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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Z*Magazine:  2-May-89 #155
Date: Sat Sep 25 16:05:11 1993

                              |  ROVAC ZMAGAZINE  |
                              |    Issue  #155    |
                              |    May 2, 1989    |
                              |Copyright 1989, RII|
                            |This week in ZMagazine|

World of Atari Report             John Nagy
CompuServe 8-bit Uploads 
DeTerm v1.59                      Robert Anisko
April 8-bit Uploads from GEnie 
Z*Net Newswire 8-bit Edition      Harold Brewer

                            |WORLD OF ATARI REPORT|
                                 |by John Nagy|

    Reprinted from ST-ZMagazine #18

Disneyland is known world wide as a fantasy come to life.  The WORLD OF
ATARI show, held in the Disneyland Hotel (Anaheim California) on April 22
and 23 was just that to the nearly ten thousand attendees.

On a sales floor of 14,000 square feet, 160 booths of developers and vendors
moved $512,000.00 of Atari hardware and software to eager Atarians (9,232 by
the official statement this week).  ST WORLD magazine owner and organizer of
the WORLD OF ATARI Shows says that Atari, vendors, and shoppers were
ecstatic, and that the success of the tour of shows is now assured.  Rich
will go to the Detroit area next with a WORLD show June 24 and 25 that will
actually be larger than the Disneyland show.  From there, the WORLD TOUR will
go to Seattle in August, San Jose in the fall, and perhaps back to
Disneyland just before Christmas.

The attitude brought to the show by the developers was probably the single most
important contributor to the success of the show.  Many vendors planned to
introduce new hardware and software at this show, and the list is amazing
(I'll review them in a moment)!

The World of Atari show was not without flaws, of course.  As a pilot effort
for what will hopefully become a continuous tour, it succeeded in
drawing the right people in the right quantity.  It was not a glitzy
"COMDEX of ATARI" that some may have expected from the promotions.  The
booths were small, and while a number of vendors had classy, professionally
prepared backdrops (Michtron, Migraph, Antic/Start among them), there were as
many casual and home-made displays.  Even Atari had only a few tables, in a
back corner, shared with both GEnie (with Sandy Wilson Sysoping from the
floor) and ISD (the Calamus folks).  I found there to be more retailers than I
had expected, but the crowds loved it.  The atmosphere was very similar to the
best of the "normal" Atarifests, but attendance and sales showed the
difference there.

Certainly the biggest flaw -a doosey- was not the doing of the World Of
Atari.  The "concert" scheduled for Saturday night, featuring Mike Pender
(Moody Blues), Mic Fleetwood (Fleetwood Mac), and Jimmy Hotz, was, well, a
flop.  And the actual sale/show itself was INCREDIBLY hard to find on the
sprawling Disneyland Hotel grounds.  I walked through buildings and looked at
"you are here" signs for 20 minutes, asking and being asked for directions
all the way.  More than one visitor expressed disgust with the situation,
and one said "If I can't even find it, it means this is just another Trameil
bust!".   But first, the new products and vendors! (NO, this in NOT a
comprehensive list, but should cover the highlights)

Atari Corp showed their desktop publishing system, DESKSET II, although
did not have a firm release date.  Also showing was the remarkable hybrid
word-processor/spreadsheet/database/- publisher package "Wordflair", which
will sell at $149 retail when released shortly.  The booth also featured the
STACY laptop ST for part of Sunday.  It was shown at the ill-fated concert, but
when Sam Trameil tried to demonstrate it, nothing happened.  Reports are
split on whether the batteries died or Sam didn't know how to get it going.
Although the PORTFOLIO was not there at all, ST*ZMAG is including pictures of
both the STACY and PORTFOLIO with this issue. They are in DEGAS compressed
.PC1 format, made with the VIDI-ST real time frame grabber, described later in
this article.  We will also make several sets of other pictures from the
show available on GEnie and CompuServe.

Analog and Antic were both there, and word is that the START folks signed up
1,700 subscriptions at the show!  START also signed me up to do some reviews
for them.

