News - Undated - IV

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/24/90-07:50:20 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: News - Undated - IV
Date: Wed Jan 24 19:50:20 1990

         Undated Time Capsule

News from Practical Solutions
About the Archives
SPECS: BobTerm 1.1
Word Perfect continues ST support
Atari announces 1st qtr earnings
New Express Cart
Migraph DPI hand scanner

     News from Practical Solutions

-Article #64 (154 is last):
-From: aa399
-Subject: _News Release_ from Practical Solutions
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:52:18 GMT

-From: LEN STYS (aa399)
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___________________News Release from Practical Solutions_________________


     Tucson, AZ.  Practical Solutions has initiated a new program, the
Atari Computer Enthusiasts (ACE) Support Club, for all Atari ST User
Groups.  The ACE Support Club allows User Groups to obtain one free copy
of each Practical Solutions' product for a one-time membership fee.

     Here's how it works: A group wishing to join sends a Letter of
Application, signed by an Officer of the User Group, along with a check
or money order for $25 and a request for their first product (only one
at a time can be requested).  The product of their choice is sent FREE
and becomes the property of the User Group.  The User Group then presents
the item at a regular group meeting and subsequently reviews it in their

     When the group is ready to receive their next product, they simply
send in a copy of their newsletter where the review appeared with their
next choice.  Their Practical Solutions' product selection is then sent,
again free of charge!  ACE Support Club membership limits a User Group
to one free copy of each product.

     Practical Solutions has always received support from User Groups
and we feel that this is a way to show our appreciation for their
enthusiasm.  The ACE Support Club gives us a chance to become more
involved with User Groups who existance is vital to the Atari ST
community.  Their members direct feedback is also immensely valuable
in aiding the direction of all of our products and services.

     Letters of application and inquires can be sent to:

                         Practical Solutions, Inc.
                         Attn: ACE Support Club Coordinator
                         1135 N. Jones Blvd.
                         Tuscon, AZ 85716
                         Phone: (602) 322-6110

Len Stys (aa399)
Atari SIG-Operator

         About the Archives

-Article #70 (154 is last):
-From: aa384
-Subject: About the ARCHIVES
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:53:44 GMT

-From: (Atari SysOps)
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     About the ARCHIVES...

     The ARCHIVES is a section of NEWS
items that have been grouped together
under a heading.

     This has been done to:

    1.) Make it easier to find a
particular file or piece of information

    2.) Allow us to keep files that
would otherwise be deleted

    3.) Be a placeholder for a possible
addition the Atari SIG in Free-Net II.

     ARCHIVES files are stored in the
NEWS section under the heading
ARCHIVES: followed by the subject.
When Free-Net II comes online, we
should get a new section of the SIG
where these files will be moved for

     We are now attempting to do the
same with the Q/A area of the SIG also.

        Atari SigOps - Len Stys
                       Doug Wokoun
                       Mark Leair
                       Phillip Chow

         SPECS: BobTerm 1.1

-Article #71 (154 is last):
-From: aa384
-Subject: SPECS:  BobTerm 1.1
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:53:57 GMT

-From: DOUG WOKOUN (aa384)
-Indx: 044          Size: 1036 bytes

             BobTerm v1.1
            by Robert Puff

     BobTerm is a relatively new,
powerful term program for the 8-bit
computers.  Among its features.

   o Transfer protocols:
       Xmodem  (Cksum or CRC)
       Xmodem 1K / Ymodem Batch
       Fmodem Batch (4K blocks)
       CIS Fast-Xmodem  (custom prot.
                         for CompuServe)

   o 24 item dial menu

   o 8 - 32char macros
     8 - 16char macros
     pause/return inside macros

   o 13K buffer space

   o VidTex/VT-52 emulation mode

   o Echo-Plex, your term echos the
        characters from remote term

   o supports 300-19,200 baud

   o SpartaDOS Command Prompt

   o Word wrap

   o Built-in Real-time/Online clock

   o Chat buffer with recall from last
        3 typed chat-buffers

   o Compatable with 850, P:R:, SX,
        XM301, MPP modems

   o Can use R2: port for null modeming

 This program is available as ShareWare
at several local BBSes.

