CAIN Newsletter: 17-May-94 #0103

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 05/25/94-12:57:59 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: CAIN Newsletter: 17-May-94 #0103
Date: Wed May 25 12:57:59 1994

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  Assistant Editor
   SIG Manager/Jaguar Area....Len Stys
  8-Bit Support Area..........Michael Current
  8-Bit Technical Forum.......Craig Lisowski
  16/32-Bit Support Area......Bruce D. Nelson
  Atari Classic Gaming Corner/
  Portfolio Support Area......Fred Horvat
  Lynx Support Area...........Barry W. Cantin

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                               Table of Contents

>From the Editor..........................................The CAIN Newsletter
                                                                  -Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager......................The Cleveland Free-Net & Atari SIG
                                                                    -Len Stys

Free-Net News.................................New Addition to Atari Community
                                                         CAIN FTP Site Closed
                                                 Login Problems by Next Users
                                        C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest '94 Announced
                                                                   -Atari SIG

Atari News...........................Atari & Sigma Designs Partner to Deliver
                                           Atari at Consumer Electronics Show
                                                                  CatScan BBS
                                                       Lynx Summer Steal Deal
                                                                 -Atari Corp.

8-Bit Computers Support Area........................Support from Richard Gore
                                      New from Atari Classic Programmers Club
                                                RAMbit Printer Interface Tech
                                                April Atari Classics Magazine
                                                                   PC Xformer
                                                             -Michael Current

16/32-Bit Computers Support Area................Lexicor Announces TT040 Clone
                                                             -Bruce D. Nelson

Portfolio Support Area ..........................Portfolio-> 8 bit Connection
                                                         New 128K Memory Card
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Atari Classic Gaming Corner..........................2600/7800 Developers Kit
                                                                 -Fred Horvat

Lynx Support Area...................................................Lynx News
                           Interview with Ted Tahquechi (part one:  The Lynx)
                                          Bulletin Board Messages of Interest
                                                              Lynx Commentary
                                                             -Barry W. Cantin

Jaguar Support Area...............................................Jaguar News
                                     Most Wanted Games for the Jaguar Results
                         Interview with Ted Tahquechi (part two:  The Jaguar)
                                          Bulletin Board Messages of Interest
                                                            Jaguar Commentary
                                                                    -Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows......................................Atari Show Calendar
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Voting Issues and Results............Reader and User Opinion Poll Information
                                                    Last Month's Poll Results
                                                            This month's poll
                                                                  -Mark Leair

Online Atari Conferences.....................Conferencing with the Atari SIG
                                                            IRC Crash Course   
                                     Conference with Atari United! Transcript
                                         Upcoming Conference with Jeff Minter
                                                                 -Mark Leair

General Information of Need........................How to Contribute to CAIN
                                                            Article Requests
                                                                 -Mark Leair

>From the Editor

Time certainly flies when you're having fun!  It's Hard to believe that it's
already May!  The Jaguar has been out roughly half a year and we're only
getting a taste of its prowess with the release of Tempest 2000.  Better turn
up the AC because this summer is going to be a hot one with the Jaguar and
(believe it or not) the Lynx!  Read all about it in the Lynx and Jaguar
sections.  There, you'll find an interview with Ted Tahquechi, Software
Production Manager for Atari Corp.  Lynx editor, Barry Cantin, discusses the
future of the Lynx and the Jaguar with Mr. Tahquechi.  The interview has been
split-up by game system and placed in their respected support areas. If you
own neither of these game machines, you're still not left out!  CAIN is proud
to announce "CAIN Atari Fun Fest 94", featuring Atari's Jaguar, computers, and
much more!  See the Free-Net news section for further details.  Finally, check
out the new addition to CAIN, the "Atari Classic Gaming Corner."  Believe it
or not these nostalgic machines are still alive and well.  This month editor
Fred Horvat discusses an inexpensive game developers' kit for these classics
that's perfect for the budding game designer!

Keep those letters coming!  Send any comments, questions, or suggestions to (Internet) or by the US Mail address listed in the

-Mark Leair

>From the SIG Manager

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG will be having a conference with Jeff Minter,
programmer of Tempest 2000 for the Jaguar.  The conference will be on
May 29th (Sunday) at 7 PM EDT.  Even though Jeff is in the UK right now, it
is possible for us to have this conference through the miracle of Internet.
NOW we are beginning to see the advantages of Free-Net.

If you haven't already registered on Free-Net, you may want to do so as soon
as possible.  Even if you do not have "telnet" access right now and have to
call long-distance, you may be able to "teleport" into the Cleveland Free-Net
later from a Free-Net city that is being established in your area.

The CFN Atari SIG has also changed somewhat by the addition of an Atari News
area, access to CAIN Newsletters direct from the CAIN Newsroom, changes to
Reference Desks in support areas, and additions to the Lynx and Jaguar Support
Areas.  If you haven't checked out the CFN Atari SIG lately, you are missing
out on great information.

Finally, if you read the transcript of the online conference with Atari
United!'s Patti Barbiero, you might get the impression that there is demand
for online representatives from Atari Corporation.  This is indeed the case.
The Cleveland Free-Net is probably the largest most accessible system in the
world today thanks to its Internet connection.  There are a lot of questions
that users have for Atari, but we are unable to answer them because we do not
represent Atari.  There is hope though!  Ted Tahquechi expressed interest
in representing Atari Corp. on Free-Net.  It is just a matter of him having
enough time to do it.

-Len Stys

Free-Net News

New Addition to Atari Community

The Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG congratulates Fred Horvat, the Atari SIG's
Portfolio and Classics Gaming SIGOp on becoming a father!

On May 17th, 12:55 PM, Gina Christine Horvat was born.
She weighs 5 lb 12 oz and her height is 17 3/4".

Who says the Atari Community population is decreasing?  Way to go Fred!
God Bless your family!

CAIN FTP Site Closed/New CAIN FTP Site

The Official FTP site for CAIN ( closed May 5, 1994 for the
summer.  CAIN will soon be available on the University of Michigan's Atari
Archive.  All issues of CAIN will be stored in the archive's "/Magazines"
directory.  To access this archive ftp to "".

Login Problems by Next Users

Users of Next Work Stations have been reporting trouble logging into the
Cleveland Free-net.  After telnet'ing to Free-Net, they report seeing nothing
more than a "Password:" prompt.  The Next User who receives this should do the

1. Press Enter (or Return) at the "Password:" prompt.  This will bring up
   "Login:" prompt.

2. Type in your account number and password.  If you do not have an account
   number, continue following the steps below.

3. Type 'fnguest'.  This will log you in as a guest to the Free-Net.

Free-Net guest users may check out the system and do anything on the system
except post messages, use the "chat" system, or send/read e-mail.  To gain
access to these features, a guest needs to apply for a password.  Since the
system did not prompt this user with the option to apply for a password, they
need to do the following:

1. Type 'go teleport' at any "Your Choice ==>" prompt.

2. Select option '3' (The Terminal Tower) off the Teleport menu.

3. Select option '7' (Other Free-Net Systems)

4. Select option '1' (Free-Nets in Ohio)

5. Select option '6' (Youngstown Free-Net)

6. Type 'visitor' at the "Login:" prompt.

7. Type 'go teleport' at any "Your Choice ==>" prompt.

8. Select option '3' (The Terminal Tower) off the Teleport menu.

9. Select option '2' (Other NPTN (Free-Net) Systems)

10. Select option '1' (Cleveland Free-Net)

This "second" login to the Cleveland Free-Net should bring up the following

Are you a:

1. Registered User
2. Visitor

Choose number 2.  This will prompt you will the necessary information to apply
for a password on the Cleveland Free-Net.

Finally, the Cleveland Free-Net programmers have been informed of this
problem.  Hopefully they will have it solved soon.

C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest '94 Announced

WHEN      : August 7, 1994  10:00 to 5:00
WHERE     : Knights of Columbus Hall
            7637 Chardon Road
            Kirtland, OH

Admission : FREE!

 What to see and do

 Atari products for sale
 Classic Arcade Games to play
 8-bit computers and products
 16-32 bit computers and products
 Classic game systems 2600/5200/7800 games
 Catalogs and brochures for the Atari line of products and games
 Meet the people of C.A.I.N.
 Plus much more

 Table pricing per 8 foot table

 $10.00 per table no electricity
 $15.00 per table with one outlet

 For more show info contact
 Fred Horvat
 P.O. Box 493
 Chesterland, OH  44026-0493
 E-mail at Internet ID :

 Editor's Note:  This is the first Cleveland area Atari show in years!  Stay
 tuned to this newsletter for further details.   -ML

Atari News

JAGUAR for the PC

 SAN JOSE, Calif. -- May 3, 1994 -- Atari Corporation (AMEX: ATC) today
 announced that it has exclusively licensed Jaguar technology to Sigma Designs
 (NASDAQ:SIGM) to deliver PC cards incorporating the award-winning Jaguar
 64-bit technology with Sigma's Reel-Magic(TM) full-motion video capabilities.
 This deal will expand Jaguar's market reach by allowing more than 10 million
 users to play Jaguar software titles on their IBM-compatible personal
 computers by year's end.

 "Atari will once again jump ahead of the market by bringing the world's most
 advanced game technology to a new group of consumers in record time," said
 Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.  "Knowing there would be great demand for
 Jaguar on personal computers -- we designed the system to talk easily to the
 leading computer architectures.  This has allowed us to move quickly to
 partner with Sigma Designs to make this happen before Christmas."

 "We are pleased to join Atari in its mission to expand the industry standards
 for video game play," said Julien Nguyen, vice president of engineering and
 chief technical officer of Sigma Designs.  "Jaguar's 64-bit technology will
 be extremely attractive to the MPC customer base of more than 10 million
 users.  By combining Sigma's Moving Picture Experts Group (MPEG) technology
 with Atari's 3D animation, we look forward to bringing the hottest video game
 technology and software titles to the desktops of users worldwide."

 Sigma Designs, headquartered in Fremont, Calif., is a leading manufacturer of
 high-performance multimedia computer products and document imaging display
 solutions.  With the the release of its ReelMagic MPEG controller in October
 1993, Sigma Designs redefined affordable video playback for the PC.
 ReelMagic allows users to experience a new generation of realistic
 entertainment, education, training, and business presentation software titles
 with full-screen, full-motion video and CD-quality sound.  All Sigma Designs
 products are sold worldwide through a network of dealers, distributors and
 system integrators.

 Atari Jaguar is the world's first 64-bit interactive multimedia home
 entertainment system and is the only video game system manufactured in the
 United States.  Jaguar, the most powerful multimedia system available, was
 recently named the industry's "Best New Game System" (Video Games Magazine),
 "Best New Hardware System" (Game Informer) and "1993 Technical Achievement of
 the Year" (DieHard GameFan).  Jaguar also recently was given the European
 Computer Trade Show Award for "Best Hardware of the Year."

 Atari Corporation, based in Sunnyvale, Calif., manufactures and markets
 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment systems, video games and personal
 computers for the home, office and educational marketplaces.

 All trademarks are the property of their respective owners.

 Contact: Lynn Thompson, 408/764-0740
          Karen Magill, 617/494-8202
          Cunningham Communications, Inc.

