Jaguar Explorer Online V3 I1

From: Fred Horvat (aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 06/15/99-02:44:19 PM Z

From: aa778@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Fred Horvat)
Subject: Jaguar Explorer Online V3 I1
Date: Tue Jun 15 14:44:19 1999

 :: Volume 3, Issue 1      JAGUAR EXPLORER ONLINE           June 3, 1999 ::
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 ::     Editor/Publisher ............................ Clay Halliwell     ::
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                             Table of Contents

* From the Editor ...................................... Methuselah Awakes.

* 1998 End of Year Survey Results ....................... The Votes Are In.

* JEO Trivia Challenge V: The Questions ................ Strain Your Brain.

* Jaguar Tackboard .................. Newsletters, Message Boards, Mailing
                                           Lists, FAQs, Codes, Development
                                                List, Mail Order Directory.

* CyberChatter .......................................... Overheard Online.

* BattleSphere News ..................................... 4Play Marches On.

* Protector Update ......................................... Real Soon Now.

* Llatest from Llamaland ........................................ Yak yaks.

* State of the Lynx .............................. The Little Cat Purrs On.

* Review: Jaguar System Test Cartridge .......................... Say What?

* The Trials and Joys of a Flash ROM Cart .............. The More You Know.

* JEO Trivia Challenge V: The Answers ............................... D'Oh!

* Shutdown ............................ Around the world and up your block.


   ||  From the Editor
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell

I'm so ashamed of myself.

Six months. Six months since the last issue of JEO. What's been going on in 
Jaguar land in these last five months? Precious little, which is why it's 
taken so long for this issue to see the light of day. So, let's run down 
the list of announcements...

The big one-- As of mid-May, Hasbro has officially declared the Jaguar an 
"open" platform. This means people can hack and reverse-engineer and 
encrypt to their hearts content, and Hasbro won't lift a finger to stop 
them! The immediate result of this will of course be the real-soon-now 
release of BattleSphere. After that, probably Protector, and whatever other 
games the hacker fanbase has been working on. Something I'd really like to 
see though, is for someone to rip the VLM code out of the JagCD's BIOS and 
put it in a cart with built-in audio jacks. Finally, people would be able 
to just jack the VLM directly to their stereo!

I'd like to apologize to JEO mailing list maintainer Joachim Vance for 
killing him last issue. Just a minor communication breakdown on our part. 
Sorry Joachim!

Much thanks to Robert Goffena for providing copies of AEO News Bulletins #6 
and #7, and AEOs 3.13 and 3.14. The AEO/JEO archive is still missing AEO 1.12, 
AEO 2.2, and AEO News Bulletins #2, #3, and #5.

Iron Soldier 3 was spotted at E3... for the Playstation! Well, thank heavens 
for Bleem! (a new Playstation emulator for PCs).

The JTS domain ( has finally vanished. Whereabouts of the 
remains of JTS Corp. are currently unknown.

Thanks to Wes Powell for scoping out this one. is now selling a semi-
official Battlemorph soundtrack-- "Morph", composed by Will Davis. Check it 
out at <>.

Speaking of CDs, the long-awaited CD release of Buckner and Garcia's Pac-Man 
Fever is slated for a June 1st release. Drop by the official Buckner and 
Garcia web site <> and order a copy!

Clay Halliwell (that's me), editor of Jaguar Explorer Online, has a new 
primary email address. From now on, please address all correspondence to: Thank you.

I finally got around to adding the Myst Demo CD to the Software Release 
list. Should have done that a long time ago, I suppose.

The ZIPped edition of this month's JEO includes the following images: Some 
guy at E3 with an Atari Jaguar tattoo on his arm (photo by Steph Wukovitz), 
Steph and Scott's reaction to the big news from Hasbro, the Jaguar System 
Test cartridge, and a Dilbert cartoon I retouched in a fit of pique at 

Not appearing in this issue, but well worth browsing to, are a couple of 
surprise appearances by the Jag in the Sabrina Online webtoon (by Eric 
Schwartz, of Amy the Squirrel fame). They're at < 
ericschwartz/sabrina/strips13.html> and < 
ericschwartz/sabrina/strips14.html>. You can view the complete archive of 
Sabrina Online at <>.

Oh yeah, almost forgot the obligatory Star Wars: The Phantom Menace 
comment-- IMHO, Lucas destroyed a perfectly kick-ass Jedi movie by mixing 
it with a puerile, condescending, slapstick kiddie movie. Death to Jar-Jar.

See you all at JagFest '99 this month!


   ||  1998 End of Year Survey Results
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell

Remember the 1998 End of Year Survey that ALL OF YOU (ahem) participated in 
last December? Well, the votes have been tallied and the numbers crunched, 
and here's how they came out...

