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From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 10/21/94-02:48:30 PM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: News - Jul.93 - Sep.93
Date: Fri Oct 21 14:48:30 1994

 Time Capsule - News - Jul.93 - Sep.93

 News Subject Title                    Date Posted
 ------------------                    -----------
Special offers from DGS                Aug.03,1993
Atari Classics advertising info        Aug.17,1993
Atari Classics subscription info       Aug.17,1993
August AC                              Aug.17,1993
DGS update                             Sep.03,1993
News-Disk 13                           Sep.16,1993
Print-Filer and Taskmaster             Sep.18,1993
CodeHead Technologies announces Warp 9 3.80
All change for the News-Disk           Sep.24,1993
Jaguar Developer News                  Sep.24,1993
Atari appoints new director of marketing/advertising
Demo Maker from DGS                    Sep.30,1993
SDS announces The Atari Compendium     Sep.30,1993
DGS $20 BUNDLES                        Sep.30,1993


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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
>Newsgroups: freenet.sci.comp.atari.spec.8bit,
Subject: Special offers from DGS
Date: 3 Aug 1993 13:20:18 GMT



As you may know, DGS (my company) sells P.D. software for the Atari, as
well as developing and selling commercial software products. We have had
very little response from the US, so here's a special deal for Internet
users (or anybody who has read this message really!). We usually charge $4 per
PD disk for 1-9 disks, $3 for 10-19 disks, or $2.50 for 20+ disks.
There is also 10% (minimum $5) to add for shipping. But, here is
our special offer. For your first order, you can buy disks at just $2 a disk by
buying a minimum of 5 disks. If you buy 15 or more disks we'll even pay your
shipping charge!

All DGS PD disks are of the highest quality. 90% of them are double sided
at no extra cost to you. We currently have 166 disks to choose from.

DGS has a printed catalogue which you can get for $5 direct from us in the

For US orders, we accept payment in US$ in cash. Nothing could be easier!

If you want a catalogue then please send your $5 (in cash) to:


A catalogue will be sent to you via air mail straight away! Please make
sure you mention that you read this on the internet/newsnet etc. This
will qualify you for the special offer. BTW, it costs 50cents to send your
letter from the US to the UK.

If you have queries then e-mail direct to:
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari Classics advertising info
Date: 17 Aug 1993 15:18:04 GMT

 From: 71450.1050@CompuServe.COM (Lawrence Estep)

ATARI CLASSICS magazine Advertising Rates:
             Full page    $100     Half page    $ 50
             1/4  page    $ 25     1/8  page    $ 20
     Multiple insertion discount: - 10% when paid in advance.
     A template of ad sizes is available upon request.

Copy Deadlines: 12/93 issue - 10/5/93
                 2/94 issue - 12/5/93
     Payment must accompany all ad copy.  Please make checks payable to
Atari Classics.
     Please send ad copy and payment to:
            ATARI CLASSICS Magazine
            179 Sproul Road/Rt. 352
            Frazer, PA 19355
Advertisers will receive a free copy of the issue(s) that their ad appears in.
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari Classics subscription info
Date: 17 Aug 1993 15:18:20 GMT

 From: 71450.1050@CompuServe.COM (Lawrence Estep)

************************  A T A R I   C L A S S I C S  ************************
        "The Magazine For The Dedicated 8-Bit User"

Mailing address for Atari Classics subscriptions:
           179 Sproul Rd./Rt. 352
           Frazer, PA  19355
1 Year Subscription prices:

        USA                            $25/yr
        Canada (surface mail)          $30/yr
        Foreign (all) surface mail     $32/yr
        Europe/Mediterranean AIRmail   $38/yr
        Asia/Pacific area AIRmail      $40/yr
        AC Software Disk (global price)$ 9/yr
AC publishes on a bimonthly schedule.
Upcoming issues are scheduled for 8/93, 10/93, 12/93, 2/94, 4/94, and 6/94