          Bill Rehbock, 408/745-2000
          Atari Corporation


 The Summer Consumer Electronics Show (CES) will be held at McCormick Place in
 Chicago June 23-25. Atari Corporation will be showing the 64-bit Jaguar
 system as well as the latest software, hardware and accessories.  The Jaguar
 booth will be at the front entrance of McCormick North Upper. The Jaguar
 booth (#6900) will host a minimum of 10 to 15 third party company
 representatives...  many of whom may not have representation elsewhere in the

 The Summer Consumer Electronics Show is THE major "dog and pony" presentation
 of hot new consumer electronics products ready for immediate shipping
 or available through the 1994 Holiday Season. It is at this show that buyers
 of the country's most prominent retail stores as well as thousands of
 ambitious one or two location resellers make the big deals that will directly
 affect the fiscal success of their business.

 Atari Corporation has already scheduled virtually all available appointments
 for personalized demonstrations and private meetings with buyers.
 Arrangements have been made to accommodate everyone stopping by the booth
 unexpectedly.  Members of the press should call their contact at Atari's
 public relations firm immediately.

 Those interested in immediate feedback pertaining to the events at the show
 may wish to consult popular online publications such as Atari Explorer Online
 and STReport immediately following the June show dates.

-Don Thomas, Jr., Customer Relations

 Although still in beginning development stages, I wish to pass on to my
 distribution list a new Jaguar/Lynx resource.  The CATscan BBS is up and
 running. Although I realize that this BBS may not be practical for most of
 you to utilize regularly, it is being set up as a data source of news and
 information regarding Jaguar and Lynx products. Here are some of the

  An ongoing list of Jaguar/Lynx dealers which may be
    captured by state.
  Product descriptions selectable by title.
  Press releases from Atari and related third party sources.
  Gaming hints and tips.
  Game reviews.
  Questions and answers.
  Orders accepted for Atari products.
    (Processed by Atari as an extension to Atari's Customer
    Service Policies. All items sold at MSRP and billed by
    Atari. NO funds collected benefit the BBS or the SysOp.
    This is for the convenience of modem users who may not
    have access to online services to leave orders in E-Mail.
  Competitive knock offs.

 My first goal is to force myself into a practice to assemble pertinent and
 accurate data in one central area.  By doing this, I will also be building a
 resource for the online press, SYSOPS of independent BBSs and a resource for
 retailers to help them answer customer questions in the store. It can also
 be used to preview editor's stories, if desired for accuracy.

 There are downsides right now. A lot of energy and time is going to create
 this resource, BUT I still have obstacles to overcome.

 1) At present, I am trying to overcome a barrier where it seems I can only
    log on at 1200 baud... some sort of software <--> modem issue. It really
    isn't THAT serious since the menus are set up clearly and information
    takes longer than 1200 baud to read online anyway. I hope this
    will be resolved before too long.

 2) A lot of info is already on the system, but it will take time to bring it
    up to speed. Many of the data banks are menu driven and time consuming
    scripts files must be written to accommodate them. at present product
    description and log on files are all taken care of. I expect dealer lists
    will be formatted and up today.

 3) Total storage is presently restricted to 20 MEG. I hope this may be
    expanded as needed.

 4) The system only supports one line at this time.

 In any case, feel free to log on quickly and establish your accounts. TRUSTED
 remote SYSOP positions are available.

 The number to CATscan is:


 It is open to the public, but certain areas are diasabled for initial
 callers.  There is NO fee to use the system. The system WILL BE CENSORED.
 Only data that is positive toward the image of Atari and companies supporting
 Atari will be permitted.

 Please pass his number on to dealers and developers who want to be included.
 I will be happy to be set up to accept 3rd party orders IF they are
 registered and licensed by Atari.  If a dealer wants to be listed, all he has
 to do is post a request to the SYSOP. Information may also be added to the
 system by contacting me at the following addresses:

      CIS: 75300,1267
    GENIE: Atari

 Again, don't expect too much initially and please be persistent if you get a
 busy. I am conducting frequent tests that might tie up the line, but I will
 not disconnect anyone on the system.

Now there's NO excuse!

 Atari Corporation has a new summer deal everyone should enjoy...  New low
 prices on almost every Lynx video game. By special arrangement with the
 factory, a large but limited quantity of 60 outstanding game titles have been
 set aside especially for this special offer.

 Now and for a limited time, buy popular Lynx titles by Atari for as little as
 14.99 each (SRP). Enjoy the fast paced action of Pinball Jam or an exciting
 whirl around the track with up to 6 ComLynx'd friends with Checkered Flag.
 Look for chilling answers to ghastly problems with Dracula The Undead for
 only $19.99 each (SRP). Beat incredible odds against an army of adversaries
 with Ninja Gaiden III for only $29.99 (SRP).  In fact, NO specially reduced
 cartridge is priced any higher than $29.99. Most cartridges are less than

 If you are tired of the same old thing that the other guys ram in front of
 your face, then ask your dealer for the system that's exploding with colorful
 excitement. Find out what head-to-head ComLynx gaming is all about. Spend
 your allowance on the system that leaves you change for lunch!

(limited time offer)

 NOW $29.99
 TOKI                      WARBIRDS*

 NOW $19.99
 A.P.B.                    BATMAN RETURNS
 GORDO 106                 HOCKEY*

 NOW $14.99
 HYDRA                     ISHIDO
 KLAX                      KUNG FOOD
 LYNX CASINO*              MS. PAC-MAN
 PACLAND                   PINBALL JAM
 RAMPAGE*                  RAMPART*
 RYGAR                     S.T.U.N. RUNNER
 SHANGHAI*                 SUPERSKWEEK*
 XYBOTS*                   ZARLOR MERCENARY*

 * denotes multiplayer games. Atari Corporation reserves
   the right to correct typing errors or to change
   promotional pricing at any time without notice.

 Can't find the Lynx or great Lynx titles in your area?

 Call 1-800-221-3343 or 1-800-GO-ATARI toll free,
      Monday thru Friday; 9am to 5pm Pacific time.

 OR Write: Atari Lynx "Summer Steal Deal"
           P.O. 61657
           Sunnyvale, CA  94089-1657

 OR fax your order to Atari at 1-408-745-2088

 OR send a message from any online service through the
    Internet to CIS:70007,2363 or GE:ATARI

 Any way you do it... Get Connected... Get the Lynx!

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8-Bit Computers Support Area
Michael Current

Lots of announcements in the 8-bit world in April, so let's get
right to them!

8-Bit Product News
Subject: Software special offers. (Richard Gore)
Date: 29 Apr 1994 08:10:36 -0500



JAWBREAKER - The classic Pac-man style game originally sold by Sierra-On-Line.
             This version includes two mazes which were originally sold as
             separate games as well as a new pause function and improved
             joystick control.

MOUSEKATTACK - Another classic game from Sierra-On-Line. This game has you
               trying to plumb the levels of Rat Alley. A very addictive game
               featuring a one or two player (simultaneously on screen) mode,
               new pause feature and improved joystick control.

  Both games are available on disk, tape or Rambit Turbo tape (state which)
and are supplied with a printed manual.

  Prices:  #4.50 each   or  #6.95 for BOTH  (UK p&p included)

        (overseas please add #2 for airmail shipping)
        (US dollar prices $10 each or $18 for both fully inclusive)

     N E W   S O F T W A R E!          N E W   S O F T W A R E!

In association with Visionaire software I am pleased to announce the
availability of two new games programmed in the UK......

ARENA:  An original puzzle game where you must place pieces of a wall in
       order to guide a 'power pod' too its destination. It sounds simple,
       but it has good graphics and is very addictive. A demo version appeared
       on issue 66 of Page 6's disk, but this version is the full game with
       50 levels.
                   Price: #5  ($10)   XL/XE, Disk only.

BUBBLE ZONE: Enter the Bubble Zone and meet the challenge! Guide your tank
             and blast the ever increasing number of bubbles, collect the
             power ups, watch out for the holes. How far can you go?
             Frantic arcade action, with top notch graphics.

                   Price: #5  ($10)   XL/XE, Disk only.

 * * * * *  SUPER SPECIAL OFFER  * * * * *  SUPER SPECIAL OFFER  * * * * *

   Buy all four of the above games for only #15 ($30) inclusive of p&p

     Hurray this limited offer is only available until 31st May 1994

 * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

For further details or to order contact:


Telephone: (0302) 784642   weekends only please.

        (Non-JANET users invert  to xxx.YORK.AC.UK)

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

SOFTWARE Authors, have you written any games or utilities for the Atari 8-
bits, new or old? If you have and you have the rights contact me now and we
can hopefully arrange to get them (re-)marketed!

 - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Subject: Atari Classic Programmer's Club


--------------------------SWIFT SPREADSHEET----------------------------------

Got any financial problems? Not any more you haven't!

Swift Spreadsheet is probably the most powerful spreadsheet program to have
ever been released onto the Atari 8-bit. Originally released in 1986 by
Audiogenic Software Ltd, it set new standards in how a Spreadsheet program
should operate. Now, the Atari Classic Programmer's Club has gained the rights
to publish this impressive piece of software ... and at half the price of its
original release.

Check out these features:

1. Large spreadsheet size - A1 to BL254 cell matrix on a 130XE, A1 to Z254 on
an 800XL.
2. Adjustable column widths.
3. Uses drop down menus for ease of use.
4. Several different credit/debit notations such as debit brackets and cr/dr
5. Fully adjustable decimal precision.
6. Can be programmed by the use of MACROS.

And, as they say, much more ...

What does all this cost? Surprisingly little in fact ...

STANDARD SWIFT - This is the original version of Swift with the system disk,
Commodore 64 manual (there wasn't an Atari-specific manual), and an Atari
keyboard reference card.

NEW SWIFT - This contains the system disk and a new 40 page, A4, comb-bound,
Atari-specific manual.

There are currently two disk formats available ... standard Atari 5.25"
single density and a 720K 3.5" disk. Please specify which format you require
when ordering ... there is no price difference.

The cost of the two versions of Swift currently available are:

STANDARD SWIFT - #9.95 ($US16.95) to non-members, #7.95 ($US14.95) to members.
NEW SWIFT - #12.95 ($US21.95) to non-members, #10.95 ($US18.95) to members.
(Remember to state which disk format you require)

Calling Black Box owners!! Swift may be sector copied onto a hard disk for
even easier usage.

A cassette version will be available soon.


                              -MENU PRINT ELITE
-Disk cataloguing can be a chore at the best of times, especially if you're
using one of the PD cataloguing programs or a database to store details of
your disk collection. However, your days of toiling over your collection are
over. No longer will you have to load each disk in turn and jot down by hand
the contents onto paper, then load up the database/cataloguer and type the lot
out. Menu Print is fully automatic and contains all you need to catalogue
your disks in a single package.

Here are some of the things it has to offer:

1. Ability to read several of the most popular menu and DOS systems including
Rob C, Multiboot, K&D Menu, all Atari DOS systems, DOS XL, MyDOS, SpartaDOS
and more.

2. Allows you to create a library of boot disks. This gives Menu Print the
unique feature of being the ONLY disk cataloguer that we know of that will
recognize which boot disk has been inserted into the drive. Package comes
complete with a ready-made library disk containing details of over 500 boot

3. Allows you to create a Database far easier than with other programs due
to the fact that it can read so many menu and DOS systems, as well as its
ability to read BOOT disks ... just put a disk in the drive, press START
and if the disk is one it recognizes it will automatically put its details
into the database. However, you have full control over the contents of the
database and may modify or delete the entries if you wish.

