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From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 04/21/96-11:17:29 AM Z

From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Space Ace Walk Thru
Date: Sun Apr 21 11:17:29 1996

 Walkthrough for Space Ace, Atari Jaguar CD version, Rev.3/30/96
 By Andrew Floyd
 This is much better than Dragon's Lair, also by Readysoft/ Epicenter, as the
action is much faster, the Don Bluth animation and soundtrack is much more
energetic, and the control is improved over the sluggishness of Dragon's Lair,
including multiple paths through some scenes. The only thing missing is the red
LED digital readouts of the score, high score, and lives left!
 As in Dragon's Lair, some scenes can be mirrored, with left moves becoming
right and vice versa. All of the moves in this walkthrough are from the Left
orientation of the game, determined from the direction Borf's ship flies in the
second scene. If it flies to the right, Press * and # to reset the Jaguar and
go through the first scene again to see if Borf's ship flies to the left. If it
does, you've got it easy. If the second scene is mirrored, all other scenes
that can be mirrored will be played that way.
 Enter each move early, until you hear the high pitch beep from the right
speaker channel, signalling you made a correct move. In most cases, you can try
the move early until it works, but usually it's a good idea to wait until you
can clearly tell the move's time has come. Early moves can kill you in in some
scenes in Space Ace!
 Conventions used:
 L - Left    U - Up (on the joypad)
 R - Right   D - Down (on the joypad)
 F - Fire (press 'A' button)
 R R L L F F R L R F L L L L L
 (Ace's moves are included here, but this scene can be played without them.)
 If you don't Energize, you skip to the end part where you have to keeping
moving left to get to the shuttle.
 Space Maze
 U L U F L F D F
 You get to see some animation with Dexter talking to Kimmy. (Just how does
Dexter's communicator in his ship get a picture of her anyway?) Don't do
anything until the ship approaches the first part of the Space Maze, or you'll
fly into a black ball. Played as Dexter only.
 Space Station
 U R U U F R F L U F R R
 (The last move, RIGHT, can also be Left, but going Right will continue the
action without a break. This sequence includes Ace's moves.)
 As Dexter: L U R L R U R L
    As Ace: L U, F F L F F L F F L
 As Dexter: At the 3rd move, begin pressing Left when it shows Dexter on the
raft and he'll jump as the lasers shoots away the raft. Then try the R U R
moves in quick succession. Only the Rafts part is played in the Cadet level
play of the original coin-op.
 To play as Ace, do the first 2 moves. Then wait until Dexter turns away from
the tube and the Energize sound begins to continue with the rest of the moves.
 To The Ship
 As Dexter: U R L U L R U L
    As Ace: U R L F L R F R F R R L
 Time your moves just about when Dexter or Ace reaches the tile where the flash
appears. Be on your toes! The game seems to get picky on the timing of moves
the more you play as Ace. Either that or it's my imagination.
 Garbage Compactor
 As Dexter: F L U L F L R L U
    As Ace: F L U F F L F R F L
 As Ace, you have plenty of time to get your moves in. As Dexter, be alert as
it goes quickly!
 Not present in original coin-op Cadet level play.
 Dog Fight
 L U R R F F U D U F U F U F
 (This sequence goes quickly! The tricky parts: When Dexter's ship is in the
crosshairs, an indicator will appear on the direction to move (the U R R
moves). Then after the 2 Fire moves, go Up then Down and then Up quickly. Then
the rest as listed.) Not present in original coin-op Cadet level play. Played
only as Dexter.
 Checkerboard Hallway
 As Dexter: U R LL <incomplete>
 As Ace: U R L F F L R F F F
 This includes Ace's moves. This is really easy even though the scene is wierd.
Not present in the original coin op Cadet level play.
 As Dexter: F U U U R R L R R (I think)
    As Ace: F U F F F R
 Easy scene. Playing as Ace makes this one easier. The timing for Dexter is
more critical.
 As Dexter: L F L D L L
    As Ace: L F L F U F L F D R R U L U
 Again, an easy scene even if some moves aren't evident from the clues in the
animation. Part of this is played in the Cadet level in the original coin-op.
 As Dexter: R L F D F
 As Ace: R L F F F F L D <incomplete!>
 I CANNOT complete this damn scene as Ace! It comes down to a final Left or Up
move (I can't figure it out!) and I get killed. I might be making the move too
soon. (That's when Ace jumps over a pit of fuzzy things on the motorcycle.) You
get to see more of the animation if you try it as Ace, which gives you a bit of
dialog between Ace and Kimberly. Not present in original coin-op Cadet Level
 Skates and Underwater
 L U R F D R L R U L R
 R F L D L D F F L L
 Ace's moves are included here. The skates part is tricky and goes fast even if
you don't realize it! The first line is for the skates, the second line is for
the Underwater part. The Skates part is not present in the Cadet level play,
and part of the Underwater is present. The part where you get Oxygen also had a
different move, but I'll not include it in order to prevent confusion.
 Final Confrontation
 U F F R L F F R F F
 U D F R U D R L R <-save Kimmy
 L F L R R R L
 The first move, Up, you'll have to keep trying until the game accepts it,
which takes a few seconds when the scene starts. The moves go pretty well until
you go to pick up the rod after saving Kimmy. Move Left to pick it up and when
Ace has it, Fire. (It's tricky!) If you time it right, then you'll get to the
simple Left, 3 Rights, and a Left and win! You have to play this scene as Ace
to get the best ending! You can play as Dexter, but it's not as satisfying and
I haven't figured out those moves.
 If you get killed during the Final Confrontation, you'll have the Skates and
the Underwater scenes to complete again when you run out of lives and continue!!
 And yes, if you want to know, the mirrored scenes have the same moves, only
the Left and Right moves are reversed.
 There ya go. I even have a Dragon's Lair walkthrough. :D

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