Z*Magazine: 6-Jun-88 #109

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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Z*Magazine:  6-Jun-88 #109
Date: Wed Jul 28 11:13:56 1993

            ZMAGAZINE      JUNE 6, 1988    ISSUE #109

             American Publishing Enterprises (APEInc)
                        Post Office Box 74
                 Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074

  Publisher/Editor: Ron Kovacs     Assistant Editor: Steve Godun

<*> Publisher's Desk                        <*> Recent Happenings
<*> BBS Update                              <*> Rex Reade
<*> My Own Headaches                        <*> Confidential Report
<*> Atari Magazine Back Issues              <*> GEnie Node Update
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=========================Publishers Desk>
by Ron Kovacs

As you can see we have changed over to a NEW format.  No longer will you
find ZMagazine in 39 column.  Due to the rather large task of formatting
the text to 39 from 80, we have taken an easier route to publishing.

I know a few of you will be upset with the changes.  Since many readers
are accessing ZMag through the online services and local BBS systems, I
feel that word wrapping and settings already used on these services, will
format the text to your liking.

If you are an Express 850 user, you can capture the text with word-
wrap enabled. Or if you are interested, you can always convert the text to
39 column after you have captured or downloaded it.

Coming soon to these pages, Carina columns written by Larry Mihalik. The
return of the Basic Programming Series to conclusion, and a new feature
about the systems carrying ZMagazine weekly.  Stay tuned for details!!!

We welcome Gary Gorski to the staff as Sales Manager.  Gary is presently
part of the Jersey Atari Computer Group (JACG) as BBS SysOp and sales

Our newest publication Amiga Report is in final production. Look for the
debut shortly. Please pass the word to your Amiga friends about this new
online magazine.
=========================Recent Happenings>


 Atari Corp. said Wednesday its founder Nolan Bushnell will renew his
ties to the company he created by helping it develop video games for
the home entertainment market. 

Under an ''exclusive'' agreement disclosed by Sunnyvale-based Atari, Axlon
Inc., a maker of toys and coin-operated games, will design and develop ''an
unspecified number'' of video games for two of Atari's three home entertainment
systems, called the 2600 and the 7800. 

Bushnell is chairman of Axlon.  He founded the Sunnyvale-based company in
1983 after selling a then-struggling Atari to Warner Communications for
$28 million in 1976. 

''I'm very excited at the prospect of working again in the video game
industry, especially with my alma mater, Atari,'' Bushnell said. ''I hope
my contribution will add to the strong rebound in the industry.'' 

Sales of video games, which slumped beginning in 1982, have recently been
rising on renewed consumer demand and a new focus on games of strategy that
test wits as well as manual skills. But Atari, which claims 30 percent of
the video game market, faces strong foreign competition, including Nintendo
of Japan, which currently dominates the U.S. market. 

Bushnell was one of the pioneers of the video game craze, cofounding Atari in
1972 with an initial investment of $250 and later introducing the popular
game ''Pong''. 

''PAC-Man,'' another industry hit, was introduced by Atari in 1981. 

After selling Atari, Bushnell launched a chain of pizza restaurants and a
venture capital company aimed at Silicon Valley entrepreneurs before
founding Axlon five years ago. 

Michael Katz, president of Atari's entertainment electronics division, said
Bushnell's ''experience and expertise will be invaluable.'' 

''We're anxious for the first few games to hit the market later this year''
he added. Atari has previously promised to launch 45 new video games in

NEW YORK (JUNE 2) AP - International Business Machines Corp. Thursday
expanded its 14-month-old line of Personal System-2 personal computers
with a range of new machines, including its fastest PC ever. 

IBM said its new Model 70, available in three configurations, can do jobs
up to 1 1/2 times as fast as its previous top-of-the-line PC, the Model 80
which stands on the floor. 

IBM also introduced the Model 50 Z, which offers up to 35 percent better
performance than its current Model 50. 

Also introduced were a low-priced local area network station, which is used for
tying clusters of PCs into groups; new storage features for its small low-end
Model 25 PCs; and new equipment for electronic publishing. 

