Z*Magazine: 9-May-92 #207

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/09/93-04:34:58 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Z*Magazine:  9-May-92 #207
Date: Sat Oct  9 16:34:58 1993

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              THE EDITORS DESK                by Ron Kovacs
 It's been a long few weeks since our last edition.  However, we are once
 again building some archives and additional material.  Bob Smith, a new
 staff member will be sharing some information shortly from his local
 user group.
 Changes since our last issue have been the start and release of Atari
 Explorer Online Magazine.  A joint effort of Z*Net and Atari Explorer
 Magazine.  The original press release and online conference have been
 reproduced in this edition.  As a special note for 8-bitters, AEO will
 be supporting the 8-bitters from time to time, so keep your eyes out for
 the next edition, May 15, 1992.  All AEO issues will be released bi-weekly.
 Stan Lowell, long time friend and Z*Magazine editor is recovering well
 from his triple by-pass surgery.  Since he is recovering and slowly
 attempting to re-involve himself, I want to thank everyone on Stan's
 behalf for the nice letters and calls of encouragement, I am sure they
 have helped.  Look for Stan's return here in a few weeks!
         ** ** **     Atari Explorer Online Magazine     ** ** **
         ** ** **     ------------------------------     ** ** **
         ** ** **       ---------------------------      ** ** ** 
         ** ** **         -----------------------        ** ** **
        **  **  **          -------------------         **  **  **
      ***   **   ***          ---------------         ***   **   *** 
     ***    **    ***           -----------          ***    **    ***
 John Jainschigg     718-545-2900    GEnie:  EXPLORER    CIS:76704,1616
 Ron Kovacs          908-968-2024    GEnie:  Z-NET       CIS:75300,1642
 Bob Brodie          408-745-2052    GEnie:  BOB-BRODIE  CIS:70007,3240
 April 24, 1992  -  Atari Explorer Announces New Online Magazine!
 Sunnyvale, CA.-  Atari Corporation and Rovac Industries are proud to
 announce a brand new online magazine for the Atari Community: Atari
 Explorer Online.  Atari Explorer Magazine, the Official Atari Journal,
 is now extending its coverage of all things Atari to the online scene,
 as well.  The first issue of the Explorer Online is set for May 1, 1992,
 and the magazine will appear biweekly, thereafter.
 "Explorer Online will team up some of the finest journalists in the
 Atari Community!" said John Jainschigg, Publisher.  "We're excited to be
 able to offer such a quality product to our many customers.  The goal of
 Explorer Online will be to serve the needs of all Atari users:
 Portfolio, Lynx, ST/TT, and 8 bit.  All of Explorer's regular
 contributors will be represented in Explorer Online: from music experts
 like Craig Anderton, to Portfolio Wizards like BJ Gleason.  And we are
 actively soliciting contributions, both to the online magazine, and to
 our regular, bimonthly print edition.  We want to make Explorer Online a
 solid resource for the whole Atari community."
 Atari has teamed up with Ron Kovacs, publisher of the Z*Net Newswire and
 Z*Net Online Magazines, to produce Atari Explorer Online.  "When we
 decided that we wanted to do an online magazine, it just didn't make
 sense to completely re-invent the wheel," stated Bob Brodie, Atari's
 Director of Communications.  "In the online Atari community, Z*Net has
 set the standard for quality and accurate reporting, and it only made
 sense to invite them to participate in this new venture.  Ron Kovacs and
 John Nagy are among the finest, most dedicated journalists on the Atari
 scene today.  The entire Z*Net staff will be part of the new team at
 Atari Explorer Online.  We're very excited that they have chosen to join
 us in making Explorer Online the best it can be."
 The start of Atari Explorer Online also signals the end of the Z*Net
 Online magazine for the Atari ST Community.  Current plans call for
 Kovacs' firm, Rovac Industries, to continue to publish their popular
 Z*Net PC, and Z*Magazine publications.  "While there is a certain sense
 of loss with Z*Net discontinuing, we're very excited that Atari has
 invited us to be a part of this exciting new venture" said Ron Kovacs,
 Editor-in-Chief of Atari Explorer Online. "Atari Explorer is one of the
 finest magazines on the market, and it's very flattering to our efforts
 that Atari has chosen us to help them with their online magazine."
 "When Explorer Publisher John Jainschigg came to me with an idea for a
 new online magazine, there was no question that we were going to need
 some outside help.  And it was an easy choice to decide where that help
 should come from.  Week in, week out, Z*Net has provided the latest news
 to the Atari Community for years.  Indeed, Z*Net has experienced growth
 over the years.  They have the experience in launching new online
 publications, like the original ST-Report, ST*ZMagazine, and Z*Net PC.
 Additionally Z*Net's Atari News Service has appeared in print
 publications world-wide including: STart Magazine, ST-World Magazine,
 ST-Informer, ST-Journal, ST-Express, AtariUser, Current Notes, and
 Germany's PD Journal now Atari Journal.  It really just made sense from
 every side that we considered to ask them to be involved," stated Brodie."
 AEO will be distributed worldwide on major information services and
 networks.  Atari Explorer Online will carry up-to-the-minute reports on
 hot topics in the Atari market: from trade shows to new product
 announcements.  Explorer Online will give you the facts you need to make
 the most of your Atari investment.  Utilities and Atari PD releases, new
 product demos, product and dealer databases, and other interactive
 offerings will round out the publication, making Atari Explorer Online
 the best in online journalism today!!
    #                   #               #               #
       Copyright (c)1992, Atari Corporation and GEnie ST Rountables
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> On behalf of the Atari ST Roundtable, I welcome all of
 you to the Atari Explorer Online RealTime Conference.  Before getting
 started, some business about how an RTC works.
 While the RTC room is in Listen-Only mode, you can only address our
 guest when I let you talk.  To get my attention, just /RAIse your hand.
 Just enter this from your keyboard: /rai
 I'll acknowledge your raised hand as soon as I can, but please be
 patient.  I -WILL- let you know when your turn is coming up.
 This evening, we have as our guests John Jainschigg, Ron Kovacs, and Bob
 Brodie.  John is the publisher of Atari Explorer and the newly formed
 Atari Explorer Online.  Ron is the editor of Atari Explorer Online.  And
 Bob is a contributing editor to Atari Explorer Online, in addition to
 his duties as Director of Communications for Atari USA Corporation.
 Welcome, gentlemen.  Would someone like to make any opening remarks
 before we start taking questions?
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> Atari Explorer Online is more than just an online
 version of Atari Explorer Magazine.  In fact, you could think of
 Explorer Online as a new "head end" for Explorer's printed edition.
 Online is the news-gathering operation -- the fact-finding mission that
 gives structure and direction to the rest of Explorer, and an
 independent publication, in its own "write," that has great potential
 for getting the word out on Atari to a broader and ever-more-influential
 We're enthusiastic about running the program with the editorial help of
 Ron Kovacs and John Nagy who require no further introduction, except to
 say that they've defined the current "state of the art" in Atari
 journalism, online and offline and frankly, we're also excited to be
 working with Bob Brodie, who as "contributing editor" fights a never-
 ending battle for truth, justice, and okay, folks, let's face it, he
 ASKED for the title.  But he is, after all, Atari's Director of
 Communications, and knows where the bodies are buried. <ga>
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Ron or Bob -- Anything you'd like to say before we proceed?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jeff, not from this side, let's take some questions!
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> Same here!  :-)
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I really like the concept of a little
 program accompanying the online mag.  Thanks for getting that going.
 Next time, though, I hope you'll truly devote some content in the mag to
 identifying and explaining the program and I'm wondering if you are
 soliciting programs for inclusion?
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> Wait a second ... hold it ... the article explained
 the technology involved and the source code documented the ancillary
 files.  Actually, several people reported problems, however, I'm
 actively soliciting suggestions as to how better to present such
 material.  Also, we'd love to get submissions from Atari programmers.
 "K to burn!" as we say.
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Put it on page 1 next time and you'll get my
 vote. I wonder... Does Atari Explorer Online PAY for articles/programs
 like the hardcopy version does, or is this just one of many differences?
 Let me just temper that question a bit...
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> We've not struck a "policy" -- however, in
 consideration of the overall value of a contribution and its potential
 for reprinting in Explorer's printed edition, as well as other outlets
 in the overall spectrum of Atari printed matter, on a case-by-case
 basis, we'd be happy to consider "making a deal!" (grin)
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> You might want to take into account that I
 decide on a target magazine for a submission based partly on the
 willingness to pay.... OK, we shall see, shall we?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Precisely!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Ron -- Why did you decide to give up Z-Net (ST version)
 to work with Atari Explorer Online?  What is your incentive to do this?
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> It's all Bob Brodies fault!!!  He convinced me that
 Atari needed my help, something that I personally didn't believe..:-)
 But on the other hand what could be more flattering then assisting with
 something you enjoy.  Besides, Bob is a nice guy!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> How is this different for you, Ron, than doing Z-Net?
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> Atari is more involved in this publication and I
 have been looking for some free time with my family and it all came
 along at the right time.
 <DARLAH> John/Ron, what sort of feedback are you getting back on the
 magazine so far?
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> Quite a few people have left private GEmail to Ron
 and myself and we've been forwarding it back and forth to strain the
 suggestions and contributions out of the overall "congratulatory thang."
 Honestly, most people (out of the what, 1,100 plus who've downloaded?)
 have been largely laudatory.  Though I've taken some heat on formatting.
 I think everybody is going to be happy when we've fronted a professional
 "reader" for the magazine.  Actually, some of the formatting comments
 have been pretty bloody. (grin)
 <DARLAH> Well congrats on such a fine job
 <B.BILLJONES2> Would you consider a running section highlighting new
 opening dealerships?  Especially on the East Coast.
 <BOB-BRODIE> That's hard to do, Bill.  Remember that many dealers buy
