About the Voting Booth

The Atari Voting Booth ---------------------- The Atari SIG's Voting Booth has been established to provide a forum for seeing what the Atari Community feels on issues that affect the Atari User directly or indirectly. The Atari Voting Booth's menu is arrange in 4 sections: 1. About the Voting Booth (what you are currently reading) 2. Voting Booth Rules Rules for submitting issues to the Vote area. 3. How to use the Voting Booth This text file contains information for taking part in the issues at hand as well as instructions for submitting your own polls. 4. Enter the Voting Booth This command takes you to the voting area. 5. Discuss issues at hand This option takes you to the SIG's General Bulletin Board where issues can be discussed in greater detail. The Voting Booth is an unmoderated area allowing both the User and the SIGOp the privilege to submit issues to vote on. Before using and submitting issues, however, we ask that you read over the text files located in options 2 and 3. These text files discuss the voting booth rules and how to use the voting booth respectively. Thank-you. Mark Leair Atari SIG Vote Administrator Direct any questions to: aa338@po.cwru.edu
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