Z*Magazine: 14-Mar-88 #97

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 07/24/93-09:25:25 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Z*Magazine: 14-Mar-88 #97
Date: Sat Jul 24 09:25:25 1993

|//PUBLISHER/EDITOR| March 14, 1988//|
|//   RON KOVACS   |Special Edition//|
|(c)1988 SPC/Ron Kovacs /////////////|
|SPC                                 |
|Post Office Box 74                  |
|Middlesex, New Jersey 08846-0074    |
|(201) 968-8148  300/1200  24 Hours  |
|************BBS SOFTWARE************|
|Contents:                           |
|*|Editors Desk                      |
|*|BBS Express! Professional         |
Editors Desk
by Ron Kovacs

This entire issue has been dedicated
to the new BBS software from Keith
Ledbetter. In this issue are the
text files and menu areas captured
from the BETA test site, The MOUSE

I want to thank Jerry Burke and Keith
Ledbetter for the opportunity to see
the program in action.  

What you are going to see are SOME of
the features along with a few help
files that were available on the
system.  If you are or were an Express
BBS sysop, you will be amazed at the
changes made here.  If you are an
OASIS BBS sysop, you will see things
that are not even available yet to

I have suspended ALL news and feature
stories this week to allow space for
the special edition. I hope you find
this atleast interesting and worth-
while to your eyes.

In the weeks ahead, we will give room
to Carina II and other BBS software
for the 8 Bit Atari.

The information enclosed here has been
edited for publication here. Except 
for the Pre-Order blank that appears
at the end of the issue, all the text
has been re-adjusted for columns. The
Main Menu of the BBS is printed once,
reprinting more would cause havic
with the size and flow of material

I logged onto the system and have used
my account information, this info has
since been changed. If you want access
on MOUSE, give them a call at the 
number below.

Personal Review Thoughts
I was impressed with the amount of
commands and speed of the system. If
you are a former Express SysOp, you
are going to be amazed at the amount
of features and changes incorporated!

Keith has done it again with this
release and you will NOT be sorry you
have invested in one of the best BBS
programs ever written.

With programmable functions, possible
networking, add on ML features, simple
addition of commands and the speed of
machine language, you can help but
wonder what cant be done with this

I highly recommend you spend some 
time looking at the beta test sites
running the program and ask the sysop
to take you around the system. Any
questions or features not discussed
here are sure to be answered.

Due to the large amount of capturing
and quantity of the renovations, it
is impossible for ZMAG to include
everything here, we have included
most new areas.  The best way for you
to decide is call and check them out
for yourself.

Keith you have done it again!!
Logging On!
Captured by Ron Kovacs

1200: Press Return..

 1200 baud connection

Go ASCII/ATASCII, press <return>..

|       You have connected to        |
|             MOUSE BBS              |
|                                    |
|     BBS Express! Professional      |
|   (c) 1988 by Orion Micro Systems  |
|          BETA Test Site            |
|   Please leave any comments or     |
|  suggestions in message base #7.   |

You have logged onto the exciting new
BBS Express! Professional by Keith
Ledbetter.  Please take a moment to
read Bulletin # 1 and the doc files
about how to use this new program
which are located in the [E]xpress
command from the Main Menu.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of PRO

Enter your user number 
or NEW if a new user:

         New User Information

Welcome to the wonderful world of BBS
Express! Professional. This is an
ATARI based system and will be of most
interest to ATARI users; however,
others are certainly welcome also. 

If you just want to look around or get
information about BBS Express! 
Professional or any of the other
Express! programs, you do not need a
password. All Express information is
available to "Visitors". Even the
special "PRO" message base can be
read by "Visitors".

If you want to become a regular
member, then pay close attention to
the following:

          -*= IMPORTANT =*-

So you want a password validated...

    You must use your real name  
   for your handle. NO EXCEPTIONS

Do you want a permanent password? y

Is your terminal 80 columns? n

What is your REAL name?
-> Ron Kovacs

What handle would you like to use?
 (<return> for Ron Kovacs)

What is your address?
-> PO Box 74

Enter your city, state
-> Middlesex, NJ

What is your zip/postal code?
-> 08846

What country are you from?
-> USA

What is your phone number?
-> 201-968-8148

What type of computer do you have?
-> Atari

What is your age?
-> 30

Enter a password of your choice
-> xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

Here is the information that you have
entered.  Press a letter to change any

[A] Real Name: Ron Kovacs
[B]    Handle: Ron Kovacs
[C]   Address: PO Box 74
[D]      City: Middlesex, NJ
[E]  Zip Code: 08846
[F]   Country: USA
[G]     Phone: 201-968-8148
[H]  Computer: Atari
[I]       Age: 30
[J]  Password: *************
[K]  V. Width: 40

[L] Auto-read Email at logon: Yes
[M] Clear screen after msg  : Yes
[N] "Hotkey" 1-key commands : No 

Enter letter to change, OK when done,
or <return> to list: ok

Wait, finding a slot for you...


