Portable Addiction: 15-Mar-92 #011

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 07/20/92-07:43:23 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Portable Addiction: 15-Mar-92 #011
Date: Mon Jul 20 19:43:23 1992

Contributed By: Andy Norman <ange@hplb.hpl.hp.com>

               PORTABLE ADDICTION  ISSUE #11 MARCH 15th 1992

       Tjerk "MegaJerk" Heijmens Visser ......... (EDITOR)
       Yiri "Neuromancer" Kohl .................. (EDITORIAL ASSISTANT)
       Alex "Killer of Laura Palmer" Borburg .... (GAMEBOY STAFF WRITER)

      Thanks to ...     The  Funtronics Computer Shop, The International
                        Lynx Club,  Robert Jung,  Andre "ALU" Luyer, The 
                        Tom, Amsterdamned BBS,  Alizera  Malek, Mr. Doom   
                        and all the others that made this most excellent 
                        issue possible...

   For comments, suggestions and complaints you can reach us on:

   Internet:            tjerk@nikhef.nl (Tjerk Heijmens Visser)
                        shintaro@utopia.hacktic.nl (Yiri Kohl)

   Cleveland Free-net:  bd831 (Tjerk Heijmens Visser)

   THE DARKSIDE BBS:    Dail-up: Holland + 20-6969263
                        Fido Node: 2:280/403.16
                        Sys-op: Fred Kohl
                        Co Sys-op: Yiri Kohl



          Editorial/Goodbye for a while .................. by Mega Jerk    



     Finally things are heating up now.  But we are sad to report to you that
    we are leaving you for a period of time. We are no professional reviewers
    so we  have a lot of other  things to do, but the last  few month we were
    quite busy. We have hardly had any spare time this month. And nexth month
    will be very hard for us too.

     But Portable Addiction will be back! the mailing list will be kept alive
    and we plan on  returning to you with issue 14 within a year.  So be sure
    that you are still there!
     Playing and reviewing  video games has been one  of our main hobbies  in 
    the past year.  That year went  incredibly fast, so we hope that the next
    few month will be gone fast too. But the point here is that we were doing
    it only  FOR FUN.  It was surprise for  us that a lot of  people actually 
    liked it, espescially in the beginning.

     The internet addresses  and Bulletin Board will remain open,  and you'll
    be able to send messages there.

     In the mean time you will have to do without us............
    Issue 14 will feature  descripions of ourselves etc...... But we have the 
    feeling that Alex won't be there. 

     See ya then!

                                            Tjerk "Mega Jerk" Heijmens Visser

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