4. Allows you to print labels or lists onto Atari or Epson compatible

5. Also contains a utility disk that may be freely distributed. This disk
contains a database reader and a program that allows you to convert your
existing database files into MPE format.

Menu Print Elite will be available as either a three-disk set of 5.25" disks
or on a single 720K 3.5" disk.

PRICE: #9.95 ($US16.95) to non-members, #7.95 ($US14.95) to members.



This is a conversion of an ST game. Loopz is a puzzle game as addictive as
Tetris but with an added element of strategy.

PRICE: Cassette version - #6.95 ($US12.95)
       Disk version - #7.95 ($US14.95)

Members discounts will be available.


Another conversion of an ST game. In Helter Skelter you must control a very
bouncy ball around the screen, being careful to squash the monsters in the
correct order. Quite tough but very addictive. Highly rated in magazines
when it first came out.

PRICE: Cassette version - #6.95 ($US12.95)
       Disk version - #7.95 ($US14.95)

Members discounts will be available.


Put simply, this is a version of the arcade game, Dynablasters.

RELEASE: Christmas 1994
PRICE: Cassette version - #6.95 ($US12.95)
       Disk version - #7.95 ($US14.95)

Members discounts will be available.


The most advanced arts package ever devised for the Atari. Originally
designed for in-house use and owing much to the ST arts packages.

PRICE: #9.95 ($US16.95) Disk only.


All prices INCLUDE postage.

To obtain members discounts, you must first join ACPC. Please mail me for more
information on how to join the club.

Swift Spreadsheet, Loopz and Helter Skelter are copyright of Audiogenic
Software Ltd.

Menu Print Elite, Bomb Blaster and Pro Paint are copyright of The Atari
Classic Programmer's Club.

Please send orders to:

Capel Coch
Gwynedd  LL77 7UR

If you have any queries, then mail me (David) on:

Subject: Rambit Printer Interface.

 Date: 21 Apr 1994 07:59:29 -0500

This posting is being done as a service by Richard Gore on behalf of RAMBIT.
All replies should be sent to the address given at the end of the posting.

We are pleased to send you details of our PARALLEL PRINTER PORT for the Atari
XL/XE computers, connecting to the parallel bus interface (XL) or enhanced
cartridge port (XE). The P.P.P. is designed to enable you to connect EPSON
compatible printers such as Panasonic KX-P1081, OKI-82, MP-165 etc. and print
at their designed speeds, ie not slowed to serial speed.
 The P.P.P consists of a compact unit which plugs directly into your computer
port and outputs through a standard female 36way centronics socket connected
to the printer using the lead supplied with the printer (possibly!).

The software necessary to drive the unit is best incorporated into your OS on
EPROM so accessed by normal legal IO calls. Your system is so adapted as to
allow use of your utilities (provided they only make standard use of the OS,
99% do) whether cartridge, disk or tape without any alteration of them.


 Power for the unit can be taken from the printer on pin 18 of the connector,
or from the computer as desired. Should your printer be non-standard parallel,
quite possibly we can advise on tailoring to its specification!

Alteration of your cable, ie change of plug or reposition of individual wires,
will only be necessary if it has no male 36way centronics plug on its computer
end and/or full 36 wires present.


PRINTER:- does it output +5volt on pin 18 to the cable? If not check pin 47 of
your XL pbi, wiring of this may be necessary.
       :-printer signals as follows, SELECT and BUSY both active high,
        ACKNOWLEDGE and STROBE active low; differences will require tailoring
at no extra cost!
CABLE:-fitted with male standard 36way parallel (centronics) plug at computer
COMPUTER:- for supply of EPROM driver details of your existing OS will be
        required and may involve fitting of a DIL socket to hold it. Kit also
lends itself to being fitted inside your computer or having printer lead
soldered too it.

 Prices all inclusive, Overseas +10%. Sterling only, cheques or postal orders
made payable to Rambit.

 KIT WITH EPROM for XL or XE ....#20

prices for ready assembled by negotiation.

We aim to satisfy and consequently will do our best to give technical support,
answer genuine queries and will be pleased to accept your comments. We will
also update/re-record on receipt of out original disk/tape with return


telephone  (in UK): 0778 424450

Additional comments by Richard GORE:
Dave Richardson the man behind Rambit is very technical and I'm sure he won't
mind me saying has difficulty in writing using non-technical jargon. The above
posting sounds pretty complex but what he is saying is he has available a
printer interface that plugs into a PBI on the XL or XE and can be tailored
for non-standard printers.
I also know he has experimented with using these kits to get two computers
interconnected and I think has created an RS 232 interface.

If you are at all interested in such projects I suggest you write to him at
the address given above to find out more.

Subject: April AC

 Date: 18 Apr 1994 16:54:17 -0500

The final (April '94) issue of AC went to press a week ago.  Looks like
this last issue will run 36 pages (unless I'm badly off on my page
allocations).  If all goes well I'm hopeful it will go out around the
end of April so won't be quite as late as the Feb. issue was.

Unlike AIM & other mags that died miserably, this final issue of AC has a
touch of flash & sparkle to it.  Also perhaps the greatest diversity of
subject matter in articles I think I've seen (for all those who moaned
the Dec. issue was too hardware-focused).

Apparently many of the missing February AC's finally got delivered last week,
as the volume of complaints is way down.  Dunno why it took so freakin' long
this time, & I'm sure there are still one or 2 copies still being delivered
via slow boat from China, courtesy of our dear friends, the Postal Gorillas.

The December special Video Issue is selling briskly, back issues are going out
the door every day, I'm down to maybe 25 copies left.  Stocks of other back
issues are also declining.  My advice: anybody who wants any AC back issues
better gettum now while I still have some available.  The April issue will
also be in limited supply, I anticipate receiving only about 50 copies when it
gets released from the printer (12 of those are already spoken for).

The following Back Issue items are still available (as of this week):

mags: Dec'92, Apr'93, Jun'93, Aug'93, Oct'93, Dec'93, Feb'94, Apr'94

disks: Feb'93, Jun'93, Oct'93, Feb'94

All items $5 each, US funds only, cash or check to BEN POEHLAND, 179 Sproul
Road/Rt.352, Frazer PA 19355 USA.

The April issue contains a new subscription form, with the address of
Jim Hood of SLCC, who apparently will be AC's new Managing Editor.  People
who get the April issue will get a chance to sample the flavor of the "new"
AC, including an editorial from Jim
Hood & an article by Mike Hohman of FTE.  With the April issue, the concept of
a user-based magazine for the Classic-8 will be in essence subjected to a
referendum... I hope enough people will open their wallets to enable those
SLCC guys to carry on the tradition already established by AC.  The
subscription price will remain the same, & apparently those fellows also
intend to produce a disk as well.

There are interesting times ahead for us, in the Chinese sense...

   - Ben Poehland
     Managing Editor
     ATARI CLASSICS Magazine

Subject: PC Xformer

PC XFORMER - The Atari 8-Bit Emulator For DOS Compatible PCs

April 5, 1994.

For additional information contact:

Branch Always Software
14150 N.E. 20th Street
Suite 302
Bellevue, WA 98007

Phone: 206-369-5513
Fax:   206-885-5893
CIS:   73657,2714

Program by: Darek Mihocka.
Availability: June 20, 1994, from Atari 8-bit and PC dealers.
Retail price: $39.95 U.S. ($29.95 when ordered before June 30, 1994)

Branch Always Software announces the upcoming release of PC Xformer,
a DOS compatible version of the Xformer series of Atari 8-bit emulators.
With our 8 years of experience developing Atari 8-bit and Atari ST
emulators, this emulator is by far the fastest and most compatible
Atari 8-bit emulator available on any computer platform.

For the first time it is now possible to run Atari 8-bit software on
the same computers that you run DOS and Windows software on, as fast
or even faster than a real 8-bit computer. Imagine the ease of use and
simplicity of using Atari Basic on a PC or even on a small notebook
computer that you carry with you.

Hardware requirements are simple: a PC running MS-DOS (or a compatible
operating system), 640K of RAM, a VGA card, and a 286 compatible CPU.
This includes computers using the 386, 486, and Pentium chips, as well
as 286 emulators running on non-Intel based PCs. A CPU at least as fast
as a 33 Mhz 386 is recommended for full speed emulation.

Optional hardware not absolutely required (but recommended) includes:
a Sound Blaster compatible sound card, a game card with 2 joysticks,
and a hard disk. A SuperVGA card is not required to run PC Xformer.

PC Xformer is a brand new DOS version of ST Xformer, the popular
Atari 8-bit emulator for the Atari ST that first appeared in 1987 in
ST LOG magazine and most recently came bundled with the Gemulator
Atari ST Emulator for DOS.

Unlike ST Xformer, which was limited in speed and graphics capabilities
imposed by the Atari ST hardware, PC Xformer has no such limitations
when used on a fast enough PC. Player Missile Graphics are now fully
supported, as are all GTIA graphics modes and Display List interrupts.
Vertical Blank and Display List interrupts occur in real time allowing
for on-the-fly color changes (and other animation tricks that were not
previously supported in ST Xformer) allowing PC Xformer to run any
Atari 8-bit software that you transfer to your PC.

To allow the usable playing of games which use timing loops instead
of interrupts, an option in PC Xformer allows you to force it to
"slow down" to normal speed. Or let it rip at maximum speed to get the
most performance out of your Atari Basic programs.

As with ST Xformer, the bank switched memory of the XL/XE is emulated,
and Atari Basic can be toggled on and off.

All popular 8-bit DOSes are supported, including DOS 2.0, DOS 2.5, MyDOS,
and disk based versions of SpartaDOS.

Disk files are handled by using virtual disks, the same method used by
ST Xformer, Gemulator, and most other emulators. Up to 8 virtual disks
can be used at once, as drives D1: thru D8:.

Users of ST Xformer can directly use their existing virtual disk files
(.XFD, .XHD, .SD, or .DD files) with PC Xformer without modification.

Users of the SIO2PC cable can also directly use their "ramdisk" files
with PC Xformer without modification. Any size virtual disk is supported,
from the standard 90K single density disk to a 16 megabyte hard disk.

Two PC style joysticks are supported using the game i/o card found in most
PCs. Self-centering joysticks are recommended over standard analog joysticks.

Users wishing to receive more information about PC Xformer or to place
an advance order should contact Darek Mihocka at Branch Always Software
at the address or numbers listed above.

User group and dealer inquiries welcome.

Also available from Branch Always Software:

Gemulator 3.02 - The Atari ST Emulator For DOS Compatible PCs. Turns a
486 based PC into an Atari ST clone with up to 8 megabytes of RAM and
up to 800x600 color SuperVGA graphics. Compatible with most non-MIDI
Atari ST software and all version of ST TOS up to TOS 2.06.

Gemulator can be purchased from Toad, Rising Star, Purple Mountain, Paragon,
ST Club, Ordosoft, ACN, and other major Atari ST dealers. Write for more
information or contact your dealer.

