News - Dec.89 - Jan.90

From: Atari SIG (xx004)
Date: 02/28/90-06:47:30 PM Z

From: xx004 (Atari SIG)
Subject: News - Dec.89 - Jan.90
Date: Wed Feb 28 18:47:30 1990

 Time Capsule - News - Dec.89 - Jan.90

 News Subject Title        Date Posted
 ------------------        -----------

CompuFest '89              Dec.06,1989
JRI/Genlock                Dec.22,1989
MichTron/Fleet Street 3    Dec.22,1989
Abacus/Portfolio Guidebook Dec.22,1989
Atari/Developer partners   Dec.24,1989
1989 Third Quarter Report  Dec.26,1989
Public Comment on the Lynx Jan.13,1990


-Article #187 (208 is last):
-From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
-Subject: CompuFest '90
-Date: Tue, 5 Dec 89 23:45:32 EST

                              COMPUFEST '90 IN OK
                        STix group hosts shoot-out show
                               by  Rod MacDonald
OKLAHOMA CITY - ST Information eXchange (STix) is participating in the Oklahoma
CompuFest '90, a head to head computer show held at the Central Plaza Hotel in
Oklahoma City next March 16th-18th.  This is one of the rare shows that pits
different systems against each other with a general public crowd.
     STix Users group will be cohosting the show along with the Oklahoma Apple
Users group Computer EnthusiastS (OACES).  Anticipated attendance is expected
to be more than 5,000 visitors.
     This CompuFest runs concurrently with the Oklahoma State Department of
Education and the Oklahoma State Department of Special Education computer
literacy seminars.  The attendance at the computer show is bound to contain
interested educators.
     CompuFest '90 will be the 5th annual event.  The experience gained in the
past will benefit both exhibiting developrs and the attending public.
     This will allow people to compare Atari to the Apple, Macintosh, and Amiga
systems in front of a jury composed of the general public.  Atari has the
chance to show off their "Power without the Price" systems and software.  This
is by far the best opportunity available for developers to display their
products to students, parents, educators, business representatives and computer
hobbyists.  Companies that develop for more than one platform will be
especially excited about the expanded opportunities provided by CompuFest '90.
     This joint venture by the Oklahoma User Groups ensures that all previous
attendance records will be broken.
     All activities will take place at the Central Plaza Hotel.  Attendees will
find that the hotel is featuring special show rates.  Developers can reserve
rooms through the STix organization when they reserve their booth space. 
Developer extras include buffet breakfast all three days of the show, low hotel
fees, and a specially arranged Steak banquet (with special guest speaker) on
Saturday evening for a small extra fee.  Developers will be pleased to find out
that standard booth rental is only $150, with double booths being $250 for the
3 day show.
     Developers who want a show info-pack should contact; Steve Balch, Chairman
of Vendor Reservations, c/o CompuFest '90, PO Box 3077 Norman, OK 73070-3077.

Used here with permission from ST Informer

-Article #191 (208 is last):
-From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
-Subject: JRI / Genlock
-Date: Fri, 22 Dec 89 23:13:53 EST

                 JRI introduces new Genlock hardware

     John Russell Innovations has created an external Genlock
device for the STe series computer.  Convention STs can use the
Genlock device after the addition of the STfm RAM plus board
described below.  Formerly only capable of installation in the
Mega Computers, JRI has created an external version of their
Genlock device that will work with the new STe fomputers from
Atari.  The device includes Super VHS High Band Y/C, features
external connection via RGB port, and requires no system
modification, no soldering, and no software.  JRI also has an
$100 optional Super VHS High Band Y/C add-on board for their
Mega Genlock system.
     JRI's Genlocking is accomplished entirely through hardware.
The device combines any low or medium resolution drawing or
animation program with an external video source (RS170/RS170A),
i.e.;  VCR, Camera, etc.  The device provides an additional RGB
jack for viewing computer images combined with an external video
source.  A second RGB monitor can be used to preview computer
images prior to combining with video.  High resolution (mono)
compatibility is retained, even though no Genlocking is
     Included with the new Genlock hardware is a wired remote
control to enable/disable Genlock, reboot computer, select color
or monochrome mode, select video mode (keyed/nonkeyed), fade
control to dissolve from background image to computer image or
dissolve keyed computer image when selected.  Announced price of
the new device is said to be $650.
     Several other hardware items were also shown by JRI at
Comdex.  Among them was the new STfm RAM for 520fm and 1040
computers.  These new RAM upgrade boards will feature SIMM type
RAM modules for expansion to 4 Megs.  The board will incorporate
the JRI 4096 color palette technology and will include the
connector for the optional GenLock expansion for the 520fm and
1040 machines.  According to JRI, the price without RAM is $125.
Easy installation requires only minor soldering.