There were 48 respondents, including myself. For the sake of future issues, 
let's assume the actual readership is a shade higher than that. And of 
those respondents:

1. What is your age?
     Average: 27
     Eldest: 47
     Youngest: 15

2. What is your gender?
     Male: 100%
     Female: 0%
     (really, should we even bother being surprised?)

3. Do you still play your Jaguar?
     Yes: 96%
     No:  4%

4. Is the Jaguar your primary game console?
     Yes: 50%
     No:  50%

5. Do you own the Jaguar CD attachment?
     Yes: 83%
     No:  17%

6. How many Jag cartridges do you own (approximately is okay)?
     Average: 27 cartridges

7. How many Jag CDs do you own (soundtracks don't count)?
     Average (of those who own JagCDs): 8 CDs.

8. How many of the post-Atari Telegames releases have you bought?
     Average: 2.4 games

9. What is the most you would be willing to pay for a new Jaguar
   game (in US dollars; round to nearest 10)?
     Average: $63
     Highest: $100 
     Lowest:  $10 (I don't think this kid understood the question...)

10. Would you be willing to modify your Jaguar in some way (or
    have it modified) to play new, user-written games?
     Yes: 88%
     No:  12%
     (Assuming a half-point for those who gave a "Maybe" response)

11. What are your absolute favorite Jaguar games (three max)?
    The big 3X3 (T2K, AVP, IS2) won out again on this one.
     Tempest 2000 - 27%
     Alien vs Predator - 17%
     Iron Soldier 2 - 10%
     Battlemorph - 9%
     Rayman - 6%
     Iron Soldier 1 - 6%
     Doom - 4%
     D2K - 4%
     NBA Jam, BattleSphere, Super BurnOut, Pinball Fantasies,
     Wolfenstein 3D, HoverStrike: CD, Syndicate, Highlander,
     Towers II, Primal Rage, VLM, Club Drive, Fight For Life,
     Raiden, Pitfall, Vid Grid, Ultra Vortek, Trevor McFur - <=2%

12. How long have you owned your Jaguar?
     Average: 4 years

13. Were you an Atari enthusiast before getting your Jag?
     Yes: 77%
     No:  23%

14. What JEO sections do you like most?
     Pretty much every section was mentioned... even "From the Editor"! But 
the big winner with over half of the respondents was the interviews. This 
makes me kind of embarrassed that this issue is interview-free. Oops.

15. What JEO sections do you like least?
     Surprisingly, Yak took the most hits here. Yeah, I realize Yak isn't 
strongly Jag-relevant anymore, but as the boanthrope who brought us T2K and 
VLM, I feel his activities still bear watching. After all, T3K on the Nuon 
is just around the (antialiased) corner...
     A couple of you commented on the amount of reprinted material in JEO. 
This is regrettable, but there's precious little news in Jagland these 
days. If I limited JEO to all-original material, it would be a meager read 
     Someone made this odd comment, "The FAQ - it can be found elsewhere." 
Well, uh... consider your wish granted. JEO will no longer contain the FAQ.
     Oh yeah, and a few suck-ups mentioned "Shutdown" as their least-
favorite section. You know who you are. ;-)

16. What would you like to see JEO do to be even better?
     Responses here were mostly along the lines of "more of what I like" 
(interviews, reviews, etc...) There were a few that stood out though--

     "Hm,.. readers letters, maybe."
     Good idea! Anyone out there want to write JEO a letter?

     "Maybe organize? Its hard to go through everything because its so big."
     How could JEO be more organized than it already is? I guess I could put 
all the words in alphabetical order...

     "Maybe it could be individually emailed to people that request it?"
     Cough. Ummm, check the top section of every issue of JEO, dude.     

17. What ONE game on any other platform (PC or console) would you
    like to see ported to the Jag? Try to pick something the Jag
    could do well.
     This question proved that some people really can't follow simple 
directions. There were multiple suggestions, genre suggestions ("A GOOD 
CASINO SIMULATION", et al), games the Jag could never do (Quake), and games 
that don't even exist (Venture 2000). Anyway, weeding all that chaff out, 
here's the complete suggestion list. Note that Descent was the only game 
mentioned more than once!

     Final Fantasy V, Bomberman (using the TeamTap), Mortal Kombat 3, Star 
Wars: The Arcade Game (the Atari one), Doom II (w/corrected networking code), 
Hover Bovver, KLAX, Super Mario All-Stars, Street Fighter Zero 2 Alpha, R-
Type, Warcraft 2, GoldenEye, Tetris, Castlevania, Duke Nuk'em 3D, Neo Geo's 
'Ghost Pilots', BattleSphere, Descent, Spy Hunter, Xevious, Astal, Jumpman, 
Dune 2, Command & Conquer, Tekken 3, Elite 2, Escape Velocity, International 
Superstar Soccer Pro, Street Fighter 3.

Thanks to everyone who participated in the survey!


   ||  JEO Trivia Challenge V: The Questions
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell

The theme this month is "firsts". Ever get tired of hearing how 
"innovative" the latest gizmo from Sony or Nintendo is? Are you sick of 
dealing with a generation of gamers who don't know what "PONG" is? Well, 
whip this little survey on them... it just might give them some respect for 

1. What was the first console cartridge-based system?

2. What was the first handheld cartridge-based system?

3. What was the first color handheld cartridge-based system?

4. What was the first tabletop cartridge-based system?

5. What was the first tabletop cartridge-based system to use a column
   of red LEDs and a spinning mirror to generate its display?

