 "Super Breakout"; "Space War"; "Surround"; "Millipede";
 "Combat"; "Yar's Revenge"; "Canyon Bomber"; "Gravitar";
 "Maze Craze"; and "Night Driver".

 The "Pitfall" release under the Activision agreement is one
 of the many exciting games for the Atari Jaguar 64 library,
 which will approach 100 titles by the end of the year. The
 expanded library will include CD titles for the much
 anticipated Jaguar CD system, which will be shipping in

 For over 20 years, Atari Corporation has provided consumers
 with high-quality, value- priced entertainment. Atari
 Corporation markets Jaguar, the only American-made,
 advanced 64-bit entertainment system and is located in
 Sunnyvale, California.

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8-Bit Computers Support Area
-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= 400  800  1200XL  600XL  800XL  65XE  130XE  XEGS
Michael Current

This month's CAIN Newsletter 8-Bit Computers Support Area includes:

8-Bit News

#1: Current Notes Canadian Transfer Complete
    Rick Reaser announces the completed sale of CN magazine to Robert Boardman

#2: SDX 4.22
    Rick Reaser reports that Fine Tooned Engineering released SpartaDOS X 4.22

#3: NEW: PC Xformer 3.2 130XE emulator
    Branch Always Software releases a new commercial version of their emulator

#4: Atari Emulator for Unix and Amiga - 0.1.8
    David Firth improves his own 8-bit Atari emulator

8-Bit Feature Article

    Rainbow - the Atari 800 emulator for Apple Macintosh
    Barry W. Cantin reviews this new shareware from Chris Lam

8-Bit News #1
Date: 5 Jul 1995 16:48:47 -0500
From: (Reaser, Richard L., LtCol CFR)
Subject: Current Notes Canadian Transfer Complete

I got a note from Robert Boardman yesterday (4th of July) that the paper
work is complete between them and Joe Waters on the sale of Current Notes.
 So it's not just official, but legal as well.  Will keep you posted as I
hear more from the Canadians.

Rick Reaser

8-Bit News #2
Date: 10 Jul 1995 21:26:39 -0500
From: (Reaser, Richard L., LtCol CFR)
Subject: SDX 4.22

Mike Hohman announced the availability of SDX 4.22 on GEnie the other day.
 This version has selectable SIO enhancements that allows standard SIO call.
 Things like SIO2PC, MUX and Corvus HDs (w/Integrator Boards) are supposed
to work properly now.

The new  PROM(s) is $12.95 for current SDX owners along with $3.00 S/H.
 Mike didn't say whether you needed to mail him the old cart or not.  I'm
checking on that.

Fine Tooned Engineering
P.O. Box 31270
Mesa, AZ  85275

Rick Reaser

8-Bit News #3
Date: 28 Jul 1995 18:59:08 GMT
From: (Darek Mihocka)
Subject: NEW: PC Xformer 3.2 130XE emulator

PC Xformer 3.2 Atari 130XE Emulator for MS-DOS
July 28, 1995

Price: $34.95 U.S. ($29.95 until August 31)
Available: immediately
Requires: any MS-DOS compatible 486 or Pentium based PC

For additional product information contact Darek Mihocka at:

Branch Always Software
14150 N.E. 20th Street, Suite 302
Bellevue, WA 98007, U.S.A.

Phone:          206-236-0540
Fax:            206-236-0257
America Online: BRASOFT
Compuserve:     73657,2714
GEnie:          BRASOFT
MSN:            BRASOFT
World Wide Web:

Introducing PC Xformer 3.2, the newest and fastest Atari 130XE which
allows any 486 or Pentium based PC to run Atari 800, Atari 800XL, and
Atari 130XE software as fast or faster than a real 130XE. PC Xformer 3.2
is fully backward compatible with earlier versions of PC Xformer and ST
Xformer and supports disk files created by the SIO2PC cable, ST Xformer,
and PC Xformer.

The three biggest features in version 3.2 are SPEED, SPEED, SPEED!
Unlike earlier versions of PC Xformer which were optimized for use on
386 based computers, PC Xformer 3.2 has been optimized for the 486 and
Pentium and runs an average of about 40% faster than the earlier

What this means for users is that PC Xformer 3.2 now runs about 9 times
faster than a 130XE (equivalent to a 16 MHz 6502) on a 90 Mhz Pentium,
and about 5 times faster on a 486/66. Even the slowest 486SX based PC
now runs PC Xformer faster than a real 130XE giving faster smoother
graphics in games and faster Atari BASIC programs, without having to
upgrade your PC.

For compatibility with programs that run best at the normal 1.8 MHz
speed of the Atari, PC Xformer 3.2 has two speeds of operation: NORMAL
(1.8 MHz mode) and TURBO (as fast as possible mode). All of the options,
such as selecting normal or turbo speed, whether to run with Atari
BASIC, whether to run in Atari 800 or XL/XE mode, etc. can all be set
from the MS-DOS command line.

By popular demand PC Xformer now has a built-in 6502 debugger which
allows you to examine and modify the Atari memory, disassemble 6502
code, and even single step 6502 code. For die hard hackers PC Xformer
3.2 also supports the ability to customize the Atari OS and BASIC.

PC Xformer 3.2 has full support for emulating Player Missile Graphics
with collision detection, GTIA graphics modes, ANTIC display lists and
DLIs, 256 color support, joystick support (as well as joystick emulation
via the cursor keys on the keyboard), sound, printer, modem, and more.
Atari BASIC as well as the Atari 800 and XL/XE operating systems are

PC Xformer 3.2 can also be run from the MS-DOS prompt in Windows 3.1,
Windows 95, OS/2 2.1, and OS/2 Warp. Run it directly from MS-DOS for
fastest speed.

PC Xformer 3.2 also includes a 40 manual, a copy of the shareware SIO2PC
software, and about a megabyte of sample Atari 8-bit software.

How to order

Brand new users can purchase PC Xformer 3.2 by contacting Branch Always
Software directly. To order by VISA or MasterCard, call us at 206-236-
0540 and have your card ready, or send your order in by mail.

During the month of August we are offering PC Xformer 3.2 at an
introductory price of only $29.95. After August 31 the price is $34.95.

Registered users of PC Xformer can upgrade for only $15. All prices
include shipping to anywhere in the world.

PC Xformer 3.2 will also be available by September 1 from major Atari
dealers including American Technavisions, B & C Computervisions, and
Toad Computers. Call your local Atari dealer for pricing and

Add-on products

There are several products and services available from other Atari
developers which are of benefit to PC Xformer users.

The SIO2PC cable is a cable which connects your PC to your Atari 8-bit
computer and allows you to transfer over entire disks of Atari 8-bit
software to your PC. SIO2PC works on any MS-DOS based PC and creates
"disk image" files which PC Xformer uses. SIO2PC can also be used to
transfer files from the PC back to your Atari 8-bit computer.

SIO2PC is available fully assembled or in kit form from:

        Nick Kennedy
        300 South Vancouver Street
        Russellville, AR

Users who do not have access to an Atari 8-bit computer or an SIO2PC
cable can have their disks transfered from Atari 8-bit 5.25" floppy
disks to IBM PC 3.5"floppy disks for a small fee by contacting Rob
Satonica at:

        Creative Software Systems
        7775 Scottdale Rd.
        Berrien Springs, MI 49103

        phone: (616) 473-3904

Also available from Creative Software Systems is the Atari Emulator
Manager, an inexpensive MS-DOS utility which allows you to manage your
Atari 8-bit files, configure your PC Xformer settings, and run PC
Xformer, all by using your mouse to click on the various options and
files on the screen. A must have for any PC Xformer user who juggles a
lot of different Atari files! For example, you can have one
configuration that runs your Atari BASIC software in turbo speed Atari
130XE mode. You could then have another configuration that runs your
games disks in normal speed Atari 800 mode. Do all this by just pointing
and clicking with the mouse.

To order or to find out more about the Atari Emulator Manager, contact
Rob Satonica at Create Software Systems.

Atari shows

Once again we are hitting the road to demonstrate our products at Atari
shows around North America. If you missed us at the Toronto and
Sacramento shows in April, you can drop by our booths at the
Indianapolis Atarifest on July 29th and the Dallas Atari show on October

At both shows we will be demonstrating and selling the PC Xformer 3.2
emulator as well as our new Gemulator 4.0 Atari STE emulator for Windows

If you cannot attend the shows, send us your name and address to receive
future product announcements, show dates, our authorized Atari dealer
list, product order forms, and more. If you are on the Internet, drop by
our Web page.


Ok, just how fast is PC Xformer? We belive it to be the fastest 6502
emulator available for your 486 or Pentium. We put a real 130XE computer
side-by-side with a 486/66 computer and a Pentium P5-90 computer then
ran some benchmarks in Atari BASIC. We found the 486/66 runs at least 4
times faster than the 130XE, while the 90 MHz Pentium runs at least 8
times faster, and sometimes faster!

Benchmark #1 is a simple FOR NEXT loop:

10 FOR X = 1 TO 10000:NEXT X

Atari 130XE: 22.5 seconds
66 Mhz 486:   4.6 seconds (5 times faster)
Pentium/90:   2.4 seconds (9 times faster)

Benchmark #2 is a screen scrolling benchmark:

10 FOR X = 1 TO 10000
20 ?X;

Atari 130XE: 109 seconds
66 Mhz 486:   29 seconds (4 times faster)
Pentium/90:   14 seconds (8 times faster)

And finally, Benchmark #3 is a graphical line sweep:

20 COLOR 1
30 FOR X = 0 TO 319
40 PLOT X,0
50 DRAWTO 159,159

Atari 130XE: 32 seconds
66 Mhz 486:   8 seconds (4 times faster)
Pentium/90:   4 seconds (8 times faster)

Now you can understand why for games we needed to supply a normal speed

 Darek Mihocka,
 c/o Branch Always Software, 14150 N.E. 20th St. #302, Bellevue, WA 98007
 phone:206-236-0540  fax:206-236-0257  Compuserve:73657,2714  AOL:brasoft

8-Bit News #4
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 1995 17:29:54 GMT
From: David Firth <>
Subject: Atari Emulator for Unix and Amiga - 0.1.8

I have just upload the latest version of this emulator. It can be
obtained from:-

The latest version will also run on an Amiga with the AGA chipset. It
can be compiled using either DICE C or GNU C (See Makefile). Speed wise,
the Amiga version is currently the slowest (Sorry!), however I am
optimistic that this will be improved over the comming months.

Changes in 0.1.8

- Allows direct use of GRAFP0, GRAFP1, GRAFP2, GRAFP3 and GRAFM without
  using DMA.
- -rom16 option to load standard 16K ROMs.
- -a option to load object/atariosa.rom
- -b [default] option to load object/atariosb.rom
- Simplified screen generation for host - Player missile graphics
  collision detection has been moved into 'atari_custom.c'
- Corrected read from PORTB (XL/XE emulation)
- GTIA support for *all* antic modes.
  i.e. GTIA can be enabled in graphics mode 0 (antic mode 2) just like
       a real 800. POKE 623 with 64, 128 or 192 to test.
- Amiga version can be compiled using either DICE C or GNU C - see Makefile

Changes in 0.1.7

- Issue cpu cycles during screen update (corrects VCOUNT problem)
    As a result DLI are not occuring on the correct mode line.
- Support for 256 bytes/sector ATR files
- Handle Insert, Delete and Tab keys properly
- Handle Shift + Control + A-Z properly (X11 only)
- Cartridge support tidied up (Thanks to Dave Bennett)

David Firth <>

8-Bit Feature Article

        Rainbow - the Atari 800 emulator for Apple Macintosh

                     Review by Barry W. Cantin

It's here!  Finally, a program that will allow Mac users to emulate an
Atari 800 or Atari 800XL computer.  It's shareware, and it comes to us
from Chris Lam of Birmingham, UK.

Released near the end of July, Rainbow took Chris less than a month to
write (using a 6502 emulator he had already written) and an additional
month or two to polish.  The result: an emulator that runs nearly ALL
Atari 800/800XL software, and on PowerMacs even surpasses the speed of
the original 800 machines!

Some of Rainbow's features (from the included documentation):

   *  Emulates 400/800 and 800XL machines

   *  Has 48K RAM for 400/800 machines; full 64K RAM for 800XL

   *  Accepts 8K and 16K cartridge images; also runs "Super Cartridges"
      (e.g. Action!)

   *  True 256 Atari colors

   *  Full ANTIC/GTIA graphics, namely all ANTIC modes, Player/Missile
      Graphics, fine scrolling and Display List Interrupts

   *  Two virtual disk drives capable of reading single and enhanced
      density images

   *  Transfer files between disk images and your Mac hard disk

   *  Sound with 4 channels of pure tones and improvised noise

   *  Four joysticks (via keypad) and four paddles (using mouse)

   *  Plays many games such as Pac-Man, Defender, Joust, Qix, Eastern
       Front (1941), Zaxxon, M.U.L.E., Montezuma's Revenge, Donkey Kong,
       Miner 2049er, Necromancer, Karateka, Drol, Kaboom, Pole Position II
       and, of course, Star Raiders

The 50-Cent Tour of Rainbow
Upon executing Rainbow, a window pops up on your Mac desktop, and after a
second or two, you see the familiar message "ATARI COMPUTER - MEMO PAD."
You're now ready to load a disk image!  To do this, just select the drive
you want to put the disk into (via the menu bar) -- presumably Drive 1
initially, but it's certainly possible to load both drives anytime just as
with the real thing.  Reboot, and the Atari 800 software you loaded into
the emulator will soon be running on your Mac!

Rainbow can read single and enhanced-density disk images, in Mac or PC
(".ATR") formats.

As described above in Rainbow's features, you can insert cartridge images
by similarly loading them into Rainbow, which "reboots" automatically with
the new cartridge in place.  This is essential to run BASIC files, and is
implemented very conveniently.  Other cartridges can be similarly executed,
including the "Super Cartridges" -- 16K ROMs mapped into 8K of space --
such as Action!, MAC/65, and others.  You can now run all your old Action!
files easily, and even write new ones.

Rainbow allows the user to adjust execution speed my modifying the "frame
rate" -- the frequency at which graphics registers are updated.  You can
set it to a low frame rate ("Normal," which is a good default for slow
Macs) for fastest execution, or to a higher frame rate for smoother
operation but slower execution.  This will allow you to "customize"
Rainbow to your Mac, to find the speed that works best for you.