    * [1] - MOUSE BBS goes "Pro"
    * [2] - Info on Express Programs
    * [3] - MOUSE Passwords
    * [4] - Stormy Weather

Select Bulletin # to Read 

  How Are Things In Middlesex, NJ?

 |# Of Callers Today__24
 |    Are Caller_____#24462
 |    Have Called____ 1 Times
 |    Are Calling____ 1200 Baud
 |    Last Called On_ 
 |    Are in_________ ATASCII Mode
 | Uploads are_______ 0
 | Downloads are_____ 0
 |Time On Today______ 0 Mins
 |Daily Time Limit___ 20 Mins
 |Today's Date_______ Wed Mar 9, 1988
 |The Time Here Is___  6:46:43pm    
 |Last Caller Was Sysop*Jerry

Checking for mail...

Sorry, there is no mail for you.

[ED. At this point Jerry went to
 validate my password]

[Path] D1:>

[Command]> ueditor

           Edit Which User?

  [U] by User number  [O] Online user
  [H] by Handle       [F] First new
  [R] by Real name    [A] Add new user

  [V] Visitor rec   [1-7] Edit mask
  [N] New User rec    [X] Exit

           Your choice: h

Enter user handle: ron kovacs


Editing: Ron Kovacs (#90)
 Status: Active/Validated/Unlocked

              Edit What?

  [T] Textual data    [L] Lock user
  [U] Usage data      [D] Delete user
  [C] Command sec.  [1-7] Apply mask
  [M] Message sec.    [X] Exit
  [F] File sec.

          Your choice: t


...entering Chat mode...

Hi Ron Kovacs, this is Jerry 

      |    MOUSE BBS    |
      |Main Command Menu|

    -<BBS Express! Professional>-

[A] Atari/ASCII Mode [O] Other BBS #'s
[B] Browse D/L Files [P] Set Parameter
[C] Call for SysOp   [R] Read E-Mail
[E] EXPRESS Menu     [S] Send E-Mail
[F] Feedback Sysop   [T] Title Page
[G] Goodbye-Log Off  [U] Users List
[ ] Not Used         [W] Who's Called
[M] Message Section  [Y] Your Stats
[N] News/Bulletins   [Z] ZMagazine

[4 Min] Command: E
Message Base Processor
Message Base Commands  

All commands work on the "current"

   A - Show message again
   B - Set direction backward
   D - Delete current message
   E - Edit current message
   F - Set direction forward
   G - Goto a specific message
   J - Same as "G"
   L - Lock current message
   M - Statistics on this base
   N - Position at first new message
   P - Post a new message
   Q - Quit reading this thread
   R - Reply to current message
   S - See replies to this message
   T - Read thread (from TOP)  
   U - Unlock current message
   V - Verbose mode toggle
   X - Exit message processor
   / - Goto next base w/ new msgs
   = - Goto another message base

The message base processor in Pro! is
quite a bit different than the
existing versions of Express!. In
Pro!, there is no seperate "base name"
and "read function" prompts; they are
both the same.  In Pro!, you are
always shown 4 major things in the
command prompt.  For example:

(5/56+) General Base:

The above prompt is telling you the
following things:

o the "CURRENT" message is #5
o the total messages on this base are
o your read direction is FORWARD
o you are on the "General Base"

All of the commands in Pro! work on
the "current" message; using the above
example, pressing "a" for again would
re-show message number 5. Pressing
<return> would move you FORWARD one
message and display message number 6.

Pro! has no "quickscan" command built
in because it doesn't need one.  The
board is intelligent enough to know
where it needs to take you; in other
words, just pressing <return> will do
an "automatic quickscan".

Here's how it works:  when you log on
and press "M" to enter the message
bases, Pro will automatically take you
to the first message base that
contains new messages to you.

Not only that, but whenever you enter
a new message base, Pro will also
always position you so that pressing
<return> will display the first new
message for you. This, in conjunction
with the "/" command (which takes you
to the next message base with new
messages) provides an automatic, easy-
to-use quickscan.

