ST Report: 12-Feb-92 #907

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Date: 02/15/93-06:04:58 PM Z

From: aa789@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Bruce D. Nelson)
Subject: ST Report: 12-Feb-92 #907
Date: Mon Feb 15 18:04:58 1993

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               WHAT'S NEW IN THE ATARI FORUMS (February 12)


 The long awaited new Forum Software has been installed in all of the Atari
 Forums! Among  other things,  this allows longer messages and improvements
 in sending CompuServe Mail from within the forum.  Some  old commands have
 been dropped, and a couple of commands work slightly differently than they
 used to.

 Please see the file MSGFEA.DOC in  LIB  1  of  the  Atari  Arts  Forum (GO
 ATARIARTS) for  details on the changes.  Don't hesitate to leave a note to
 SYSOP if you have any questions.


 Download file ACCTS1.ARC from  LIBRARY 5  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO  ATARIPRO)  for  the  Family  Accountant: an easy-to-use but effective
 program for maintaining home  finance records  and establishing  a budget.
 It  requires  no  formal    knowledge  of  accounting (the author has none
 either).  It will handle up to 11 money accounts and 14 budget categories.
 Requires monochrome  high resolution monitor and 1M of RAM.  Also download
 ACTDOC.ARC from LIBRARY 5 of ATARIPRO for the program's documentation.


 Download file FATCAC.LZH from  LIBRARY 4  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO)  for a hard disk cache and FAT speed-up for TOS 1.0 and 1.2.
 Faster, more compatible, more memory efficient than FATSPEED.  Gives up to
 1000% speed increase when copying files between partitions.  Includes GEM
 installation program  and no  technical knowledge require (please read the
 docs though).


 Download file HSC140.LZH from  LIBRARY 3  of the  Atari Productivity Forum
 (GO ATARIPRO) for a complete C compiler system for the Atari ST.  Includes
 GemFast v1.8 GEM programming  library.    The  compiler  is  based  on the
 Sozobon   compiler,   but   contains  many  modifications,  bugfixes,  and
 extensions.  The  compiler  features  an  automatic  installation process.
 Just unpack  the archive  and run INSTALL.PRG to install and configure the


 Download file C3NEWS.TXT from LIBRARY 16  of the  Atari Vendors  Forum (GO
 ATARIVEN) for  the official  announcement of the release of Calligrapher 3
 -- the next generation of the  Ultimate Writing  Machine.   Read this text
 file for  details about  the new  version of this powerful word processor.
 Information on upgrading from earlier versions is included.

                          HAS BEEN DESIGNATED AN



 > From the Editor's Desk             "Saying it like it is!"

     There's a rumor that the Atari warehouse has a large  number of crates
 in it  and they are gathering more and more goodies to spring on the Atari
 community come March 1st.  What a concept!   Delivering  the goods however
 late they may be but delivering them in respectable numbers.
     It'll  be  like  Christmas  in  march  and  indeed Jim Dandy St. Pat's
 celebration.  We shall see.  I can only hope that holding  all the goodies
 until a  big splash  can be  made is  being done to further the success of
 the company and to ensure the success of the Falcon's  marketing debut and
 not to make anybody "look" good.
     This weekend  marks a  repeat in  the pleasant milestones STReport has
 covered.  We are now, once again, residing in the  GEnielamp RT  on GEnie.
 We have  library 21 and Category 12 in the GEnielamp RT BB.  Come in, stop
 by and say hello.  Its a friendly place to be.

     Thank you all for the kind letters and email you  recently sent  to us
 as it did make the bumpy road a bit smoother.
             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


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                      STR'S "BELIEVE IT?  OR.. WHAT?"

                "There is no comparison!  The Atari Falcon
                   is far superior to the PC platform."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "My new office, which has a better view than my old one, is so far
     quite satisfactory. And Richard Miller is in my old office.  The
     Forbes article was a mish-mash and misconstrued article full of half
     truths.  We are anxiously awaiting the release of the Atari Falcon to
     bring us back to the forefront.  The article has given us some laughs,
     but otherwise has not affected us."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

          "As I said before, all marketing announcements will be made at
          Duesseldorf.  I will not comment on future models of the Falcon.

                    WHICH WILL BE SHIPPING NEXT WEEK."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "I've just returned from Asia, where I saw the first Atari Falcon
     production coming off the lines.  Let's hope this new offering will
     make it in North America.  I know that the specs are great."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

     "We have not yet even given the machine to the FCC.  And we are only
     applying for Class B approval.  According to our "experts", it should
     pass Class B."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 08/92

            "......  We are not working for Wall Street but to
        make money for our shareholders and only think long term."

                                                  Sam Tramiel, 11/92

              FYI.... The Shareholder's equity is fine.... NOT!

                    The Stock is hovering around $1.12 

                    CHRISTMAS '92 has COME and GONE...
                          FALCONS    ....anyone?

                 By the Way.... Does the Falcon work well
            any... of the SLM Laser Printers??  NOPE!  NOT YET!



                  Computer Products Update - CPU Report
                  ------------------------   ----------
                 Weekly Happenings in the Computer World
                                Issue #07
                             By: John Deegan

    NeXT TO STOP MAKING WORKSTATIONS - NeXT Computer Inc. will stop 
 making workstations and instead focus on its NeXTStep software.  As a 
 result of the sale, reports say that NeXT will lay off about 300 of its 
 540 employees.
    The company is negotiating to sell its hardware business to Canon 
 Inc. Canon, which has invested $165 million in NeXT, owns 17.9% of the 
 company and sells NeXT machines in Japan.  Canon officials would not 
 elaborate, but indicated that they will make a decision on the purchase 
 by the end of May.
    NeXT shipped an estimated 69,300 workstations last year while market 
 leader Sun Microsystems shipped roughly 217,000 workstations, according 
 to International Data Corp., a market research concern based in 
 Framingham, Mass.
    COMPAQ COULD PASS IBM IN MARKET SHARE - The chief of Compaq Computer 
 Corp. said the firm could increase its worldwide market share for per-
 sonal computers this year to rival IBM Corp.  Chief Executive Officer 
 Eckhard Pfeiffer said that Compaq has already cornered 8.2% of the total 
 European PC market in 1992, compared with IBM's 8.0%.

    "If we continue our first quarter run rates, Compaq will be in double 
 digit market share around the world, which will bring us close to the 
 world leader, which is IBM," he said.
    APPLE INTRODUCES EIGHT NEW PRODUCTS - At the Macworld Exposition in 
 Tokyo this week, Apple introduced eight new products, including the long 
 awaited color Powerbook notebook computer, five new desktop systems, and 
 two new laser printers.  It also announced that it has shipped its 10 
 millionth Macintosh computer.
    The new PowerBook 165c, the first color laptop made by Apple, will be 
 shipped with a suggested price of $3,399 with 80MB of memory and $3,759 
 with 120MB. The unit's monitor will display 256 colors on a passive-
 matrix and will weigh 7 pounds, slightly more than the black-and-white 
    In addition:
    -:- The new Mac Color Classic will sell for $1,389 with 4MB of RAM 
    and an 80MB hard drive. It will feature a 10-inch Sony Trinitron 
    -:- Apple is improving its line of Macintosh LC desktop computers 
    with better displays. Enders says the units are priced from $1,349 to 
    -:- The Apple Quadra 800, designed for high-end business use, will 
    sell for a suggested price of $4,679 to $5,429.
    -:- A new Mac line called the Centris will offer variations for home 
    and office use. They range from the low-end Centris 610, with 4MB of 
    RAM and an 80MB hard drive, for $1,859, to the Centris 650, which 
    will retail for $4,379.

    Several of the new models are built around Motorola Inc.'s 68040 

    -:- The company is adding two low-cost laser printers to its line.
    DELL SLASHES PC PRICING BY UP TO $500 - In an unexpected move, Dell 
 Computer has cut PC pricing by between $50 and $500. At the same time, 
 the company has shuffled pricing down on its peripherals by as much as 
 $300. At least 14 PCs are affected by the cuts.

    PCs affected the price reductions include four portable PCs, and ten 
 of the i486-based systems Dell introduced in early December 1. The cuts 
 are impressive -- the Dell 320SLi 3.6 pound notebook falls in price by 
 $699, when the 8-megabyte (MB)/120MB hard disk system is bought.
 professor of Tokyo Institute of Technology, claims to have made a break-
 through in the design of liquid crystal display (LCD) technology. If 
 Ikeda is correct, then his new technology will be capable of producing 
 larger and cheaper LCDs that can be manufactured at present.

    Ikeda has applied the relatively new technology of photochemical 
 switching of polarization in ferroelectric liquid-crystal films to LCD 

    Put simply, Ikeda's technology allows the molecules that make up an 
 LCD screen to react to electrical current much faster, thanks to the use 
 of a laser. This translates into a faster screen update. Slow screen 
 updates have always posed a problem for portable computer manufacturers. 
 To date, the best solution has been to split large screens up, with each 
 segment a separate screen.
    JAPANESE MASS PRODUCE 16 Mg DRAMS - Several major semiconductor com-
 panies, including Fujitsu and Toshiba, have announced plans to commence 
 mass production of 16 Mb DRAM chips in Japan.
    The announcement was unexpected as many U.S. companies thought the 
 recession had forced the companies to put a hold on mass production of 
 16Mb DRAM chips. The companies claim, however, that the computer market-
 place is recovering, hence the resumption of their plans.
    GATES SUGGESTS IBM BREAKUP - Microsoft Corp. chief Bill Gates says he 
 thinks IBM needs to break up into smaller firms in order to get ahead of 
 the pace of change.
    Speaking with U.S. News and World Report, Gates said, "I think IBM 
 will soon be multiple companies and then we can talk about each of the 
 companies independently. I feel sure that until they really split up the 
 sales force, really split into multiple companies, they won't be able to 
 get ahead of the pace of change."

    Gates added, "Some of their businesses, certainly mainframe and even 
 the mini-computer business, won't be there like they are today in three 
 or four years."

 American telephone numbers created in a plan adopted by the telephone 
 company in 1947 are almost gone, and at least 14 area codes expect to be 
 out of numbers by the end of 1995.  The plan currently in use is the 
 North American Numbering Plan, which offers one billion phone numbers in 
 144 area codes.
    The problem is being blamed on the increased demand for numbers by 
 people adding extra phone lines to their homes and offices for modems 
 and fax machines, as well as the need for cellular phone numbers.

    One billion is no longer enough numbers, and representatives from the 
 Federal Communications Commission and regional Bell companies will meet 
 in March in Washington, D.C. to consider a new plan that will add 640 
 more area codes and as many as five billion numbers. The catch is that 
 callers will have to dial 10-digit numbers for calls within their own 
 area codes.
    LIBEL SUIT CENTERS ON PRODIGY MESSAGES - Some subscribers to Prodigy 
 are protesting the IBM/Sears information service's compliance with a 
 subpoena of electronic messages in connection with a libel case 
 involving comments that were made online.
    Communications Daily reported this week the case centers on a suit 
 brought by Medphone Corp., a company that develops interactive medical 
 services, against a Babylon, N.Y., Prodigy member named Peter Denigris 
 over electronic comments he posted publicly in an area of Prodigy 
 dealing with financial issues.