One interesting feature is the "cheat mode," which turns off P/M
collision detection.  It's a good way to see the cartoons between levels
in some difficult games, but may work unpredictably in others.  Still, a
fun way to tinker with a game.

The IMPORT feature allows you to intelligently 'paste' in external 8bit
files on your hard disk into a virtual disk image as though you had
'copied' it in using Atari DOS.  The directory and VTOC are correctly
updated and this works with both single and enhanced images.  The
converse is EXPORT which will output files on a virtual 8bit image onto
your Mac hard disk.  Very useful!

A couple other features include a PAUSE, which just temporarily locks the
program (until you un-PAUSE it), and an adjustable screen size

In order to run Rainbow, you *will* need to obtain the operating system
ROM image files.  The accompanying documentation details one method in
which this can be done, using the original Atari computer, 850 interface,
and the Macintosh.  There is also a section included on how to convert
your Atari 800 disks into images which can be run on the Mac.  No more
worry about "bit rot" with your old Atari 800 disks, these can now be
archived and run on the Macintosh!

The Rainbow demo is available for download via anonymous ftp at Info-Mac:


or   info-mac/rec  or  info-mac/app

or you can get it directly from the web page:

The author, Chris Lam, can be contacted at his E-mail address:

This is a shareware product, and the cost for a full registered version is
15 UK Pounds (approx. US$23).  Contact Chris Lam or read the accompanying
documentation in the Rainbow demo for more details.


Beta Tester's Notes

Barry W. Cantin

A few months ago, Chris Lam had posted a message in comp.emulators.misc
that he had a working 6502 emulator, and experience writing emulators (he
is the author of a BBC micro emulator for the Macintosh as well).  He asked
if there would be any interest in an Atari 8-bit emulator for the Mac.
Well, since I'm a long-time Atari 800 owner and now a Mac user at home and
at work, I immediately wrote him, *begging* him to start!  I even offered
to beta-test the software for him, because one of my long-time Atari 8-bit
cohorts had converted some of my Atari 8-bit games over with the SIO2PC
cable, and I felt that I could really provide some useful input.

Chris said that the encouragement was there, and *much* to my surprise
three weeks later I found, in my mailbox, the first beta version of
Rainbow!  I thought it was a joke at first, since only three weeks had
elapsed since he started, but when I ran this little program
(after obtaining the necessary OS files) I was stunned to see, in a window
on my PowerMac, that familiar blue screen and memo pad message.

Well, I immediately set about trying out what few files I had converted
over and was surprised to find that most of them worked well!  I couldn't
believe it...

Well, here it is a few months later and Rainbow 1.0 is out.  It really IS a
remarkable product and has re-sparked my interest in the good ol' Atari 800
(I own three).  True, there's nothing like the real thing -- Rainbow doesn't
give me those reassuring beeps when a program is loading -- but it's more
convenient storage-wise and I don't have to worry about the Mac-format disk
images disappearing because of bit-rot... not for a while, anyway.

So, if you're a fan of the 8-bit Atari AND a Mac user, you can now have
both!  My sincerest thanks to Chris Lam (who got his PhD during the final
testing stage of Rainbow, in fact) for undertaking this project, and for
ultimately re-sparking my interest in the wonderful 8-bit Atari computers.

Portfolio Support Area
Fred Horvat

Portfolio Exchanges

    One thing I realized that I neglected to put in a past issue of CAIN was
what to do if your Portfolio dies on you!  Well this happen to me in 1992.
I carry my Portfolio in my brief case and I take my brief case with me to
work everyday.  At the time I didn't have the Portfolio in any type of case
to protect it, I just tossed it into my brief case and away I went.  Well my
brief case looks abused because it is.  Well my Portfolio decided after 2 1/2
years of getting banged around in my brief case that it decided to call it
quits.  I called my local Atari dealer and he said that the Portfolio is a
non repairable item and to call Atari.  I called Atari and was told the same
thing but that I can exchange it for a new one for $110.00.  I packaged mine
up with a check for $110.00 and in two weeks I had a brand new one.  I also
bought a vinyl carrying case for the Portfolio also to give it some extra
padding.  After 2 years my second Portfolio has held up fine.  To get your
Portfolio exchanged mail your Portfolio with a check or money order for
$110.00 with a note stating the problem to :

Attn : Portfolio Exchanges
Atari Corporation
390 Caribbean Drive
Sunnyvale, CA  94089

Portfolio Developer Announcement

CAIN received the following announcement from MegaByte Computers:

MegaByte Computers supports the portfolio, and, as a matter of fact,
developed the original 512k internal memory upgrade.  We do these on
a daily basis.  We also provide most of the hardware that is currently
available.  We can be reached at 817-589-2950.
or write:

MegaByte Computers
941 Melbourne Rd.
Hurst, TX 76053

Lynx Support Area
Barry Cantin

Lynx News

Well, as we all know Atari is sending two more long-awaited titles into
production for release later this year:  BattleZone 2000 and Super
Asteroids/Missile Command.  The boxes and manuals will probably have been
printed by the time this is released, the games might be some 6 weeks or so
afterward (speculating here, yes, but it's not far off!).

Last issue we gave a few details on BZ2K, now here's some detailed info on
Super Asteroids/Missile Command 2-pak.  Both arcade classics will soon be
available on a single Lynx card!

Super Asteroids
----- ---------
This one gives you three ships that fly around the screen as in the arcade
version, with one button used for thrust and the other to shoot.
 Auto-shields kick in whenever your ship collides with an asteroid or UFO.
 On one side of the screen is a shield bar -- and when it's out, you're dead

Powerups include:

   Shield:  replenishes your shield.

   Weapon:  double, triple and quadruple your fire power for a limited time.

   Speed:   allow your ship to fly faster.

Super Missile Command
----- ------- -------
This one essentially works the same as the arcade, and the cursor movement is
reportedly good for a joypad.  The ICBMs are launched automatically from the
bank nearest the target, via one of the two buttons.  The other button allows
you to fire a "super weapon", of which you can purchase and store different

Every four rounds you can go to the "shop" and purchase accumulated credits
on these super weapons.  "Super Weapons" include: smart bombs, cluster bombs,
and the "secret weapon".

Battlezone 2000
---------- ----
One last tidbit that didn't make it into the last issue of CAIN.  Remember
the vector graphics from the arcade version of Battlezone?  Well, BZ2K uses
wireframe graphics -- not vector, of course -- but they're smooth and the
game reportedly runs fast and looks slick.  Wouldn't expect anything less
from the people at HMS Ltd., who programmed it...

Hopefully next issue of CAIN will include *reviews* of these two titles!

Jaguar Support Area
Len Stys

CATnips News Tidbits

Date: 03 Sep 95 02:04:45 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.09.02)
           Coming October 6, Plug in the WIRE!


 Bonjour gamers! Here's the latest Jaguar 64 software
 schedule hot off the press. It IS subject to change without
 notice! <g>


      1995 (Second Half) SOFTWARE RELEASE SCHEDULE
          CARTRIDGES (As of September 1, 1995)

 Title                  Ship  Publisher     Category
 Power Drive Rally      Sep   Time Warner   Driving
 Rayman                 Sep   UbiSoft       Action/Adventure
 Ultra Vortek           Sep   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Pitfall: Mayan Adv     Oct   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Ruiner Pinball         Oct   Atari         Arcade
 Arena Football         Nov   Atari         Sports
 Atari Kart
   (working title)      Nov   Atari         Driving
 Brett Hull Hockey      Nov   Atari         Sports
 Chas Barkley Basketbl  Nov   Atari         Sports
 Defender 2000          Nov   Atari         Arcade
   (aka Redemption)     Nov   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Phase Zero
   (aka Hover Hunter)   Nov   Atari         Action/Arcade
 SuperCross 3D          Nov   Atari         Sports
 Attack of the
   Mutant Penguins      Dec   Atari         Arcade
 Battlesphere           Dec   4-Play        Space/Combat
 Breakout 2000          Dec   Atari         Arcade
 Fever Pitch            Dec   Atari         Sports
 Missile Command
   (working title)      Dec   Atari         Action/Arcade
 NBA Jam TE             Dec   Atari         Sports
 Sudden Impact
   (working title)      Dec   Atari         Action
 Zoop                   Dec   Atari         Puzzle
 Zero Five              Dec   Atari         Space/Combat

      1995 (Second Half) SOFTWARE RELEASE SCHEDULE
             CDs (As of September 1, 1995)

 Title                  Ship  Publisher     Category
 Blue Lightning         Sep   Atari         Flying/Action
 Dragon's Lair          Sep   ReadySoft     Adventure
 Hover Strike:
   Unconquered Lands    Sep   Atari         Action/Combat
 Vid Grid               Sep   Atari         Puzzle/Music Vid
 Demolition Man         Oct   Atari         Action/Combat
 Highlander             Oct   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Myst                   Oct   Atari         Fantasy
 Creature Shock         Oct   Atari         Adventure/Sci-Fi
 Baldies                Nov   Atari         Action/Sim
 Battlemorph            Nov   Atari         Flying/Action
 Commander Blood        Nov   Atari         RPG
 Formula 1 Racing       Nov   Atari         Driving
 Iron Soldier II        Nov   Atari         Action/Strategy
 Primal Rage            Nov   Time Warner   Fighting
 Robinson's Requiem     Nov   Atari         Adventure
 Black ICE\White Noise  Dec   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Magic Carpet           Dec   Atari         Adventure/RPG
 Max Force              Dec   Atari         Action
 Varuna's Forces        Dec   Atari         Action/Adventure
 Wayne Gretzky
    NHL Hockey          Dec   Time Warner   Sports

                (As of September 1, 1995)

 Title                  Ship  Publisher     Category
 Alien vs. Predator CD  Q1    Atari         RPG/Adventure
 Brett Hull Hockey CD   Q1    Atari         Sports
 Dune Racer             Q1    Atari         Driving
 Frank Thomas Big Hurt
   Baseball             Q1    Atari         Sports
 Mindripper             Q1    Atari         Adventure
 Return Fire            Q1    Atari         Combat
 Rocky Horror Interctve Q1    Atari         Adventure
 Batman Forever       In dev. Atari         Action/Adventure
 Dante                In dev. Atari         Action
 Ironman/XO-Manowar   In dev. Atari         Action
 Mortal Kombat III    In dev. Atari         Fighting
 Thea Realm Fighters  In dev. Atari         Fighting

           Coming October 6, Plug in the WIRE!

 For those who like to keep up with the special event tours,
 here's the 1995 Super Tour(tm) schedule. The schedule is
 accurate as of August 30, 1995, but locations and dates are
 subject to change at any time without notice. Visit
 Electronics Boutique on the dates and at the mall locations
 listed below for hands-on gaming action on the best super
 systems including Jaguar 64.

    DATES            CITY          MALL
    ---------------  ------------  ----------------------
    September  1- 3  Minneapolis   Mall of America
    September  9-10  Dallas        Vista Ridge Mall
    September 16-17  Miami         Sawgrass Mills
    September 23-24  Albany        Crossgates Mall
    Sep-Oct   30- 1  Philadelphia  Oxford Valley Mall
    October    7- 8  Buffalo       Walden Galleria
    October   14-15  Columbus      Eastland Mall
    October   21-22  San Jose      Vallco Fashion Mall
    October   28-29  San Bruno     Tanforan Park
    November   3- 5  Los Angeles   Del Amo Fashion Center
    November  11-12  Burbank       Media City Center

 Jaguar gamers are encouraged to visit these events and
 offer feedback on the activity. We'd (Atari) would be
 delighted to hear back as to how you think they went and we
 would love you to feel free to make certain all games are
 running properly (Jaguar games usually have lots of joypad
 switches and tour visitors sometimes like to play around
 and turn sounds and options off, then walk away <g>)

           Coming October 6, Plug in the WIRE!

Date: 29 Aug 95 04:11:06 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.08.28)
 A very dear friend of mine used to tell me every once in a
 while, "I buy you books and I buy you books and all you do
 is read the covers". I don't know if that's an adaptation
 of some great movie quote or otherwise from some memorable
 play, but I remember it was definitely something she used
 to try to drill in my head. If I became enriched by the
 words at all, I understand them to mean, "Don't you get

 My friend did buy me a lot of proverbial books... lesson
 plans if you will... figurative blueprints of brick wall
 head pounding in which I could carry with me in some
 figurative form. I don't know if it was based more on being
 ignorant or simply obstinate, but I often didn't read the
 books she bought me. I would read the covers and because I
 knew the title, the author and maybe the publisher, I felt
 I knew everything there was to know inside of them also.

 For a very long time, Atari has been promising a CD-ROM for
 your Jaguar. In that time a lot of things had changed
 except for one... we never seemingly got any closer to
 putting the CD-ROM on the market. Although at trade shows
 and on specialty store videos, Atari has shown some very
 impressive CD-based game footage, the CD-ROM peripheral
 seemed to many like a book without any pages.

 In little more than 8 weeks, Mr. Ted Hoff has stepped into
 a very challenging role at Atari Corporation. While Ted
 continues to access the condition and value of all the
 poetic books of business Atari has placed before him to
 read and act upon, he is making decisions which everyone I
 know at Atari applaud. One such decision is that the CD-ROM
 has been supposedly "ready" and "promised" for an
 incredibly long period of time. Ted figured if Microsoft
 can finally release Windows '95 after 1 or two years, then
 Atari can start shipping the CD-ROM on that date too.

 Based on that decision to start shipping on the 24th, a lot
 of actions had to be implemented. Final tests and final
 decisions... final sign-offs and final orders. Although,
 tainted by a one word spelling error on the back of one of
 the pack-in software packages, the entire project finally
 came together within about 5 weeks. This, after Ted's
 predecessors took forever and a distant day. On August
 24th, 1995, the first packed-out batch of Jaguar 64 CD-ROMs
 rolled off the factory lines with everything packaged
 together, including a $100 value software ensemble.

 The book is entitled "Ted's Promise to Start Shipping
 CD-ROM's on August 24th". It contains pages and pages of a
 distribution plan so that retailers get the product
 equitably (especially considering unexpected new orders
 placed by retailers impressed by the progress being made
 since Ted arrived at Atari). The pages of the book even
 detail a formal plan to launch to the press within the
 first week of September in New York.

