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From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Z*Magazine: 21-Aug-87 #67
Date: Sat Jul 17 08:29:33 1993

ZMAGAZINE 67  ////////////////////////
August 21, 1987      (c)1987 Syndicate
Publisher/Editor in Cheif: Ron Kovacs
Assistant Publishers:
       Ken Kirchner
       Susan Perry
       Rich Decowski

This issue composed and edited on
Analog's TEDIT word processor.
This week...

<*> User Group Report
    ..By Mike Brown..

<*> PCP Pursuit, More for free?
    ..By Mr. Goodprobe..

<*> 65XE Upgrade Modification Part 1
    ..By Scott Peterson and
      Mr. Goodprobe..

<*> Zmag Newswire
    ..Ctsy CIS Online Today

<*> Zmag Humor-
    Article supplied by Calamity Jane

<*> Zmag Comments
    ..From The CHAOS BBS..

<*> ZPRINT Revised
    ..By Ron Kovacs

  ________ By Mike Brown _________

This week we turn our attention to an
Atari User group that has been
serving the northeast Ohio area for
five years now, the Cuyahoga Valley
Atari Computer Club. This fine
organization has the distinction of
being the first group to submit
material for this column. I had hoped
to be able to attend one of their
meetings this month to give more of a
personal flavor to this report, but
unfortunately, things have been
hopping both at work and at home.

The CVACC have unique meetings, as
they are held twice a month (every
2nd and 4th Tuesday of each month),
and are held in a "fast food" place!
I am told that they have made special
standing reservations with the
Country Kitchen pancake house for
their meetings. In recent weeks the
decision has been made to alternate
presentations for ST and 8-bit
material between the two meetings, I
am not sure what week is which, so
you may want to call ahead if you
have a preference.

The CVACC publish a professional
quality newsletter called the
"Password". The sample issue that I
was sent contained 20 pages of mostly
original material submitted by club
members. There was very little
"filler" material from other
newsletters or other reprints. The
HAM radio influence comes through in
the membership, with a pair of
articles detailing the joys of WEFAX.
There is also an original article
probing deep into the mysteries of
bank switching techniques.

The current slate of officers are as

   Jim Stewart      President
   Don Crano        Vice President
   Jim Worley       Treasurer
   Gregg Roesner    Librarian
   Jeff Bradbury    Secretary
   Scott Hearne     Newsletter Editor
   Gene Kane        Newsletter Editor

For more information on CVACC, call
Jim Stewart at 216-753-5811 or show
up at the meeting at the Country
Kitchen, 614 Cuyahoga Falls Ave,
Akron, OH 2nd and 4th Tuesday of each
month at 7:30PM

User group members! Please send
information on your group if you wish
to appear in the PROFILE! The address
M. Brown
268 E. Fourth
Box 32, Ashland, OH, 44805

or upload text to:
The Balloon Works BBS 419-289-8392.
Zmag Info Network BBS 201-968-8148.

Recently there has been an influx of
information regarding PC Pursuit that
has finally reached the Atari user. I
wish to correct one common
misconception I have seen time and
time again on bulletin boards across
this fine land of ours regarding this
service, and then proceed to
demonstrate how you can expand the
areas PC Pursuit presently covers
legally and at absolutely NO extra

Numerous messages I have seen, and
even some out-dated text files which
contain information on the money
saving network called PC Pursuit lead
the user to believe that there is in
effect, a one hour time limit on phone
calls made to the area code of your
choice. This is at present absolutely
inaccurate, for the only real time
limit one has on this phenomenal
service is the hours which are from
6p-7a on the weekdays, and 24 hours on
Saturday, Sunday and several holidays.

I, as well as many other Atari/
PCPursuit users can attest we enjoy on
the weekend seeing our timers that
inform us of the length of our modem
visits roll over the 10 hour mark..
imagine if we were using a normal long
distance service! And quite honestly,
when you stop to think about it, the
fact that the charge for this service
is only $25 a month means that the
young "hackers" that persist in using
illegal codes and the like are not
only committing a crime, but also
lacking sense as this is a very small
charge to be legal and avoid the
severe penalties they could and will
receive if they are ever caught.  I
would urge them to consider the MANY
benefits of PC Pursuit, and they may
in turn be surprised at how easy it is
to convince their parents of the
assets of belonging to such a

Now, how a modem user can ever wear
out 25 jam packed area codes I will
never know, but how would you like to
be able to add 3 more heavily
populated area codes to your bulging
list! Does the  thought of 50 more
Atari 8 and 16 bit bulletin boards
tickle your fancy?