 from our distributors instead of directly from Atari.  That's just an
 economic fact of business now a days.  However, the issue did have a
 couple of dealer profiles, both for Manny's Music in NYC, and Goodmans
 in LA.  But I do think you've hit on an interesting idea, and we'll use
 it whenever possible for our readers.
 <B.BILLJONES2> Yes, I can imagine it would be difficult on a regular
 basis, but how about occasionally?  I talked with Manny's earlier as a
 matter of fact.  You answered it..
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> Look for more in future issues...
 <B.BILLJONES2> Thanks!
 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> Glad to see issue 1 is a huge success.  But, you
 have to kill those TABS!  And, Why write a new, unique front end when
 the TX2 format is already established?
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> See what I mean about formatting comments? (cringe)
 <BOB-BRODIE> Nothing like another editor's critique, eh?
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> John..  We have discussed this situation and it has
 been resolved. :-)
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> (Nothing like another editor's critique on ASCII-
 formatting issues. )
 <BOB-BRODIE> Re the TX2 format, not sure which way we'll go on that, John.
 <[John Nagy] ATARIUSER> That sounds informative.... is the resolution
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> <--- Translation: They ignored me for days.  I
 apologized.  I pleaded.
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> JJ WILL NEVER do it again!  Trust me!
 <BOB-BRODIE> We've had offers from others willing to write something
 that they envision as being better than TX2, which to me is hard to
 envision. :)  And he WILL separate his paragraphs, or ELSE!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> On a related subject, would you consider doing Calamus
 and PgS versions of AEO?  (I want to see you guys sweat!)  :-)
 <BOB-BRODIE> No, Jeff.  We want this to go to the "unconverted" as well.
 We have some ideas about doing a FAX version that might use Calamus for
 the layout of the FAX editon, though.  We will always have an ASCII
 version for the mainstream crowd, too.
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> I noticed, by the way, that someone has
 uploaded a TX2 version of the first Atari Explorer Online.  Was this an
 "authorized version", or some bootleg thing? Even if AEO does its own
 reader, will there be future TX2 versions?
 <BOB-BRODIE> If it looked good, it was official.  If it didn't, it was
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> (I didn't actually see it.  Just in the d/ls...)
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> Did that get 1100 downloads too?
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> Good answer, though. ;-)
 <BOB-BRODIE> Not sure, Dot.  We need to decide what the reader will be
 like, first.  PDC has kindly offered to let us use TX2, so we'll see.
 Some of our programmers here are pretty creative, as well as John J.
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> How are you all prepared to answer
 accusations of "mouthpiece" and "house organ" with respect to AEO?
 Just asking...
 <BOB-BRODIE> Quite well, thank you!
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> Well, here goes: (tough question) ...
 I, personally, try to sidestep the issue, by maintaining that Atari
 Explorer is primarily an information resource for the Atari owner/
 potential buyer and I don't see how information, per se, can be
 "corrupted" to have no.  However no VALUE however ...
 Explorer is very up-front about its brief, which is at least in part to
 help SELL Atari product largely by explaining how that product can be
 used to enhance productivity and the enjoyment of daily life, within the
 constraints of a normal person's budget.
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> It would seem to me that sidestepping is the
 most prudent route.  Does AEO have this same prime directive, then?
 <[John J.] EXPLORER> ... Heck, yeah. Explorer is a "mouthpiece."  It's a
 mouthpiece that tries, in its own small way to make sure all these nifty
 TT's don't become doorstops.
 <[Ron Kovacs] Z-NET> My opinion:  The readers can benefit with
 information about Atari products and less emphasis on what's so wrong
 all the time.  There is plenty to talk about.
 <[Baaad Dot!] D.A.BRUMLEVE> K by me.
 <BOB-BRODIE> I might add that I have always found that everyone has
 their own opinion about what they think is happening, and why.  But I
 have always, make that ALWAYS found that they want to hear from ATARI
 exactly what the company's posture is on events/products, details etc.
 So from that aspect, AEO is a PERFECT medium for us to contact and
 inform our users from the companies perspective.  Much better than
 relying on a third party intrepretation.
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> My next question is for Bob.  What contributions do you
 see yourself making to Atari Explorer Online?  What do you have planned
 for future issues?
 <BOB-BRODIE> I will continue to write additional articles, and provide
 input, but John J. is the publisher, and he is the one that is
 providing the guidelines for future issues.  I may from time to time
 provide a "message from the mountaintop" aka Sunnyvale leadership, but
 mostly envision the mag flourishing under Ron & John.
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Okay then, let me direct this to John.  As publisher/
 editor, what would you like to see Bob adding to AEO?  Regular User
 Group/Show oriented columns?  Answering user mail?  Etc.?
 <[Mouthpiece] EXPLORER> Bob is Atari's Director of Communications.  He's
 in a unique position, however, because of his history and ongoing
 committment to the user-group area, his activity on telecommunications
 and an as-yet-largely-unheralded-but-still-significant input to Atari PR
 /Marketing/Advertising arm.  Basically, he knows what's happening, and I
 figure that if I can catch him in the right mood, who knows what might
 turn up?  Explorer Online is my excuse to call Bob EVERY DAY! (grin)
 Suffice to say he can contribute in virtually every area of potential
 editorial interest.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Which means I now have TWO editors nagging me, Ron & John!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Well, Bob has always been incredibly engaging during
 public appearances and it'll be great if that can translate to the
 electronic page.  I'm sure it can.
 <[Mouthpiece] EXPLORER> (Though neither of us catch his geographical
 spelling mistakes.)
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> I have just been told that Atari Explorer Online is now
 available for access directly from the main menu of the ST Roundtable
 (on Page 475)...
 <[Organ] Z-NET> Sounds good Jeff!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Just select menu item 9 and folks will be able to
 download it for free!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Next question, I've seen some beautiful ST art
 published in the pages of Atari Explorer.  Do you think you might
 include some of those pic files along with future issues?
 <[Organ] Z-NET> Jeff.. The files would be rather large??  Do you think
 people would download all these PI2-3 pics?
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> I think some would be interested.  Maybe they could be
 auxilary files, separate from the main mag.  Anyway, just a thought.  :-)
 <[Organ] Z-NET> Something to consider.... But John will be working on
 this specifically in later issues!
 <[Corp. Tool] EXPLORER> Part of the advantage of working with a reader
 capable of presenting illustration is that we WILL be able to send
 technical illustrations, line-drawings, charts and graphs, and other
 "easily compressible" images along with the upload.  The problem with
 "art" is that it tends to contain so much information that even binary
 compression (much less RLE) can't really squish it all that much.
 <[John] J.COLE18> John, when will we see you in the AOE Fnet?  Also, I
 like Jeff's suggestion on the pictures!  Znets picture files ALWAYS
 dressed up our club newsletter with the nice news pieces!  I'd like to
 see more, maybe you should go and get a photoman to add some PI1
 greyscale pictures and include them in a sperate file, despite the size :-)
 <BOB-BRODIE> John, we're twisting his arm to get him online.  I think
 we'll win.  I agree with your assesment of the Z*Net pics, as long as
 Z*Net continues to have the Z*Net NewsWire (and it will) there will be
 pictures that will come out from time to time.  Just bear in mind that
 the pics coming included with the mag make the files bigger.
 <[Ethics?] EXPLORER> Just wait for our "Swimsuit Issue" in August.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Naturally, as long as EXPLORER ONLINE is free on GEnie, so
 what? :)  We'll do the swimsuit edition at my pool, Stephanie Seymour
 and Elle are always welcome at Casa Brodie. :)
 <BOB-BRODIE> Jeff, one of the things that I'd like to hear tonight is
 what kind of things our readers are interested, or NEED us to provide.
 We also view AEO as a SERVICE, and as such, need input from them.
 Developers are welcome to reply! <big grin>
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> That ties in with my next question!  Is there anything
 specific in way of feedback that you would like to hear from your
 readers?  What would help you in determining the future direction of AEO?
 <BOB-BRODIE> More FEEDBACK! Tell us what you think!  Was the included
 software bonus a good thing?
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> On GEnie, that feedback can be in the ST Roundtable
 Bulletin Board in the AEO topic in Category 15 -OR- in email.
 <BOB-BRODIE> Should we offer other programs besides ST programs, like
 Port stuff?  And 8 bit material as well????
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> How can people get feedback to Atari Explorer Online if
 they don't have a GEnie account?
 <[Dr. Spin] EXPLORER> They can send regular mail to Atari Explorer,
 29-05 Broadway, Astoria, NY 11106  fax us at (718) 545-8200 ... or (Over
 to you, Ron) ...
 <[Organ] Z-NET> They can reach us in FNET Node 593 - CompuServe
 75300,1642... :-)  That Bob is such a kidder!  Fnet 706 and 319!
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> Very good.  I think that about wraps up the formal
 portion of tonight's conference.  Any closing remarks from you gentlemen?
 <BOB-BRODIE> Yes indeed, my voice number is 408-745-2052. fax
 408-745-2088,  And my FNET node is #706, phone 510-373-6792, 19.2k baud,
 24 hrs daily, Immediate access, so you CAN leave me email there as well.
 GEnie is of course, preferred as our OFFICIAL online resource.  That's
 it from me, Jeff.
 <[Organ] Z-NET> Keep reading and pass along your comments.  We need and
 appreciate it!  Thanks for coming!
 <[6502 Lives!] EXPLORER> We hope that Explorer Online will become the
 flagship of a new class of high-touch high-feedback publications that
 contribute to getting the word out on Atari, even past the boundaries of
 the American information services.  My main "closing remark," therefore
 is "PLEASE, PASS IT ON!"  And I'd like to remind user group people that
 Explorer Online has a liberal policy as regards reprint permissions for
 selected material.  Use us (don't abuse us) (grin).  And thanks for reading.
 <BOB-BRODIE> "anyone gotta really GOOD Koala pic viewer?" <grin>
 <[Sysop] JEFF.W> I want thank our guests, John, Ron, and Bob, for taking
 the time to be here tonight.  And thanks to all the rest of you for
 <[6502 Lives!] EXPLORER> "How about a character-set editor for the 130XE?"