ARTISTECH premiered DA VINCI, billed as the "ultimate graphic tool" for art,
animation, and printing.  It looked quite powerful, certainly rivaling the
CYBERPAINT package.  The developers claim that DA VINCI is more versatile,
powerful, and yet easier to use.  $99.95, to be available July 31st.
(916) 488-6844.

ARTWARE had a great selection of GEM file clip-art for the ST and IBM.
Borders, art, style sheets, labels, and much more are available in a very
pleasing modern look.  (818) 443-0747.

Astra Systems showed their complete line of hard drives.  They also offered
the "last" of the dual drive 2001 systems for the 8-bit Atari for an
incredible $100!!!  If I didn't already have one of these, I'd have broken my
arm reaching for the VISA.  (714) 549-2141.

AVANT-GARDE gave us the first look at their new PC DITTO II, a hardware
addition to be installed INSIDE your ST or MEGA machine.  For $299 you can have
very complete IBM XT compatibility and triple the speed.  No, you won't be
using this on the Stacy--yet anyway.  Registered owners of the software
PC-DITTO can get $150 off.  Release is still 6-8 weeks away.  (904) 221-2904.

software and hardware.  Previously only available as custom packages engineered
for individual clients, Beckemeyer has taken the best of what they have
developed and put in in an off-the-shelf package that users can
adjust themselves.  This looked like a really complete package.  A free demo
is available.  (415) 452-1129.

Best Electronics had their usual unusual assortment of unfindable items
and Atari accessories.  If it doesn't exist, get it from BEST--most dealers do.

2021 The Alameda
Suite 290
San Jose, CA 95126.

CODEHEAD, the G+PLUS and MULTIDESK folks, introduced MIDIMAX, a
professional real-time music performance aid.  It can operate as a
program or accessory, redirect any MIDI instructions, remap and make macros,
create modal harmonies from single keys, and lots more that I don't even
begin to follow.  You can for $49.95.  HOTWIRE, a desktop alternative for
speedy access to almost anything was also drawing a lot of attention, new at
$39.95.  (213) 386-5735.

COMPUTER GAMES PLUS has a national reputation as a great source for import
games and software.  Owner Art Turko wowed the show with his VIDEO IMAGE
DIGITAL INTERFACE, VIDI-ST, imported on an exclusive marketing agreement from
Scotland.  This is BRAND NEW and HOT folks!  I used it to make the pictures
accompanying this ST*ZMAG, and it is FUN!  It can sample video in REAL TIME,
collecting up to 3 frames a second from any composite source.  No need for
freeze-frame and VCR's!  A 1040 can store 25 frames from which to choose,
while a MEGA 4 can go up to 124!  You can select frames from a 16 picture
display, cut and paste, animate, recolor, and lots more.  The software
with VIDI-ST is a lot like CYBERPAINT, but for real video.  I snapped one up,
and START will have my review in a coming issue.  Meantime, all I can say
for sure is "GET ONE".  This unit beats all other video samplers I have seen
under $1,200.00.  It is $199.95 only from Computer Games Plus.  Art should
sell a million.  (714) 639-8189.

FAST TECHNOLOGIES showed two models of a "TURBO 16" accelerator board for the
ST.  At $399 and $499, they allow 16mhz operation of the ST, double that of
normal.  They include a 32K RAM cache that allows use with slower RAM chips.
The more more expensive unit will work on all machines including the STACY,
and will work with PC-DITTO and SPECTRE.  And I don't have their number!
The Federated Group, Atari's lame-duck retail chain, brought a boatload of
hardware, and featured live MIDI-assisted music at various times
throughout the show.  Federated is expected to continue to sell Atari
products even after whatever happens or whoever buys it.  Expect a serious
answer to the Federated question by June 30.