John Russell Innovations, P.O. Box 5277, Pittsburg, CA 94565;
(415) 458-9577

                              _pmc '92

-Article #193 (208 is last):
-From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
-Subject: MichTron / Fleet Street 3.0
-Date: Fri, 22 Dec 89 23:18:44 EST

         Fleet Street 3.0 said to arrive in January 1990

     MichTron was showing yet another improved version of their
Fleet Street Publisher 3.0 desktop publishing software.  As many
of you know, Fleet Street Publisher (FSP) 3.0 was introduced at
the April '89 World of Atari show at Disneyland and was
scheduled to be released by mid summer.  Since then, FSP 3.0 has
undergone many changes with added improvements and a targeted
release date for the fisrt part of next year.
     A quick run down on the major features that made up FSP
3.0, at the time of past shows, included support for multi-page
documents, automatic page numbering, text wrapping around both
rectangular and irregular graphics, automatic kerning, frame
grouping, search and replace for text and attributes, vertical
text justification, 120,000 word expandable dictionary, repeat
feature for multiple duplication of text, effects and graphics,
plus text and graphic import modules that allow the program to
virtually support all paint, drawing and word processor
     Documents created with FSP 3.0 could be output to dot
matrix printers, HP Laser and DeskJet printers, Atari SLM 804
laser printer, UltraScript, and PostScript devices.  Although
GDOS and GDOS fonts could be used with FSP 3.0 for output, they
were no longer required.
     The Deluxe version of FSP 3.0 added UltraScript built right
in.  This allows your non-PostScript printers to print out
PostScript files.  Also, because UltraScript is built right into
FSP, you can print directly thru UltraScript without leaving
FSP.  This feature can save you a lot of time.
     The newest versions of FSP 3.0 and Deluxe, shown at COMDEX,
have all the above mentioned features, with some very nice new
ones; these include importing vector graphics, phonetic spell
checking, loading and converting 2.0 docs to 3.0, import and
exporting Encapsulated PostScript files, hyphenation exception
dictionary, multi-lingual hyphenation (English, Italian, French,
German), and a Font Scaling Module.
     The Font Scaling Module was created by Imagen, the folks
that brought you UltraScript.  This module will allow FSP to use
PostScript screen fonts so that you will be able to see exactly
what you are going to get when you print.  Imagen is allowing
software developers to licence this module to use within their
programs.  This could open up a while new foor for ST
applications that ould like to take advantages of multiple fonts
and type sizes, but down't want the hassles of GDOS.
     Look for Fleet Street Publisher 3.0 to release in January
of 1990.  Pricing will be announced at that time.  For more
information contact MichTron, 576 S. Telegraph, Pontiac, MI
48053; (313) 334-5700.

                              _pmc '92

-Article #194 (208 is last):
-From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
-Subject: Abacus / Portfolio Guidebook
-Date: Fri, 22 Dec 89 23:39:50 EST

          Guide-book released for Portfolio

     A new Abacus book entitled The Complete Guide to the Atari Portfolio
was introduced at COMDEX.  This book which is said to quickly make you a
Portfolio expert, including sections covering every aspect of Portfolio
operation from installing the batteries to creating batch files.  Having
used both the Atari manual and this book, it seems like spending an extra
$17.95 for The Complete Guide, might be a good idea for beginning computer
users,  If, however, you are fully versed in MS-DOS and Lotus 1-2-3, it
probably won't offer much.
     Considering the speed at which this book was produced (a mere two
months after the machine was introduced) the information is remarkably
complete.  There are a few typos and layout problems, and a glaring error
in the statement that all "Personal Computers use the MS-DOS or PC-DOS
operating system."  I have a feeling Atari, Apple and Commodore might have
something to say about that.  Otherwise it is a very handy book to have
next to you when learning how to use this nifty machine.  Every possible
command and menu selection is mentioned, and normally discussed in detail.
For more information contact Abacus Software, 5370 52nd Street, Grand
Rapids, MI 49512 or call (616) 698-0330 for the dealer nearest you.


                              _pmc '92

-Article #195 (208 is last):
-From: aa400 (Phillip M. Chow)
-Subject: Atari/Developer Partners
-Date: Sun, 24 Dec 89 02:06:51 EST

     Atari says, "We want to be partners"

     Atari says they want to be a development partner.  The most
fundamental change seems to be Atari's willingness to provide
customer data to developers so they have the information to
market their products.
     At the COMDEX Atari Developers Hospitality Party, held on
Wednesday night of the COMDEX week, announcements were made by
Antonio Salerno of Atari.  Antonio is the Vice President of
Applications, and is generally positioned to enhance developer
interests.  Salerno introduced Charles Cherry, formerly with
Antic Software, as the new TOS development manager.  Together,
they outlined an enhanced developer program that included
substantial discounts on equipment used for development,
increased Atari-Developer communications, and other assistance.
     According to Salerno, "Atari is here to invest, in our
future and yours.  Any developer who is shipping a product will
have access to our complete user base, ASCII Format, comma
     The provisions to be a registered developer have also been
tightened up.  The conditions include:  1) Currently shipping an
Atari product, 2) Must re-register and sign a non-disclosure
agreement annually, 3) Maintain your "Softsource" listing, 4)
Provide a disabled version (Demo) of your product on-line, 5)
Provide a self running dealer demo, 6) Provide Atari with three
copies of your package with automatic updates.
    "Softsource" will be a database on one of the major on-line
services.  Atari will set up the on-line database and developers
will be expected to maintain their own program listing and
information.  When "Softsource" is complete, Atari has promised
to transfer the database onto CD ROM and put it in every
dealer's store, with quarterly updates.


