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                            SYNDICATE ZMAGAZINE
                                Issue #143
                        Tuesday, February 7, 1989
                           Copyright 1989, SPC
   CompuServe: 71777,2140        GEnie: ZMAGAZINE        Source: BDG793
This Week:

<*> Editors Desk............Ron Kovacs <*> Nintendo Sues Atari Games.....
<*> Dataque Conference........Ctsy CIS <*> Atari Magazines.......L. Estep
<*> MicroMiser........................ <*> Call Blocking.........J. Cross
<*> Online Services <CIS>............. <*> Jan Uploads <GEnie>...........

<*> EDITORS DESK   by Ron Kovacs

A new release date has been put into effect with this issue.  We made this
decision based upon the Survey results received to date. We appreciate 
your responses!!

Despite recent rumors I have heard, let me tell you that any information 
you might have heard or seen about Z*NET is not official until we release 
the information.  We expect to release official information on or before 
February 28th.  Stay tuned for details here!!!

This week is ST*ZMAGAZINE:

- Atari releases monitor stand          - Falcon and Piracy Comment
- Spectre 128 Update                    - Public Domain Shelf
- Hard Drive Back-up Software           - Michtron Update
- Tech Tips                             - Mouse Accelerator
- Pagestream Offer                      - Turbo-ST Offer
and much more.....

Thanks for reading!


The Atari Forums will be sponsoring a national online teleconference on
Wednesday, February 15th, at 8:00 PM EST EST.  Our guest speaker will be
Chuck Steinman of DataQue, makers of the TURBO-816 Atari 8-Bit

The DataQue Conference is going to be held in CompuServe's Electronic
Convention Center(tm).  The Electronic Convention Center(tm) was designed
specifically for special conferences of this nature and can have as many
as 300 people participating simultaneously without causing the slightest
speed decrease.  In addition, the Electronic Convention Center(tm) offers
the capability of holding a more structured conference, making it possible
for you to ask your questions and be answered by Chuck Steinman without
any interruptions.  Top performance is absolutely guaranteed! Lastly, the
Electronic Convention Center(tm) offers additional conveniences (discussed
later in this text) that will make your participation in this conference
amazingly easy.  If you've participated in other national conferences of
this type before and have been underwhelmed at the way it was conducted
and the performance of the service during 'heavy' usage, this conference
is your opportunity to experience the communication power of a
professional-quality global information network.


As mentioned above, the DataQue conference will be held in CompuServe's
Electronic Convention Center(tm) -- NOT the conference area of this Atari
Forum.  To access the Convention Center, type GO CONVENTION at any
CompuServe command prompt.

When you type GO CONVENTION, CompuServe will display the following menu:

     Electronic Convention Center(tm)

      1 Instructions
      2 List Conferences/Make Reservations
      3 Review/Cancel Reservations
      4 Conference Etiquette

     Enter choice !

Choice 1 allows you to view the complete instruction guide for using the
Convention Center.  Choice 2 and Choice 3 allow you to list upcoming
special conferences and any advance "reservations" (NOT NECESSARY FOR
THIS CONFERENCE!) you might have made.  Lastly, choice 4 provides some
information on the etiquette followed by participants in an electronic

On Wednesday, February 15th at 7:30 (a half hour before the DataQue
conference is scheduled to begin), the Convention Center menu will appear
as shown above with the addition of menu choice 5 which will allow you to
enter the DataQue conference.  An example of how the Convention Center
menu will appear from 7:30 through the end of the conference on February
15th appears below:

     Electronic Convention Center(tm)

      1 Instructions
      2 List Conferences/Make Reservations
      3 Review/Cancel Reservations
      4 Conference Etiquette

      5 ATARI 8-bit/TURBO-816

     Enter choice !

All you will need to do is select choice 5 in order to join the


To the Atari Community:

I am not generally in the habit of posting messages on this bulletin
board, however I feel it is my present duty to inform and warn the Atari
community about a particular company.  I recently purchased a copy of
Turboword from MicroMiser Software Incorporated, the same company that
sells Turbobase, as advertised in Analog, Antic and Atari Explorer
magazines.  As this is the only word processing program presently
available to work with the XEP80 eighty column adaptor, I was very pleased
to discover that it was available (Atari Corporation has yet to ship
AtariWriter-80).  Nevertheless, I was very displeased at the quality of
the product once I received it in the mail.  The following is the exact
text of the letter I wrote to MicroMiser describing what I beleived were
the major problems with their program.  Included after that is their
response to my letter which, although rather amusing at first, is the most
insulting drivel I have ever read.