The "thread" commands in Pro work much
like the ST version of Express!;
pressing "S" after reading a message
will show you the rest of the message
thread FROM THAT POINT DOWN. Pressing
"T" will take you to the TOP of the
thread; thereby showing all messages
in that thread.  After reading all of
a thread (or, if you "Q"uit out of
it), you will be returned with the
original message that started it all
as the "current" message.

There is also no special "title scan"
command in Pro; this is accomplished
through the use of the "V"erbose
toggle.  If Verbose mode is on, you
will be shown the message header AND
the message body; if Verbose mode is
off, then you will only see the
message title.  If you are in non-
verbose mode and see a message that
you would like to read, simply hit "a"
for "again" and you will be shown the
message in verbose format.

All other commands are pretty straight
-forward; +/- (or F/B) will set your
direction to forward or backward; R
allows you to reply to a message; P
allows you to post a new message. You
can edit a message you wrote by using
the E command, and deleting of
messages you wrote is done with the
"D" command.

You can jump around the base using the
"J" or "G" commands.  If you were on
message number 5 and wanted to delete
msg #45, you would do: "G <cr> 45 <cr>
D <cr>"

While posting a message in a base, the
message editor is almost identical to
the current 8-bit version with one
exception.  That is that the current
versions will prompt you for a
starting and an ending line number for
most commands (ie: list, delete, etc).

Pro works differently in that you key
in either one number or two numbers as
a range.  For example, if you hit
"/L", Pro will respond with:

[10] Edit: List _

the [10] says that there are 10 lines
entered so far; Pro then waits for you
to key in one or two numbers. For
example, "4 <cr>" would list only line
4;  "4,9" (or "4 9" or "4-9") would
list lines 4 through 9 ("4-99" would
accomplish the same thing).

All other functions are basically
identical to the current versions of

Pro gives you the ability to edit a
message (only if you wrote it) AFTER
it has already been saved, or even
during a subsequent call to the BBS.
This is very convenient when you read
a message that you wrote and you
either made an error or you say to
yourself; "That isn't what I meant to
File Section
If you have called ST Express! boards,
then you will feel right at home with
Pro's file browsing functions.

Pressing "B" will do a browse of the
files with full descriptions.

Pressing "C" will catalog the files;
that is, a short listing with no
descriptions.  From the catalog
command, you can download/read files
by pressing D or R, and then entering
the letter that appears next to the

That's all there is to it!

B - Browse files with full

C - Catalog files 

U - Upload a file

= - Goto another file SIG

X - Exit file processor

? - This menu
Sysop Area
Since Pro is much more powerful than
anything else on the market today, I
thought that you sysops or 'would be' 
Sysops might like to see some of the
power 'behind the scene'. From these
commands, you can completely maintain
the BBS without ever having to take
the system down to perform maintenance
or prepare files for the system.

Keep in mind that the following
commands are ALL contained within the
BBS and are NOT Dos commands.
Therefore, you have all of these
commands at your disposal, many of
which are not even in Sparta Dos. In
addition to these, you can write and
run your own Commands also.

 |     BBS Express! Professional     |
 |           Dos Shell Menu          |
 |     Orion Micro Systems(1988)     |
 |         Directory Commands        |
 |                                   |
 |  [ ] denotes Optional Parameter   |
 |                                   |
 | Dx:             - Change Drive    |
 | Dir   [Dx:]     - Long Dir.       |
 | Dirs  [Dx:]     - Short Dir.      |
 | PDir  [Dx:]     - Print Long Dir  |
 | PDirs [Dx:]     - Print Short Dir |
 | Credir Path     - Create Dir.     |
 | Deldir Path     - Delete Dir.     |
 | CWD    Path     - Change Dir.     |
 | Count [Path]    - Count Files     |
 |                                   |
 |           File Commands           |
 |                                   |
 | Erase  Dx:Fname - Delete File     |
 | Delete Dx:Fname - Delete File     |
 | Rename Dx:Fname - Rename File     |
 | Type   Dx:Fname - View File       |
 | View   Dx:Fname - View File       |
 | Copy   Src Dest - Copy File       |
 | Print  Dx:Fname - Print File      |
 | Lock   Dx:Fname - Lock File       |
 | UnLock Dx:Fname - Unlock File     |
 |                                   |
 |           Disk Commands           |
 |                                   |
 | ChkDsk   [Dx:]  - Disk Statistics |
 | Protect   Dx:   - Protect Disk    |
 | Unprotect Dx:   - Unprotect Disk  |
 |                                   |
 |           Misc.Commands           |
 |                                   |
 | To Run A .CMD file, simply key    |
 |  the filename to run.             |
 |  I.E.Ueditor  - To Run User Editor|
 |      Editfile - To Run File Editor|
 |                                   |
 | Settime       - To Set Time       |
 | Setdate       - To Set Date       |
 |                                   |
 | Chat [On/Off] - Turn Chat On/Off  |
 |                 or Display Current|
 |                 Setting           |
 |                                   |
 | ShutDown      - Shutdown BBS      |
 |                                   |
 | Help or ?     - Help Menu         |
 | Exit or X     - Exit Sysop Mode   |
 |                                   |