6. What was the first console game with digital speech?

7. What was the first console game to do real-time anti-aliasing?

8. What was the first console system with analog joysticks?

9. What was the first console system with 4 controller ports?

10. What was the first system to generate a true interlaced display?

11. What was the first console system with a 64-bit memory bus?

BONUS QUESTION: Which system had a larger color palette-- the Atari 2600 or 
the Nintendo Entertainment System?


   ||  Jaguar Tackboard
   ||  Confirmed information about Atari's Jaguar
\__//  Compiled from online and official sources

//// Jaguar Message Boards

Anyone with web browsing capability can join in on the discussions on 
several web-based Jaguar message boards out there on the net. Note that, 
due to the rapid message turnover and instant-update nature of these 
boards, they have a tendency to burn through topics in a matter of days 
instead of weeks (or hours instead of days).

Just point your browser to:

Jaguar Interactive II (hosted by Atari Gaming Headquarters)

Atari Times Boardroom (hosted by The Atari Times)

//// Jaguar Chat

Anyone with web browsing capability who wants to chat in real-time with 
their fellow Jaguar enthusiasts, but has no access to IRC, should take 
advantage of this Jag chat page:

JFPN's Jaguar Chat

//// Jaguar FAQ

Robert Jung <> maintains the Jaguar FAQ (Frequently Asked 
Questions) file, a continually updated list of Jaguar specs and facts. The 
Jaguar FAQ is posted to on Usenet around the first of 
every month, and can also be found at < 

//// Jaguar Cheats and Codes

Clay "No Handle" Halliwell <> maintains the Atari Jaguar Game 
Cheats and Codes FAQ. It's available by e-mail request or from Atari Gaming 
Headquarters <>.

Lonnie "The Mage" Smith <> maintains the Concise Compendium 
of Frequently Asked Codes, Moves, and Cheats (FACMAC). It's available via 
FTP from <>, or from < 

//// JEO Development List

The following list of game titles has been confirmed to the best of JEO's 
ability as of publication. Entries in the "S"tatus column reflect any 
"u"pdates, "n"ew titles, or "?"uestionable listings since the last JEO 
list. Entries in the "M"edia column reflect whether the title is "C"D-ROM 
or "J"aguar Server/BJL (blank entries indicate cartridge software). "NEW" 
indicates titles released since the last issue of JEO.

ETA dates are dates that have been provided by the developer or publisher.

//// Titles in Development or Limbo

S M Title                             ETA   Developer            Publisher
" " """""                             """   """""""""            """""""""
n C Age of Darkness                   2000  OMC Games            OMC Games 
u C Assassin, The                    1Q/00  OMC Games            OMC Games
    BattleSphere                      1999  4Play                4Play
  J Bong+ 1999                         ?    Just Claws Software
?   Deathwatch                         ?    Data Design
  J Gorf 2000                          ?    Krunch Korporation
u   Hyper Force                       1999  Visual Impact        Songbird
  J Jagmania (PacMania clone)          ?    Matthias Domin
  J Jagmarble (Marble Madness clone)   ?    Matthias Domin
  J JagTris (Tetris clone)             ?    Bastian Schick
  J *NEXT*                             ?    Force Design
  J Painter                            ?    Sinister
    Protector                         1999  Songbird/Bethesda    Songbird
u   Skyhammer                         1999  Rebellion            Songbird
n   Soccer Kid                        1999  Krisalis             Songbird
? C Soulstar                           ?    Core Design Ltd.
?   Space War 2000                     ?    Atari