Michael Current, Keeper of the 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists,
 Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOp: aa700, <>

16/32 bit Computers Support Area
Bruce D. Nelson
Lexicor Announces TT040 Clone

Lexicor announced the first 68040 based Atari clone this month. Called the
Pandora/Medusa T40, it runs at 64 mhz on a 68040 chip. It has an internal FPU
and PMMU, and it has a performance rating od 26 MIPS and 4.5 MFLOPS.  It has
32 bit addressing and a 32 bit main bus, running at 32 Mhz.

The new machine has a 12 Mb/sec IDE bus and an ISA bus for a custom graphics
board, such as any ET-4000 based PC graphics board.

Additionally you can get:

-VME Bus
        VME Bus 16bit
        Laser Printer Port (?)
        Mega Bus
-SCSI Board
        TT SCSI
        SCSI II
        TT Lan
-DSP Board

and an MC68060 Board is scheduled for the year 1994. You can get it
from LEXICOR SOFTWARE CORPORATION, (510) 848-7621 or (510) 848-7613.

The MEDUSA T40 is ideal for the high-end Atari User. Based around TOS
3.06 It is very compatible. Following this message will be a short list
of working programs.

For a system consistin of:
- Basic Motherboard 68040/64
- Tower Housing
- ST Input/Output Board

The cost is: $2,490 US (Cost can vary depending on the exchange rate)

Availability: NOW, Transport time should take no longer than 2 Weeks!

Additionally you may purchase an ET-4000 Graphics Board 15/16bit Color
onboard for about another $100 US + NVDI ET-4000.  A VME Bus Multiple Bus
Board (see description above) for another $400 US.

8, 16, 32, 64 or 128 Megabytes on board, price depending on SIMMS,
current price is around $40 US per megabyte.

IDE Internal Drive will cost depending on drive size. Internal IDE, no
external casing required.

NOVA VME 16M Graphics Board when purchased with VME Bus (for 24bit Color)
costs $489 US.

All prices given are recommended retail, shipping not included!

                       Short Compatibility List:

Chronos-3D Key frame Animator    Phoenix 2              Signum 3.0
Phoenix U.S.A. (Xenomorph-3D)    Interface              Matrix Drivers2.2
Prism Paint 1, 1.5, 2.0          Pure Pascal            Snapshot
ANM-Link (Relativity)            1st Word               Tele Office
Cybersculpt ( in St high)        PKS-Edit               ACS Pro
Cyber Color                      Seka Assembler         Argon
ARTIS 4.0                        Devpac Assembler       Crypton
XCONTROL                         Turboasss Assembler    Xenon V2.4TT
Calamus SL                       Easyride Assembler     Crazy Sounds
Calamus 1.09N                    GAL-Prommer            PCB
Platon V.2.21                    Logic A.               ST-Digital
Platine ST                       GFA Basic 3.0 3.6TT    Profiler
Skyplus                          Delicious              Pure C
DGRAPH                           Raystart               Cubase
GMAN                             Topaz                  Emagic
Kobold                           VTX                    SED
Rufus                            Uniterm                Turbo C
Multigem                         Connect                Adimens
Multitos                         Iconedi                Arabesque
Superbase                        Guck                   Chagall
Papillion                        Invaders               Technobox CAD
Papyrus                          Piccolo                and Drafter
DAs Vector                       Script 2.0, 3.0        LDW Powercalc
Didot Pro                        Compo Script           ASpice
Didot Lineart                    ICD and AHDI           Protar Manager
Retousche Pro CD v.1.04          Hushi                  Tempus Word
STAD                                                    and Editor

and a lot more programs that follow the VDI and Atari guidelines should
work with no problems whatsoever!

Portfolio Support Area
Fred Horvat

    This installment I will contribute something that I found on the
Walnut Creek Gemini Atari CD-ROM.  It's an article on how to transfer data
between the Atari 8-bit line of computers and the Portfolio.  Disclaimer :
I have not tested this so I can't vouch for it but it does look accurate and
should work fine.

Author : Unknown
Source : Walnut Creek Gemini Atari CD-ROM



In order to connect your 8-bit to the new PORTFOLIO computer, you have to know
three things;

1.  You have to have an RS232 interface connected to your 8-bit; the 850, P:R:
CONNECTION, or MIO devices all work well for the purpose.

2.  You will need a null modem cable. This is a cable which connects two
computers without the need for modems (cutting out the middle man, so to

3.  You will need to make the null modem cable (or have a friend do it if you
subscribe to the ancient Code of the Programmer);  "Hey, I don't do that, it's
a hardware problem!"

////////// PART ONE: THE PROBLEM ..........

The PORTFOLIO has file transfer capability... through the parallel interface.
I don't know of any 8-bit application to redirect communication software into
the parallel port, so ignore the File Transfer section in the SETUP

The RS232 ports on 8-bit computer interfaces are not compatible with
"standard" RS232 DB-9 cables, (having been developed a few years before IBM
stuck their foot in the PC door); pinouts are as shown below.

         8-bit           STANDARD
           1 DTR            1 CD
           2 CD             2 RD
           3 TD             3 TD
           4 RD             4 DTR
           5 GND            5 GND
           6 DSR            6 DSR
           7 RTS            7 RTS
           8 CTS            8 CTS
           9 (none)         9 RI

Fortunately, PORTFOLIO's Serial Interface does conform to this standard, so
that modems and IBM AT cables can be used with it.

One other problem; the diagrams in the Serial Interface manual are wired

If you intend to make your own standard cables, refer to this service for the
file detailing proper connections.  (NOTE: this file may be found in the ST
sections of this service; for CIS, GO ATARIPRO; for GEnie, type ST.)

////////// PART TWO: THE SOLUTION .........

Well, Part One ought to have scared the willies out of all but the most
determined Solder-Jockies, so we can now proceed with our interface.

1.  Get two (2) DB-9 "D" style connectors; one Male, one Female. (NOTE: if you
don't want to go through the hassles of soldering, pick up the Radio Shack
crimp-style connectors [CAT #276-1427 & 276-1428, respectively]; with these
connectors, all you do is insert the wires and crimp the pins closed.)

2.  You will also need hoods for your connections; I used the metalized hoods
[276-1513] for my cable, as they offer the shielding ability of metal with the
light weight of plastic.

3.  For the cable, I recommend [278-775] double-shielded cable, especially for
the MIO user; the PBI bus is flat-out full of RFI, and the chance of data
corruption from that monster makes the extra cost worthwhile.

====  Connections are as follows;


   +--1 DTR             4 DTR--+
   +--2 CD              6 DSR--+
   +--6 DSR             1 CD (N/C)
      5 GND-------------5 GND
      3 TD--------------2 RD
      4 RD--------------3 TD
   +--7 RTS             7 RTS--+
   +--8 CTS             8 CTS--+
      9 (N/C)           9 RI (N/C)

  Cable shield attached to PF hood ONLY.

  Double check your connections before connecting to either computer.

To test your interface, connect the cables to their respective interfaces and
fire up your favorite 8-bit term software (I've used 850 EXPRESS! and BOBTERM
with equal results), and set the terminal for 300 baud, half duplex, ATARI.
The ATARI mode will be important once you start binary file transfer.

For PORTFOLIO, go to the RS232 option in the SETUP menu, and set 300 baud, no
parity, 1 stop bit, 8 data bits, and initialize.

Force the TERM mode on your 8-bit.

     At the c> prompt, enter:

         COPY CON AUX

Type something in to your Portfolio, press ENTER: your message from PORTFOLIO
should echo on your 8-bit monitor.  If not, check the term program settings,
connections, and cable pinouts.

Congratulations! You now have a handheld computer that "talks" with it's older

The advantages? You can use your full-screen 8-bit for communications and D/L
to your palmtop.  You can fill your Portfolio with programs without having to
borrow somebody's IBM.

And, best of all, you can compute respectfully during the day, and _still_
blast the bloody bejeezus out of ZYBEX at night.

                                  New Products

     Who says that no new products are coming out for the
Portfolio?  As reported in the February 1994 issue of "Atari ST User"
Eickmann Computer has released some new Atari Portfolio

128K Memory Card    - call Stefanie, no price given.
Diskfolio Interface - with serial, parallel, and floppy drive
                      ports.  Suggested price 300DM.

A floppy drive bundle contains a ST-compatible floppy drive.
A hard drive version called Universal Interface, also contains
the serial, parallel ports.  The bundles also contain room for
up to 512K RAM, built in ROM with software drivers, terminal
program and P-BASIC.  The hard drive connects to the parallel port.
For further info contact

Eickmann Computer
In der Roemerstadt 259
60488 Frankfurt am Main

Atari Classic Gaming Corner
Fred Horvat

    This is my first installment of the "Classic Corner".  It is open to any
Classic Atari game or gaming system, whether it is a Pong style console, 2600,
5200, 7800 gaming consoles or an old Arcade game this is the place to discuss
it. If you have any questions on a name of a game, where to find a game, or
need some info on a game, I, or another reader may be able to help you.
Please E-mail me at and somewhere in the heading
put Classic Corner so as I can identify your questions easier.
     Growing up as a kid did you ever dream of writing a video game for your
favorite gaming system?  I know I have.  Well dreams can come true.  Readily
available and affordable is a development kit that allows you to write games
for the Atari 2600 or 7800 gaming systems.  This development kit is called the
2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge by Harry Dodgson.  For $60.00(US) you get a
2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge, and a 250+page manual that includes the source
code for the Monitor program plus source code for the demos.  The cartridge
plugs into the Atari 7800 system that allows you to program in 6502 Assembly
Language.  The Atari 8-bit line (400/800/1200/2600/5200/7800/XE/XL) all use
the 6502 processor.  Following this article, you will find a detailed
description of the product, so I won't waste anymore space on the specs.
    I purchased Version 2.0 of the 2600/7800 Monitor cartridge in December 93
and have tried most if not all of the functions to see how they work and
tried the demos out.  Besides a 7800, you will need a pair of the Atari (CX50)
Keypad controllers used for 2600 Basic Programming or a combination of the
2600 (CX21) Star Raiders Keypad or Kids Controllers.  These offer twelve keys
per keypad and used together you have a 24 key keyboard.  The best combination
is the (CX50) Keypad controllers because there is a groove that to lock them
together making one larger keypad then instead of two separate ones to deal
with.  I had a pair of the CX50 controllers and am happy with them.  They do
take time to get accustomed to because each key can have two or three
different functions.  After about 30 to 60 minutes and having a copy of the
keypads overlays in front of you, navigating through the system is not too bad
at all.  There are seven sample programs on the cartridge.  One is the 2600
classic Combat.  Harry went in and changed some of the playing fields around
and it makes the old game fresh again and still fun to play after all these
years.  A 7800 demo game is Bumper Tanks that Harry wrote where you play
bumper car with tanks.
     The meat and potatoes of the cartridge, programming a game requires
knowledge of 6502 Assembler.  If you have never done 6502 Assembler there is
no crash course that I am aware of.  The manual offers plenty of tips and
hints of the 2600 and 7800, but in no way teaches you 6502 Assembler.  The
bright side
is that there are plenty of books available on 6502 Assembler.  Many Atari
8-bit programming books cover it in great detail and even some devoted to game
design.  Many dealers have books on their shelves at discount prices because
of they have been sitting there for over 10 years.  Local and college
libraries still have Atari 8-bit books.
     I have just ordered my 2.1 upgrade and the most important upgrade feature
is the addition of the 2400 baud serial port.  You fabricate a device that
plugs into a cartridge port and this will allow you to dump 6502 HEX into the
cartridge to test games.  What this means is that coding and compiling can be
done on a computer and then downloaded to the 2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge
allowing simpler and quicker development.  The best thing is you are not
limited in choice of computers and have to use an Atari 8-bit.  Any computer
with a 6502 Assembler will do.  This includes the Atari 8-bit, ST, Apple IIc,
and even IBM machines.  Some 6502 Assemblers are shareware or even public
domain now so after a little hunting you can get a cheap 6502 Assembler.
Since I just mailed away for my 2.1 upgrade I can't tell you how the serial
port load and go function works but it sounds simple enough to me.
    For $60.00(US) you get a cartridge and a 250+ page manual, part of the
documentation is actual Atari programming documentation and schematics.  The
manual is almost worth the price of the kit alone.  Support via Internet has
worked out well for me with this product.  I've had many little questions on
programming techniques or on hardware.  Plus Harry likes to keep in touch with
others that are developing new software for the most popular game console ever
produced, the 2600.  So if you have wanted to program a game for the Atari
2600 or 7800 game systems this is your chance.  What can you program in 4K
(2600) or 8K (7800), would surprise you!  Many people would ask that if you
can program a game on a 64Meg RAM 2Gig HD Intel Pentium machine why would you
choose something that constrained.  The beauty of game machines in the classic
era games made it or lost strictly on game play no hype just substance. You
can hide lousy or the some old game play behind fancy textured Bit Maps or
catchy Multi Media Stereo sound tracks.  Many games today copy game play and
design from 15 years ago but just look and sound better__ but are they really?