 Somehow, amidst all this hoopla, some people appear to have
 expected CD-ROMs to already be on store shelves for resale
 by 9 am on Thursday, August 24th. To all those valued
 customers (including the one whom sent me a message
 containing profanity for me and my family to enjoy), I am
 certain your anxious desire for the new peripheral will be
 well rewarded within a couple of weeks.

 I think most of you know by now that the first batch of
 CD-ROMs were shipped so that the store buyers, distributors
 and members of the press received their units right away.
 Shipments since August 24th are being distributed so that
 all our retailers will have sufficient quantities to fill
 preorders and stock their shelves during the week of
 September 11th. In fact, notifications announcing this
 strategy were express mailed or faxed to stores the day
 after Atari released the first batch.

 It is my opinion that Ted has made a wise decision to treat
 the CD-ROM release more carefully than a standard software
 release. Keeping some quantity within the distribution
 channel until enough have been packed out will enable
 retailers to feel like they are being shipped fairly and
 that customers who have waited a long time for their
 preorders do not hear their friends getting unites from
 other stores first.

 There's nothing I can do for the people who like to argue
 or try to sabotage our launch with opinions in difference
 to Ted's strategies. But to those who have been patient for
 so long, the message for you is that the wait is virtually
 over. The CD-ROM is a complete package and the only thing
 standing in the way of you having one is a couple weeks to
 make sure no one unfairly gets one before you do.


 I expect to get my hands on a copy of FlipOut! tomorrow so
 I can look at it and tell you what I've found after
 extended play. It arrived in Atari's warehouse late Friday
 and began shipping today (8/28/95). I think a lot of you
 who liked the "Pac-Man", "Centipede", "Klax" and "Tetris"
 games will love FlipOut! Please send me feedback and tell
 me what you think. Look for reduced screen images of this
 game on CompuServe, GEnie and CATscan [209/239-1552].


 Ted Hoff and Ron Beltramo will be in New York early next
 week armed with a full schedule of appointments to "meet
 the press". The topics will be Atari's newest technologies,
 release of the CD-ROM and the best next generation gaming
 value there is.... oh, did I say Jaguar?! Planned meetings
 include Fortune, Popular Science & Forbes, et al.


 Look for a press release dated August 29 announcing Atari's
 signed deal with Atomix; a powerful Hollywood graphics,
 animation and Web Domain house. More details to follow.


 The Jaguar Roundtable on GEnie will be hosting a
 live conference with Ted Hoff, Ron Beltramo and Laury Scott
 as guests on Wednesday, September 13 at 6PM (Pacific). Be
 there or be square. Stop by the Roundtable by typing
 JAGUAR at any system prompt for more information.


 I'll leave you with a tip. If you've been following
 STReport, you may like to look at their newest
 graphics-based edition which has been publishing for a few
 weeks now in concert with their text-based edition. Special
 viewers are required, but the visual appeal is outstanding
 INCLUDING the newly enhanced Jaguar section. Check it out!

Date: 26 Aug 95 03:08:10 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.08.25)
 Jaguar CD-ROMs have been rolling off the packout lines and
 the first batches have been arriving to select buying and
 distribution offices across the country. I spoke to one
 distributor today who told me his entire staff is
 already having a ball with Blue Lightning. Ted Hoff and Sam
 Tramiel hosted a company-wide luncheon this afternoon from
 12:30 to 2:30. We all enjoyed a variety of gourmet pizzas,
 finger snacks, soft drinks and sundaes while soon-to-be
 released CD software was set up on rows of monitors. Mike
 Fulton was among the first to show interest in an upcoming
 softball game which was announced and Sam Tramiel pointed
 out how the tables were all set up in the shape of a Fuji.
 Bottom line: we all had a great day and were allowed the
 pleasures of wiping the sweat from our brows.

 It was a sad farewell to Garry Tramiel. Garry and I have
 worked well together over the past 7 or 8 years and I was
 disappointed to see him go. I don't blame him though. He
 has worked very hard and has been on the road while
 coordinating visits to Distributors, Rep Firms and Retail
 Buying Offices for a long while. He has negotiated many of
 the companies most critical real estate deals and has been
 instrumental in product improvements by sustaining a strong
 interaction between engineering and consumer feedback
 coming back from the retailers. Garry had decided to leave
 a long while back, but I'm told he agreed to hang in with
 Ted until the CD-ROM was launched. I'm glad he did. Best
 wishes, Garry!

Date: 24 Aug 95 01:16:30 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.08.23)
 It's here! D-Day! No, I'm not talking about WinEver '95.
 I'm talking about the Jaguar CD-ROM. This morning, Ted Hoff
 gathered us together and was grinning big time as he
 verified that the final pack-ins were being delivered and
 the boxes would roll off the packout lines just as
 predicted. Ted feels a peripheral as important as the
 CD-ROM should be blessed by the retail buyers by sending
 the first units off the line to their attention. Another
 batch will be shipped ahead of his arrival to New York to
 host a formal press presentation next week.

 In the past four weeks, orders from retailers for the
 CD-ROM have exploded and Atari will ship in quantity as
 soon as ample quantities of the complete packouts have been
 amassed. Unlike some of our software releases in the
 past when only preorders are fulfilled, Ted is demanding
 that delivery schedules to retailers are timed to be
 equitable and as fair as possible. The CD-ROM should be
 available nationwide within just a couple of weeks! Yea!

 FlipOut! will be shipping this Friday. I think it will be a
 surprise hit. We will see. <g>


 Hey if you're a kid or know any kids between the ages of 8
 to 14 years of age AND they have access to Web Domains
 within the wonderful world of the Internet, tell them about
 KIDSCOM. KIDSCOM is a new wholesome way kids can learn,
 participate in surveys, exchange ideas on the "Graffiti
 Wall" and even win prizes. To visit KIDSCOM, steer your Web
 Browser to http:\\

 KIDSCOM currently includes Jaguar news including screen
 shots AND soon, kids can win cool Jaguar stuff too!


 Kristine Chambers tells me that "Hover Strike: Unconquered
 Lands" (the CD descendent) looks really good. For you
 audiophiles, the left/right stereo has been corrected <g>
 and there's a whole bunch of exciting new improvements over
 the cart-based game that is available now. Kristine said I
 could share some of them with you...

 In the new CD version, there are full motion video
 sequences including a real cool intro, between mission
 scenes and an exciting end-of-game reward. There are 10
 entirely new missions and 2 brand new terrain types. A new
 rendering engine allows lighting effects on the texture
 mapped terrain as well as more efficient overall coding and
 animated terrain textures. There are high-resolution
 terrain textures for new missions and a new control panel
 so the user can customize flying physics of the craft.
 Gamers will discover improved flying with smoother movement
 physics and there will be CD quality music during gameplay.

 "Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands" will be available by the
 end of September according to Kristine. Based on what she
 tells me, the new game will be a natural for those who love
 the cart based game and it will offer a lot of appeal for
 those who felt the original game may have been a bit hard
 to control. Get on the presell lists now!

 Stay tuned for a lot more Jaguar-related news coming soon.
 There are some exciting releases scheduled for the upcoming

 BTW, we know it may be frustrating if you're anxiously
 waiting for the CD-ROM. This long awaited peripheral is
 being distributed very carefully so that as our retailers
 and the gamers receive quality merchandise that passes
 stringent Quality Assurance tests rather than simply
 loading them in overnight sacks for the sake of just being
 fast. I am anxiously awaiting the opportunity to get my
 hands on one too... I never did get to finish any of the
 games I started at E3. <g>

Date: 18 Jul 95 09:38:51 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.07.18)
 Here's a summary of some new image files I uploaded to
 GEnie, CompuServe and CATscan BBS [209/239-1552]...

   BLUE1.JPG JPEG file of "Blue Lightning" / 68,659
   BLUE2.JPG JPEG file of "Blue Lightning" / 67,316
   BLUE3.JPG JPEG file of "Blue Lightning" / 63,799
   BLUE4.JPG JPEG file of "Blue Lightning" / 76,364
   BLUE5.JPG JPEG file of "Blue Lightning" / 76,438
     Approx 300x200 JPEG format image files of: "Blue
     Lightning" for the Atari 64-bit game system. "Blue
     Lightning" is one of the Jaguar's first CD-based games
     for the CD-ROM peripheral. It features incredible
     graphics for the flying combat experience of your
     64-bit life. This image is (c)1995 Atari Corporation.
     It may be republished in a complimentary fashion if
     copyright notice is included.

   FLIPOUT1.JPG JPEG file of "Flip Out" / 71,235
   FLIPOUT2.JPG JPEG file of "Flip Out" / 89,600
   FLIPOUT5.JPG JPEG file of "Flip Out" / 73,762
   FLIPOUT6.JPG JPEG file of "Flip Out" / 78,270
   FLIPOUTB.JPG JPEG file of "Flip Out" / 42,972
     Approx 300x200 JPEG format image files of: "Flip Out"
     for the Atari 64-bit game system. "Flip Out", a
     cartridge based 'fun factor' game, looks a whole easier
     than it is. If you liked "Tetris" or "Klax", you'll
     flip for "Flip Out"! This image is (c)1995 Atari
     Corporation. It may be republished in a complimentary
     fashion if copyright notice is included.

   WMCJ_LL.JPG JPEG file of "White Men Can't Jump" / 79,191
   WMCJ_LR.JPG JPEG file of "White Men Can't Jump" / 75,030
   WMCJ_UL.JPG JPEG file of "White Men Can't Jump" / 72,114
   WMCJ_UR.JPG JPEG file of "White Men Can't Jump" / 79,612
     Approx 300x200 JPEG format image files of: "White Men
     Can't Jump" for the Atari 64-bit game system. "White
     Men Can't Jump" features multi-player action and is the
     first Jaguar game to use the new Team Tap adaptor which
     is included. Each Team Tap allows up to four players on
     one joystick port. This image is (c)1995 Atari
     Corporation. It may be republished in a complimentary
     fashion if copyright notice is included.

 The images were captures from Atari's marketing Department
 in Macintosh .PCT format. I used a translator to change
 them to .TGA format as I found that to offer the best
 sustained resolution. I then CROPed the image to eliminate
 unnecessary black borders and scaled the image down by 50%
 using a paint and imaging application. Once scaled down, I
 lightened contrast and brightness to better match the
 original Jaguar look and feel. Finally, I touched up stray
 pixels that evolved over the process. (I'm trying to
 straighten out problems with my PC. Aggh! <g>) My final
 step involved "ZIPing" the image so I can include a .DIZ
 description file.

 The result is a thumbnail library of clear images that are
 easy to download and view. Here's some initial reaction of
 what users found:

     SERV: CompuServe
     USER: Cody  Maloney 75204,3532
     DATE: 7/17/95
     TOPC: Jaguar General: Excellent Screen Shots
     MSG#: 85654

     Don, I have to say is the screen shots are fabulous!
     Flip Out took my breath away. It left me breathless.
     Its one game that is on my list.

     Blue Lighting look stunning.

     White Men Can't Jump is also stunning as well.


     -++- ============================================= -++-

     SERV: CompuServe
     USER: Edward  J. Mazmania 102211,2662
     DATE: 7/17/95
     TOPC: Jaguar General: Excellent Screen Shots
     MSG#: 85655

     I have to agree. The screen shots look nothing like
     what I saw at the E3 for Blue Lightning. The game I
     have to say looked like garbage at the show. Every
     other game was awesome from Rayman to Hoverhunter,
     Highlander, Battlesphere, and the progressing D2K. I
     tried to play BL and loved the music but found no
     gameplay and poor graphics. Of course I only saw some
     level in the clouds. After seeing these screen shots I
     have second thoughts now.

 -++- ================================================= -++-

 The Jaguar Gamers' Books are shipping from Sandwich Islands
 Publishing. Here's some initial reaction:

     SERV: GEnie
     DATE: 7/13/95
     TOPC: Jaguar: 64-bit game console
     MSG#: 153

     I received my "Jaguar Official Gamer's Guide" Thursday.
     It looks really well done, though I haven't read that
     much yet. Nice cover, 244 pages, covers 18 games, and
     loaded with pictures. The pictures are B/W but they are
     very sharp and serve the purpose. It looks very up to
     date with coverage of Hover Strike and even a preview
     of Rayman. It's full of maps, cheats, hints, and tips.
     A lot of the info can be found on GEnie, but it's nice
     to have it all in one handy reference to keep by the

     Joe Schram

     -++- ============================================= -++-

     CATscan E-Mail

     Msg Num: #1 of 6
     Sent By: (#38) Brian Mccleary - Loyal Jaguarian
     Sent To: (#1) Don Thomas - Atari Corporation
     Sent On: July 13, 1995 at 4:38pm
     Recv On: July 15, 1995 at 6:29pm
     Subject: Gamers' Guide

     The books are great Don! The maps for Aliens -vs-
     Predator are excellent!

 -++- ================================================= -++-

 Super Burnout continues to attract the rave reviews from
 serious gamers. Here's what Steve Kipker of Steve's
 Software wrote to me recently....

   "Well, Super Burnout has only been released for 2 weeks
   now and has continued to be a big success with our
   customers. What I keep hearing over and over are things

     'This game is better than the Arcade, and I am saving
     .50 each time I play. That has more than paid for this
     game in one day!!!'

     'Two player action is as good as it gets'

     'Riding Super Burnout is better than the real thing,
     and cheaper on Insurance'

     'Super Burnout is so real that I felt like I had to put
     on my crash helmet'

     'Super Burnout is truly the Fastest racing Simulator
     for the Atari Jaguar - I feel the need, the need for

   "Don, Super Burnout has been a great success and will
   continue to sell just on customer referrals alone...Atari
   has delivered a true 64-bit racing simulator - What's

 Yes, I know it sounds like hype, but Steve really does like
 selling Super Burnout (He also likes Pinball Fantasies;
 another recent hit.) Ask him yourself, you can write Steve
 at: <> on the Internet.

 -++- ================================================= -++-

 A final note to this episode of CATnips, Darryl Still of
 Atari UK tells me that "Zero 5" and "Gotcha!" (working
 title) were shown at a EuroPress Conference last week. He
 says both are contracted for early '96 release and both are
 "worth watching for". Add those to your lists!