Hence, I thought you should be aware of this company's practices in case
you were considering purchasing one of their products.

January 6, 1989

Micromiser Software
1635-A Holden Ave.,
Orlando, Florida 32809, USA

To whom it may concern:

I received my copy of Turboword two days ago and have spent a number of
hours familiarising myself with its various functions.  I am sorry to say
that I am genuinely unimpressed with this product.  To begin with, its
most serious lack is that it is impossible to adjust line spacing either
from the main menu or within the editor.  Surely you must realize that any
student using a word processor requires double spacing.  I am presently in
my tenth year of university, and every paper that I have ever written was
required to be double spaced; some even required changing the spacing
within the body of the text (eg., single spacing for passages quoted
directly from a published text).

Hence, this program is completely useless for most students, including

Next on my list of complaints is the fact that the program is replete
with a number of uncorrected bugs.  For example, when using the "Enter
Address" function of the main menu I always get an "error 168 at line 255"
message while the program is saving my address.  Then when I use the "G"
function my address is poorly centered on the screen and requires
adjustment of the spacing so that it looks acceptable.  I have yet to try
the envelope functions, but I cringe at the thought of the insect-like
creatures that await me.

The file functions of the program are also totally inadequate.  It is
impossible to save a file under another name than the one with which it
was loaded.  As a result, the user cannot make changes to a file and still
have the original on disk unaltered.  This is a serious limitation if you
like to revise your work a number of times without destroying the last
version you worked on.

Another problem with the program is the fact that the main menu is written
in BASIC.  When memory is at a premium, as it is in the Atari 8-bits,
having BASIC in RAM takes up a large chunk of it that can be put to better
use for much needed program functions and more text.

The spelling ckecker also does not function properly.  It states in the
manual that it is supposed to copy the "SPELLCHK.TXT" file to the original
file after a spelling check.  It does not do so.  Needless to say, this is
very annoying and defeats the purpose of the spelling checker.

Finally, the method of entering printer codes into the file is non-
intuitive.  Control-letter sequences to end and begin a section (of
underlining for example) would be much more natural than using the inverse
characters.  Furthermore, I personally believe that having the control
sequence insert a space is counterproductive to good word processing.  If,
for example, I wished to underline only part of a word this is impossible
unless I redefine the printer codes and use some weird punctuation
sequence that I would never remember.

The high price of $49.00 (US) that I paid for it is criminal considering
the poor quality of the product.  I also find your request for another
$5.00 for your "trip to the post office" to be outrageous and I
categorically refuse to pay it.  Where I come from, it is illegal to
charge someone extra for something unless the charge is clearly stated in
advance.  In your advertisements there is no mention of postage and
handling charges whatsoever, hence I find it highly objectionable that you
sent me an invoice for an extra $5.00; especially since the postage only
cost YOU $1.20!  On the envelope you wrote the value of the contents to be
$10.00.  Personally, I cannot say that this program is worth one cent more
than that.

Neverthelless, if you are able to send me a version with all the
aforementioned bugs corrected (especially the double spacing) then I will
consider paying you the amount you requested.

Sincerely yours,
K. Gilbert
Star Date 125.4729

K. Gilbert
Montreal, Quebec Canada

Attention Kay,

We respond to your recent transmission.

The program TURBOWORD was designed for Earth-use only.  It is not
recommended for inhabitants of the outer planets.

Regarding the disputed five credits, do not REPEAT do not initiate second
request.  Our advice is to return to Neptune immediately where it is
unlikely you will be found.  In fact, we doubt anyone would look.

Concerning the update to the above mentioned product which includes the
features you seek, we wish you all the luck in the universe. Perhaps you
can contact a pirate on Triton appropriate to your genre to assist in
locating same.

Please do not approach the council again on this matter.  The elders are
busy with constructive enterprise and will disavow any further contact.

The Galactic Council to assist in locating same.