     Below is Harry's description and pricing of the product.

                       -2600/7800 Monitor Cartridge
                                 Version 2.1

    With this package you can experiment with and write games for the Atari
2600 and 7800 systems.  It provides all the utilities you find in computer
debugging environments as well as the documentation to get you started.
There are also several sample programs for each mode included to help you
understand how these systems really work.  This version allows you to create
games as large as 8Kbytes for a 7800, or up to 4Kbytes in 2600 mode.  This
is the ONLY cartridge for any Atari system as of this date to include battery
backed-up RAM on the cartridge (Jaguar excluded).  Supports loading programs
via a 2400 baud serial connection with interface (circuit diagram supplied).

    (1) Atari 7800 Prosystem
    (2) keypad controllers (or Star Raiders controllers or kid's controllers)
        or serial interface for load-n-go operation only
    (1-2) joystick(s) required for the games and some of the demos
    some knowledge of 6502 programming or a book on 6502 assembly language


    (1) 7800 Prosystem Cartridge containing:
        the Monitor program,
        7 sample programs,
        8K non-volatile RAM,
        (3) FREE classic Atari 2600 games.

    (1) spiral bound manual of over 250 pages including:
        full source code for the monitor,
        source code for the large sample programs on ROM,
        operating instructions,
        sample programs to enter and run yourself,
        keypad layout diagrams,
        programming documentation (direct from Atari)
        list of 6502 instructions
        7800 Prosystem schematic

Full support via Internet or US Mail for problems or assistance.
All cartridges are tested for 24 hours before shipping.

Date released:  11 December 1993

Current Price:  $60  (Continental US shipping included)

Upgrade from Ver 1.0 requires returning cartridge.  New manual is sent
back along with upgraded cart.                       Price $50.00

Upgrade from Ver 2.0 is a user upgrade just requires replacing the ROM chip
and relocating one resistor.  Updates to manual.     Price $5.00

send to:

    Harry Dodgson                           Video 61
    P.O. Box 19574                          22735 Congo St. N.E.
    Kalamazoo MI                            Stacy MN 55079
    49019-0574                              (612) 462-2500

Video 61 also handles non-US orders.

Harry's Internet ID :

Lynx Support Area
Barry W. Cantin

Lynx News
Well, there are NO games currently in production for the Lynx at the moment.
All Atari's effort is being concentrated on the Jaguar.  No official release
dates on Lynx games, although it has been said that *several* games are
COMPLETE and are waiting to go to production.  They will go when the Tramiels
give the word.

Also -- the cart design problems are or are CLOSE to being fixed, as far as
"Eye of the Beholder" is concerned.  The cart design is different in this case
because EOTB is the first Lynx cartridge to feature battery backup.  When
those bugs are worked out, it will be added to the list of Lynx games
currently waiting the go-ahead for production.

One final note - two Lynx titles planned a couple years ago have officially
been scrapped.  Those titles are "720" and "Cabal".  No word on as to why they
were cancelled.

Don't forget to check out Atari's "summer steal deal" on Lynx games!  For a
limited time, all Atari-released Lynx titles have been greatly reduced in
price!  Most titles range from $14.99 to $19.99.  Take advantage of this while
you can - and build up that Lynx library!

Interview with Ted Tahquechi
  part one:  The Lynx

Recently I had the opportunity to talk with Ted Tahquechi, Software
Production Manager for Atari Corp.  He is also the Product manager for most
of the Lynx titles in development right now.  I had prepared a list of
questions for him, and here's how it went:

BC:  Are there any plans to redistribute the Lynx in retail outlets again?

TT:  The problem is that the national rollout for the Jaguar hasn't happened
     yet.  When this does, expect to see more Lynx merchandise available in

BC:  Are there any Lynx titles currently in production?

TT:  No Lynx titles are currently in production due to the concentration of
     effort on the Jaguar.

BC:  How is the cart design problem in "Eye of the Beholder" coming along?

TT:  To the best of my knowledge, this has been or is very close to being

BC:  How DOES the Lynx version compare to the PC and Amiga versions?

TT:  It's just as good if not better!

BC:  There has been talk of a new Lynx game called "Bubble Trouble".  Is it
     real and is there an expected date of completion?

TT:  It IS a real game, but its development has been put on hold.

BC:  Have any Lynx titles been officially scrapped recently?

TT:  Two that come to mind are "Cabal" and "720".

BC:  Any idea when we can expect to see more Lynx titles released?

TT:  It's hard to say right now, things are changing every day.

BC:  Are there any plans to use the Lynx with the Jaguar either as:
     a) A "smart" controller, or
     b) A comlynxed unit?

TT:  I'm afraid I can't comment on that right now.  Sorry!

Editor's Note:  Barry's interview with Ted Tahquechi continues in the Jaguar
                Section...   -ML

Lynx Bulletin Board Messages of Interest
Article #892 (923 is last):
From: aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Leair)
Subject: Re: Strange Joust trick
Reply-To: aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Leair)
Date: Sat Apr 23 14:22:41 1994

In a previous article, aa852@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Barry W. Cantin) says:

>Bryan Woodworth told me of an odd way he killed the pterodactyl in
>Joust.  His bird's posterior (presumably accidentally) backed into
>the ptero and KILLED it!  Anybody else try this?  I haven;t been able
>to get it to work but Bryan said it was a one-shot deal for him.
>Maybe this is how we get to the Tempest Easter Egg in the game? ;-)
>No, no, no I won't resurrect that one... it's an old April Fool's
>joke... <g,d,r>

I haven't played Joust in a while, but I thought one needs to kill the ptero
when its mouth was open...perhaps if you can some how land on top of it with
the posterior end when the ptero's mouth is open and attacking????
It is hard to explain what I'm talking about... :) I wish I had my Joust card...


Article #903 (923 is last):
From: aa852@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Barry W. Cantin)
Subject: How to kill the pterodactyl
Date: Thu Apr 28 16:44:12 1994

Okay, I have the *official* word from Ted T. at Atari on how to
kill the pterodactyl.  Mark Leair (I think) was right:

get your lance down his throat, but the mouth has to be OPEN.

That's it.  Doing this successfully on a regular basis will take
some practice (obviously).
Barry Cantin,
Atari Lynx SIGop, Cleveland Freenet
Lynx Commentary

The Lynx isn't dead.  Far from it.  It is HIBERNATING, perhaps, but it is
NOT dead.

Atari has temporarily lowered the price on their Lynx titles (ordered directly
through them) for a limited time.  Some people interpret this as a liquidation
of Lynx stock so that Atari can get a little money and concentrate on the
Jaguar.  How's about this approach:

Atari is not releasing Lynx titles for a while and must keep consumer interest
alive during the lull.

Hey, it works for me!  I'm ordering two games at $19.99 apiece and will play
them to death, no doubt.  Others will presumably do the same.  These prices
are BETTER than a lot of USED game prices I have seen on the net and
elsewhere.  What better way to generate consumer interest?  Now if they'd only
publicize it...

On another note... the game AvP is due out for the Lynx this year.  Atari
personnel have said that they'd LIKE to get the game released around the same
time that the Jaguar version is released.  I was wondering why, and several
reasons came to mind.  One of these I'll share.

There has been a LOT of talk about Lynx/Jag connectivity, and now we have all
heard that it's going to happen.  Since AvP is being released for BOTH
machines (and simultaneously to boot!) perhaps THIS will be the first game to
feature a connection between the two machines.  It certainly is *feasible*,
and rumors have been flying for a while that it would.

I certainly hope that it is true.  What this means for LYNX owners is that
they will have a way to interface with Jaguar owners.  On the other hand, if
the Lynx is used as a "smart" or auxiliary controller to the Jag version, then
there will be several Jaguar owners purchasing Lynxes to take advantage of
this unique feature.  Then, they will discover the wonderful library of Lynx
titles and start acquiring those (this assumes that the Jag owner in the
example doesn't already have a Lynx) as well... voila!  Another Lynx owner!

Yes, this is all speculation.  And Atari is tight-lipped about it.  We'll see
what happens, but I for one can't wait for the Lynx Resurgence!

-Barry Cantin

Jaguar Support Area
Len Stys

Jaguar News

The multi-player feature in DOOM might have taken a turn for the worse.
id Software is reporting that after requesting a cable from Atari Corp,
which would allow programmers to make DOOM multi-player on the Jaguar,
Atari Corp. responded by saying, "hack it yourselves."

(Commentary by Len Stys: This does not necessarily mean that id Software
won't make DOOM multi-player.  It just means that Atari Corp. isn't making
it any easier for game companies to produce multi-player (head-to-head/
modem) games for the Jaguar.  Concerned Jaguar owners are encouraged to
write Atari Corp.)

According to the manager of my local Electronics Boutique, the Jaguar is
selling well and so is its games.  This is great news, but don't expect to
see any new games for the Jaguar until late June.  This doesn't bother me
too much since I'm finishing up my last quarter and I will be busy enough
trying to get everything together!

As promised, I have put together the "Most Wanted Games for the Jaguar"
thanks to your votes.  A lot of people voted throughout world and the
results are the following:


Each person used 20 points to vote on any of the games on a list.
The list was compiled from lists of games that game players throughout the
world contributed since the last CAIN Newsletter.  Each person was allowed
to allocate as many points as they wanted in vote of a game, but they were
not allowed to use more than a total of 20 points.

If there was a game that a person really wanted to see made for the Jaguar
but it was not on the list, the person was allowed to add that game to his
or her votes, but was required to give that game at least 10 of their

As you look through the list, you may find errors in companies that have the
rights to a particular game.  If you find an error, please send the error to
the Atari SIG.