                              _pmc '92

-Article #196 (208 is last):
-From: aa399 (Len Stys)
-Subject: 1989 Third Quarter Report
-Date: Tue, 26 Dec 89 19:34:42 EST


        President's Message

     Net sales for the quarter were $81.4 millon compared to $98.8 million
for the same quarter last year.  The net loss was $5.4 million compared to
net income of $.9 million.  Net sales for the nine months were $253.0 million
compared to $300.0 million for the same period last year.  There was a net loss
of $1.8 million compared to a net income of $12.1 million for the same
nine months last year.

     This has been an encouraging yet difficult quarter for Atari.  Towards
the end of the quarter we began shipping many new products which
represents our future.  For example, we started shipping the Atari Portfolio,
our new hand held, MS-DOS command-compatible computer, and the
MEGA-FILE 44, our new removable media hard disk drive.  Also, during the
quarter, we began shipping the STe computer, an improved version of our
core ST product.  Additionally, during the fourth quarter, we expect to start
shipping Lynx, the new hand held color LCD video game system.  However, to
reflect the dramatic drop in component prices, especially semiconductors and
disk drives, the Company has taken a special charge during the quarter of
approximately $10 million in respect of such inventory.

     With the shipment of new products and less volatile DRAM costs in the
fourth quarter, we anticipate normalization of margins as and when
the inventories of older products are sold.  Portfolio production is ramping
up now as planned.  Initial sales appear consistent with our

                 Sam Tramiel, President


-Article #197 (208 is last):
-From: aa384 (Doug Wokoun)
-Subject: Public comment on the Lynx
-Date: Sat, 13 Jan 90 13:30:47 EST

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 150       Sun Dec 17, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 10:32 EST
My friend from Michigan just called me again.  He said he tried ordering the
Lynx again through the Sears Catalog and this time they said no problem,
deliver on 12/20/89, and they took his order.  Must have been the first
Catalog operator he spoke to the first time, I guess.

In the words of the immortal Emily Letilla, "Never mind!"
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 151       Sun Dec 17, 1989
M.WARNER                     at 08:14 PST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
I hope all this info on the Lynx delivering on the 20th is correct, I ordered
mine about 2 weeks ago and was told it was B.O. till 12/31.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 152       Mon Dec 18, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 23:12 EST
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 153       Tue Dec 19, 1989
REALM                        at 00:07 EST
Alright Jeff! Glad to see some people are getting them before Christmas. I
ordered mine in October from Sears. They were only backordered until 11/30
then.  I had the same problem with Sears sayin the Games were unavailable.
Call the B.N.Genius people they were getting some in last week.  It cost a
little more but who cares at this point, it's Christmas, might as well owe as
much as you can.
                        May your stocking be stuffed with a Lynx...
                                         Binarly yours!
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 154       Tue Dec 19, 1989
CGEE                         at 00:30 EST
Uh, I got mine? :-)
  The surfing game is REAL fun, especially with 3 other players. :-)
  I'm also rather impressed with the Blue Lightning game.
  Now, does anybody have the passwords already so that I can
  go on to the other levels? :-)
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 155       Mon Dec 18, 1989
M.WARNER                     at 21:36 PST
I called Sears Sunday to check on my order and they showed it back ordered
till 6/21....but once we got it straightened out they said I would have it by

this Thursday.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 156       Tue Dec 19, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 00:37 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
I really like the Surfing sequence in California Games.  I'm doing terrible
with the BMX event though.  Man, every time I crash I have to wince.  That
looks and sounds painful!  I have to go back and read the manual to figure out
the controls for the other two events.

I took this into the computer store with me this evening.  I showed it off to
a few people and they were all drooling to get their hands on one. As far as I
know of I may be the first 'kid' in the Chicago area (outside of the Atari
Lombard office) to have one of these puppies!  Heh heh heh. Thank you, Atari! 
Thank you, Sears!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 157       Tue Dec 19, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 07:26 EST
The BMX event is a bit hard but after much practice you do learn the tricks
and control. Reading the book helps a little but doing is the best help of
all. The local Toys R Us store has plenty of the 3 games they displayed. The
games are:

 Gates of Zendercon
 Blue Lightning
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?

The playtester at Toys R Us told me she LOVED TechnoCop. Blue Lightning was
great but Gates of Zendercon....well she was not thrilled. 

They were told more games will be available the end of December. We shall see.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 158       Tue Dec 19, 1989
D.MCNAMEE                    at 18:56 EST
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 159       Tue Dec 19, 1989
BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 22:12 EST
They could film the next ad upstairs in the tech support and engineering
sections! Four man networked surfing contests going on (all in the name of
duplicating the customers problems no less! Hah! The "customers" were the ones
doing the "testing"!!)

