Club Drive special features

From: John Daniels (ah499@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/10/95-08:46:00 AM Z

From: ah499@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (John Daniels)
Subject: Club Drive special features
Date: Fri Feb 10 08:46:00 1995

Subject: Club Drive info
Date: Sun Jan 29 18:35:42 1995
        On the area select screen:  Press 2+4, and the highlighting will
                                      disappear, selecting "Planet Todd",
                                      an undocumented world with separate
                                      racing and powerball/tag sections.
        During play:  Press 6+8, and the mph reading will be replaced by
                        some hex numbers, which appear to change as the
                        viewpoint changes.  The number of laps will also
                        change to a single-digit number which appears to
                        vary inversely with the framerate.  Pressing 6+8
                        again will exit this debugging mode.
                        While this mode is activated, the fixed-camera view
                        (9 on the keypad) is available in racing mode.
        Secret areas (all in racing mode):
                1. Driving through the fireplace of the living room in
                     Jerome's Pad (the room that racing mode starts in)
                     takes you to an island containing a castle that is
                     surrounded by a moat that you can (surprisingly) drive
                     in.  The building inside the castle has a flashing
                     blue door on the right side which will transport you
                     back to the top of the table in the TV room.
                2. Driving through the flashing blue wall in the northern
                     mine shaft of the Old West will take you to Atari
                     headquarters.  This building has a missile in back,
                     and a flashing red door on its right side which will
                     teleport you to a position just outside the western
                     town, facing northeast.
                3. Driving through the solid blue wall in the southern
                     mine shaft of the Old West will take you to an
                     enclosed area with a crashed missile, a T-Rex, a
                     rock outcropping, and a lake that you can drive on.
                     The flashing blue door on the other side of the lake
                     will teleport you directly into the eastern town,
                     facing the goal.

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