GADGETS BY SMALL had Dave and Sandy Small hopping to show the throngs of
admirers their new GCR.  This still developing device will replace the
popular SPECTRE 128 MACINTOSH emulator for those who wish a "plug and play"
MAC in their ST.  The GCR does what the Spectre does, PLUS allows real time
access to MAC disks with no translation needed.  Dave expects a summer release
date with any luck at all.  The FCC is type-approving it now, so GADGETS is
using the interim to GAMMA-TEST and make whatever improvements their
testers can come up with.  It appears that adjustments will be on board that
will allow users to "touch up" problem disk drives to be reliable under the
demands of MAC emulation.  It will be $299.95, with a healthy rebate for
those who upgrade from Spectres.  Dave's newsletters are entertaining
enough to be worth the cost alone.  (303)791-6098.

GRIBNIF offered free updates to their terrific NEODESK (V 2.03), but I forgot
my disk!  Oh well, V 2 owners can get it via mail for $3, V 1 can update for
$17 (I THINK!), or just buy it for $49.95.  A super desktop alternative,
NEODESK is what GEM should have been! (413) 584-7887.

HAPPY COMPUTERS showed their DISCOVERY CARTRIDGE, a copy making and MAC
translating device.  Also, they announced the Q-VERTER, a more limited
version of the same technology especially tailored for MAC disk
conversion only ($179).  The "last" of the 1050 8-bit HAPPY ENHANCEMENT boards
were also for sale.  (408) 779-3830.

ICD INC. brought both 8-bit and ST items for sale.  SPARTADOS X is
reported to be still selling as well as ever and may be an all time best
seller.  The ICD hard drives and kits are well known for quality and
price.  (815) 968-2228.

IMAGEN introduced ULTRASCRIPT for DOT MATRIX owners at the World of Atari
show.  I was AMAZED at the quality.  It requires at least 2 Meg of RAM,
however.  Both 9 and 24 pin printers (Epson compatible) are supported, and
the output is virtually indistinguishable from that of a laser
printer after Xeroxing the output.  It was on special price at the show for
under $200 but sells for $229 normally.  (408) 986-9400.

INFINITE STORAGE SYSTEMS offered Bernoulli (removable cart) hard drives
as well a SYQUEST unit similar to ATARI's announced MEGAFILE 44.  These
seem to be very professional units, although they have an intermediate box
along the cable, adding some clutter to a desk.  Prices are $1200 for a 21 Meg
Bernoulli, $1350 for a 44 Meg removable.  (801) 773-8447.

JRI, John Russell Innovations, introduced two new innovations at the
WORLD DISNEYLAND show:  the JATO accelerator board at the remarkable
price of $99.95 and the ST4096C color enhancement system for $49.95.  The
JATO will double the processing speed of most computations inside the ST or
MEGA machines.  Some machines with RAM chips rated slower than 120 NS may not
tolerate the speed, but these should be a minority.  A new 68000 chip in
included, along with a hardware switch to cut back to normal speed when
needed (like in games!).  The JATO is a solder installation, as the CPU must be
removed and a socket installed.  The ST4096C installs much more readily and
gives 64 colors at one time, and ups the palette of the ST from 512 to 4,096
colors.  It requires a shifter chip from Atari, and I have no idea of the
cost of it.  These are the folks that gave us GENLOCK, which was demonstrated
both on the floor and at the MIDI presentation.  It is everything a
chroma-key system should be, plus allows interfacing with professional
video gear.  Pricey at $650, it installs only in the MEGA machines of
discriminating video movers and shakers.  (415) 458-9577.

MAGNETIC IMAGES introduced LOST DUTCHMAN'S MINE, a sure winner in the
game marketplace.  These are the old FONT FACTORY folks, and they still
offer the DTP line of products too.  (602) 265-7849.

MEGAMAX had their LASER C and new Compilers on display.  (214) 699-7400.

MICHTRON/MICRODEAL had an outstanding display, and featured the first copies
of ST TUNE-UP available anywhere.  Delayed due to torturous testing, it is
a top notch hard drive maintenance tool.  TALESPIN was also at last
available, a graphic adventure game creator.  George Miller told me he had
scored a major coup the day of the show--he had secured exclusive rights
to IMAGEN's Ultrascript.  No other DTP package but FLEET STREET will be able
to be sold bundled with the remarkable Postscript emulator.  FLEET STREET v3
should also do the fancy things that seem to be selling the higher price DTP
systems, and should be available this Fall.  (313) 334-5700.