Lots of smiling faces in Sunnyvale the last few days! Now I have something
else to demo to user groups! Assuming I ever get it back from my kids!!
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 160       Wed Dec 20, 1989
J.BOSSOLINI                  at 01:55 EST
Quick question:  How much is the Lynx, and where can I get one?? (I live near
Albany, NY)


Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 161       Wed Dec 20, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 07:37 EST
Only place you can get one at this late date is BNGENIUS, I assume. Their
phone # and cost is in this thread. There were 4 stores in NY City that had
them and two Toys R Us that I am aware of. One was out in Staten?? I believe
and the other in Danbury Ct. The store here still has games and says they MAY
be unpacking Lynx on the 24th but that is if the box arrives. Otherwise it wil
be the 26th. Prices on the 26th will be $20 cheaper. I have 2 units and it is
fun to link them up. The store is getting to know me well here. I have
probably bought more Lynx games as presents than anyone else. :-)
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 162       Wed Dec 20, 1989
BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 15:57 EST

You can also order one from Sears. It is in the Focus Catalog, page 29. Item
number is 49 TD 75425, cost is $159.00. They are probably on  backorder thru
January 01 though.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 163       Wed Dec 20, 1989
K.OSTERMAN                   at 18:21 CST
the 49 TD 75425 may not be a valid number any more, try 49 GY 75425
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 164       Wed Dec 20, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 21:48 EST
Kirk is right.  The 'TD' catalog number for the Lynx is dead now.  Use the
'GY' catalog number to order from Sears now.  Sears' Catalog order number is 1-
800-366-3000.  Again, that's catalog number 49-GY-75425.
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 165       Wed Dec 20, 1989
REALM                        at 22:20 EST
I got mine, I got mine! It's, may I say, Way Cool Dude! It kicks the Game Boy
right off the shelf (market!)  Well worth the money! Keep me posted on the new
games, and I'll do the same.  My brother, not even a game fan, wants one. He
said and I quote, "Too Tough!" Until next time, in the immortal words of
                               See Ya!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 166       Wed Dec 20, 1989
BREHBOCK                     at 23:20 CST
I ordered mine today, and Sears said it'll be in Saturday.  It's great to see
Atari in high gear!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 167       Thu Dec 21, 1989
BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 01:45 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?

Maybe we should all meet outside a Toys 'R Us, network our games, and just
wait to see how all the gameboy buyers feel when they come out and see the
Lynx in action!!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 168       Thu Dec 21, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:00 EST
yeah....wish we could. Here in the east people know the Lynx is the hot item.
I have only 2 units so networking is limited but will there be championship
Lynx matches in the future with prizes awarded?? I can just see it now....:-)
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 169       Thu Dec 21, 1989
CGEE                         at 14:08 EST
Hehe...I struggle to get 3000 points on Surfing... Then along comes our
testers....Boom....10K points.. :-)
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 170       Thu Dec 21, 1989
BOB-BRODIE [Atari Corp.]     at 19:31 EST
N>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
I got a big Zero on the BMX, but got over 5000 on my first try at Hacky  Sack!
And I don't even play the real hacky sack!

Plugged in my Walkman's headphones, and was really pleased at the sound the
Lynx puts out. I wonder how it would sound on a set of speakers like the
Tweety Board uses?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 171       Fri Dec 22, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 02:23 EST
I -thought- that the headphone jack was supposed to provide stereo sound on
Lynx games, but when I finally got around to trying my headphones, it sounded
good, but it didn't sound like stereo to me.  Was the Lynx originally intended
to have stereo but it just didn't materialize, was I mistaken in expecting
stereo, or -is- it stereo and I just need to clean out my ears? I don't need
stereo...Lynx blows me away as it is.  Just curious.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 172       Fri Dec 22, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:58 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Are you playing with your Lynx?? I envy you. I have to wait till Monday.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 173       Fri Dec 22, 1989
D.MCNAMEE                    at 13:30 EST
I don't get to play mine until sunday night ;-(  I believe it does have stereo
sound, but if the game doesn't take advantage of it....  Kinda like listening
to an old show that is mono on a stereo TV.

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 174       Fri Dec 22, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 16:12 EST

We might not get to see Jeff if he really gets into the Lynx...:-) I know I am
going to really enjoy it and might be online and playing at the same time. :-)
Can I say this?? I am also excited about using the Power Glove for the
Nintendo. I wish the ST had something similar.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 175       Fri Dec 22, 1989
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
NEVIN-S                      at 20:00 EST
You mean a power glove instead of a mouse for using Calamus? Zap those
icons..! hehehe

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 176       Fri Dec 22, 1989
TOWNS                        at 21:33 EST
 The Lynx has 4 channel sound. It doesn't have stereo sound tho.

 I actually took mine into Toys R Us last night. Kind of funny to
 have people walk up to my younger brother (who was surfing..) and
 ask him where he got it and if they could buy it here. We even had
 one of the store employees ask where he could get one. I just said..
 "Don't worry.. you will be selling them soon enough! <grin>"

 -- John
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 177       Fri Dec 22, 1989
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 21:51 EST
What a concept, Nevin. Just think of the possibilities. :-)

I had an offer for one of my Lynx. I was tempted. They were offering $300
cash. Some people are just not patient. I know I have a hard time in that
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 178       Fri Dec 22, 1989
REALM                        at 22:49 EST
Patience is a virtue....thats why I paid $1200 for 1200XL a couple years back.
I let my sister play Hackysack and she scored 15,000 her first try. She bought
a Gameboy the day before my Lynx arrived (I felt bad) but she converted over
real quick.  The should sell real easy, I've already sold one to everybody who
plays it. (y) Place after (The) above-thanks.  Can anybody give any game
reviews of something besides Calf-Games.  
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 179       Sat Dec 23, 1989
TOWNS                        at 00:55 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 Well, I thought Gates of Zendacon was the loser of the four carts we
 have out so far. Boy was I wrong!