We are unaware (and most others) of who has the rights to certain Atari
games--Atari Games Corporation or Atari Corporation.  If you are aware of
who has the rights to the game, please send the information to the
address along with your vote.

I have been assured by a representative of Atari Corporation that the list
of most wanted games will be given to the appropriate person at Atari Corp.

Here's the list:

Mortal Kombat II..........................Acclaim/Midway...........[203 ]
Super Street Fighter II...................Capcom...................[134 ]
BallBlazer................................LucasArts................[110 ]
STUN Runner...............................Atari Games..............[106 ]
Sinistar..................................Williams/Midway..........[ 99 ]
Discs of TRON.............................Midway...................[ 90 ]
Defender..................................Williams/Midway..........[ 88 ]
Pac-Man (complete series).................Namco....................[ 73 ]
Assault...................................Namco....................[ 68 ]
Virtua Fighting...........................Sega.....................[ 68 ]
NBA Jam...................................Acclaim..................[ 56 ]
X-Wing....................................LucasArts................[ 51 ]
SimCity 2000..............................Maxis/Bullfrog...........[ 48 ]
Mechwarrior II............................Activision...............[ 44 ]
Virtua Racing.............................Sega.....................[ 44 ]
Samurai Shodown...........................SNK......................[ 42 ]
Robotron 2084.............................Williams.................[ 40 ]
Mr. Do....................................Universal................[ 40 ]
I, Robot..................................Atari Games..............[ 39 ]
Xybots....................................Atari Games..............[ 38 ]
Alternate Reality (complete series).......Philip Price.............[ 38 ]
Smash TV..................................Williams/Midway..........[ 30 ]
Asteroids (all forms in one)..............Atari....................[ 30 ]
Battle Zone...............................Atari....................[ 30 ]
Archon II.................................Electronic Arts..........[ 28 ]
Gauntlet IV...............................Atari Games..............[ 28 ]
Adventure.................................Atari....................[ 26 ]
Blasteroids...............................Atari....................[ 26 ]
Star Wars Trilogy (S.W.,E.S.Back,R.Jedi)..Atari Games..............[ 25 ]
Elite II/Frontier.........................GameTek..................[ 25 ]
Comanche Maximum Overkill.................NovaLogic................[ 24 ]
Crazy Climber.............................Namco....................[ 24 ]
Raiden II.................................Fabtek...................[ 22 ]
Pinball Jam...............................Atari Corp...............[ 22 ]
Alladin...................................Sega.....................[ 20 ]
John Madden Football......................Electronic Arts..........[ 19 ]
Attack of the Robot Monsters..............Atari....................[ 19 ]
Bonk (all)................................HudsonSoft...............[ 19 ]
Bubble Bobble.............................Taito....................[ 19 ]
Gyruss....................................Konami...................[ 19 ]
LLamatron.................................LlamaSoft................[ 18 ]
M.U.L.E...................................Electronic Arts..........[ 18 ]
Road Blasters.............................Atari....................[ 17 ]
Carrier Command...........................Rainbird.................[ 16 ]
Dune II...................................Virgin...................[ 16 ]
Tournament Cyberball......................Atari Games..............[ 16 ]
Baseball Stars............................SNK......................[ 14 ]
Tecmo Bowl................................Tecmo Inc................[ 14 ]
Dungeon Master............................FTL......................[ 14 ]
Ultima....................................Origin...................[ 14 ]
Zeppelin..................................Synapse..................[ 12 ]
Aces Over Europe..........................Dynamix..................[ 12 ]
Major Havoc...............................Atari Games..............[ 11 ]
Rebel Assualt.............................LucasArts................[ 11 ]
Centipede.................................Atari....................[ 10 ]
Darksun: Shattered Lands..................Strategic Sim (SSI)......[ 10 ]
Lady Bug..................................Universal................[ 10 ]
Pinball Fantasies.........................Digital Illusions........[ 10 ]
Wing Commander III........................Origin...................[  9 ]
Food Fight................................Atari Games..............[  8 ]
Wizardry..................................Sir Tech.................[  8 ]
Blazing Lazers............................HudsonSoft...............[  8 ]
Congo Bongo...............................Sega.....................[  6 ]
Pole Position.............................Atari....................[  6 ]
B-17 Flying Fortress......................Microprose...............[  2 ]
Rampart...................................Atari Games..............[  2 ]
Space Lords...............................Atari Games..............[  2 ]
Steel Talons..............................Atari Games..............[  2 ]
Stunt Track Racer.........................Microprose...............[  2 ]
Starblade.................................Namco....................[  1 ]
Thunderhawk...............................Core.....................[  1 ]

There were TWO comments that were included with most of the votes sent to
the Atari SIG.  1) Each game should be enhanced to take advantage of the
Jaguar's 64-bit features.  But the classic game should also be included
within the enhanced game (much like Tempest 2000).  2) Jeff Minter was the
most requested programmer to program most of these games.

Interview with Ted Tahquechi (Continued from the Lynx Section)
  part two:  The Jaguar
  -Barry W. Cantin

Editor's Note:  Barry now discusses the Jaguar with Ted Tahquechi...  -ML

BC:  What is your Jaguar game release "guesstimate"?

TT:  I really can't say right now.  As I said, things are changing daily.
     That's a question for Bob Brodie!

BC:  Do you know when DOOM and Wolfenstein 3D will be released?

TT:  Wolf 3D is VERY close, it could be in beta test by the first week in
     May. After that it could be another 2-3 months before it is actually

BC:  Why has Alien vs. Predator been delayed?

TT:  After looking at the beta test version we felt that the gameplay could
     use a bit more tweaking.

BC:  There are rumors that it was because multiplayer ability has been added
     to the game, is this true?

TT:  No.

BC:  What weapons are used in Alien vs. Predator?

TT:  Smart gun for the Marine, also (I think) a pulse rifle, flame thrower,
     shotgun, and possibly a grenade launcher.

BC:  How many frames per second is Alien vs. Predator?

TT:  Right now it's at 15 to 20.  It could get faster but I don't know just

BC:  Is Kasumi Ninja in the testing Stages yet?

TT:  No.

BC:  When will it be?

TT:  Soon.  We're still doing characters and filming moves.  The fatality
     moves are finished.  I'll tell you about a new fatal move, that's
     previously never been revealed.  The Goths (historically) used to trade
     with the Japanese.  From them they were able to get "exploding bamboo
     sticks"... they would light them, throw them, and they'd blow up.  The
     new finishing move for the Goth uses the exploding bamboo stick.  He
     shoves the lighted bamboo stick into the mouth and partly down the throat
     of his opponent.  It explodes and blows the top half of his opponent off,
     throwing meat and blood everywhere!

BC:  Wow...

TT:  It's great!

BC:  How long does it take to test Jaguar games on the average?

TT:  This depends on the game, and how solid it is when the beta version is
     received.  It depends mainly on the gameplay.  As an example,
     Wolfenstein 3-D is a port, so it's not going to be too long since the
     gameplay has already proven itself.  On the other hand, the game "Legions
     of the Undead" - which will be the first RPG for the Jaguar, will take
     longer to test, even than AvP.  As for a time frame, the best case would
     be two to three weeks, and a worst case might be up to a year and a half.

BC:  How long does it take to manufacture Jaguar games before they hit retail

TT:  Six to eight weeks on the average, most of the time there is growing the
     silicon for the chips.  Sometimes the box art and manual production can
     add time.

BC:  We've heard that there are a few major game developers who have just
     signed to make games for the Jaguar.  Care to elaborate?

TT:  Sorry, I really can't say!

BC:  Ted, thanks for your time!  It's great to talk with you, as always.

TT:  You're very welcome!  Glad to help.

Jaguar Bulletin Board Messages of Interest
From: aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Leair)
Subject: Tempest 2000 ads on USA
Reply-To: aa338@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Mark Leair)
Date: Sun Apr 17 05:30:22 1994

I saw the Tempest 2000 ad on USA like 3 times...

1st. time was at 9pm in the middle of the movie "Revenge of the

Then After the first break of Weird Science (which begins at 10pm)...

Furthermore, Atari was the sponsor of this show...however, I only
saw the ad run once during the course of the show...

I think it only ran once...not sure when the third one ran...perhaps
during Duckman???

At any rate, I was a bit surprised that they sponsored the show and only
ran one ad during the entire show...furthermore, the hand held
game one of the kids was playing looked a lot like a Game Gear...

Would have been nice if it were a Lynx...But I'm not sure what it was...

Although one of the games was Joe Montana's FootBall...

definitely not a Lynx title...

As for the ad:

I liked it...although the people in front of the screen shots really were
distracting and were blockingsome of the screen...

But it seemed like an exciting ad...I'm curious whether the background
music in the ad is the theme music or not...I'm guessing it is since the
samples matched the messages on the screen...

The music sounds pretty cool...  The music sounds fast and a lot like

A couple other comments:

One other fella watching TV knew about the Jaguar and said how awesome it
is...but the general consensus really knew nothing about the Jag...

Another fella was surprised that the Jaguar was made by Atari...he commented,
(and boy is this starting to sound like a cliche!) "Atari?  They're still


From: er571@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Rick Adams)
Subject: Re: Tempest 2000 arrived today
Date: Mon Apr 18 05:00:46 1994

RE: Tempest

I love it!  And so does my wife!  It's very hypnotic, and the music is great!
I can't wait for Kasumi Ninja, AVP and Battlewheels!  Some of the other games
coming out look like they are going to be fantastic!

       "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!"

From: er571@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Rick Adams)
Subject: Re: Tempest 2000 ads on USA
Date: Mon Apr 18 05:05:45 1994

You'd be suprised at how many people are finding out about the Jaguar...

At least I am!  I live in Stuttgart Germany and I mentioned to someone
at the PX (Post Exchange) that I had a Jaguar and they almost fainted!
There's a few Jags around here now and every one wants one!  Especially
after they've seen T2K...heh heh...wait'll they see Kasumi Ninja or AVP
or Battlewheels!!!


       "Be careful what you wish for, you might just get it!"

Jaguar Commentary

The Jag will Eat'em at Summer CES

 Atari Corporation will be making the Jaguar their killer cat at the Summer
 CES.  This is fantastic news because if the Jaguar doesn't get into at least
 6,000 retail outlets in the U.S. for the 1994 Christmas season, there will
 be a lot of disappointed people.  Atari Corp. also needs the Jaguar
 available in a large number of retailers in order to get the most out of the
 millions that they will be spending on advertising.

Signing Retailers & Producing Enough is Key

 The signing of a large number of retailers to carry the Jaguar is
 imperative.  Atari Corp. also has to produce enough to meet demand.  I doubt
 retailers will be happy with just fifty Jaguar units each during the busy
 Christmas season since they sell hundreds of Nintendos and Segas during this
 time.  I believe that Atari Corp. will need to raise its sales estimate from
 500,000 units to at least 1 million units.  Nintendo and Sega are not
 concerned with 500,000 Jaguar units taking over their future 32-bit/64-bit
 market share.  Nintendo and Sega will most likely quadruple this number in
 the first six months that their 32-bit/64-bit systems are released.

