CAIN Newsletter: 28-Feb-95 #0202

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/22/95-09:24:18 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: CAIN Newsletter: 28-Feb-95 #0202
Date: Sun Oct 22 21:24:18 1995

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                               Table of Contents  
>From the Editor..........................................The CAIN Newsletter  
                                                                  -Mark Leair  
>From the SIG Manager........................CAIN Newsletter is one Year Old!  
                                                                    -Len Stys  
Atari News......................Six Outstanding New Third Party Jaguar Titles
                                                 CATnips News from Don Thomas 
                                    CATnips....  Jaguar Notes from Don Thomas
                                                              New Jaguar Deal
                                                                 -Atari Corp.  
8-Bit Computers Support Area...............................8-bit Product News
                                                        8-bit Feature Article  
                                                             -Michael Current  
16/32-Bit Computers Support Area........................16/32-bit News Briefs
                                                     Atari ST FTP Site Update
                                                                 -Thomas Main  
Atari Classic Gaming Corner......................................New Release!  
                                                                 -Fred Horvat  
Lynx Support Area.........................................Bubble Trouble Tips 
                                                             -Barry W. Cantin  
Jaguar Support Area...............................................Jaguar News
                                               Cannon Fodder Internet Reviews
                                                         Messages of Interest
                                                            Jaguar Commentary
                                                                    -Len Stys  
Atari WWW Support Area...........................Toad Computers Press Release  
                                                   Atari on the Web Editorial  
                                                                  -Mark Smith  
Upcoming Atari Shows......................................Atari Show Calendar  
                                                                  -Mark Leair  
Voting Issues and Results............Reader and User Opinion Poll Information  
                                                                  -Mark Leair  
General Information of Need.........................How to Contribute to CAIN  
                                                             Article Requests  
                                                                  -Mark Leair  
>From the Editor  
Mark Leair  

     Just when February arrives, it's gone.  It's funny how much of a
difference two or three days make in a month.  Although this might have
something to do with the mild winter we have had thus far in Ohio.  So much for
those weather forecasters whom predicted a long winter!  (I'm knocking on wood
as I type this).
     Anyway, another information-packed issue is at your finger-tips.  Do you
want new releases?  Check out the 16/32-bit section!  The Falcon may be an
endangered species, but the likes of "16/32 Systems" and other third parties
are protecting them!  Expect the Falcon to soar once more.  Of course there's
Cannon Fodder, the new release for the Jaguar, and "Edtris", a new Tetris clone
for the 2600.  Did I say "new" and "2600" in the same sentence?  You bet I did.

These and other great Atari-related announcements are found in this issue! 
                                                            -Mark Leair
>From the SIG Manager  
Len Stys  

It has been one year since we have released our first issue of
CAIN Newsletter and we are still here.  The Atari Community is great
because there is always strong support for Atari products.  Let's hope
that Atari can make the Jaguar so successful that we continue to have new
Atari systems to support.

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG is still a great place for Atari
information.  The Atari SIGOps work hard to make sure that all users are
supported.  And the system is completely free to use!

If you haven't visited the Atari SIG in awhile, it is time that you do so.
Post a message and get an interesting conversation going.  Check out the
resources and see if you can contribute to it.  It can be an even more
amazing resource if you can give some of your time.

Thank you and see you on Free-Net!  By the way, MKIII seems to be coming
out for the Jaguar.   Atari and Electronic Arts are rumored to be in 
negotiations.  Does the Jaguar Letter Writing Campaign work when Jaguar
owners write letters?  It seems as if it has helped...

                                                            -Len Stys
                                                             SIG Manager

Atari News  

 CONTACT: Ron Beltramo
          Atari Corporation
 For Immediate Release
 SUNNYVALE, CA (February 7, 1995) -- Over the next 45 days,
 the first major wave of third party software for the 64-bit
 Atari Jaguar will be launched, marking another important
 step in the expansion of the Jaguar library of software.
 Sam Tramiel, President of Atari Corporation, stated, "We
 are very excited to see our third party partners coming to
 market with these new titles for the Jaguar platform. This
 is only the beginning of many great games that will be
 coming in the next wave of releases from our third party
 "Cannon Fodder", expected in stores by February 24th, leads
 the pack of six exciting new third-party titles to be
 shipped within the first quarter. For the sports enthusiasts,
 Telegames introduces "International Sensible Soccer" as an
 interactive game version of the fastest growing commercial
 sport in the United States. Just following one of the most
 exciting football seasons, Williams Entertainment
 introduces the Jaguar version of "Troy Aikman Football".
 Electronic Gaming Monthly says of "Troy Aikman Football",
 "...the Jaguar version is the best yet." Saturday morning
 cartoon fans will recognize the fighting lineup in eye-
 popping animated action with "Double Dragon V" by Williams
 Entertainment. For those who prefer strategic challenges
 with intense graphics and hypnotic animated sequences,
 Ocean of America delivers two great titles, "Syndicate" and
 "Theme Park". In "Syndicate", you are an executive in
 charge of a team of mind-altered Cyborgs and "Theme Park"
 enables you to engineer the ultimate amusement park.
 "These new titles give the consumer a new wider range of
 selection on the  Atari Jaguar Multimedia platform," said
 Mr. Tramiel. "The Jaguar now has an excellent introduction
 of sports, strategy and general interest software provided
 by some of the most respected publishers in the industry
 with much more to come throughout 1995."
 Here is a closer look at these great new titles:
 "Cannon Fodder": War has never been so much fun. The first
 of a new caliber of games published by Computer West,
 "Cannon Fodder" is a product brought to us from the
 innovative people at Virgin. Command your company through
 enemy territories and hostile environments; jungles, swamps
 and frozen wastelands. Highlights of this whimsical and
 entertaining approach to war are: Over 300 conscripts with
 different skills, 72 phases of action, 24 different
 missions, an animated introduction, an ambient soundtrack
 complete with the howling of icy winds and a projected
 minimum of 50 hours to complete the game by most gamers.
 "...probably the most addicting game since Lemmings.",
 Electronic Gaming Monthly.
 "Troy Aikman Football": Troy Aikman's rendition of football
 on the 64-bit Jaguar may be the most intense pigskin action
 you have ever played.  Brought to the high-end gaming world
 from the ground-breaking minds at Williams Entertainment,
 "Troy Aikman Football" breaks new barriers in sports
 entertainment. Up-to-date with 1995 rules and regulations,
 players choose among all 28 NFL teams, three season modes,
 multiple difficulty levels, 54 offensive and 27 defensive
 configurations, six field options, variable quarter
 lengths, and more... and that's all before the excitement
 really begins! For 1 or 2 players.
 "...the Jaguar version (of 'Troy Aikman Football') is the
 best yet.", Electronic Gaming Monthly.
 "Syndicate": There's a new kind of brutal reality amidst
 the sinister underworld and only Ocean can take you there
 with 64-bit intensity of the Atari Jaguar. Players assume
 the role of an ambitious executive in the Syndicate. Your
 mission is to lead a team of mind-altered Cyborg
 mercenaries to infiltrate opposing Syndicate territories.
 Your specific objective is to gain as much control of the
 world as possible, street by street, city by city, country
 by country, bit by bit.
 "...ultra-cool ...better than the Genesis...", Game Players
 "Theme Park": You've been there just to visit, but now you
 will build one from the ground up. Ocean gives you access
 to a virtual world where you can design, build and operate
 your own amusement park.  You choose the land, hire staff,
 build the rides, manage the novelty shops, and become
 solely responsible if anything ever goes tragically wrong.
 "...anyone who enjoys designing things is gonna love this
 game.", Game Players Magazine.
 "Double Dragon V": Williams Entertainment has created an
 exciting new fighting game based on the Saturday morning
 Amazin' Adventures Series cartoon hit, Double Dragon. The
 Shadow Master is ready for battle. After reading the
 character dossiers, players customize game play and
 attributes to create fighting machines never before seen on
 any gaming platform. For 1 or 2 players, there are multiple
 levels of game play, 10 different battle locations, 12
 unique characters, and over a dozen different musical
 "Smooth-as-silk graphics; kid's will love controlling their
 favorite cartoon characters on the Jaguar.",
 Atari Explorer Online.
 "International Sensible Soccer": Telegames has captured
 World Soccer excitement in the most addictive soccer
 simulation ever. It is complete with international roster
 profiles and fully editable teams. Select between
 "Friendly", "Cup" or "League" simulations in 1 or 2 player
 head to head competitions; all with 8 channel/16-bit sound
 to put you right on the playing field. This game delivers
 a fast 60 frames per second for smooth scrolling and crisp
 animation. This is a "must" game for 64-bit sports game
 "For some of the most intense soccer action on the Jaguar,
 try Telegames' Sensible of the many exciting
 games for the Jaguar system.", EGM2.
 Atari Corporation markets interactive multimedia
 entertainment systems, including Jaguar, the world's first
 and only 64-bit system, and the only video game system
 manufactured in the United States, Atari is headquartered
 at 1196 Borregas Avenue, Sunnyvale, California  94089.
 Jaguar is a trademark of Atari Corporation. Atari is a
 registered trademark of Atari Corporation. Other products
 named may be trademarks or registered trademarks of their
 owning companies.
CATnips News From Don Thomas
CATnips... Jaguar tidbits from Don Thomas...
CATscan is being enhanced...