   Word Perfect continues ST support

-Article #75 (156 is last):
-From: aa400
-Subject: WordPerfect continues ST support
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:54:31 GMT

-From: PHILLIP CHOW (aa400)
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   WordPerfect Continues ST support
   despite less than expected sales
     WordPerfect Corp. has announced that
they now have a full-time programmer
devoted to Atari ST development.  This
comes after rumors of their intent to
drop all ST projects recently began
     According to Reed Hainsworth of
WordPerfect, the current ST version of
the popular wordprocessor will undergo
improvements, although no specific items
were mentioned.  Hainsworth said that
while it won't be, "an official 4.2 ver-
sion," the new version should contain
some of 4.2's features.
     WordPerfect entered the ST and Amiga
markets 2 years ago, and while sales
to both markets are growing, neither have
met corporate expectations.  
WordPerfect sees the new aggressive
posture Atari has taken as a positive
development, and took that under
consideration when deciding to devote
more resources to ST work.  Atari support
at WordPerfect had fallen to the point
where there was only one part-time
programmer employed only to work on ST
bug fixes.
     WordPerfect will announce the
availability of new updates or upgrades.

For more information, contact:

             WordPerfect Corp.
             1555 N. Technology Way
             Orem, UT 84057
             (801) 225-5000

                                            Phillip M. Chow_aa400_Atari Co-SIGOp

   Atari announces 1st qtr earnings

-Article #76 (156 is last):
-From: aa400
-Subject: Atari announces 1st qtr earnings
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:54:41 GMT

-From: PHILLIP CHOW (aa400)
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   Atari announces 1st qtr earnings
     On May 12, 1989, Atari announced
the results of its first quater
earnings which ended April 1, 1989.
There was no impact from the Federated
group in the first quarter results as
it had been treated as a discountinued
operation since the last quarter of '88.
     Sam Tramiel stated that "We are
pleased to report an increase in sales of
our ST and PC lines of computers in 1989
compared to the first quarter of 1988,
however video games sales declined
significantly as a result of the unfair
monopolistic practices of an
international competitor, which are now
the subject of litigation.  Since
overseas sales account for nearly 75% of
our total worldwide market, our sales
growth in U.S. dollar terms were
significantly offset by the
strengthening of the U.S. dollar in
relation to most European Currencies
during the first quarter of 1989
compared to 1988.  The exchange rate
effect, combined with changes in sales
product mix, was largely responsible for
the reduction in net income compared to
the first quarter of 1988."
     IF Atari holds to its announced
shipment dates for its new products AND
starts advertising more, the results bode
will for a strong third quarter.

1988 Income : $98.3 Million
                15% Net Oper Income
                 6% Net Income

1989 Income : $88.8 Million
                 7% Net Oper Income
                 4% Net Income

  Phillip M. Chow_aa400_Atari Co-SIGOp

          New Express Cart

-Article #67 (197 is last):
-From: aa338
-Subject: New Express cart!
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:52:53 GMT

-From: MARK LEAIR (aa338)
-Indx: 039          Size: 12709 bytes

Its official!  The shipment of the first
Express terminal emulator carts have
been shipped and should be received by
the first bunch of buyers June 6th.
The cartridge is real exciting.
There's already upgrades for the
Pro! BBS program that supports the 
power of the Express cart...
Below is an old press release on the
cartridge then the latest report
on some of its power as released to
the Pro! SysOps with the Pro! upgrades.
One thing I have seen so far is a very
fast screen handler that was put
in Pro! as well as the cartridge!  Truly
Date: Feb. 6, 1989 
                * * * * * * New Product Announcement * * * * * * 
                           Express! (The Cartridge) 
  Orion Micro Systems of Midlothian, Va. is pleased to announce the 
latest addition to its product line: the new Express! terminal program 
in a 64K cartridge. 
  The Express! cartridge is a brand new terminal program written by 
Keith Ledbetter, the author of the popular Express! series of communication 
programs.   The new Express! cartridge sports 64K of banked memory and is 
written in 100% assembler language, allowing Keith to pack in features that 
are not available in any other terminal program for the Atari 8-bit.  Even 
though the program has been totally rewritten, you can still sense the 
user-friendly and bullet-proof environment that has always been a favorite 
feature of the Express! series of programs. 
  The cartridge will work with any modem that has a corresponding "R:" 
handler available for it.  This list includes (a) any Hayes-compatible 
modem used with an 850, P:R: Connection, or MIO, (b) Atari 1030 modem, 
(c) Atari XM301 modem, (d) Atari SX212 modem, and (e) Supra MPP modem. 
  The Express! cartridge is built around a drop-down menu system 
identical to those that are popular on many other machines like the IBM 
PC and the Atari ST.   The XEP-80 80-column cartridge is also fully 
supported.   If you are using an XEP-80, the drop-down menuing system is 
replaced with a text-based, 80-column menu.  This means you will no 
longer need two monitors (ie: one for terminal mode, one for the menus). 