//// Current Software Releases

M Title                             Rated   Developer            Publisher
" """""                             """""   """""""""            """""""""
  AirCars                             5     MidNite              ICD
  Alien vs. Predator                  9     Rebellion            Atari
  Atari Karts                         6     Miracle Design       Atari
  Attack of the Mutant Penguins       6     Sunrise Games Ltd.   Atari
C Baldies                             6     Creative Edge        Atari
C Battlemorph                        10     Attention to Detail  Atari
C Blue Lightning                      6     Attention to Detail  Atari
C BrainDead 13                        5     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Breakout 2000                       7     MP Games             Telegames
  Brutal Sports Football              6     Millennium/Teque     Telegames
  Bubsy                               5     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Cannon Fodder                       8     Virgin Interactive   C-West
  Checkered Flag                      4     Rebellion            Atari
  Club Drive                          5     Atari                Atari
  Crescent Galaxy                     3     Atari                Atari
  Cybermorph                          7     Attention to Detail  Atari
  Defender 2000                       8     Llamasoft            Atari
  Doom                                8     id Software          Atari
  Double Dragon V                     4     Williams Enter.      Williams
C Dragon's Lair                       5     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story         6     Virgin Interactive   Atari
  Evolution: Dino Dudes               6     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Fever Pitch Soccer                  6     U.S. Gold            Atari
  Fight For Life                      6     Atari                Atari
  Flashback                           7     Tiertex Ltd.         U.S. Gold
  Flip Out!                           6     Gorilla Systems      Atari
C Highlander I                        8     Lore Design Ltd.     Atari
  Hover Strike                        5     Atari                Atari
C Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands     7     Atari                Atari
  Iron Soldier                        9     Eclipse              Atari
C Iron Soldier 2 CD                  10     Eclipse              Telegames
  Iron Soldier 2                     10     Eclipse              Telegames
  I-War                               4     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Kasumi Ninja                        5     Hand Made Software   Atari
  Missile Command 3D                  8     Virtuality           Atari
C Myst                                9     Atari                Atari
C Myst Demo                           5     Atari                Atari
  NBA Jam: Tournament Edition         9     High Voltage         Atari
  Pinball Fantasies                   6     Spider Soft          C-West
  Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure        8     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Power Drive Rally                   7     Rage Software        TWI
C Primal Rage                         7     Probe                TWI
  Raiden                              6     Imagitec Design      Atari
  Rayman                             10     UBI Soft             UBI Soft
  Ruiner                              6     High Voltage         Atari
  Sensible Soccer                     6     Williams Brothers    Telegames
C Space Ace                           3     ReadySoft            ReadySoft
  Super Burnout                       7     Shen                 Atari
  Supercross 3D                       5     Tiertex Ltd.         Atari
  Syndicate                           7     Bullfrog             Ocean
  System Test Cartridge               6     Atari                Atari
  Tempest 2000                       10     Llamasoft            Atari
  Theme Park                          6     Bullfrog             Ocean
  Towers II                           7     JV Enterprises       Telegames
  Troy Aikman NFL Football            6     Telegames            Williams
  Ultra Vortek                        8     Beyond Games         Atari
  Val d'Isere Skiing & Snowboarding   7     Virtual Studio       Atari
C Vid Grid                            6     High Voltage         Atari
C VLM                                 9     Llamasoft            Atari
  White Men Can't Jump                6     High Voltage         Atari
  Wolfenstein 3D                      7     id Software          Atari
C World Tour Racing                   6     Teque London Ltd.    Telegames
  Worms                               9     Team 17              Telegames
  Zero 5                              7     Caspian Software     Telegames
  Zool 2                              7     Gremlin Graphics     Atari
  Zoop                                6     Viacom               Atari

Total Carts     52
Total CDs       15 (counting VLM)
Total Combined  67

Pts Stars  JEO Ratings
""" """""  """""""""""
 10 *****  THE ULTIMATE - Flawless, beautiful, deviously addictive.
  9 ****+  EXCELLENT - Something to throw in the face of N64-heads.
  8 ****   SMEGGIN' GREAT - Something to kick on the shoes of N64-heads.
  7 ***+   DARN GOOD - Plays as good as it looks.
  6 ***    DECENT - Plays better than it looks (or vice versa).
  5 **+    TIME KILLER - If there's nothing else to do, you play this.
  4 **     INEPT - The programmer's first Jag game?
  3 *+     INCOMPETENT - The programmer's first game ever?
  2 *      UNPUBLISHABLE - Heaven help us!
  1 +      INCONCEIVABLE BAD - ...but someone conceived it. Too bad.
  0 -      EXECRABLE - This is an April Fool's joke, right?

//// Current Hardware/Firmware Releases

Item                           Manufacturer
"""""                          """"""""""""
Jaguar 64                      Atari
Jaguar 64 CD-ROM Drive         Atari
3-button PowerPad              Atari
6-button ProController         Atari
Team Tap                       Atari
Jag-Link                       Atari
Memory Track                   Atari
Jaguar System Test Cartridge   Atari
Composite Cable                Atari
S-Video Cable                  Atari
Stereo Audio Interface (proto) Atari
VoiceModem (proto)             Atari/Phylon
Controller Extension Cable     Best Electronics
CatBox                         ICD/Black Cat Design
Lap Cat/Lap Cat Pro joystick   Ben Aein
Jaguar Extreme Joystick        Dark Knight Games (modded Gravis Blackhawk)
Jaguar Server devkit           Roine Stenberg (Istari Software)
Behind Jaggy Lines devkit      Bastian Schick

//// JEO Mail Order Directory 1.3

The following list of vendors carrying Jaguar software/hardware has been 
confirmed to the best of JEO's ability. Please e-mail JEO for additions/ 

