Defender 2000 Codes

From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 08/15/96-10:55:55 PM Z

From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Defender 2000 Codes
Date: Thu Aug 15 22:55:55 1996

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                            Defender 2000 Cheats!
                        (Thanks to CIS' Larry Tipton)

Here are THREE Defender 2000 codes for your gaming pleasure. :)

z    Plazma Pong:
z    Enter "Nolan" in any high score table to get an extra game

z    Flossie's Revenge:
z    Enter "Ovine" in Defender Plus high score table. Start Defender Plus by
pressing A (instead of B).

z    Warp Enable:
z    Enter "Beest" in Defender 2000 high score table. During Defender 2000,
  press 3 to warp to the next level, and press 6 to warp to the bonus round.

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