    The newsletter reports the suit, filed in U.S. District Court in New 
 Jersey, says DeNigris posted messages stating Medphone insiders were 
 "waiting to unload" their stock and that company was under investigation 
 by the American Stock Exchange. Medphone's suit contends DeNigris's 
 information was "patently false" and it backed up its complaint with a 
 statement from an Amex employee.
    The suit says Medphone "received numerous phone calls" from stock-
 holders who "have seen or heard about defamatory postings about Medphone 
 on Prodigy" and that the statements were enough to drive down the 
 stock's price in an otherwise inexplicable manner.
    CD says the case is in discovery "and other Prodigy members who have 
 commented on Medphone have found that their messages, even ones no 
 longer available for reading, have been (the) subject of (a) subpoena, 
 as well as those of DeNigris."
    Prodigy officials told the newsletter that, according to its member-
 ship rules, all postings to message boards are public and that Prodigy 
 had no means of refusing the subpoena. Attorney William Schneck argues 
 public notes don't become private after they are archived and that, un-
 der Prodigy guidelines, members are responsible for the content of their 
 postings. He said the guidelines protect Prodigy from any liability.
    And now that position has some Prodigy users angry, CD reports, in 
 light of the system's recent decision to close a controversial Prodigy 
 bulletin board. As reported earlier, the feature, called the "Frank 
 Discussion" bulletin board of social issues, was discontinued last month 
 because, Prodigy officials said, the sexually explicit messages were 
 becoming offensive to some Prodigy subscribers.
    "Members argued," says Communications Daily, "it's contradictory for 
 Prodigy on one hand to exercise close control over (the) content of 
 postings and on (the) other to assert that members are (on) their own 
 when it comes to lawsuits."

    However, Prodigy General Counsel George Perry told CD he considers 
 the two cases to be "completely separate." He said the fact Prodigy can 
 establish standards for postings in general doesn't mean members aren't 
 responsible for what they say online.
    "Prodigy cannot and should not be obligated to protect its members 
 from the consequences of their own actions," he added.



 > ONLINE WEEKLY STReport OnLine          The wires are a hummin'!
                           PEOPLE... ARE TALKING
 On CompuServe
 compiled by Joe Mirando

     Hello again folks.  Yet another week has come and gone and the
 questions and answers keep on coming here on CompuServe.  I keep meaning
 to thank those responsible for these questions and answers at the end of
 each column, but I keep forgetting about it.  So this week, I'll thank
 them right up front...  "THANKS, YOU GUYS (and GALS), for helping those of
 us who know less about Atari computers than you do.  Your help is one of
 the things that make the Atari community a very nice neighborhood to be
 in".  Well, that having been said, it's time to get on with the Q&A so
 let's get to it.

 From the Atari Productivity Forum

 We all know someone who's done it; gone from the Atari ST to either the
 Mac or a DOS machine.  Invariably, after they sell, give away, or throw
 out the ST, they discover that there is a very important document, a
 spreadsheet, or a database file on an ST floppy disk that they need to
 transfer to their new machine.  What to do, what to do?  If the new
 machine is DOS compatible, the job isn't too big.  John Stalzer runs into
 this dilemma and tells (who else?) Albert Dayes of Atari Explorer

     "I used to have an Atari 1040st. I have a few first word(?) word
     processor files on an Atari formatted diskette. Can I translate them
     into DOS or MAC readable format somehow. I'd appreciate any help on

 Albert, being the fountain of knowledge that he is, tells John:

     "If you can save them as ascii files you can move them to a PC quite
     easily.  Just format a 720K disk on a 3.5 inch PC drive and then you
     can import it to any editor or word processor."

 Sysop Bob Retelle jumps in and adds:

     "The disk formats are virtually the same between the PC and the ST...
     the main difference is three bytes in the boot sector which MS-DOS
     does not recognize if the program that formatted the disk on the ST
     doesn't put them in.  Early versions of TOS on the ST didn't do this,
     later versions did make MS-DOS readable disks.

     Have you tried reading the disks in your PC already..?  If you used a
     compatible version of TOS to originally format the disks, there
     shouldn't be any problem.

     If the disks can't be read from DOS, you can use a disk editor on the
     PC to make the changes in the boot sector.  (I've never tried copying
     an "unreadable" ST disk on a PC, but it might be a very good idea to
     try making a DISKCOPY of the ST disks BEFORE you try editing them.)

     Now, with all that said, I can't remember exactly what the bytes are
     that have to be changed...   I'm hoping someone else reading this will
     know the exact changes...  Anyone...? "

 On another front, David Hagood asks:

     "Are there any updates on when MultiTOS will be available? or how much
     it will cost to upgrade to it?"

 Jim Ness, the guy who gave us "QUICKCIS", tells David:

     "According to Bob Brodie on Friday, MultiTOS is finished and will be
     included with all Falcons.

     They have not decided how to distribute it to other Atari users, yet. 
     Bob wants to upload it exclusively to GEnie, but there is opposition
     within Atari (and here, too - heh) to that idea."

 John Amsler adds:

     "...I realize that Atari's "official presence" is on GEnie, and I'm
     basically aware of the philosophical brouhaha between them and
     STReport, but do you think they would really resort to the kind of
     petty childishness to only upload it go GEnie, giving CompuServe the
     "cold shoulder?"  Is there no honor among Atarians, even if they're
     polar opposites on the "political" spectrum?  Sheeesh!"

 Mike Mortilla, of ZNET Online, tells John:

     "I hope you're correct in thinking that Atari won't "cold shoulder"
     CIs users. From my own perspective, I'm on this service because I can
     get support for my ST and Stacy. Should *that* aspect of CIs be lost,
     I would make a quick exit from the service entirely and switch to
     "something else.

     I know the CIs people are aware of the messages left here and hope
     they realize that I'm probably not alone in this. As a result, I would
     hope CIs will make a strong effort to keep Atari online here.
     Actually, I've seen lots of activity from Atari on CIs recently and in
     my optimism, assumed that would indicate an increased interaction with
     the service and its members.

     Clearly, there are no losers in the equation. CIs members get support
     for their investment(s), CIs gets $$$ for online time and Atari gets a
     loyal users group to spread the word (and they *really* need that
     right now)! The only "losers" might be IBM, MAC and the Clones! :>"

 The big Kahoona, Master Sysop Ron Luks, tells Mike:

     "You must understand that we have constantly expressed an interest in
     keeping and expanding the Atari Corp presence online here.  The Atari
     Forums will remain open here with or without Atari's direct support
     but it would seem a shame for Atari to further splinter their audience
     further by denying support to their customers simply because they
     don't choose to use GEnie.  That would be like Atari refusing to
     support Falcon computer buyers simply because they choose to use a
     non-Atari peripheral."

 John Amsler makes a very interesting point:

     ">"The only "losers" might be IBM, MAC and the Clones! :>"

     I sure hope so!

     You know, over the years I've known a lot of IBMers, several Macheads,
     and a few Amigans.  They are a fickle lot!  They have little loyalty
     to their computers or the companies.  They will flit from one platform
     to another, in a capricious manner, like a fly buzzing from one pile
     of dung to another.  In contrast, the Atarians I've known [in
     particular since 1986, but also dating back to 1981] have demonstrated
     an incredible passion for the Atari computer line(s).  That fervent
     loyalty is something I think Atari should consider a corporate asset!

     Doesn't ANYONE out in Sunnyvale realize that we SERIOUSLY want the
     Falcon030, the Jaguar040, the Falcon040, the two-piece Falcon040, the
     Eagle050 [when it comes! <g>] to be nothing but a smashing success???
     Don't they realize that we are rooting for Atari to knock Commodore
     and Apple off their high horse?? (And I'm not just talking about the
     "European" market; I mean here in the US!)"

 Ron Luks adds:

     "I spoke with Bill Rehbock about this issue over the phone a few weeks
     ago and he told me that he had no plans to release MTOS as a
     GEnie-only file but thats not to say that some of the very pro-GEnie
     people (person) wont try to get this changed by release date.

     For now, I'm sitting with Bill's statement that he sees no logical
     reason why CompuServe and Delphi should be prohibited from having the

 Jim Ness comes back and adds:

     "Bob Brodie already thought of that.  His idea would be to include a
     distribution caveat that said the file could only be downloaded from
     the other service.  Probably for 30 days, or 60 days, to insure that
     the bulk of the download royalties would go to the Atari roundtable
     over there.

     But, again, there are others within Atari who oppose that idea.  Some
     want to charge for the software, others want it to be freely
     distributed everywhere.

     So, no decision has been announced yet."

 Harold Swaffield posts a plea for info on memory upgrades:

     "A Can someone help a CPU guru with the appropriate answer to this
     question. My hardware training is in the VAX (Digital) line, the Atari
     is just a side line to everything. I bought the Atari new in 1986,
     (old machine) and upgraded the 520 to 1 meg of memory. I have in front
     of me some instructions for an upgrade to 2 meg. (Simm installation, I
     can upload it if you like). Anyway, In it, it mentions that you must
     remove the RAM chips from the system and install the Simms, the hookup
     the wires to the appropriate places. My questions are......

          Can I have a machine running 3 meg of memory? So I wouldn't have
          to remove the RAMS?

          Can the power supply give enough of a boost to all the chips on
          the VCC line?

          What is the purpose of the Address line 9 on the simms and why do
          I need to use it?

     3 major questions for the young at heart to answer. If you would like
     to get a bit technical, that is fine with me, or if you would rather
     leave a message to me personally, mail me here at 73217,2133"

 Sysop Bob Retelle tells Harold:

     "The ST can only support two banks of RAM because of design

     It doesn't matter what size those two banks are (up to the maximum
     possible total of 4 Megabytes), but there can only be the two.

     A 1 Meg ST comes with two banks of 512K each.  If you want to add 1
     Megabyte SIMMs, you have to remove (or at least disable) the existing
     RAM chips before the internal MMU (Memory Management Unit) chip will
     recognize the new memory.

     Depending on the revision of your motherboard and chips, you can have
     practically any mix of bank sizes, but never more than two at one

     My 520ST right now has a 2 Megabyte expansion board in addition to its
     original 512K, for a total of 2.5 Megs.  If I wanted to completely
     populate the memory board with 4 Megs, I'd have to cut some of the
     lines to the RAM on the motherboard, and tie them to +5v. to put them
     in "standby" low power mode, or just remove them completely.

     Since newer memory parts like SIMMs are generally lower power devices,
     your original power supply should be able to power any memory upgrade,
     right up to the full 4 Megabytes.  Just make sure the power leads are
     heavy wire, connected directly to the power supply, and be sure they
     are bypassed properly.

     I'm not exactly sure about that ninth address line on the SIMMs,
     except that most SIMMs have 9 data bits (since they are generally
     intended for use in IBM style systems which have parity checking built
     into their memory systems), so it might be related to that.

     The ST upgrades ignore the ninth bit, or can generally use SIMMs
     intended for Macintosh applications which only have 8 data bits."

 His question answered, Harold thanks Bob and adds a bit of humor:

     "Thanks for the info, what I'll do is upload the procedure into this
     conference for upgrading 520/1040 st machines to 2 meg with simms...
     It does explain what to do with the 9th address bit. Engage......."