                         |   |   |   |   |G  |C  |   |   |L  |P P|    |
                         |   |   |   |   |A  |O  |   |   |O P|A R|    |
                         |   |   |S  |M  |M  |M  | E |   |N L|C E| O  |
                         |   | A |O  |U  |E  |L  | X | C |G A|K S| V  |
                         | G | N |U  |S  |P  |Y  | C | H |  Y|A E| E  |
 +------------------+    | R | I |N E|I  |L  |N F| I | A |T A|G N| R  |
 |  5: Outstanding  |    | A | M |D F|C  |A D|X E| T | L |E B|I T| A  |
 |  4: Great        |    | P | A |  F|A S|Y E|  A| E | L |R I|N A| L S|
 |  3: Good         |    | H | T |  E|L C|  S|  T| M | E |M L|G T| L C|
 |  2: Fair         |    | I | I |  C|  O|& I|  U| E | N |  I|  I|   O|
 |  1: Poor         |    | C | O |  T|  R|  G|  R| N | G |  T|& O|   R|
 +------------------+    | S | N |  S|  E|  N|  E| T | E |  Y|  N|   E|
 CHRIS BAKER             | 4 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 3 | 3 | 4 |3.88|
 M KENNEDY               | 4 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 5 | 4 | 3 |4.11|
 FIRE CONTROL            | 5 | 4 | 5 | 3 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 4 | 4 | 4 |4.11|
 MATTHEW                 | 5 | 5 | 5 | 3 | 5 |N/A| 4 | 5 | 4 | 5 |4.55|
 STUB                    | 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 4 | 4 | 3 |3.44|
 NORMAN BATES            | 4 | 5 | 5 | 4 | 3 |N/A| 4 | 4 | 4 | 3 |4.00|
 LEO                     | 4 | 4 | 5 | 3 | 3 |N/A| 5 | 4 | 5 | 3 |4.00|
 VALORN                  | 4 | 4 | 4 | 2 | 4 |N/A| 3 | 3 | 3 | 3 |3.33|
 SEAN BRYANT             | 4 | 4 | 5 | 2 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 4 | 3 | 4 |3.77|
 LORD BARAK              | 3 | 4 | 5 | 3 | 4 |N/A| 4 | 5 | 4 | 4 |4.00|
 DARKMAGE                | 4 | 2 | 2 | 3 | 2 |N/A| 2 | 2 | 1 | 2 |2.22|
  (11 LYNXERS)           |4.0|4.0|4.4|2.9|3.7|N/A|3.8|3.9|3.5|3.4|3.66|
 Chris Baker from New York, NY
 07:21:36 pm  Aug. 30, 1991
 A.P.B from Atari is a decent translation of the arcade game...the end
 graphics and animation when you get too many demerits is fantastic...
 the game is very playable although it does become repetitive after
 awhile...the best feature of APB is the digitized voices.  They are
 very clear and easy to understand like in Klax.  The only disapointing
 voice is that of your Sergeant who sounds like the school teacher from
 Peanuts.  Accelerating your police car and running the siren at the
 same time is a little difficult at first, but by using your thumb to
 accelerate and the base of your thumb to blast your siren it becomes a
 simple task.  A password feature would have been nice to skip the early
 boards but overall this is great.  Get in your squad cars and go get
 Fire Control
 02:22:10 pm  Sep. 4, 1991
 If you get frustrated and would like to continue where you left off try
 Hold down Option 1 and Option 2 together and drive your car into any
 doughnut you see (laying on ground, factory, or store) and your quota
 will be met and the day will end.  You won't need to drive to the
 station.  Have fun guys!
 Matthew (Richard Stephenson from Delta, UT)
 02:42:36 pm  Sep. 7, 1991
 I love this game to death.  The sounds are incredible!  Exactly real
 life!  When you get fired after the Sergeant scorches your face a cop
 comes up to you in your car and you say "make me" the cop then pulls
 you out the door shoves you agaist the hood where you say "ouch" and
 "oooh" the cop then handcuffs you and picks you up and throws you into
 a van.  Buy, the game...It IS worth it!
 Stub (Stuart Baker from San Jose, CA)
 09:29:18 am  Sep. 15, 1991
 Posters are a terrible replacement for instruction books.  Please bring
 back the instruction books.
 Norman Bates from Stockton, CA
 01:36:22 am  Sep. 24, 1991
 I like the concept of the game and, after all of the reviews I have
 read, I thought it would be outstanding but the necessity of pressing
 both the B button and the joypad to move is a bit "dumb".  I also
 sincerely dislike the poster instructions that all of the new games
 have.  Nice sound effects, good game but maybe for $5 less it would be
 worth it.
 Leo (Leo Black from Colorado City, AZ)
 04:35:46 pm  Sep. 29, 1991
 This is a really fun game.  They didn't put the extra little things in
 it that the arcade had which takes a little from it.  The sound is
 great.  The playing controls are a little hard.  You have to hold A to
 accelerate and B for the siren.  This is a little hard, it would be
 eaiser to just push up on the joypad.   Great Game!!!!!
 DarkMage (Rick Lemon from Mesa, AZ)
 04:40:20 am  Dec. 3, 1991
 After playing this game, I had to be amazed at how close Atari came to
 perfectly adapting this game to the Lynx.  But I had to ask myself why
 they would adapt such a pointless and boring game as A.P.B.  This game
 has about as much excitment in it as an Annual Bagel Rolling Contest
 would have for most people.  I regret that Atari could not adapt a much
 finer game that would use the capacities of the Lynx in a much more
 exciting and intriguing way.
 Joshua Ledgard from Rehoboth, MA
 07:12:32 am  Mar. 7, 1992
 I thought it was a good Lynx game, but that's all.  The graphics could
 have been more like the arcade.  The sound effects were great.