An example of one of the more unique
commands is 'SHUTDOWN'. When you run
this command...


Pressing [Y] Will Shutdown The System
Until A Key Is Pressed From The Local

       Do You Want To ShutDown? y
     Last Chance. Are You Sure? y

     System Is SHUTDOWN...

               *  *  *

This is great for a remote Sysop or if
you are at work and a storm comes up; 
simply call your board from the office
and shut it down remotely.

Not shown above is the 'Event
Scheduler'.  You can program up to 20
different 'events' to take place
automatically, each at a prescribed
time.  For example, you could set your
BBS to back itself up at a set time
each day or save the Ramdisk at
another time.

One of the most exciting possibilites
of the Scheduler would be have your
board go offline and call other boards
in the wee hours of the morning and
upload and download certain message
bases or files and place them on your
board.  Yes, we are talking about
Networking here, and it is going to be
available with BBS Express! Pro.

Those of you that are already familiar
with the User Editor of Express and
how the User Log functions, simply
will not believe the options at your
disposal with Pro.  The parameters for
every user can now be set
individually.  Your flexibility here
is virtually unlimited.

Another powerful feature is the
ability to use the Message Base Editor
for writing and editing system files
such as bulletins, text files, menus,
etc. You have all of the Editor
commands at your disposal.

The above is merely a brief look at
the some of the power of Pro with much
more than there is room for here with
more to come.....after all, this is
just the first version.
Message Bases
Go To Base #1

There are 4 messages: New messages

(0/4+) Bits and Bytes: 

Message: 1 (#98)
  Title: Bits and Bytes
 Author: Sysop*Jerry
     To: All
 Posted:  at 
Replies: 0

This message base is designed to be a
general type base for whatever you
might want to discuss or ask others
questions about.

This would be the place to talk about
current events, ask others for
information, most anything whether
computer related or not.

This is your area, so feel free to use
it as long as messages are not
offensive or abusive to others.

(1/4+) Bits and Bytes: ?

       Message Base Commands 
   A - Show message again
   B - Set direction backward
   D - Delete current message
   E - Edit current message
   F - Set direction forward
   G - Goto a specific message
   J - Same as "G"
   L - Lock current message
   M - Statistics on this base
   N - Position at first new message
   P - Post a new message
   Q - Quit reading this thread
   R - Reply to current message
   S - See replies to this message
   T - Read thread (from TOP)  
   U - Unlock current message
   V - Verbose mode toggle
   X - Exit message processor
   / - Goto next base w/ new msgs
   = - Goto another message base
   @ - Mark base for scan (toggle)

(1/4+) Bits and Bytes: m

    Message Base Statistics

 Current active message    : 1
 Current number of messages: 4
 Total messages posted here: 7
 Maximum messages allowed  : 60
 Total locked messages     : 0

(1/4+) Bits and Bytes: =

Go To Base #2

There are 1 messages: New messages

(0/1+) TeleCommunications: b
File Descriptions
Enter which file area (0 = List)? 0

1. Games
2. Utilities
3. Applications
4. Education
5. Music
6. Communications
7. Crider Synthesizer
8. AMS Music
9. Movie Maker
10. Graphics/Demos
11. Koala Pictures
12. Print Shop
13. BBS Utilities
14. Miscellaneous
15. Atari ST
16. Private

Enter which file area (0 = List)? 6

[6] Communications: ?

         | File Commands |

B - Browse files with full

C - Catalog files 

U - Upload a file

= - Goto another file SIG

X - Exit file processor

? - This menu

[6] Communications: b

Enter filemask to search on (Return 
for '*.*'): 

   SX212COM OBJ   3328  3-09-88  6:40p

Use this program with the new SX212
modem and 850 Express. Place Express
on a disk named EXPRESS.850 and run
this program which will in turn load

 [D]ownload  [R]ead      [E]dit Desc
 [A]gain     [C]ontinue  [Q]uit: c

   EXP850V3 OBJ  32157  3-09-88  6:40p

This Keith Ledbetter's 850 Express
version 3.0.