  Express! also has a full-screen, Action-type text editor built in. 
This is a great feature to have, allowing you to edit the capture buffer 
or compose messages for uploading to Bulletin Boards.  Supported features 
include cut and paste, line tagging, find, and search/replace. 
  The Express! cartridge also allows you to piggyback another cartridge on 
top of it.  Then, at your command, you can turn off the Express! cartridge 
and run the cartridge plugged into the top of it!  Or, you can turn off the 
Express! cartridge AND the cartridge above it, making the OS think there 
are NO cartridges in your machine.  You may never have to pull the cartridge 
out of your machine! 
  Express! has a planned release date of June 1, 1989 and will retail for 
$69.95.   Orion will start taking pre-orders for Express! on February 6, 1989 
and will give a $10.00 discount off of the retail price for pre-orders placed 
directly with them prior to the June 1, 1989 release date. (Virginia residents 
should add 4.5% sales tax). 

  Listed below are some of the many highlights of the Express! cartridge, 
along with a pre-order form that you may use.  If you would like to order 
by telephone, or if you have any questions about specific features of any 
of our products, you can call Chris at (804) 794-9437 between the hours of 
6 pm - 10 pm Eastern time.   Thanks for your support! 
                   * * * * * *  Express! Features * * * * * * 
  o   Supports any available DOS, including the SpartaDOS X cartridge. 
  o   Intelligent and intuitive drop-down menu system, modeled after those 
      that are so popular on IBM PC's.  Those of you who have used Turbo 
      Pascal or Turbo C on an IBM will feel right at home! 
  o   Supports extra memory in either the 130XE or upgraded 800XL's, 
      allowing you to have a 90K capture buffer.  Now you no longer 
      have to be content with wimpy, 5K capture buffers! 
  o   Internal SpartaDOS-type DOS shell allows quick access to the most 
      commonly used DOS commands such as erase, rename, dir, type, and 
      wildcard copy.  Fully supports all subdirectory commands when used 
      with SpartaDOS. 
  o   Full screen (Action-like) text editor allows you to edit captured 
      text or compose a message without having to run an external text 
  o   Supports ANY modem which has a corresponding 'R:' handler. 
  o   Works on the Atari 800, 800XL, 130XE, and the XE game machine. 
  o   Fully supports the XEP-80 80 column card when using SpartaDOS X. 
      By FULLY we mean FULLY!  There is a seperate, 80-column menu invoked 
      when you are using the XEP-80.  You no longer need to have two 
      monitors hooked up.  NOTE: XEP-80 support REQUIRES SpartaDOS X. 
  o   Supports 300/1200/2400/4800/9600 baud rates. 
  o   Express's new high-speed screen handler makes capturing text at 
      the higher baud rates (4800 and 9600) a breeze.  No more lost 
      characters while capturing text! 
  o   Supports R1: thru R4: communication ports (great for null modeming). 
  o   Supports Xmodem, Xmodem-CRC, Xmodem-1k (Ymodem), Ymodem Batch, Ascii 
      and external windowed transfer protocals. 
  o   Allows running of external, disk-based programs.  This means users 
      can write utilities, such as additional transfer protocols, to run 
      with the cartridge (just like the Express Professional BBS system). 
  o   Supports exiting to DOS without loss of carrier.  This allows you to 
      exit the cartridge and run any program, such as ARC, while remaining 
  o   Supports the Hayes extended modem command set (ie: "BUSY") allowing 
      for quick re-dial of busy numbers. 
  o   Supports 50 phone list entries.  Each entry has settings for baud 
      rate, parity, duplex, wait time, translation, and 3 macros.  These 
      macros can contain control characters, making it possible to log 
      on with just one keypress!  For example, "John Doe^M^Ppassword^M" 
      would output "John Doe" <return>, pause 3 seconds, then output 
      "password" <return>. 
  o   There are 7 "generic" macros that are always active, regardless of 
      the current dialing entry that is active. 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                     Orion Micro Systems Order Form                       | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |  Mail Order To:   Orion Micro Systems                                    | 
 |                   Attn: Express! Cartridge                               | 
 |                   2211 Planters Row Drive                                | 
 |                   Midlothian, Virginia 23113                             | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |     _____    Express! (The Cartridge). . . . . . . . . . .   $69.95      | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |               ( If Ordered Before June 1, 1989 ) . . . . . - $10.00      | 
 |                                                             --------     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                 Sub-Total   --------     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                       4.5% Sales Tax (Va. Residents Only)   ________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                    Add Shipping/Handling     $ 4.00      | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                   Total     ________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |            (Check, Money Order, MasterCard or Visa Accepted)             | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |  Payment By:   __ Check    __ Money Order    __ MasterCard    __ Visa    | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |      Name As It Appears On Card: ____________________________________    | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |      Card Number: _______________________________  Exp Date: ________    | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |  Rush My Order As Soon As Released To:                                   | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |         Name: ______________________________________________________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |         Address: ___________________________________________________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |         City: _______________________  State: _______  Zip: ________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
 |         Country: ____________________   Date Ordered: ______________     | 
 |                                                                          | 
Well, that file was a bit old, but 
still rather up to can
still use the order form to purchase
the cartridge for $69.95.  I currently
have no plans to purchase the cartridge
but that may change especially after I
saw the READ.ME file in the Pro!