MIGRAPH, one of my favorite companies, products, and people, showed their
soon to be released hand scanner and new TOUCH UP software.  Touch UP is
being revised into a simpler, cheaper package as well as a new more advanced
system.  The scanner will be available with TOUCH UP LITE for $499.  Migraph
is offering an introductory price of $429 on the bundle through July 31.
Registered Touch-Up owners can purchase the hand scanner direct from Migraph
for only $299.  (800) 223-3729.

REEVE SOFTWARE had his DIAMOND desktop system for the 8-bit Atari, plus his
well known NEWS STATION and other software on display.  DIAMOND WRITE
is almost ready, and several applications should be coming soon for
this very competent "GEM for the 8 Bit" cart.

SEYMOR/RADIX was taking orders for their brand new DVT device, a cart
which plugs into a VCR to make hard drive backups.  It stores at the rate
of a megabyte a minute and retails for $249.95.  They were supposed to have
them available for sale, but the story is that the airline lost them in
transit! (214) 823-5797.

SIERRA ONLINE surprised us after not only pulling out of the Atari market,
but responding in print to letters asking for support with comments to the
effect that we should "Get a real machine".  Here there were at the World
of Atari showing a full line of new entertainment software.  SpaceQuest 3
looks like must have graphic adventure.  It opens with a two minute cartoon with
wonderful stereo music. 

SUPRA sold lots of their 2400 baud modems and hard drive systems.

TIMEWORKS didn't show up to use their booth right up front!  Odd, considering
that ATARI offers the Timeworks DTP package in their DTP laser/MEGA bundle!

TOP TEN SOFTWARE introduced a new race game, LOMBARD/RAC RALLY.  This is one
super simulation!  The driver steers, shifts, etc on your command, and the
realism is outstanding.  Look for a review of this soon!

WUZTEK had their outstanding line of alternative monitors for the ST.
Although priced to match their high performance, the all-resolution
monitors in either color or monochrome represent a valuable technology.  Color
$699.95, mono $399.95.  You'll only need one for everything.  (714) 544-7888.

YIKES!  And, yes, there was more that I didn't get to see!

Crowds were so thick at some points that people simply waited outside for
a break.  I am glad the sales floor at the Detroit show will be at least 25%
larger!  The size of the Disneyland show was actually reduced to make room
for the MIDI CONCERT, co-sponsored by START magazine and KEYBOARD magazine in
cooperation with ATARI and KWAI musical instruments.

Tickets were given away at some booths, and were also sold for $5 each all
day Saturday.  Billed as "BEYOND THE THRESHOLD, a musical tour of today's
new technology, hosted by Mike Pender", it promised music from a variety
of artists including Mic Fleetwood, Jake Flader of MAZE, Joseph Zawinul of
WEATHER REPORT, and more.  What the way-under capacity crowd in fact got
was a pep talk from Sam Tramiel who showed the STACY, then a long winded
series of demos and explanations of how and why musicians are excited about
ATARI.  Don't get me wrong, this was all very encouraging and even
interesting, but it was NOT A CONCERT.  Zawinul never showed up, Mic and Mike
each played very little, and all in all the two hour (scheduled for three) even
held less than 20% music.  High points were a presentation of a GOLD RECORD,
Atari's first, for a million dollars sales of the "COLORS" motion picture
soundtrack.  The music was produced on ST equipment.  A clip of the film was
shown, and the record was given to ATARI's FRANK FOSTER, who arranged the
entire show.  One wonders how Frank is doing at ATARI this week after what
almost all attendees declare an embarrassing show.  As a free seminar,
it would have been outstanding.  As a concert, especially for those who paid
money for it or skipped some other southern California evening activity,
it was nothing short of a failure.

Rich Tsukiji's plans for future WORLD OF ATARI SHOWS do NOT include a repeat
of the concert!