 * BILL & TED'S EXCELLENT ADVENTURE                 Captured from UseNet
 (1) Egypt 1700BC
 (a) Valley of The Kings - north of the small pyramid - collect 14 notes.
 (b) Northeast of the small pyramid - collect a "gold nugget"
 (c) Central building - south of the small pyramid - collect 1 note
 (d) Cross the bridge - south of the large pyramid - at the blocked
     entrance collect 1 note and a phonebook page
 (e) Southeast of large pyramid - cross the shallow water - collect a
     "Royal Ankh"
 (f) Go to the building which is southwest of the small pyramid and give
     the "gold nugget" to the guard - he will let you pass - visit the
     ruler in the south wing: "Friends, Welcome to our fair city.  We
     need your help.  We are missing our staff.  Find it and we will
     reward you.  Here is a stone that may help you in your quest."
     Collect a "scare stone".
 (g) Return to the phone booth and go to Egypt 1500BC.
 (2) Egypt 1500BC
 (a) Use the "scare stone" to avoid being mobbed by the scarab beetles.
 (b) Valley of The Kings - north of the small pyramid - collect 14 notes
     and get the "staff message" which has been stashed at the two
 (c) Central building - south of the small pyramid - collect 6 notes.
 (d) Go to the building which is southwest of the small pyramid and
     collect 2 notes.
 (e) Go south - find a pier and a boat - use the "royal ankh".
 (f) Go east in the boat through the maze of "bogus currents" and travel
     past the first stopping point to the Temple which is across the
     water and south of the large pyramid.
 (g) Get the "Most Excellent Harp" by using a secret door.
 (h) Leave the Temple and go back to the first stopping point which is
     the pier south of the large pyramid.
 (i) Use the harp and then Enter the large pyramid - use the red tiles to
     open pathways - DO NOT get the "green staff" - get the red and blue
     keys - the harp keeps the lions "in stone" and allows retrieval of
     the "true staff" which are guarded by the "stone lions".
 (j) leave the large pyramid - return to the phone booth and visit Egypt
     1700BC again.
 (3) Egypt 1700BC (2nd Visit)
 (a) Valley of The Kings - north of the small pyramid - hide the "staff
     message" at the position marked by a single column.
 (b) Go to the building which is southwest of the small pyramid and
     return the "true staff" to the ruler who is in the south wing:
     "Thank you. We shall remember this.  Here is your reward.  This
     royal flute is known to lessen the danger from wild animals.  Also,
     our wise men have seen a strange star fall to the northeast."
 (c) Cross the bridge - use the "royal flute" - go northeast - avoid the
     lions and collect 16 notes and a phonebook page which are hidden in
     the trees.
 (d) Return to the phone booth and go to Rome 60BC.
 (4) Rome 60BC
 (a) Avoid the lions and gladiators in the arena and collect 4 notes.
 (b) Enter the dungeon - towards the west.
 (c) Collect the blue and black keys in the lower left an right wings of
     the dungeon.
 (d) Collect 12 notes of which 3 must be collected by using the blue key
     to open the doors.
 (e) Leave the dungeon and visit Caesar towards the north in the arena:
     "Welcome to Rome, dude. Find my Lyre and I will reward you."
 (f) Leave the colosseum towards the south in the arena - enter the city
     - collect 6 notes of which one requires finding a secret path
     through the hedges.
 (g) Two Romans will give you hints about the statue.  Use the statue to
     exit the town by pushing the four corners of the statue back into
     place.  The statue will fly off.  Do this again and position
     yourself where the statue was - you will fly off eventually ending
     in a courtyard.
 (h) Collect 16 notes and a phonebook page which are scattered about in
     the courtyard, the orchards, and the quarry.
 (i) At the southeast end of the quarry is a small building.  Enter the
     building and collect an "apple" which is at the end of the maze.
 (j) Leave the building, and leave the courtyard by giving the "apple" to
     the guard at the gate to the city.
 (k) Return to the arena, enter the phone booth and go to Europe 1700AD.
 (5) Europe 1700AD
 (a) Go north.  Enter the building.
 (b) Use the green dots on the floor to avoid the killer furniture.  You
     can move from one dot to another but the timing is critical.  The
     furniture can be "faked-out".
 (c) When on the last green dot there is a set of moving gray tiles
     towards the north, timing is critical, you must avoid the furniture
     and land on the tile before it vanishes.
 (d) Walk across the gray tiles before they vanish.  You can now go right
     or left.  First go right and collect the white key.  Now go left
     towards the hallway that contains the swinging pendulum.  You can
     pass by the pendulum when it is swinging away from you - timing is
 (e) Once you have passed the swinging pendulum, avoid the bats and
     ghosts and find two moveable blocks.  Move these blocks to form a
     bridge across the black void towards the north.
 (f) Cross the void several times using the blocks and vanishing tiles.
 (g) Continue moving through the hallways until you come into another
     maze-like room - go towards the north.  Exit the building.  Use the
     black key.  Pass through the gate and enter the graveyard.
 (h) Get the red key located at the northwest of the graveyard.  Use the
     red key and enter the mausoleum.
 (i) Lure the vampire away from the "magic wand".  Get the "magic wand"
     and leave the mausoleum.  Leave the graveyard and enter the haunted
 (j) Move through the hallways towards the southeast until you come into
     another room.  There is another room with a swinging pendulum
     towards the north.  Move towards this room.
 (k) Move towards the pendulum using the vanishing tiles - timing is very
     critical here!  Pass through the pendulum when it is swinging away
     from you and collect the "pipe organ" using the "magic wand".
 (l) The "magic wand" will deactivate the killer furniture.  Return to
     the phone booth and go to Rome 60BC.
 (6) Rome 60BC (2nd Visit)
 (a) Leave the arena and go through the city. Do the "statue thing" again
     and get into the courtyard where the "lyre" is protected by the
 (b) Use the "pipe organ" prior to entering the building that is the
     entrance to the garden where the "lyre" is stashed.  The guards will
     spin and dance.  Get the "lyre" and return it to Caesar: "My Lyre!
     Dudes, Here is your Gift Wrapped reward!"  Caesar gives you the
     phonebook page for Rome 70BC.  Go to Rome 70BC.
 (7) Rome 70BC
 (a) Enter the dungeon.  Use the blue key to open the door which contains
     the lion.  Use the "lyre" to avoid the lion.  Use the white key to
     open the next door.  Get the phonebook page for Texas 1880AD.
 (b) Return the black key to the lower right wing of the dungeon - where
     you found it in the first place but in another time!
 (c) Leave the dungeon and go to Texas 1880AD.
 (8) Texas 1880AD
 (a) Walk around the desert.  Avoid the scorpions.  Get a "gold coin" and
     11 notes.
 (b) Go into town.  Collect a note at the northeast corner of Tom's
     General Store.
 (c) Collect a note at the northwest corner of Barber Al's.
 (d) Visit Rick's Stable.  Rick Says:  "Say Hi to Billy the Kid!"
 (e) Buy a "train ticket" at the train station's leftmost window using
     the "gold coin".
 (f) Use the "train ticket" and get on the hand car.  Ride the hand car
     west.  Collect two notes and a "gold nugget" which is hidden under
     a skull.
 (g) Ride the hand car east and collect 1 note and the phone book page
     for San Dimas 2691AD.
 (h) Return to the phone booth and go to Egypt 1700BC.
 (9) Egypt 1700BC (3rd Visit)
 (a) Return the "gold nugget" back to the place where you originally
     found it.
 (b) Return to the phone booth and go to San Dimas 2691AD.
 (10) San Dimas 2691AD
 (a) Avoid killer bats and demons.  Find the path to the southwest corner
     by crossing the red lava using the disappearing blocks.  Some notes
     are fake.  Collect 4 notes on the way and get the "dynamite".
 (b) Return to the phone booth and go to Texas 1880AD.
 (11) Texas 1880AD (2nd Visit)
 (a) Go to the Sheriff's Office.  Use the "dynamite" on the northwestern
     jail window and bust Billy The Kid outr of jail.  Billy says:
     "Excellent, Dude! Lets Blow this joint! Back up and duck!"  Billy
     gives you a "harmonica".
 (b) Return to the phone booth and go to San Dimas 2691AD.
 (12) San Dimas 2691AD (2nd Visit)
 (a) Go to the mountainous region towards to the northwest crossing the
     lava and using the disappearing blocks. Use the "harmonica" to keep
     the hordes of killer bats and demons away.
 (b) Collecting notes will remove the barriers.  The more notes you
     collect the more barriers come down.  You will have to re-trace your
     steps several times.  Collect 12 notes and the "gold key".
 (c) Return to the phone booth and go to Europe 1700AD.
 (13) Europe 1700AD (2nd Visit)
 (a) Collect 2 notes in the front yard and enter the haunted house.
 (b) Collect 7 notes in the haunted house and enter the graveyard.
 (c) Collect 5 notes in the graveyard. Enter the mausoleum and collect 1
     note.  Leave the mausoleum and go to the building with the gold
     lock.  Use the gold key and enter the building.  Collect 1 note and
     a "mandolin".
 (d) Return to the phone booth and go to San Dimas 2691AD.
 (14) San Dimas 2691AD (3rd Visit)
 (a) Use the "mandolin".  Go to the northern region and find the gate to
     hell.  Go through the gate:  "Play My Game, If You Dare!"
 (b) Collecting notes causes the visible maze to change shape.  Collect
     16 notes and "The Babes!" by solving the changing maze.
 (c) Solve the largest remaining maze and return to the phone booth.  Use
     the "guitar" to get past the Grim Reaper": "I Lost!"
 Final Maze