 [D]ownload  [R]ead      [E]dit Desc
 [A]gain     [C]ontinue  [Q]uit: q

End of files...
ZMagazine (DataBase Area)

     [1] Read current issue

     [2] Read last week's issue

     ZMazagine is published the
     first of every week. It is
     usually online by Tuesday.

Select Issue to Read  

[12 Min] Command: 
Userlog Search
         [* User Log Search *]

       [1] List All Active Users 
       [2] Search By User Handle 
       [3] Search By User City/St
       [4] Search By User Cpu    
            <Return> To Exit

    Enter Selection ==> 3

   Enter Partial <CITY/ST> for Search

    ==> nj

   Handle: Carlos Hernandez
 Computer: 576K 130XE
Last Call: Sun  6-Mar-88

   Handle: Ron Kovacs
     City: MIDDLESEX, NJ
 Computer: Atari 130XE
Last Call: Tue  8-Mar-88

  (2) Match(s) Found

[15 Min] Command: 
You are logged on the very first live
BBS Express! Professional test of the
newest member of the Express family.
It is anticipated that this version of
the BBS will be available after about
2 months of solid beta testing. Stay
tuned here for progress reports.

The 850 version of BBS Express is
currently shipping. It supports Hayes/
Compatibles modems at 300/1200/2400

Also available is the Atari 1030/301/
835 modem version. Both versions look
and operate identical. The program is
written in ACTION! and provided in a
run-time format (ACTION! cart not

Listed below are some of the features
of BBS Express! 

<*> The board NEVER crashes

<*> All message bases are pre-
    allocated so no message base
    "compaction" is required.

<*> The system automatically deletes
    "old" messages, without any sysop
    intervention required.

<*> The sysop can control the maximum
    number of messages by msg base, as
    well as the maximum size of each
    msg by base (ie: base 1 could have
    messages up to 1400 bytes in
    length while base 2 could have
    only 500 bytes per message).

<*> Up to 25 message bases, with up to
    75 messages per base.

<*> A base FULL with 75 messages can
    be loaded in under 2 seconds.

<*> 0 - 8 security level by message

<*> 0-8 security level for download

<*> The best message editor available!

<*> Multi-level libraries (databases)

<*> 255 key input buffer.

<*> Sysop has access to all variables
    in your TEXT files and menus!  For
    example, here is a file that you
    can make using these variables:

Hello, Ron Kovacs!

How Are Things In Middlesex, NJ?

You Are Caller #24462.

Today's Date: Sat 12-Mar-88.
Current Time:  7:01:46pm.

  Your Time On Today: 0 Mins.
Time Limit For Today: 90 Mins.

Hi Message In System: 151.
You have been connected: 15 Min.

<*>Supports ATASCII only or ATASCII
   and ASCII callers.

<*>Use with or without a printer.

<*>The following SYSOP commands while
   the user is on-line:
 * Change a user's security level
 * Change a user's time limit
 * Do any XIO command to delete files,
   format disks, etc.
 * Turn CHAT mode on or off.
 * Hang up any user immediately.
 * Copy From/To any device
 * Read any system file
Plus many more features than there is
room to list.

If you would like to order this great
program, please send $39.95 + $4.00
shipping/handling (check or money
order) to:

       Orion Micro Systems
       2211 Planters Row Drive
       Midlothian, VA 23113

Virginia residents whould add 4% sales

Be sure to specify which version you
are ordering: 1030/301 or 850 version.

If you run the BBS with a 1030 modem,
you will need a "ring detector" also
which is very easy to make for less
than $10 in parts.
Express Professional!
by Keith Ledbetter

Since everyone seems to be asking me
all the time what the new version of
BBS Express! is going to be like, I
thought I'd throw together a little
overview of the new system. 