Prices for the Model 70 range from $5,995 to $11,295, depending on features.
IBM said two versions of the Model 70 would be available this month, while the
most expensive version would come out in the third quarter. 

All the other PCs are to be available this month, but some of the add-on
equipment will not be available until later this year, IBM said. 

The company also reduced prices on some of its older Personal System-2
computers, including the Model 60 and Model 80. 

=========================BBS Systems Update>

Please add the following to your BBS Listing of carriers:

      S109-312   The Crooked Dragon Inn    (312) 690-2211 
      S110-201   Hologram BBS              (201) 727-1914
      X111-817   The Genesys I             (817) 284-1520
      X132-615   StarBase BBS              (615) 528-7153
      S112-403   68000-Mice                (403) 242-0706

Please delete the following from the list:

      X054-502   Bargain Basement
      Z066-502   WAEL 
      X011-201   Timelink

Change status of X009-916 to H009-916 Shadow Haven ST CIS (916) 962-2566

=========================Thomas Rex Reade>
ST-Report Editor (Repinted from Issue #38)

The rumor mill is hard at work these days, seems Chuck Babbitt has left
Atari...if such is the case it seems to me we have lost another refreshing
breath of fresh air amid all the hot air and confusion.  After having met
him at Atlanta, I was left with the impression He would truly get things
on the right track.  Perhaps he was too truthful with the Atari userbase
and third party folks.  Not knowing if he is really gone or not, and if he
has, the real reasons why he left, we are left in the typical abyss of
non-information Atari is so famous for.

I certainly want this company to be the number one company because I will
always feel they have produced a powerhouse of a computer and can only 
see bigger and better things come from it.  

It seems to me though, that attitude of Atari is wild and disorganized..
they show up where they are not supposed to be, the dep't heads in Atari
are NOT totally in touch with one another, they have defective and bad 
sounding answering machines in use, they have NO set policy for true 
customer relations. (Everybody gets a different deal) and worst of all,
their marketing methods are atrocious.

Atari truly has a fine product in the ST, but for goodness' sake let's
get the show on the road!  Another year is slipping by us and still, the
US public hardly knows ATARI other than an ARCADE GAME COMPANY.

Some of the sharpest folks in the business are at ATARI now, and still 
they are hampered by the guy who STILL calls ALL the shots.  NEW
leadership may be the only way to allow Atari to grow in the USA!

Personally, I am waiting for the day ......For, in my opinion, only then
will Atari become the power in the computing industry it justly deserves
to be...
=========================My Own Headaches>
by Bob Rosendale

  After reading a newsletter article entitled "Headache #69" in the
Michigan Atari Magazine, I decided to compile my own list of headaches
and some possible cures.

                       PD is nothing but Junk
 I don't know how many times I have heard this during the last five years
of operating my Atari computers.  Public domain comes in all kinds of
functions, colors and sounds.  There is Freeware, Shareware and of course
the newest variety, Begware.

 How many have used the term programs done by Keith Ledbetter, Trent
Dudley or Matt Singer?  How many have used the various archiver programs
such as ARC SHELL, MAGIC SHADOW, SCRUNCH, CRUNCH, the list goes on and on.
How many have collections of picture files done with Neochrome or Degas
and view them with a slideshow program?  How many have Music Studio, 
Music Construction Set or converted AMS music files and the various 

 There are dozens of other utilities, applications, desk accessories and
even games too numerous to go into at this point and most keep getting
worked on and improved.

 Support these programmers and developers with your feedback and financial
support.  Public domain gives us programs, IF NOTHING ELSE, while we try
and save our pennies for the HIGH-priced stuff.

                 My Computer is BETTER than your Computer
  What started out as a friendly rivalry has grown into a battle for
others.  If you have ever seen Commodore Kill and/or Apple Kill demos on
the 8-bit machines, you can tell they were done with humor instead of
hatred.  Every type of machine, not just computers, have their own
specific advantages or limitations.  Look at the number of styles of
automobiles, radios, stereos, even toasters.