Date: 16 Aug 95 01:11:19 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.08.15)
 We are fast approaching August 24th and the BIG day... the
 long awaited launch of the Jaguar 64 CD-ROM. Yea! I'm told
 everything is lined up perfectly for the launch and large
 batches of units will be on store shelves by the first week
 of September.

 I received my copy of "Flashback" a couple days ago. I
 guess anyone who has spent time with this popular title on
 another gaming platform might feel they've already played
 the game out. For me, however, it's an all new experience
 and I am enjoying it a lot. I love watching the guy jump up
 to higher platforms, crouch down and roll... all with an
 animated smoothness that's hard to describe unless you've
 seen it. Even the tiny gun spits out empty shells when you
 shoot it. "Flashback" is published by U.S. Gold and is in
 stores right now.

 On this past Sunday, Master Jeff Norwood, publisher of
 Jaguar Journal, hosted his second live interactive
 conference on Compuserve. The event began at 5 pm my time
 (Pacific Time) and lasted a full 6 hours. Participants
 included myself, Mr. Dana Jacobson of STReport, Mr. Travis
 Guy of Atari Explorer Online forum regulars and converted
 lurkers. Three copies of the new Jaguar strategy Guide were
 awarded as prizes (courtesy of Sandwich Islands Publishing
 and Atari Corporation). One of the winners, Mr. Dana
 Jacobson, donated his prize to a valued STReport reader.
 Many of us exchanged private messages during the conference
 and we all had a lot of laughs and a lot of fun. Look for
 an ASCII compilation of the conference in the libraries on
 CompuServe soon.

 A particularly special conference event is being planned
 right now on GEnie for September 6 in conjunction with
 Atari's launch of the Jaguar 64 CD-ROM. Anticipated
 participants include a great number of regular GEnie
 Roundtable members, Mr. Laury Scott, Mr. Ron Beltramo and
 yours truly <g>. We'll see who else we can stir up too.

 Speaking of GEnie... here's a recent post I thought

   CAT: The Jaguar - Atari's latest Game Console!
   TPC: Atari JAGUAR, 64-bit RISC Game Console
   TO: ALL
   DTE: August 8, 1995

   Here is a story I think most of you will enjoy... A few
   months back I gave a friend's son a Jag and six games for
   his birthday present.  The boy is 11, a perfect age for a
   Jaguar.  :-} Well anyway, he has been the most popular
   kid on his block singe getting the Jag.

   Two weeks ago his neighbor, also 11, got a Saturn for his
   birthday.  This neighbor's father bought him the Saturn
   because the salesperson at the game store praised it as
   the best system "for the money." The neighbor boy did not
   like the Saturn as much as Jag. So the father returned
   the Saturn and got his son a Jag plus four additional
   games in exchange for the Saturn.

   Now the two boys have ten different games between the two
   of them plus  multiple DOOMS so they can play


 Don't forget to check out "White Men Can't Jump" and the
 special sell through pack which includes the Team Tap free.
 So far, it looks as if gamers like the special bundles and,
 if the trend continues, we'll have to look at doing similar
 deals with other peripherals in the future. BTW, if playing
 WMCJ with the Team Tap, be certain to turn the system on
 with the controllers already connected. Otherwise the
 software may not detect your joypad configuration properly.

Date: 13 Jul 95 01:05:11 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas           (95.07.12)
 The official Jaguar Gamer's Guide published by Sandwich
 Islands Publishing and written by the popular authors: Zach
 Meston and J. Douglas Arnold is shipping now! Preorders
 should be fulfilled within the next few days and store
 copies should be arriving wherever popular game books are

 The guide includes special features such as gaming tips
 from Atari's own gaming masters. It has exclusive maps,
 helpful tips and innovative strategies.

 If you cannot find a store accepting orders for the book
 and would like a copy sent right away, call or fax your
 Visa or Mastercard transaction to 808/661-2715. The price
 is only $18.95 including shipping to N. American locations.

 If you want in-depth play-by-play action coverage including
 strategies and tips found no where else on almost 20 of the
 Jaguar's hottest games, you must buy this book.

 Orders by mail should be sent to:

     Atari Jaguar Gamer's Guide
     P.O. Box 10669
     Lahaina, HI  96761

 If you are a Jaguar owner registered with Atari, keep an
 eye out in your snail mail mailbox for some nifty new
 postcards announcing new and upcoming Jaguar titles. Often,
 we onliners will already know about the great news
 contained on these direct-marketing pieces, so please save
 them to share with friends and family. The first postcard
 announces the recent release of Super Burnout.

Date: 12 Jul 95 01:37:32 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.07.11)
 Almost every 64-bit Jaguar gamer has something to "flip
 for". Some of you may "flip over" supercycles in Super
 Burnout. Others may enjoy the true-to-form "flippers" in
 Pinball Fantasies. Occasionally we may find someone
 "flippantly" master their Tempest 2000 cart. A "flip of a
 coin" may determine who plays Doom first for some. Others
 jump to the "flip side" of the planet in Hover Strike.
 Don't forget to "flip the switch" in Wolfenstein 3D or to
 "flip head over heals" in Val d'Isere Skiing and
 Snowboarding. Regardless of how you may simply "flip to"
 your favorite 64-bit Jaguar game title, everyone will go
 bonkers for the innovative new game: "Flip Out!".

 What is "Flip Out!"? Glad you asked.

 Flip Out! is delightful and riveting; unpretentious and
 often impossible. It is an alluring world of whimsical
 characters assigned seemingly simple tasks that are
 not nearly as easy as they appear.

 Welcome to the Great Tile Flipping Festival on the Cheese
 planet. Here's a mind boggling test of impulsive reflexes;
 a 3 by 3 grid filled with tiles, with each of those 9 tiles
 belonging to at least one space. The tile base is
 underneath the tiles. There is one extra tile that does not
 belong on the play board. You must match each tile with its
 proper space. All stages of the game will play in much the
 same way as the Great Tile Flipping Festival, although
 things will look different and become more complex.

 You control the cursor with your Joypad, and you can flip
 tiles with any of the fire buttons. The most important tip
 to successful game play is... flip a tile, and the space
 under the next tile you flip is where the first tile will

 In Yellowstone, you must match the geyser with the same
 color of the slap-happy characters.

 At Mt. Rushmore, your task is to put the faces back into
 the proper order, without dropping any of the faces.

 On Easter Island, we put the back row of tiles into the
 Mouths of the Heads, and we make the Mouths open and close.
 The Cursor cannot move directly from Head to Head, nor can
 the cursor move into or out of a Head unless the mouth is

 Is all this action making you hungry? Why not visit the
 Sphorkle Diner? Here, the food has to match character
 colors as they devour the incredible eatables.

 Blast off to the planets Hoopla and Pigskin where the Great
 Tile Flipping Festivals has moved its tour to different
 planets for a change of scenic environments. Here, the
 spectators are much rowdier and there are more competitors
 to play against.

 In the Zero-Gravity Arena you must match the tiles to the
 proper position on the board. However, there are now three
 boards and many more tiles to keep track of.

 There are no spectators allowed at this final event; Fluffy
 Encounter. Here, King Fluffy challenges you to see who is
 the Master of tile flipping. He will use all of his
 knowledge and experience to keep you from replacing him as
 King of Planet Phrohmaj.

 Meet the family, but don't flip out!...

 Rodeo Rider:
   This character will grab onto a tile and prevent the tile
   from flipping into the air. In order to buck him off, you
   must try to flip the tile he is on several times until he
   loses his grip.

 Red Baron:
   He will jump onto the tile board and act as one of the
   tiles, forcing you to keep at least two tiles in the air
   while he is in play. After a few flights he gets tired
   and returns to the sidelines until he is ready to fly

 Tile Eater:
   When he eats a tile, he enters play as a tile. However,
   because the tile covered by the eater, it never belongs
   in a space on the board. Once the eater is flipped a few
   times, he will release the tile into play and give back
   to the sidelines until he hungers again.

 Cursor Decoy:
   This citizen can turn himself into an almost exact
   duplicate of a cursor. Although he can be confusing, he
   does not pose much of a threat unless he is ignored for
   tool long. If he is not flipped off the board, he will
   start flipping tiles off the board.

 Tile Flipper:
   Can flip tiles into the air.

   Gooey acts as a tile in the same way as the Red Baron,
   but he is not affected by your tile flipping cursor.
   Instead, he will jump up for a few jumps when he sees an
   opportunity, and after a few jumps Gooey will go back to
   his place off the board until he decides to jump in

   Will interrupt a geysers flow in Yellowstone and prevent
   you from flipping the visiting Citizens. After a few
   attempts to flip, Corky will jump back to the side and
   digest the nutrients he has absorbed from the geyser.

   While in the Sphorkle Diner, Sluggy (the dog of the
   diner's owner) will jump onto a diner's table, preventing
   you from flipping the food on that table. Trying to flip
   Sluggy will only make him stay longer, so it's best just
   to leave him alone.

 Graffiti Master and the Janitor:
   While at Mt. Rushmore, the Graffiti Master sprays various
   tiles with Glopple-Glorb, preventing you from flipping
   the Graffitied pieces until the Janitor cleans them.

 The Wizard:
   On Easter Island, this character freezes tiles in place,
   forcing you to break through the ice with several flips
   before you can flip the tile. He also paints individual
   tiles to disguise their color until you flip them.

 Space Slime:
   In the Zerogravity Arena, they travel along the boards of
   the arena flipping tiles as they go, and trying to
   prevent you from matching the tiles. They temporarily
   disperse into space when you flip them, but they reform

 King Fluffy:
   Your Majesty can freeze and change color in much the
   same was as the Wizard. However, King Fluffy can freeze
   and change color on a much more grand scale. He can take
   advantage of the fact that he can flip the tiles, and he
   won't just flip those tiles at the beginning of the game.

 *IF* you complete a skill level, congratulations! Now,
 welcome up to three more: Normal, Hard, Insane, and

 Flip Out! is NOW in production and will be in stores within
 a few weeks. Preorder from your retailer now and don't be
 fooled by its deceiving appearances. These fast-paced
 puzzles are not challenges for the those with too young or
 weak heart. If you liked Tetris, Klax, Shanghai or
 Block-Out, you'll now have a well animated game that gives
 you the same challenging mind benders, BUT add the charm
 and silliness of an entire cast of funny new characters.

 I have gathered all the Flip Out! characters together for a
 gorgeous 500k+ group JPEG image. Look for the file on
 CATscan [209/239-1552], GEnie, CompuServe and other popular
 Jaguar support online sites.

Date: 08 Jul 95 05:58:17 EDT

 CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas        (95.07.07)
 I am still hearing great things on "Pinball Fantasies" from
 Jaguar devotees such as Randy Magruder who tells me:

   "Don, ... I have given Pinball a serious look, as has my
   wife and a couple of friends, and its a clear winner....
   I'm going to write a really good review for it in

 For the race/sports/action/multiplayer enthusiast, the word
 is out on "Super Burnout". Here's what one CATscan member

   >Message: = Open Discussion = (combined multiple posts)
   >Sent By: Brian Mccleary - Loyal Jaguarian
   >Subject: Super Burnout

   Just played it and it is awesome, I think the best word
   to describe this game is "Smooth"! Totally cool racing
   game, with plenty of options!

   It's been available since Friday, and it gets better
   every time I play!

   Last year I waited a long time for a game called "Suzuka
   8 Hours" for the SNES, when I got it I was very
   disappointed..... Ahh Super Burnout is better than any
   "Motorcycle" game I've played and yes, I think it has
   plenty of options!!!

   **** 1/2 Stars, that's how I rate it and I played a
   "Finished" Version, so forget "Video Games" magazine.
   Plenty of options.

 Here's what an Internet User thinks of Super Burnout...

   >To: Multiple recipients of list <>
   >Subject: "SBO" -or- "Ohhh BS"? A review.

   Well, I got SBO today and, after an hour or so of
   playing, here's my thoughts on the game - do with them
   what you will.

   Extremely fast graphics engine with super-smooth scaling.
   Very bright colors throughout the game - the use of more
   colors for shading effects would have improved the
   overall graphics, though. The bikes were very detailed;
   again, more colors (?) and shading would've improved the
   detail of the riders. Regarding the roadside graphics -
   they looked good from what I could tell - they went by
   WAY too fast for me to really critique them. <g>

   Music is great - different songs for each track,
   beginning of the game, after each race, and at the end of
   the game.  Although at times the songs seemed very
   similar, you usually won't notice - you'll be too focused
   on avoiding from flying off your bike at 145 m.p.h.! I
   particularly like the music after each race - cool
   electric guitar.

   Perfect. What else can I say? Seriously, YOU turn, the
   bike turns instantaneously. Sometimes the game's moving
   so fast that it almost seems your bike is turning before
   you tell it to - it's that spot on. Because the game
   moves so fast, though, using a manual transmission can be
   somewhat wieldy - using the finger buttons on the new
   controller (yes SBO supports the new controller when it
   comes out) should make shifting easier.

   Fun Factor
   Can you say sweat-drippin', white-knuckled,
   heart-pounding, screaming fun? I thought you could. I'm
   not even a racing game fan, but I think this one's a
   keeper for me. I have to pause after every lap or so to
   wipe the sweat off my hands and controller so I can
   continue, and my thumb starts hurting from steering after
   about five minutes. As far as replay value is concerned,
   you've got 8 tracks, 6 bikes, and 4 play modes to choose
   from - that's 192 different combinations (correct me if
   my stats are wrong) !!!!! All the mags and Jag-bashers
   say, "There's nothing new here." Correct me if I'm wrong,
   but that's not the point of the game, is it? This is not
   AvP or T2K as far as "innovation" goes - there's no lost
   hours of submersion into and exploration of new places,
   or cool twists on old classics - but it's damn fun to
   play! A game like this you can always just pop into the
   Jag anytime you want for an adrenaline rush. So in the
   end, I feel there *is* replay value just as much as there
   is for other games - as long as you take the game for
   what it is - a speed fix.

   Graphics - 8
   Sound - 7
   Control - 9
   Fun Factor - 8
   Overall - 8

   J. Sean McKay  <<Lynx, Genesis, and Jaguar owner>>

 Here's what ANOTHER Internet User thinks of SBO...