Seminars throughout the days of the show included a LAW ENFORCEMENT
session, a special talk by SIG HARTMANN, MIKE DENDO, and JOE MENDOLIA,
as well as a seminar on TOS 1.4.  Reports on those events will be in
future ST*ZMAGAZINE and Z*NET newsletter supplements.  ST*ZMAG will
attend as many ATARI events and shows as possible, and will keep you abreast
of ATARI NEWS as it happens, live online, and with complete and original
reviews.  Thanks for making ST*ZMAGAZINE your ATARI news choice!

                           |COMPUSERVE 8-BIT UPLOADS|
                        Courtesy of CompuServe's Atari8
                              |April 24 to May 1|

LIB 0 (General):

  [72750,2237] Scott Armitage
VBARR.COM/binary      30-Apr-89 1408
VBARR.DOC/binary      27-Apr-89 3072


  [72750,2237] Scott Armitage
VBIC.COM/binary       30-Apr-89 768


  [72347,1643] Ed Sabo
FNSPEL.ARC/binary     29-Apr-89 29824

SUPERFROGS FUNSPELLER: 6 educational games for ages 4 and up.

  [72347,1643] Ed Sabo
TKMATH.ARC/binary     29-Apr-89 23296

TANK MATH: (Addition, Subtraction, Multiplication, Division, Times Tables,
and a Roman Numeral Quiz)

LIB 1 (Games):

  [72347,1643] Ed Sabo
SPFROG.ARC/binary     29-Apr-89 30336

SUPERFROGS: 7 arcade games. 1 and 2 players.

LIB 3 (System Utilities):

  [72750,2237] Scott Armitage
JSTC.COM/binary       30-Apr-89 896
JSTC.DOC/binary       30-Apr-89 2432


  [76703,4061] Bill Aycock
WHATIS.COM/binary     28-Apr-89 8192
WHATIS.DOC            28-Apr-89 3193

WHATIS 2.1 recognizes 7 file compression techniques (AlfCrunch, ARC, DiskCom, 
etc.) and many other file types for various computers - 27 types in all!

  [72460,646]  Michael S. Hill
ROMAN2.NLQ/binary     25-Apr-89 1664

A new Daisy Dots II font from a local Denver Atari BBS.

                                |DE-TERM V1.59|
                                |Robert Anisko|

Miami Valley Atari Computer Enthusiasts

DE-TERM Version 1.59 is one of the most recent telecommunications programs
released to the Atari 8-bit world.  Utilizing "GEM-like" menus, everyone
from the beginner to the advanced user can run this program with ease,
controlling a plethora of flexible features.

DE-TERM is set up in a GEM-like fashion.  The top of the screen holds
different options which can be chosen to reveal numerous other options in a
window below.  Moving through the menus is easy--navigation through the menus
is made with the arrow keys, and you choose an option either by hitting
RETURN on your choice, or hitting the first letter of your choice.  That's
all there is to it!

Two console keys are also used at certain times.  You'd hit SELECT to
return to the menus from Term mode.  And you would hit START to begin a file

DE-TERM supports a wide variety of features, such as copying files,
viewing and printing files, and SpartaDOS command line access (when
used with SpartaDOS 3.2).

It also contains the largest choice of file transfer protocols I've seen in an
8-bit program.  The standard Xmodem and Xmodem CRC are supported, as well as
Ymodem (Xmodem 1K) and Ymodem Batch.  And yes, we're talking both downloads
AND uploads (so you and a friend could send each other a whole disk of files
and not take a second look).

Of course, the standard options such as Dialing , Translation (ASCII/ATASCII),
and others are supported as well.

DE-TERM also features two options that are very unique.  The first option lets
you turn off most off the screen during file transfers for a slightly increased
transmission (and at 9600 baud, for those lucky enough to be going that
fast, this is a must since the screen can't display data that fast).

The second option is a definite rarity: a user, while transferring files, can
actually play a simple game of "Breakout" while waiting for the
transfer to end.  And when the transfer is finished, the original screen will
return.  This makes file transfers less tedious, and sometimes even fun!