 Ron Bielman asks:

     "I have a 520ST that a friend gave(!) me, but with one problem: it
     doesn't work.  It has had a Supra 1meg memory upgrade installed. When
     I attempt to boot the system (the ST, 20meg Supra HD, SC1224 monitor,
     and the floppy) the drive(s) don't respond, and the screen displays
     horizontal lines, thick then thin, randomly, but the lines are
     consistent every time I try to start it up. I understand that the
     computer received a sharp blow (my friend is given to tizzy-fits at
     times) and since then, it refuses to work. I have had it apart, and I
     can see no cracks on the motherboard, or any other visible faults. If
     this sounds familiar to anyone, I'd really like to hear from you. I'm
     trying to go cheap on the repair, if I can... If the fix is not
     reasonable, I would like to buy a used computer with at least 1meg of
     memory, (not the older versions with TOS in RAM), and a 1040 or better
     would be nice. I also do not need a monitor, I would only be
     interested in the computer itself."

 Jeff at Intersect Software asks Ron:

     "Horiz lines?????  Are you sure the lines don't run up and down
     ||||||| Like that.

     Those generally indicate a RAM problem, usually bad connections to the
     MMU chip, or with third party RAM upgrades, pad connections to the RAM
     upgrade board.  Usually a damaged MMU chip socket."

 Ron confirms the problem:

     "Yes, I am sure they are horizontal lines. They start out at the top,
     on the left they are thin, then go thick to the right. The next line
     down might be thick, then going thin to the right side of the screen.
     I had a friend of mine look at the board last nite, and we could find
     nothing that looked wrong with it, but alas, the 'puter still would
     not boot the floppy. Also, the lines are black and white, no color at
     all....I have a feeling that the damage may be in the area of the RAM
     chips, and the memory upgrade, since the Supra upgrade is near the
     front of the computer, the most likely place for someone to smack it
     in frustration."

 Sysop Bob Retelle adds a bit of info for Ron:

     "Ron, memory upgrades are notorious for causing problems, even when
     they're not being smacked around...

     Does it look like you might be able to remove the upgrade easily...?  
     That might at least give you a good starting point for diagnosis.   I
     had trouble with the first upgrade I installed, but the "stock" Atari
     parts were always rock solid. 

     If the upgrade is one of the ones that attaches to the MMU chip by
     ramming pins down into the MMU socket, it's very possible (as was
     previously mentioned) that the MMU socket has been damaged (that's one
     of the large square chips in a socket that completely surrounds the
     chip.)  These sockets are somewhat fragile and can easily crack under
     stress (like being socked), and prevent the pins from making a good

     It really sounds like a job for an experienced Atari technician."

 From the Atari ST Arts Forum

 An interesting snippet of info from one of our friends across the pond,
 Dazzz Smith:

     "...One of the guys in Turbonet here in the UK just posted
     a message that the newest release of MINT contains 040 specific

 Interesting eh?"

                         \/  INTERESTING STUFF  \/

 Jay Goodwin posts:

     "I am currently an Amiga dealer in a small town and, after reading my
     Byte magazine, have become interested in the Falcon.

     As far as Atari goes, I've called four times in the last three days,
     and have been unable to reach the man in charge of new dealers.  After
     Atari's lackluster sales performance in the US, I hoped that they
     would be interested in finding a new US dealer, but obviously not. 
     This kind of hassle just for information does not bode well for dealer
     support.  I fought that with Commodore, and finally have good support,
     I have no wish to put myself back in that quagmire!  The Falcon is
     exciting, cutting edge, and very marketable, but not if the public
     cannot see it first hand. My customers are usually computer
     illiterate, wanting a machine to do a specific task, and I can usually
     provide them with the hardware and software to fulfill their need.  I
     see the Falcon as an extension of my ability to solve their problems,
     but I can't recommend the machine in good faith if I can't even get
     information on dealership.  The Atari and the Amiga have remained
     computers that are the essence of user friendly, while providing the
     power that any user would want.  I would like to include the Falcon in
     my list of solutions for my clients, but unless Atari gets off its
     proverbial butts and actively recruits dealers, then I'm afraid the
     Falcon will remain a niche computer, even though it has the capability
     to be a  well-rounded machine for a variety of applications.

     Sorry for the tirade, but perhaps this story will cause the forum to
     provide an impetus to Atari, allowing the Falcon to become the machine
     that it deserves to be."

 Jim Ness tells Jay:

     "My understanding is that Atari employees do read the messages here,
     and occasionally print them out for appropriate management to read.  I
     am sure this will happen with your message, and I hope it results in
     an email contact for you.

     Atari has gone through some serious downsizing recently, in order to
     get back on the profit track.  Much like GM, IBM, AT&T, Sears, and
     many others. One common problem with such downsizing is that the
     company doing it almost always goes a bit too far.  Customer service
     suffers, until the situation is repaired.

     The hope is that the Falcon you are interested in will bring Atari
     back from obscurity.  It is a neat machine, isn't it?"

 From the Atari Vendor's Forum

 The news of the demise of Double Click Software still rings through the
 Atari world.  John Amsler posts a sentiment that anyone who dealt with
 Double Click shares:

     "They were a very good company with some very nice shareware.  They
     ran the business very well, too."

 To which Beth Jane Freeman replies:

     "Yup; I was VERY disappointed to hear about their departure.  They
     made great stuff, er, STuff! <g>

     I had always "ass"umed <g> that a company like Double Click would be
     around forever.  Who's next??

     That Fujiland, it's a scary world! <g>"

 Meanwhile in CodeHeadLand, a discussion about getting certain graphics
 cards and programs to work with Codehead's Warp9 accelerator and it's
 Extend-O-Save screensaver modules, Boris Molodyi tells CodeHead Charles

     "Well, I guess changing addresses would not work with graphic cards.
     But isn't PYROTECH limited in the screen modes it uses, anyway? I
     don't know if it would work on Moniterm at all...

     Also, some programs (as That's Write) might use screen output after I
     set Warp to sleep (That's Write has funny ideas about updating the
     display), and it would prevent me from preventing burn-in. :-)
     STARSAVER that I used before, while limited only to standard ST/TT
     modes, would allow a program to draw whatever it wanted in the
     background (by any means programmer would choose), while STarSaver
     would display it's stars on the actual screen, with no problems at
     all. Warp 9, OTOH, has fits when a program outputs to the screen, like
     Flash II's time display (it shines thru) or That's Write's flashing
     cursor.  BTW, how's the MTOS compatible version going? Without Warp 9,
     MTOS seems so slow..."

 Charles replies:

     "We may change some of the modules to flip the screen base, to avoid
     the problems you mentioned; we've been looking at doing that with
     PYROTECH, in fact.  However, the question of "to change the screen
     base or not?" is pretty frustrating, because whichever way you do it
     you'll have problems.  If you do change it, the module won't work with
     extended video cards.  If you don't change it, you'll have trouble
     with ill-behaved applications like That's Write.

     (Have you seen the new Mandala module, by the way?  It's in Library 16

     Progress is being made on a Falcon/MTOS compatible version of Warp 9. 
     However, the slowdown you see in MTOS is not going to be helped much
     by Warp 9, I'm afraid.  The bottleneck is not screen output; MTOS is
     sluggish because of its internal code."

 From the Atari Portfolio Forum

 Greg Burgess posts:

     "I've had my Portfolio since it first came out, and its good to know
     that others use these handy little machines. So far I've been using
     only the built in software because I've never been able to manage a
     file transfer. (I've moved three times since I bought it and lost the
     manual that came with the parallel port.) Will a straight through
     25-pin cable work, or do I need to have a special cable made up? If I
     need a special cable can someone send me a pinout diagram? On a
     related topic, is an AC power supply necessary for doing file

 Sysop Judy Hamner tells Greg:

     "A straight through 25 pin cable is what you want.  If you are still
     having trouble, check that your PC port is set for bidirectional
     transfer. There are other threads active on this subject which you may
     want to read."

 Greg tells Judy:

     "Hi. Thanks for the quick response. I've got the cable, but the one
     time I tried it nothing happened. So I'll have to find out how to set
     the bidirectional transfer. I'll be sure to look for the threads you
     mentioned. I don't use my Portfolio as much as I should, and file
     transfers should make it much more useful."

 Sysop BJ Gleason tells Greg:

     "A straight through cable is all you need.  Typically, it would be 25
     pin male to 25 pin male.  It is recommended that you use the ac
     adapter when doing file transfers, since the parallel port draws
     additional power from the batteries..."

 Greg replies to BJ:

     "Thanks for the help. I've got the cable and the local stereo store
     had universal AC adapters last time I was in. I was really glad to
     find this forum on Compuserve. Up till now I was the only person I
     knew with a Portfolio. Its hard to share ideas in a community of one!"

 Theo Holl posts this interesting morsel:

     "Reading some messages in this forum, I realized that quiet a number
     of people want to power their Portfolio with NiCads to keep the costs
     low. Because of the well known problems with the reliability of that
     kind of power-source, most of them turn back to the usual batteries.
     But that's no longer necessary ! I run my 512kb port with NiCads
     together with an internal BACKUP-Battery - and this really works !!
     It's a CR 2025 battery that serves as emergency power source. Together
     with a special backup-electronic "card" it is installed in the port
     and saves data for at least a year. (Whenever you use ac-power or
     fresh NiCads the backup battery isn't active.) This great port-utility
     is developed and distributed by:

     Schneider Datentechnik Basler Strasse 60/I D-W 8000 Muenchen 71 phone:

     Mr. Schneider also offers internal memory upgrade, 512kb and 640kb !
     (He already upgraded my port to 512kb and it works to my full

     Prices: Backup Battery  Pack  98,00 DM Low Power 512kb 468,00 DM Low
     Power 640kb 598,00 DM (prices include installation and German VAT [+
     shipping and handling])"

 Well, that's it for this week folks.  I hope you've found some information
 that you can use to make your life easier, more exciting, or just plain
 more fun.  C'mon back next week and kick back in your favorite chair, take
 your shoes off, relax, and listen to what they are saying when...