   >From: Geofrey Pejsa <gpejsa@Census.GOV>
   >Subject: Super Burnout

   Dear Don, Just wanted to drop you a quick note from an
   Atari enthusiast. I purchased Super Burnout this
   afternoon and am thoroughly enjoying the fine game...

   Geof Pejsa: Web Homepage:
 Here's what the real experts on CompuServe are saying...

   >From: Mitch Brown 73522,3004

   I AGREE. This game is great. Have you all noticed how
   good the street is? It looks REAL when you are racing on
   it.  And, the moon in the Australia track looks REAL.
   Did they cut out a digitized picture, and paste onto that

   One of the BEST things Jag games have done that I have
   liked is scrolling backgrounds. The first to do it was
   Dino Dudes, and I liked it. This game does it even
   better. Smoother, and the graphics look good. Some people
   have complained about the sound, but I disagree, I like

   Good job Atari.

   I think this is a good one for Atari. It is worth the
   money. And it is VERY addicting (almost as much as PF).
   It IS a constant challenge.

   Any other questions?

   I DO like it.
 Yet another CompuServe gamer says...

    >DAVE SCARPA 73672,2136

    I picked up SB today from Babbages. They got 3 copies,
    not too shabby.  Anyhow I think it's a neat little game.
    The ratings it's receiving are a bit low. The control is
    excellent, the speed is Phenomenal. The graphics are
    nice, although the biker could be better animated. The
    headlights and the increasing darkness are very nice
    touches. I think the one valid point is there should be
    a point or money reward system giving you better bikes,
    but I guess the devs wanted a straight forward HangON
    clone, although this is not a bad thing. The Jag seems
    to be aiming for very straight forward fun Arcade Hits
    i.e. Defender 2000, Tempest, etc. And they are doing
    pretty good at it.
 GEnie members are excited about Super Burnout too!...

    >From: C.GALARDI [Chris Galardi]
    >Topic: Super Burnout

    It is out and it is even in Omaha, Nebraska already. I
    love it!! Excellent control, nice graphics, good sound
    effects/music! I like the two player mode a lot
    also....all in all this is an extremely fun and
    demon-fast game.... I would rate it as an 8 or 8.5
    overall...heck even my wife loves playing it!!! chris g.
 Here's another GEnie fan...

    >From: R.JONES82 [Bob Jones]
    >Topic: Super Burnout

    Babbages in Lansing Michigan has Super Burnout, they got
    it in today. I've been playing it for a couple of hours.
    I like the speed of the game... The two player option is
    better than I expected, the speed is good and is very
    playable. The landscape could have had a bit more
    variation, I assume this was due to cart size
    restrictions. It reminds me of VROOM on the ST, although
    a bit easier to control. I would give it a 8 rating. One
    of the nice features is the ability to choose bikes with
    different handling and speed settings, this way in a two
    player game you can handicap players with more joypad
 ... and another GEnie gem...

    >From: C.WELLS10 [Ginsu]
    >Topic: Super Burnout

    Just picked up SBO at the local Babbages here in NC, and
    it is GREAT! by >FAR< the best racing game out on the
    Jag(duh =)). The speed is unreal, much like in Val
    D'Isere Skiing. The music is the best I've heard on the
    Jag since Tempest(finally!) Nice graphics, great voice
    and control, and a good selection of options. About the
    only two nits I've got with the game are the previously
    mention kind-of lack of variety in the scenery (I agree
    it's pro'bly due to the low cart size) and the fact that
    in the two-player mode there is no music. These nits are
    pretty minor, tho. Definitely one to pick up!!! ...

    After the great job Shen did on SBO, I'm eager to see
    that!  Any ideas on a release date?
 "What about Prodigy?" they ask in unison...

    >Board: VIDEO GAMES BB
    >Topic: ATARI JAGUAR
    >Subject: BURNOUT--REVIEW


    I picked up Super Burnout early today at EB. After about
    2 hrs of playing, I can honestly say that it is a very
    good game. The graphics are very well done and
    everything moves quickly, VERY QUICKLY. The music is
    also pretty good, but it's nothing to get excited about.

    Probably the best part of the game is the control. The
    control is excellent. (No Checkered Flag-like steering

    There are seven different motorcycles you can choose
    from, each having their own strengths and weaknesses.
    There are 8 courses to choose from. Some of the courses,
    like Australia, start before dawn but eventually the sun
    comes up, giving the game a realistic feel.... Very

    If you like racing games, you'll love Super Burnout. It
    costs $59.99...
 The great reviews keep flooding in. To me, the most
 important factor is "fun!" and the Fun Factor has been
 rated high over and over on this game by those who have
 actually played it.

Messages from Ted Hoff, President of Atari North America

Date: 22 Jul 95 01:51:16 EDT

 An open message from Mr. Ted Hoff, President of North
 American operations for Atari Corporation...
 Of those of you who follow Atari's progress and 64-bit
 Jaguar momentum, some have expressed interests (and
 concerns) with regard to the disposition of the much
 anticipated Jaguar software title, "Fight for Life." Right
 away, let me address the rumors/flames by stating that
 "Fight for Life" is alive and well and a solid Atari
 development effort continues on that title. Due to the
 online concerns passed on to me recently, I see there's a
 need to make Atari's official position clear with regard to
 its current status.

 Since the development effort began on "Fight for Life,"
 Francois Bertrand and the "Fight for Life" team have seen
 significant progress in the development tools and the
 capabilities of the Jaguar machine. What was underestimated
 was the development time and effort necessary to take
 advantage of the machine's capability. In our most recent
 evaluation of "Fight For Life," we were concerned that the
 game (in its current stage) did not exploit the
 capabilities of the Jaguar, nor would it deliver to the
 gamer the quality or depth of game play expected from the
 Jaguar 64 system. For this reason, newer development
 efforts are being explored, including the evaluation of new
 software engines to enhance the speed, smoothness and
 graphics handling of the Jaguar 64.

 I personally wish to assure you that every step will be
 taken to provide a game that meets your expectations and
 shows off the strength and capability of the system. Most
 of all, I insist that each game provides hours and hours of
 fun and challenging game play. I am demanding these
 principals to be maintained on all games from Atari; not
 only on "Fight for Life." If we change schedules, it will
 be for good reason; namely to meet high standards of
 graphics appeal and incorporate the "fun factor" for which
 Atari products are so well known.

 Francois wants to add...

   "Due to the acquisition and implementation of new
   resources, my 'Fight For Life' team has been inspired to
   enhance 'Fight For Life' in the areas of graphics and
   animation. We are really excited with the changes we have
   made so far. The enhancements will well be worth the

 I know the online community has hung in there with us!
 Thank you. You are our loyal user base and we are
 determined not to disappoint you.

 For those of you interested, Jaguar CD-ROM will ship August
 24, 1995 and should be available throughout our retail
 distribution base by the last week of August and early
 September; depending on how different stores have set up

 If you are not presently a Jaguar gamer and wish to own the
 power of the 64-bit Jaguar, please call Atari Corporation
 at 1-800-GO-ATARI and we will help locate a retailer near
 you. For about $150.00 each (system or CD-ROM), you can't
 beat it. We will continue to monitor your comments and
 feedback regarding our products... both positive and
 negative. I'm hoping that we can continue to be open and

 We have a big job ahead of us; your input continues to be
 important and your loyalty and interest are greatly

 --Ted Hoff (July 21, 1995)

Date: 12 Aug 95 02:49:40 EDT

 A message from Mr. Ted Hoff, President Atari North America
 A couple weeks back, I sent out a public response to the
 on-line concerns and confusion I was hearing about "Fight
 For Life". I want you to know that I appreciate the
 megabytes of feedback everyone sent back through the
 channels. You helped reassure me that I was hearing you
 properly from the beginning and the decision to reexamine
 the "Fight For Life" project was a good one.

 Now that I have been with Atari for a short while, I find
 myself very glad I came on board with my sleeves already
 rolled up. The people I counseled with told me that
 consumers were concerned about very specific aspects of
 Atari development and support. I was told Atari Jaguar
 users were happy, but they were also hungry and I realized
 that one of my highest priorities was to set the table. I
 have now taken a hard look under the hood and I can tell
 you I agree. The Atari engine needs a tune-up. On the other
 hand, I found a lot of high-quality polished steel and we
 have a heck of a lot going for us. Of course all the
 improvements we need to make will not all happen overnight.
 I know you've all heard this before, but we continue to
 need a bit more of your valued patience.

 I hope everyone realizes I cannot share everything I am
 working on, but I do feel obligated to stay in touch with
 our most faithful users. Please allow me to share some of
 the things I am working on.

 Not too long ago, Atari hosted a media day at Atari which
 turned out being a fun and very worthwhile event. It was an
 opportunity to speak directly to the gaming industry's most
 prominent media personalities, grant them unusual
 interviews, offer them previews and answer their questions.
 I am sure you have read about the event in one of the
 on-line publications already. Based on that success and
 addressing my eagerness to entice more publications to
 cover the Jaguar, Ron Beltramo and our PR agency are
 helping me to arrange a big media presentation next month.

 The decision to provide the Team Tap peripheral with "White
 Men Can't Jump" seems to very popular. I will be looking
 hard at similar ways to give our loyal gamers great stuff
 like that in the future. Please check this title out. Don
 Thomas just sent out a CATnips with an accumulation of
 kudos collected from all the major on-line services. Look
 for the latest on-line publications for reprints of that
 lengthy file.

 We have just updated our snail mail list again and we have
 very definite plans to use it soon so watch your mailbox. I
 have heard from retailers telling me their customers are
 walking in to stores with the postcards in hand so I know
 they seem to be working. I think you'll see that entire
 campaign become more frequent and improve as we integrate
 the mechanism into our routine.

 We are taking a hard look at exploiting the growth of the
 Internet to provide more timely news, unprecedented levels
 of support and access to our company. I think we have a
 really cool company and I want people to experience that
 with us.

 You should all realize that right now is a very critical
 4th quarter planning time. There's the CD-ROM and a
 lot of software tumbling out of the factories fast. To do
 it right, we are discussing specific strategies with key
 retailers to accommodate their marketing plans. Some brand
 new local and national retailers are coming on board...
 names you've been telling us need to carry the Jaguar. Don
 Thomas has been persistent with me with a request to let
 him know as soon as we can make announcements. I've
 promised him I will keep him informed.

 By the way, the Jaguar CD-ROM is still scheduled to begin
 shipping on August 24th. I know there were once a lot of
 debates about VidGrid (which just so happens to be a lot of
 fun), but "Blue Lightning" and the "Tempest 2000"
 Soundtrack will also be tossed in the mix. On top of that,
 I've seen to it that a playable Demo of "Myst" is included.
 The "Myst" demo will help highlight visual aspects of the
 complete CD-ROM/Jaguar 64 system that are nothing less than
 astounding. The software which adds up to over $100 value
 is all part of the CD-ROM package.

 I am going to make an effort to regularly issue a statement
 like this to keep people up-to-date. I'm sure you
 understand I cannot answer everyone's questions
 individually, but I don't want to be moving forward without
 knowing how you feel. Make sure your forum/roundtable/topic
 SysOps collect your questions and forward them to Don
 Thomas []. If he cannot answer the
 question right away, I'll see what I can do to answer it
 for everyone.

 Finally, it is most important to once again say "thanks". I
 want you to know that your word-of-mouth support of the
 Atari product line is valued very much.

 --Ted Hoff
   President, North America Operations
   Atari Corporation

Jaguar Messages of Interest

Analysis Messages

From: (BenJohnson)
Subject: Re: Atari advertising on ESPN
Date: Thu Sep 14 15:23:20 1995 writes politely:

>$99 would be formimable, but titles, marketing and distribution is the

Good point, but I think price really, really, really helps a system. I
remember the Turbo DUO for $299 (a nice cd-rom Turbo Grafix 16). They
diden't sell many of them at that price but when the distributor went out
of busines in America they liquidated them a $99 a unit. I remember
talking to a Softwarfe ETC idiot, and he said he never sold as many
consoles in one day. This same senerio only works in America, the Japanese
market is entirely different (Adults in their 40's play games there).
Thats why a whole bunch of 3D0 were sold in Japan and a relitivly few were
sold here. Same with the Neo-Geo. Same with the Playstation and Saturn.
BUT there were more Genisis units sold in America (more population) than
in Japan, same with SNES/Famicom. They are just different markets.

Unless Sony/Saturn(sega) drops their price or markets their butt off, they
won't sell many units in America.

~$300 Bally Astrocade, Vectrex, Neo-Geo, Duo, 3DO,Saturn, Playstation

~$150 Atari 2600, NES, Genesis, SNES, Jaguar ...hmmmmm

I must point out thata $150 price point dosen't ensure sucess! But it
appears that the Jag has stumbeled into a winning situation. MABY they can
take advantage of it.

-No animals were harmeed that much in this production, please excuse the
poor spelling!

From: (Michael Hoggan)
Subject: Jags biggest advantage
Date: Tue Sep  5 14:52:51 1995

The Jaguars biggest advantage over its competition is its network capability.
I own a two Jaguars and two catboxes and love playing doom with friends. I
plan to buy a Playstation and have been very excited about playing games such
as Demolition Derby and Assault Rigs, which until recently have been touted as
8 player linkable games.  From what I have read lately Sony is not going to
support linkeable games beyond two players.  Atari really need to take
advantage of this.  Because of the jaguars low cost and catnet support for 8
player linkable games atari should be focusing their resource on NETWORKING.
Not this virtual reality bullshit!

Let me know what you think!

Article #55834 (56368 is last):
From: (patrick)
Subject: Rayman Commercials, where are they??
Date: Tue Sep 12 01:49:07 1995

I dont know about you guys but I think the
most effective commercials Atari pulled, were the
one were they specifically drew attention to a game
and not the power of its system. Like they did back
in the ol' 2600 days.  I think Atari should stop
mimmicking Sega and Nintendo style commercials and directly
advertise games Like Rayman(if not Atari UBI should).  I think
full commercials of Rayman, Defender 2K, And hopefully some
good sport titles are key to success this X-mas.
And a cool jingle wouldn't hurt.