//// B&C ComputerVisions
Mail   1725 De La Cruz Blvd #7
       Santa Clara, CA 95050-3011
Voice  408-986-9960 (Tue-Fri, 10am-6pm)
Fax    408-986-9968
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Best Electronics
Mail   2021 The Alameda, Suite 290
       San Jose, CA 95126-1127
Voice  408-243-6950
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Bits of Fun
Mail   PO Box 12345
       San Luis Obispo, CA
Phone  800-FUN-JAGS
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Buy-Rite Video Games
Voice  919-850-9473
Fax    919-872-7561
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Demand Systems
Voice  805-482-7900
Orders 800-593-0059
Fax    805-484-3745
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Dentec Computer Products
Mail   465 Milner Ave #3
       Scarborough, Ontario M1B 2K4 Canada
Voice  416-292-2996
Fax    416-292-4075
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Flashback Video Games
Mail   2284 Kresge Drive
       Amherst, OH 44001
Voice  216-960-1622
Fax    216-960-1663
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// GameMasters
Mail   14393 E. 14th Street, Suite 208
       San Leandro, CA 94577
Voice  510-483-4263
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Game Pedler
Voice  801-273-0787 (ask for Internet Sales)
Fax    801-273-1357
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Games To Go
Mail   7632 Lyndale Avenue So.
       Richfield, MN 55423
Voice  612-798-5879
Fax    612-869-5925
Email  <> (orders)
       <> (info)
Web    <>

//// Hardysoft
Mail   24 Lawnside Drive
       Lawrenceville, NJ 08648
Orders 609-883-1083
Fax    609-538-8674
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Multimedia 1.0
Mail   18 Saint Mark's Place
       New York City, NY 10003
Voice  212-539-1039
Fax    212-539-1645
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// O'Shea, Ltd.
Mail   330 West 47th Street #203
       Kansas City, MO 64112
Voice  816-531-1177
Fax    816-531-6569
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// STeve's Computer Technologies
Mail   405 Main Street
       Woodland, CA 95695
Voice  916-661-3328
Fax    916-661-1201
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Telegames
Mail   P.O. Box 901
       Lancaster, Texas 75146
Voice  972-228-0690
Orders 972-224-7200
Fax    972-228-0693 
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// United Game Source
Mail   232 East Eau Gallie Blvd
       Indian Harbour Beach, FL 32937
Orders 800-564-1458
Fax    407-777-3940
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Video Game Advantage
Mail   6861 Anthony Lane
       Parma Heights, OH 44130
Orders 216-843-8815 (24-hr answering machine)
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Video Game Liquidators
Mail   4058 Tujunga Ave, #B
       Studio City, CA 91604
Orders 818-505-1666 (9am-5pm PST)
       888-944-4263 (toll free)
Fax    818-505-1686
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// The Video Games Source
Mail   Salzbruecker Str. 36
       21335 Lueneburg - Germany
Orders +(49) 4131-406278
Fax    +(49) 4131-406278
Email  <>
Web    <>

//// Announcements and Press Releases

//// Index

     14 May 99 - Hasbro Frees Jaguar!
     30 Mar 99 - FREE GAMES AT JAGFEST '99
     19 Feb 99 - New Atari E-Zine
     13 May 99 - Latest Goings-On At Hasbro

//// Hasbro Frees Jaguar!

Beverly, MA (May 14,1999) - Leading entertainment software publisher Hasbro 
Interactive announced today it has released all rights that it may have to 
the vintage Atari hardware platform, the Jaguar.

Hasbro Interactive acquired rights to many Atari properties, including the 
legendary Centipede, Missile Command, and Pong games, in a March 1998 
acquisition from JTS Corporation.

This announcement will allow software developers to create and publish 
software for the Jaguar system without having to obtain a licensing 
agreement with Hasbro Interactive for such platform development. Hasbro 
Interactive cautioned, however, that the developers should not use the 
Atari trademark or logo in connection with their games or present the games 
as authorized or approved by Hasbro Interactive.

"Hasbro Interactive is strictly focused on developing and publishing 
entertainment software for the PC and the next generation game consoles," 
said Richard Cleveland, Head of Marketing for Hasbro Interactive's Atari 
Business Unit. "We realize there is a passionate audience of diehard Atari 
fans who want to keep the Jaguar system alive, and we don't want to prevent 
them from doing that. We will not interfere with the efforts of software 
developers to create software for the Jaguar system."

//// JagFest '99 Announcement

I'm pleased to announce JagFest '99. The _tentative_ date and location is 
June 18 in Rochester, MN. I know June doesn't work for everybody, but it's 
the best time for me this summer and also keeps the event from conflicting 
in any way with CGE '99. Still, I'm open to changing it if it would 
dramatically improve attendance. 

Details are on the below web page. Look for <> to 
be the new link within the next two days. 


Let's get the word out! I'd like to see as many links, newsgroup posts, 
email newsletters, 'zines, etc. carry some reference to JagFest '99, so we 
can make this the biggest event yet. I wouldn't mind opening it up to Atari 
computer support as well, if I can get some ST groups to come in to the 
show. A bigger emphasis on other Atari systems from the past would be 
welcome as well. 

Feedback is appreciated, and please be sure to send me an 'Attendee' email 
if you plan on attending. 


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


February 26, 1999

ROCHESTER, MN -- Carl Forhan, well-known hobby developer for the Atari Lynx 
and Jaguar, has agreed to host this year's JagFest event in Rochester, MN, 
on June 18, 1999. This third annual event will broaden its focus to 
encompass all Atari systems, from the classic 2600 VCS to the ST line of 
computers to the Jaguar and everything in between.