      +--------+                  |              +---------------------+
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  |              |                     |
      |        |                  +--------------+                     |
      |        |                                                       |
      |        |                                                       |
      |        |                                                       |
      |        |                                                       |
      |        |                      Start --------------+            |
      |        |                                          |            |
      |        |                                          |            |
      |        |                                          |            |
      |        +------------------------------------------+            |
      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
      |                                                                |
 Final Inventory
  144 Notes
  Scare Stone
  Blue Key
  White Key
  Pipe Organ
  Magic Wand
  Train Ticket
  Gold Key
  The Babes!
 Last Password

 * PERUSING THE INTERNET                    Compiled by Michael Current
 Date: 9 Mar 92 11:00:49 GMT
 From: mcsun!uknet!gdt!aber!djg0@uunet.uu.net (Dean John Garraghty)
 Subject: xmm801 parts!
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 Try and get old of a SHINWA CP80.  They are exactly the same as an
 XMM801.  The parts are easily transferable.
 Dean Garraghty. djg0@uk.ac.aber
 Date: 7 Mar 92 10:53:27 GMT
 From: CompuServe.COM!76704.41@ucbvax.berkeley.edu (Don LeBow)
 Subject: Puffware
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 Recent postings on the net indicate that an alpha copy of Bob Puff's
 LZH extractor (v0.1) is in circulation.
 Please note:
 This is a VERY PRELIMINARY version of one of Bob's myriad projects
 (i.e. it has some bugs and doesn't handle all LZH variants.)  Most
 importantly, it was never intended to be made public.
 No telling where the copies circulating came from, but please.  As a
 courtesy to the author, don't distribute this file!  If you find it on
 a BBS, please politely notify the SYSOP that it is NOT a legitimate file.
 Thanks for the bandwidth...
 don [SYSOP*CompuServe Atari8]
 Date: 11 Mar 92 18:18:00 GMT
 From: noao!asuvax!cs.utexas.edu!qt.cs.utexas.edu!yale.edu!spool.mu.edu!
 Subject: Colrdump
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 potter@sundae 6.dab.ge.com 
 Actually to all interested: I have released a program called
 COLRDUMP.BXE that prints the Colrview RGB pictures to a 24 pin Epson
 compatible color printer. The images are 1/2 page in size and seem to
 have reasonable color.  Its not perfect, but it works.  Once I finally
 get the algorythm to shift the color info from additive to subtractive
 values properly, the color will be much better. 
 Colrdump.arc is available on GEnie in the Atari 8 file area and also at
 JACS BBS at (609) 346-1224 in the 8 bit utilities room.  My GEnie
 address is R.ELY1. 
 The program uses 16 redefined downloadable characters in porportional
 mode.  It requires a 130XE or 128k XL to run.  It was written in BASIC
 XE and has been tested with SpartaDOS 3.2d and SDX.  I'm sure it will
 work fine under Atari DOS 2.0s, 2.5, DOS XE and more than likely MyDOS.
 I didn't do anything strange so, there shouldn't be any problems.
 One note: The file posted on GEnie has a very minor bug.  There is a
 semicolon on line 250 that doesn't belong.  The line should read as follows:
 250 ?#n;TEXT$:...
 the semicolon was inadvertantly placed after that statement.  Just
 remove it and all is well.  I don't have the listing in front of me, so
 the info is aproximate.  It should look like that rather than
 The corrected version is on the JACS BBS.  Have fun!
 =>Dr. Jolts<=      /\/\__* 
 Date: 18 Mar 92 22:27:10 GMT
 From: noao!ncar!zaphod.mps.ohio-state.edu!rpi!crdgw1!ge-dab!sundae6.
 DAB.GE.COM!potter@arizona.edu (Jeff Potter)
 Subject: COLRVIEW
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu

 To all those asking about using ComputerEyes digitizing cameras to try
 to produce COLRVIEW (GR.9) picture files:
 Obtain the following filters (Kodak Wratten Gelatin Filters):
 No. 25 (Red)
 No. 58 (Green)
 No. 47 (Blue)
 Make three exposures of your subject (preferably something that remains
 still), one with each filter in front of your lens.  Use a daylight
 balanced light (BCA No.1) if you require artificial light.  Name the
 three files with the same (8-character or less) filename, with
 extensions .R, .G, and .B.  They should load correctly under COLRVIEW
 and display in full color.  Your quality may vary.  These filter and
 light suggestions are from a professional photographer who has produced
 such pictures for me.
 I also wrote, a long while back, COLRCODE, which converts three GR.9
 images to one APAC file, if anyone is interested (it's on GEnie).
 Jeff Potter
 Date: 16 Mar 92 14:44:45 GMT
 From: (Dean John Garraghty)
 Subject: Digi-Studio Distribution
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 Nobody has thus far come forward to distribute Digi-Studio in the US or
 other countries.  For those of you who may be interested this is all you
 have to do:
 Method 1 - you buy copies in amounts of say 10 or 20 at a time from me
 at trade prices and sell them in the States at profit.  I have already
 produced a demo disk of Digi-Studio which is finding its way nicely on
 to BBSs.  It is also on the archive and on compuserve.  A lot of the
 initial advertising has been done.  ZMAG issue 204 also carried my press
 Method 2 - you act as an agent.  This involves no up-front money.
 State-side orders are sent to you and paid for in US funds.  When you
 have collected say 10 orders, you send me the names and addresses and
 payment in UK funds and I send copies from the UK.  You would get a
 commission for doing this, possibly 10-15% of takings.
 Method 3 - you get duplication rights.  This is my least favoured method
 because of copyright laws.  Here you gain the right to produce legal
 copies of Digi-Studio and send them out yourself.  You would send me a
 copyright holders fee for doing this.  This fee is, however, likely to
 be as much as 50% of takings.
 If anybody is up to the challenge then please email me on:
 Dean Garraghty.
 Date: 16 Mar 92 14:29:46 GMT
 From: (Dean John Garraghty)
 Subject: more PD at the archive
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 I've just put a few more bits of PD up at the archive.  At the moment
 they are in new of course, and are called: script80.arc (an 80col WP
 which works without any 80col hardware), dvc_c.arc (a nice C compiler),
 analog_disk_side1.arc and analog_disk_side2.arc (a double sided disk of
 some stuff from analog mag.).  The PD I last posted has now been moved
 and renamed: bash_a_drum is now in the main directory and is called
 bashdrum.arc. Rain_down_demo is in demos and is called raindemo.arc.
 Dean Garraghty. djg0@uk.ac.aber
 Date: 15 Mar 92 18:37:30 GMT
 From: (Ray Wilmott)
 Subject: Atari 8-bit mail order shops?
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu

 >Could someone please post a list of generic mail order...
 Okay, here's my current listing...
 Software Infinity
 642 East Waring Avenue
 State College, PA 16801
 Notes:Good PD selection. Also now marketing commercial European imports.
 B&C ComputerVisions
 2730 Scott Boulevard
 Santa Clara, CA 95050 (408) 968-9960
 Notes:Huge selection of software and hardware items. Also some new
 commercial games, unavailable elsewhere.
 Page 6
 P.O. Box 54
 Stafford ST16 1DR
 Good European commercial & PD selection of software.  Also are the
 publishers of New Atari User magazine...see below.
 Micro Discount
 265 Chester Road
 Streetly, West Midlands B74 3EA England
 8-bit commercial close-outs.
 Box 901
 Lancaster, TX 75146
 8-bit and 2600 software.
 Gralin International
 11 Shillito Road
 Parkstone, Poole, Dorset BH12 2BN England
 Fairly good selection of commercial 8-bit software/hardware.
 Steve Hoffee/K.O. Software
 333 Peninsula Drive
 Lake Almanor, CA 96137
 Markets a selection of imported commercial & PD software.
 Sagamore Software
 2104 Arapahoe Dr.
 Lafayette, IN 47905
 Good PD/shareware selection with extensive documentation.
 Change In Heat
 12 Bella Vista Place
 Iowa City, Iowa 52245
 Independent programmer has produced 2 excellent commercial quality games
 for the 8-bit.
 Bresnik Software
 555 Ware Street
 Mansfield, MA 02048
 Another independent, producing good educational software.
 10 East 10th Street
 Bloomsburg, PA 17815
 8-bit speciality software.
 NERDS Software
 18 Wendy Drive
 Farmingville, NY 11738
 Printshop related.
 IB Computers
 9244 S.W. Beaverton-Hills Hwy
 Valley Plaza Shopping Center
 Beaverton, Oregon 97005 (503)297-8425
 PO Box 1043
 Peterborough, Ontario, Canada K9J7A5
 The largest PD/shareware selection.
 PO Box 5160
 San Luis Obispo, CA 93403-5160
 Closeout items galore.
 No Frills Software
 800 East 23rd Street
 Kearney, NE 68847
 Closeouts & Printshop graphics.
 Miles Better Software
 219/221 Cannock Road, Chadsmoor
 Cannock, Staffordshire WS11 2DD England
 Excellent mail-order source for the Atari.  They have many games which
 were never released in the US
 Electronic Clinic
 4916 Del Ray Ave.
 Bethesda, MD 20814
 Refurbished equipment.
 Mars Merchandising
 1041-B East Charles Road
 Lombard, IL 60148-2059
 Close-out software.
 Kake Software
 9 Smith Ct.
 Vincentown, NJ 08088
 Assorted theme disks.
 Bacmun Software
 1671 East 16th Street, Suite 629
 Brooklyn, NY 11229
 PD theme disks.
 Alpha Systems
 1012 Skyland Drive
 Macedonia, OH 44056
 Utility software & hardware.
 American Technavision
 15338 Inverness Street
 San Leandro, CA 94579 (415)352-3787
 Large selection of commercial software at excellent prices; also
 hardware replacement parts.
 Best Electronics
 2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
 San Jose, CA 95126  (408) 243-6950
 Known as *the* Atari hardware store.  If they don't have the part you
 need, nobody does.
 BRE Software
 352 West Bedford Ave, Suite 104
 Fresno, CA 93711
 C&T ComputerActive
 PO Box 893
 Clinton, OK 73601
 Discount Video & Computers
 1717 South U.S. 1
 Fort Pierce, FL 34950
 Palette Imaging
 1 Closter Commons STE 789
 Closter, NJ 07624-0400  (201) 767-3913
 Offers new 1991 professional quality ChromaCad modeling package.
 890 North Huntington St.
 Medina OH 44256
 Phantoms Atari 8-bit
 Box 331 Levisa Road
 MouthCard, KY 41548
 Vulcan Software
 PO Box 692
 Manassas VA 22111-0692
 Innovative Concepts
 31172 Shawn Drive
 Warren, MI 48093 (313)293-0730
 accesories, hardware, PD software
 PO Box 17660
 Rochester NY 14617  (716)586-5545
 8-bit hardware upgrades, 8-bit repair service.
 San Jose Computers
 640 Blossom Hill Road
 San Jose, CA 95123  (408)224-8575
 New and reconditioned hardware, as well as lots of software.
 Entertainment Excellence
 1805 Princeton Place
 Merrick, NY 11566
 Discontinued 8-bit software.
 East Hartford Computer
 202 Robert Street
 East Hartford, CT 06108
 Discontinued software for all computers.
 Aerion Software
 PO Box 1222
 Riverdale Station, NY, NY 10471-1222
 Markets a new 8-bit commercial game.
 Toad Computers
 556 Baltimore Annapolis Blvd
 Severna Park, Maryland 21146  (301)544-6943
 Offers a selection of software and reconditioned hardware.
 Novatari XL/XE PD Library
 C/O Geoffrey Dimego
 8612 Thames Street
 Springfield, VA 22151
 TEAC (The Educators Atari Club)
 PO Box 1024
 Laytonville, CA 95454
 AEL 8-Bit PD Library
 C/O Bill Marcum
 PO Box 34183
 Louisville, KY 40232
 When writing to request catalogs, it's always a good idea to include a
 Stamped, Self-Addressed Envelope.

