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From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
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From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Gamers Guide???
Date: Thu Sep 30 11:21:50 1993

From: Leigh Benson <>
Subject: ***The Gamers Guide***Vol1#1
Date: Fri May 14 07:48:23 1993

*****                    THE GAMERS GUIDE                             *****
Vol.1  Issue 1


        Hello and welcome to the very first issue!
        In the next issues, we will be trying to make this newsletter the best
rag we can, with your help!  We want to give the Net. a new and different
point of view by using our expertise, after all games are our business or as
we like to say, we are "Where The Game Pros Go".  We will NOT be advertising
any products in this Newsletter(unless you want to consider any mention of a
brand name an advertisement:). We have enlisted the help of some local game
experts, who will give you their point of view on some of the lastest games,
systems, hints, cheats, secrets and other various information.  We need your
help, send in your submissions to: ( or

Leigh Benson
(ShoWBizZ) for all my IRC Buddies:)




        Perhaps the launching of the Gamers Guide will portend the many
services  that we envision for the Internet users.  You are probably
wondering; what is Gamers.  Gamers is engaged in buying, selling, trading and
renting of electronic interactive entertainment products, "what a mouth full".
 Gamers currently has four stores in the Phoenix metro area.  We purchase new
merchandise from distributors and are direct with Sega Enterprises and soon we
will be direct with more manufacturers.  We purchase used games and systems
from the public and resell those same items with our thirty day warrantee
against any defects.  Our stores are staffed with experienced game consultants
and our prices are most competitive.  We virtually have no direct competition
and will be opening our fifth store in the fall.  Our t.v. commercials stress
two main points, the first; why pay retail for new games and systems-trade
your old games and systems against anything in our huge inventory aed towards used and save mucho bucks-something like a long term but
cheap rental scheme.  Our other main point is that "we know video games" as
our staff are all game "mavens" to begin with and they play all new releases
on all platforms.  Which platforms; Nintendo, Genesis, TurboGrafx, Duo, NEO
GEO, Phillips, Sega CD, Lynx, GameBoy and Game Gear.

        Now that you know a little about Gamers it's time to move on to our
world wide expansion.  No we're not talking about world wide store franchisinghe network.  Even if one does not wish to do business
with Gamers they may be interested in scanning our buy-sell lists which are
continuously updated to keep pace with this rapidly growing  market.  
        Soon our buy-sell-trade lists will be made available, upon request,
and you will be able to order new and used merchandise by calling us via
telephone.  We will accept credit card orders nationally ers.  Then apply that value against
the WE BUY NEW or WE BUY USED columns.  Any difference in value will be made
in cash that either the customer or Gamers will pay to the other.  Perhaps the
customer will not find anything that currently interests them on our lists or
we might be out of stock on a particular item.  The customer could still send
us the item he or she want's to sell and receive a credit receipt from Gamers
towards future merchandise to be purchased.  We all know that the longer you
keu can start right off purchasing new (you will
find our pricing very competitive from our large inventory ), if you don't
have anything to trade, initially.  Well this is enough info for you to absorb
for now, more to come and we hope to be on line real soon with our E-mail

Louis Lantz


Welcome to the " Open Net "!

         This section of your newsletter is to inform you of what games are
good and what games are not from the "net's" point of view.  The intent is to
give you as much information about games you might knows the names to, but
know very little about. How many times have you bought a game, only to be
mislead by its cover? Or how about those games that have covers that make you
think " Man that looks like a stupid game!"  Well this section is just for
that purpose. Let's try and take the guess work out of buying a game, and make
sure you get the best entertainment for your money.
        Because this is your section of the newsletter, your opinions are also
going to be expressed, so if you have anything to say about a game, or maybe
you'll suggest a different game, just send to , and I'll
see that your views are expressed on the next newsletter! 
See ya next time! Mike

John Madden NFL Football 1993

Here is a game that allows players to select their favorite teams, a be the
decision maker. The player chooses the Offense to go againsf people, or just one
person by themselves. it allows one to pit a offensive strategy against the
defense of a friend. Being given the ability to choose from various teams
allows for a Run_And_Shoot team to be hand picked to play against a team with
an awesome defense.
With the teams given their respective attributes as seen in NFL games, a true
test of strengths may been seem by teams that might not play otherwise. Only
this team you call the shots! You call for the Safety Blitz that might send
                        Gamers' Verry Own Game Mavens

        Hi, gaming fans, welcome to our first issue of GAMERS GUIDE.  Before I
get started I'd like to tell you something about myself.  I've been a Gamers
employee for almost two years and have been playing video games since I was
eight years old.  My job responsibilities consists of selling and buying video
game hardwarst issue I will review two games from the most popular
category-fighting games!  Recently Fatal Fury was released for both the
Genesis and Super NES platforms.  While these two games share the same title
they differ in many areas.  In the Super NES version the graphics are
excellent with very high detail both in the characters and backgrounds.  The
background music and voices are also above average.  The only drawback is the
lengthy time it takes to master proper use of the standard controller.  Thisan use the bosses in a two player game.  All in all the Super NES release
is a very good version and one worth owning.  