The AC Software disk is a double-sided single-density "flippy" containing
all the type-in software published in the magazine plus selections from the
Public Domain.  It is produced and distributed 3 times/year, concurrently
with every other issue of the magazine.  The disk will be mailed separately.
Upcoming disks will be mailed 10/93, 2/94, and 6/94.
For those wishing to subscribe using a credit card, we take VISA & MasterCard!
Just fill out your credit card info on the subscription form.  PLEASE NOTE:
there is a $2 surcharge for credit card orders.  SORRY, TELEPHONE ORDERING NO
        If you so desire, you can send in a FREE AD with your subscription.
Personal ads up to 50 words in length are free to paid subscribers of AC.
See the "Swap 'n' Shop" column for rules pertaining to personal ads.

Thanks for your interest in Atari Classics magazine!
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: August AC
Date: 17 Aug 1993 15:18:37 GMT


This is to let AC readers know the status of the August issue.

The August AC is now finished, and the entire press run is in the hands of our
Publisher.  Under ordinary circumstances, the mailing would have already
commenced by now.

However, a postal audit is scheduled for August 17, and the entire August press
run must be held for examination by the postal authorities.  So the mailing will
be delayed until August 18 at the very earliest.

If this all sounds a bit mysterious, that's because the postal audit & all the
voodoo that goes with it are just part of the rituals the post office imposes
upon ANY publication that seeks to upgrade its mail service to 2nd Class.  I can
assure you, it has been a *tremendous* amount of work- & major headeaches- for
both me and our Publisher.  And it will probably result in a delay of our August
mailing.  So I'm going to ask all of AC's readers to be patient while I'm biting
my nails awaiting the outcome of next week's audit.

Supplications to appropriate deities, burnt sacrifices to the Postal Gods, or
prayers to the Great Cosmic Muffin in behalf of AC will be much appreciated at
this time.  Great labors were performed to prepare for this event, we have done
our very best, & now we await Judgement From On High.

I can only hope AC will withstand the rigors of the audit.

I also wish I was better at waiting...

        Managing Editor
        ATARI CLASSICS Magazine

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Mt. Pleasant, MI, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: DGS update
Date: 3 Sep 1993 16:02:13 GMT

D.G.S. Update

Well, it's been 9 weeks now since I formed DGS, so I thought I'd just post
an update to tell you what has happened since.

Grant - After visting my local Enterprise Agency I applied for a European
Community grant to help run DGS for the first year. After writing a very
long and detailed business plan, the EC awarded DGS a grant, which is worth
2470pounds over a 9 month period. This is currently keeping DGS alive. Many
thanks to the EC!

Sales - sales have been very very dissapointing so far. I am barely making
enough to cover advertising costs, and other costs associated with running a
business that many people just don't think of, like printing costs,
professional fees (accountant, etc.), stationary, telephone, etc. The only
way I can keep DGS alive and kicking is for an increase in orders. I mainly
sell within the UK, but I also sell to other countries as well. I am not
allowed to sell PPP products outside the UK, but I will sell PD software and
the News-Disk to other countries. To make this easier, I accept payment in
cash in US$. That means no expensive IMOs! Other countries should pay in cash
in UK pounds Sterling, or by an IMO in pounds. PD software is quite reasonably
priced, and can cost as little as $2.50 a disk if you order 20 disks or more.
Most of the PD disks are double sided, so you get real value for money! A
shipping charge of 10% of the order value (minimum $5) is charged on your
order. But, see details of our special offer later in this posting!