Rumor Messages

From: (JBBJR)
Subject: Jag 2: 4x PSX & Upgrade for Jag 1!
Reply-To: (JBBJR)
Date: Mon Sep 11 23:01:05 1995

This reposted news from the ECTS show in London includes the info that
that the Jag 2 will be 4 times faster than the PSX and will have an
upgrade from the Jag 1. It will be released next summer:

Date: Mon, 11 Sep 95 9:47:09 BST
From: Nick England <>
Subject: ECTS Show Report
Message-ID: <>

"Jaguar 2 to be in two forms:

1 - New machine with CD build in and new processors including a graphics
chip 400% faster than PSX chips. I could get no more details on the chip
other than that....8-(

2 - Upgrade/add-on to Jag 1 to bring it up to the same as Jag 2, bit like
a Sega 32X add-on. EXCELLENT....

Code name Mid-Summer, shipping to developers next month, for purchase
Mid-Summer next year!!"

Observation Messages

From: (Michael and Jennifer Miles)
Subject: Jaguar is in the Sears Wish Book
Date: Wed Sep 13 21:54:26 1995


I got the Sears Holiday Wish Book (It's earlier every year) today, and the Jag
has a page devoted to it.  Thought some of you might like to know.

Mike Miles

From: (patrick)
Subject: Distributers be Damned.
Date: Tue Sep 12 03:10:15 1995

We all got beefs about how computer and game stores screw Atari,
you know, by placing all the hardware and software in a small cramped
shelf, in a remote corner of their store...  you know when the Jag
only had twenty title I couldn't argue, but lets see if they are going
to shove all those new titles, CD, and everything else on that same
shelf in about two months-probably... and how about when... well let me
tell you what happened. I was in a babbages, and this guy was checking
out the Jag, I mean he really seemed interested, but I'll be damned that
the sales clerk did everything in his power to down play the system.
"well its only 32 bits", "It wont last once the newer systems come out"
etc etc.  Then he brought the guy over to check out the newer system, it
happened to be a Saturn.  The guy looked at the price, shook his head in
amusement and disbelief and simply walked out the store.  What's the
motivation? Commission?  Do sales clerks get commision on sales, so they
figure the more expensive the system they sell, the more money they get?
I think these people need to see Glen Gary Glen Ross, and get it in their
heads that when a consumer comes in your store, they are probably
interested in buying something, simply sell it.  Make the sale.  You must
be a dumbass of a salesman if you can't convince the average joe out
there:  You want the next Generations system?  Ever heard of Atari?  Well
they are back, with the latest hi-techfor the best price.  I could sell
you a 300 to $400 system, but I figure you want to save enough money to
buy games with right?  Here's Rayman for your kids, here's Arena Football
for you. K
I tell ya, I'd kill in commissions.

Worldwide Messages

Subject: Jag Spotted for 99UKP
Date: Mon Sep 11 06:36:56 1995

Just thought I'd say that I spotted the big cat in Virgin in Edinburgh for
only 99UKP including Cybermorph. Thats a pretty good deal considering
Dixons up the road was selling it for 179UKP.

Matthew Philpott                "Its not who wins or loses that counts,
Shiva                                           its who keeps score"
Edinburgh                                               - Solomon Short -           Tel. O131-554-9424

From: (Darren King)
Subject: Jag in Canada
Date: Sat Sep 16 16:36:40 1995

What is going on with Jaguar support in Canada?  It sucks.  I live in
Toronto which is the biggest city in Canada and I can't get my hands
on the games I want (which you all have!!!).  The only place I know
which has semi-new games is EB in Yorkdale and I went there Sat. Sep
16 and all they had from the last new ones was Flip-Out.  I have never
seen WMCJ up here , let alone Rayman, UV.  I wonder how long I'll have to
wait for the CD!  Anyone got any clues as to how it works for Canada?

Darren King, George Brown College :: ->

From: (Darren King)
Subject: Re: Jag in Canada
Date: Sun Sep 17 03:09:08 1995

In article <43fl5j$>,
Mark Rathwell <> wrote:
>       Darren, for the most part, the video game market is a few weeks
>behind the US one. If you want the latest Jag games, the best place to
>check out would be the big Sam's on Yonge street. Avoid the "Video
>Connections" store though. Those guys are crooks!

The Sam the Interactive man has a Jaguar section alright but no new games.
The last new game they have is Flashback!!!  I agree that the video conne-
ctions store is a rip.  I just wonder why Canada is being neglected like
this.  Even back in the ST days, there were a couple of stores that had
all the stuff.  All the Sega and Nintendo stuff gets released the same
day in Canada that it does in the US.  Why can't Atari do the same?

Darren King, George Brown College :: ->

Jaguar Game Reviews & Comments


From: (Richard CDeBaca)
Subject: RAYMAN is awesome !!!!!!!!!!
Date: Sun Sep 17 01:44:49 1995

Just bought Rayman this friday and all I can say is I feel
sorry for the people that sold their jaguars, the fun is
just beginning.  The bright colors, and animations even look
great on an old cheap 13" TV. Everyone in my student apartments
that walks by and sees the screen wants to know more about the
Jag.  Who cares if people only find out about the Jag now. It
is never too late.  I think this game will definetly sell some


From: (JNET96)
Subject: Rayman: new system seller!  (was Ubisoft's favorite)
Date: Mon Sep 11 22:29:34 1995

The videogame SuperTour came to Vista Ridge Mall in Dallas
this past weekend of Sept 9-10.  Of the Saturn, PSX, SNES,
and Jaguar displays, the biggest crowds were around Rayman
at the Jaguar kiosk!

Rayman has vibrant truecolor graphics with such detail
that kids and parents were oooing and aaahhing at all the
characters and scenery.  The only thing I can compare it
to are all the epic Disney features like the Sorcerer's
Apprentice and Snow White.  That is what strikes you when
you see it....this is a great artistic creation in the
tradition of Disney.

People were predicting Rayman was a system seller but it
was too early to tell frm the E3 and other shows.  But now
that I've seen it and have seen the reactions from people
playing it, tis is like Super Mario and Sonic combined
for the Jaguar.  There are no versions for the other
cheaper systems like the SNES and 32X..and 90% of sales
are in lowpriced range so Atari has got a multimillion
seller goldmine!

Some guy said some Software ETC and Babbages stores
got their first shipment of Rayman for the Jaguar last
Saturday so check them out first.  The EB salespeople
here said they are expecting it anyday this week.

Ultra Vortek

From: Curtis Hepworth <>
Subject: Ultra Vortek- random impressions
Date: Sat Sep 16 08:14:18 1995

Just bought Ultra Vortek last night...the graphics are stunning- absolutely
the best I've ever seen on the Jaguar! Very well animated as well- MUCH
smoother than earlier versions I'd seen on videotape. Music, SFX, and voice
are also extremely well done. Loads of detail and even quite a few humorous
touches. Control is excellent and the special moves are fairly easy to
perform- though I've yet to discover any annilation moves. :(  The manual
gives you about half of the special moves for each character and leaves you
to discover the rest, as well as the annihilation moves. Most characters
have 7-8 special moves. There are 4 difficulty levels in 1 player mode. In
my opinion this game would hold up well against ANY fighting game- including
those residing in the arcades! BUY IT- You'll LOVE it if you like fighting
games at all. It ABSOLUTELY mops the floor with Kasumi Ninja- Ultra Vortek
is LIGHT YEARS ahead- so don't be afraid to buy another Jaguar fighting game!
And now for the really random impressions:
There is a "PIT" in Hell's Kitchen- I should know as I got knocked into it! ;)
No throws! At least not that I've discovered anyway.
Combos- Don't know yet
There are some background related fatalities as well as the annihiliations!
A GREAT jump back move!
You can't finish the game in Training mode- and Killer mode will kick your
sorry butt!
Shades of the Defeated is great fun!
Excellent and very likable characters- there seems to be a far greater real
difference between characters than in most fighting games.
Yes, you can play character vs. (same) character in vs. mode.
Well- I hope this information is helpful to some people- once again I must
say that if you like fighting games at all this is a DEFINATE must buy! It is
one of the best- Great job Beyond Games!!
Curtis J.

From: (Glen Sescila)
Subject: Ultra Vortek notes
Date: Sat Sep 16 16:04:12 1995

   Well, I beat Ultra Vortek last night (the first night I had it) using
Lucius on Normal difficulty.  It is a pretty good fighter but I don't
see why we had to wait so long for it.  The extraordinary amount of time
Beyond Games spent on it doesn't show in my opinion.
   But I like it enough that I plan to beat it on Normal difficulty using
the other six fighters and then there is always the harder difficulties.
And two player mode of course will always be fun (like on any decent
fighter) not to mention the voice modem (if the code is in there).

Here are a couple of moves I have figured out:


     Ground Spark Wave: towards, towards, kick


     Aerial Firebomb (while in the air): push down and hit punch

   The only Annihilator that I managed to pull off was a pit type.  I
believe it was on the hell-looking cavern with fire in the background
but I'm not sure.  All I did was a normal uppercut and my opponent fell
off the bottom off the screen into some fire/lava looking stuff.

Looking forward to fighting some of you when the modem comes out.

From: (Clinton Chan)
Subject: Just Got Rayman and UV!
Date: Sat Sep 16 12:28:45 1995

Life is good!  Atari releases lots of stuff within a month's time
(i.e. White Men Can't Jump, Flip Out, Rayman, Ultra Vortek, JagCD...),
with good overall quality.

I ordered Rayman and Ultra Vortek from Bits of Fun (taking advantage of
their special offer) and the games arrived the next day.  As a satisfied
customer, I highly recommend Bits of Fun as a source for very current
releases with excellent pricing and service.

As for the games, I can give preliminary impressions.  Rayman has
colorful and nicely drawn, very detailed artwork.  It's lots of fun just
looking at it.  Animation of characters as well as the background is
smooth but at a sedate pace.  (things move around more slowly than Bubsy
and much slower than Zool2...but I haven't gotten very far in the game)
Control is excellent and gameplay is good.

Long delayed, Ultra Vortek has finally arrived.  When it was first
announced, UV was a promising title.  While waiting for its release, I
procured Mortal Kombat I and II for my PC and lost interest in Ultra Vortek.
I bought UV anyway because: 1) A UV developer claimed it's a good game and
2) The Bits of Fun offer was irresistable for me.

After playing UV, I can say that it is very competitive with PC MKII in
terms of control, gameplay, and character imation.  UV has the edge
over PC MKII in background animation and overall graphics detail.  PC
MKII has more characters than UV, but this is probably due to the limited
storage space of a cartridge.  However, I would have preferred an Asian
character in UV, a la Liu Kang or Kung Lao.  All in all, Ultra Vortek
could do well even as an arcade game.

I hope Atari can keep up the current release rate and quality of games.


From: (Michael Nelson)
Subject: Damn UV ! It gave me a blister!
Date: Sun Sep 17 03:51:40 1995

I picked up Ultra Vortek this morning.   The game is excellent! In
fact,  I haven't had this much fun with a Jag game since IS.
The graphics are crisp, smooth, and intersting.  I have no idea where
the animation complaints came from.   I was also impressed by the
energetic music.  Not quite in the same league with T2K, but still
very good.  They make heavy use of a heavily distorted guitar sound -
very cool.

I was a bit concerned when I breezed through the trainee level
opponents (uh oh, KN all over again).  Fortunately , the game got
harder on the normal setting.  The guardian kicked my weenie ass.
A big problem I had with KN was that opponents (even on Ninja God
level) would fall easily to repeated attacks.  I can run the table
using only a high kick.  UV opponents, though, will have none of this.
Only on Trainee level could I reapetedly use the same attack and
consistantly win bouts.  This is good.

Do I have any regrets about buying this game.  Yup, I've got a great
big blister on my joypad thumb.  I'm gonna have to wait for it to heal
before I play UV again.

From: "Christopher P. Cordell" <>
Subject: Ultra Vortek (review)
Date: Wed Sep 20 15:40:58 1995


        Well, I just picked up Ultra Vortek last night and have played it
for some time.  My expectations going into it were, "I hope it is like
MKII or similar, better be!"

        I glanced at the docs for a minute while I frantically got the S-Video
cables switched in (its been some time I have had reason to connect up the
Jag).  Power came on and I watched the background/intro text scroll up.  Well,
I have been reading about this for some time, so no time for the history, let's
        First I selected the training level (I needed to learn the moves).

        Next, came the player selection screen where I could decide who to
"annihilate" first!  I picked Buzz-Saw, he looked cool.  After a moment, I
was there giving my first kick as I received a nice uppercut from Volcana.
My first thoughts were, "hmm, this is pretty good."
        As I played on, fight after fight, character after character, I was
quickly thinking that this is a great game!

        All of the characters indeed have a "character" to them.  They are
really unique in design, abilities, and style.  I was amazed that the game
was actually fun (after what I had thought was going to benother "ninja"
game that is fair).
        The moves are fantastic, and I don't even know them all.  This game
really plays well.  The speed of the charcters are great and the graphics
are very exotic and well done.  Also, I could actually do the special moves
without much trouble.

        Of course with all games, there has to e some complaints, and I
have mine.  Overall, its excellent but at many times during the play, I was
hoping to hear more audio action (ala MKII).  There are little sounds and
laughs in the course of the play, but I wanted more.  For instance, when I
was playing "Dreadloc" (I believe that's his name, with the big weap), he
has a move called the "Come here daddy" (I think) where he can grab you and
pull you close while your dazed.  Everytime, I found myself adding the
seemingly appropriate "Come HERE!" for the game.  He does say something during
one of the special moves but I wanted MORE!
        I know that the cartridge can only hold so much, but I am not the
only one who is going to compare it to other fighters.  A few more sound
samples are not that big in size but add to the play considerably.

        So, overall, its great!  In a few moments, my girlfriend and I were
having no trouble exchanging furies of fists and kicks complete with
some annihilations!

        Excellent job on this one!

-Christopher P. Cordell

From: (Sal Manfredonia)
Subject: Annihilation time!
Date: Sat Sep 16 22:07:17 1995

I decided to get the long-awaited Ultra Vortek today, and I'm quite
pleased with the game. The characters are cool, the backgrounds are
WICKED, and the music ROCKS!

The control in general is pretty good, although a few moves seem to be
rather fussy about the timing. For the most part, moves are easy to
execute, with one or two motions on the controller and a button or two.
Some of the moves are mentioned in the manual...not all of them. This is
cool, because it lets you have the fun of discovering some of the moves
on your own. So far, I've dabbled with three characters (Lucius, Grok,
and Skullcrusher), and I've discovered at least one of the "hidden"
specials for each. I'll post some of them later.