CATscan is an Atari Jaguar-dedicated Bulletin Board Service right in my home...
a service which provides Jaguar enthusiasts with access to all of Atari's press
releases, downloads of screen images & online publications, the latest
promotions, game descriptions, dealer referrals and more.

In the past few months, CATscan has signed over 250 faithful Jaguar gamers...
many of whom are online industry personalities such as Travis Guy from Atari
Explorer Online, Dana Jacobson of STReport Magazine, Len Stys of Cleveland
Freenet, Steve Kipker of Steve's Software, Eva Crouse of Compuware and many
others. Many members are from Canada and various parts of Europe.

CATscan has become a popular way for gamers to obtain the latest issue of
STReport and AEO Magazine. Downloads such as this may not be available on
services like Prodigy and CATscan helps bring some newsworthy issues directly
into the offices of Atari Corporation. CATscan members have been recruited for
Focus Groups and to become writers. Others have simply been content to have a
burning question answered or a topic addressed. One CATscan member has since
been employed by Atari as a game tester.

Although CATscan activity is censored so that Jaguar fans cut through anything
other than pure support, it is not an official Atari Corporation forum. Members
have the opportunity to share their personal opinions and upload their own
files. Membership is open to anyone with a computer and a modem and registered
access is automatic provided a few basic questions are answered when signing

To accommodate a growing need for more elbow room, CATscan is being upgraded.
First, two new large capacity hard drives are being added for over 1,000% more
upload and download space. This means users can depend on CATscan as an archive
of information.

Secondly, I am expecting to implement a major software upgrade that will
ultimately allow access up to 14.4 baud. Currently users are limited to 2400
baud due to software restrictions. This latter enhancement will be put into
place in stages and I have hopes to be compatible with 9600 baud modems within
few days.

In the meantime, CATscan is your opportunity to spread news about your
local shows, comments, suggestions, etc. If you have material appropriate for a
Jaguar/Lynx support arena, send them to me and I will be delighted to post

CATscan is accessible by dialing 209/239-1552  24 hours. Over the next few
you may experience some down time as upgrades are implemented.

You may also send things to me via the Internet... OR

I will look forward to hearing from you.

 -- Don Thomas

 CATnips.... Jaguar Notes from Don Thomas
 Here's welcome news....
 I spoke this afternoon with a dealer who had Cannon Fodder
 in stock. He just got them in and, although he was already 
 beginning to sell them, he assured me that he could get 
 more fast. To verify this great news, I called another 
 dealer known to get software fast for their customers and 
 he assured me he was filling orders for his customers 
 tomorrow (Friday).
 What's a Cannon Fodder?... here's the excerpt from a 
 recent press release...
 "Cannon Fodder: War has never been so much fun. The first
 of a new caliber of games published by Computer West,
 Cannon Fodder is a product brought to us from the 
 innovative people at Virgin. Command your company through 
 enemy territories and hostile environments; jungles, 
 swamps and frozen wastelands. Highlights of this whimsical 
 and entertaining approach to war are: Over 300 conscripts 
 with different skills, 72 phases of action, 24 different 
 missions, an animated introduction, an ambient soundtrack 
 complete with the howling of icy winds and a projected 
 minimum of 50 hours to complete the game by most gamers."
 "...probably the most addicting game since 'Lemmings'.",
 Electronic Gaming Monthly.
 Check your stores as early as tomorrow for Cannon Fodder 
 and tell them Atari sent you! If you want the convenience 
 of having it sent to you, call B&C Computervisions by 
 dialing:  408/986-9960. B&C is located in Santa Clara, 
 California and welcomes credit cards by phone.
 Another great dealer is Steve's Software and they can 
 serve your online orders for all Jaguar and Lynx products. 
 They take preorders too. Their toll free voice ORDER ONLY 
 number is: 1-800-487-7753. Their toll free fax ORDER ONLY 
 number is:  1-800-800-FAXS. Online orders may be placed to 
 E_Mail via the internet or directly to the appropriate 
 Cannon Fodder kicks off a 1995 assortment of third-party 
 games. Also look for Troy Aikman Football, Ultra Vortex,
 International Sensible Soccer, Theme Park, Syndicate and
 Double Dragon V coming soon to your favorite Jaguar
 If you are a retailer and carry Cannon Fodder in your 
 stores, let me know and I'll pass the word. It's a fun 
 game and I expect gamers will find it absorbing a lot of 
 their time.

 --Don Thomas
   Atari Corporation

New Jaguar Deal

Watch your retailer and popular gaming magazines for a hot new Jaguar

Qualified purchases of a complete Jaguar system made between January 31, 1995
and before May 3, 1995 qualify for not one, but TWO great FREE bonuses by mail.
First, gamers may pick either Wolfenstein 3D or Tempest 2000 as a free
cartridge. Secondly, gamers will also receive a free joypad controller for
two-player games.

This offer requires a legible and valid dated sales receipt of a complete
game system, the UPC symbol from the outside of the Jaguar box and the claim
coupon. The in-store coupons and counter displays are on their way now if not
already in stores. Complete details are available on the in-store coupons.

If you've been holding out on a Jaguar! Hold out no longer. Get a great deal,
PLUS be ready for the exciting release of the CD-ROM soon!

 -- Don Thomas
    Atari Corporation

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8-Bit Computers Support Area  
Michael Current  

This month, we have four news announcements, from Fine Tooned 
Engineering (two announcements), The Atari 8-Bit Omnibus, 
and Richard Gore.  Plus, we have an article on creating your own 
RVerter type serial interface by Kenneth L. Siders.  I hope you enjoy it! 

8-Bit Product News
From: F Tooned <>
Date: Sat, 17 DEC 94 10:49:45 -0500
The MIO II hasn't been shipped yet.  The boards will be going into final
production this week.  The Sweet 16 boards are finished, and WILL be shipping
during the next week.  The Sweet 16 will sell for $69.95, and is a plug
in 65816 replacement for the Atari 6502C processor.  It will be bundled
with a full Atari 65816 assembler and editor, along with programming
examples, and utilities.
FTe will be sponsoring a 65816 programming contest through May '95,
and is offering some pretty amazing prizes. (more later)
Most of the new code development here will be based around the '816,
including plans for SpartaDOS "816".  Check out the December issue
of Atari Classics for a full review, along with a new series of
articles and projects for the '816 written by Bob Woolley.
It's been pretty busy around here and the phones have been down
for the past couple weeks.  A new voice mail system has been installed,
and things should be back to normal by the first of the year.
Merry Christmas everyone.  Thanks for a great year!!      Mike

From: F Tooned <>
Subject: FTe plans to debut MIO II at Toronto Show
Date: Tue, 7 Feb 95 02:27:57 -0500

Hi everyone,
I've locked the MIO II into it's final design stage, and figured
that I couldn't pass up introducing it on April Fools Day!!
There were 12 advance orders, (6 in Canada) (1 in the UK) (and 5 in the US),
and although I plan on delivering the Canadian units in person, I will
get the other 6 in the mail as soon as they are finished. (mid-March)
I will also be attending the Sacramento show towards the end of April
if there are any 8-Bitters that might be thinking about going to
either show...
Thanks to everyone for their support and patience, as I couldn't have
done this without you.

Subject: The Atari 8-bit Omnibus
Date: 16 Feb 1995 01:29:13 -0600

The Atari 8-bit Omnibus is still available, now with a money back guarantee.
 This ad-stravaganza filled with products for the Classic Atari costs only
 $5 per copy.  That includes worldwide shipping.
The Guarantee:
        If you don't like it/find it boring/think it's not worth $5/etc.,
        just send me a letter with your name and address, saying what you
        don't like.  KEEP the magazine!  I'll write back, apologizing and
        including a cheque for  your $5.  Good enough?
Current Notes called it "...a nice piece of work...a neat idea..."
Comments on comp.sys.atari.8bit have included "Check it out!" and "Shell out
 five bucks and get a copy of the Omnibus."  Who am I to disagree?
So c'mon and try it!
The Atari 8-bit Omnibus
 PO Box 342
 Cote-St-Luc, QU  H4V 2Y5
[Canadians can pay in Canadian funds.  All others please pay in US $]
 [If paying by cheque or money order, make it payable to David A. Paterson]
 User group special pricing: $4 per copy, minimum order 5 (five) copies.