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                            STR906  FEBRUARY 05
                             Z*NET, JANUARY 30
                          AEO_0203.LZH JANUARY 30
                             DAVE SMALL SEZ..
                               GEM-VIEW 2.13
                              SUPER PCS PICS
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 > FALCON SPECS STR InfoFile     The Specifications for the NEW BIRD

                           FALCON SPECIFICATIONS

  Atari Falcon 030 Specifications

  CPU: Motorola 68030 32-bit microprocessor @ 16MHz w/32-bit bus
  FPU: Motorola 68881/68882 @ 16MHz (optional)       """""""""""
  DSP: Motorola 56001 Digital Signal Processor running in parallel @ 32MHz
          w/ 32kWords (24-bit) of local zero wait state static RAM
  ROM: 512kB
  RAM: 1, 4 or 16MB(14MB usable) on daughterboard (RAM is 32-bit wide)

  Expansion bus: Internal 'Processor-Direct' slot for 386SX emulation
                 (third party 386SX emulator nearly completed) or other

  Video: (See below for specific video modes/resolutions.)
         16-bit BLiTTER @ 16MHz (also handles hard drive access)
         Accepts external video sync to allow high quality genlocking

         Overlay mode for easy video titling and special effects
         Overscan support
         Hardware-assisted horizontal fine scrolling
         VIDEL (video controller) sits on 32-bit bus

  Audio: Stereo 16-bit Analog-to-Digital DMA input
         Stereo 16-bit Digital-to-Analog DMA output
         Eight 16-bit audio DMA record/playback channels
         SDMA sound/DMA co-processor

  Ports: 128kB cartridge port
         2 9-pin mouse/joystick ports
         2 15-pin STe enhanced analog/digital controller ports (Atari also
            has new analog controllers w/ a joystick, 3 fire buttons, and a
            12-key keypad)
         MIDI IN, OUT/THRU
         Bi-directional parallel port
         RS232C serial port
         SCSI II w/ DMA
         Analog RGB/VGA/composite video connector

         Stereo headphone out (1/8" mini-jack)
         Stereo microphone in (1/8" mini-jack)
         DSP port (up to 1MHz data transfer rate)
         RF modulator for TV hookup
         Localtalk compatible LAN (up to 250kbaud transfer rate)

  Misc:  Internal 1.44MB 3.5" HD floppy
         Internal IDE 2.5" hard drive (optional)
         Pre-emptive mulitasking OS (MultiTOS) w/ adaptive prioritization
            and inter-process communication (also 68040 compatible)
         Realtime clock and battery backed up RAM
         1040ST-style case w/ internal fan
         North American availability in mid-October

  Price: 1MB/no HD -  $799 list
         4MB/65MB  - $1399 list

      Resolutions available on the Atari Falcon030 (c) 1992 Atari Corp.
                          Written by John Townsend

  This document may be re-printed again and again as long as the Atari
  copyright remains intact.

  A couple of notes: Unlike previous machines, there are just too many
  resolutions to give each resolution a name. Therefore, I will do my best
  to describe what the resolution is and which monitor it is on.

  - NOTE: TV and a Color Monitor are the same.. by Color Monitor, I am
    talking about the standard SC1224. By VGA, I mean a standard VGA

  40 column modes ( "column" means the number of x pixels divided by 8)
     4 color, normal, TV:         320x200,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, normal, TV:         320x200,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, normal, TV:         320x200,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, normal, TV:         320x200,  true color

     4 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, interlace, TV:      320x400,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, interlace, TV:      320x400,  true color

     4 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, normal, VGA:        320x480,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, normal, VGA:        320x480,  true color

     4 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, line-doubling, VGA: 320x240,  true color

  80 column modes
     2 color, normal, TV:         640x200,    2 colors, 1 plane
     4 color, normal, TV:         640x200,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, normal, TV:         640x200,   16 colors, 4 planes

   256 color, normal, TV:         640x200,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, normal, TV:         640x200,  true color

     4 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, interlace, TV:      640x400,  256 colors, 8 planes
  True color, interlace, TV:      640x400,  true color

     2 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,    2 colors, 1 plane
     4 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, normal, VGA:        640x480,  256 colors, 8 planes

     4 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,    4 colors, 2 planes
    16 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,   16 colors, 4 planes
   256 color, line-doubling, VGA: 640x240,  256 colors, 8 planes

 and lastly.. there are compability modes for ST Low, ST Medium, and ST
 High on both VGA monitors and SC1224 monitors. (On a color monitor, ST
 High is achieved by using the interlace mode).

 Also, the ST Monochrome monitor (the SM124) will work with Falcon030 as
 well. However, it only supports one resolution: ST High Resolution.

 All modes on a TV can be overscanned. This means multiplying the X and Y
 resolution by 1.2. For example, modes with 320 pixels of horizontal
 resolution (X res) will become 384 pixels across, and modes with 640
 pixels will become 768 across. Overscanning is done in the X and Y
 resolution. You can't do them independently. Special Note: On a VGA
 monitor, overscan is "faked".. since the video hardware doesn't have the
 capability to do overscan on a VGA monitor, we made it so that if a
 overscan mode is set on a VGA monitor, you still see the normal size
 screen, but the screen is a window onto the bigger overscanned image.
 Make sense? We did this for compatibility. This way if a game that has an
 overscanned starup picture can use the same pic on both the VGA monitor
 and the TV monitor. Pretty cool, eh? <grin>

 BTW.. Overscan can NOT be set from the desktop. The AES and Desktop will
 work just fine with it, but because you can't see the parts of the
 screen, we thought that that option shouldn't be available from the

 desktop. We don't want to confuse people. However, Overscan can be set
 using a new XBIOS call (Vsetmode()).. so it is still available.

 I hope I haven't made any mistakes. I triple-checked this document in
 search of errors and I couldn't find any. If you do find some, send me
 Email on GEnie (to TOWNS) or CIS (70007,1135) and let me know.

 -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

 P.S. Anyone who would like to reprint this message, please do so!
      The smaller the number of times I have to type that message, the
      more my fingers with thank you! ;-)

      After looking at this one more time.. one point to clear up: By
      saying SC1224 Color Monitor, I mean any Color Monitor that Atari
      have manufactured for the ST/Mega/STE/MegaSTE computers. Clear
      as mud? ;-)

 Article: 00000 of

 Path: xxxxxxxxxxxx xxxxxxxxx
 From: xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
 Subject: Re: The REAL Falcon specs wanted!
 Keywords: Falcon specs.
 Reply-To: xxxxxxxxxx
 Organization: Dept of Computer Science, Utrecht University, The
 Lines: 470
 In-Reply-To: yyyyyyyyyyyy yyy

 I found this file on the local ATARI Company's BBS : (original in Dutch)
 This article is written by Wilfred Kilwinger (Support Manager) for Atari
 Briefing, the newsletter by Atari (Benelux) B.V. for the Atari user
 groups.  It was specifically stated that it could be reproduced. I have
 translated it in English with the assumption that an English translation
 would be considered the same as the original.

 The original also contained a description of all the features of the
 Falcon which have been reproduced here a zillion of times so I did not
 include those.



 The VIDEL takes care of the video functions of the system including
 overscan, overlay mode and true color graphics


 The COMBEL is the system manager of the Atari Falcon030. This chip
 controls all system functions. Also the BLITTER is built in in this chip.


 The SDMA is the Sound DMA and controls the sound part. We have built in a
 unique matrix switch function in this chip (more details in the second


 The keyboard processor has been improved and is now also suitable for high
 resolution mice.

 Besides the above custom chips the Atari Falcon030 has a number of
 standard chips like the Motorola 68030 and 56001 DSP. Another important
 chip is the CODEC in which the 16 bit AD and DA converters are located.

 Video modi

 As you can see in the survey of Operating System calls the video hardware
 is complete sotware controllable. The following combinations can a.o. be

 Mode      Resolution  Bit planes  Colors  Palette

 ST LOW     320x200       4           16     4096
 ST MED     640x200       2            4     4096
 ST HIGH    640x400       1            2     4096

 True Color 640x480       8          256   262144
            320x200     15bpp      32768     N/A

 The last mode asks for some explanation. Here there is no color palette
 but 15 bits per pixel to describe the pixel itself. The format is
 RRRRRGGGGGXBBBBB. VDI supports this mode thus programs that have not been
 written for this mode specifically can use it nevertheless.

 X is the overlay bit and can be used for video titling and special

           320x200     16bpp      65         N/A

 This mode is called the slideshow mode, is not supported by the VDI, you
 are on your own. X is an extra green bit.

 True Color in 640x480 is not possible because of the bandwidth of VGA

 Mode      Resolution Bit planes   Colors    Palette

 VGA      320 of 640   1,4,8       2,16,256  262144 (Overscan
 Video    200 of 400

 With Video we mean the Atari SC-monitors, the TV modulator and/or the
 composite video output.

 All modes can be gegenlocked. With adaptors we convert the 15-pole video
 bus to thee standard Atari or VGA connections.

        -    -
       /      \
      /        \
     /          \
     |          |


 Matrix coupling

 To make the system performance in the audio part as good as possible Atari
 designed a miniature 'telephone exchange' that can easily connect the
 source devices to the receiving devices. Also it is possible to make more
 than one connection at a time.

     Source devices

         EXT INPUT ---*-------*------*------*
          CHANNEL     |       |      |      |
                      |       |      |      |
            DSP    ---*-------*------*------*
         TRANSMIT     |       |      |      |
                      |       |      |      |
            ADC    ---*-------*------*------*

                      |       |      |      |
                      |       |      |      |
            DMA    ---*-------*------*------*
         PLAYBACK     |       |      |      |
                     DMA     DAC    DSP     EXT OUTPUT
                    RECORD        RECEIVE     CHANNEL

                         Receiving Devices

 Ports andn interfacing


 Pin   Signal                           Pin   Signal

 1     GP0                              14    GND
 2     GP1                              15    SRD
 3     GP2                              16    GND
 4     P_DATA                           17    +12V
 5     P_CLK                            18    GND
 6     P_SYNC                           19    R_DATA
 7     n/c                              20    R_CLK
 8     GND                              21    R_SYNC
 9     +12V                             22    EXT_INT
 10    GND                              23    STD
 11    SC0                              24    SCK
 12    SC1                              25    GND
 13    SC2                              26    EXCLK

 SCSI CONNECTOR (flat 50 pins SCSI II Female)

 Pin   Signal                           Pin   Signal

 1-10  GND                              37    Not Connected
 11    +5V                              38    +5V
 12-14 Not Connected                    39    Not Connected
 15-25 GND                              40    GND
 26    SCSI 0                           41    ATN
 27    SCSI 1                           42    GND
 28    SCSI 2                           43    BSY
 29    SCSI 3                           44    ACK
 30    SCSI 4                           45    RST
 31    SCSI 5                           46    MSG
 32    SCSI 6                           47    SEL
 33    SCSI 7                           48    C/D
 34    Parity                           49    REQ
 35-36 GND                              50    I/O


 Pin   Signal

 1     Carrier Detect                   5     GND
 2     Receive                          6     Data set ready
 3     Transmit                         7     Request to Send
 4     Data Terminal Ready              8     Clear to Send
                                        9     Ring Indicator


 The parallel port has extra signal to ease the connection of scanners.