 Folks, don't overlook this cart. It looks like a sleeper, but it's 
 really is a pretty decent shoot 'em up type game. I really enjoy playing
 it. I played for 2 1/2 hours last night (from 1am to around 3:30am! ;-)
 and really had lots of fun. Even killed a set of batteries! 

 As for the others, I haven't really gotten to those yet. I will let you 
 know more about them as I play them.

 -- John <I just figured out Half-Pipe on Cal. Games a couple of days 
          ago. Much easier than it appears!> Townsend
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 180       Fri Dec 22, 1989
J.KOVACH                     at 23:23 MST
I got mine!! I got mine!!
   I got my Lynx today, picked it up at Sears.  I'm now wondering how many
other people in Arizona have them besides myself and a friend.  It's as
awesome as everyone here has said, and playing two player games is 
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
fantastic!!  Now we just have to order some more games.  I wish someone from
Atari would provide us with info about new games.  BTW, the serial number on
mine is 7816.  Just curious as to what the # is on some of the other units out
       Time to get playing!!!!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 181       Sat Dec 23, 1989
TOWNS                        at 03:09 EST
 I saw one here yesterday that said 214-- something or another. I 
 have no idea if this indicates the number sold. Usually the serial
 number doesn't/

 As for Games, what would you like to know. We have ElectroCop, Gates
 of Zendacon, Blue Lightning, and California Games. Do you have any
 questions on those?

 -- John 
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 182       Sat Dec 23, 1989
J.KOVACH                     at 03:36 MST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
No questions on existing games, John, but it would be nice to have some sort
of an idea of when more will be released. I'm out here in Arizona, and I doubt
that any stores will be carrying the game cards before they have the Lynx, and
from what I understand, it will be some time before the Lynx is available
here.  It is very important (to me anyway) that you keep us  informed
regarding what new cartridges are available as well as where they may be
obtained.  The four existing cartridges are readily available through Sears
catalog service--will new ones be available the same way as soon as they are

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 183       Sat Dec 23, 1989
M.WARNER                     at 08:49 PST
SIGH..... My Lynx did not make it to my local Sears so I will have to  wait
till Wednesday night when they get their next shipment....
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 184       Sat Dec 23, 1989

<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 12:46 EST
Gee guy..feel for you. I have a UPS package that never showed. Anticipation...
tis hard to deal with the wait but if it is any consolation, I am sure there
are others that are waiting. Hope you have a great holiday despite the delay.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 185       Sat Dec 23, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 13:49 EST
I finally got to try the Comlynx connection yesterday.  A friend from out of
town picked up his Lynx from the Sears catalog desk yesterday afternoon and
scooted over to the store to see if I had my Lynx with me.  I didn't. But we
met after I got off work at a Wags Restaurant.  I stopped at home along the
way to pick up my Lynx.

Kirk (K.OSTERMAN) got to Wags before me and was practicing when I arrived.
Apparantly just about everyone working that shift stopped by to see what the
heck was making all the music and sounds.  After I got there, everyone must
have been afraid to come near us.  Picture this for yourself.  Two grown men
playing video games on little handheld machines with a cord stretched across
the table, facial expressions alternating between intense concentration and
hysterical laughter.
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?

The multiplayer aspects adds a whole new dimension to game playing.  It is a
riot!  I can hardly wait for more folks around here to get a Lynx so I will
have more Lynx partners to game with.

And this has been a wonderful Lynx Holiday season for me.  Much to my surprise
and utter delight, I got a couple of Lynx games as Christmas presents (sorry,
this guy has no patience...I'm not waiting until Monday to start playing
"ElectroCop" and "Blue Lightning").  It -IS- a wonderful life!

Now to get a battery recharger unit.   <smile>
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 186       Sat Dec 23, 1989
A.FRIESEN                    at 13:47 MST
 I'm here in Arizona (GEEZ ITS COLD HERE!!) and am waiting for the Lynx
 to appear a little cheaper than the current price in my local Lionel
 Playworld.  A few days ago I talked to the guy at my local Toys R Us
 who was sure that they would have it in before Christmas.  He looked
 very dissapointed and said sorrowfully that the shipment had been
 delayed.  Oh well, I think I can wait, maybe.  Speaking of showing off
 your games, if I had one now, I would go down to the local mall where
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 there is a Nintendo ONLY store!  Boy would those suckers be jealous. 
 HE HE HE!  Wow, I can be MEAN can't I?!  :-) :-) :-)  Anyway, that's
 what I would like to do if I got a STacey-go to Computer Land (an IBM
 and Mac store with unfriendly salesmen who despise the Atari) and show
 it off maybe with Spectre GCR!  Oh well, have fun making people
 jealouse.  (NOTE:  Don't take my comments too seriously!)