Subject: Atari 8-bit Support From Richard Gore
Date: 17 Feb 1995 11:06:43 -0600

ARENA         XL/XE 64K   Disk only           PRICE: #5  ($10)
-----    The full 50 level version of the excellent puzzle game that
         was a demo bonus on Page 6's issue 66 disk. You must guide
a set number of balls to the exit by strategically positioning pieces
of wall. Good graphics and very addictive.

BUBBLE ZONE   XL/XE 64K   Disk only           PRICE: #5  ($10)
-----------  A fast blast em set on a grid being invaded by expanding
             bubbles. Collect the tokens and see how far you can
             advance. Original gameplay and top notch grpahics make
this a game of high quality.
JAWBREAKER    16K  Disk, Tape, Rambit Turbo tape   PRICE: #4  ($8)
----------   Classic maze game based on Pac-Man, munch the sweets but
             don't forget that important dental hygiene!  Two
different mazes are supplied which were originally sold as separate
games for nearly $30 each on release. Double the value and a bargain
price as well.

MOUSEKATTACK  48K  Disk, Tape, Rambit Turbo tape   PRICE: #4  ($8)
------------   Another classic maze game, but this one involves you
               plumbing the levels of Rat Alley. Addictive arcade
action with a simultaneous two player option.

MAZE GAMES OFFER:  Buy both Jawbreaker and Mousekattack in one pack
^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^   for the bargain price of #6.95  ($14)!!!!

GTRACKER      XL/XE 64K   Disk only          PRICE: #6.50   ($14)
--------    A new sequencer program for Replay (or Parrot) compatible
            digitised sound samples. You can construct your own digi-
tunes using your own samples. Supplied with several sample tunes, a
player program, 6 page manual and a free PD demo disk showing just
what can be achieved. Now also supports stereo editing of mono
samples, ie you can play your mono sample on either the left or right
channel or even on both channels simultaneously and switch between
channels at will. Playback via the separate Player program (supplied)
is as you designated when you edited your 'digi-tune'. Of course you
need a suitable upgraded stereo (Gumby compatible) machine to take
advantage of the stereo features. Compatible with mono machines, all
the sounds will come from just the one speaker.
We will also be releasing extra tune data disks in the future as well
as new utilities and a XE version using the extra banked memory. 
Updates, where desired, will be available on receipt of your master
disk and for the price of return postage and packing.

SUPER PRINT LAB XE    XL/XE 128K   Disk only     PRICE: #6.95  ($15)
------------------   A new monochrome design and print program
                     developed for 128k (130XE type memory) users.
Features include the usual arrary of drawing tools as well as programs
to create icons, split a screen, mix 2 screens and a mini database for
creating labels. Printer support is included for Atari 1029, Epson
compatibles and the Atari 1020 in upto 4 colours!! Yorky compatible.

   A 256k memory upgrade that simply plugs into the PBI port of your
800XL (or internal 64k 600XL). NO soldering is required. Supplied
ready to plug in and use with all the necessary RAM chips, the manual
and a disk of support software.

PRICE: #50 +p&p  (UK #2, EC #3.50, WORLD #5)  or  $90 complete.

I also have limited stocks of the following commercial software items.
The software items below are brand new, in their original packaging,
with English manual(s) and most are still shrink wrapped. You are
advised to check availability before ordering.

Halley Patrol  (disk) #4.00  ($9)
Summer Games   (disk) #5.25  ($11)
Cyborg Warrior (disk) #5.25  ($11)
Dropzone       (disk) #5.25  ($11)
Solar Star     (disk) #5.25  ($11)    also known as Sun Star!

Gato           (rom)  #6.95  ($15)
Desert Falcon  (rom)  #6.95  ($15)

All software prices include postage and packing to UK addresses,
overseas please add #2 per order. Prices in US$ include shipping but
payment must be made in US$ cash (notes only please - no coins).
UK pounds are accepted in cash, cheque (made payable to Richard Gore), 
IMO or postal order.  Contact address:-


Telephone: (01302) 784642   after 7pm (GMT) weekdays
                            any reasonable time at the weekends


Coming soon...... Golf Tour 95 and more. Updates will be posted to the
                  Digest once or twice a month.

8-Bit Feature Article
                     RVerter Type Interface (Instructions)

                              Kenneth L Siders

How to build a serial interface (up to 19200 baud).

The following is the description of how to build an RVerter compat
interface.  I have never actually seen one so I derived most
of this from tracing the connections inside an SX212 modem to
determine what pins on the SIO interface corresponds to which
on the RS232 connection(except the data lines which are obvious).
This interface should work with any RVERTER(or BOBVERTER)handler.
It may work with SX212 handlers or software but may not support
all of the baud rates.  Handlers are available alone and with
some terminal programs like Bobterm.
I am not sure if all handlers support 19200 baud, but I have
used my interface connected via a null modem cable to an IBM to
transfer files at 19200 baud and
 have had no problems.  I tried
38400 baud (by patching the handler) and too many errors were
generated.  I also connected by SX212 to the interface instead
of the SIO connection and had no problems.  I actually built this
by lightly super gluing the two ICS into a large DB9 hood and
soldered the connections.  I don't recommend this approach unless
you are totally nuts.  I would NEVER try that again even though 
it did work (after fixing a couple mistakes).  I planned on
eventually filling it with EPOXY but I didn't and pray nothing
ever comes loose.  The cable I build has an SIO cable (from my
fried XM301 modem, and the interface build in the other end with
a DB9 male connector.  I was able to use a ready made IBM cable
to connect to the modem.  I also build a null modem cable and
gender changer.  This interface is unable to communicate at the
same time as other I/O is occurring.  This is typical unless
you have an interface that connects to the XL/XE parallel bus.
Note: CTS is not supported so you cannot use RTS/CTS handshaking.
Only XON/XOFF could be used.  When transfering files between
computers, if you use a protocol this will not cause a problem.
No reponsibility is assumed for any damages resulting from
the building or using of this interface.

IC1      MAX232/ICL232 RS232 Level Converter with onboard
          +10V/-10V voltage generator.
IC2      74LS00 Quad NAND Gate.  Used to disconnect Data Lines
          when DTR is not asserted.
R1       1K resistor 1/4W
R2       4K resistor 1/4W (3K to 7K should be OK)
C1,C2    4.7uF capacitor
C3,C4,C5 10uF capacitor
D1,D2,D3 IN4148 or IN914A or similiar diodes 
ZD1      IN4733 5.1V Zener Diode or IN4734 5.6V Zener Diode

I don't have a data sheet for MAX232 and are giving  the values for 
the capacitors from another circuit.  I used 33uF caps for all of them
(I have a lot of them I got cheap) and have had no problems.  Place
them as close to IC1 as possible.  They should probably be 12 to 16
volt types or better especially C3 and C4 which see around 10 volts,
where the other three only see 5V.

ASCII Circuit Diagram

Atari SIO                                             DB9 male
(connector or                                      (IBM compat.)
                 +                  +        +
gnd(4)---GND---||--+               +-||-+   +-||-+
               C5  |               | C1 |   | C2 |
+5v(10)---VCC------+           ____|____|___|____|_____
                               |  (1)  (3) (4)  (5)   |
                               |  C1+  C1- C2+  C2-   |
               D1              |                      |
Proceed(9)____[\|______________|(9) R2OUT     R2IN (8)|--(1)CD
              [/|              |                      |
Motor(8)_______________________|(10)T2IN      T2OUT(7)|--(7)RTS
                    |          |                      |
                    |          |                      |
            R1      |          |                      |
      GND-/\/\/\----+          |         IC1          |
                    |          |                      | 
           D2  _____|_____     |                      |
Dt.In(2)__[\|__|(6)(9,5)(1)|___|(12)R1OUT    R1IN (13)|--(2)D.IN
          [/|  |        (2)|_/ |                      |
               |           |   |                      |
Dt.Out(5)______|(13)    (8)|___|(11)T1IN     T1OUT(14)|__(3)D.OUT
           \___|(12)       |   |                      |
               |           |   |                      |
             __|(3) IC2    |   | V+  5V   gnd  v-     |
             \_|(4)        |   |_(2)_(16)_(15)_(6)____|
               |           |      |    |   |    |
         GND---|(7)        |      +-||-+   |-||-+--------(4)DTR
               |       (10)|__     +C3     |+C4
         VCC---|(14)   (11)|_/             |       GND---(5)GND
               |___________|              GND

                                   (no connection) NC----(6)DSR

Optional (Only needed to be able to detect ring signal from
Modem):   This is not tested, Hopefully it does not need to
be inverted.  You could probably use a 1489 if you know how.   
                         D3                     R2
                        [/|            |
                                   ZD1 |

Be sure to note polarity of capacitors.  Note: The positive       
lead of C4 does go to ground since the other leg will be a
negative voltage.  + and /  \ are use to show connections and
bring connections together on the diagram.  Sorry not to break
the ICs down into parts but that would have made the diagram

Pins for RS232 are for a 9 pin connector.  With this connector
you can connect a standard 9 to 25 pin cable to this connector
to use a modem, or a null modem cable to transfer files.  You
can substitute a 25 pin connector using table below.  If you
plan on only using it for file transfers you can wire in the
null modem cable before the jack.  Note: The 9 pin connections
are not the same as the 850 interface but are the same as used
sometimes on IBM type computers.  Change the gender of the plug
as desired.