Heres the scoop:

1. While in the 212 area code (NYC),
   you can access the 718 area code,
   which is right next door by dialing
   as follows:


At the HELLO, I'M READY prompt

At the NUMBER? prompt type:

1 718 numbers

If you are fortunate the bulletin
board you are calling will not be busy
and you will connect as usual. The
reason you and I can do this is
because of the vast amount of people
living in the New York City vicinity,
the phone company decided to break it
into separate area codes to help with
billing procedures. Not all 718 area
code numbers are available through
this method, but a very large portion
are and stand awaiting your call!

Another fine area code is the
Washington, D.C area code which is
202. Another quirk allows you to be
able to dial the 301 (Maryland) and
703 (Northern Virginia) areas from
this access port. You need to do
nothing differently than you are
presently accustomed to in order to be
able to dial the 301 and 703 area
codes while connected to the 202 area
code. Merely dial the BBS number of
your choice as if you were calling the
202 area code itself, and many more
fine bulletin boards will unfold
before your awaiting eyes!

And please, while you are on these
systems, make it your practice to
leave a message or two to help promote
healthy discussions which are so vital
to the thriving and in fact survival
of these fine computer bulletin board

Enjoy! And don't stay up to late
calling all these new boards!

-Mr. Goodprobe-
Xx 65XE-130XE  320K Upgrade
Part 1 of 3
[Ed. I have broken this text into a 3
 part series. After the completion of
 the run, We will make this file
 available on the BBS.]

By Scott Peterson
Copyright(c) July 1987
released to the public.
Documentation and kit orientated
layout by Mr. Goodprobe

As we proceed with this fine endeavor
in kit building, I would first like
to thank those folk who first inspired
this upgrade. There were several users
on our board in Ohio that inquired as
to the possibility of an upgrade for
their Atari 65xe computer. Several
folk had indeed said that such a thing
was not possible, but I decided to
check out this request and see if
something could be done. Well, a few
calls were made, the right people were
contacted, (great job Scott!), and
here it is! The reason I am taking the
time to mention this is for this

The only way we can ever know what you
really want in the way of hardware is
to ASK! A short time ago we read a
fine article here in Zmag that told us
of the inner workings of the company
called ICD. They disclosed to us that
the inspiration for their MIO came
from you the user sending them ideas
of what you would like to see, and the
same is the case with this 65xe
upgrade! If there is something else
you would like to see, please send
those notions to us here at Zmag, and
we will genuinely attempt to bring it
to pass!  Great hardware is derived
from sincere questions!

I have written the following
documentation in such a manner that
you can use it to help you keep track
of your progress as you assemble this
memory enhancement. Simply place a
check in the space provided as you
proceed. This will allow you to
readily follow your progress, and pick
back up where you left off if you
should have to stop.

Once you have finished this upgrade
you will then have in your possession
an Atari 65XE with 320K of total ram.
This is broken down into chunks of 64K
of standard ram, and 265K of page
mapped ram. This upgrade Scott tells
us this is 100% compatible with his
previous 130XE/320K upgrade and
therefore will run all programs that
his earlier enhancement ran.

The equipment you will need is:

A: A medium sized Phillips head

B: A very small jeweler's screwdriver
   with flat blade.

C: Soldering wick (recommend Chem-Wik
   .100 inch size), or vacuum
   desoldering pump.

D: Soldering station (like Weller
   model WTCP), or LOW wattage
   soldering pencil of the 15-25 watt

E: Small pair of needle-nosed pliers.

