GAME SOLUTION: Crimson Crown

From: Len Stys (aa399)
Date: 01/19/90-08:12:35 PM Z

From: aa399 (Len Stys)
Subject: GAME SOLUTION: Crimson Crown
Date: Fri Jan 19 20:12:35 1990

                                 CRIMSON CROWN

          Part 1

       Welcome to Transylvania! You are here under less than auspicious
      circumstances. The King is dead and it is up to you to rescue the
      kingdom by retrieving the Crimson Crown from the evil stronghold of
      Karel Thurg. You begin where you left off in Transylvania, at the
      lake shore.  There is a lot to do here later. For now, let's begin
      our quest by going east, north, then east and look into the ball.
      When you are done reading, you will find that Erik has pulled you
      back to the crypt, empty handed. Read the sign, say WINDMILL, and
      go north. Tell Erik to get the sword. Now go south and push the
      button (to disable the trap door for the remainder of the game). Go
      west, down twice, north, and talk to the Gryphon. Answer YES.  Now
      you need to break the seal on the parchment found in the package.
      It contains three riddles which must be solved. Do your best, or
      read on for the answers.  The answers to the riddles are Fear,
      Cloud, and Dream. Get the scepter, then go south twice.  By the
      way, if a Sage appears, talk to him. You will learn very valuable
      clues to solving many of the puzzles in this game. To continue, go
      west, north, east, enter the house (but do not touch the crate just
      yet), and up. Get the candle, then go down, exit the house, and
      west, south, east and north. Light the candle with the torch on the
      wall. Now return to the house by going south, west, north and east.
      Enter the house, open the crate and show the candle to the Zombie
      (and say bye-bye). Drop the candle, get the mouse and the sack,
      exit the house, and go west, south and west again.

                                 CRIMSON CROWN

            Part 2

          Tell Sabrina to cast a spell (which takes care of the cat) and
      go west. Tell Erik, DRINK. Now you must rush back to the lake shore
      before Erik turns into a frog. If you do not make it, just get frog
      and go on.  Go east twice, south twice and west then get the frog
      and throw it in the lake. Soon he comes back with a silver coin.
      Climb the tree and give the mouse to the owl and note what it tells
      you. Down, get the coin, and go east, north four times then east.
      The cemetery has changed a little, however the grate is still here.
      Tell Erik to pry the grate with the sword. Go down, put the coin
      and scepter in the sack, get the censer, and say WINDMILL (to be
      blown back to the crypt).  Go west and down twice. Light the censer
      (using the torch again), then go south, west, north, west, north
      three times and up (to find the castle). Wave the censer and go
      north. Talk to the Wizard (who strikes a deal with you kind of like
      the Wizard of Oz).  Now go south and down three times. Tell Sabrina
      to get the scroll and read it. Go up twice, south three times,
      east, south and west twice. Tell Sabrina to cast a spell (on the
      witch). Then drop the censer, get the tablet, and go east twice.
      By the way, if Erik turns into a frog again, just get the frog and
      go on. Go north, west, north three times, up then north and give
      the tablet to Zin (who gives you the word LORELEI in return). Go
      south, down, south three times, east then north.  Now get ready for
      the tough stuff. Put the scroll in the sack, get the flute, go
      north twice and play the flute. Now go west and get the coin. Talk
      to Sam and give him the coin (in return for a sphere of
      annihilation). Look at the sphere (to get a clue to what it is used
      for). Go north, drop the flute, and say LORELEI.

                                 CRIMSON CROWN

            Part 3

          Now the fun starts. You find yourself in a pit with no way out.
      All your possessions are gone and Sabrina is unconscious. Search
      the pit and examine the water. Splash the water on Sabrina to
      revive her and look at the ground. Tell Sabrina to whistle
      (remember the owl?). Get the branch and the beehive, then plug up
      the hole with the beehive. Tell Sabrina, HOLE BRANCH. Wait as many
      times as it takes to float up to the next chamber where you will
      find Erik unconscious. Splash water on Erik to revive him. Go north
      and west then tell Erik to get the sword. Go north twice and get
      the scepter. Now go north twice more and get the sphere, then go
      south and east.  I call this room the Lever Room. Whenever you
      encounter the Troll, he,will steal something from you. To get it
      back you must come here and do the following:   Wait (until the
      Troll arrives), then pull the lever. Tell Erik to attack the Troll
      (who knocks himself out trying to run into the gate) and push the
      lever. Now you must proceed to his treasure room. Go west, south,
      west twice and north. This is where the Troll stores all his stolen
      goodies. As long as he is out cold in the Lever Room, you can get
      them back. At this time, if there is anything here, get it.  Now go
      south, east three times, then get and wear the ring. Go north, east
      twice and west. Does this creature remind you of anything you've
      seen so far? Throw the sphere at the Centaur. Get the bow and
      arrow. Go east twice and wave the scepter (to meet Fury, an ally).
      Drop the scepter and go west, south, west and north. Dip the arrow
      in the water (as the Sage suggested), then go south, east twice and
      north. Load the bow and shoot the knight. Drop the bow and go south
      twice, west, south, west, south and east. Dig in the sand and get
      the shell. Examine then listen to the shell (after which time it
      turns into a shield). Now go west, north, east, north, east twice
      and north. Now for the vampire!  Call Fury and go north. In the
      fierce battle that follows, the vampire drops the Crown. Tell Erik
      to get and wear the crown. Now get Erik and go south three times,
      west, south, west, south and east. Now just wait until help
      arrives. Poor Fury does not make it out. However, you have saved
      the kingdom and live happily ever after.


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