History Repeats Itself Over and Over Again

 The first system that gets into millions of homes first usually rules for
 years to come.  The Atari 2600, the NES, and the Sega Genesis are perfect
 examples.  Will the Jaguar be the first 32-bit/64-bit system to get into
 millions of homes?  Or will the Sega Saturn?  Or 3DO?  Or Project Reality?
 The Jaguar has no other choice but to be that system.  Atari has no other
 choice to make it that system.

The Lynx is Still The Cat

 Atari Corp. is getting to ready to push the Jaguar at this Summer's CES
 like the Jaguar has never been pushed before.  But what about the Lynx?
 The Lynx is still the best portable video game system in the world today,
 but there doesn't seem to be any major plans to push it this year.

 The Lynx and its game cards have the potential to be just as profitable
 as the Jaguar this year.  The reasons is that there are over seventy
 game cards available for the Lynx and Atari produces almost all of them.
 The problem is that most retailers may be reluctant to carry the Lynx
 since they have seen sales of the unit dwindle in the past few years.
 Atari Corp. needs to reorganize the Lynx, its game cards, prices, and its
 marketing of the Lynx to retailers.

Give the Lynx some "I feel like myself again!"


 I propose that Atari reduce the suggested retail price of the Lynx
 deluxe package and base unit.  While the low price may not make the Lynx
 hardware very profitable, it will increase sales of Lynx game cards.

 "Wild Cat" Price Reduction:
  LYNX DELUXE PACKAGE............................................$89.99
  LYNX BASE UNIT.................................................$69.99

 Atari Corp. should finish up the newer games and get them into production.
 There should also be a new game card pricing based strictly on the age and
 quality of the title.

 ======================== "Wild Cat 40 Hit List" =========================

 $49.99                             $29.99

 Alien Vs. Predator                 Klax
 Eye of the Beholder                Rampart
 $39.99                             Robotron:2084
 Battlezone 2000                    Crystal Mines II
 Bubble Trouble                     Xybots
 Fat Bobby                          Warbirds
 Ninja Gaiden III                   Steel Talons
 Road Riot 4WD                      Pinball Jam
 Super Asteroids &                  Checkered Flag
  Missle Command                    Baseball Heroes
 Raiden                             Rygar
                                    Batman Returns

 $24.99                              $19.99

 S.T.U.N. Runner                     Xenophobe
 Toki                                Chip's Challenge
 A.P.B.                              Blue Lightning
 Awesome Golf                        Todd's Adventures In Slime World
 Roadblasters                        Zarlor Mercenary
 Scrapyard Dog                       Paperboy
 Rampage                             Ms. Pac-man
 Lynx Casino                         Block Out
 Ishido: The Way Of The Stone

 All of the above games are either potential hit games or were hit games
 in the past.  There are no duds on this list.

Marketing to Retailers

 The Lynx "Wild Cat" promo would include price reduction of the Lynx Deluxe
 package, base unit, and games.  The only requirement is that the retailer
 carry all "Wild Cat 40 Hit List" games.

Convincing Retailers

 An explanation to dealers that the Lynx will be used with upcoming Jaguar
 games.  Should Atari Corp. use the Jaguar to get the Lynx into retail
 stores?  Only as much as Nintendo used the NES and SNES to get the Gameboy
 into retail stores...

It's Now or Never...

 The Lynx isn't getting any younger.  Atari Corp. has put a lot of money
 into making games for it.  Unless Atari takes action to get the Lynx into
 stores while the technology is still good, the Lynx may see its last days
 and Atari Corp. can write it off as a sunk cost.

-Len Stys

Upcoming Atari Shows

                             <<   Computer Shows  >>

                                Updated: 05/08/94

To include shows (preferably shows that include Atari products),
for the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG's Show list and the CAIN newsletter,
send the show's name, date, location, and any additional information to  Please address the e-mail with the subject
"Computer Show".  The following information is correct to the best of our
knowledge.  However, we cannot guarantee its accuracy.  Corrections and
cancellations are therefore requested.

|Shows at a Glance|
|        Name                    |     Location             |  Date    |
|1. Texas Atari Festival         |St. Mary's University     |06/04/94  |
|2. C.A.I.N. Atari Fun Fest '94  |Kirtland, OH              |08/07/94  |
|3. Connecticut Atarifest '94    |Windsor Locks, CT         |08/27/94  |
|4. Atari Leistungsschau         |Freiburg, Germany         |09/22/94  |

For more information on these shows, please consult the Atari SIG on the
Cleveland Free-Net (telnet to or
Once connected to the Free-Net type 'Go Atari' to get to the Atari SIG.

In addition to show information, the CAIN newsletter would like to print
any reports, summaries, or reviews of these and other recent shows.  Please
send any of these articles to ''

Vote Issues and Results
                               << Voting Booth >>

One exciting feature of the Atari SIG is its voting booth.  Here, users can
create their own opinion polls.  The voting booth is accessible from the main
menu of the Atari SIG on the Cleveland Free-net (CFN).  Select option '11'
from this main menu to enter the voting booth.

Last months poll:

Please vote on when you would like to have a Real-Time Atari Conference in
Freenet's local IRC chat system. Please NOTE: the results will be taken into
consideration, but our staff and guest's availability will make the final
decision. Please feel free to write in any specific time that is not already
listed using option 'a'.

A total of 9 votes have been cast as follows:

    3 (33.3%)   I am available just about anytime
    3 (33.3%)   Sunday Mornings
    1 (11.1%)   Saturday Evenings
    1 (11.1%)   Sunday Afternoons
    1 (11.1%)   Sunday Evenings
    0 (0.0%)    Saturday Mornings
    0 (0.0%)    Saturday Afternoons

This month's poll:

POLL #22
Which compression format do you prefer CAIN to use?
You may add a type that's not listed with the 'a' option.

Vote Options:

    1. ARC
    2. ARJ
    3. LZH
    4. Super ARC for Atari 8 bit
    5. Unix compress Z
    6. Zip PKWare etc
    7. gzip GNU Zip for Unix

Online Atari Conferences

The Cleveland Free-Net (CFN) has the facilities to provide Real-Time Online
Conferencing.  It is hoped that the Atari SIG can sponsor Atari conferences
in the future.  The conferences would be held on CFN's chat system called the
"IRC".  IRC stands for "Internet Relay Chat."  This is a special program that
allows real-time conferencing through the internet network.  However, CFN's
IRC is local, or accessible only by CFN users.  If you are interested in
these conferences, or would like to be a guest-speaker on one of these
conferences, please send internet e-mail to "".
Finally, stay tuned to this newsletter for transcripts from these conferences.

Editor's Note:  The following originally appeared as a message on the Atari
                SIG (message #1364 in the general bulletin board).  It is
                our hope that the following article will help first time users
                gain access to our monthly conferences.  Finally, one needs
                a registered account on the Cleveland Free-Net before joining
                these conferences...      -ML

                               IRC Crash Course

The IRC chat system can be a very overwhelming experience when one is 
beginning to use it.  The purpose of this article is to introduce the user
to a few basic commands, give instructions on joining an Atari Conference,
and discuss the conduct expected during an Atari Conference.

                         Choosing a Termianl Emulator

The IRC works best under an intelligent terminal emulation.  Such emulations
include:  VT52, VT100, and ANSI.  If your terminal emulation software 
supports any of these (or an emulation in the list mentioned below) you're
encouraged to use an intelligent emulation.  Text from your typing and from
other users is formatted nicely under an intelligent emulator, while text
in an environment without intelligent emulation is unformatted and can get
messy...However, if a terminal emulator is not available, you may skip down
to "Connecting to the IRC".

To choose an emulator, at any Free-Net prompt ("Your Choice ==>") type
"Go Config".
Next choose option 1, "Set Terminal Parameters", from the menu.  Next,
choose 1 again, "Set Terminal Type".  You are now presented with a list of
all the terminals Free-Net supports.  Choose an emulation that your
terminal software supports.  Next set your terminal software to this emulation
if you not yet done so.

If you like to make this change permanent, enter 'p', and again, enter 'p'
to return to the Configurations Menu.  Option 4 saves your environment.

                             Connecting to the IRC

Type "Go IRC" at any "Your Choice ==>" prompt.  This command will take you
to a menu that contains further information on the IRC (I encourage you to
read these text files in your spare time).  The two options we're interested
in is option '8' and option '9'.  Both of these options take you into the
IRC.  Option '8' is used by those who are using an intelligent terminal
emulator (if you chosed a terminal emulation above) and option '9' is
used by those who are not using an intelligent emulator.  Select the
appropriate option to enter the IRC.

                                 IRC Commands

All commands begin with a slash ('/') in the left most column of the command

For example:

/list   -   this command lists all the channels available on the Chat system
            and their topics.

                            Joining the Conference

After entering the IRC, first thing you should do is give yourself a
nickname...A nickname is an alias or handle that identifies you.  
The nicname can 1-9 characters long.

/nick (Your nickname)

That is, type "/nick" followed by your nickname then press Return...

No commands or text is displayed or executed until the Return or Enter key
is pressed...Therefore, if you make a mistake, you may backspace and
correct it...

After giving yourself a nickname type "/join #Atari".

The join command allows you to join a specific channel.  Channel names
can be any length of non-whitespace characters preceded with the '#'

After executing this command you are now in the conference.

Normally one can now just type a line, press Return, and the text will be 
sent to the channel for all to read.  However, during the first part of the
conference open chatting will be limited to our guest and the operators.

If you have a question for our guest you may ask it by doing the following.

/msg ATARI_SIG Ask (your question)

/msg is a command that sends a private message to the user that follows 

The general syntax:  /msg (user's Nickname) (your message)

the ATARI_SIG user has a special feature that stores questions...these
questions will then be forwarded to the guest at the appropriate time.

If you would like to see a list of questions that haven't been answered 
yet, type "/msg ATARI_SIG View"

A summary of these commands will be presented to you by ATARI_SIG when you
join the channel.

If you have any specific questions about IRC during the conference you
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                    Conference with Atari United! Transcript

On April 17, 1994 members of the Atari SIG were treated to a conference with
Patti Barbiero of Atari United!  Below is the transcript of this conference.

<Atari_SIG> Patti: when did you form Atari United?

<AU> Gordie Meyer (asst. sysop on Delphi) and I formed ATARI UNITED! in July

<Atari_SIG> How did you happen to meet Gordie and what was the main premise
behind forming AU! in July of '93?

<AU> After several late night conferences, where I was just introducing myself
to the online community, Gordie and I decided that the dismal state of the
Atari community would continue, until some of us users out there decided to do
something about it.  We were both tired of hearing about how Atari wasn't
doing anything for the user, and rather than join the whiners, we decided to
actually help provide some networking for support!
or people with the Atari SIG.

<AU> My husband was on deployment with the US Navy at the time, and I needed
something to do.  I certainly gave myself a job!

<Atari_SIG> Great.  Well, I certainly feel you two have been doing a good job
thus far.  Tell us what AU has done to benefit the Atari User Base

<AU> First off, AU! started out by trying to locate isolated users.  We
suspect that there are quite a few people out there with Atari computers in
their closets.  They don't know what to do with them, and don't realize that
there is support available.

<AU> Unfortunately, it is difficult and expensive to run a nationwide, much
less worldwide campaign like this.

<AU> From the start, we knew that cooperation with user groups all over the
country would be crucial.