 * *  *  **  **  * *    * *  *  *   *** **   *  * *  ***
 * * * * * * * * * *    * * * * *    *  * * * * * * **
 *** *** **  **   *     *** * * *    *  * * ***  *     **
 * * * * *   *    *     * *  *  *** *** **  * *  *   ***

    Aric Friesen

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 187       Sat Dec 23, 1989
BREHBOCK                     at 22:55 CST
Well, I picked mine up at Sears today, (ser# 005957) we have a do-it-yourself
catalog pickup up department at the Sears by ouur house.  As I walked down the
long aisle where Sears' computer said my Lynx was waiting, I saw no less than
10 others waiting to be picked up. Congratulations again to Atari, keep
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
cranking them out! John, I think Gate of Z. is the best out of the 3 that I've
got, too.  The good sound, digitized muahahahaha is fantastic!  When is the
next batch of games due? Jeff W: When's the Chi-town tournament? :-) Happy
Holidays to All!   -Bill Rehbock
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 188       Sun Dec 24, 1989
FB [Fred Beckman]            at 00:22 EST
Stopped by the local (San Jose, CA) Kiddie World and picked up a Lynx and the
three extra titles. This is my Xmas present. The kids Lynx should be in at
Sears on Wednesday so we can do our own linkups. I can see flying back to
Florida in March with both of them and keeping the kids quiet. Then again they
all (4) might want their own!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 189       Sun Dec 24, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 22:37 EST
Bill - Next Saturday, okay?  Maybe you, Kirk, and I can get together for a
three-man California Games elimination tournament.  <grin>  Any other Chicago
area Lynx-ers out there who want to get in on this?
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 190       Mon Dec 25, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 09:49 EST
I am lynxed out until this afternoon. The Power Glove...eeek it takes a bit of
getting used to but hot when you figure it all out.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 191       Mon Dec 25, 1989
M.VEDERMAN2                  at 13:20 CST
 I just got my lynx last week!  WOW!  I love it, but alas only have the
 California Games.  I don't know if the Sears here has more cartridges.
 Does anyone have the catalog numbers on the others, and how much are they?

 Anxiously awaiting more games (and I thought I outgrew video games)!

 - mike
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 192       Mon Dec 25, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 14:33 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Mike -

Here are the current Sears catalog numbers and prices for Lynx games:

  Number       Title                       Price
 ---------     -----------------------     ------

 49GY75431     Electro Cop                 $34.50
 49GY75434     Blue Lightning              $34.50
 49GY75432     The Gates Of Zendocon       $34.50
 49GY75433     Gauntlet III                $38.50

               (and of course...)

 49GY75425     Atari Lynx Game System     $159.00

The toll-free number for Sears catalog orders is 1-800-366-3000.
Category 14,  Topic 33
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Message 193       Mon Dec 25, 1989
TOWNS                        at 15:13 EST
 Wow.. They have Gauntlet III listed already. BTW, I have seen this game
 in test and it's different from the other Lynx games. You hold the Lynx 
 with the Fire Buttons at the top and the joypad at the bottom and the 
 screen runs the lengthwise portion. You can still flip the screen.

 Gaunlet is on the way and I know of at least two games that are already
 in their testing stage. I know that the Entertainment Division is busy 
 working on original titles and trying to license arcade conversions.

 Anyway, I will see what else I can find out soon..

 For those that got Lynx in time for Christmas, have fun playing and I
 hope you still have feeling left in your left thumb when the day is 
 over! For those that tried to get Lynx and couldn't.. I'm sorry. We 
 are shipping them as fast as we can and I hope you get them soon!

 -- John
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 194       Mon Dec 25, 1989
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
D.GAXIOLA                    at 16:25 PST
The Lynx -- Simple Fabulous. I've had mine since Saturday afternoon, and I
almost can't get enough of it.  When I inserted ElectroCop and turned it on, I
was in no way prepared for the animation that followed (well, I shouldn't say
"in no way" since I had already played California Games).  What a Christmas
present!  What a machine!  Now all I can do is hope that one is still left at
Kiddie World for my friend to get tomorrow (yeh, sure, and pigs can fly too).

       David Gaxiola
        o o

Happy Holidays!
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 195       Mon Dec 25, 1989
R.ZACCANO [Bob Z.]           at 22:58 EST
I got my Lynx!!! THIS GAME IS FANTASTIC!  On my machine the game card is a
real tight fit.  Any one else have this problem???  Merry Christmas, All!!! -
Bob Z.

<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 196       Mon Dec 25, 1989
TOWNS                        at 23:25 EST
 The card slot takes alittle getting use to. Also it loosens up alittle
 after you take a card out a couple of time.

 -- John
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 197       Tue Dec 26, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 00:40 EST
Yep, the card is quite a snug fit.  In fact, I was a bit nervous about the
amount of force I had to use to remove a card.  But I find that if I hook a
couple fingernails on the raised Atari logo on the card, I can remove the card
fairly easily (after a bit of practice).
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 198       Tue Dec 26, 1989
TOWNS                        at 02:11 EST
 BTW, I wanted to mention that you will notice a "snap" sound when you 
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 apply pressure to the card to pull it out. I have heard this numerious
 times on several different units and haven't had any problems with any
 of the units.