I'll give you one "combo" for fighting the Guardian with Skullcrusher:
Try a Brain Fryin' Microwave (which normally dizzies most characters, but
against the Guardian it repels him) followed by a Charged Particle Blast.
This works surprisingly well!

Oh, and by the way, if you discover any character's annihilations, be
sure to post them here. :)

Sal Manfredonia  (


From: (Michael Gallo)
Subject: Vid-Grid
Date: Sun Sep 17 11:57:16 1995

Well, after some time with the JagCD, I'll have to add this; Vid-Grid is
cool...The game is simple..or so it seems...It gets progressively harder
as you go along and what makes it worse is that the video blocks begin to
flip on you....So far I like it, and in a small stupid way, it does show
the Jag has power...Think about this, it's playing a video all broken up
into blocks, some are reversed, and unorganized.  I know it don't sound
like much, but the Jag has to play the video, break it up into blocks,
reverse some of them and keep track of it all without skipping a beat all
while spooling the video-stream off the CD...


* - NASCAR FAN - DALE EARNHARDT #3 - LinuX 32 Bit OS    *

Jaguar CD-ROM

Subject: Got my Jag CD
Date: Fri Sep 15 18:12:38 1995

        Got my Jag CD about a half hour ago.

        First impressions:

        A smaller footprint than I thought.
        Oh great, it needs it's own power adapter
        CD unit cover feels kind of cheezy...

When you turn it on, if there is a cart in the
slot, it plays the cart -- though it must check
to see if it is a REAL cart, as there is a memory
cartridge ad in the packing...

The Jaguar logo is modified with VLM type stuff,
and the growl is different...

Comes with Vid-Grid, Blue Lightening, Myst Demo and the T2K
sound Track.

Vid-Grid: This sucks, but it's free.  Do one of those
puzzle things.  The problem is that the FMV is pretty
bad (compared to the PlayStation and Saturn), at leas
with the stuff here, and the sound is "tinny".

Blue-Lightening: Uuuuh, tough call. It really feels
like BL on my Lynx just on a 32 inch screen.  I don't
know whether that is good or not yet...

Myst demo: Looks almost the exact same as the Saturn version,
though maybe a leetle more redish?  The sound has little pops
in the background though...

        All in all, I'm just happy I have my Jag CD, but I'm a
little worried about the sound which seems REALLY average
and poppy...

        Oh well, guess it's time to try out Flip-Out...
From: (DataWorx1)
Subject: JagCD First Impressions
Date: Sat Sep 16 15:45:47 1995

Well I've had the JagCD for 2 days now. Some initial impressions:

The Unit:
Not much to say here. Simple construction, layout is clean (yeh I opened
it ), another power adapter (it would have been better if it came with one
that would power both units). Initial CD loading time seems to be long.
This might just be my perception, because there's no visual feedback
during the initial load (the first couple of times I wasn't sure if it was
loading at all).

Bundled Software:

VLM : Execllent visuals.The interface could use some work, though; it
takes some time to get used to it. Interactive modes are great ... I could
see someone using this in clubs. Looks awesome on my 52 inch.

Tempest Soundtrack: Good exerciser for VLM

Vid Grid: I know .. the music is dated, the video is granier than PSX,
but I got to admit, everyone that I showed it to, had fun playing it (me
too). Personally, I'd like to see a periodic release of buzz clips.

Myst Demo: What's the point ? Play with it for five minutes and bag it. I
guess this is a substitute for a sampler disk. It doesn't take a rocket
scientist to port this game. It should have been ready (or bundled instead
of BL) when the CD shipped.

Blue Lightning: Why bother. Excessive use of poor FMV, lame graphics, poor
game play. I would have been happier if it wasn't bundled. Maybe I'm
wrong, but wouldn't you bdle a game that showed off your new
capabilities ? This could have easily been a cart without the FMV.

I would drop bundling the Blue Lightning CD; it does nothing to help the
Jag's "underpowered" image. The Cinepak compression sofar is unimpressive,
not nearly as clear as video on my PSX.  I'm dissapointed there's no Photo
CD capability (I guess 3DO is the only one that thinks its useful). Based
on the unit's construction I can't see why it couldn't sell for $100-125
in several months.

Overall, I'm just satisfied. If you're thinking of buying a JagCD, I would
recommend waiting for some software to appear, unless of course you're a
big VLM fan :) .

Just my 2 cents,


From: (Kevin Haley)
Subject: My view on the JagCD
Date: Mon Sep 18 08:44:36 1995

Well, it was a very busy weekend for me, I had Friday off to spend
all weekend moving to a new location closer to the metro Detroit
area.  I had known that Rayman and Ultra Vortek were going to
appear, but I just didn't have time to check any of this out.

Saturday, a friend of mine was with me helping me unload a lot
of my stuff and getting set up.  We took a break towards evening
to go out and grab something to eat.  Afterwards, we decided to
swing by the mall in my area to check it out and see how it looked.

I was pretty impressed, Detroit area malls are a lot larger than the
ones in my hometown!  ;-)

As we walked through it, my friend noticed an Electronic Boutique-
we decided to pop in and check out the state of the Jaguar presence

As we walked in, the top shelf in the back of the store caught our
attention: yellow eyes staring right back at us- 15 boxes of JagCDs,
brand new and in shrinkwrap!

My friend was ecstatic!  I was totally surprised to see the thing
was out in stores- I seriously considered buying one on the spot.

We decided to see if there was a Babbage's here and check out there
display- for any price difference on the JagCD.  Found a
Babbage's, no JagCD in sight.

By now, my urge to buy the thing was overwhelming.  Despite other
bills, we rushed [note "rushed'] back to ElBo and I approached
a clerk.  "Give me one of those JagCDs".

As he picked one up off the top shelf, I asked him if they had
just gotten these in today.

"No, we got the JagCD in on Friday morning- we've sold about
half our stock."

So then we rushed back to my place to open the thing.  I am
usually not an impulse buyer, I don't really know what
exactly motivated me to buy one on the spot.  We hooked up
my TV and the Jag setup.

First impressions:

The unit looks pretty good, it's a lot smaller than I had
expected.  It also fits quite snugly on the console, though you
have to make really good contact if it is going to work properl[K
We had a few problems getting it to power up because of this.


All I gotta say is WOW!  This is vintage Yak!  We spent most of our
time with the VLM, trying out a few of the settings and getting used to
the interface.  I am really going to enjoy this!

BTW, I had eard earlier that Minter may have coded in some bovines
into the VLM, and I believe we found one.  Play the "Ultra Yak"
track on the T2K CD and watch closely.  It doesn't stay on the
screen for long, and the pattern comes in parts (horns first, then
head).  I don't know if this is independent of the music, but we
were able to see this every time we played tt track.


I had low expectations for this game.  But it's really not as bad
as I had thought.  It's a fun puzzle game to pass the time with,
and my friend was really enjoying it.  Before long, he could solve
the puzzles on level 1 in 20 seconds flat.  That's when I
decided to go on to the Myst Demo.  ;-)


WEll, what can I say?  It's Myst.  Looks really good, visually,
it's the most impressive title of the pack-ins.  Too bad it's only
a deo.  ;-)


This was not as good as I hoped.  It kind of reminds me of
some rendition of Total Eclipse- only not as good.  The animations
were quite "cartoon-like" and bare in some spots, though they
were sufficient and in good spots that they didn't distract from
playability.  Playabilty was ok, but I wasn't very impressed.
We only played this game for about 20 minutes, though.
Coming in right after the PlayStation, the JagCD needed a
better pack-in game here.


With the exception of Blue Lightning, the JagCD is a very
impressive package.  The initial titles, of course, show some
lack of quality (esp. in terms of motion video)  but that
can be expected.  ong run is more important, and as with all
Atari hardware, it shows a lot of potential.  Time will tell if
this potential is realized, though.

Still, at $149, the JagCD is an excellent value.
If you're eager to expand your Jaguar, this is the obvious
next step.


From: (Mathew Hennessy)
Subject: Newly Purchased CD + Rayman
Date: Mon Sep 18 13:23:58 1995

        Went to EB at Danbury, CT, and they had at least 3 CDs left.  Got
the JagCD, and Rayman.  Was considering Flip Out, but didn't want to drop
that much cash at once..  Rayman was $70 (ouch!), not $60 as it has been
posted for other EB locations, but they took Citibank debit cards so I
was mildly impressed..
        JagCD is a sweet little unit.  VLM kicks serious ass, especially
in VLM+R (random) mode, especially when playing The ORB adventures from
the Ultraworld disc 1.  VLM actually caught a good number of transitions
and its selection of effects was 50-60% spot on.  I wonder if VLM has a
little easter egg, if you put in a certain song will it do something
special?  I'll have to whip out my Dark Side of the Moon to check, eh?
        Vid Grid: I like it.  Artifacting and blockiness, but it looks
better than I expected.  You'd probably need a 486-66+2spd CDROM to
match, pentium to beat.  I liked the song selection, in fact several of
them are probably going on a mix tape for my car stereo.  I'm sure the
blockiness would be less obvious if I weren't viewing this on a 32" set
with S-Video.
        Blue Lightning: IMO, sucks.  the FMV is OK, but the gameplay
suffers the same pblems that the Lynx version suffered: FLATNESS!  It
genuinely looks like a simple port, with some extra little graphical
doodads grafted on.  Now, I liked BL on the Lynx, because it compared
quite favorably with, say, Afterburner..  However, this is 5 years
later.  If you still enjoy Afterburner, you'll probably like this game,
but for me, it's probably going to serve duty as a coffee coaster.
        Rayman: ooooh.  Finally, a gme I can show to my nephews!  DOOM
and AvP were just too damn violent, and they're each less than age 5 so
the other games available wouldn't have appealed to them or their
mother.  However, Rayman is so cute and nice...  Graphics are 64-bit,
IMO.  Colors are rich and clear, and gameplay is quite nice, except that
it doesn't seem to allow you to switch button functions.  I'm not very
far into it, but that's pretty much the VLM's fault.
        Believe it or not, but now's the first time since Dec. '93 that
I've actually been excited about the Jag.

-Matt, Jag owner since 12/93.
| Mathew A. Hennessy     | "You'll pay ME to know what you REALLY think!"|
|    |       - J.R. "Bob" Dobbs                      |
|                        |_______________________________________________|

Subject: I got my CD!
Date: Tue Sep 19 03:00:28 1995

 The Jag CD popped up here in new orleans on the 15th. I fiddled with the
packins but wasn't much impressed by blue lightning, but then I was never
on for fly and shoot games, maybey later. I was slightly impressed with
the are you experienced video on vidgrid. The myst demo was cool and seemed
decent enough.
  What knocked me on my ass though was the VLM! Minter is a GOD! I was
playing with it with a bunch of classical music CDs. It really likes
Carmina Burana! some of the settings work really well with voice only Cds
also. This is really a visual Joy!


Subject: Got My Jag CD Today!
Date: Mon Sep 18 01:10:51 1995

    Well, I used my $100.00 credit [for a Genesis trade-in] at Babbages
Parkway Plaza in El Cajon, California, today to get my Jag CD for
$49.95.  These are my first thoughts:

    1.  Blue Lightning FMV has too much compression artifacts.  I don't
think the FMV is too grainy, but they could have compressed it a lot
less [especially if the CD does hold up to 790 megs] and ended up with
more impressive video.  Either that, or the built-in Cinepack is not
what it has been billed as.  I sure hope Dragon's Lair looks better
than this.  I have been expecting that game to look at least as good as
the CD-I version.  I haven't played BL a lot yet.  I die too easily.
It is not bad, but not good either.  The sound is very tinny.  I would
have expected more from a CD game.  I hope this is just the result of a
rush job, and not indicative of all JAG CD games.  This is not a system
seller, but for free, I'll take it.

    2.  Vid Grid is a fun game.  And devious.  I like how in higher
levels you have to guess which grids are mirror images that you have to
flip.  Try doing that with with fast moving images and 4X4 grids!  The
CD does a good job of keeping the images moving.  A deceptively simple,
yet addictive game.  A good choice for a pack-in.
   3.  The Myst demo does a good job of showing the graphic
capabilities of the JAG CD.  However, the demo is almost uselessly
short.  Good for a few minutes looking around, but that's it.  A demo
disk of upcoming games would have been a much better pack-in.

    4.  Since, I already had the Tempest 2000 soundtrack, there is
nothing new here for me.  Great as always.  I'll save the extra one for
a spare, or to keep in my car.

    5.  I tested out the VLM and haven't tried all the variations.  But
it is a great feature and works as promised.  Nice and worth the $49

    6.  Something I haven't read about is the CD+Graphics capabilities
of the JAG CD.  I happen to have a few of these kinds of CD's and the
JAG CD performs flawlessly.  If you want to test it, buy or rent Little
Feat "Representing The Mambo".  It isn't advertised as such, but it is
a CD+G disk and is excellent.  Also, there are a ton of Karaoke disks
out there that also take advantage of this feature.

    7.  I think the packing of the CDs is cheap looking.  Something
along the line of the SEGA CD, Saturn, and Playstation packaging would
add more credibility to this addition to the system.

    Bottom line.  It's worth the $149.95.  But no more.  Now let's see
some real games that take advantage of the power in this system.