First, let's talk about the upgrade.
This upgrade is for the *850 VERSION*
of the BBS first, and is being called
'BBS Express! Professional'. This
version is targeted at the serious,
big-system SysOp. Also, this upgrade
will ONLY run on SpartaDOS 3.2x or
greater. TDLINE and ZHAND must be
installed. This means that the RTime 8
is fully supported (along with
SpartaDOS's 'internal' software clock
if you don't have an RTime 8

What do I mean by 'big-system'? Well,
the MOST important thing with BBS
Express! professional is that you have
a RAMDISK, since every command (and I
mean *EVERY* command -- even ASCII/
ATASCII toggle!) is an 'external
command', and must be loaded from a
disk. Without a RAMdisk or a Hard Disk
to load these commands from, the BBS
is going to be painfully slow (you
might be able to survive with a US
Doubler'ed 1050 in high speed). With a
ramdisk or Hard Disk, all commands
load almost instantaneously. Now,
don't get me wrong -- you don't HAVE
to have a large ramdisk or a Hard Disk
to run BBS Express! Pro, but it is
highly recommended because of slow
floppy disk access times. 

BBS Express! Pro is written in 100%
machine language. The main 'shell' of
the BBS sits in memory from $3000 -
$6000. This shell contains common
routines that are accessed a lot by
the external, chained programs (such
as the routines to display strings to
the modem, get input from the modem,
view text files, etc). Also, there are
system vectors that you machine-
language-programming sysops can use to
access these shell commands to easily
and quickly write your own commands! 

All of the 'external commands' (such
as the message base processor, the
call-for-sysop command, the browse
downloads command, etc) are loaded
into memory at $6000 when they are
needed. The beauty in this type of a
system is that we are now no longer
limited by the machine's memory space.
Each external command can be up to 16K
in length (larger than just about any
DOS you'll ever run!). 

The BBS is currently in Beta Test on
MOUSE BBS, the original Express BBS
site in Indiana 219-674-9288) and
hopefully a long BETA-test period will
not be needed... (you haven't really
lived until you write a fully threaded
message base processor in machine
language! yuk!). Another nice feature
of the 'modularized layout' is that if
there happens to be a bug in one of
the external commands, only THAT
command has to be changed. This sure
makes it convenient for putting
updated or modified commands in the
download section of the support BBS. 

OK, enough of this garbage, you say?
You want to know what it CAN DO!?!?
Well, here's a list of the currently
in and proposed functions. Don't hold 
me to all of these; like I said, some
are currently in, and others in this
list are pure blue-sky and may not be
out in the INITIAL release. But, then
again, they can easily be written
later as modules, put on the support
BBS, and be downloaded by you. You
would then just add the letter of the
command to invoke the new module to
your 'command table definition', and
you now have a new command! 

The ones marked below with an '*' will
DEFINITELY be in the initial release.
Those marked with an '-' are planned
to be initially released or be
available for download sometime after
the initial release. 

* 40 and 80 column support, along with
  seperate ATASCII/ASCII menu file

* 300/1200/2400/9600 baud support. The
  9600 is really sort of a fluke, but
  it's there anyway. If ANYONE ever
  tells you that their 8-bit Atari
  program can support full 9600 baud,
  you tell them that I said they are
  full of....well, never mind. 

* Fully threaded message bases (see
  replies, reply, follow thread, etc).

* You can edit messages you previously

- Certain messages can be 'locked' by
  the SysOp so that they will not be
  deleted by the 'automatic deletion'
  portion of the message base

* Up to 32 different message bases,
  each one having up to 250 4000-byte

* File browsing by the mask you enter
  (such as '*.*' or '*.COM', etc).
  Identical to the ST version of the

* More download files??? How about
  516,128 possible download files?
  That should make even Mr. Z happy!
  The BBS has 32 possible 'file SIG
  areas', each one allowing up to
  16,129 files!! 

* Download files now use the entire 8
  character name and 3 char extender.

* Full file descriptions on each
  download file. Each file can have a
  description of up to 240 characters.

* Standard XModem, CRC XModem, and 
  YModem support.

* FULL on-line user editor that can be
  accessed either from on-line or from
  the 'waiting for call' screen. 

* Each user has 320 'security flags'
  that you can turn on or off to
  control virtually every action they
  can take. These flags control such
  things as 'Which message bases can
  this user READ' 'Which message bases
  can this user POST on' 'Which file
  areas can this user access'

Incredibly easy to set up a user to
have full sysop levels on one message
base, but absolutely NO power on any
other. Great for assigning co-sysops
to different areas of your BBS. 

- Up to 32 trackable surveys, each one
  having an unlimited (only by disk
  space) number of questions.