There are versions of DE-TERM Version 1.59 for all the major modem types:
SX212, XM301/1030, Hayes-compatibles (850), and MPP modems.  Each of these
has a handler built-in, so it is not necessary to append one.  All features
are supported in each version.

And yes, it is SHAREWARE!!!  So you can make a copy of it, and share it with
your friends.  If you like it, you could always send a donation to the
author, considering the time it took to develop such a program.  This will also
give him motivation to continue updating DE-TERM, and developing new programs.

DE-TERM Version 1.59 has become my favorite telecommunications program.  I
have a number of other programs, but DE-TERM surpasses them all.  DE-TERM
takes over where Express! left off.

(Editor's note:  Joystick handlers are available for DeTerm's "menu" mode, and
another file transfer protocol--CIS's "Quick-B"--is available.)

                        |APRIL 8-BIT UPLOADS FROM GENIE|
                          Courtesy of GEnie's 8-bit RT

   #   File Name
       Address YYMMDD Bytes Access Lib

      G.P.BURDELL  890430  7560  24  7
      Desc: GIF picture for use with ATVIEW8
      L.DAVIS13    890430 42840  22   4
      UNICORNPUB   890428 10080  19  12
      Desc: News from January issue of AIM
      UNICORNPUB   890428  6300  12  12
      Desc: hardware mod from Jan.issue of AIM
 4316 XF551.TXT
      UNICORNPUB   890428  7560  20  12
      Desc: Inside the XF551 -- AIM's Jan Issue
      UNICORNPUB   890428  6300  10  12
      Desc: Review from Jan. issue of AIM
      UNICORNPUB   890428 22680  16  12
      Desc: Review of X cart in Jan.  AIM
 4313 ZMAG154.ARC
      ZMAGAZINE    890427 16380  92  13
      Desc: ZMagazine #154 for 25 April 1989
      E.SABO       890426 15120  42   2
      Desc: Load ML programs easily.
      E.SABO       890426 25200  29   3
      Desc: Tutored math exercise for all ages.
      E.SABO       890426 31500  33   3
      Desc: Have fun with ABC's and Spelling.
      E.SABO       890426 31500  53  10
      Desc: 7 arcade games. 1 and 2 players.
 4307 LIBDIR01.ARC
      MARTY.A      890423 21420  36   1
      Desc: Part 1 of 4 of the New Lib.  Dir.
 4306 LIBDIR02.ARC
      MARTY.A      890423 23940  35   1
      Desc: Part 2 of 4 of the New Lib.  Dir.
 4305 LIBDIR03.ARC
      MARTY.A      890423 22680  33   1
      Desc: Part 3 of 4 of the New Lib.  Dir.
 4304 LIBDIR04.ARC
      MARTY.A      890423 28980  40   1
      Desc: Part 4 of 4 for the Lib.  Dir.
 4303 ALFCR14S.ALF
      ALFRED       890422 32760  18  17
      Desc: Source To AlfCrunch 1.4
 4302 MT32SNDS.ARC
      JEFF-S       890422  1260   3   4
      Desc: Several new sounds for the MT-32
      BILL-CDACE   890421  6300  30  12
      B.S.GREEN    890421 27720   8  10
      Desc: Picks winners in NCAA BBall Tourney
 4299 NCC1701.PGR
      R.REITZ      890420  1260  26   7
      Desc: Printshop icon of the Enterprise
 4298 ZMAG153.ARC
      ZMAGAZINE    890420 15120 118  13
      Desc: ZMagazine #153 for 18 April 1989
      C.MICHAUD    890416  1260  24  11
      Desc: st monochrome system for sale
      C.MICHAUD    890416  1260  42  11
      Desc: atari xe system for sale
      MARTY.A      890416  6300  27  11
      Desc: Information about MAX Systems
      I.RODRIGUEZ  890414  1260  27   2
      Desc: Turn ur KoalaPad to a numeric keypad
      D.CARVER2    890413  5040 137  12
      Desc: Detailed Outline-Express The Cart!
 4289 ZMAG152.ARC
      ZMAGAZINE    890412 18900 122  13
      Desc: ZMagazine #152 for April 11, 1989
      LAKE31       890411  3780  23   2