F: #30 gauge wire (Jameco #130 BE)

G: Wire stripping tool for #30 gauge
   wire ("Clip and Strip" Jameco

H: Heat shrink tubing or black
   electrical tape (tubing

I. Small pair of wire snippers.

J: Optional: Small carpet sample or

The parts you will need are:

A: Z1--> 74LS158

B: Z2--> CO25953
           (Custom chip by Atari)

C: Z3-Z10--> 256K Ram chips..
   #41256-150 (8 required)

D: R1,R2---> 33 ohm 1/4 watt
   resistors (2 required)

Before we supply the instructions for
this upgrade modification, we will
give you the opportunity to retreive
the tools and parts required. If you
aren't interested in performing this
upgrade, please stand by till next
week for more.

Next week in Zmag, We will list
the instructions for this hardware
News from CompuServe's Online Today!


The Copyright Office is confused about
whether it should register computer
screen displays and they want to hear
from you.  They'll hold public
hearings at the Library of Congress,
in Washington, D.C., on Sept. 9th.
Written comments are also invited.

Officials hope to determine whether
they should register screen displays
separately from the computer programs
that generate them.  The Copyright
Office particularly invites comment
from, or participation by, computer
programming experts and professors of
law and computer science.

The Copyright Office is seeking an
administrative solution that will
protect the rights of programmers
until the question is resolved by the
courts or by Congress.  Further, the
courts may consider the actions of the
Copyright Office in deciding cases
presenting this issue in the future.
This is an excellent opportunity,
especially for professional
programmers, to help shape a solution
to a very complicated problem."

Those who wish to testify should call
the Copyright Office at 202/287-8380
prior to August 28th.  If you want to
mail your comments in without the
bother of testifying in person, then
mail 10 copies of your written
statements by October 9 to:

Library of Congress
Department 100
Wash., D.C. 20540.

Activision is "back on the comeback
trail," the software publisher's new
president/CEO told his shareholders
this week at a meeting in Palo Alto,

The company last month announced its
first quarterly profit in four years,
and "most of our markets are strong,"
President/CEO Bruce L. Davis said,
according to The Associated Press.
"Industry sales of consumer software
are up substantially and the demand
for video games ... is up by more
than 100 percent."

Davis, who last month was named to
replace James H. Levy in the top seat,
told his investors that company plans
to launch a joint promotional campaign
with Sports Illustrated next month to,
says AP, "cross merchandise the
Gamestar label's sports simulation
software with a subscription drive."

Davis, who said the firm also has
signed with Micro Illusions to sell
its arcade/fantasy role-playing/"home
enrichment" titles, said, "Our
greatest challenge is to grow in a
measured way that does not overtax the
organization as the restructuring
activities continue."

In Phoenix, a new non-profit system
called the AIDS Information Database
Inc. has been organized to provide the
public and health professionals with
comprehensive information and sources
on Acquired Immune Deficiency

The operators say they are seeking
information from organizations,
physicians, researchers, governmental
agencies, medical clinics and the
private sector involved with assisting
victims and aiding in stopping the
disease. The data is to be
categorized, stored and made available
upon request to the public and
professional community worldwide at no

Anyone interested in current
information regarding AIDS research
and development may send a written
request to:

AIDS Information Database Inc.
16810 E. Avenue of the Fountains
P.O. Box 17509
Fountain Hills, AZ 85268.
  (Supplied by: Zmag Correspondent-
   Calamity Jane of ST-Report)

Article written by Scott Andersen...
At first it was just rumors. I'm sure
you've heard some of them. Mergers and
/or joint ventures. Atari and AT&T.
Atari and Teledyne. Atari and
whomever. But this one is confirmed.
I saw the proof at last months
outdoors exposition.

Atari is involved in a joint venture
with Coleman Western, the outdoor
products giant. The offspring of this
marriage is the Coleman Camp Computer,
hereafter known as the CCC.

It was on display in one corner of the
Coleman booth at the outdoor show,
with an Atari rep in attendance to
demo the machine. It is quite a
machine. Its most impressive feature
is its ability to function without a
power supply; the CCC uses white gas
(Coleman Fuel) like so many other
Coleman appliances. After filling the
tank with fuel and pressurizing the
system by hand pumping, you start up
by firing the pilot/burner. The gas
flame heats a sealed fluid system
which powers a micro turbine
generator. This in conjunction with a
regulator provides all the voltage you
need to power the CCC and all of its
peripherals. The CCC is a 128K machine
that utilizes the 6502 processor.

