GAME SOLUTION: Leisure Suit Larry - Lounge Lizards

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 02/23/90-11:40:38 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Leisure Suit Larry - Lounge Lizards
Date: Fri Feb 23 23:40:38 1990


                in The Land of the Lounge Lizards

                             by Sierra




   1       1        Order whiskey (while sitting on stool at bar)

   3       2        Give drunk drink (you will receive remote control)

   4       1        Open bathroom door

   5       1        Use bathroom

   8       3        Get ring (from sink)

  10       2        Read walls (until password is shown)

  13       3        Knock give password (at padded red door)

                    (Turn on TV with remote)

  21       8        Change channel (until guard leaves stairs)

                    (Go upstairs)

  23       2        Get candy

                    (Open window - climb out)

                    (Move left to go down fire escape)

  26       3        Get hammer (from trash bin)

  27       1        Call cab (go to Store)

  31       4        Buy rubbers

  32       1        Get magazine

  33       1        Read magazine

  34       1        Buy wine

  39       5        Give wine (when bum asks you will get a knife)

                    (Look at phone)

  41       2        Use phone

  46       5        Answer phone (wait around until it rings!)

                    (Call cab go to Casino)

  49       3        Buy apple (if guy isn't there, he will be later)

                    (You must make $250.00 before you can get 1st girl!!)

  50       1        Get card (from ashtray)

  51       1        Sit (in Cabaret - lower right hand table)

                    (Call cab go to the Disco)

  56       5        Show card (to guard)

  57       1        Sit with girl

  58       1        Look at girl

  64       6        Dance with Fawn

  69       5        Give Fawn candy

  74       5        Give Fawn rose

  79       5        Give Fawn ring

  86       7        Give Fawn money ($100)

                    (Call cab go to the Chapel)

  98      12        Get married

                    (Walk next door to the Casino)

                    (Enter elevator type "PRESS FOUR")

                    (Go to room with heart on it knock)

  99       1        Turn on radio (wait for phone number to be announced)

                    (Call cab go back to Store to use phone)

                    (Be careful!! You might need more money for cab fare)

 104       5        Use phone (to order wine - send to honeymoon suite)

                    (Call cab go back to Casino)

                    (Drink wine get undressed)

 114      10        Use knife

 117       3        Get rope

                    (Call cab go to Bar)

                    (Go back upstairs)

 127      10        Undress - Use rubber

 138      11        Get in bed

 139       1        Take off rubber

                    (Climb out window)

                    Tie rope to me

                    Tie rope to fire escape

                    Use hammer

 147       8        Get pills

                    Get on fire escape

                    Untie rope

                    (Call cab go to 8th floor of casino)

                    Look at girl

 152       5        Open pills

 157       5        Look desk - press button

                    (Go in bedroom - upper right)

                    Open door

 162       5        Get doll

                    Undress get in tub

                    Look at girl

                    Drink wine

                    Talk (keep talking until she wanders what you want)

 177      15        Give apple

 202      25        (The finale!!!)



1.  Make sure you pay the cab driver.

2.  Be careful you don't wonder into a dark alley.



I missed 20 points.  Obviously I missed something somewhere.

I never figured out the fence (let me know if you do)

HAVE FUN!!!  (Make sure you have saved the game first)


Try flushing the toilet 

Try falling from the balcony (it's definately worth the look!)



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