From: (John Hutchens)
Subject: Another Jag CD Owner
Date: Mon Sep 18 04:30:14 1995

After searching around San Diego, I finally found one. I was kinda bummed
about having yet another, HUGE wall wart to plug in, but I can overlook

I powered up and got a new Jaguar logo with a random effect in the
background. Actually, sometimes, the Jag logo will pulsate with color and
show a random VLM background. The first thing I stuck in the drive (I had
to put something in, cause there was this picture of a CD with a question
mark i front of it) was the Tempest 2000 soundtrack. This brought me to a
CD control panel. After pressing the B button to start playing, I for the
first time witnessed the incredible VLM. And incredible it is! I must have
wasted 2 hours flipping through banks and listening to the 2000 CD before
I even thought to try out the other programs. Yak, you're an amazing

Ok, now time for Blue Lightning. I must say that I didn't have high hopes
for this one, and I wasn't disappointed. This game's pretty lame. It's
Sega's arcade Afterburner with worse graphics. The FMV intro and the
between sequences are allright, but I would have hoped for something
better. Even Crash n' Burn on the 3D0 was better than this! I guess that's
why we only saw pictures of the plane on Jag promo literature a while
back. If they were trying to get your hopes up with the aual game, you
might have bought a 3D0! (Ok, not a 3D0) :)

Vid Grid. This was more appealing than Blue Lightning. It's entertaining,
even if I don't really like most of the videos. I think that High Voltage
must have picked the most complicated videos they could find, though,
because most of them cut so damn much, it's almost impossible to get a
point of reference when the tiles start gting smaller (so far, I'm up to
5x5). The intro to this disc should have been coded into ROM on the Jag
for startup. Jag logo in 3D comes up from bottom of screen and claw marks
slash to finish tail of letter R with good snarling samples. Probably
common in Jag commercials (of which I have never seen one of, where do
they advertise??)

Myst Demo. Very short, but show's of graphic capabilities of the Jag well.
Interactive part limited to Library. Considering it's on my television,
it's as good as any computer version I've seen.

It's a good piece of hardware, and worth the money for the VLM alone. This
will be fun to run at parties. Just pop in a disc, turn it on, and pass
around a joint or two. Haven't tried it in an altered state, but it's
                                                                     begging me


Jaguar Cheats

Rayman Code

From: (Patrick Nguyen)
Subject: Rayman Breakout!
Date: Sun Sep 17 14:08:22 1995

Wow!  Who needs Breakout 2000?  We have Rayman breakout?  It's pretty cool.  I
love when Rayman dives for the ball that's just out of reach.

Has anyone done any codes besides 1364 (thank you, UBISoft, for giving an easy
teaser code)?

Jaguar CD Trick

      Date: Wed, 20 Sep 1995 22:49:01 -0400
      From: Neuralog <neuralog@Starbase.NeoSoft.COM>
        To: Multiple recipients <>
   Subject: Super VLM *Without* CD!
   Comment: Discussion of the Atari Jaguar and
            video gaming industry


   My first post to this list, so hope you get it!

   You may know this already, but...

   I was fiddling with my JagCD to see if there was
   some secret way to get it "Roar", and I discovered that
   with NO Cd or cart in pressing "* + # + A" puts it in VLM

   Not JUST VLM mode, but VLM mode with greater (more wildly
   colorful) effects! Try it and select effect 3-8 and
   select track 85 and enjoy.

   I'm posting this in hopes someone who doesn't already
   know will find it entertaining and also to see if anyone
   has found any other bits'o fun.

   Still Looking for the Roar,

   > > Ken Land > >

Jaguar Retailer Letter Writing Campaign

For those of you who wish to write retailers in order to encourage
them to carry the Jaguar:  It is your right as a consumer to do so, but
please state that this is an independent Internet letter writing campaign.

It is very important to keep the letters coming.  This is because retailers
will think we aren't sincere if they receive a bunch of letters at one time
and then none now.

Two retailers have been taken off of this list.  The first is Best Products.
This is because the retailer has already made up the catalog this year and
will not be adding any new products to their selection this year.  The second
is Walmart.  This is because the retailer agreed to carry the Jaguar in a
number of their stores.

Remember that Toys "R" Us is already carrying the Jaguar in a large number
of their stores.  Only write this retailer if the Jaguar is not in the
Toys "R" Us near you.

The names and addresses are:

Mr. Joe Hofmeister
KMart Corp.
3100 West Big Beaver Road
Troy, MI  48084-3004

Jack Zasadzinski
Toys "R" Us Inc.
461 From Road
Paramus, NJ 07652-3524

Dawn vonBechmann
Circuit City Stores Inc.
9950 Mayland Drive
Richmond, VA 23233-1463

Lisa Odell
Best Buy Co. Inc.
7075 Flying Cloud Drive
Eden Prairie, MN  55344

Don't forget, state that this is an independent letter writing campaign.
Good Luck!

Jaguar Commentary

It was an impressive month of September for Atari.  Rayman, Ultra Vortek, and
the Jaguar CD-ROM were all released.  Rayman and Ultra Vortek may be the
blockbuster games of the year.  Also, I'm told by Mark Leair that Atari is
airing a very good commercial to promote the Jaguar.  The commercial actually
shows the Jaguar system!  It is usually a good idea to show the product you
are advertising in commercials, especially if consumers aren't familiar with
the product you are trying to sell.  Atari didn't show the Jaguar unit in
many of their past commercials.

So what is Atari's management up to?  Some people would say nothing.  Other
people would say something big.  I don't know.  But I do know what I think
Atari's management should be doing.

Atari's management should be getting ready for a very large marketing
campaign of the Jaguar (around $20 million) starting on October 1, 1995.
Most of the marketing would be through television since it is important to
get the general consumer aware of the Jaguar.  Those that read video game
magazines already know what the Jaguar is and what games are available
for it.

One of the commercials produced to promote the system would be aired
throughout the Holiday season.  This commercial would show shots of the actual
Jaguar hardware so that consumers can become familiar with what it looks like.
The commercial would also show some impressive game screen shots and advertise
the facts that the Jaguar is only $159.95 and Made in the U.S.

Another commercial that would be focused during the month of November would
show all of the Jaguar games available.  This will show the consumer that the
Jaguar has the games.  And we all know games are what sell systems.

The other commercials would focus on specific Jaguar games: Ultra Vortek,
Super Burnout, Defender 2000, Iron Soldier II, and Charles Barkley Basketball.

Every Jaguar box would include a full four page catalog of Jaguar games that
can be ordered through Atari.  Most retailers will not carry the entire Jaguar
library and Jaguar owners will need a way to purchase them.

During the month of October, Atari's management should try their hardest to
get all of those retailers that did not sign to carry the Jaguar to sign and
carry the Jaguar.  The commercials and demand for the Jaguar should be enough
to convince them that it would make sense to carry the product.

As for hardware release dates...  Atari's management should be sending the
second generation Jaguar development systems to developers now so that at
least a few games will be ready for it when it is released in Fall of 1996.
The voice modem will probably not be released until the first quarter of 1996,
but all of the games being released now should utilize the modem.  A web
browser cartridge should be available for it (or come with it) so that Jaguar
owners can check out the Atari world wide web page (and other Atari pages).
The Virtuality headset should not be released until the second quarter of
1996 so that there are enough games available for it when released.  All of
the Virtuality headset games should make use of the voice modem.  The second
generation Jaguar should be released in Fall of 1996.

-Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows
Mark Leair

                           <<   Computer Shows  >>

                              Updated: 08/28/95

To include shows (preferably shows that include Atari products),
for the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Show list and the CAIN newsletter,
send the show's name, date, location, and any additional information to  Please address the e-mail with the subject
"Computer Show".  The following information is correct to the best of our
knowledge.  However, we cannot guarentee its accuracy.  Corrections and
cancellations are therefore requested.

|Shows at a Glance|
|        Name                    |     Location             |  Date    |
|1. Dallas Atari Show            |Dallas, TX                |10/07/95  |

For more information on these shows, please consult the Atari SIG on the
Cleveland Free-Net (telnet to or
Once connected to the Free-Net type 'Go Atari' to get to the Atari SIG.

In addition to show information, the CAIN newsletter would like to print
any reports, summaries, or reviews of these and other recent shows.  Please
send any of these articles to ''

Stu Huffman

Success:  MIST AtariFest VII at Indianapolis July 29, 1995

Next Year?  It'll be a week earlier if all goes well in '96!

Sorry to be so late with a report, but ....

Success of MIST AtariFest VII is official:  David Troy proclaims
it on the Toad Computer Home Page on the World Wide Web
( ... but if you missed MIST VII,
you missed super Atari action.

Co-Chair Charlie Sears says in a preliminary report that
attendance was down -- but the two ballrooms provided so much
extra elbow-room that everyone could spread out in the double

Ticketed attendance totaled 257, off only 20 from 1994.  That's
barely 40 down from earlier years when the MIST guess-timates
were "about 300."

Gross revenue is will exceed expenses to pay the hotel and cover
other costs such as promotions and postage.

Next year?  Another AtariFest?  That's the obvious plan, but how
can appeal be widened?   Perhaps MIST can incorporate more of
the era's reality, such as the interest in Jaguar game machines?
And by then the Atari Virtual Reality machines may be considered
a part of the program, too.  Post your opinion, please!

BTW:  The Best Western Hotel is not available on the LAST
Saturday of July next year.  It is available a week earlier,
July 20, 1996.  Pencil in that date, but remember that the
date of any event next year is likely to be July 20.

Five Jaguar games donated by Atari Corp. were sold at a silent
auction.  Top bidders and prices on each game:

  -- Alien v. Predator and T2K to Edward Baiz, Granger, Indiana
  -- Iron Soldier and Doom to Alan Horton, Berkeley, Illinois
  -- Hover Strike, Marcella Elswick, Columbus, Ohio

Winner of the Jaguar game machine donated by Atari Corp. as the
No. 1 door prize was Douglas Hodson of Rising Star Computers at
Dayton, Ohio, an AtariFest vendor in past years who came as a
user this year.  Dorothy Brumleve of Urbana, Illinois, was
another former vendor who attended this year as a user -- and as
a writer for the GEnie Light magazine.

Other door prizes and their winners:

     -- Shadow of the Beast to Larry White, Mooresville, Indiana
     -- Leander to Jim Banner, Ellisville, Missouri
     -- Awesome ST to Richard Smiley, Kokomo, Indiana
     -- Ork to Robert Mattingly, Rising Sun, Indiana
     -- Armour Geddon to Roger Baker, Indianapolis

     -- PC X-former 3.2 to Henry Murphy, Urbana, Illinois

     -- Rock 'n' Roll Slams to Kathy Henderson, South Bend,

     -- EditPlus to Bill Haddick, Collinsville, Ohio

     -- RAM Gizmo to Aaron Cardinal, Martinsville, Indiana
     -- Pianistics to David Bullock, Beaver Creek, Ohio

     -- Crawly Crypt Collection CD-ROM, Volume 1,
        to Marcella Elswick, Columbus, Ohio

     -- CardFile 4 to Rob Cable, Canton, Michigan

     -- Walnut Creek CD-ROMs to:
        Ronald Elsass, Wapakoneta, Ohio
        Ralph Siemers, Plainfield, Indiana
        Mike White, Schaumberg, Illinois

     -- License Plate Holders to:
        Craig Harvey, Ann Arbor, Michigan
        Robert St. Clair, Fort Wayne, Indiana
     -- 10 Public Domain Disks to Robert Goodwin, Louisville

     -- Flash II to Nick Dimasi, Glen Ellyn, Illinois

     -- Trak Ball to Kevin Yurkus, Lafayette, Indiana

     -- "Motorola Inside" T-Shirt to Sherri Thomas, Danville,

     -- ProStick to Dave Pennekamp, Norwood, Ohio
     -- "My Other Computer Is an Atari" T-Shirts to:
        Jerry Coppess, Greenville, Ohio
        Hassen Hammoud, Indianapolis
     -- ST Format magazine to Ronald Elsass, Wapakoneta, Ohio

     -- Star Raiders to:
        Syndee Knight, Bloomington, Indiana
        Thomas Tolman, Beaver Creek, Ohio
        Ann Cornell, New Lexington, Ohio
        Ben Haddick, Collinsville, Ohio
        Adam Elsas, Wapakoneta, Ohio
        Paul Schintgen, Chicago, Illinois
     -- Home Filing Manager to Paul Cornell, Somerset, Ohio
     -- STar Quake to Paul Palmer, Solon, Ohio

Many thanks to all who helped make MIST a success again:

from the co-chairs, Charlie Sears and Stu Huffman

Vote Issues and Results
Mark Leair
                               << Voting Booth >>

On occasion CAIN will conduct surveys on various issues affecting the Atari
Community.  Results are then published in the following issue of CAIN.  There
are now three methods for voting on these issues:

     1>  Cleveland Free-Net users may use the Voting Booth located on the
         Atari SIG.  It is option '11' off of the Atari SIG's main menu.

     2>  World Wide Web users can use CAIN's Virtual Voting Booth --  option
         number '2' off of CAIN's WWW homepage.  Use the following URL to
         get to CAIN's WWW homepage:

     3>  Ballots are also excepted by internet e-mail.  To vote for this
         month's issue place "CAIN Vote 5-95" in the subject line of
         the message.  Next, cast your vote in the message body by entering
         "Yes" or a "No".  Send this email to:

Last month's issue

Do you like the idea of remodeling old games into ne "2000" versions?

Results:      37 people voted on this issue:

           1. Yes                 32      or    86%
           2. No                   3      or     8%
           3. No opinion           2      or     5%

A new issue will be posted next month!

General Information of Need

How to Contribute to CAIN

For full details on contributing to CAIN, please check out the "CAIN Online
Newsroom," option 13 from the Atari SIG's main menu.  In summary, we can
use articles, tutorials, and reviews on Atari products.  The format is simple
--ASCII format with 80 characters per line.  The text should be sent via
internet electronic mail to "".  All submissions
to CAIN become the property of CAIN, unless otherwise agreed upon.

Article Requests

Below are some suggestions of articles we would like to see in future
issues of CAIN.  For a complete list of newsletter needs, please consult the
discussion board under the CAIN Online Newsroom (option 13 from the Atari
SIG's main menu).

                              Newsletter Needs

Communications:  Any articles that fits into the area of communications (ie:
reviews, summaries, articles, tutorials on BBS systems, term or BBS
software, services, etc for any Atari computer) may be submitted to this
section.  When submitting to this section, please address this article with
the subject "Communications."

File Archives:  Any type of summary, review, or list of new files that
are on any Atari ftp archive will benefit our readers.  Please address this
article with the subject "ftp archives."

Tutorials:  CAIN is actively seeking any project, "how-to," and tutorial
articles for future issues of CAIN.  These articles can be for any type of
Atari product.  Please address this article with the subject "Tutorial

Atari Shows:  Not only can we use information on upcoming Atari Shows, but we
also can use reviews and summaries of recent Atari shows.  Please address this
article with the subject "Atari Show Information."

THOUGHT OF THE MONTH:  It is now time to see Atari's marketing come alive...
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