New products - DGS is looking for new products for the Atari, and we have
found some, or they found us in fact! There is another company in the UK
which publishes software for the Atari, called RAMBIT. Their main product
is a hardware upgrade for Atari data recorders (1010, XC11, and XC12) that
allows specially converted tapes to load at up to 3500baud! I have one of
these devices fitted in my 1010, and it really is impressive. However, they
also used to publish some software as well, but stopped doing so many years
ago due to high advertising costs. RAMBIT phoned one day and said "hey,
do you want to re-publish some of our software". "Why not!", I replied! The
two products we are currently re-working are called Print-Filer and TaskMaster.
Print-Filer is a very techno piece of kit for printer users. Basically, you
load in Print-Filer and then load in your word processor or DTP package or
whatever, and Print-Filer then sits in the background until you select to
print. At that point up pops a menu allowing you to print as normal, or re-
direct it to a disk file. A special editor then allows you to mix outputs
from lots of different packages together into one file, which can then just
be printed from DOS! Perfect for letterheads and such like. And, for all you
print shop users, a special version of Print-Filer allows full compatability
between P-F and print shop (the standard version of P-F will only work with
packages using a max. of 48K). I have just finished re-editing the manual for
P-F, and we should have it on the market very soon. The UK price will be
4.95 (pounds). I will probably be selling it direct to the U.S. from here
in the UK, but only if there is any interest in such a product. E-mail me if
you would like to see P-F available in the U.S. TaskMaster is a tape to disk
convertor, so probably won't be of much interest to U.S. users.

Special offer - if you have read this far, then you are in for a treat! For
your first P.D. order from us, you will pay just $2 a disk if you order a
minimum of 10 disks (+10% min $5 shipping). And, if you order 15 or more disks,
then we will pay your shipping! That's right, 15 P.D. disks for just $30 inc.
free shipping! We currently have 166 disks to choose from! All you need do is
quote this reference when ordering: NET93.

Our Catalogue - you will, of course, need a catalogue! A catalogue is available
from us by sending US$5 in cash. A catalogue will be on its way to you the
very same day your $5 arrives! Other countries send 3 IRCs. Send direct to:


Phone: +44-302-855-026


Dean Garraghty, B.Sc.(Hons.)
2 September 1993.
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: News-Disk 13
Date: 16 Sep 1993 15:10:59 GMT


I have been informed that the News-Disk issue 13 has been uploaded to the
archive on my behalf (as they will all be from now on). It should now be
in the Djg directory, and called issue13.arc.

The News-Disk is now published and owned by DGS, which is my new company. The
News-Disks are actually copyrighted material, but because I'm such an
incredibly nice guy (!), I have always made them available for free on the
archive. However, as from issue 13 the News-Disks must start to show some
sort of profit (even a very modest one!). Because of this, the News-Disks now
come in two forms: a subscription version (for subscribers), and a download
version (for people getting it from the archive and other sources). You will
all get the download version from the archive. You are asked to make a small
payment to DGS for the disk. This isn't a vast amount. All we need is US$3
for each person who gets a copy of the News-Disk issue 13 and onwards. Sort
of a shareware magazine system!! Just send US$3 in cash to us at:


If you have never sent letters abroad, then don't panic - it is not as hard
as most people seem to think!! It costs 50cents to mail the letter to the UK
from the US. However, nobody will send the firing squad around to your house
if you decide to cheat and just stick 2 29cent stamps on!!! You just have to
write "AIR MAIL" somewhere on the envelope (along with our address of course!)

Of course, there is no way we can make you pay your $3, but it would help us
keep the News-Disk running. At the moment, DGS is supporting the News-Disk, but
I want to try and make the News-Disk self-accountable soon. PLEASE send your
$3 contribution. Thanks!

Why not subscribe?? A 4 issue subscription costs just $20 by airmail. Disk
subscribers get their issues up to a month earlier than downloaders, and are
also eligable for any special offers we run. To subscribe just send your
US$20 in cash to the DGS address shown above.

Any questions?? Send email to:

Dean Garraghty.
Editor, Atari 8-bit News-Disk.
Proprietor: DGS (Software).
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Print-Filer and Taskmaster
Date: 18 Sep 1993 21:24:17 GMT


Well I said on the net a bit back that I had some new software available
from Rambit Software here in the UK. This is now available for you to purchase!
This post contains info on both Print-Filer and Taskmaster. Ordering info is
given at the very end.

We have made ordering easy again by accepting payment in cash in US$.