9 Pin   25 Pin
  1       8
  2       3
  3       2
  4      20
  5       7
  6       6
  7       4
  8       5
  9      22

RS232 Definitions:
CD=Carrier Detect (inp)       DTR=Data Terminal Ready (out) 
D.IN=Data In(inp)             D.OUT=Data Out (out)
DSR=Data Set Ready (inp)      CTS=Clear to Send(inp)
RI=Ring Indicator (inp)

Null Modem connections
This is for 9 pin connectors, if a 25 pin connector is used
use chart earlier to convert. 
Connect pin 5 straight through.
cross in one end of the cable 2 with 3 and 7 with 8.
connect 1,4, and 6 in each end of the cable.

  If you are only using the interface for computer to computer
transfers, you can build this into the interface if you are
careful.  Connect what would go to pin 3 to pin 2.  Connect what
would go to pin 3 to pin 2.  Connect what would go to pin 8
to pin 7.  Connect 1,4,6 together on the connector.  Connect what
would go to pins 1 and 4 together.  Connect pin 5 normally.

Parts Sources
  Resistors, capacitors, diodes should be available from Radio
Shack (not sure about the zener diode if you need it).  The
DB9/DB25 connectors and hoods should also be available there.
Atari SIO cables are available from one of the Atari Dealers -
just remove one end.  You may also want to pick up a prototyping
board at Radio shack to build it on.
  I got the MAX232 for $1.65 and 74LS00 for 22 cents at BG Micro.
(US$ only,$10 minimum order on credit cards) $3.25 minimum shipping
($7.50 Canada, $15 others, no shipping to Mexico or Puerto Rico).
You could also get IN4148 diodes at 100/2.50. Other items that
you could get to pad an order if you need them:
14 pin socket  13/1.00 (only need 1),16 pin sockes  13/1.00
(only need 1), 6821 PIA $2.00  (same as 6520?), 6810 (used in
1050) $1.25, 2793 (Controller used in 1050) $7.50, 4164-150ns RAMS
at $0.49 or 9/3.50, 41256-150ns RAMs at $1.25 or 9/9.95 (256Kx1),
62256 32x8 SRAM $5.00 (can this upgrade the Black Box as 
described in the last issue of the original A.C.?) Orders 1-800-
276-2206, Tech suport 214-271-9834, Fax 214-271-2462.  P.O.
Box 280298 Dallas, TX 75228.  This along with a couple other
places was listed in one of the original A.C. issues.

Last Update 1/95

Send corrections and typos to


Until next month,
                 -Michael Current

16/32-bit Support Area  
Thomas Main  

16/32-bit News Briefs
Compiled: Fred Horvat

                          16/32 Systems Software News

     Just when you thought that quality Falcon games were no longer released 
or were scrapped in favor of the Jaguar versions, fear not.  "16/32 Systems"
has secured the rights to twelve Falcon games.  The list of games includes:
Steel Talons, Llamazap, Evolution Dino Dudes, Pinball Dreams, and others. 
Llamazap and Pinball Dreams are available now.
     Llamazap was written by Jaguar Tempest 2000 fame Jeff Minter.  The game 
features 25 levels, requires 4Meg of RAM, a Jaguar controller, and costs 
around $35.00 retail.  If you don't have a Jaguar controller, a package 
deal is available that bundles the controller with the game.

                              Pong 2000 Announced

Press release:

At the Atari Show in Schiedam 18-2-1995 we will present and release the
final version of PONG 2000, the commercial Falcon only game. It will
feature 101 levels in 6 sectors in True Colour graphics with CD-quality
sound. You can play PONG 2000, PONG DUEL and PONG Classic. Shortly after
we will release a final demo version for PD libraries etc. We also have
then a review version for magazines ready. Interested dealers and
retailers can get their address in our ordering textfile. Just get in
touch with us.

Joost van der Leij.

Joost van der Leij,
Holland Game Design,
's Gravelandseweg 127,
1217 ER Hilversum,
The Netherlands.


Atari ST FTP Site Update
Mark S. Smith

Last edit: 23-February-1995
Additions/changes since last list: 1

-  (new site)

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FTP "mirror"-sites:('back-door' to other FTP sites when they are too busy
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- to find the numbered address of the FTP site, use the following command, 
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DOWNLOADING FILES, Instructions:    [CR]= carriage return/return/enter
1)  Go to the directory where you want the files to be downloaded.
2)  ftp [CR].
3)  open {ftp address} [CR].                 i.e. "open" [CR] 
    OR use the (IP) number address, NOT both!
4)  "Name": anonymous [CR].      
5)  "Password": {full e-mail name/address}.  i.e. "" [CR]
6)  use "cd" to access the appropriate directory.  i.e.  "cd pub/atari" [CR]
7)  bin [CR].    (set `binary` transfer mode)
8)  hash [CR].   (shows 'hash` signs (#####...) when transferring data)
9)  get {filename} [CR].      i.e.  "get rename.lzh" [CR]
10) mget [CR] to get several files at once.    
    i.e. "mget syst12.Z fixdsk.arc" [CR]
11) prompt [CR] to download several files with "mget" without having 
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12) quit [CR] to end FTP session and go back to UNIX
13) close [CR] to close the FTP site you're currently on, so that another 
    site can be opened without having to set bin, hash, prompt etc. again.

- bin, hash, prompt will be turned on/off each time it's typed! 
- Be sure to check if all modes are set correctly (especially 'bin')!
- stat [CR] or; status [CR] will show all modes and where you are connected.
- Most files are compressed. Use an appropriate program on your computer on 
  which the programs were intended, or in UNIX .......
- uncompress [CR] if ".Z" file
- uudecode [CR] if ".uu" file
- very often, files are still compressed in another format after 
  uncompressing .Z and/or .uu.
  Use the appropriate decompression program for this.

- ls [CR] lists files (shows all files in current directory).
- pwd [CR] shows path.  i.e.  /pub/mirrors/umich/atari/utilities     
- If down-loading several files with similar names use "*".
    i.e.   "mget *sys" [CR]  (will get f.x.; datasys, lm23isys, 
    xlinksys etc...) (ALL files with "sys" in their names)
    i.e.   "mget *.lzh" [CR] (will get f.x.; stest.lzh, dw3.lzh, 
    xlba.lzh etc...) (ALL files ending with ".lzh")
    i.e.   "mget * [CR]  (will get ALL files in the current directory!)
- If your computer doesn't have a disk drive you can "remote login" to 
  another  computer (use an other terminal's disk drive);
- rlogin {computer name} [CR].    i.e.  "rlogin hnoss" [CR].
- You can now access the disk just as if it was on your own machine.
- eject [CR] to eject disk on disk-drives without "eject button"

Part of this is dependent on you having the GNU msdos-utilities available
at your site. If you don't, ask your local system operator how to transfer 
files to/from MSDOS disks.

- mcopy {filename} a: [CR] i.e.   mcopy microtcx.zoo a:
                           i.e.   mcopy microtcx.zoo icone.lzh shblr.arc a:

- mdir [CR] to show disk-directory/space left.

- fdformat -d [CR] to format an MS-DOS 3.5" 1.44mMb disk ("-d" for MS-DOS)

- fdformat -l -d [CR] to format an MS-DOS 720Kb 3.5" disk ("-l" for 
  "low density")

- mcopy a:{filename on disk} {copy filename} [CR] to get a file from 
  disk to computer.         i.e. "mcopy a:dlist.txt" 

- mdel a:{filename} [CR] to delete a file on disk.  i.e. "mdel a:dslist.txt".

- eject [CR] to eject disks from disk-drives that don't have "eject buttons".

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Original idea and list compilation by Hallvard Tangeraas, Oslo, Norway
Now handled by Mark Smith ( with permission from Hallvard

This list may by all means be reproduced and distributed freely, but only 
with all data intact.