 So, if you hear this sound when pulling out a cart, don't be alarmed..
 it's normal.

 -- John
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 199       Tue Dec 26, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:40 EST
I have a dead transformer. I have two units so I know what it is. Who takes
care of this?? We plugged it in and sparks came out. It is not the 4th of
July...sigh. My other transformer works fine.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 200       Tue Dec 26, 1989
GORDON                       at 11:13 EST
Fred you got yours but the kids don't get theirs until Wed.. What kind of
person are you to take your game ahead of the kids. <grin>
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 201       Tue Dec 26, 1989
TOWNS                        at 14:06 EST
 Darlah.. I am not sure. I will ask the Customer Relations Dept tommorow
 Atari is closed today..

 In the meantime, if you can take the Lynx back to the place you bought 
 it.. They might be able to help you.

 -- John
Category 14,  Topic 33

Message 202       Tue Dec 26, 1989
M.VEDERMAN2                  at 14:05 CST
 Thanks Jeff for the numbers and prices!
 Now the question is, which ones do I get???

 Gates seems like a vanguard program, ElectroCop (obviously RoboCop),
 Blue Lightning lloks like AfterBurner, and of Course Guanlet III we all
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 know, except what is different about it?  Harder or is it the same, just
 for a smaller screen?

 Blue Lightning and Guantlet seem to be the ones I would like...

 Help!!!  I haven't wanted to buy games for a long time, now I am getting
 into a frenzy!  Last game I played was a year ago when I finished DM.

 - mike
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 203       Tue Dec 26, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 16:21 EST

I think that Blue Lightning is a 'must have' because not only is it fun to
just pick up and spend a little or a lot of time with, but it is also perhaps
the simplest game in the ones I've seen so far (Ca. Games, Blue Lightning, &
Electro Cop) in terms of handing the Lynx over to someone and giving them a
taste of what the Lynx is all about.  The controls are fairly intuitive and
the object of the game is fairly obvious.  The most in-depth game of the bunch
is definitely Electro Cop.  This one is a toughie and sure to challenge folks
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
for hours and hours.

Even though I don't have Gates Of Zendocon and Gauntlet III doesn't mean that
I am giving them short-shrift.  I loved Defender so I'm looking forward to
Gates.  I've never been much of a Gauntlet player, but that doesn't mean I
can't start now.  <grin>
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 204       Tue Dec 26, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 18:17 EST
Ha Ha Ha take it back to where I bought it?? I had Nevin buy me one in New
York and the other I got mail order from Babbages. Its not too realistic to
take it back but do appreciate you looking into it for me.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 205       Tue Dec 26, 1989
M.VEDERMAN2                  at 20:13 CST
 Well, as it turns out, I couldn't wait...  I called Sears and bought all
 three (Blue, Electro and Gates) cards, and they told me that "Guantlet is
 no longer available."  Which to me means they haven't gotten it yet.  Has
 anyone out there seen Guantlet III at their local store?  If so, I'd like
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 to arrange getting it.

 Or perhaps Atari has this on their proce sheet for developers?  :-)

 Mikey's got a new toy!

 BTW - I took a look inside my LYNX (what do you expect!) and noticed that
       everything is surface mount, and the two custom VLSI chips are
       named 'Mikey' and 'Suzy.'  I kinda feel special...  Hey John, I
       didn't notice any CPU, is it a hybrid built into one of the VLSI
       chips?  Also, I saw a full sized crystal, but didn't look at the
       MHz, what does this baby run at?

 - mike
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 206       Tue Dec 26, 1989
J.CURTICE                    at 18:17 PST
I got mine today!  They had a bunch of them in FAO Schwarz in San Francisco
They also had the three games.  My friend and I picked one up immediately and
went back and played California games together.  We also picked up Electrocop
and Gates.  I was very impressed with all of the different monsters in Gates
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
of Z.,  but so far the easy level is way too easy.   Electrocop has some very
impressive scrolling and zooming effects.  I didn't ply it too much though.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 207       Tue Dec 26, 1989
OUTRIDER [Terry May]         at 18:43 PST
Me thinks it is time to give the LYNX its own catagory, and break up all this
stuff into separate topics.  This topic is getting more and more use, and I
think it'd be nice to have everything all neatly organized.

Whattya think, Darlah?

Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 208       Tue Dec 26, 1989
V.AVERELLO [Vince-Cubed]     at 23:14 EST
Since Atari Chicago is supposed to be selling the developer's kit, I'd like to
ask one simple question .... What computer forms the base of the developer's
kit ... the Amiga or the ST ???

<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
PS ... No matter which it is the system (Lynx) is the best on the
       market !
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 209       Tue Dec 26, 1989
R.ZACCANO [Bob Z.]           at 23:44 EST
Thanx John & Jeff, I just got Lightning today and after swapping cards a 
couple times, noticed it's not quite as vise-like (still snug tho!) I LOVE MY
LYNX - Atari should sell a million of 'em! - Bob Z.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 210       Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 00:46 EST
I rather think we need one too. Will be setting it up soon.
Category 14,  Topic 33
Message 211       Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:33 EST
Check out the new Category 36. This topic is now closed.