 Pin   Signal

 1     Strobe          8     Data 6
 2     Data 0          9     Data 7
 3     Data 1         10     Acknowledge
 4     Data 2         11     Busy
 5     Data 3         12-16  Not Connected
 6     Data 4         17     Select
 7     Data 5         18-25  GND


 Pin   Signal                           Pin   Signal

 1     Red                              11    GND
 2     Green                            12    Composite Sync/Video
 3     Blue                             13    Horizontal Sync
 4     Mono/Overlay                     14    Vertical Sync
 5     GND                              15    External Clock Input
 6     Red GND                          16    External SYNC Enable
 7     Green GND                        17    +12V
 8     Blue GND                         18    M1
 9     Audio out                        19    M0
 10    GND

 SCC LAN-port CONNECTOR (8-pin Mini DIN Female RS-422)

 Pin   Signal

 1     Handshake Output (DTR RS 423)           5     - Received Data
 2     Handshake Input or External Clock       6     + Transmitted Data
 3     - Transmit Data                         7     General-purpose Input
 4     GND                                     8     + Receive


 Port A                                 Port B

 Pin   Signal                           Pin   Signal

 1     UP 0                             1     UP 1
 2     DOWN 0                           2     DOWN 1
 3     LT 0                             3     LT 1
 4     RT 0                             4     RT 1
 5     PAD0Y                            5     PAD1Y
 6     FIRE 0 / LIGHT GUN               6     FIRE 1
 7     VCC (+5 VDC)                     7     VCC
 8     Not Connected                    8     Not Connected
 9     GND                              9     GND
 10    FIRE 2                           10    FIRE 3
 11    UP 2                             11    UP 3
 12    DOWN 2                           12    DOWN 3
 13    LT 2                             13    LT 3
 14    RT 2                             14    RT 3
 15    PAD0X                            15    PAD1X

 MIDI PORT (DIN 5 Female)

 MIDI OUT                               MIDI  IN

 Pin   Signal                           Pin   Signal

 1     Thru Transmit                    1     Not Connected
 2     GND                              2     Not Connected
 3     Thru Loop Return                 3     Not Connected
 4     Out Transmit                     4     In Receive
 5     Out Loop Return                  5     In Loop Return

 New Operating System calls

 This information maybe subject to change and is certainly not meant as
 documentation for programmers


 Dsp_DoBlock(a,b,c,d)                    (void) xbios(500,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_BlkHandShake(a,b,c,d)               (void) xbios(501,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_BlkUnpacked(a,b,c,d)                (void) xbios(502,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_InStream(a,b,c,d)                   (void) xbios(503,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_OutStream(a,b,c,d)                  (void) xbios(504,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_IOStream(a,b,c,d,e,f)               (void) xbios(505,a,b,c,d,e,f)
 Dsp_RemoveInterrupts(a)                 (void) xbios(506,a)
 Dsp_GetWordSize()                       (int)  xbios(507)
 Dsp_Lock()                              (int)  xbios(508)
 Dsp_Unlock()                            (void) xbios(509)
 Dsp_Available(a,b)                      (void) xbios(510,a,b)
 Dsp_Reserve(a,b)                        (int) xbios(511,a,b)
 Dsp_LoadProg(a,b,c)                     (int) xbios(512,a,b,c)
 Dsp_ExecProg(a,b,c)                     (void) xbios(513,a,b,c)
 Dsp_ExecBoot(a,b,c)                     (void) xbios(514,a,b,c)
 Dsp_LodToBinary(a,b)                    (long) xbios(515,a,b)
 Dsp_TriggerHC(a)                        (void) xbios(516,a)
 Dsp_RequestUniqueAbility()              (int)  xbios(517)
 Dsp_GetProgAbility()                    (int)  xbios(518)
 Dsp_FlushSubroutines()                  (void) xbios(519)
 Dsp_LoadSubroutine(a,b,c)               (int)  xbios(520,a,b,c)
 Dsp_InqSubrAbility(a)                   (int)  xbios(521,a)
 Dsp_RunSubroutine(a)                    (int)  xbios(522,a)
 Dsp_Hf0(a)                              (int)  xbios(523,a)
 Dsp_Hf1(a)                              (int)  xbios(524,a)
 Dsp_Hf2()                               (int)  xbios(525)
 Dsp_Hf3()                               (int)  xbios(526)
 Dsp_BlkWords(a,b,c,d)                   (void) xbios(527,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_BlkBytes(a,b,c,d)                   (void) xbios(528,a,b,c,d)
 Dsp_HStat()                             (char) xbios(529)
 Dsp_SetVectors(a,b)                     (void) xbios(530,a,b)

 De volledige beschrijving van bovenstaande functie's staat in de Falcon030
 Developers Documentation.


 int setmode( int modecode );

 The setmode( int modecode ) call is used to place the Falcon/030 SHIFTER
 into a specific mode. A bit-encoded value (called a "modecode") is passed
 to setmode() to set the mode. setmode() returns the previous mode that
 was set.

 To help make the building of modecode values easier, here is a table of

         #define VERTFLAG        0x100
         #define STMODES         0x80
         #define OVERSCAN        0x40
         #define PAL             0x20
         #define VGA             0x10
         #define TV              0x0

         #define COL80           0x08
         #define COL40           0x0
         #define NUMCOLS         7

         #define BPS16           4
         #define BPS8            3
         #define BPS4            2
         #define BPS2            1
         #define BPS1            0

 Using these defines, you can build a modecode for any possible mode.

 For example:

         For True Color Overscan:
         modecode = OVERSCAN|COL40|BPS16;

         For ST Medium Compatibility mode on a Color Monitor/TV:
         modecode = STMODES|COL80|BPS2;

         For ST Low Compatibility mode in PAL on a Color Monitor/TV:

         modecode = STMODES|PAL|COL80|BPS2;

         For 256 color, 80 column mode on a VGA monitor:
         modecode = VGA|COL80|BPS8;

 If you have a modecode and wish to know how many bits per pixel it has,
 use the following:

         if( modecode & NUMCOLS ) == BPS16 )
                 do_something_cool();    /* You have true color mode */

 The setmode() call will return the previous modecode set. You must use
 this value to get back to whatever mode you were in before you made your
 setmode call.

 int mon_type(void)

 The mon_type() function will return the kind of monitor that is currently
 in use. Here are the possible return values:

         0 = ST monochrome monitor
         1 = ST color monitor
         2 = VGA monitor
         3 = Television.

 void ext_sync( int flag )

 This function sets or clears external sync. If flag is set, external
 sync is enabled. If flag is clear, then internal sync is used.



 Used as a semiphore to lock the sound system. From other applications.


 Used to release the sound system for other applications to use.


 This command is used to get or set the following sound parameters.  If a
 negative number is used as the input then the current setting is returned.


 O       LTATTEN Sets the current left channel output

 1       RTATTEN Sets the current right channel output

 2       LTGAIN  Sets the current left channel input gain.

 3       RTGAIN  Sets the current right channel input gain.

 4       ADDERIN Set the output of the 16 bit signed adder to
                 receive it's input from the ADC, Matrix or

 5       ADCINPUT        Set the input the the ADC. The input can either
                         be the left and right channel of the PSG or the
                         left and right channel of the microphone.

 6       SETPRESCALE     Used for compatability. This prescale value
                         is used when the DEVCONNECT() internal
                         prescale value is set to zero.


 This function is used to set the play or record buffers. REG selects
 playback or record, while begaddr and endaddr are the buffers beginning
 and ending locations.

         (int)   reg             - (0) Sets playback registers.
                                 - (1) Sets record registers.
         (long)  begaddr - Sets the beginning address of the buffer.
         (long)  endaddr - Sets the ending address of the buffer.


 This function is used to set record or playback mode. The modes are as

 MODE            OPERATION
 (int)   0      8 Bit Stereo
 (int)   1      16 Bit Stereo
 (int)   2      8 Bit Mono


 This function is used to sets the number of record or playback tracks.


 This function is used to set the output of the internal speaker to one of
 the four tracks currently playing. The internal speaker is only capable of
 outputing ONE track at a time.


 This function is used to set which interrupt that will occur at the end of
 a frame. If the frame repeat bit is on, this interrupt is used to allow
 for double buffering the playing or recording of sound. Interrupts can
 come from  TimerA or the MFP i7.


 This function is used to control the operation of the play or record
 buffers in the sound system. The input to this function is a bitmap. If
 mode is set t0 -1 then the current status of the buffer operation bits is
 returned.  NOTE:   The sound system contains a 32 byte FIFO. When
 transferring data to the record buffer, software MUST check to see if the
 record enable (RE) bit was cleared by the hardware. If the bit was cleared
 then the FIFO is flushed, if not then software must flush the FIFO by
 clearing the record enable (RE) bit.


 This function is used to tristate the DSP from the data matrix.


 This is used to communicate over the General Purpose I/O on the DSP
 connector. Only the low order three bits are used. The rest are reserved.
 This call, depending on the mode, can be used to set the direction of the
 I/O bits, read the bits, or write the bits.


 This function is used to attach a source device to any of the destination
 devices in the matrix. Given a source device, this call will attach that
 one source device to one or all of the destination devices. This call also
 sets up the source clock and prescaler, protocol and protocol source if


 This function gets the current status of the codec. buffptr(pointer);
 This function returns the current position of the play and record data
 buffer pointers. These pointers indicate where the data is being
 read/written within the buffers themselves. This function is also used to 
 determine how much data has been written to the record buffer. See
 buffoper().  The above is not yet complete. Atari has also routines for
 JPEG and andio conversion.

     For anyone who hasn't seen the full specs, the Falcon appears to have
 been designed as a 24 bit computer, partly to maintain compatability with
 existing software.  This doesn't mean third party boards etc. can't extend
 that, but it explains the 14 meg memory limit.  The other captures from
 Jim Allen posts on GEnie say that the Falcon chips all seem to talk at
 16mhz.  Another poster mentioned here that there's an 8bit processor to
 the dsp channel, I guess for uploading code into the dsp, though I don't
 know if that means you can't tell the dsp to load a program from a memory
 location itself, which would be faster, I'd guess.

     Motorola says the top speed the 56001 is clocked at is 33mhz, so the
 ad/da converters must be the parts clocked at 50mhz.

     A couple thoughts:  Near the start of that message, a line said that
 the blitter chip handled hard drive access.  That doesn't sound right.  It 
 may be that the functions of the discrete blitter and DMA chips in older
 machines have been combined into a single custom chip.

     Atari insists on saying the Falcon 030 has truecolor modes.  Saying it 
 over and over doesn't make it so.  The machine has hicolor modes, allowing
 up to 64k colors onscreen at once.  5 bits each of red, green, and blue.
 This is hicolor.  Truecolor is 16m colors at once, 8 bits or more of red
 green and blue.  I guess truecolor sounds better in the advertising.


                    :HOW TO GET YOUR OWN GENIE ACCOUNT:

      Set your communications software to Half Duplex (or Local Echo)
                     Call: (with modem) 800-638-8369.
               Upon connection type HHH (RETURN after that).
                         Wait for the U#= prompt.

                 Type: XTX99587,CPUREPT then, hit RETURN.

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 > KC SHOW STR SHOW NEWS                 Shows, shows Galore!

                       KANSAS CITY ATARI CONNECTION
                           IS PROUD TO ANNOUNCE
                         KANSAS CITY ATARIFEST '93

 As most of you know we have been looking for a site for the first  major
 Atari Show here in Kansas City. We now have the show location and  by the
 time you read this, contracts will have been sent to as many  dealers and
 developers that we have addresses on. 

 The location for the show is Stadium Inn, 7901 E 40 Hwy., The date of 
 the show will be July 17 and 18th. Ticket prices at the door will be 
 5.00 dollars each day. Advance tickets will be 4.00 dollars each, for  
 advance tickets, please send 4.00 dollars to: Kansas City AtariFest, P.O.
 Box 1653, Lee Summit, MO 64063 or if you belong to a user group  please
 mail a request for a user group information pack.

 To make room reservations please call 1-800-325-7901, we are also 
 working with a local travel agent to get special airfares for the show.
 You may call 1-800-874-7691 after February 1st to take advantage of the 
 special fares.

 For more information please leave Email as follows; GEnie, B.welsch, 
 J.krzysztow, for CompuServe, Leave for Jeff Krzysztow at 74027,707, or 
 you cal call (816)224-9021, or mail to the address listed above.