 Next, is a list of magazines still supporting the 8-bit Atari.
 Current Notes
 122 North Johnson Road
 Sterling, VA 22170
 A truly excellent Atari-oriented magazine, supporting both 8-bit and ST.
 113 West College Street
 Covina, CA 91723
 Newest Atari publication covering the full line of Atari products.
 Atari Interface Magazine
 3487 Braeburn Circle
 Ann Arbor, MI 48108
 8-bit and ST support, with good listing of national user groups.
 Page 6 / New Atari User
 P.O. Box 54
 Stafford, ST16 1DR England
 Glossy British magazine supporting mainly the 8-bits, along with a few
 ST articles.  Excellent.
 Atari Explorer
 29-05 Broadway
 Astoria, NY 11106
 Mostly ST, occasional 8-bit article
 P.O. Box 110576
 Tacoma, WA 98411-0576
 Good Atari newsletter.
 248 Wimborne Road
 Oakdale, Poole, Dorset BH15 3EF England
 8-bit/ST newsletter from England.
 Note : If you have any updates to this list, please contact:
 Ray Wilmott
 10 South Rhoda Street
 Monroe, NJ 08884  (GEnie : R.WILMOTT)
 (InterNet : wilmott@remus.rutgers.edu)

 Date: 26 Mar 92 16:14:00 GMT
 From: (John R. Dunning)
 Subject: IBM emulating 8 bit
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 Date: Tue, 24 Mar 1992 13:00 EST
 From:(Jeff McWilliams)
  One thing I have always been mystified about though, is why translate
  the code from 6502 to 68000 or 80386SX on the fly?  Why not do it ONCE
  and then run the code as a native processor program?  Then only the
  Hardware emulator would be running, wasting time, not the translator
  emulator program.
 No, you miss the point.  Most emulators don't translate the code of the
 emulated processor to that of the native one, they implement a
 simulation, in software, of what the emulated processor does in hardware.
 In many cases it's difficult, if not impossible, to actually translate
 the bits in a non-trivial program, because the details of operation of
 the processor.  Consider a trivial case; vaxen vs 68000s.  Both have 16
 registers, but the vax has 16 general registers, whereas the 68K has 8
 data and 8 address.  You can't build a translator that simply maps the
 68K registers to the vax registers, because even though there are the
 same number of them, they don't do the same things.  You of course have
 worse problems trying to translate code that knows things about, for
 instance, wierdo banked-memory schemes.  And things such as the Atari
 8-bits, which have lots of funny addresses which cause wierd effects
 when accessed, force you to do lots of special casing whenever you
 access any address that can't be computed at translate time.  And I
 won't even mention things like pc-relative addressing, or self-modifying
 code.  The upshot of all this is that at the absolute best, the
 generated code will expand by a large amount, and at worst, it may
 simply not be feasible to generate code that "does the same thing".
 That's why they're called emulators, not code translators.
 Date: 29 Mar 92 04:41:03 GMT
 From: SMITHKLINE.COM!poehland%phvax.dnet@ucbvax.berkeley.edu
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu

 <<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<  6502  PROGRAMMING  OPPORTUNITY  >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
 I was recently informed that Bob Puff of Computer Software Services in
 Rochester, New York is looking for a *competent & dependable* 6502 M/L
 programmer.  Pay would be in the form of royalties based on sales of
 your work thru CSS.
 This is serious stuff.  CSS is one of the last major 8-bit developers
 left in the market.  If you have ever used BOBTERM, SUPERARC/UNARC, or
 used any major CSS products such as the Black Box, Archiver, or 3.5"
 floppy upgrades, you have an idea of the impeccable style crafted into
 Bob Puff's products & the high standards he has established for CSS
 since he took over the operation of the company last year.
 If you think you're good enough to crunch code for Bob Puff, contact him at:
 Computer Software Services
 P.O. Box 17660
 Rochester, NY  14617
 voice: 716-429-5639  FAX  : 716-247-7158  BBS  : 716-247-7157
 If this opportunity interests you, be aware CSS is looking for someone
 with the following qualifications:
 1.) You MUST have your 6502 down cold, be able to code *concisely*;
 2.) You MUST be a dependable/reliable/responsible individual who can
     deliver quality work on time.
 Bob didn't go into detail on this, but I rather suspect he would be most
 favorably impressed with someone who could furnish examples of their
 coding expertise & provide references to vouch for their dependability.
 If ever there were an opportunity to make a little money for yourself,
 support CSS & the 8bit community, & dazzle your 8bit friends by telling
 them you work with Bob Puff, this has to be IT.
 [NOTE: Don't contact me, contact CSS directly at the address above.]
  - BEN POEHLAND  The Alchemist

 Date: 30 Mar 92 15:57:19 GMT
 From: SMITHKLINE.COM!poehland%phvax.dnet@ucbvax.berkeley.edu
 Subject: Power Supply Problem
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu

 I read with interest Adam Conover's description of his "cold only" power
 supply problem.
 The fact that the problem gradually clears up after awile indicates that
 his regulator & diodes are OK.  The culprit is the large electrolytic
 filter cap (typically 10,000uF or 6800uF).  Adam doesn't say which type
 supply he has (I named them Type I,II,II,& IV in my power supply article
 in the Nov. 1990 issue of Current Notes.  whoops- that's I,II,III & IV I
 My guess is that most likely Adam has a type I (white case) or a type III
 (black case but same size/shape as the type I).  If so, the unit is a
 snap to repair, Best should be able to supply the cap.  If the supply is
 a Type II (black, totally sealed in @#$%&!!! potting compound, alias
 "The Klunker" or "The Brick"), forget about repair & buy a new one.
 Adam's XL is likely 7-8 years old & has seen heavy use.  The heavy
 current drain, high internal temperatures, & hundreds of on-off cycles
 are borne most heavily by the big cap.  Eventually they either vent
 their juices &/or dry out.  This lowers the effective capacitance &
 increases the unit's internal impedance.  When that happens,
 unacceptable levels of 60- or 120-Hz AC ("ripple") appear on top of the
 +5V, reproduced as audible hum on the audio output & classic "hum bars"
 on the video display.  Hum bars typically appear as thick dark
 horizontal bands that migrate slowly up the screen.
 This already happened to one of my five 800XL's, I repaired it (it was a
 type III supply).
 Sooner or later this problem will happen to virtually every XL ever
 made, especially if the machine is left on a lot &/or you have hung a
 bunch of extra power-hungry goodies onto it.  A souped-up XL should have
 a beefed-up supply such as the Squeezed Queen I described in the Nov.
 -Dec. 1991 issues of Current Notes.
 - BEN POEHLAND    The Alchemist

 Date: 1 Apr 92 15:16:24 GMT
 From: mnemosyne.cs.du.edu!isis.cs.du.edu!brayl@uunet.uu.net (Bill Rayl)
 Subject: Cheap sources of 360K DS/DD atari floppies?
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 In response to a quesetion about a source for good, cheap disks, I can
 recommend MidWstern Diskette in Iowa.  They're asking 18 cents in lots
 of 1000, 25 cents in lots of 500, 28 cents in lots of 100, and 30 cents
 in lots of 50.  These are for black disks. They have 5.25 inch disks
 available in 9 colors.
 Their phone number is (800) 221-6332.  Tell them you heard about their
 disks from Atari Interface magazine!
 Pattie (AIM)
 From:   INET::"tribe@ted.cs.uidaho.edu" 31-MAR-1992 17:11:37.66
 To:     phvax::poehland
 Subj:   Re: Power Supply Problem
 [I am replying as I can't post for some reason...]
 I just recently had my own power supply experience, which I will breifly
 I have two supplies: one $#!+ filled "brick" supply (came with my 800XL)
 and a rectanular black supply that is hollow and has XL-style vents
 (type III? IV?) (came with my 600XL)  Tried to fix the brick (HAHA!),
 then the vented supply.
 The problem with the latter was that after heating up, the cap put in by
 Atari would back out of the board (really short leads) enough to change
 resistance.  (?? I'm no EE, my best guess...) Dissasembling and re-
 soldering would fix it for a couple of weeks only.  I went to Radio
 Shack and bought a new cap with longer leads and all is now well.
 Duane Tribe (tribe@ted.cs.uidaho.edu)
 Date: 31 Mar 92 23:06:17 GMT
 From: smithkline.com!poehland%phvax.dnet@ucbvax.berkeley.edu
 Subject: Power Supply Problem
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 Duane, back issues of CN are available for $2.50 ea. (1991) or $2.00 ea.
 for 1990 & 1989.  I recommend to *EVERYONE* to purchase as many back
 issues of ANY magazine that supported 8bits as you can afford.
 Magazines- old or current- are STILL the best source of info for our
 Contact CN:
 (703)450-4761 business line, ask for Joyce Waters
 Current Notes Inc.
 122 N. Johnson Rd.
 Sterling VA  22170
 BTW, the situation you describe- where the cap kept pulling itself loose
 from the board- is also a sign of a defective cap.  A cap that develops
 high internal impedance will tend to heat up when it is exposed to AC
 (such as the very high amount of ripple present at the output of the
 rectifier diodes).  Electrolytics that get hot will tend to swell, or
 bulge (if they get hot enough fast enough, they blow up!).  In your case
 the cap pulled its leads loose when it swelled.  Merely resoldering it
 back into place could provide at best only a temporary cure- as you
 found out!  An ironclad rule is that capacitors should NEVER be hot!
 There are only 2 ways a cap can be hot: A.) it's defective & should be
 replaced; B.) it is situated too close to some heat-producing component
 & is absorbing that componet's heat via conduction thru a circuit board
 foil trace.  The cure there is to add extra heatsinking to the hot
 component to reduce the thermal load on the cap.  If allowed to
 continue, the hot component will eventually dry out the cap & destroy it.
 The pwr supply you describe is a type III, they were mostly shipped
 w/600XL's but I got mine with an 800XL.  The filter cap in the the type
 III is the cheapest piece of junk I ever saw, Atari mustah got a deal on
 them.  The value of the cap in those supplies- 4700 or 6800uF, is I
 think too low to provide adequate hum filtering for an 800XL which draws
 more current than the 600XL.  The voltage rating should be 25V minimum,
 higher is better.
 - BEN POEHLAND    The Alchemist
 Date: 1 Apr 92 16:30:48 GMT
 From: (Kevin Chase)
 Subject: Percom drives hack
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 For all of you who have an old Percom drive there's good news.  I just
 read zmag206 and found an article there about using the controller card
 on a single sided double density Percom to drive two standard 360k
 floppies from an IBM type system.  Well, I had a (really old) single
 sided single densityy Percom drive and two floppies from a dead XT so I
 decided to try the hack anyway.  I took the XT P/s to run the drives and
 took apart the Percom.  I left the full height old drive in the case,
 connected a standard IBM floppy connector to the Percom logic board, and
 tried booting.  Voila, it worked.  It recognized both drives as sd
 drives (no dd yet or dsided but hey, I only put 10 minutes into this so
 far).  So for nothing I now have an extra drive (2 new - 1 old = +1
 current).  Apparenty the density of the two drives is coded on an EPROM
 on the logic board, so if I had some specs and an EPROM burner I could
 have two double density drives.  So if anyone has useful specs on Percom
 drives I would greatly appreciate them.

 Date: 1 Apr 92 21:38:41 GMT
 From: edinboro.edu!a644690c@ucbvax.berkeley.edu ("Adam J. Conover")
 Subject: Power supply.
 To: Info-Atari8@naucse.cse.nau.edu
 >Date: 30 Mar 92 15:57:19 GMT
 >From: SMITHKLINE.COM!poehland%phvax.dnet@ucbvax.berkeley.edu
 >I read with interest Adam Conover's description of his "cold only"
 >power supply problem........
 Your remarks about my power supply are VERY accurate!  I HAVE had my XL
 for 7-8 years and it's had its hundreds (if not thousands) of on off
 cycles.  And yes, it is a type III (as you call it) power supply.
 Though I have a bit of discrete circuit knowledge, my 'basic
 electronics' is rather poor at present.  I do, however, know enough to
 desolder and replace a bad Filter Cap. - which sure enough was the
 problem.  Last Sunday I took it apart to check it out and the filter
 cap. had gotten hot enough to have melted some of the plastic coating.
 I have not yet been able to get a 4700mF (or higher would probably be
 better) capacitor to fix it.  Since I have more work than I can handle
 at the moment anyhow, not having the computer up and running is probably
 for the best.  (I seem to always have some stupid COBOL program due or a
 Computer Architecture Lab due or something).   Also, Don't you think
 that 4700mF (which is what it had) is really low for a filter cap. on a
 Well, Thanks for the info.  I appreciate it.
 -Adam Conover.  a644690c@edinboro.edu.

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