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  4 Com-Link line                               3 Open   DARLAH [RSYSOP]
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Topic 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:30 EST
Sub: Lynx from Atari (Game Machine Division)

Use this Category to discuss the Lynx. Lynxers unite and share your insight
into this wonderful machine.
1 new messages.
Category 36,  Topic 1
Message 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:31 EST
As you know, this machine has been distributed in time for the holiday season.
Let us talk about it.

Topic 1 has been closed.  No replies allowed

Topic 2         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:34 EST
Sub: Games - What is out there??            

This is only to discuss what games are out on the market and which will soon
be available.
3 new messages.
Category 36,  Topic 2
Message 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:36 EST
At this time, these are the games that I am aware are out there:

 California Games     <included>
 Blue Lightening
 Gates of Zendercon
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?

 Rampage              <coming soon>
Category 36,  Topic 2
Message 2         Wed Dec 27, 1989
TOWNS                        at 18:33 EST
 Gaunlet is also on the way..
Category 36,  Topic 2
Message 3         Wed Dec 27, 1989

M.VEDERMAN2                  at 18:14 CST

 Please tell us more about the Guantlet ]I[ program!  <drool drool>
 Is it like what we're used to?  New enemies...  Tell, tell!

 - mike
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Topic 3         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:37 EST
Sub: Strategy and help on playing Lynx      

Got any useful hints on playing any of the games out there?? Please post here.
1 new messages.
Category 36,  Topic 3
Message 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
ANTIC                        at 17:11 EST
Has anyone got past level six on Blue Lightning?  It is driving me crazy
trying to beat that level, the missiles come at you so quickly that they can't
be shot down always.  I wouldn't mind knowing the password to level seven if
someone has it.  I also can give you some passwords up to and including level
six if you want them.
       Steve Mortimer
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Topic 4         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 08:39 EST
Sub: Com-Link line                          

Lets discuss what effects, if any this feature has to playing with your Lynx.
3 new messages.
Category 36,  Topic 4
Message 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
JEFF.W [RTC Sysop]           at 09:16 EST
While I have been having tremendous fun playing with the Lynx and the games
that I currently have (California Games, Electro Cop, & Blue Lightning), the
Comlynx connnection adds a whole new dimension to game play.  Of the games I
have only California Games supports Comlynx, so that is the only one I've had
occasion to go head-to-head with another player with.

Let me tell you that after a bit of play where each player is trying to top
the score of the other, the emphasis starts to shift from "scoring the most
points" to "get the other guy"!

<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Last night, Kirk Osterman and I met in a suburban shopping mall and sat down
in the common food area at a table.  We were going head-to-head with the BMX
and Surfing competitions.  It was a riot.  And we created quite a stir too. 

Many folks would stop by and look over our shoulders.  In fact, one of the
other people was someone I already know, from of all places, here on GEnie! 
It was our own Gordon Meyer (GRMEYER) and his lady friend.  I don't know what
kind of impression I made on him, but he was sure impressed with the Lynx!

Anyway, after thrashing Kirk soundly point-wise in surfing, we started to
attack each other, just trying to wipe the other guy out.  It was crazy! 
Those little surfers sure do spin nice when you hit them just right!

Another good thing about Comlynx play is that you learn from the other player.
Kirk was doing about 200 - 400 points per game on Surfing, but I gave him some
pointers about some of the things I had figured out about the game and before
long he was scoring over 1000 per game.  I'm going to have to watch out for
him.  By the way, I pulled in my best score to date last night on Surfing.
Category 36,  Topic 4
Message 2         Wed Dec 27, 1989
TOWNS                        at 18:41 EST
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
 When you get to around 6000 let us know! <grin>
Category 36,  Topic 4
Message 3         Wed Dec 27, 1989
TIMPURVES                    at 19:11 EST
What we need now is a modem interface!

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Topic 5         Wed Dec 27, 1989
R.WOHL                       at 15:16 EST
Sub: General Lynx Info And Discussion       

How About A Topic For Any Comments/Questions That Don't Fit The Others  Right
Now?  Here It Is...
2 new messages.
Category 36,  Topic 5
Message 1         Wed Dec 27, 1989
R.WOHL                       at 15:22 EST
Well, I had to do it.  Ordered my Lynx today from Sears.  I'm not sure if this
has been reported, but the price they quoted me for the unit was $147.50. 
Last I heard here was $159.00.  The price break didn't convince me to order,
but it might some.  Expected delivery was around the first of the year.  What
a way to start the '90s!!

Category 36,  Topic 5
<RETURN>, <S>croll, <Q>uit ?
Message 2         Wed Dec 27, 1989
DARLAH [RSYSOP]            at 16:28 EST
I am sure you wil be happy with it. I know I am with the two units here.
/-] Doug Wokoun [-]aa384[-] Atari SigOp [-/   "I support the REVOLUTION!"
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