<AU> With Bob Brodie's help, we obtained Atari's most current list of user

<AU> Needless to say, it was very much out of date.  We began by sending out
postcards to every group on the list, and putting out press releases to let
everyone know that we were trying to contact user groups.

<AU> I also sent out informal email messages to the few email addresses

<AU> Many of the groups contacted have been quite helpful in getting out our

<AU> news.  I have received a number of phone calls from users all over the

<AU> country that didnt know that Atari still existed, and that local support
might be available.  I am happy to say that I was successful in putting many
of those individuals in contact with groups in their area.

<AU> I have also found that it was very helpful to run free ads in some of the
multi-platform mags in many areas of the country.  Many people out there were
thrilled to see that the Atari community lives on!

<Atari_SIG> Great.  and yes, "Atari?  They still exist?"  Is really becoming a
cliche!  Tell us a little about your connection with the FreezeDried term

<AU> Well, Gordie and I have been looking around for ways to financially
support our project.  We have begun talking about forming the AU!

<AU> with the intention of providing support to shareware developers.

<AU> Aaron Hopkins of Freeze Dried Terminal was an obvious contact for us, and
so we approached him first with our idea, to see what he thought.

<AU> Aaron is typical of what we thought we could do to assist shareware
programmers.  He produces commercial quality programming, but through a series
a problems, has had difficulty maintaining a registered base and keeping track
of who has paid and hasn't.

<AU> AU! would like to  help programmers polish up their programs, put
together documentation, and also help with distribution of the unregistered

<AU> People who want to register their programs would send their money
directly to AU!.  We would handle sending out the registered package,
maintaining the database, and would send a monthly statement and hopefully a
check <G> to the programmer.  Of course we would take a cut, to be negoitiated
on an individual basis.

<AU> We would provide ongoing support for registered users, possibly including
a newsletter that would contain hints and tips from the programmers to the

<Atari_SIG>  [MichaelC] asks: What Atari platforms are supported by AU! ?

<AU> While we do not actively support the 8bit Atari, we do not exclude them
by any means.  All of the other Atari platforms are supported.  I have been
able to provide several people with crucial information on 8 bit support, so I
make a point to collect that information too!  Please excuse my spelling here
tonight!  <G>

<Atari_SIG> no problem.  What are some other future goals of AU?  Any interest
in world-wide coverage?

<AU> At this time, our world wide coverage is expanding rapidly.  With many
people discovering the internet, and many of the commercial services providing
at least internet mailers, contact with people everywhere is becoming
increasingly easier.  Recently I received a phone call from Costa Rica.
Apparently there are 3 people there who own Falcons and want to start a branch
of the Falcon Owners Group.  I have also received email from a group in Mexico
who sound like true die-hard Atarians.  They meet once a week from 10 at night
to 2 in the morning!

<AU> I am currently working on bringing more information in my User Group
Directory up to date.  Future plans, well, we would like to get the AU!
ShareWareHouse off the ground, and work on expansion of our DiskMagazine.
Eventually we would possibly have a BBS

<AU> or 800 number that could be called for support.  Right now we need to
focus on expanding our databases on local support, and locating isolated users
to bring them in from the cold!  Once we are firmly established--who knows
what we might do? <G>

<Atari_SIG>  [Russ] asks: Is AU connected to Atari Corp?

<AU> No, not officially.  Bob Brodie at Atari has been extremely helpful to us
in the past--but we are in no way connected to Atari Corporation.

<Atari_SIG> Do you plan on supporting the Jaguar or Lynx?

<AU> Not at this time!  Our focus is strictly on the computing side of things.
Of course if someone calls me up and wanted assistance, or had questions, I
certainly wouldn't hang up on them.  I am here to help!

<Atari_SIG>  [LenStys] asks: I'm at amazed at all that you do!  How much time
does it take to do everything you do?

<AU> <GRIN>  I don't know exactly how much time I spend doing all this.  But
it takes up most of the free time my kids, husband and birds allow me.  Gordie
also puts quite a bit of time in, and between the two of us, we manage!

<Atari_SIG>  [Russ] asks: FZT is great! Have you heard of the atzmod10 for 8

<Atari_SIG>   [Russ] asks: (about atzmod10) It is $5 shareware.)

<AU> Russ, I have not heard of that program.  I myself know very little about
the 8bit world! <G>  I am a relative novice and newcomer to the computer
community.  I am glad you like FzDT, and I hope Aaron will finish v2.3 in a
few weeks.

<Atari_SIG> Is there a definite release date yet for V2.3 ?

<AU> No, unfortunately Aaron is extremely busy--attending college full time
and holding down a job.  It leaves little time for him to program on FzDT.  As
you will understand, Aaron is reluctant to make any definite promises on a
release date.  As soon as he i

<AU>  ready to roll, we will put out press releases to AEO, STR, and CAIN!

<Atari_SIG> What features will V2.3?

<AU> For now, it will be a small upgrade.  Aaron is removing some little used
features, and cleaning up his code to make it smaller and more efficient.  It
will also be Falcon compatible.

<Atari_SIG>   [MichaelC] asks: What does your crystal ball say about the
future of computers from Atari?

<AU> Right now, Atari is in a desperate bid for solvency, the computer
marketplace as a whole is in flux, and with the Jaguar, Atari can gain a cash
making platform

<AU> which will keep them alive.  The Falcon030 and TT030 computers are still
in production, and will continue as long as there are orders to fill.

<AU> I see Atari having two cards to play in future computer making.

<AU> #1 is the Jaguar GPU chipset, this could be used in a new computer, or

<AU> as a card in other computers.  Second, the PowerPC is on the verge of
being the first RISC chip to break into consumer level computers, in a year or
two, the bugs will be worked out of this fundamental shift in computer

<AU> Atari will make computers, and in the future they will only be able to
make NEW computers if they are profitable!

<Atari_SIG> [Russ] asks: Did Atari close down their Texas R&D?

<Atari_SIG> ...also if you all can...get in your final questions...

<AU> Russ,yes they did close down the Texas R&D, long before the Falcon 030
went into production.

<Atari_SIG> [LenStys] asks: Do you think that AU! will work with Atari Corp.
to let user groups borrow computers and other products to demonstrate to
people in the future?

<AU> Len, it would be nice if we could, but at this time we have no plans like
that.  However, one of our goals is to help user group networking.  Possibly
we can assist groups contact each other, and borrow hardware, software and
individuals with knowledge!

<AU> For example, maybe one group would be able to contact another that had
access to a Falcon with a wizztronics card installed, and be able to get the
owner to attend their meeting!

<Atari_SIG>  [Russ] asks: Does Atari have another R&D facility?

<AU> Sunnyvale, CA is the location of Atari's R&D facility!

<Atari_SIG> [COWBOY] asks: has Atari stopped production on the lynx

<Atari_SIG> [Russ] Thanks the lady.

<AU> Oh absolutely not!  Before I moved here to WA state, I lived just a few
miles from Atari in CA.  At Christmas I saw quite a few Jaguar ads that also
had trailer ads for the Lynx.  I recently purchased a Jaguar myself, and
discovered a very nice brochure
<AU> included for the Lynx.

<AU> Atari is stepping up publicity for the Lynx!

<Atari_SIG> [MichaelC] asks: About how many user groups has AU! confirmed to

<AU> At this time 68 in the US.  I have about 10 listed internationally, with
possible contacts for about 40 more.

<Atari_SIG> A follow up question on the Jag and Lynx ads.  What medium were
these ads?  (print, tv, etc)

<AU> The Jaguar and Lynx ad that I mentioned were on TV.  In fact there was
quite a publicity blitz in Christmas.  The Lynx brochure of course was print.
Also, as an interesting aside:  Andreas (my husband) and I saw a TV ad for
Tempest 2000 (Jaguar) on MTV during Beavis and Butthead.

<Atari_SIG> I saw it as well...On the USA network... I liked it...

<AU> I was impressed!

<Atari_SIG> [LenStys] asks: Do you know what the average size of each user
group is?

<AU> This isn't a scientific answer, but I would guess about 10 to 25 members.

<Atari_SIG>  [BRiTiSH] asks: Just out of curiosity, what platforms do you own
and what do you like best about each of them?

<AU> Hehehe. . .we own his and hers computers. . .Andreas owns a TT030 and I
own a Mega STe.  I love them both, but I think I prefer the speed of the TT.
The Mega STe is the best ST there is for compatibility with older software.
Many games are released

<AU> that do not run on the TT, so the Mega comes in very handy.

<Atari_SIG>   [MichaelC] asks: Any guess how many Atari computer (TT/Falcon)
dealers there are in the U.S.?

<AU> Atari will not release official numbers, but excluding Jaguar dealers, I
think there was about 300 a year or so ago.

<Atari_SIG> question...(then we'll open up the forum)

<Atari_SIG>   [DarkFlame] asks: How do you feel that the Jaguar will do
against such established game machines such as Genesis, or SNES.  Is it better
to support the price?

<AU> The Jag offers significantly more power for the money than the SNES or
Genesis not to mention the 3DO...  even without the CDROM unit, the Jaguar can
do FAR more than

<AU> than existing CDROMs as far as gameplay.  That is what we buy a game
system for, right :-)

<AU> If you haven't seen Tempest 2000, you haven't seen the first console game
that beats anything at the arcade. Doom! and Wolfenstien 3d will reach new
levels of

<AU> performance when they are released in the next 30/60 days.  Alien V.
Predator will also blow away the competition.

<AU> At $250 it is an amazing deal.  The only thing remains to be seen is if
they can get ENOUGH software out on the market in '94... at least 75 to 100
titles should do it!

<Atari_SIG> Great...any closing remarks on Atari United, Patti?

<AU> Well, before we finish up here, I would like to encourage all of you to
contact me via email <> with any information any of you
may have about user groups.  User groups are often very transient, and
difficult to contact.  Also, if an
<AU>  of you  every need assistance, please don't hesitate to ask!  I am
collecting information on individuals also, basically, name, address, computer
owned, user group membership, etc.  Once in awhile we do "alerts" and do a
mass emailing to everyone in our database.

<AU> Just recently we did a letter campaign to SoftLogik, to encourage them to
release an upgrade to Pagestream.  The current plans only included Amiga, and
of course we wanted Atari included too!

<AU> Eventually we will make our databases available to commercial marketing
concerns in the Atari market.  So, get your name on our mailing list! <G>

<AU> I would like to thank Mark for all his hard work in putting together this
conference tonight.  It has been fun!

<Atari_SIG> Great.  Thank-you for attending...You are certainly welcome to
stick around for our open forum.  I also want to add that a transcript of this
conference will be available in the next issue of CAIN.  Thank-you Patti, and
thank-you to everyone who has attended tonight.

<Atari_SIG> Stay tuned to the Atari SIG and the newsletter for details on an
upcoming conference with the programmer of Tempest 2000, Jeff Minter

                                      * * *

                      Upcoming Conference with Jeff Minter

The Atari SIG will be sponsoring an Online Conference with Jeff Minter,
programmer of the Jaguar's Tempest 2000.  Tempest 2000 is the Jaguar that has
received "game of the month" by two different game publications and "game of
the show" at CES by several other organizations.  The date and time for this
conference is Sunday, May 29th, 1994 at 7 PM EDT.

                                      * * *

Don't miss this upcoming conference!  Get your Cleveland Free-Net IDs today!
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