It has a new O.S. that is completely
compatible with all Atari and third
party software. Two built-in languages
are switched on or off via a three way
rocker switch, they are Basic (of
course) and Action. Atari apparently
had a large quantity of 400 keyboards
that they decided to use up on the
CCC. While being a pain to type on,
the use of the membrane keyboard is
understandable on a product that can
be left out in the rain. Yes, the CCC
is completely weatherproof. Rubber
doors cover the 4 joystick ports, the
I/O port, the serial/expansion bus,
and the built-in disk drive and modem.
The disk drive is a half height 5-1/4"
that uses single or enhanced density.
The modem is something completely
different. It is said to be almost
Hayes compatible, the exception being
that it can't answer. This is
understandable, you have no phone
number. At the end of the 25 foot
modem cable is a special induction
device that you merely clamp over any
phone cable. No pins, no plugs, no
muss, no fuss. The device can only
originate calls, but it can do it
anywhere there is a telephone line, be
it the backwoods or your back yard.

All this and 1200 Baud too. When you
lift the cover on the CCC you'll see
the best feature of all. The 9" Hi-Res
LCD color monitor has a true 80 column
screen that is compatible with most
available software. If not, a rubber
toggle switch will get you back to 40
column at any time. In either mode the
characters are sharp and crisp and
easy to read. All this and only 14.4
pounds. But if that seems too heavy
for you backpackers, the fuel tank/
pump/burner/stand assembly can be

The remaining unit, at 8.3 pounds, can
be used at any campsite simply by
setting it on the campfire. Included
in the $450 price are three new pieces
of software.

The first, "Campcalc", is a wilderness
management program. The second,
"Camp-Talk", synthesizes bird and
animal calls. The third is a graphics
masterpiece. It is a Conestoga Wagon
simulator called "Yerass". No more
boring evenings around the campfire.

Coleman Camping Computer Update

Yes, since announced in the June 1986
issue of Mile High Magazine, Coleman
products, has barely been able to keep
up with the orders for the Coleman
Camping Computer, let alone develop
any new enhancements for the popular
system. Due to some heat disipation
problems, the Camp Fire power system,
has been dropped, in favor of a new
system using 3 6foot solar panels,
generating enough heat to move a small
turbin, which in turn is hooked to a

This seems to be a much safer system,
then the camp fire unit, and is ready
to ship as of this writing. Estimated
cost is a reasonable $1250 plus

Shipping due to size, must be arranged
by the purchaser, with local contacts
for hauling, setup and crane services.
Estimated weight is 2200 pounds.

Third Party Support!

Yes, with a great product like the
CCC, there is undoubtedly going to be
some inovative third party support.
DuckPuck Direct, Wholesalers for Idaho
has jumped on the CCC bandwagon with a
couple of new products. Their feature
product is a small nucular power
supply, much smaller in size and
weight then Colemans Solar system.
This amazing power source will be very
popular with the "way back in"
campers. True, a waste water source of
200 cubic feet per minute is
neccessary to prevent core meltdown.
And true, plutonium is some what of a
rare item,(though DuckPuck has
plutonium available in their new
catalog, and is rumored to be working
on a reactor that will be fueled by,
what else 'DuckPuck').

Side advantages of the Alternate power
source is that you can recover some of
the cost of the plutonium by selling
the additional unused mega-watts to
the local power company. The large
amount of heat generated is a definate
plus,for the Artic Campers. Included
is your very own lead lined camping
attire, sleeping bag, and water
purification system to assure that you
are not contamenated by the waste. ALL
in ALL an exciting package for the

DuckPuck has also announced some other
enhancements for the Coleman system.
These include:

For the Camp Talk Synthsis System.
Domestic Animal Data Disk! Wouldn't
Old McDonald be envious. For those of
you that live on a farm and would like
to have exciting conversations with
your horses, cows, pigs and chickens.
Requires version 26 of ODS (Out Door
Operating system.)

Exotic Bird Data Disk. Another fine
data disk for the Camp Talk Module,
This is for those of you planing a
trip down the Amazon and would like to
keep in touch with the local wildlife.
Another useful product from DuckPuck.

