International Atari Network Node List

From: Michael Current (aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 09/16/94-04:45:30 PM Z

From: aa700@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Michael Current)
Subject: International Atari Network Node List
Date: Fri Sep 16 16:45:30 1994

Date: Mon, 22 Aug 1994 03:33:28 +0200
From: (Dieter Popp)

Node List for the: 
I.A.N. : Internationaal          Atari          Network 

Nodelist Is Courtesy Of PRO Node #176 List Current as Of: Sun 17-Apr-94
Please Keep Your Info Up-To-Date!  * = That there is some INFO missing. 
If your BBS is NOT in the list or there is something wrong with it PLEASE
let me know. 

 Node   BBS-Name        Online        Country         Phone Number
X_43   Board Runners                 Houston         +1-713-699-9053 
X_53   Repair Shop                   Salt Lake C, Ut +1-801-967-8738
X_59  *System Reset                  Hamilton,On,Can +1-???
X_102  The UnderDog bbs              Framingham, MA  +1-508-820-3089 
X_110  Wizard's Attic bbs            Lancaster,Nv    +1-716-681-1654 
X_121  S.N.A.C.C                     Las Vegas. Nv   +1-702-438-2208 
X_129  Omni bbs                      Dunniville,Can. +1-416-774-1038  
X_176  BECO TEL        18:00-06:00 CET AMSTERDAM    HOL   +31-20-6326859  
X_199  Key System                    San Leandro USA +1-510-352-5528
X_218  New Nest bbs                  New York USA    +1-516-234-4943  
X_230  Inside The 6502 West          San Leandro, Ca +1-510-895-8022 
X_265  Billy Bob Attic               Hilldale, Nj    +1-201-358-1276  
X_301  Warp 10 bbs                   St. Paul Mn.    +1-612-489-9166  
X_305  Starfleet Sickbay bbs         Tonawanda NY    +1-716-873-4833  
X_317  Hard Core II                  Vernon, Ct.     +1-203-871-1842  
X_324  The Atari Connection Fri.20:00-Mon.5:00 MST Kearns, UT +1-801-969-1468  
X_330  Acute bbs                     Whitehall, Pa   +1-610-261-0620  
X_335  The Jail bbs                  Toronto Ontario +1-416-762-9316  
X_338 *Northern Limits               St.Catharines   +1-???-937-2786  
X_365  pothole bbs                   Sooke,Bc,Canada +1-604-642-6795  
X_372  The I/O Bunker                Lynn, Ma        +1-617-598-2435  
X_381  Iron Horse bbs                Phoenix, Az     +1-602-547-0032  
X_408  ABBUC-Box       19:00-07:00 CET Herten, Germany +49-2366-39623  
X_437  Watch_City_BBS                Elgin, IL       +1-708-931-7966  
X_438  Hole in the Sky               Sac, Ca         +1-916-452-0518  
X_440  A.N.G. bbs      18:00-09:00 CET Terneuze, Hol   +31-1150-13275  
X_448  Kaj's Pro Point               Enschede, Hol   +31- only POINT  
F_9004 MoonBase Alpha                Orlando, Fl     +1-407-578-2811  
F_9010 Rest Stop bbs                 Sacramento, Ca  +1-916-518-1712  
F_9013 Doggie Dinner                 Frederickt, MO  +1-314-783-6076 
 Of those BBSses I need more info to put you in the REAL nodelist!!! I need :
2 BBSname
3 Place and Country
4 Phone number 
5 Online time (if not 24 hr)  
???? *The Carnival bbs              Flint, Michigan +1-??? 
???? *The Wall BBS                  Jacksonville,Fl +1-904-730-8659  
???? *Spectrum Analysi bbs          St. Paul,Mn     +1-612-489-9166

Michael Current, Keeper of the 8-Bit Atari FAQ & Vendor/Developer Lists
 Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOp: aa700 /

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