Dear Tim,

About the letter TURBOW.TXT. He sent us a check for the price of the
program and we sent it and billed the shipping to save him another 20
days. Some thanks. We're criminal for charging shipping to a foreign
country because we didn't advertise same in the US?  Glad he's not from
China! In Canada they'd throw us in jail for that?  We never advertised
double spacing but we're supposed to rewrite the program to collect the
$5 he owes us.  We're guilty of writing in BASIC, never mind the 12K of
ASSEMBLER that took four months. Our printer codes may be "non-intuitive"
to a ten year university student, but they're "intuitive" enough to the
rest of us high-school drop-outs.  Our high price of $49 is criminal.
Never mind there are only 500 potential customers with XEP80s according to
our distributor. Sorry for wanting more than $2/hr. We wrote $10 on the
package to save him some duty (why we have to go to the post office).
Some thanks.

We're about to send 200 FREE update disks with Turboword+ which corrects
all problems and doubles features.  Who else does this?  I just had to buy
GFA 3.0 to fix the bugs in 2.0.  But we're not sending any to Neptune as
long as I run this company. Also, about half of his problems were HIS
problems, not ours.

The reason this is the only negative thing you've heard is most likely
because there are few aliens using our software, and because we offer the
best support in the Atari world--when people ask for it in any normal way.
All it takes is to realize that there are other human beings at the end of
the letter or phone who have feelings too. I'm sure we'd get along fine,
as I do with 99.9% of customers.  I just finished Turboword+ and I'm very
proud of it, though it probably doesn't have "All features of Paperclip"
as one customer requested on his warranty.  I think you would be very
happy with it. Now I start on a compatible file manager which I'm sure
will be done by the time AW+ comes out. 

Nice to make your aquaintance!  It's rare that we developers get the
opportunity to tell our side. Thanks for giving me the opportunity, and
thanks to our alien friend for forcing it.  By the way he is no reflection
on Canadians--they are generally very knowledgeable, have good manners,
and pay the $5 shipping without a hassle.

Steve at Micromiser

P.S. One time a programmer called and swore at me for not writing
Turbobase in color! Gee, Dbase on an Atari8 ain't good enough?!?  Well
this is sure an interesting business. (I love it!) I'll write a book
some day! S.B. 



#: 5680 S8/Hot Topics    03-Feb-89  14:35:58
Sb: #Nintendo Sues Atari...
Fm: SYSOP*Mike Schoenbach 76703,4363
To: All

Online Today             OLT-255

(Feb. 3)
Continuing the video game feud, Nintendo of America now has sued Atari
Games Inc. and its wholly-owned subsidiary, Tengen Inc., alleging patent

This follows a $250 million lawsuit filed earlier this week against
Nintendo Co. Ltd. by Atari Corp. (which is not related to Atari Games).
That action accused the Japanese video giant of monopolizing the market
with restrictions on its licensed game developers.

As noted earlier, all these parties have been in federal court earlier.
In December, Atari Games filed a $100 million suit against Nintendo,
alleging unfair competition. Then last month Nintendo sued Atari Games,
saying the firm was making and selling unauthorized video-game cartridges.
Of this latest suit, Nintendo said Atari Games and Tengen's making and
selling home video cartridges for play on the Nintendo Entertainment
System infringes on a US Patent No. 4,799,635. That patent "covers a novel
system designed to prevent the use of unauthorized computer software on
hardware systems," Nintendo said in a statement.

Nintendo said its system places separate "security chips" in both computer
hardware and external memory software. These dedicated processors run
authenticating programs and compare results.

"If the results agree, the software is 'authorized' and the game begins,"
the statement said. "The Tengen-manufactured cartridges employ this system
and thereby infringe Nintendo's patent."

The action late yesterday was filed in US District Court in San Francisco
as an amended complaint to the January suit.  --Charles Bowen

by Lawrence Estep

(Editor Note: This article covers the availability of back-issues of Atari
related publications.)

Updated: 2/1/89


Issues available
July 1983-February 1989 disks and magazines (Excluding September 1984

Antic disks    :$5.95 each
Antic magazines:$4.00 each
6-month back packs only $20.00 each

        Disks        Catalog             Disks           Catalog
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July-December 1983   DBP8302        January-June  1984   DBP8401
January-June  1985   DBP8501        July-December 1985   DBP8502
January-June  1986   DBP8601        July-December 1986   DBP8602
January-June  1987   DBP8701        July-December 1987   DBP8702
January-June  1988   DBP8801        July-December 1988   DBP8802

       Magazines     Catalog          Magazines          Catalog
       ---------     -------          ---------          -------
July-December 1983   MBP8302        January-June  1984   MBP8401
January-June  1985   MBP8501        July-December 1985   MBP8502
January-June  1986   MBP8601        July-December 1986   MBP8602
January-June  1987   MBP8701        July-December 1987   MBP8702
January-June  1988   MBP8801        July-December 1988   MBP8802