      Desc: Updated SCAT.OBJ file for SAGE*CAT
      D.LODZINSKI  890411  8820  59  12
      Desc: Atari User's Association
      MARTY.A      890411  5040  32  12
      Desc: Reupload of a letter on the XE-GS
      MARTY.A      890411  1260  24  20
      Desc: Reupload of a GREAT Virtuoso Show!
 4284 UEDIT22.ARC
      MARTY.A      890411 17640   3  24
      Desc: Reupload of an Express! BBS file
      MARTY.A      890411 11340   7  14
      Desc: Reupload of a fix for BBCS
 4282 COPY32.ARC
      MARTY.A      890411  6300   2  16
      Desc: Copy DOS 3.0 to DOS 2.x format
      MARTY.A      890411  6300  10   3
      Desc: BASIC tutorial on R. Hayes
      MARTY.A      890411  2520  33  10
      Desc: A maze game chasing Happy Faces!
      MARTY.A      890411  7560  25  10
      Desc: Reupload of an Analog game
      MARTY.A      890411 40320   4  13
      Desc: Collection of 3 old Zmags!
      MARTY.A      890411 50400   3  13
      Desc: Collection of old Zmags!
      MARTY.A      890410 44100   2  13
      Desc: Collection of 3 old Zmags
 4275 ZMAG60.ARC
      MARTY.A      890410 16380   4  13
      Desc: Zmag #60 --- Reupload!
      E.LAMBETH1   890409  2520  39  11
      F.BARGE      890409  5040  72  12
      Desc: Demo of Express Cart at GRASP.
 4272 TYPE.ARC
      I.RODRIGUEZ  890408  1260  44   2
      Desc: Just like the TYPE comm. of MS-DOS
 4271 R2D2.GR9
      E.LAMBETH1   890408  8820  21   7
      Desc: Digitized Picture of R2-D2
      T.MCCOMB     890407  5040  16  24
      Desc: Brochure of CMDs for PRO by Circula
      G.GRANEC1    890407 11340  53   9
      R.ELY1       890406  3780  29  11
      R.ELY1       890406  3780  22  15
      E.BACHMAN    890405  6300  52  22
      Desc: mio cnfg lodr/re-initr see desc.
      J.BLOY       890405 10080  49  23
      Desc: Pixel Averaging, from 4-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  8820  66  23
      Desc: Univert, a utility from 4-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  5040  74  23
      Desc: Krazy Mazes, game from 4-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  6300  14  23
      Desc: Video Disc Controler, 3-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405 16380  58  23
      Desc: Electra Ball, from 3-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  2520  32  23
      Desc: Duping Basic, from 3-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  8820  29  23
      Desc: A basic game from 3-89 Analog
      J.BLOY       890405  7560  29  23
      Desc: Color Set from 2-89 Analog
 4256 ZMAG151.ARC
      ZMAGAZINE    890405 18900 130  13
      Desc: ZMAGAZINE #151 APRIL 4, 1989
      MARTY.A      890402 26460  58   1
      Desc: Help to save time and $$$ on GEnie!

                         |Z*NET NEWSWIRE 8-BIT EDITION|
                               |by Harold Brewer|

 DataQue's 8-16 Turbos will be available in limited quantities at
    this weekend's Detroit MACE Atari Show.  Priority of a sale will be
    given to those Atarians who are (in DataQue's eyes) most able to
    program the 8-16.

 While picking up a copy of AIM and Current Notes at my local Atari
    dealer, my attention was drawn to the stock of XF-551 drives which
    now contain DOS-XE.  The decal proclaiming the inclusion of DOS-XE
    stated that the full 320K storage capability of the drive can now be
    accessed.  320K?  I hope that this typographical error will not go
    unchanged.  (The XF-551 can access 360K on a double-sided disk.)

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