"The theme for this year's show is 'Celebrate Atari', and that's exactly 
what we're going to do," commented Carl Forhan. "I encourage every Atari 
fan to bring their collection for the 'Rare & Unreleased' exhibit or 
possibly to trade and sell to other collectors. I know I'll have my 150+ 
piece collection for the VCS and 7800 present, as well as a number of one-
of-a-kind items for the Jaguar and Lynx."

The event will include an exhibit of rare Atari items, tournaments on 
consoles ranging from 2600 Warlords to Jaguar BattleSphere, prizes for 
tournament winners and attendees, demos of unreleased games, a trading area 
for collectors, and opportunities to purchase recent releases for all Atari 

Details are still being worked out, but the projected cost for the event is 
$10-12 per person. An additional fee may apply to reserve a table for the 
express purpose of sales.

Be sure to visit the official JagFest '99 website at 
<>. Carl Forhan may be reached via email at 

Copyright 1999, Songbird Productions. This message may be reprinted in its 


March 19, 1999

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is proud to be the official sponsor 
of this year's JagFest. This third annual event will be held in Rochester, 
MN, on June 18, 1999. The theme for this year's event is "Celebrate Atari", 
and Songbird Productions welcomes the opportunity to expand the event to 
cover all Atari consoles -- from the classic VCS (2600) to the Lynx to the 

Enthusiasts are encouraged to bring their own collections for display or 
trade. Special accommodations must be made with Songbird Productions for 
those wishing to reserve a table, TV, or sell any merchandise.

Details are as follows:

Where:  Holiday Inn South
        1630 South Broadway
        Rochester, MN 55904

When:   June 18, 1999
        Set up from 7-10am
        General public from 10am-10pm

Cost:   Adult:          $10 in advance, $12 at the door
        Ages 6-12:      $3
        Ages 5 & under: FREE

----- Hotel information -----------------------------------

The Holiday Inn South has a limited selection of rooms available at a 
special JagFest price of $79 per night. You must call the hotel directly at 
(507)288-1844 to receive this special pricing, and notify the 
representative of the discount code 'JAG'. These rooms must be reserved 
before May 27, 1999, to guarantee availability.

Other hotels are also available within walking distance of the Holiday Inn 
South. These hotels include:

Quality Inn and Suites
1620 1st Ave SE
Rochester, MN 55904

Comfort Inn
1625 S. Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904

Econo Lodge South
1850 S. Broadway
Rochester, MN 55904

----- Tickets ---------------------------------------------

Tickets may now be reserved directly with Songbird Productions. Send an 
email to <> for details.

Tickets or wristbands will be issued, allowing attendees to come and go all 
day long as needed. All children 12 & under must be accompanied by an adult 
at all times.

----- General Information ---------------------------------

Be sure to visit the JagFest '99 web site for the latest information:


For those who may wish to remain in Rochester over the weekend, more 
activities are currently slated:

Saturday, June 19 - Take a trip to one of the largest shopping centers in 
the world: the Mall of America. Try your hand at the NASCAR networked 
racing simulator, visit the arcade, play a round of laser tag at Starbase 
Omega, shop at the Starlog retail store or Electronics Boutique, or even 
try a roller coaster at Camp Snoopy. Plus, don't forget to visit specialty 
video game stores Games to Go and Raven Video Games. Directions will be 

Sunday, June 20 - Before you head back home, join Carl Forhan for church at 
New Life Worship Center <>. NLWC is a contemporary 
Christian church dedicated to the singular purpose of bringing glory to the 
Lord and spreading the good news of the gospel.  Carl energetically leads 
the music team with his vocals and keyboard skills. Other instruments 
include bass guitar, drums, piano, and back up vocals. This is one church 
service you won't want to miss! Directions will be provided.

Other areas of interest in Rochester include the Mayo Clinic, IBM, Apache 
Mall (with arcade), Skyline Raceway and Waterslide, Cyber Cue pool hall, 
and more.

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at <>, or send an email 
to <>.

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


March 30, 1999

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Attend JagFest '99. Get a free game. It's that simple. At 
least, that's the message coming from Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions, 
the organizer and promoter of the event.

Each paid adult admission to JagFest '99 will include a coupon for up to $3 
off a single item purchase from the Songbird Productions table. A variety 
of factory-new 2600 and 7800 games will be available for under $3, as well 
as a number of current and new games for the Jaguar and Lynx and other 
Atari merchandise at normal retail prices. Simply present your coupon at 
the Songbird Productions table, and you can walk away with a free 2600 or 
7800 game, or use the coupon to get a discount off of other merchandise. *

Sponsors are also being lined up for JagFest '99, to be held at the Holiday 
Inn South in Rochester, MN, on June 18, 1999. Songbird Productions, Go 
Atari, Hozer Video Games, Jerry G. Classic Gold Video Games, and Atari 
Video Club have all agreed to sponsor JagFest.

