From: Afsar Husain (aj068@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/19/90-05:29:06 PM Z

From: aj068@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Afsar Husain)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: The Kristal
Date: Thu Apr 19 17:29:06 1990

Here's a whole bunch of hints for The Kristal. Used together,
they magically transform themselves into a complete solution!

Find the beggar and give him Skringles, twice.

Find Gloop (small alien in space suit) and ask him "What do you
do?" He will then give you some info and give you an
invitation to the palace.

Go to the palace and tell the guard "I have an invitation."
When you enter, go to Nerod's room and ask him 4 questions. He
qill then give you the necessary info about your mission.

Visit the Kring, listen to what he says, and then take the
Skringles he gives you.

Meet the princess and say "It's a secret". She will give you
The RIng of Beltz.

Take the scroll from the arch on the right of the green door
and take it to the transporter room.

Buy some Froodle and Frandanas from Sereena in the market
square town to increase strength. 5 Skringles should do it.

Give money to Boris the Butler

Enter the green dorr, go through the center arch, and head
left. Go into the spacepost and board the ship.

Select the top icon for Zapminola. When travelling in space,
its best to slow down when aliens appear. After shooting up
the aliens, accelerate to the planet, but be ready to slow
down when more creatures appear. Continue like this until you
reach the planet.

On Zapminola, find Aunt Polly and ask "Who are you?" Give
her the necessary Skringles and accept the Multipep.

Get the key from the left side of town square. Enter the 
Krings head, use the key to go upstairs, and get the 
Heatpro tabs from the side of the bed. Resturn to your ship.

Select the icon for Glysta. On arrival, defeat the swordsman,
and pick up the Psychicabsorber at the right.

Return to the ship and select the icon for Feltina.

Immediately take the Heatpro Tabs to protect yourself from the
heat. Find the Sword of The Spheres. You have to have the 
Pommel if you want to take the Sword.

Practice more sword fighting, then return to Zapminola.

Find the White Pirate, then give money to the Minolan 
Children's fund.

Give Skringles to the Malagar and then go into the
Kring's head. 

Buy Grelge and Fissionchips for more strength. 

Go upstairs and listen to the radio.

Board the ship and pick any destination.

Follow the Blue Scorpion through the Magic Ring. After the redhead pirate
and the Princess have passed, ise the Ring od Belz. It wont work
unless you have the scroll.

Ask Malvalla "Where am I" She will give you Belt of Celstial Sisters.

Select the icon for Magno once you are in the ship.

To survive the Brain cell, you need a minimum of 100 strength
pointsamd 35 psychic points. When released, you must kill
Redhead in a swordfight.

Confront Finn Shadok in psychic combat. He can be defeated if you
have the Psychicabsorber and you outshoot him.

Once Shadok is dead, enter the door that opens and then watch the
finale. Harmony has now been restored to the universe.

For mor tips, leave me Email.

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