 We hope you will join us to welcome the following companies; Cali-Co 
 software, ICD, MissionWare Software, Fair-Dinkum Software, Systems For 
 Tomorrow, New Dimensions Computer Center, Electronic Spinster Graphics.

                                   Bruce Welsch
                              Special Events Coordinator


 > STR EDITOR'S Mail Call     "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                        STReport's EDTIOR'S MailBag

 Subj:   STReport (what else?!?)

     I read the latest STReport and I feel compelled to write you a letter.
 Feel free to include this in an STReport if you so desire and I leave it
 up to you if you  feel that only portions of it are appropropriate.
 Whatever.... :)

     I have been really torn over the STReport debate that has been going
 on for some time. It seems to me now that the forces against you are much
 louder than the voice of reason, and it is the ST user that will suffer.

     People have asked (me included) that if STReport hates Atari so much,
 why does it continue. I now realize the answer: for those who really want
 to be informed enough to avoid being 'unpleasantly surprized' by Atari's
 actions. I, for instance, sold my SLM605 in anticipation of getting a
 Falcon. Had it not been for STReport, I would be expecting to get a simple
 adapter and use it on the Falcon.

     Needless to say, having to wait months (maybe many months) for a
 converter box, possibly at a high cost, would have made me very upset and
 will probably cause the SLMs to drop in value. STReport may not always be
 right, but it does try to let us know what we should know. If Atari kept
 us well informed, there'd be no need for STReport, or Atari's hatred for

     What has impressed me most is STReport's handling of the GEnie fiasco.
 STReport proved itself strong enough to rise above the entire mess with a
 'business-as-usual' continuation, free of unbridled GEnie-bashing.  I hope
 that something good can come of this and that Delphi can continue to grow
 as users seek a new 'Free-Press' area to read all online opinions and
 share ideas.  As I understand it, GEnie censors all references to Delphi
 in their message areas, as a friend tried to give someone information on
 Delphi's excellent internet services, only to have it deleted.

     Anyway, I wish the best to STReport and to Atari, and I hope that in
 the future STReport won't annoy Atari so much because Atari won't have so
 much to hide.
                                    Your reader and Atarian of 12 years,
                                    Bryan Edewaard
                                    Delphi: BRYEDEWAARD

 Date:  02-Feb-93 12:15 EST
 From:  02-Feb-1993 1209   >
 Subj:  Sorry To Hear It

 Received: from by (5.65/5.930129sam)
         id AA11290; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:14:02 -0500
 Received: by; id AA28356; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:35 -0500
 Received: by; id AA20887; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:31 -0500
 Message-Id: <>
 Received: from tecrus.enet; by crl.enet; Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:32 EST
 Date: Tue, 2 Feb 93 12:13:32 EST
 From: 02-Feb-1993 1209 <>
 Subject: Sorry To Hear It


 I just read about the GEnie incident in Z*NET and was quite surprised and
 a bit upset.  I'm not a GEnie user, I got my fixes of STReport from a user
 group member who downloaded the issues regularly.  The thing that saddens
 me more than anything is how the actions of Atari itself frustrating its
 customers has the whole user community at each other's throats!  The whole
 thing is so far out of hand now, it's ridiculous.  

 I want you to know that I respected your editorial direction, I like to
 hear *all* the news, not just the good news!  Thanks for all the back

                                                 Brian Rost
                                                 DEC, Hudson, MA

       "Have you noticed how the hole in the ozone layer has grown
        progressively larger since rap got popular?" -Anonymous

 Bryan and Brian;
     Most loyal Atarians are seeing these matters pretty much the way you
 are.  Its sad to see happening but I must point out that its NOT GEnie
 itself making these decisions nor can GEnie be blamed for controversy
 after controversy between STReport and those operating the Atari RT on
 GEnie.  (Odd, it ONLY happens in the ST RT!) The bottom line, GEnie itself
 is quite pleased with the performance of STReport.  Especially when it
 comes to discussing the sign-up figures and GEnie's cost per new user.
     Another point that must be made is the operators of the ST RT have, on
 more than one occasion, sought to destroy either STReport's or its staff's
 credibility by any means at their disposal.  These are undeniable facts as
 the captures of all their shenanigans, the baiting, badgering and weekly
 hostilities are all a matter of documented record.  All having been
 captured and witnessed by a large cross-section of non-partial users as
 well as the members of the "clique" in the ST RT.  What we are seeing is a
 culmination of the pent-up resentment resulting from the events of
 August, 1992.  This unfortunate exhibition of back room games is just the
 latest in a long line of cheap shots and innuendo that STReport and its
 staff have "enjoyed" at the hands of a vociferous and extremely biased

     I honestly do not believe Atari had _anything_ officially to do with
 this latest aggressive act on the part of the ST RT sysop.  Atari seems to
 be far more concerned with getting the Falcon out on time.
     Folks really must understand that GEnie is not responsible for the
 current situation the contract holder in the ST RT is.  As result of this
 contract holder's actions, there is a good chance _all_  types of dealer
 advertisements will not be allowed in any form on GEnie at all.  This is a
 classic example of a zealot's selfish, self-serving actions doing far more
 harm than good.  Facts are facts; STReport and most other responsible
 online electronic publications have stated repeatedly "they _are_
 magazines... that are intended to entertain, enlighten and amuse.  They're
 responsible for their content _not_ the carrier.  The analogy of the NEWS
 STAND is quite appropriate here.. the News Stand is not held responsible. 

     The sharpies used the Soldier of Fortune Magazine's suit as an example
 which was a brilliant stroke but they missed one point... nowhere was a
 news stand or any other source or purchase point named in the suit the
 Supreme Court held up...  only Soldier of Fortune Magazine was named in
 the suit.  But... the zealots saw fit to panic and stampede people's
 views.  Its an excellent if not classic example of expert manipulation of
 facts to suit one's purposes.

     In closing, please do not blame GEnie for any of the current spate of
 comically sorry happenings.  Its been brought about by those who would do
 most anything to silence STReport.  This entire matter was engendered by
 the contract holder of the ST RT.  The first shot fired was by this party
 (as usual).
                 Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine


 > NVN WANTS YOU! STR InfoFile       Another Network Supports Atari!

     National Videotext Network (NVN) has recently added an Atari ST Forum
 to it's growing lists of available services.  The Atari ST Forum is ready
 and waiting for you!

     The future of NVN will be one which continues to remain sensitive and
 responsive to market needs. Additional services and advances in electronic
 information will continue to be added, to provide unique and interesting
 services on an on-going basis.  

     NVN service offerings can be broken into three categories:  Basic,
 Premium, and Premium Plus.

 Basic Services 
     Most of the Basic services are available 24 hours a day with no
 connect time charges beyond the basic membership fee. However, a select
 group have functions for which transaction fees are charged. Basic
 services are accessible through a flat rate charge of $5.95 per month.

 Premium Services
     For Premium services, Members pay connect charges for the amount of
 time spent in a particular service. Premium services are accessible Monday
 through Friday for a connect time charge of $9.00/hour from 8 am to 6 pm,
 and $6.00/hour from 6 pm to 8 am; and on Saturday and Sunday for a connect
 time charge of $6.00 all day (6 pm Friday til 8 am Monday), central time
 zone.  9600 Baud access is available at no additional cost!  Think of the
 advantages of downloading at 9600 baud for 9.00 hr Prime Time or 6.00 hr
 non-prime time!

 Premium Plus Services
     Premium Plus services are subject to the same type of connect time
 charge as Premium services. However, a surcharge is also added to the
 connect time for these services.

     You can join NVN one of two ways.  By voice phone 1-800-336-9096
 (Client Services) or via modem phone 1-800-336-9092.  You will be issued
 an Account # (usually within 24 hours) National Videotex Network and the
 Atari ST Forum will be waiting for you.



           ** ** **              |  S A C R A M E N T O |                
           ** ** **              |                      |                
           ** ** **              |  .===,  .###,  ##### |                
           ** ** **              |  =,  =  #,  #    #   |                
           ** ** **              |   =,     #,      #   |                
          *** ** ***             |    =,     #,     #   |                
        ***** ** *****           |     =,     #,    #   |                
      ******  **  ******         |  =   =  #   #    #   |                
    ******    **    ******       |  '==='  '###'    #   |                
  ******      **      ******     |                      |                
                                 |    ST  USER  GROUP   |                
        \\__________mmmmmmmm______          ______mmmmmmmm__________//     
                    ///////////////   \\//   \\\\\\\\\\\\\\\               
                            //////   //||\\   \\\\\\                       
                                    //    \\                               
                                   /|\    /|\                              

  *                                                                      *
  *     THE                                                              *
  *           ****                                                       *
  *          *                                                           *
  *           ***                                                        *
  *              *                                                       *
  *          ****   A C R A M E N T O                                    *
  *                                                                      *
  *              ***                                                     *
  *             *   *                                                    *
  *             *****                                                    *
  *             *   *                                                    *
  *             *   *  T A R I                                           *
  *                                                                      *
  *                 ****                                                 *
  *                *                                                     *
  *                *                                                     *
  *                *                                                     *
  *                 ****  O M P U T E R                                  *
  *                                                                      *
  *                    ****  *    *  ****    ***                         *
  *                   *       *  *   *   *  *   *                        *
  *                   ****     **    ****   *   *                        *
  *                   *       *  *   *      *   *                        *
  *                    ****  *    *  *       ***   S I T I O N           *
  *                                                                      *
  *                         MARCH 13TH - 14TH 1993                       *
  *                                                                      *
     The Sacramento Atari ST User Group invites you to join them for a two
 day festival of all things Atari.  Fly high with the fabulous Falcon 030,
 or taunt your taste buds with a tempting TT!  While you're in the
 Sacramento area, check out some of the great sights it has to offer.
     Sacramento was the capital of the wild west, and historic old town
 Sacramento is still much like it was over 100 years ago.  Ride the rails
 to the California State Railroad Museum, the largest of its kind in the
 United States.  Stroll the decks of the famous Delta King river boat or
 tour the newly restored state capitol building; all just minutes from 
 the SAC Expo.
     The show will be Saturday and Sunday, March 13th and 14th 1993.  It
 will be held at the Towe Ford Museum, 2200 Front Street, Sacramento, Ca.
 95818.  The Towe is another jewel in the capital city's crown, boasting
 the worlds largest collection of antique Ford automobiles.  The special
 events area in which the show will be held is a replica of a famed area
 theatre which was demolished in 1973 amid great public outcry.  The 
 exterior and forecourt of the Alhambra theatre live again at the Towe, 
 including a giant Wurlitzer pipe organ donated from the estate of Cecil
 B. De Mille.  The show will actually spread out through various parts of
 the museum, and the auto exhibits will be open free to show goers as an
 added attraction.
     We still have vendors signing on to the Expo, but to date you can
 expect to see:
       Barefoot Software
       San Jose Computer
       Codehead Software
       STeve's Software
       Oregon Research
       ST Informer Magazine
       Cottonwood Computer
       Safari Fonts
       B & C Computervision
       Marcel Software of California
       Branch Always Software/Purple Mountain Computer
       A & D Software      
       Compo Software

       There will be a festive grand opening ribbon cutting ceremony at
 10am on Satruday the 13th.  Sacramento celebrity Matias Bombal will be on
 hand as master of ceremonies, and famed area organist Dave "Vox" Mereno
 will kick off the Expo with a few grand tunes on the mighty Wurlitzer. 
 So be sure not to miss out on all the fun, and of course, the Falcon!
       Tickets for the show are $6 for one day and $10 for a two day pass. 
 Advance tickets for the Expo are available from the SST.  Send a self
 addressed stamped envelope, including all necessary funds, to:
                               PO BOX 214892
                         Sacramento, CA 95821-0892
       All advance ticket orders will also receive a $5 coupon from STeves
 Software at the show.
       Travel arrangements for the show are being handled by Sports Leisure
 Travel of Sacramento, ask for Mark or Del at 1-800-321-4758.  For more
 information contact SST President (and Vendor Coordinator) Nick Langdon at
 (916) 723-6425; The Towe Ford Museum at (916) 442-6802, or SST via GEnie
 account # M.WARNER8. 