Also distributed by the amazing
DuckPuck Folks is Apuck74! Those of
you familar with the popular Amodem74
by our own Trent Dudley, will feel
right at home with Apuck74. As usual
Mr. Dudley did a fine job of porting
the powerful program over to ODS. One
nice enhancement added to this version
is optional core temp monitoring with
the DuckPuck Nucular power system.

Rumor has it that DuckPuck is working
on a Code name 'P' power enhancement
for the Backpacking users. An Inside
informer,claims the P stands for
potatoe, and is the main component
used in the new device.

For more Information on these, and
other outstanding  CCC  products

DuckPuck Direct
The Software Wholesalers for Idaho
P.U. Box 3 Duckpuck

Thanks to The Puget Sound Atari Users
for Inspiration in creating this

Scott Anderson is the current
President of STARFLEET Atari User
Group of Denver, Colorado.  This was
first printed in the MILE HIGH Atari
Magazine and I down loaded it from
SKYLINE BBS.  <Both of Denver>

Permission is granted to reprint, IF
proper credit is given to the above. 
The following text appeared on the
CHAOS BBS in response to a request
for comments on Zmagazine.

Msg#: 4160  Lines: 4  Times Read: 24
Sent: JULY 24,1987  AT 10:45 AM
Subj: ZMAG

Count me as a yes. I look foreward to
reading Zmag every week. But it does
help to have 1200 baud.   jkl

Msg#: 4162  Lines: 14  Times Read: 4
Sent: JULY 24,1987  AT 3:12 PM
Subj: zmag

To me it is TOO big of a file to 
download, I think it would be good to
have it broken up into the different 
sections on line...  8 bit news, 16
bit news, Reviews -- separated with
named on file, ie Starguider, 1stWord.
A lot of the Zmags can and could be
used as Reference materials. As John
Lewis said, 1200 baud is the only way
to get it.  How many people use 1200
baud?  They might look at it and say
no too many sectors, too much
downloading time! Just some thoughts!

Msg#: 4171  Lines: 3  Times Read: 20
Sent: JULY 26,1987  AT 6:05 PM
Subj: ZMAG

Another yes vote for keeping ZMAG

Msg#: 4180  Lines: 4  Times Read: 22
Sent: JULY 27,1987  AT 4:44 PM
Subj: zmag

Count me as a yes vote for keeping 
z-mag. I look forward to reading it 
weekly.      jkl

Msg#: 4183  Lines: 6  Times Read: 23
Sent: JULY 28,1987  AT 9:16 PM
Subj: zmag

I am a yes vote for Zmag as well.  I
am sure not to miss an issue.  Many
readers would appreciate access to
individual articles if you could do
it though.
     \\\\Stephen Brooks////
Xx ZPRINT Revised
I have taken the suggestions received
over the last few months and updated
ZPRINT2, to ZPRINT23. This new file
can now load a font and I added a
traps for possible errors. Available
on CompuServe and the BBS.

This week I received a rather long
list of questions about Oasis from
Chris Miller of East Lansing,
Michigan.  I am going to answer these
questions here in ZMAG so others will
get the benefit of this reply.

1. How many message bases does it

A> At present the Oasis BBS System
   allows for 8 public message bases
   plus a private e-mail base.  There
   is an update planned which will
   require only adding a module to the
   bbs which will allow it to have
   another 24 message bases.

2. How many active messages are

A> You are allowed to have up to 99
   active messages per message base.
   I have seen systems with message
   bases that allow unlimited numbers
   of messages, but also have over the
   past 3 years of running my board on
   the Oasis system noticed that very
   few new callers to the system will
   read through the present maximum of
   792 active messages.  They usually
   go to the main menu after reading
   though 40 or 50 messages anyway.

