From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/19/90-11:28:33 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Hacker
Date: Fri Jan 19 23:28:33 1990

                                    Part 1

            HACKER, a graphic adventure by Activision, Inc., is a
       frustrating, maddening challenge.  As with most computer games
       there may be several different ways to solve it.  I played the
       Apple Macintosh version which may differ from other versions of
       the game.  Please consider this walkthru as just one possible

            LOGON PLEASE: Type anything -- "Activision", "Hacker","
       Help", or just hit the carriage return.  You'll be told that
       you've made an error; but try again.  Aftera few attempts at
       this, the program will state that you are being disconnected and
       a lot of garbage will appear on the screen.  Don't give up; just
       wait! Therewill be a Security System Malfunction

            WELCOME TOMAGMA, LTD.  (Remember the name of the company,
       for you'll need to know it later.)  After you have learned the
       location of the test site, you can log on by simply typing in
       AUSTRALIA.  But please don't do this to start with for you will
       miss alot of information which you need.

            SRU TEST: A drawing of the Subterranean Remote Unit (SRU)
       will appear on the screen.  Model # AX-0310479 available for
       clandistine operation.  (Remember the model number.) You must
       pass a test on identifying parts of the SRU.  Pay close attention
       and, unless you have a terrific memory, jot down the pertinent
       data (especially the type of motovator).

             MAPPING: A gridded map of the world will appear on the
       screen with little squares indicating the location of all Magma,
       LTD.  Information Sites in use.  The location of your SRU will
       also appear as a little square.  The SRU travels through an
       intricate system of underground tunnels throughout the world.
       You should map this tunnel system as accurately as possible so
       you will know exactly how to get from one location to another in
       the least amount of time.  It's a good idea to jot down the
       number of sound effects "bleeps" from one location to another on
       the map because later in the game your Telemetry Guidance System
       will become inoperative and you will no longer be able to see the
       location of your SRU.  Also, it is through mapping that you will
       most likely learn the location ofthe test site.

             MISSION: You will learn that some spies have stolen the
       pieces of a shredded document which contains proprietary
       information concerning "The Magma Project."

            Your mission: Use the SRU to negotiate with the spies for
       the return of all the pieces of the document.  You will begin
       with a standard amount of cash with which you must buy pieces of
       the document (evidence) or buy merchandise which can be traded
       for evidence.  Some spies will take merchandise which other spies
       require so you must learn what each spy requires.  Buy only the
       merchandise you need or you will run out of money.

             NEGOTIATING WITH SPIES: When you reach an Information Site,
       you must surface and CALL the spy.  CLL is the abbreviation for
       CALL.  If it's dark in a location,you must first activate your
       Infrared vision.  The abbreviation for Infrared is IR.  After he
       is called, the spy will start walking toward you.  You can speed
       things up by traveling east to meet him.  He will converse with
       you in his native tongue.  Offer either money or merchandise for
       his piece of the document.  He will offer merchandise for sale;
       buy it only if you need it.

             ORDER OF LOCATIONS: This is the order in which you should
       negotiate with the spies: (1) Switzerland, (2) Egypt, (3) Greece,
       (4) India, (5) New York, (6) Japan, (7) China, (8) Caribbean, (9)
       London, (10) San Francisco, and (11) Washington, D.C.

                                    Part 2

            SECURITY SATELLITES: Fairly early in the game a security
       breach is detected and Security Satellites are activated.  You
       can avoid the satellites by surfacing (they can't spot you above
       ground).  However, if you are spotted by a satellite you must
       respond with the proper password or be terminated.  By this time
       you have been given all the information you need to make the
       proper responses; but,in case you missed it, the passwords are as

        Level 1 Security Check(Identify company name), MAGMA, LTD.;
        Level 2 Security Check (Identify SRU ModelNr.), AX-0310479;
        Level 3 Security Check (Identify Motovator type), HYDRAULIC;
        Level 4 Security Check (location of test site), AUSTRALIA.

             SPY REQUIREMENTS: This includes what you should give to
       each spy and what you should buy from him.

       (1) Switzerland: trade money for evidence; buy chronographand
       deed to Swiss Chalet.
       (2) Egypt: trade chronograph for evidence; buy scarab and
       statuette of Tut.
       (3) Greece: trade statuette of Tut for evidence; buy nothing.
       (4) India: trade scarab for evidence; buy nothing.
       (5) New York: trade deed to Swiss Chalet for evidence; buy uncut
       (6) Japan: trade diamond for evidence; buy pearls and camera.
       (7) China: trade pearls for evidence; buy jade carving.
       (8) Caribbean: trade camera for evidence; buy nothing.
       (9) London:trade jade carving for evidence; buy Beatles' album.
       (10) San Fransisco: trade album for evidence; buy nothing.
       (11) Washington, D.C.: give all evidence to secret agent; reap
       your reward.

             RUNNING OUT OF TIME: I found three things caused me to run
       out of time: wrong routing, backtracking and surfacing to avoid
       satellites, and getting lost.  If you have worked out the
       requirements for each spy, have mapped your routes properly, and
       know the satellite passwords, you should have enough time to
       complete your mission.  If you have done all this but are still
       running out of time, you should look for a shortcut.  The best
       shortcut is a route from China to the Caribbean that actually (to
       me) looks longer but saves considerable time.  Counting each
       "bleep" as a move, go south 6 from China to Australia.  Then
       workyour way around Australia to the lower edge of the map by
       going east 4, north 2,east 4, south 2, east 2, south 2, east 2,
       and south 2.  Then move east 12 to thetip of South America.  From
       there it's north 6 to the Caribbean.

            THE ENDING: The game has a good ending with lots of praise,
       a newspaper article, and a printout for you.  So stick with it
       and be a hero!



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