Buy with confidence. DGS is a long-established supplier of Atari software,
with 5 years experience. We are currently co-funded by the European Community
PrimeStart award, which is only awarded to companies who are carefully vetted.
Rambit Software has been supplying software for around 7 years, and is very
well established in the UK Atari market. Rambit and DGS -- the perfect software

Dean Garraghty (DGS)
Dave Richardson (Rambit)

                       PRINT-FILER -- New from Rambit/DGS

You may already have heard of Print-Filer, which has been sold in the past
by Rambit software. However, DGS are now acting as distributor for Print-Filer.

Print-Filer is a very powerful printer utility, which opens new avenues in the
use of printed composition, offering an easy way of printing fancy letter
headings and other graphics in your text.

Print-Filer is loaded before you load the graphics software/ word processor
of your choice and will appear not to be there until you instruct your
software to print. At that point Print-Filer will spring into action and offer
you the choice of printing as usual, or re-routing the printer output to a
disk file. The disk file will then contain all the necessary commands output
by the print software to create the picture or the text document. The file will
simply contain everything intended to go to the printer. By having this file,
you can later print it without the need for the original print software being
present. But that's not all!

Print-Filer also comes with an editor, which will allow you to load in a
combination of outputs from any number of print software packages. These can
then be combined into one file which can simply be printed from DOS! Imagine
it, graphics and text together in one file which can simply be printed from

Print-Filer is also a useful tool for word processor users who need to have
a fully formatted file which can be printed without the need for the original
word processor. This is perfect for creating document files for disks and
such like.

Print-Filer will only work with print software which uses a maximum of 48K.
However, a special version has been included for Printshop users.

Print-Filer comes with a very extensive on-disk manual which explains in
detail how to use Print-Filer, along with hints and tips on how to get the
most out of the software. This manual comes in two formats: an Epson version
which will only print on Epson compatible printers, and a standard text
version for any printer.

You will need any XL/XE machine with 64K RAM or above, any disk drive, and
any printer.

Print-Filer is available direct from DGS in the U.K. and costs just US$15
including Air Mail shipping. Ordering info is given at the end of this post.

                     Taskmaster -- New from Rambit/DGS

You may already have heard of Taskmaster, which has been sold in the past by
Rambit software. However, DGS are now acting as distributor for Taskmaster.

Taskmaster allows you to save your cassette software on disk as files
selectable from an auto-run directory.

Taskmaster includes commands for file handling, each with a help screen, and an
integral monitor with direct assemble, dissassemble, edit, search, transfer and
print options.

If your program loads into memory from cassette without error, then Taskmaster
will save that program to disk, in total, completely, as if it had loaded
straight from tape.

Some tape software contain non-standard "loaders", but Taskmaster is able to
help find the "execute address" of the software. This will allow you to convert
almost all tapes.

Taskmaster comes on a SS/SD disk, along with a printed manual. This manual
explains in detail the tape conversion process of Taskmaster. The Taskmaster
software will run on any XL/XE machine with 64K RAM or more.

Taskmaster is available direct from DGS in the U.K and costs just US$15
including Air Mail shipping.

Ordering Print-Filer and Taskmaster couldn't be easier! We accept payment in
cash in US$. Simply send your name and address with your cash (don't forget
to tell us what you are ordering!) to the DGS address given below. It costs
just 50cents to send an Air Mail letter from the US to the UK. You are advised
to insure your letter with the post office just in case the letter gets lost.
This service costs $4.95 which includes the postage as well.

Our address is:


Phone: +44-302-855-026 (10AM to 7PM GMT/BST only please!!)

E-Mail us if you have any questions/problems.

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: CodeHead Technologies announces Warp 9 3.80
Date: 22 Sep 1993 16:55:51 GMT

 For immediate release
 Friday, September 17, 1993

      :                                                   :
      :   CodeHead Technologies announces Warp 9 3.80     :
      :                                                   :
      :             Including Extend-O-Pak                :
      :                                                   :

 The long-awaited upgrade to Warp 9 is here!