3. Are NEW message reads and REPLY as
well as PRIVATE messages supported in
the message system.

A> Yes there is a NEW message function
   in all public bases.  There is a
   REPLY option which can be toggled
   to reply either in the normal way
   or to send the REPLY to e-mail.
   This latter function is extremely
   useful if you have a for sale
   message base and some one wants to
   reply to a particular message it
   automatically flags the person who
   posted the message and has the
   e-mail waiting on him when he logs
   on. PRIVATE is a rather vague
   question, yes all e-mail is
   private, as well as the fact that
   OASIS also supports a security
   level in the message bases.  In the
   To: line if you start it with a
   number, say "5" as follows:


This message could be read only by
people on the system with a level of 5
or greater.  Anyone under this level
of course would not have the message

4. What DOS will work with Oasis?

A> There is only one DOS that Oasis
   will not run with and that is
   Sparta DOS ver. 1.1 for the 800.
   This BBS will run on all other
   popular DOS, such as DOS 2.0/2.5,
   MYDOS but was written to take
   advantage of Sparta DOS 3.2d.

5. Is it in BASIC or machine language?

A> Oasis was written with MAC/65.  But
   before you panic and say it can't
   be modified you really need to know
   that there are a tremendous number
   of options available, plus the fact
   that all text can be edited simply
   with a text editor. Also Oasis
   supports modules which run on
   numerous vectors into the main
   program.  This allows the Sysop to
   write virtually any feature he
   wants for this system, at present
   there are some 60 programs and
   modules already written to run with
   Oasis, saves you a lot of

Many sysops have told us that they
were surprised at how easy it was to
modify Oasis, and that they were
somewhat overwhelmed by the number of
options which are available in
configuring the system.  You don't
need to be an assembly programmer,
all you need to do is load a file
named SETUP.RES into your text editor
and read and make your selections from
the options available in this file.

6. What modems are supported by Oasis?

A> Oasis is only written for Hayes
   compatible modems.  This is due
   largely to the simple fact that
   there are so many high quality
   Hayes compatible modems now at
   relatively low prices a 300 baud
   only BBS doesn't seem practical.

7. Is it flexible in regards to having
different things on different disks in
different drives? (such as download
files and message bases)

A> Yes, of course you can spread
   download files over any drive you
   have on your system, from 1 up to
   drive 8. As to message bases, yes
   they can be spread over any
   combination of drives.  There are 8
   public bases and if you had 8
   drives you could place anyone of
   the bases on any one of the drives
   and of course the e-mail base can
   go anywhere you need it to be for
   disk space.

8. Does Oasis support a last caller

A> The answer to this one is yes.
   There is a seperate module that you
   can run if you wish which will not
   only display the last caller, but
   the last 18 callers on your system.

9. How does it support/make use of a
288k Atari 800, a Mosaic 64k 400, and
the 130xe ramdisk?

A> To put it simply if you have a
   RAMdisk handler that works with
   your DOS then Oasis will use that
   as it would any available drive
   space.  I know of a SysOp who is
   using an 800 with a 1 meg upgrade,
   so if you have the space you can
   use it...

10. Are the message bases self-

A> You can set the message bases to
   automatically compact or not. You
   can also set the max number of
   messages you want in a base before
   the base is compacted, a number
   anywhere from 1 to 99.

11. How many sectors make up the Oasis
BBS software?

A> This is a toughie!  The BBS program
   itself is 210 sectors long, and the
   size of the other files used
   depends on you.  If they are used
   as support files rather than
   ram-resident files then their size
   is limited only by your imagination
   and disk space.

12. Does it have an easy to use text
editor for the sysop?

A> No, not presently, however on our
   list of modules we will create is a
   simple text editor that the sysop
   will be able to use to write new
   bulletins and update menus etc.
   while online.

13. How are security levels organized?

A> You have virtual control over any
   and all functions on the system.
   Each function can be turned on or
   off.  Downloads have levels 0 thru
   9, and you have 2 sysop access

Whew!  Anyway, I hope these answers
help a bit.  The options available
with the Oasis BBS is virtually
unlimited.  Even though it is machine
language if you know how to use a text
editor you can easily reconfigure the
entire system to your needs, not just
alter text.

That's it for this week.  If you have
any questions about the Oasis BBS call
(316)-683-7514 running at 3/12/2400
baud 24 hours per day and leave a
message to the Sysop or write:

Leo Newman
3900 N Woodlawn #17 Chisholm
Wichita, KS 67220

and I will reply the next week in
ZMAG.  See ya next week...
Zmagazine 67           August 21, 1987
Please contribute.

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