More sponsors are being contacted at this time, and it is hoped that 
several companies and game shops will be in attendance at JagFest '99.

* - One coupon per item, up to $3 off the retail price. No refunds if the 
entire face value of the coupon is not used. Coupon valid only on June 18, 
1999, and while supplies of merchandise last at the Songbird Productions 
table. Coupon may not be combined with any other offer. You must purchase 
an adult admission to JagFest '99 to receive this coupon.

----- General Information ---------------------------------

Be sure to visit the JagFest '99 web site for the latest information:


For those who may wish to remain in Rochester over the weekend, more 
activities are currently slated:

Saturday, June 19 - Take a trip to one of the largest shopping centers in 
the world: the Mall of America. Try your hand at the NASCAR networked 
racing simulator, visit the arcade, play a round of laser tag at Starbase 
Omega, shop at the Starlog retail store or Electronics Boutique, or even 
try a roller coaster at Camp Snoopy. Plus, don't forget to visit specialty 
video game stores Games to Go and Raven Video Games. Directions will be 

Sunday, June 20 - Before you head back home, join Carl Forhan for church at 
New Life Worship Center <>. NLWC is a contemporary 
Christian church dedicated to the singular purpose of bringing glory to the 
Lord and spreading the good news of the gospel.  Carl energetically leads 
the music team with his vocals and keyboard skills. Other instruments 
include bass guitar, drums, piano, and back up vocals. This is one church 
service you won't want to miss! Directions will be provided.

Other areas of interest in Rochester include the Mayo Clinic, IBM, Apache 
Mall (with arcade), Skyline Raceway and Waterslide, Cyber Cue pool hall, 
and more.

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at, or send an email 
to <>.

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


June 1, 1999

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- More and more, JagFest '99 is looking like the place to be 
for dedicated Atari gamers, particularly those located near the Midwestern 
location in Rochester, MN.

Carl Forhan of Songbird Productions, the host for this year's event, recently 
spoke about the vast array of support he has received for JagFest '99. "Atari 
fans and vendors alike are providing phenomenal levels of support for this 
year's JagFest," said Carl. "Fans will be bringing their equipment for display 
and entertainment. We're going to hold some tournaments, from the 2600 to the 
Jaguar, and have a number of prizes to give away including shrink-wrapped 
games, Jaguar lapel pins, controllers, and more. BattleSphere and Protector 
will be available for play. And you won't believe some of the rare and 
unreleased items lined up for the exhibit -- we'll have the Jaguar Voice 
Modem, a 7800 Klax prototype, Jaguar rotary controllers, and many more items."

Sponsors have likewise provided strong support. At press time, Carl Forhan has 
confirmed that Songbird Productions, Raven Video Games, and Zentanyx 
Multimedia will be present with a strong supply of merchandise for many 
platforms, especially Atari systems. Other sponsors have graciously donated 
Atari merchandise to be sold or awarded as prizes at JagFest '99.

"This is definitely going to be the biggest JagFest yet, and I'm confident 
that Atari fans will thoroughly enjoy JagFest '99.

Be sure to visit the JagFest '99 web site for the latest information:

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at, or send an email to

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may be 
reprinted in its entirety. 


March 19, 1999

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN - Carl Forhan, well-known hobby developer for Atari consoles, 
is pleased to announce the formation of Songbird Productions to sustain 
Atari consoles into the new millennium. The emphasis of Songbird 
Productions will be to both publish games Carl has personally developed as 
well as become a resource for other hobby developers looking to publish a 
game for any Atari console, from the 2600 to the Jaguar.

"I've been doing hobby development on the Lynx and Jaguar for a long time," 
stated Carl. "Now I'm at the stage where it makes sense to form Songbird 
Productions. Atari fans everywhere will be pleased with the level of 
support I plan to provide for Atari consoles over the next year to two 
years. I have a couple of surprises up my sleeve that will be revealed in 
the coming months."

Current projects at Songbird Productions include SFX and Ponx for the Lynx, 
and Protector for the Jaguar. Several specific, new projects are also being 
evaluated at this time.

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at <>, or send an email 
to <>.

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


April 2, 1999

For Immediate Release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce the 
availability of SFX for the Atari Lynx. SFX is an exciting, new audio tool 
for the Lynx. Perfect for the hobbyist developer or curious tinkerer, SFX 
allows the user almost full control over the four audio channels available 
on the Lynx.

"I am very grateful for the Lynx fans who stuck with me on their pre-orders 
for SFX last fall," commented Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions 
and the developer of SFX. "I had no idea that the project would initially 
be plagued by so many delays, but it's all finally coming together. And now 
that the kinks are worked out on producing new cartridges, Lynx fans can 
expect at least two more releases in 1999 from Songbird Productions."

The target ship date for SFX is April 16, 1999, and the retail price is 
$34.95. If you are interested in ordering SFX, please visit the Songbird 
Productions web page at <>. Dealer inquiries 

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at, or send an email 
to <>.

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may 
be reprinted in its entirety.