  Feature List

 o Fully compatible with the Falcon 030 computer.

 o Fully compatible with SpeedoGDOS.

 o Seven completely new Extend-O-Save modules!

 o Seven of the previously-released modules have been enhanced, adding
   Falcon compatibility and new features, such as Alternate Screen, Test
   mode, Falcon "true color" support, and more. 

 o A newly-designed Warp 9 Control Panel provides easier access to all
   options and allows you to configure which page of features will appear
   upon the opening of the accessory. 

 o A new program, Extend-O-View, runs as an application for Extend-O-Save
   modules so that you can simply double-click on modules to load and view
   them!  Or install Extend-O-Save modules right in your HotWire menu to
   select them with a single keypress or mouse click. 

 o A new accessory, EOS Timer, handles a new generation of Extend-O-Save
   modules which operate through the GEM event system.  This allows
   modules to do disk access, and make many other types of system calls
   previously unavailable to Extend-O-Save modules.  The Slide Show module
   mentioned below makes use of these new features. 

 o New MakeFast program provides users of TOS 1.0 and 1.2 a faster bootup
   of Warp 9.

 o Now comes on two floppy disks containing over 1.3 megabytes worth of
   files.  Disk two contains 20 Extend-O-Save modules from CodeHead
   Technologies and eight modules from other authors. 

 o Includes a 30-page manual addendum documenting all new features and
   Extend-O-Save modules.

 New Extend-O-Save Modules

 Slide Show - Picture files are displayed in an automatic slide show.  The
 slide show displays pictures in any of the formats supported by Warp 9,
 including beautiful 256-color pictures on the Falcon 030. 

 Flying Thrones - A take-off on the popular Flying Toasters screensaver
 available on other platforms.  Flying Thrones includes a separate program
 which allows you to load your own images/animations.  Due to trademark
 restrictions, we can't release a clone of Flying Toasters, but now you
 can create your own version. 

 Rain, Man - Expanding circles appear on the screen, like drops of rain
 water hitting the ground. 

 Things That Go Bump...  - The blinking eyes of various creatures randomly
 appear and disappear, accompanied by optional night sounds. 

 Spotlight - A circular section of the screen roams around a dark
 background as if a flashlight or searchlight were lighting it. 

 Filled Shapes - Random shapes with variable number of sides appear
 randomly, filled with random fill patterns.

 RAM Page - The screen fills with an ASCII representation of the internal
 memory of your computer, providing page after page of interesting and
 unique screen displays.  You might be surprised at what you've got inside
 -- and it's not Intel.


 Warp 9 3.80 with Extend-O-Pak is available now.  The retail price remains
 at $44.95.  Owners of previous versions of Warp 9 can upgrade to v3.80
 for $25 plus $3 shipping ($4 Canada, $6 overseas).  Send us your master
 disk and $28 to receive the upgrade.  For more information, contact your
 local dealer, or:

   CodeHead Technologies
   PO Box 74090
   Los Angeles, CA 90004
   Tel (213) 386-5735
   Fax (213) 386-5789
   BBS (213) 461-2095

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: All change for the News-Disk
Date: 24 Sep 1993 21:20:47 GMT



As you may know, I am responsible for the disk-based newsletter called
"The Atari 8-bit News-Disk", or just News-Disk for short. This newsletter is
sent out on disk to subscribers, and is also available at the archive and
other sites. However, after 14 issues I have decided to change the format
completely, and publish it as a printed magazine. The name will, of course,
have to change!

The style of the News-Disk will be carried on into the new magazine. The
News-Disk is not ceasing production. It is just being developed into something
a little different.

There are just 2 problems.

1. It will, of course, no longer be available to download.

2. In order to make the printing costs feasable it will need to have a
minimum of 100 subscribers. This sounds like a bold expectation, but AC has
500, and Page 6 here in the UK has 5000.

This is what I need:

1. This posting copied on to as many BBSs as possible.

2. You to tell as many people as possible about the new magazine.

3. As many of you as possible to actually subscribe to the magazine.


The magazine is likely to cost around $5 per issue by Air Mail.

Number of issues:

I will try as hard as possible to produce 6 issues per year. At first,
subscriptions will be on a 4 issue basis.


Other details are yet to be worked out. Advertising space will be allocated,
just like on the News-Disk now.