        Now for the Genesis version.  The graphics are also excellent,
boasting big characters and improved graphics on some special moves to give
the game that extra touch.  The music is also good with excellent voice as
well.  The one problem I ran into was in controlling the action with a
standard Genesis control pad.  Once I switched to a joystick controller the
game play was incredibly easy to control.  One other complaint is that two
characters were left out but it was not a major drawback.  Any Genesis system
owner seeking a good fighting game that can't wait for  Street Fighter II (the
release date has now been pushed back to September 93) should pick this puppy

        In closing, both versions are solid attempts by Takara, and I hope
that future translations will be done as well.  So anyone looking for a really
good fighting game for either the Genesis or Super NES platforms couldn't miss
with Fatal Fury.

Pete Coschigano

John Reynolds
Handle : Vlade

        Vlade has been an employee of Gamers for a total of 13 months, however
he was hooked on video games long before his employment with this video game
superstore.  Vlade's first gaming system was an Atari 2600 (though he had been
previously intrigued by a neighbor's pong system' his parents didn't give in
until the release of the 2600)  Altogether Vlade ll the
new Gamers:  Life's short. Play hard ... and often!      

by John Reynolds

        It's not often that a student like me working full time gets the
opportunity to hop in a boat, rev up the outboard motor, and go trolling for
the perfect King Salmon.  Vic Tokai, Inc. had me in-mind when they put
together the ultimate home fishing expierence:King Salmon, for my Sega Genesis.

        The game is set up into four stages: Vancouver Island, Kenai River,The
Salmon Fishing Derbye salmon are running and the fishing is hot.  From there you enter the point
map.  This is where the fun begins.  
        In the point map, you zoom in closer on your boat and your lure is
made visible.  The object is to position your boat and your lure in a spot
where the salmon will bite.  Not just any salmon though, you're out to catch
King Salmon.  Once you set your hook, THE FIGHT'S ON!!!  This is where the
realism is astonishing.  If you've ever fought with a fish, then you know
timing is cruc sound track suitable for fishing.
        King Salmon includes everything from the real fishing experience that
lovely fish smell. Pressed for time but love to fish? This is the game for

(Anonymous Writer)

BY US Gold and Delphine Software International
Sega Genesis                 12 Meg                       Action

        You are Conrad Hart,a gifted student whose final project is so
innovative, there are certain "people" who would do anything to sepping you and raising your memory.  Luckily,
you escaped to a jungle before they could do anything worse.

Your mission:  Retrieve your memory and find out who or what is trying to stop
you,  To do this, you have to conquer seven mind-blowing levels, taking you
from jungle planets, back to Earth, to the farthest reaches of the galaxy. 
The animation and movement in this game are spectacular, moving at 24 frames
per second, the same as  real movie.  There are also cinematic intermissions
to move the plot right along, and make it more intriguing.  Once you get the
hang if it, the controls for the character are just as impressive.

        Overall, this game is a masterpiece,  It combines action, adventure,
and problem solving with the most impressive graphics you will ever see for
the Sega, short of the CD player.  This game is definitely worth investigating.


The Villard

                Greetings, fellow game enthusiasts. This is the first of a
series of installments, dedicated to giving the serious gamer and advantage.
In every issue you will find lots of tips, tricks, cheats, and useful
strategies. There will also be my Game Genie(tm) Code of the *month*. As this
is the first issue, this will be a particularly short installment. My major
goal is to find out what *you* want, what the great gaming masses need to be
successful in the never ending quest for VIDEO SUPREMACY.

Lets start with t. Instead, fire five shots into it. Then, turn around and
collect several powerups (like extra lives and the speedup). Finally, you have
your choice of several new flashing doors that lead to higher levels.

Obtain initial powerups and multi-choice level select. 

Next, lets take a look at a joystick trick, for the tremendously Super
Nintendo Entertainment System(tm) popular game, Street Fighter II. I would
like to thank John Shepherd for this contribution, which is one of many. 

Tent, so lets look at my Game
Genie(tm) code pick this time:

I have chosen two codes: One for the ever popular Super Mario Land for SNES,
and Sonic The Hedge Hog 2 for Sega Genesis(tm). 

Super Mario Land/SNES

Code    Effect

? DD2C-AF6F     Holding B allows you to fly to the top of the screen,
sometimes off screen. Good code but, can be a problem in caves.
Submitted to the Game Genie(tm) listserv by: dsmith@hollou to Rick
and compliments to the Game Genie(tm) Listserv for a terrific job, and a great
list. Be sure to check it out.

Well, that about raps things up this month. Feel free to send comments,
suggestions, and even complaints to, I will
respond to all who mail me.

Send any and all contributions with a subject containing the word code or
codes to me at the same address. Every contributor will receive credit. I
would like to thank this weeks contributors, and once a...start playing, now you have The Villard *ADVANTAGE*

                                                Fred Horvat
                                                Your Atari Portfolio SYGOP

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