Copyright (C) 23-Feburary-1995

Atari Classic Gaming Corner  
Fred Horvat  
    The worlds most popular video game system, the Atari 2600 that came out
in 1977 refuses to go away.  New games are still coming out for this system;
almost 20 years after it came out!  Edtris 2600 is finally available.  This
is the first and only version of the hit game Tetris available for the Atari
2600.  This is Ed Federmeyer's second 2600 game in 6 months, the first being
SoundX.  Edtris 2600 sells for $16.00 which includes shipping.  Canadian 
orders are $17.00 and foreign orders are $19.00.  All funds are in US 
dollars.  Randy Crihfield will again handle manufacturing and distribution of
the game.  To order your copy of Edtris 2600 or SoundX for ($16, $17, or $19) 
US funds each send check or money order to :

Randy Chrihfield
5480 Sacramento Place
Colorado Springs, CO  80917

Randy's Internet ID :

Lynx Support Area  
Barry Cantin  
Bubble Trouble Tips
Barry Cantin

Bubble Trouble is a one-player arcade game in which you are "Travis", a
research scientist who has a work-related accident and winds up in a "world
built of bubbles".  The game has five levels, or "worlds", that you must
complete.  To complete a level, you must find all the deposits located there.
There are no end-bosses as with many games of this type, the only
stipulation is that you grab all the deposits, nothing more.

Each level can be freely explored inside your bubble, and the game is very
reminiscent of "Todd's Adventures in Slime World".   The game itself is dark,
and a little hard to see, but the graphics are really well-done.  Travis can
move up, down, left, right, or (with a little practice) diagonally, through
the caves and corridors of Bubble World.

Okay, enough of the review part (I really liked it, btw -- I give it a B+).
 Here are a few tips I've accumulated, that really helped me to advance
myself in the game.

(*)  There's no time limit, so TAKE YOUR TIME.  If you rush into new areas,
you're probably going to collide with something only too happy to drain your
energy away.  Be cautious, enter new areas very slowly, and USE THE FIRE

(*)  Learn to recognize the sound each monster makes, and associate it with
the movement "patterns" and attacks of that monster.  You can always hear a
nearby monster, even if it's offscreen.  So -- go slowly, listen carefully,
and fire away in your direction of movement if you hear something.  You might
even kill it *while* it's offscreen!  Example: the Lavadropbots.  These guys
dump little globs of lava on you from above.  They emit a very obnoxious
"BZZZZZZZAAAP" (sounds like an electric shock).  The lava globs they drop
cannot be destroyed by shots, so when you hear that BZZZZZZZAAAP, move to a
position (if possible) where they cannot surprise you from above:

        \_/  \@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                                  
        |L|   \@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@                                  
        |_|    \@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@@        L = Lavadropbot           
                     /T \      hide                                       
 bomb -->o           \__/ <----here             T = Travis                

You'll be safe and can (patiently) take him out with a few shots to the left,
when he eventually moves into range.

(*)  In diagonal corridors, shoot at one of the walls and let your shots
bounce down along the corridor.  You'll have to do this if you want to get
far initially, since you start in a cavern with four diagonal corridors
leading out.  For example, you're moving to the upper left in the corridor
below.  Shoot up or to the left, and watch your shots bounce, zig-zagged,
their way up the corridor.  If there's a baddie up there, it's history.

        \         \             You will have to keep moving down the     
         \    o    \            corridor, but keep shooting.  When you    
          \         \           see (or hear) a monster, stop moving      
           \  o      \          and keep firing until you hear the high-  
            \         \         pitched "tweet" indicating that you've    
             \o o o o o\        killed it.                                
              \       o \                                                 
               \      o  \      Occasionally the shots will reflect       
 T = Travis     \     T   \     directly back at you; just move a little  
 o = shot fired  \         \    bit and this problem goes away.           

(*) Don't grab more powerups than you need.  For example, the Energy powerup
(circle with an up-arrow inside) will replace 1/3 of your total energy.  So
if you go into a room with three energy powerups and you're at 2/3 total
energy, you only need one to get back up to full strength.  Save the others
for later, if needed.

(*) In order to find all the deposits on a level, you'll ahve to determine a
way to visit as many rooms as you can.  Here's the method I use, which is
perfect as long as you don't have any "circular corridors" -- looping
hallways which will keep you going in circles.
    When I enter a room or a fork in the corridors, I'll always pick the
leftmost one and traverse it.  I always pick the left; eventually it will
dead-end (if no circular corridors are present) and you'll come back and take
the next left.  Try it.  I've found this to be infinitely more useful than
trying to use the scanner, because in many cases the scanner is deceptive --
a nearby deposit may require a very roundabout path to reach it.  The scanner
doesn't show paths.  The scanner IS, however, useful for determining relative
locations of the deposits, but using it alone won't get those deposits for
you easily.

(*) Don't "run" through the corridors and caverns.  It's that simple.  You'll
probably run into something you wish you hadn't.

(*) In large rooms, stay near the side (preferably the "leftmost") because
it's very easy to miss any exits if you go to and stay in the middle.
 There's also the probability that more monsters are lurking there
(especially "Binary Bubbles").

Note -- the monsters do not "regenerate" themselves once they'rve been
killed.  If you lose a man, the monsters are that you killed are *still*
gone.  They're not coming back until the next game is started... (monsters
are not randomly positioned, btw, so it's possible to know a monster's
location before you get there, if you've played it before).

Level 1 Monsters  (Level 1 has 4 deposits, and about 11,600 points total can
                   be obtained here...)

Rockers  (100 pts)

     \|/     ___     Stationary, but don't get too close underneath.      
     -O- or  | |     Every 2-1/2 rocking cycles they jolt down and you    
     /|\      V      could get nailed.  Very easy to kill.                

Pulsers (200 pts)

                     These guys move around, and will home in on you.     
   (  O  )           Blast 'em fast!  (Usually in diagonals)              
      _              (Diagram is supposed to be circular, btw)            

Lavadropbots  (200 pts)

     \_/             Only drop lava globs on you from above, and can      
     | |             crash into you.  These don't move very fast...       

Toxic Bubbles (300 pts)

                     Toxic Bubbles look a LOT like Pulsers (also round)   
   (/\/\/)           except the bottom half is filled with some sort of   
     x_x             purplish liquid, and they *shoot* little purple      
                     bubbles at you.  Best strategy: look for the little  
                     bubbles that are shot at you, while the toxic bubble 
                     is still offscreen.  Then fire into the direction of 
                     the monster until you hear the high-pitched "tweet"  
                     indicating you got it.                               

Binary Bubbles (200 pts)

   O                 These spin around and home in on you quickly.  Best  
    \                approach: listen for the "flip/flap, flip/flap" sound
     O  O-O          they make, and shoot in the direction you're moving. 
                     Stay still and keep shooting until it's quiet.       
        O            They usually appear one at a time.                   

Hi-Voltage Shocks  (0 pts)

    ______________   These cannot be destroyed and must be avoided.  Cross
         \\          past it right after it zaps.  Limit movement near    
         //          these, you might end up toast, otherwise.            
         //          Be very careful not to zip past one and then bounce  
         \\          off a wall behind it, that's a sure death...         

Level 2 Monsters

Crabs -- one will shoot you as soon as you enter Level 2.  I've never been
         able to kill this guy, I just avoid it.  It's just far enough inside
         the wall so that nobody can reach it...

Snappers -- Move diagonally and home in on you, diagonally.  (300 pts)

Shoals --Look like schools of fish.  Hard to see, but easy to kill. (200 pts)

This level also has binary bubbles and toxic bubbles, from Level 1.

I'll cover Levels 3 to 5 in the next CAIN Newsletter, along with more tips!

Jaguar Support Area  
Len Stys  

Jaguar News

Mortal Kombat III Expected for Jaguar

A press release was released prematurely stating that Motal Kombat III will
be available for the Jaguar in 2nd quarter of 1996.  An official announcement
will be made soon.

Atari Expected to Announce New Lower Priced Jaguar

Atari Corporation is expected to announce a new lower price for the Jaguar
with Cybermorph package.  Those that purchase this package will be allowed
to use the coupon for the free Jaguar controller and Tempest 2000 or
Wolfenstein 3-D game.  The suggested retail price is expected to be around
$189.95.  Atari is also expected to announce a new Jaguar core package
that will have a suggested retail price of $159.95 or $149.95.

 From Sam Tramiel...
 "The recent price decrease for the Jaguar at ToysRUs and
 Babbages, and Electronic Boutique, has caused a lot of
 speculation amongst our loyal Jaguar fans. Please don't
 go over the edge in your speculation. We at Atari will be
 making a public announcement in the very near future, end
 Feb early March, about the future pricing plans for
 Jaguar. Our plans revolve around the fact that we have
 cost reduced the system and want to make the Jag a mass
 market product. The announced price will make the Jag very
 affordable and will insure its success in the marketplace.
 The Jaguar will be the most affordable of the new systems
 and with the many great titles out there and new software
 titles coming it is a must buy."
 --Sam Tramiel

Ultra Vortex Being Enhanced

The long-awaited fighting game is almost complete.  The game was said to be
delayed so that it will take advantage of the Jaguar voice-modem and to 
take advantage of the Jaguar six button controller.