If you have no idea what the News-Disks are like then check out the Djg
directory at the umich archive. Issues 1-13 are currently on there called
issueX.arc where X is 1-13 (one of the issues is in .DCM format). If you
do not have access to these, then they can be purchased on disk from us
at DGS in the UK. The price is a very reasonable US$25 for issues 1-14.
Pay by sending cash in US$. Our address comes later.

The first thing you should do is either e-mail us pledging your support for
the new magazine, or write to us pledging your support. If we can get about
75 people pledging support, then we should be able to go ahead with the plans.


Postal address:


Dean Garraghty.
23 September 1993.

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Jaguar Developer News
Date: 24 Sep 1993 21:22:22 GMT

announced its initial list of developers for the Atari Jaguar 64-bit Inter-
active Multimedia system.
   Since July, 20 developers have signed license agreements to publish game
titles for Jaguar.  Additional high-profile developers and publishers are
expected to be announced in the coming weeks.
   "Developer response to Jaguar has been overwhelming -- we've accomplished
what we set out to do by attracting the industry's top developers,"  said Sam
Tramiel, president of Atari.  "The tremendous power of Jaguar removes the
programming barriers that exist on all other gaming platforms, allowing
developers to focus their energy and imagination on creating truly revolution-
ary video games.  The technological prowess of our developers coupled with
Atari's aggressive marketing and comprehensive developer support program will
create a new industry standard for multimedia performance."

  The developer list includes:

  Anco Software Ltd.          Maxis Software          Telegames

  Beyond Games Inc.           Microids                Tiertex Ltd.

  Dimension Technologies      Midnight Software Inc.  Titus Eurosoft

  Ocean Software Ltd.         Tradewest               High Voltage Software

  Rebellion Software          Trimark Interactive     Krisalis Software Ltd.

  Retour 2048                 U.S. Gold Ltd.          Loriciel S.A.


  The strength of the Jaguar platform has attracted the industry's premier
developers, allowing them to immediately begin programming the industry's first
64-bit video games.  Comments include:

  "We're excited about the reality of an advanced video game system retailing
for approximately $200 and delivering technology comparable or superior to
announced systems costing over three times as much. Atari pioneered the video
game industry -- it's good to see them at the forefront of innovation once
again."  -- Kelly Flock, executive vice president of Trimark Interactive
  "Kids, don't waste your Christmas money on something else, this Cat is the
new king of the video game jungle."  -- Terry Grantham, president of Telegames
Inc.  (Telegames will release "Ultimate Brain Games"  and "European Soccer
Challenge"  for Jaguar in the spring and summer of 1994.
  "The 64-bit power of the Atari Jaguar allows us to move light years beyond
today's game standards."  -- Kris N. Johnson, president of Beyond Games Inc.
(Beyond will release "Battlewheels" for Jaguar in the second quarter of 1994)

   The power of the Jaguar development environment allows  programmers to:

   -- Create the industry's first 64-bit video games
   -- Deliver unprecedented true-color graphics, stereo CD-quality sound and
      animation speed
   -- Enjoy unsurpassed ease in creating real-time 3-D virtual  worlds
   -- Unleash programming creativity previously hampered by the restrictions
   of all other gaming platforms

   Atari Corp. manufactures and markets video games and personal computers
for the home, office, and educational marketplaces.  The Sunnyvale-based
company manufactures Jaguar products in the United States and is publicly
traded on the American Stock Exchange under the symbol ATC.

   CONTACT:  Cunningham Communications
   Mary Moslander, 408/982-0400

Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Atari appoints new director of marketing/advertising
Date: 25 Sep 1993 12:28:57 GMT

SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (SEPT. 23) BUSINESS WIRE - Atari Computer Corp. announced 
Thursday that Terrence Valeski, a 22-year veteran in consumer electronics
marketing, has joined the company as director of marketing and advertising for
   Valeski's immediate responsibility will be to execute the national roll out
for Jaguar -- Atari's new high performance gaming system.  He reports directly
to Sam Tramiel, president of Atari. 
   "We are very pleased that Terry has joined Atari.  His experience is
invaluable to us," said Tramiel.  "Developing strong relationships with
retailers and developers as well as communicating with consumers will be
critical to our success as we get ready to market and distribute Jaguar
   In an industry dominated by foreign companies, U.S.-based Atari announced
this summer that it has developed a high-performance, 64-bit home video game
system called Jaguar, capable of delivering faster and more powerful video
games to the home market.  Atari will be made in America and has signed IBM to
manufacture the Jaguar in its Charlotte, N.C. plant. 
   "Jaguar has truly leaped ahead of the competition in terms of quality,
price and performance," said Valeski.  "My job will be to ensure that we
attract the best and the brightest and to market aggressively through the
channels of distribution.  You can expect to see some major shifts in the way
Atari markets."  Jaguar is expected to be available to consumers before
Thanksgiving 1993. 
   In an effort to develop strong marketing programs, Atari recently chose
Cunningham Communication Inc. as its marketing/communications counsel. 
Cunningham is a Santa Clara, California-based public relations firm
specializing in high technology. 
   Before joining Atari, Valeski was founder and chief executive officer of
Intellivision, a leading home video game manufacturer in the 1980s.  Prior to
that he was senior vice president for the Mattel Electronics division of
Mattel Toys.  Valeski also held several senior positions at Teledyne Waterpik
and J. Walter Thompson Advertising, San Francisco and New York. -0- 
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Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: Demo Maker from DGS
Date: 30 Sep 1993 15:16:09 GMT



Well, we don't waste any time! When there are new products around we find
them and publish them! Last time we linked with Rambit software, now we link
with Richard Gore to bring you: DEMO MAKER.

Demo Maker is a piece of software to allow you to easily make flashy looking
screens with multi-coloured scrolling text. Demo Maker contains everything
required to produce the background picture and the text itself.

Basically, you start off with a blank disk, and then you copy a few things on
to this disk from the Demo Maker master disk. Then on goes your picture file
and text for scrolling along with the actual software to produce the demo.
The text is in Antic mode 4 or 5, and so is huge.

In order for you to draw the background picture, a graphics program called
Edit 7 has been included on the disk. This allows you to draw a picture in
mode 7. Edit 7 has all the usual facilities that you would expect from a
drawing program including line, circle, border, spray can, text, and so on.
You use Edit 7 to produce the background picture for your demo screen.

You also get an editor where you type in your text for the scroll line. This
program will also produce the special files used in your demo screen.

Included on the Demo Maker disk is a ready done demo for you to look at. You
also get 2 music files to merge into your final demo screen to liven it up
a little! You also get commented source code for all machine code routines
used. Several font files are also included for Edit 7.

Demo Maker requires no specialist knowledge. You will just need a very basic
knowledge of Basic and DOS 2.5.

Demo Maker is written in Turbo Basic. A copy of this is included on the disk.
This means that Demo Maker will only run on XL/XE machines with 64K minimum.
It comes on a DS/SD disk with a 12 page printed manual explaining everything
you need to know in order to create your own demo screen.

Demo Maker is available direct from DGS in the UK. The price to the U.S is
$10 including Air Mail shipping. U.K price is 3.99 (pounds). Price to EEC
countries: 5pounds. U.S users pay in cash in US$. EEC pay in cash in UK
pounds, or by IMO in UK pounds.

Get Demo Maker direct from:


Dean Garraghty.
27 September 1993.
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: SDS announces The Atari Compendium
Date: 30 Sep 1993 15:16:46 GMT

                          FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE
               proud to announce...
                         THE ATARI(tm) COMPENDIUM

Software Development Systems will debut "The Atari(tm) Compendium" at the
Southern California Atari Computer Faire v7.0, Saturday and Sunday,
September 18th and 19th at the Glendale Civic Auditorium.