Call 1-800-234-7001 (Visa/MC orders) or send your check or money order
to: Antic Publishing
    Back issues
    544 Second Street
    San Francisco,CA 94107

Please indicate by product code which issues you would like. California
residents add 6 1/2% sales tax. Also,include the following S&H charges:
$1.00 per magazine, $3.00 for 1-10 disks, $6.00 for 10+ disks


Issues available
Fall    1981       Winter  1981/82         Spring  1983
Summer  1983       Winter  1986            Sep/Oct 1986
Nov/Dec 1986       Jan/Feb 1987            Spring  1987
Summer  1987       Sep/Oct 1987            Nov/Dec 1987
Jan/Feb 1988       Mar/Apr 1988            May/Jun 1988
Jul/Aug 1988       Sep/Oct 1988            Nov/Dec 1988
Jan/Feb 1989
Price:$2.95 each or 6 issues for $15.  S&H $:$.69 book rate postage per
issue  Address: Atari Explorer back issues
                7 Hilltop Road
                Mendham,NJ 07945


Issues available
1985 - July to December ($1)
1986 - February,April to December ($1.50)
1987 - February to December ($2.00)
1988 - February to December ($2.50)

Send to: Current Notes
         Back Issues
         122 N. Johnson Rd.
         Sterling,VA 22170


Issues available
Single monthly issues from 9/83 (Premiere issue) to current issue

Send check or money order for $4.25 each to:
Family & Home Office Computing
         Back issues
         P.O. Box 717,Cooper Station
         New York,NY 10276-0717


Back issues from 1983-1989 are available for ordering online on CompuServe
(GO ORDER) for $2.50.,or call 1-800-848-8119 for more information.


                        Magazines  Disks 
STart #3   Winter '86    SMS1286   SDS1286
STart #4   Spring '87    Sold Out  SDS0387
STart #5   Summer '87    SMS0687   SDS0687
STart #6   Fall '87      SMS0987   SDS0987
STart #7   Winter '87    SMS1287   SDS1287

Magazines:$4.00 each
Disks:$10.95 each

Use same mailing address and S&H charges as for Antic magazine.

ST Resource programs (From Antic)

                    Issue      Disk #
Compendium #1       8/85-1/86  SB0101
Compendium #2       2/86-5/86  SB0102
Compendium #3       6/86-9/86  SB0103
Compendium #4       10/86-2/87 SB0106
Compendium #5       3/87-7/87  SB0107

Compendium disks are $10.95 each.

Use same mailing address and S&H charges as for Antic magazine.

      Next listing issued:03/01/89
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Reprinted by permission of the author.
by Jerry Cross

I'm going to do something I have never done before, write a serious
article (gasp!).  No jokes this time, because this is a serious issue and
you should be very concerned with it.

In the October issue of MAM you read about how a certain long distance
telephone carrier in Iowa was practicing what is called call blocking. In
review, this means this company, Teleconnect, Inc., is blocking calls made
through their long distance system to other callers, without notifying
either the person making the call or the person whose number is being

As a employee of Michigan Bell, I was especially concerned with this
practice. This practice is an obvious violation of your rights, and long
distance companies have no right to tamper with telephone calls.  Even
though this practice appears to be limited to only calls made to certain
bulletin board systems, what is stopping them from blocking calls to
whoever they wish? Would you, as an honest business man, appreciate AT&T
blocking calls to your lines because some dishonest person or phone hacker
made some illegal calls to you? It could easily cost you a lot of

Well, after I first read the article, sent to me by another concerned
computer user, I felt I needed to do something.  By an incredible
coincidence, this same company (Teleconnect, Inc.) was just now setting up
shop in the Michigan area, but was limiting their business only to
business customers and was ignoring residence customers.

Thus begins my quest!  I immediately went to "The Mike Wallace 60 Minute
School of Journalism," which I finished in only 48 minutes.  (Sorry, I
promised no jokes.)  I learned the three steps of good investigative
reporting.  Gather evidence, interview witnesses and then pounce on the
victim.  So, after talking to some witnesses in Iowa, I discovered that
one of Teleconnect's main defenses was that local phone companies would
not work with them to identify the phone hackers.