New Jaguar Controller 

There will be a new Jaguar controller that looks very similar to the
original Jaguar controller.  The difference is that it will have six fire
buttons instead of three.  The additional three fire buttons will be
called X,Y,Z and will be raised a bit for easy access.  The additional fire
buttons are essentially the 7,8,9 keypad buttons.  Atari chose the second
last line of keypad buttons to repeat since it was the hardest to reach.
There will also be two shift buttons that will be accessible by a Jaguar
player's index fingers.  And finally, the overlay will be easier to change
with a grove built-into the keypad part.

Cannon Fodder Internet Reviews

From: (Scott Le Grand)
Subject: Cannon Fodder Review
Date: Wed Feb 22 17:08:27 1995

Ok, you guys all wanted it, so here's a brief review...

Cannon Fodder is to the jaguar what Return Fire is to the 3DO.  A
16 bit like miltary simulator which runs flawlessly.  While Return Fire bears 
resemblance to Combat 2000, Cannon Fodder bears resemblance to Dino Dudes and
Lemmings.  You direct a platoon of 3-15 soldiers to complete a series
of levels which require blowing up enemy buildings, killing the enemy soldiers,
rescuing hostages, capturing enemy leaders and all sorts of other
objectives.  At level 7 of 24, I've barely scratched the surface.
The enemy in this game is stupid but brutal although their IQ seems
to increase as the missions progress...

Your soldiers can pack machine guns, grenades, bazookas, and heat seeking
missiles as well as pilot jeeps, skidoos, tanks, helicopters, and gun
turrets.  I have only reached the skidoos myself...

The only quibble people have is that the graphics of the soldiers are
small and they're right.  You get used to it though...  There are lots
of in-jokes as well such as the number on the Hangar 
in level 6...  I
won't give any of this away...

The gameplay alone makes this game worth the money.  We fight over the
cartridge here at 4Play West...  Have no fear though, Battle Sphere
progresses :-)...

On the old Scottometer(tm), I give Cannon Fodder

Graphics:       8   Too small, but very diverse
Gameplay:       10  As addictive as Tempest 2000
Sound:          9   Excellent intro music, great screams and kabooms
Overall:        9   A classic and excellent addition to the jag library

If you like Lemmings, Populous, SimCity, or any other games of this
genre, you'll love Cannon Fodder.  If you're a strict polygon texture-
mapping VR, kind of person, skip this title...

Onward to Syndicate, Ultra Vortex, and Theme Park!!!

Personally, I think Wolf-3D, AvP, Doom, Iron Soldier, Cannon Fodder, and
in networked mode, Air Cars, could do an excellent job hooking the Avalon
Hill crowd on the jaguar forever after...


From: (Barry Donald McKeon)
Subject: Here's a Cannon Fodder review for y'all
Date: Wed Feb 22 23:00:23 1995

Well, I tried to stop myself from buying Cannon Fodder, but my credit card
wouldn't let me. :)

I've never played this game before, so I didn't know what to expect
(except for the few seconds shown on the Atari promo tape.)  But since
everybody seemed to be talking about it, and I was extremely anxious to
buy a new Jag game, I got it.

And I'm REALLY glad I did! :)  This game is a LOT of fun.  I won't explain
the game play, because others have done so in other posts.  This
mini-review is more to let you know how much FUN the game is.

While it's TRUE that the soldiers are kinda' small, it hasn't bothered me
at ALL, because by making the guys "small" they were able to show a
"larger" overall map area (which is important for plotting strategies.) 
And besides, this game isn't supposed to be MK II or anything. :)

The controls are a little awkward at first (since the joypad is taking the
place of a mouse), but I'm getting used to it really fast, so it's no big

When I first started playing I was a little dismayed at how EASY it was and I
thought to myself, "Oh great!  Yet ANOTHER game I'll finish in a night."

Boy, was *I* wrong. :)  Starting with level 4/5 this game REALLY starts to
get interesting.  Guys start firing rockets and grenades at you, and you
run into all KINDS of ambushes.  I can see that this game will take me
QUITE a while to finish, which is GREAT!!!  That's exactly what I wanted, a
game that I can play while I'm waiting for Defender 2K to come out. :)

The most fun I have is shooting these little guys over, and over, and's fun to see how high up I can make them fly through the air.
:) :)

The price was a little steep ($65.00), but who cares, it's only money. :)

So here's my final rating --------->  FUN-FUN-FUN!!! :)

later, fellow Jaguarians :)

Barry McKeon

Subject: Cannon Fodder, some comments
From: (Nat!)
Date: Sat Feb 25 23:02:30 1995

[ Beware this is going to be a trashing review ]

Haven't read much about this game in this newsgroup. Probably
because everyone else has played it already on their ST/Amiga
/PC whatever. Well I haven't and made the mistake of exchanging
an obscene amount of cash for this cartridge. I should have
gotten the computer version, which can't be worse and should
be much cheaper.

Yup sure enough its Lemmings with machine guns! Which is a 
nice premise, but...

I doubt that the Amiga version is any less than this. 
And the game needs a lot of fixing in my eyes. 
Like for example the control, about 75% of your deaths will be 
suicide, because you pressed the wrong button combination (B+C). 
It would have been much more 'sensible' to put the weapons swap 
option on the keypad (or OPTION) and weapon #2 activation on A.

The figures are unbelievably small (ca. 8x12 pixels) and some-
times you're supposed to make out, what a civilian (don't shoot
him) and what an enemy is. I have a rather big TV-set, but I 
get up 'real close' for that. Both teams wear camouflage 
(dark-blue/darkgreen) and if you let your eyes drift for a 
second you might not be able to figure out who's who. 

The graphics are probably the worst of all Jaguar games out so
far. The animation is almost non-existent and I'd be surprised
if they used more than 32 colors in the game (not the stills).
I wouldn't have expected to see a game in 1995 where the pro-
grammers were too lazy to have an animated ocean or forest.
Just some cylic animation, maybe 3 or 4 frames would have been
nice. As it is this game could be rather faithfully reproduced
on an Atari 400 (less a few colors) (hey, the 400 could do
redefined charset animation..).

There's no background music, just a few noise effects, like 
shooting or screaming and - oh yes- ocean noise occasionally.
there's no two-player option. ARGH!

The documentation is bugridden:
There are supposedly five different enemies (sez the docs)
namely "Grunts" "Snipers" "Artillery" "Engineers" (scary, har) 
and "Air Force". 

Its' fairly easy to distinguish "Grunts" and "Air Force", from
"Engineers", because the engineers shadow falls to the left!
There's nothing to separate "Grunts" from "Air Force" at 
least from the manual, so why bother!
The pictures detailing the different terrains of "Moorlands" and
"The Underground Base" look also remarkably alike.
In "What you can expect to see in play" the lower part of the 
screen is missing, the "map icon" isn't really there. And I am
not sure whether anyone will be able to see the "bird". What
happened to the french and german translation anyway ?

[ BTW: Isn't it "Kill all enemies" instead of "Kill all enemy" ? ]

Worst of all the game gets tiresomely repetitive. After you have 
learned, where the bazooka guys are standing, it's just a matter
of choreographing your steps to victory. Which seems to be the
strategy for all the levels I have encountered. 

Other problems: 
What are the ranks for ? The docs don't explain it, although the 
game does seem to play a lot of importance on the concept. 
Is it really necessary to have 2x2 pixel holes where the soldiers
can fall thru (Grand Canyon Phase #1) ?
Why is it that if the skidoo with one soldier in it gets shot, which 
is not really important, terminates the phase in level 7.3 (or so).
Is it really such a good feature that you can be shot from 'off-
screen' by an enemy you haven't even seen before ?
Why is there a noticeable load time for each level. The little data
needed should fit uncompressed on the cartridge (with direct access?)

At the moment i am stuck at mission 8 phase 2 (anyone know how
to blow any of the buildings, please EMAIL me ?), and I can't say that 
I am really enjoying the game as much as my other Jag games.

So far I have bought Tempest 2000, Iron Soldier and Doom, which
are all worth their (large) money sum, but with the purchase of
Cannonfodder I feel a little cheated. On the other hand I am 
pretty sure, that this is a very faithful rendition of the original
game and non worse than any other version. So if you have to
have Cannonfodder (like I did), then you might be happy with
it. (I'd wait now till the price gets halved)


Messages of Interest

From: (M.S. Smith)
Subject: CD Pack-in!
Date: Mon Feb  6 07:23:24 1995

Saw that Battlemorph was meant to be the CD pack-in today in a March issue of a
console magazine (forgot the name I'll post it tommorow).  Also included was a 
picture of the Jaguar with a built in CD drive.  It has a larger footprint from
the looks in the picture and has a large black reactangle where the CD is on
top.  I'll have another look and post more detail tommorow.  Just thought you'd
all want to know this.