 > STReport CONFIDENTIAL    "Rumors Tidbits Predictions Observations Tips"

 - San Francisco, CA                            TT030 IS WHAT?    
     According to our super snoop, a certain Atari employee recently gave a
 deposition relative to a  certain  proceeding.    In  that  deposition, he
 mentioned that the TT was an interim machine never intended to be aimed at
 the general computing market and that's why the  units shipping  in the US
 were not  class B  nor was  the acquisition of class B of a high priority.
 In fact, there had been no class B TT030 units manufactured.   It was also
 mentioned  that  the  Falcon  is  the  first  machine they've had that the
 majority of Atari's top brass had any real confidence in.

 - Washington, DC                        FCC DILIGENT OVER "QUEENS"

     In a recent discussion  with  its  field  engineers,  the commission's
 brass  made  mention  of  the  fact  they  were  highly concerned over the
 practice  of  submitting  special  versions  of  hardware  or  of hardware
 receiving certification  while the  actual units offered for sale were not
 exactly the same as those submitted for certification.   Its  been decided
 that  "in  the  field"  acquisition  and re-inspection of certain devices,
 computers and many type 15 devices will be placed under high priority.   A
 number of  incidents in  the last  18 months  involving "Queens" and other
 'substitution' abuses have made this action necessary.


 > STR Mail Call             "...a place for the readers to be heard"

                            STReport's MailBag

                    Messages * NOT EDITED * for content

 Category 18,  Topic 26
 Message 33        Sun Feb 07, 1993
 LEXICOR [Lee]                at 00:16 EST
 For the RECORD:

       The post in STReport is not correct as a whole, and I was going to
 wait till the final investigation by UPS internal security befor posting.

       How ever:

       Lexicor did receiv a package a day later than reported in the
 STReport account. That Package was on the surface from purple Mountian
 Computers, it's lable stated that it contained a gemulator. the box had no
 indication that it was from Ralph.

       the package was, along with several others packed for shipmant for
 our move with out being opened. Mostly because we have no need of a
 Gemulator and because we were packing every- thing.

       We received no less than 4 inquiries from UPS about the delivery. We
 reported in every case in writing that we did not have any record of
 receiving any thing from ABCO, but that we would alert UPS if we did have
 the delivery as soon as the Container which had the shipping box with the
 Shipment in it was opened.

       because of the problems we have had with RALPH/ABCO and the
 statement by Ralph through third parties that he would never ship the
 goods we requested that UPS have an investigator present when the package
 was finally unopacked and opened.

       Due to the fact that the package Claimed by Ralph was insured for
 $500 dollars, which was at least 4 times the actual value of the goods and
 because Ralph was demanding an insurance settlement from UPS right away,
 The UPS internal security people did a comparison of the demands by Ralph
 and found that they did not agree. One demand claimed that the package
 weighed 10 pounds and it's contents were Unknown and another claimed the
 package weighed 2 pounds. 

       the package was unpacked on friday and examined by UPS. they found
 that the package had no other indentification than the Purple Mountian
 original lable on it and that the contents did not match the insurance
 calim as to value demanded by ABCO.

       At this point the matter rest with UPS as to what they  want to do
 about a demand for excess value. Once they decide what they wish to do we
 will then decide as to what we will anounce. Given the responces to
 inquiries here by customers asking ABCO about their orders, if I wait till
 June of 1995 to confirm a delivery from ABCO, I will have been as prompt
 as ABCO was in filling the order, which would be fair and reasonable

       I think it is very interesting that Ralph seems to think that it is
 just fine and dandy to refuse to respond here and screams bloody murder if
 he gets the same treatment.

       So now we wait to see what UPS finds in the package and if it is
 worth the $500 dollars claimed by ABCO.


 Editor Reply:

     The post in STReport 906 was, (contrary to the misleading and
 erroneous bleating presented above), entirely correct and accurate.  As
 was exactly what was related to us by UPS.  The game being played is
 quite obvious.  Since the accurate description of the parcel has been made
 it was no doubt received by Lexicor.  Accordingly, we have forwarded the
 above public message to UPS Internal Security and a copy of our original
 request for a simple trace and verification of delivery.  For the record,
 the first report came back that since Lexicor was a private house, no
 signature was sought.  This caused some concern on ABCO's part.  Thus, the
 follow-up trace and subsequent verification post presented above.  United
 Parcel Servie's people were quite grateful to find this revealing
 information and the fact that there was never a claim filed... not from
 the firt trace inquiry till now.  They now have a very good idea as to who
 the real "perp" is.  The fact is plain since the parcel's appearance is
 fully described in the above post, there is now no doubt it was received
 at its destination.

 Category 18,  Topic 26
 Message 37        Sun Feb 07, 1993
 G.CROSS [Jerry]              at 11:05 EST

 Does that refer to his free flag or to any account he has?  I can't see
 how Darlah can stop him (like you) from paying to get on to the round
 table and replying to messages.


 The fact that Ralph was willing to lose his Genie access over his
 advertising only shows where his true priorities are.  The reason for
 STR's existance was to advertise ABCO, and this proves it.


 "They didn't like anyone questioning the FCC approval date.."

 I was the one who questioned his reporting, and I was the one who proved
 Ralph was blowing smoke.  He still has not admitted he was wrong, and he
 is still passing around lies about the FCC certification.

 "I seldom, if ever, saw a common down to earth, everyday Atari user and
 Genie customer post a complaint about what they read."

 What am I, a potted plant?


 Editor Note:

     Jerry, we've known each other for quite some time and I must say your
 insistance upon this tack of my not having the real facts concerning the
 FCC is ludicrous!  The information was dictated to STReport and presented
 verbatim in STReport 902.  No embellishments, nothing but the facts just
 the way we got them from the Engineer in Charge.  You proved nothing,
 absolutely nothing except that of an attempt to build a fascade of smoke
 and mirrors.  The Falcon was class B certified on January 8th.  Since the
 previous certification with its requirements were appealed by Atari, that
 certification was rendered invalid.  You failed to understand that point
 of information.
     About the potted plant... what type fertilizer do you prefer??  :-)

 Category 14,  Topic 16
 Message 68        Tue Feb 09, 1993
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 17:25 EST
 Tom.. I was slightly burned out on online stuff for awhile and we
  have been attempting to get SpeedoGDOS and MultiTOS out the door.
  Considering all of that.. I decided not to logon for quite some time. 
  I think maybe I am back now ;-)

  I will check into the Clipboard path and Atari Works. I was certain
  that it supported the standard Clipboard spec. Oh well.. If not, then
  it needs to do it.

  -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

  PS. That doesn't even take into account that I am getting married 
      in 5 days! Wish me luck.

 Editor;   Good Luck John... Marriage is a wonderful institution... all
 mental!  Really..  all the luck in the world to you and your new wife.

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 34        Wed Feb 10, 1993
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 03:01 EST
 Ken, Atari Works v1.0 supports only GEM Metafile graphics in the
 Wordprocessor. If you have a GEM Metafile that refers to an IMG file (such
 as from EasyDraw or TouchUp), the .IMG file will be printed. A wide
 variety of Graphics import has been on our list and will show up in a
 future release.

 Wayne, RTF and DBF are imported and exported.  It is command-compatible
 with Excel; it does not currently import and export Excel files.  The
 Database Form layout is not limited to the screen, you can layout a form
 in a window and the window will track the active field.  Forms created for
 1280x960 work just fine in 640x400.

 Brian, the GEM metafile format is quite well documented, I have no idea
 what you are talking about.  All an application has to do to create a
 metafile is open Device 31 and begin making VDI calls just as they would
 to draw lines, cirlces and text on the screen, when you close the
 workstation, the metafile is written automatically.  This is slighty
 simplified, but it _is_ a trivial task, even _creating_ GEM/3 Beziers.

 I have quite a list of features that will be added to Atari Works from
 revision to revision.  I don't think anyone will be disappointed.


 Category 14,  Topic 41
 Message 128       Tue Feb 09, 1993
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 17:25 EST
 This is the Overview information I found on the Falcon030 Audio 

  The Atari Falcon030 contains a sophisticated digital processing and
  audio sub-system..

  32MHz 56001 Digital Signal Processor with 96K bytes of zero wait
    state RAM.

  Eight track, 16-bit digital DMA record channel.

  Eight track, 16-bit digital DMA playback channel
    (operating in parallel with digital record)

  On-board 16-bit stereo DACs, feeding the internal loudspeaker
    and headphone jack.

  On-board 16-bit stereo ADCs, and stereo microphone jack.

  Sophisticated data path matrix between DSP, DMA, Codec and
  external connector.

  Sample rates up to 50KHz.

  Serial data transfer rates up to 1MB per second.

  Loudspeaker or headphones can monitor any stereo channel of 
    8 track digital playback data.

  External serial record and playback channels connect to 
    industry standard DACs, ADCs and S/PDIF components 
    with minimum additional logic.

  The digital processing sub-system has many features which make
  it ideal for audio processing. However, the data being processed
  can also be video (images), graphics objects (3D image manipulation)
  or any other general purpose data.

  To maintain the maximum flexibility, the Atari Falcon030 provides
  an extremely general connection system between these components. All
  data transfers are in a synchronous serial format. Any component can 
  talk with any other. Since some of the components have real time
  response requirements, the clokcing schemes have also been made 
  especially general and flexible.

  I hope this is enough broad information to answer some of the basic
  questions you may have.

  STEVE-J: Last I checked, Falcon030 Developer Documentation was
  available to anyone who wanted to purchase it. What more do you want?

  -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

 Category 14,  Topic 44
 Message 26        Tue Feb 09, 1993
 TOWNS [John@Atari]           at 17:25 EST
 Leonard is not gone. He has just changed responsibilities here at
  Atari. He is currently working on exciting new entertainment
  technology. Sorry, but I am not at liberty to say much more.

  -- John Townsend, Atari Corp.

  ------------ mean the Jaguar????  The super duper dual cpu game system? 
 The one with the built in CD Rom?  The one that's supposed to debut at the
 spring CES?  ED.

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 35        Wed Feb 10, 1993
 D.FLORY [ALERTsys*Cop]       at 10:27 EST
 Bill, what formats does the spreadsheet componenet load/import and
 export, besides its own? I'm hoping you'll say its at least comma/tab
 delimited or DIF?