Both professional and amateur programmers will find the Compendium the
single most valuable reference ever published for Atari computers. The
Compendium contains 860 pages of documentation, tables, and diagrams
galore. A table of contents follows:


Chapter 1:     Introduction to Atari Programming
Chapter 2:     GEMDOS
Chapter 3:     BIOS
Chapter 4:     XBIOS
Chapter 5:     Hardware
Chapter 6:     AES
Chapter 7:     VDI
Chapter 8:     Line-A
Chapter 9:     Desktop
Chapter 10:    XCONTROL
Chapter 11:    GEM User Interface Guidelines
Appendix A:    Functions by Opcode
Appendix B:    Memory Map
Appendix C:    Native File Formats
Appendix D:    Error Codes
Appendix E:    ASCII Table
Appendix F:    IKBD Scan Codes
Appendix G:    Speedo(tm) Fonts
Appendix H:    The Drag & Drop Protocol

Contained in the appropriate chapters are complete function references
for each Atari system call in an easy-to-read format. The function
reference in the Compendium is up-to-date as of MultiTOS 1.08b and TOS 5.0.

Some highlights of topics covered are:

     - The TOS file system
     - Networking
     - GEMDOS/MiNT processes
     - MiNT interprocess communication
     - The Cookie Jar
     - BIOS/XBIOS/GEMDOS Vectors
     - Falcon030 Video/Sound Control
     - The DSP
     - The IKBD Controller
     - Utilizing math coprocessors
     - Game controllers
     - Resources (including new TOS 4.0 resources)
     - Window iconification
     - VDI Workstations
     - True-Color device graphics
     - SpeedoGDOS
     - Desktop extensibility
     - Extensive user interface guidelines
     - The most complete memory map ever published
     - A complete "graphic" catalog of Speedo characters
     - File formats (.GEM, .IMG (including color), .FNT, .RSC)

Programmers using 'C', 'C++', 'Pascal', 'Assembler', or 'BASIC' will all
find useful information contained in the Compendium. Each function call is
listed with a binding (in 'C' or Assembler as appropriate). In addition,
each function reference includes a 'Caveats' section which notes system
bugs and which OS version they appear in (and a fix if possible).

The Compendium is professionally bound with a four-color cover in standard
7"x9" format.

The Compendium will be available at your local dealer shortly after its
debut at the show and will also be available direct from SDS at the address
listed below.

Product Name:  The Atari Compendium
        ISBN:  0-9638331-0-3

Suggested Retail Price:  $49.95

When placing an order with SDS directly please send a check or money order
for $49.95 and $4.00 shipping and handling. CA residents add 8.25% sales
tax. We accept international orders with international money order only.
International customers should add an additional $2.00 S & H.

We are sorry but we cannot accept credit cards.

Contact:     Software Development Systems (aka SDS)
             996 Redondo Ave. #404
             Long Beach, CA 90804

Info:        (310) 430-0364 (T-Th 11:00am - 4:00 P.S.T.)

GEnie:       S.SANDERS2
Compuserve:  71461,3645
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: DGS $20 BUNDLES
Date: 30 Sep 1993 15:55:03 GMT


DGS Clearance bundles

We are having a clearout at DGS HQ, and HAVE to get some stuff out of the way
because we keep tripping over it! In order to get the stuff out of the way as
fast as possible, we have decided to sell it in bundles and as cheap as
possible. We have 6 of the following bundles to dispose of:


All the software is BRAND NEW, except the mags which are used.

              PRICE: JUST $20 PER BUNDLE


Ordering info:

First reserve a bundle by email:

Then send US$20 in cash direct to us at DGS. Paying in cash is the easiest way
to pay. You can pay by IMO if you prefer but these cost a fortune to arrange.
Our address is:


Note: It is important that you send your $20 as soon as we confirm that a
bundle is still in stock. We need a rapid turn-around on this stock.

Note 2: please note our address now. We won't give it again when we confirm
your reservation by email.

We will put your bundle in the post the same day your $20 arrives. Delivery
by surface mail should take about 6 weeks to the US. Delivery by air mail
takes about 1 week. We will also throw in a copy of the latest DGS catalogue
of PD and commercial software.

Dean Garraghty.
25 September 1993.
Michael Current, Cleveland Free-Net 8-bit Atari SIGOp / Iowa City, IA, USA 
        Internet: / Cleveland Free-Net: aa700

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