+ Mark Stephen Smith :                                           
+ Atari Web Pages    :              

From: (Brent Green)
Subject: Venture - Jaguar gone, but Lynx there
Date: Mon Feb 13 00:50:41 1995

I dropped by the local Venture today, and was ticked to find out that
they discontinued their Jaguar support.  When I inquired, the sales rep
gave me the old "you don't want one of those ..." speech.  He said that
they stopped carrying the stuff because it "doesn't sell".  Gee, I wonder
why?  Could it be because you talk every customer out of buying one, or 
because you never got any games newer than Wolf 3d in?  Pretty rediculous.

They did have 4 Lynx systems in stock.  He said they have sold pretty well.


From: (Matt McCabe)
Subject: ToyRus in Columbus, OH...
Date: Mon Feb 20 21:05:47 1995

Toys 'R' Us in Columbus, Ohio has begun carrying Jaguar!

They have only the system for sale, no soft's yet, and the price is still 
listed at $249.

I'm sure this will trickle down to the $189 soon.....

(See my next message (EB/Walden) for more price info....)

From: <>
Subject: Jaguar $149.99 @ EB on 3/1/95
Date: Mon Feb 20 14:37:50 1995

This Saturday I went to the local E.B.  to pick up the $189 Jaguar.  The
sales person notified me that the price would be reduced to $149.99 starting
3/1/95.  He even showed me the Memo from their home office stating that
Atari's revised Jaguar WITHOUT a pack-in and with one-controller will arrive
3/1 and retail for $149.99.  Please...  Please somebody confirm this.

P.S.  The memo arrived at the Knoxville, TN locations 2/18/95.

Article #38662 (39455 is last):
From: (M.S. Smith)
Subject: EA and the Jaguar!
Date: Wed Feb 22 09:37:07 1995

I looked at the latest Gamesmaster magazine yesterday and and would like to
know if anyone can confirm the news on the Jaguar.

First off they have said the Jaguar is to get Mortal Kombat II (another
said the opposite).

Secondly they said that Electronic Arts were to finally make games for the
Jaguar CD and to expect several hits from the 3D0.  Games listed as forthcoming

                John Madden's Football
                FIFA Soccer
                Wing Commander III
                Need for Speed

If anyone can shed any light on this, or confirm these details I'm sure this
would make great news for Jaguar CD owners.  Here's hoping it's correct.

From: (S94)
Subject: S.T.U.N. RUNNER & KLAX
Date: Mon Feb 27 10:57:37 1995

I would *love* to see S.T.U.N. RUNNER on the Jag. I reckon it
could easily ape the arcade version 100%, although I feel that
it's fine as it is. I don't want texture mapping or billions
more polygons, because that gave the original a distinctive
stylized 'feel' if you know what I mean. It suited the hard and
futuristic atmosphere. This was a fave of mine in the arcades,
but I guess you have to sit astride the thing for real and play
it with the steering column for that REAL feeling of SPEED !!!!

KLAX on the Lynx has given me many a sleepless night and is yet
another classic Atari game I'd like to see a direct translation
of (maybe more music and background graphics, but same gameplay).

Heck, Atari Games have tons of classics up their sleeves, why don't
Atari Corp. get them converted ? Don't they have some kind of mutual
agreement that Atari Corp. gets first stab at all conversions ?

They ought to be doing this rather than waiting for other reluctant
developers (I'm talking Virgin, Microprose et al) to serve us their
same old PC and Amiga stuff. I'm sick of it.

Remember the old 8-bit NES and Sega Master System ? People bought 
those because they had games unique to them (Sega in particular
with conversions of their coin-ops). They nosedived as soon as the
big companies got in and made games available across all formats.
Look at the Megadrive and SNES now, there's virtually no distinction
between the two as far as software is concerned. No incentive to
buy one system over the other.

Do you get my drift ? Nobody will want a Jaguar if it plays the
same games as any other system !!!

Erm, gone off at a tangent here... anyone share my view on KLAX and


From: Travis Guy <>
Subject: Re: Will Troy Aikman have real player names?
Date: Wed Mar  1 11:25:10 1995

Rick W Brown <> writes:
>I think producers of games like the above are ---way--- out of touch with
>the average gamer.  Don't they realize that the actual players are what
>make the game so gosh darn exciting?  Don't tell me, they also failed to
>include statistical tracking.  I'm not as eager to buy the game now, since
>I have four football games on my *16-bit* consoles which DO have NFLPA
>licenses and statistical tracking.  Oh, and Telegames is the company which
>made the Jag's Troy Aikman football?  Too bad, as Telegames, though the
>company's support is greatly appreciated, isn't exactly blazing new trails
>on the Jaguar, if you know what I mean.
TAF on the Jaguar will allow you to keep player ratings for one team for
an entire season. Player ratings? Each position on a team is rated for the
pay you give them, and ratings can vary from 1-to-4 stars. That's it.
I still wish that WIlliams had decided to go with the PC/Mac programming
house to do the Jaguar version... which would have been easy, as they have
a Jaguar development system theirselves. :/
>Also, I wonder if those producing Hardball III for the Jaguar will be
>sensible enough to add an MLBPA license, as well as statistical tracking
>(I WANT TO SWIM IN A SEA OF STATS!).  If not, I won't be as interested in
>buying that one either, since the tracking and role playing are key
>ingredients in these sorts of games, for me.
I will be spending a little bit of time this week in an attempt to track
down some information on this game, and a few more sports games. Wish me
luck on this!
>Sorry to so negative but why pretend I'm not disappointed?  Clearly the
>Jaguar has yet to be an attractive system for sport video games.
I'd say that TANFLF is an "average" football game. A disappointment for
what it could have been on the Jag.
(When you read that, PLEASE know that it would take an almost =perfect=
football video game to make me a happy gamer. I will find a flaw in any
video football game.)
 Travis Guy - Editor - Atari Explorer Online Magazine + "... but it's not
      Please EMail me at:      |  really black hole
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Jaguar Commentary

I just thought of something.  Maybe the reason why the Jaguar has lack of
games is because all of the game companies are working to make the games
sophisticated in graphics and sound.  The bigger the storage, the better the
game.  But this might not be true.  Tempest 2000 is a fantastic game and
it did not take long to complete nor did it use much storage.  Maybe Atari
needs to make a few small fantastic titles for the Jaguar?  One of the
messages included in the "Messages of Interest" section is about how Atari
should make S.T.U.N. Runner and Klax for the Jaguar.  I say, why not?
Klax would be a great game for the Jaguar and it would not take nearly as
long as Jaguar games are taking now.

Atari is in a very difficult situation right now.  Atari is lowering the
price of the Jaguar.  There are people that think this is a bad idea because
they think Atari won't make money off of hardware.  The problem with
these people is that they do not understand the video game industry.
Atari is not a personal computer maker anymore.  When Atari was a personal
computer maker, it had to make money off of the hardware sold--not software.
But Atari is now in the video game industry.  And critics of the Jaguar
price decrease should realize this.  Video game manufacturers make money off
of the software (games) sold, not hardware.  I am glad Atari's management
realized what needed to be done.

Let's do the math (yeah, yeah).  Toys "R" Us, Electronics Boutique,
Babbages, and other retailers are reported to be selling the Jaguar with
Cybermorph bundle for $189.95.  This is not only a great price, but for
people buying the bundle at $189.95, they also get a coupon for a free
controller and their choice of Tempest 2000 or Wolfenstein 3-D. Let's see
the deal Atari is giving:  $249.95 - $189.95 = $60.00 savings!  Now if you
subtract the cost a Jaguar controller ($15) and the price of Tempest 2000
or Wolfenstein 3-D ($50) then there is a total savings of $125.00!
And deduct the additional cartridge and free game, consumers are actually
only paying $124.95 for the Jaguar with Cybermorph package.

The price reduction of the Jaguar will make the system compete directly with
that of the Sega Genesis and Super Nintendo.  The new pricing will make
the Jaguar a mass market next generation gaming system.

If the games are there, if the marketing is good, then the only problem
that Atari will have is manufacturing enough to meet demand.  What a
problem, aye?  Yes, it is a problem.  It is a problem because with the
price that the Jaguar is at now, there will need to be over 1 million
Jaguars manufactured and sold this year.  And Atari is going to have to
find the capital to do it.

The Jaguar is a gold mine.  The only problem is getting enough mining
equipment to get this gold.

Atari WWW Support Area  
Mark S. Smith  


Toad Computers is proud to announce online support on the Internet,
including a World Wide Web (WWW) homepage, an ftp site, and e-mail for
sales and technical support.

The World Wide Web homepage allows customers to get product
information (like Jaguar game screenshots and availability dates),
request a catalog, learn more about Toad Computers, and view Atari-
related graphics and animations. Right now, the Toad Homepage even
allows online ordering of some products, like clearance games.

In addition to resources specific to Toad Computers, the Toad Homepage
offers pointers (or hypertext 'hotlinks' as they are called), to other
Atari-related resources on the Internet including software archives,
newsgroups, and other Atari-oriented WWW homepages.