   (-:  Happy Bytes  :-)

      Dave Flory, ALERTsys*Cop
      07:22 PST - 02/10/93

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 36        Wed Feb 10, 1993
 R.WILSON36 [Bob Wilson]      at 18:22 EST
 Bill "METAFILES are quite well documented"? The commands to set page size
 , working area etc were not documented in the documentation package that I
 recieved. These must be set so that the application recieving the file has
 a vague idea of what size it is dealing with. This is especially true
 since the original program if using text has to make  some assumptions
 about how wide and high the fonts are. VQT EXTENT returns  either 0 height
 or o width (can't remember which). that is why all those  programs like
 TWDTP and OPUS have font width files. If all you want  to do is line draws
 and boxes then yes it is as simple as opening driver 31. It is much more
 of a pain in the you know what if fonts are involved. I have heard of
 mythical META.SYS fonts but I have never seen them in any package which
 supports .GEM files and I own 5 different programs that come with GDOS.


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 37        Wed Feb 10, 1993
 WAYNED. [Wayne]              at 19:18 EST
  >Wayne, RTF and DBF are imported and exported.  It is command-compatible
  >with Excel; it does not currently import and export Excel files.

   Thanks for the info Bill.  Glad to hear that they both import and
 export.  Hopefully it will import/export Excel files in the future.

  >I have quite a list of features that will be added to Atari Works from
  >revision to revision.  I don't think anyone will be disappointed.

   That's also good to hear.  Hopefully Atari Works will grow in power as
 time goes on.


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 38        Wed Feb 10, 1993

 Shucky-darns!  I own TouchUp, so getting IMG files into Atari Works will
 pose no problem. :-)  My youngest sister is now interested in getting a
 computer, and may give her one of my ST's to get her started.  Atari Works
 sounds like just what she needs in the way of software.  Is it save to
 assume that it will work with antiquated TOS 1.0?


 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 39        Thu Feb 11, 1993
 BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 01:19 EST

 Thanks for your kind comments, I share your sentiments that we're close to
 getting a record number of things out the door in short order!

 As Bill has indicated, there are plans in the queue (almost said Works!)
 to have additional upgrades done, but I want see it get out the door!!

 Bob Wilson- I think that there is an entire section in the dev docs that
 deals specifically with GDOS, and the meta file stuff is probably all in
 there (Bill can give you the straight scoop on that, I'm just making an
 informed guess). The GEM files that I've been importing into Atari Works
 are ancient GEM files from old, old, Easy Draw images that I have on hand,
 as well as the GEM file that Touch Up creates when it makes an IMG. :) 
 The point is that GEM files have been around darn  near as long as there
 have been STs.  While the info might be buried to an extent in the docs,
 it is there, and people have been using them for time now.


 Yes, you can for example, highlight some cells in the spreadsheet and then
 plop them into the word processor!  Same for tables and graphs.

 All in all, I think everyone is going to be pretty happy with the initial
 release of Atari Works. I started one of our sales  administrators using
 it a couple of days ago...and she's loving it!! One of the things that she
 enjoys the most is the simple click on an icon ability to change from Left
 Justified, Right Justified, Centered, and full justification in the word

 It's pretty intuitive, but I'm finally starting to make my way thru the
 manual to make sure that I haven't overlooked anything.  There is lots of
 stuff under the surface :)

 best regards,

 Bob Brodie

 Category 14,  Topic 20
 Message 40        Thu Feb 11, 1993
 B.REHBOCK [BILL@ATARI]       at 05:02 EST
 Dave, the spreadsheet can handle tab, comma, or user-defined delimited. 
 You should stop by for a demo! ------- Bob, there is definitely no need
 for metafile fonts or width tables. Atari Works cuts its graphs to the
 clipboard using only plain-jane VDI calls to Device 31 using SpeedoGDOS.
 It also has a feature that allows you to cut regions from the spread sheet
 or a record in the database form view as metafiles, using the same, simple
 technique. After these are pasted into a WP document, the user can even
 scale them and the text gets scaled along with the metafile.  Atari Works
 has been a very good proof of theory regarding the O/S and GEM, and son of
 a gun, it really does work :-)

 I will see if I can put together some sample code and upload it.  Our
 department is in the middle of moving, but I'll try to get it posted over
 the weekend. 


 From Delphi's Atari area...

 48062 7-FEB 18:50  General Information
      RE: Falcon in Byte (Re: Msg 48048)
      From: WAYNEDUNHAM  To: OCS

 I don't know about getting FCC clearance.  I know that recently more and
 more clone makers are paying attention to Class B compliance, but they've
 all been doing component build-ups for years now.  I'm just looking for
 the same flexibility for the Atari.  Especially since Atari has NEVER sold
 an ST/STe/TT with what *I* would consider a proper compliment of options. 
 You either get a machine that won't take an HD (ala the Mega STe/TT), or
 one with an HD you have to immediately chuck out the window because of
 it's pitiful capacity.  

 Selling a Falcon with a 65 meg HD is like selling a Mac or CLone with a
 cassette storage system.  I'd just be happy if they'd sell me a machine
 with NO hd that would allow me to add one later internally.  I know it
 wasn't allowed on the Mega STe (due to case and other limitations), not
 sure about the TT, and I heard rumours that they were going to make the
 Falcon either out of the box with an HD, or you couldn't add one
 internally by just plugging one in.  

 Similiar to their chopping off the second 2 meg portion of Mega
 motherboards on Mega 2's so you couldn't just add the chips to bring it to
 4 megs.  I was one of the lucky ones who got a Mega that had the intact
 motherboard and the traces intact so all I had to do was solder in the Ram
 and capacitors.


 48211 9-FEB 05:48  Telecommunications
      RE: Modem Speed (Re: Msg 48133)
      From: ATARIPOWER7  To: BOBBRO (NR)

 I'm curious, Bob, it seems MANY folks don't have any idea what their
 modems and computers are actually doing... I haven't the skill nor the
 depth of knowledge to teach folks what their modem, computer, serial port,
 the remote modem and all are doing when they're online.  So, here's a
 suggestion and a question:

 Why don't you get some more knowledgeable folks <Technicians?> at Atari to
 write up a little "High speed telecommunications primer" and upload it
 here, so folks can download it and have greater understanding of just what
 they're doning, and what their computers and other equipment is doing.

 The question:

 My Mega STe, with TOS 2.06 and 1.44 Floppy and 4 megs and 48 Meg internal
 HD works great with hardware flow control, however, some have said I need
 a RTS/CTS patch <I dont>.  Will ANY ST with TOS 2. 06, regardless of other
 elements of configuration, support RTS/CTS flow control flawlessly, or is
 my MSTe somehow just lucky??  The only problem I've ever had is when I'm
 receiving data <MNP5 or V.42bis> at high speed <9600 or 12,000> my serial
 port can crash, <the rest of the system works fine> forcing me to reboot.

 If the remote modem and mine are using modem to modem flow control, that
 problemis practically negated, I only need to be careful to avoid my modem
 trying to take data it receives at 12,000 or 9600 <MNP5 or V.42bis> and
 uncompressing it and overflowing my serial port, if the remote modem keeps
 sending data <Local Amiga BBS does this, no modem to modem flow control>
 to my modem, eventually it will cause CRC errors <my modem and computer
 protect themselves very well with flow control, fortunately> and muck up
 downloads etc....

 One more ditty, the internal harddrive is a Seagate ST157N.  Really, isn't
 that HD capable of formatting to more than 46.3 megs?  Could I possibly
 edit WINCAP and get more cylinders <tracks>???

 Take care!


 From CIS Atari Fora.....

 #: 37031 S14/ST REPORT
     08-Feb-93  17:37:05
 Sb: #36976-#Inaccurate Reporting
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Ron Kovacs - Z-Net 75300,1642 (X)

 Since you asked, let me just jump in here to explain the legal aspects of
 online services and online magazines as I understand them to be based upon
 some 'sort of related test cases in court' and conversations with my
 lawyers and CIS's representatives.

 Of course, the situation is FAR from being crystal clear, but CIS (and I)
 are operating under the analogy of comparing the online service to a
 magazine stand.  Along those lines, the magazine is probably liable for
 its contents and its ads (as per the SOF lawsuit) but not the newsstand
 which sells the generally available publication.

 The newsstand is not under any legal obligation to carry or not carry any
 publication, although there are some moral and business issues involved
 which will affect that decision.

 Carrying a publication on a newsstand does not imply any endorsement of
 its content from a legal standpoint.

 Of course, all the above is premised by the statemtent that "I am not a

 #: 37066 S17/Community Square
     10-Feb-93  07:39:21
 Sb: #37060-#platforms
 Fm: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454
 To: david d. hagood 73437,3162 (X)


      I am comparing Oranges to Oranges.  In the post I also stated that
 when importing into Calamus with its GIF driver, it was faster.  The real
 FACT is the TT is only 32Mhz while the PC used was 50Mhz.  It was faster.

             Ralph @ STReport International Online Magazine

 #: 37084 S17/Community Square
     10-Feb-93  17:39:29
 Sb: #37066-platforms
 Fm: Pat Augustine 73670,2200
 To: STReport - Ralph 70007,4454

  Absolutely. A 486/50 should outrun a 32Mhz '030, especially if it's a
 "real" 50Mhz. A clock-doubled 25 (ie, 50) will still beat it, but not as
 bad.  The '030 is a nice workhorse, but doesn't have the speed gains that
 the '040 and 486 have.

  By the way, did you see that Intel announced a delay in the Pentium
 release? Apparently there's major heat dissipation problems, and beside,
 they need to let the software houses build Pentium compilers because
 there's little speed increase from a 486 to a Pentium unless the software
 is optimised for the Pentium design. 386/486 software will not be
 noticably faster on a Pentium until it's been recompiled.

  So the 486 will remain "king" of the Intel line for a while, because it
 will take time to recompile the major programs to be Pentium-fast.

 #: 37118 S13/Ask ATARI Corp.
     11-Feb-93  20:55:09
 Sb: #Official Support area?
 Fm: Victor Wood - Munich 100041,222
 To: Atari Corp

 I know Genie has an official support area for Atari, but thats no good to
 me, I can not access genie!

 Is this also an official support area, if not why not? Ci$ has the oldest
 atari specific areas I think: Correct if wrong!


 #: 37120 S13/Ask ATARI Corp.
     11-Feb-93  22:03:27
 Sb: #37118-Official Support area?
 Fm: Atari Explorer mag - AEO 70007,3615
 To: Victor Wood - Munich 100041,222

 What type of support are you looking for?  They do have a private section
 for Atari Developers in the Atari Pro forum. (GO ATARIPRO)  And Atari
 Employees frequent this here and answers questions from time to time as

 -- Albert Dayes @ Atari Explorer magazine

 Read action !

 #: 37145 S13/Ask ATARI Corp.
     12-Feb-93  14:54:48
 Sb: #37118-Official Support area?
 Fm: SYSOP*Ron Luks 76703,254
 To: Victor Wood - Munich 100041,222

    You are correct.  CompuServe has the longest running and most widely
 available Atari specific areas of any online service.

    We are Atari's official Portfolio support area, and we have a daily
 active presence for the Lynx game unit.

    We have official Atari developer support areas for registered

     We are fortunate enough to have many Atari employees online here, but
 they act on an unofficial basis.


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