Voting Booth Rules

Vote Booth Rules ---------------- << Updated 20-Jul-1992 >> In addition to the rules that govern the Cleveland Free-net, as set by the Cleveland Free-Net Administration, below are a list of additional rules for the Atari SIG's Vote Booth: Vote issues submitted to this area must directly or indirectly affect the Atari Community. An example of an issue directly affecting the Atari Community is: "Do you think the Falcon will be under $1000?" An example of an indirect issue is "The price of Japanese chips is ridiculously lower then domestic chips. Should the U.S. Government have tariffs on foriegn chips?" As you can see a direct issue is an issue dealing with Atari Corp, the Atari User, or the Atari Community as a whole. An indirect issue is an issue related more to the computer industry, but an issue that can still affect Atari and its users. As long as the issue has a clear relation to Atari Corp, its users, or community, the issue is valid. Next, deliberate attacks on computer brands will not be tolerated. An example of such an issue could be "Do you think X brand Computer Sucks?" This is an obvious attack that can lead to useless "computer waring." Furthermore, it should go without saying that offensive language will not be tolerated at all. Posts containing offensive language will be immediately removed. Lastly, because this vote booth is a new feature to the SIG, it's an experimental feature. Therefore, these rules are subject to change without prior notice outside this text file. It is the users' responsibility to read this rule file on a regular basis to keep up to date with the rules. Furthermore, the Atari SIG Operators reserve the right to edit or remove issues not meeting the above criteria or otherwise unappropriate for this vote group. Any issues that have been changed will be re-posted as an "edited issue." Because this new area is experimental and has never been tried by the Atari SIGOps before, mistakes and difficulties may arise. Please direct and problems, comments, suggestions, gripes to the Atari SIG Vote Administrator, Mark Leair, at
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