"We believe that the Internet is an important new medium," says Dave
Troy of Toad Computers, "and if it helps us to provide better service
to our customers, we want to be a part of it." While there is no
graphical 'Mosaic'-type WWW browser for the Atari, Toad Computers is
very interested in seeing one developed. According to Dave Troy,
"Hypertext Markup Language (HTML), the raw text underlying the Web, is
extremely straightforward. The tricky part of getting Web access on
the Atari is the TCP/IP connection that PC's can get using a program
like Trumpet Winsock. Once a PPP (point-to-point protocol) connection
can be made reliable, a web browser should be fairly easy to
implement." Right now, there are a few packages (such as
KA9Q/NOS/STNET/MintNet) which deliver PPP access on the Atari, and ZFC
(the makers of Edith Professional) have been talking about writing a
graphical browser. It is likely that before the end of the year,
software should be available to allow Atari PPP and WWW access through
a variety of local Internet access providers.

For now, to access the WWW homepage, Atari users will have to use
Internetworked PC's or Mac's equipped with a 'Mosaic'-type browser. In
addition, America Online (also accessible through Mac's and PC's),
will be offering graphical WWW access this winter. "It shouldn't be
too hard for someone to find a Mac or PC running Mosaic. Many Atari
users use these systems at work, and they can also be found on just
about any school campus -- from university to community college,
everyone is running Mosaic!," says Troy.

An ftp site is also available for Atari users to download files that
pertain to Toad Computers, such as our SYSINFO system & modem tester,
STraight FAX! support notes, and ordering information. Right now,
CompuServe, America Online, and GEnie all offer limited FTP access, so
users of these services should have no problem accessing this site.
And of course, any machine on the Internet can be used to access this
site using a conventional ftp client. The KA9Q PPP package for the
Atari includes a built-in ftp client.

Toad Computers has always been available through e-mail, but Internet
e-mail allows greater flexibility and faster response times. "With our
e-mail on GEnie, it has always been a project to read it and respond
quickly," says Troy, "and that has been particularly true with the
huge volume of mail we received after mailing our most recent

If you have sent e-mail to the '' address, please
be patient; it will be answered. However, for an immediate response,
please direct all e-mail to our new address, ''.

Toad Computers does not plan to stop visiting the Atari ST/Jaguar
Roundtable on GEnie. "GEnie has always been a core part of our online
support, and we appreciate the relationship we have developed with
customers and developers there. We will continue to post specials and
news files on GEnie, and we will also continue to be involved in the
Bulletin Board areas," says Troy. And of course, any e-mail received
at '' will be answered. However, customers are once
again reminded that response will be faster if e-mail is sent to

Toad Computers Internet addresses are as follows:

          WWW Page:

Anonymous FTP Site:
                        (ftp to,
                         go to pub/home/toad directory)


 E-mail from GEnie:
                        (@INET# instructs GEnie to use
                         their Internet e-mail gateway)

For more information, Toad Computers may be reached by mail,
telephone, or FAX as well.

Toad Computers, Inc.
570 Ritchie Highway
Severna Park, MD 21146-2925

(800) 448-8623 Orders   (410) 544-6943 Information
(410) 544-1329 FAX      (410) 544-6999 BBS
(410) 544-0098 FAXBack

Toad Computers is North America's leading supplier of products for the
Atari ST, TT, and Falcon computers and also supports the Atari Jaguar,
Lynx, Portfolio, and XL/XE computers.

=========================================== (C) TC, Inc. 1995 ========

Atari on the Web Editorial (1) 23/2/1995
~~~~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~~~~~~

Welcome to the first editorial of Atari on the Web.  In this I intend to look
at what is going on in the Atari World taking a special interest in the Web and
Internet with regard to all Atari platforms.

I will look at whats new, look at the latest news and Atari related Web sites,
and discuss Atari's presence on the Web.


Whats new this month!
~~~~~ ~~~ ~~~~ ~~~~~

Well there have been a few new sites which have took the limelight since the 
start of the year, which Atari users may be interested in.  Here I'll take a
look at a few of them and describe what you can expect to find.


A new company has recently took the computing World by storm at the recent WCES
show.  They appeared at the show with a demo of "Hover Hunter" their latest
product for the Jaguar and made quite an impression for themselves.  I, of
course, am refering to the new Web page by "Hyper Image Productions".

This page gives you an insight into this company and along with a description
of their history and their staff.  The pages are clearly laid out and simple to
follow.  There are some inlined graphics but on the whole speed is fairly fast.

Up to date news is included on the company and the progress of it's games. 
Currently their only product in development is "Hover Hunter" for the Jaguar.
There is a page dedicated to this game which outlines the story, what exactly
"Hover Hunter"is, a list of it's features, and a series of small inlined 
pictures from the game which you can download larger version of.

The game basically puts you in a hovercraft of your choice, with your job to
speed across the Displacement Texture mapped environment, over hills and 
through valleys using a variety of weapons to destroy everything.  Reports 
claim that it will not be ready until the Summer of '95.

Visit the site and take a look at the screenshots and features for yourself.



Jeff Minter enters the Web with his new page "Yak's Zoo".  Expect the
unexpected and enjoy his unusual and amusing perspective on life and the furry
animals of the World.  Of course this page does have some ties to Atari Corp
with a section devoted to his Jaguar developments.  Last but not least,
the "Zoo" includes a page on the history of "LlamaSoft".

The Jaguar developments page contains the latest news on the progress of 
Defender 2000 (D2K) for the Jaguar.  Each update is listed by date with the 
latest news appearing at the top of the page making it easy to see what he's 
currently up to.  It certainly is an interesting read and fairly amusing in a
surreal way.  Latest news looks like D2K may be a CD only game for the Jaguar.

Other things to look out for are Jeff's pieces on Tempest 2000 and the Virtual
Light Machine for Atari fans.  Non-Atari stuff covers Jeff's favourite games 
at the moment, what CD's he likes to listen to through the Jaguar CD and 
VLM, and a collection of links to external sites, mainly to do with furry
animals (the link is called "Furry Places to Be: Fluffy Web locations which
smell of goat", I think that says everything).

There's really only one way to experience these pages and that's to give them
a try, I think you might enjoy them.  Although graphics are kept to a minimum,
the access time is good and the content is very informative.  What are
you waiting for?



"Desert Star Software Home Page".  This new page is dedicated to the new 
company "Desert Star" whom are currently developing a new game for the Atari ST
and Amiga called "HollyWood Hustler".

The page contains links to screen shots and retail information.  This page
contains fairly large inlined images (access speed was good though)
along with comments on the game from different sources and descriptions of
what is going on in the game at the different points in the pictures.

You can also choose to view the same page of comments without the inlined 
graphics, but with links provided to the pictures if you wish to view them.
Supposedly this page won't work on Mosaic properly and the recommend Netscape
to view it.

The last link is a preview of "HollyWood  Hustler by "ST Format".  There 
isn't a great deal to look at and read in these pages.  The graphics are 
fairly attractive and the game looks like it could be fun, but the Web pages
serve little purpose other than to provide an advert for the game.  If you 
think you might be interested in this game then have a look, otherwise there
isn't much here to view.


What's going on on the Web
~~~~~~ ~~~~~ ~~ ~~ ~~~ ~~~

Well, it is fair to say that a fairly large number of pages now exist that are
connected with the Atari range.  These tend to range from small personal (home)
pages, to some large pages dedicated to particular platforms (or all platforms
if you include my pages).  There are a few dedicated Jaguar and Lynx pages, a
few dedicated 8 Bit Atari and Classics pages, and a whole host related to
certain programs, and Atari computers in general.  There are some good
programming pages out there now which contain essential reference material for
budding programmers.

On the whole, the scene has grown massively since I started back at the end of
September with my pages.  Back then there were only a handful of pages in
existence and I set out to provide a service and put Atari on the map were the
Web was concerned.  From the feedback I've had about my pages I would say to a
degree I have done just that, and many people have expressed their gratitude. 
I'm currently compiling the most extensive list of Atari related Web sites I
know of and you can look forward to seeing that next month along with my
comments. If you are on the Web check out my Web pages in the next few days as
I add in all the new links I've collected.  Looking at all the sites I've
compiled so far it's good to see the number of links to my pages, proving their
popularity and worth.

As I compile the list I'm finding new sites almost daily, and I'm sure I've
missed some. On the whole, Atari coverage is now very good.  The dedicated
pages tend to be very thorough and contain a lot of recent and valuable
information, personal Atari pages vary in their usefullness.  For a run down of
what's hot, and what's not join me again next month.  Until then take care and
keep surfin'.

+ Mark Stephen Smith :                                           
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Reserve University.  FreePort is a registered trademark of Case Western  
Reserve University.  All other trademarks and identifying marks mentioned  
in this issue belong to their respective owners.  

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