 My suggestion to anyone that needs to continue this line of thinking and
can't convince others that computing is a worthwhile hobby, no matter what
computer they may choose, should find another hobby like sand collecting
or cistron decoding.  I use an IBM clone at work and my Atari ST at home,
I can not even start to compare the two.  The clone does not have a
graphics card and my ST doesn't have Word Star.

                     Piracy will Kill the Atari
 I have added this to my headache list because every article written about
it, in national publications, reinforces this "idea" to the WHOLE computer
industry, not just the prospective software developers, that there is a
"severe" problem with "ALL" Atari users.  But yet the same magazines that
carry the Atari epitaph carry advertisements about who's products
"back-up" protected programs so "users won't damage their original disk".

 This problem is industry wide, but during the last several years it is
the Atari userbase that is getting all the flak.  Pick up any computer
magazine and check out the ads.  For example, in the July 1988 issue of
COMPUTE!'s Gazette for Commodore users there are 4 separate ads (two
companies even have a mini battle going) for backup "systems". 

One, in particular, has a full page color ad for a cartridge called the
"Replay IV", all someone has to do is "just press a button at any
point and make a complete backup of any "*" memory resident program to 
tape or disk".  Finding the other "*" on the page proclaims "In our most 
recent test we were unable to find any program that AR4 could not cope 

  Yet COMPUTE! ST has met its demise because of being "unprofitable".  If
you still have your copies of the last several issues of COMPUTE! ST, read
the editorials and see for yourself why it died.

                   Complaining about Atari complainers
 DRAM prices, ROM upgrades, Disk drives, Vaporware, Laser printers, user
group support, retailer support, developer support, and even mail order
supplies have been some subjects of interest lately.  Complainers have 
been targeted in a number of editorials, teleconferencing sessions and
even messages on the commercial services.

 I, as a CASH paying consumer, have the right to complain or even
investigate why something is not up to date, doesn't meet my expectations,
or even throws a whole string of "bombs" across my screen.

 BUT if I do take a course of action and complain, I am handed someone
else's set of values and am preached at to "just be thankful for what you
already have".  I have voiced some opinions in some of the online message
bases and then read several days later about what my opinion really
SHOULD HAVE BEEN!  That really Sux!

 I really do recommend that you get involved in anyway you can with your
computer, if not in your usergroup then with letter writing or even
attending some of the online conferences.

=========================Confidential Report>
Compiled by the Staff


        CHUCK BABBITT                   RICHARD FRICK

Are no longer with Atari according to our sources.....

We know they were not supposed to be there but they are....

Atari is reconsidering it's posture on (A) Advertising in the USA, co-op
and national network  (B) Mail Order Sales [except flagship products].

Atari has contracted with a familiar name, N. Bushnell [Axlon Products] he
is the REAL Mr. Atari, he started the whole shibang and will be producing
carts for Atari...on a contract basis......interesting?

Atari, for all intents and purposes was shutdown by a warehouse
inventory...seems it was in such a mess that they had to reorganize the
warehouse then take the inventory, during this time NO new units or PARTs
were shipped at all.  tsk  tsk...

By The Way, did you know....If you bought a late model (Blit Ready)
1040ST ST, 6 weeks ago or so and found it to be defective, you can send it
in to be exchanged for another and if out of warranty, pay 125.00 for
another?..That's not bad...HERE IS THE CATCH!  You run the risk of getting
back an ST (working) of early vintage (NOT BLIT READY)..seems they have no
way of telling which is what in the warehouse or, is it that they dont
want to be stuck with a bunch of old ST's?  Make sense to you?  Not me!

=========================Atari Magazine Back Issues>


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=========================GEnie Node Update>

88/06/2 -
 Meridian, MS has a new GEnie access number for 300/1200 baud.
The old number of 601-693-5425 has been changed to new number 601-482-2655
effective immediately. There will be no $2/hour surcharge on the new number.
Please make a note of this change as the old number will be removed on
June 6.

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Welcome to the "Pro" version of The Piscataway Express. I hope that you
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                    The Insane One

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