* Fully functional 'DOS Command' area
  that allows the following commands
  (available from on-line or waiting
  -for-call screen): 

DIR - disk directory
ERASE - erase file(s)
CHAT - turn chat mode on/off
CREDIR - create a subdirectory
DELDIR - delete a subdirectory
CWD - change working directory
LOCK - lock a diskette 
UNLOCK - unlock a diskette
PROTECT - protect a file
UNPROTECT - unprotect a file
AINIT - initialize (atari format)
CHKDSK - display disk statistics
TYPE - view a text file 
?DIR - display current default
UPLOADS - browse/validate new uploads
COPY - copy file(s)
RENAME - rename file(s)
TIME - set time
DATE - set date 

- The following available from the
  'Waiting for Call' screen: 

 * Full user editor
 * Enter DOS commands
 * Browse / Validate new Upload Files
 * Toggle chat mode on/off
 * 5 different 'logon' modes 
 * Exit to DOS
 - Display today's call log
 - Print / Delete today's call log
 - Terminal program
 - Change SYSDATA file definitions 

There are probably tons more things
that I can't remember right now. I'm
really excited about this version of
the BBS because it is EXPANDABLE.
Probably the best comparison I can
think of is SpartaDOS; almost every
command there is external. If you want
a new command, you just put a new .COM
file on your disk, right? Well, that's
basically it with BBS Express! Pro,
too. You put the new .CMD file on the
drive, change your Command Table
Definition to say something like 'key
'Z' will invoke the command file
ADVENTUR.CMD', and that's all there is
to it (there can be up to 35 different
commands invoked from the main
Command: prompt). 

Also, since there is no PROMPT.OBJ
file in BBS Express! Pro, most of the
source code for the external BBS
commands will provided on the disk (in
MAC/65 format). Should be no problem
for you (or someone you know) to
customize prompts to your liking. 

Have you got some other ideas you'd
like to see included? Well, logon to
Midnight Express! and leave a message
in the 'registered owners' section and
I'll be sure to put them on the

Now, about the time-tables...when??
Well, that's really hard to say. This
BBS version is a MAJOR undertaking,
and you all know how I feel about
letting products out the door too soon
(not to mention that it's being
written only in my 'spare' time,
whatever that is). There's nothing I
hate more than a program being
released with bugs in it. I think a
reasonable date to shoot for would be
around the first of next year. So,
those of you who are getting a little
upset with some of the limits of the
current version (especially the
limited number of download files) --
stay with us just a little bit longer.

On a closing note I'd like to say
'thanks' to all of you who have
supported both myself and Orion Micro
Systems in the past by purchasing our
BBS program. You have helped us prove
that there is STILL some money to be
made on the 8 bit Atari if you put out
good products at fair prices.

Take care, Keith Ledbetter 

Stay tuned on MOUSE BBS (219-674-9288)
for full Beta Testing of this great
program.  This is where you will see
it all take place and we will keep you
updated on the progress and future
release dates.

               Jerry Burke - SysOp
Express Profesional Pre-Order Form
The following text should be extracted
and printed out to printer. This text
has been formated to 80 column.

cut here
                     BBS Express! Professional V1.0
                      (c) 1988 Orion Micro Systems
                       Midlothian, Virginia 23113

                  >> Express! PRO Preorder Announcement <<
Preorders are now being accepted for BBS Express! Professional. Current
release target date is April 18th,1988. All preorders will receive first
priority when shipping begins.
System Requirements:
  o  Atari 800XL or 130XE
  o  Sparta Dos 3.2 or greater
  o  Hard Drive Recommended
     or min: large ramdisk
Retail Price:
  $49.95 plus $4.00 ship/handling
Upgrade Price:
  $29.95 Plus $4.00 ship/handling plus one of the following:

[1] A Xerox copy of the original 850 or 1030 disk label bearing your
    registered serial number.

[2] Your original 850 or 1030 Express! master disk.