Well, this sounded strange to me, so I called both the Michigan Bell Staff
Security people, plus a few co-workers I used to work with.  MBT has a
special office located in Southfield headed by Daryl Miller, a staff
manager.  MBT will supply the long distance carriers with information
about calls made to certain numbers.  Also, if necessary, MBT will help
establish an entire case for the carrier against the suspect and even
testify in court.  So much for Teleconnect's excuses.

My next call went to AT&T.  Since they have long had an established long
distance network to every central telephone office, toll fraud was not a
major problem.  However, there are still those who will attempt to discover
someone's credit calling card number by using their computer to constantly
dial codes until one is discovered.  Both MBT and AT&T are ready and
waiting for them, with the use of their own monitoring computers that can
quickly discover when a series of incorrect credit cards are entered, and
can locate the hacker within minutes.  So, once again there is no need for
AT&T to resort to call blocking.  I wonder why Teleconnect does not have
some sort of similar system set up to at least tell if someone is trying
to discover an illegal credit number?  I guess it's just cheaper to block
calls, huh?

My calls to both MCI and Sprint went unanswered, and calls to other
carriers were usually transferred to other supervisors with the usual
replies of "We don't discuss security matters" or "You will have to
contact our Media Relations department," which was usually followed by
"What magazine did you say you write for?"

Next, thanks to a tip from another AT&T friend, I got in contact with the
Telecommunications Fraud Association.  This is, I think, a lobbying group
located in Washington, District of Columbia, that is sponsored by the long
distance carriers, and helps to advise legistrators on Telecommunications
Fraud laws.  Once again, though, I lacked the backing of a big-time
magazine to get any type of reply.  I even had to send them a sample of
our magazine to prove it was for real!

I could see it was time to start enlisting help.  I started calling the
Michigan Public Service Commission, which is responsible for regulating
the phone industry in Michigan.  What a joke!  After sending a few letters
and making some phone calls, I didn't get anywhere with them.

Time to bring out some bigger guns. I sent a letter to both Representative
Kildie and Senator Riegle.  Mr. Kildie sent me a nice rm letter thanking
me for bring this important matter to his attention and promised he would
shuffle it off to some underling.  Things were looking bad now.  But then
I got a CALL from Mr. Riegle's office.  After going over the whole thing
again with one of their staff members, I was told they would look into it.
About 2 weeks later, I got a letter saying that a complaint had been
issued in my name with the Interstate Commerce Commission.  Although this
does show a little progress, I don't expect any quick answers from them

OK, so now I was ready to confront Teleconnect.  Armed with all sorts of
conflicting testimony, I got hold of their media relations person and

"No, we aren't" she said.  Oops!  I forgot lesson #1!  I needed evidence.
Darn, I don't have any.  Now what do I do?

That's where you readers come in.  If you are using one of the long
distance carriers, and for some reason can not get through to your number,
first try using another long distance company such as AT&T.  If you do get
through, then you may have discovered a blocked call!  If so, let me know!
I will investigate it further and turn over this information to Mr.
Riegle's office. I am also tracking down some other sources of help, but
don't expect any more information for a while. But unless I can prove call
blocking is indeed going on in Michigan, there is not much we can do
through legal channels.  So please let me know if you discover any blocked
lines.  Contact: Jerry Cross, C/O GAG, PO Box E, Flint, MI 48507.

Ctsy CompuServe Atari8


Question: What if I use 2 different terminal programs to access CIS?  Or
          even 2 different computers?!!  Say, I want to use TSCOPE to view
          On-Line Graphics, but want to use DeTerm to do my DOWnloading
          and messaging? Or wanna use both my ST and XE??

Answer:   No problem. CIS can easily handle multiple 'parameter sets' for
          the same PPN (User ID number)

This info is summarized from the Ubiquitous Charles Bowen's column in
ONLINE TODAY (March issue). At least till it scrolls off, you can read
the complete article by GO OLT-3500. (recommended!)

The key is a trip into the PRO (PROgramming) area of CIS.  When you type a
PRO command (you can do so at any ! prompt.  The polite way is to do this
OUTSIDE of a forum.) you enter the Personal Programming area. It CAN look
intimidating, 'cause all you see is an enigmatic 'OK' on the screen.
(Shades of Moose-DOS)  DON'T PANIC!  If you know which commands to type,
you can do amazing things in PRO...


Of course, you've already set your 'default' parameters, right?  What you
need to do is 'Save' an Alternate Set for access when you need it.