BBS update file!!!
Here's some of the descriptions in
the READ.ME file to Pro! SysOps:
   Since the new Express! cartridge has some strange and wonderful new
transfer protocols in it, we also had
to also add them to the BBS.  This ARC
file includes everything you need to get your BBS "up to snuff".  You should go ahead and put this up as soon as possible, since people should have the new
Express! cart in their hands by the
end of this week (July 6th. or so)...
The new protocols include:
"Auto-Lmodem downloads"
"A new, super fast Xmodem send routine"
"A new, super fast Ymodem send routine"
"Windowed protocols, so popular on the
IBM, now come to the 8 bit Atari!!!!
The BBS supports windowed Xmodem and
windowed Lmodem, and SEAlink!!!

The most exciting of these is Lmodem.
If a user calls your BBS with the new
Express! cartridge, and they have their
parameters on  a BBS like Pro! set to
"Auto-Lmodem", then when they hit "D"
to download a file, the BBS and the term
program handshake, and the term program 
starts receiving the file immediately.
The user doesn't have to hit ANY KEYS
after telling the BBS to "d"ownload
a file!  The users will eat this one
Lmodem is also better than Ymodem because
(a) its a windowed protocol (windowed,
by the way, means that the "receive
light" on the modem never goes off
unless the program is loading the buffer),
and (b) it doesn't have the overhead of having to resend an entire 1024-byte
block if an error should occur.
Keith also mentions that he hasn't
had time to do Sealink and Lmodem
batch protocols for Pro! yet, but
will be doing those real soon!
He'll also be doing super-fast receive
routines for Pro!, which will mostly
benefit 96oo baud modems.
He also still has many more big
plans for the BBS and will finally
have some time to work on them now...
(after a Florida vacation later this
month....) :)
Some future plans for Orion Microsystems
is an IBM version of Pro! BBS...
should be real interesting...
                        Atari Co-SysOp

     Migraph DPI hand scanner

-Article #77 (156 is last):
-From: aa400
-Subject: Migraph DPI hand scanner
-Date: Tue, 15 Aug 89 12:54:51 GMT

-From: PHILLIP CHOW (aa400)
-Indx: 047          Size: 1735 bytes

 Migraph announces 400 DPI hand scanner
     Migraph, Inc. has announced a hand
scanner, designed specifically for the
Atari ST, that will allow photographs,
drawings, logos, and other graphics to
be scanned into computer documents.
     Able to scan over a four inch wide
strip, the hand scanner has four
adjustable scanning resolutions and
provides true 300 and 400 dots per inch
resolution.  Initially, it will be
bundled with Touch-Up, Migraph's image
     Touch-Up will allow scanned images
to be edited and saved in a variety of
formats.  The bundle also includes
scanning software and an ST interface,
which plugs into the cartridge port. 
The anticipated release date for the
hand scanner is the end of June.
     An additional bundle will be
released in August which consists of
the hand scanner, interface, scanning
software, and a "lite" version of
Touch-Up, which has about half of the
features of the full version.  This
bundle is expected to cost about $100
less than the bundle with the full
featured Touch-Up program.
     The hand scanner bundled with
Touch-Up will retail for $499.  Migraph
is currently offering a special
introductory price of $429 on the hand
scanner bundled with Touch-Up.
     Registered Touch-Up owners can
purchase the hand scanner direct from
Migrpah for $299.  Orders with the
special pricing will be accepted through
July 31, 1989.

     For more information contact:

          Migraph, Inc.
          200 S. 333rd Street
          Suite 220
          Federal Way, WA 98003
          (206) 838-4677

  Phillip M. Chow_aa400_Atari Co-SIGOp

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