[ NOTE: Only one upgrade per Serial Number]

Upgrade Orders received without meeting one of these upgrade requirements
will be returned.
Additional Preorder Bonus:

Preorders received prior to the April 18th release date may also purchase
a copy of HardBack, our Hard Disk/MIO Backup Utility for $10.00. HardBack
normally retails for $39.95. Orders received after the April 18th release
date can purchase HardBack for $20.00 if ordered at the same time as
BBS Express! PRO.
                       [This Offer Expires April 18,1988]
Send All Preorders To:    Orion Micro Systems
                         ATTN: PRO PREORDER
                         2211 Planters Row Drive
                         Midlothian,Virgina 23113
You may freely capture this notice and place it on your board and/or
upload it to other BBS Systems if you wish.
                                           Orion Micro Systems
Here's a handy order form for you to print and use with your preorder.

|ZMagazine Issue #97        Preorder Form                               |
|                                                                       |
|ATTN: Orion Micro Systems                                              |
|      ATTN: PRO PREORDER                                               |
|      2211 Planters Row Dr.                                            |
|      Midlothian,Virginia 23113                                        |
|                                                                       |
|    Qty        Description                                     Price   |
|    ---        ------------------                             -------  |
|    ___      BBS Express! PRO with HardBack...................$ 59.95  |
|                                                                       |
|    ___      BBS Express! PRO Only............................$ 49.95  |
|                                                                       |
|    ___      BBS Express! PRO Upgrade with HardBack...........$ 39.95  |
|                                                                       |
|    ___      BBS Express! PRO Upgrade Only....................$ 29.95  |
|                                                                       |
|                                                 Sub Total : $ ______  |
|                                                                       |
|                                     Add Shipping/Handling   $   4.00  |
|                                                                       |
|                                                     Total : $ ______  |
|                                                                       |
|Complete this section for upgrade price.                               |
| I Have Enclosed:                                                      |
|   ___ My Master Disk  SN __________ or ___ Xerox Copy Of Master Disk  |
|                                                                       |
|Rush My Order When Released To:                                        |
|          Name: ___________________________________________________    |
|                                                                       |
|         Addr: ____________________________________________________    |
|                                                                       |
|         City: _____________________ State: _____  Zipcode: _______    |
|                                                                       |
|         Country: ___________                                          |
|                                                                       |
|MOUSE ZMAG97            [ P l e a s e   P r i n t ]                    |
|Office Use Only:    Date Recv: ____/____/____    Recv By:_______       |
by Jerry Burke
Sysop of MOUSE BBS (219-674-9288)

Keith Ledbetter's latest member of the
Express family was put online at MOUSE
BBS which is the original beta test
site of the very first BBS Express
(remember the "1030 BBS Express!"). I
have tested that very first version of
the BBS, the 850 Express (the most
widely used terminal program for the
8-bit), ST BBS Express!, and now this
truely remarkable program.  Why do I
call it remarkable?  Because Keith has
managed to give this program the power
of the 16-bit program on an 8-bit.  It
has some features in it that even the
ST version does not have (yet).

If you are a Sysop and are looking for
POWER, here is your answer. Keith has
written his own Dos Shell that
contains all of the power of Sparta
Dos plus commands not even in Sparta
Dos. All of these can be used directly
from the BBS (remote or local) without
ever taking the board down. Of course,
you can set up much maintenance to be
performed automatically via the 20-
event programable scheduler and you
can just set back and watch it happen
or let many events take place in the
wee hours of the morning while you are
sound asleep.  This latter feature is
going to be the basis for the an
Express! Network which can be set up
locally or nation-wide.

Sysops will have the ability to run
other programs such as online games
from within the BBS.  If you are a M/L
programmer, you can write your own or
perhaps others will share their "works
of art" with other boards thru the
Network.  You don't know how to write
in M/L; well, how about in Action!.
Yes, the BBS can run those too.

Other features are virtually unlimited
file quantity and size for the big
systems, a 200 line online file editor
using all of the already familiar
Message Editor commands of BBS
Express, download files by regular
XModem, CRC, YModem, etc., download by
hitting a single letter (easier for
those of us that can't spelll) and of
course browse files with full
descriptions ala ST Express, complete
remote sysop functions which even
include shutting the system down
remotely - haven't figured out a way
to boot it up remotely yet, but give
Keith time and he will figure it out,
40 and 80 column ATASCII and ASCII
support, and many many more things
than space permits here.

The current schedule calls for the
release of this outstanding program by
mid-April.  Pre-orders are now being
accepted. If you want to see the
program in action, call MOUSE BBS at
219-674-9288 and see its power. There
is a special PRO message base
available for all "Visitors" and "New
Users" to read and just go to the "E"
(Express) menu and read about PRO and
other Express programs and capture the
order form if you want to be the first
in your area to run the BEST BBS
available today. (Eat your heart out

Hope to see you online soon and let's
hear your reactions, comments, or
ZMagazine 97            March 14, 1988
(c)1988 SPC/Ron Kovacs
BBS Express! Pro (c)1988 Orion/Ledbet.

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