To start, you need to connect using your 'alternate' program (or
computer!)  Connected? Type GO TERMINAL, and use the menu to change things
as required.

eg. if you normally use EXPRESS, but want to set up TSCOPE parameters,
you'd boot up with TSCOPE, then change your terminal Type to VIDTEX.

Or, maybe you use an XE at home but a PC at the office. In that case, you
might want an alternate WIDTH of 80.

When you've got things the way you want them in your Alternate Set, exit
TERMINAL, and specify you want these settings set for THIS SESSION only,
by hitting S.

Now, type PRO. At the OK prompt type:


For 'SECOND' use whatever name (6 characters max) you want for the
Alternate Set.


If you've followed the above, what you now have is <2> full 'terminal
parameter' files stored on CIS. One is the Default, one is an Alternate.
Logging on with the default, of course, is no problem. But how about if we
want to use the Alternate?

Easy... When you dial CIS and get the 'User ID:' prompt, type in your PPN
(number), followed IMMEDIATELY by an asterisk and the name of your
Alternate Set like so:

 User ID: 70717,720*SECOND

replacing 'SECOND' with whatever name you chose previously.

Have a 'space out' and forget the asterisk? You can EVEN change parameters
after you've logged on! In this case, go to PRO and type TER IS SECOND (or
whatever 'alternate' name you used.)

Ctsy GEnie, Edited by R.Kovacs

The following list, edited down from the original GEnie directory, 
contains all the NEW files uploaded to the Atari8 RT during January.  We 
hope this list is of assistance.

  No. File Name                Address      Bytes  Desc
----- ------------------------ ------------ ------ ----------------------
 4106 CBMMOUSE.ARC             MARTY.A      2520   Tech info CBM 1351 mouse
 4105 INFERNO.BAS              J.BLOY       18900  Inferno, Jan. Analog
 4104 STELLARARENA.OBJ         J.BLOY       5040   Stellar Arena, Analog
 4103 ZMAG142.ARC              ZMAGAZINE    16380  Atari News, 1/30/89
 4102 SOLITAIR.ARC             P.IRWIN      41580  Klondike Solitaire
 4101 READ11.ARC               J.WARD8      2520   Text file reader
 4100 MORSETUT.BAS             J.HOLLAND4   8820   Morse Code Tutor
 4099 CBMVT100.ARC             MARTY.A      8820   Source code GREAT CBM
 4098 SARCTXT.ARC              MARTY.A      11340  Info about Super ARC
 4097 RTIME8.ARC               MARTY.A      6300   Info about ICD R-Time 8
 4096 TURBO816.ARC             MARTY.A      27720  Info about Turbo 816
 4095 MYDOSTXT.ARC             MARTY.A      12600  Info about MyDOS 4.5
 4094 GOEINFO.ARC              MARTY.A      25200  Info about GOE
 4093 SDX1.ARC                 MARTY.A      20160  Messages re SpartaDOS X
 4092 EXPLORER.ARC             MARTY.A      13860  Atari Explorer Online!
 4091 VIRTUSONICS.ARC          MARTY.A      11340  Info about Virtusonics
 4090 ANALOG.ARC               MARTY.A      11340  Messages about Analog
 4089 ALFCRTXT.ARC             MARTY.A      11340  Info about AlfCrunch
 4088 DD.ARC                   MARTY.A      15120  Info about Daisy-Dot
 4087 SPARTA.ARC               MARTY.A      6300   Support for SpartaDOS
 4086 REEVE.ARC                MARTY.A      18900  Info on Reeve Software
 4085 ASKICD3.ARC              MARTY.A      11340  More from the "Ask ICD"
 4084 ASKRAT.ARC               MARTY.A      25200  Ask the Rat topic
 4083 ACTION.ARC               MARTY.A      10080  Info from the BB
 4082 HD800.ARC                MARTY.A      6300   Hard Disks Atari 800
 4081 INDUS.ARC                MARTY.A      3780   Info on Indus SyncroMesh
 4080 TIPS.ARC                 MARTY.A      10080  General GEnie Tips
 4079 PRNTUSNG.BAS             M.QUIGG      3780   Print Using for BASIC
 4075 BLAKES71.ARC             R.CARLSON    65520  Digitized Crew Blake's
 4074 BLAKES72.ARC             R.CARLSON    41580  Digitized GR9 pics
 4072 THEWALL.ARC              G.WARMUTH    36540  The Wall, Pink Floyd,
 4070 CAMBODIA.BAS             BILLMORRIS   13860  Basic Game from Germany
 4068 CONTENTS70.TXT           C.WALNUM     2520   ANALOG MARCH 89 CONTENTS
 4067 GOERELEASE.TXT           D.SULLIVAN4  7560   GOE January 1989 Press
 4066 INDEXO.BAS               T.FISK       3780   INDEXER/HIGH SPEED SORT
 4065 TOP100.ARC               MARTY.A      6300   The Latest Top 100 File
 4064 XL512K.ALF               D.SCHMIDT4   10080  A 512k RAMdisk for 800xl
 4059 MASTERMIND.BAS           L.KIRKPATRI1 8820   plays code maker/breaker
 4058 LEARN6.ARC               J.SHANAFELT  49140  Story with sound & anim
 4057 FOXY.PIC                 B.VANDERMEER 2520   KOALA PIC (A REAL FOX).
 4056 APACLOAD.ARC             JDPOTTER     20160  full color graphics ldr
 4053 ATARITAB.DRV             REEVE.SOFT   1260   Diamond GOS TT Drvr
 4052 KOALA.DRV                REEVE.SOFT   1260   Diamond GOS Koala Drvr
 4051 JOYSTICK.DRV             REEVE.SOFT   1260   Diamond GOS Joystick Drvr
 4050 STMOUSE.DRV              REEVE.SOFT   1260   Diamond GOS ST Mouse Drvr
 4049 ZMAG140.ARC              ZMAGAZINE    16380  Issue #140, January 16,
 4048 CODEBUST.ARC             AUGGIE       18900  HACKER'S DISASSEMBLER
 4046 FILEORGANIZER.ARC        I.RODRIGUEZ  26460  utility helps you find
 4045 OSSTODOS.BAS             REEVE.SOFT   2520   SpartaDOS Run Address
 4044 FONTCONV.BAS             REEVE.SOFT   2520   Font Conversion utility
 4043 DIABASIC.BAS             REEVE.SOFT   2520   Prgm Diamond with Basic
 4042 REEVERTC0189.ARC         MARTY.A      8820   RTC about Diamond 01/12
 4039 BLACKCASTLE.BAS          M.BUTLER1    23940  1-4 player quest to cas
 4038 WRITING.ARC              M.QUIGG      3780   Text file on quality sof
 4037 GE_LIB3.ARC              S.DAY3       32760  THE COMPLETE LIBRARY
 4036 GE_LIB2.ARC              S.DAY3       51660  COMPLETE LIBRARY PT. 2
 4035 GE_LIB1.ARC              S.DAY3       52920  FILE 1 OF 3 OF COMPLETE
 4034 GE_LIB.TXT               S.DAY3       1260   COMPLETE genie library
 4032 ATARPOLY.BAS             W.GROSS2     12600  same as monopoly
 4031 READ.ARC                 J.WARD8      2520   SpartaDos 3.2 File Read
 4030 ZMAG139.ARC              ZMAGAZINE    20160  Issue #139, January 10,
 4029 AMODEMBATCHTONE.ARC      T.CHAPPELL   2520   autodisconnect/batch
 4028 LIBNEW.HLP               MARTY.A      7560   Help for NEW library
 4027 SETTINGS.HLP             MARTY.A      6300   Help to set GEnie
 4026 UNARCBB.ARC              MARTY.A      12600  Super ARC/UnARC discuss
 4025 SDX.ARC                  MARTY.A      21420  Discussion about Sparta
 4024 REEVESOFT1.ARC           MARTY.A      45360  Chat with Reeve Soft
 4023 ASKICD2.ARC              MARTY.A      21420  Questions to ICD
 4022 MATRAT.ARC               MARTY.A      32760  Ask the Rat!
 4021 LANGUAGE.ARC             MARTY.A      7560   What language to use??
 4020 RANA.ARC                 MARTY.A      5040   Help with Rana Drives
 4018 EXPRESSNULL.COM          J.WATTS3     3780   
 4015 MOVE.SRC                 CYCLONE      3780   M/L srce code mem move
 4013 ZMAG138.ARC              ZMAGAZINE    18900  Issue #138, January 3,

Syndicate ZMagazine is Copyright (c)1989, Syndicate Publishing Company.
SPC, Post Office Box 74, Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074  (201) 968-8148

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