June 1, 1999

For immediate release:

ROCHESTER, MN -- Songbird Productions is pleased to announce renewed support 
for Atari gaming consoles in the form of new releases for the Jaguar and Lynx.

Topping off the list is Ponx for the Atari Lynx. Ponx brings the ball-and-
paddle classic that started it all to the Lynx. But this isn't your ordinary 
game. Ponx features a number of options, such as multiple balls, a Lynx 
controlled opponent with selectable AI, and more. Plus, in a throwback to 
classic handheld gaming, play against a friend on the same Lynx unit (no 
ComLynx cable or second Ponx cartridge necessary!).

The target release date for Ponx is June 18, 1999, and the retail price is 
$39.95. If you are interested in ordering Ponx, please visit the Songbird 
Productions web page at Dealer inquiries welcome.

Songbird Productions continues to make significant progress on Protector, a 
fast-paced 2D bi-directional shooter for the Jaguar. Anticipated release date 
is later in 1999.

In addition, Songbird Productions has licensed a number of unreleased games 
from former Jaguar developers. The games licensed are: Soccer Kid from 
Krisalis Software Ltd., Hyper Force from Visual Impact, and Skyhammer from 

"Jaguar and Lynx fans have remained highly supportive of Atari game consoles," 
said Carl Forhan, owner of Songbird Productions. "I can't tell you how excited 
I am to have licensed these games from their respective companies and know 
that I will get them into gamers' hands in the coming months. This is a great 
opportunity for Songbird Productions to help sustain the Jaguar and Lynx into 
the next millennium."

At press time, no release dates had been set for any of the Jaguar products. 
All inquiries on these products should be directed to Songbird Productions 

To keep up to date with the latest news at Songbird Productions, be sure to 
visit the company web site at, or send an email to

Copyright 1999 Songbird Productions. All rights reserved. This article may be 
reprinted in its entirety.




May 20, 1999 -- (Austin, TX) -- In what could be considered a bold move, OMC 
Games Division has officially announced two RPGs which will make their debut 
on the Jaguar game console, but has stated that there will definitely be an 
Atari 8-bit version of "The Assassin" as well as possible conversion onto a 
current mainstream console.

James Garvin, owner of OMC Games, states that the recent announcement by 
Hasbro Interactive during this years E3 in which it was stated that they have 
released all rights they may have concerning the Atari Jaguar, has removed all 
barriers that had confined developers in the past. He goes on to state, 
"Hasbro's announcement couldn't have come at a better time as it seemed like 
the Jaguar Community was on the verge of collapse. And though the Jaguar will 
never again be mainstream, I feel good to know that one more segment of the 
gaming industry is at peace. These guys fought hard to keep the Jaguar alive 
these past few years and it's my pleasure to give something back. Now the 
encryption issue is settled we can make good on our promise to get these games 

Both RPGs will feature 2D graphics which will rival other games currently on 
the market. Though impressive visuals will be secondary to their compelling 
stories and action oriented gameplay. "I think we're going to make a statement 
that Square and Enix aren't the only companies out there who can make great 
RPGs. We're making these games with the serious RPG gamer in mind. We have 
nothing to lose so we're pulling out all stops, and we don't need 'state of 
the art' hardware to do it," comments James Garvin.

The first to be released is "The Assassin", a sci-fi/fantasy detective story 
set in the futuristic-cyberpunk world of 2147. You take the role of Chicago 
detective Michael Steele, who sets out to solve the case of his life and find 
the murderers of his little brother. Set in the world of the soon-to-be-
released paper RPG "Blood City", the player will visit major cities such as 
New York, Austin, Tokyo, Nagoya, Cairo, and London. The player will be able to 
gain new skills, build their reputation, go up levels, purchase well over 250 
weapons, armor, and vehicles, and tackle a huge variety of subplots and cases. 
"The Assassin" gets its roots from the greats of Hong Kong cinema (John Woo, 
Tsui Hark, Chow Yun-Fat) so the player can expect larger than life shoot-outs 
and fantastic stunts. All in real-time. This is a game RPG fans will not want 
to miss.

OMC will follow "The Assassin" with "Age Of Darkness", a fantasy RPG set in 
the tormented world of Tannis. As seasoned adventurer Vorlan, you have to save 
the world from darkness only to find that nothing is what it seems. "Age Of 
Darkness" boasts what could be considered the largest game world in RPG 
history. Not only does the player explore a vast material world but also more 
than 6 planes of existence including the 666 Layers of the Abyss. The player 
will be able to get a job, advance levels, cast spells, and create custom 

Both titles will appear on CD-ROM for the Jaguar CD console, while a special 
edition of "The Assassin" will be released for the Atari XL/XE on 5 1/4" 
floppies. While these games will appear on the Jaguar format first, a 
conversion is being looked at for one of the major mainstream consoles. The 
release date for "The Assassin" is tentatively 1st Qtr. 2000, with "Age Of 
Darkness" sometime later that year. All games will be professionally packaged, 
and rated by the ESRB.

OMC Games Division is a sole proprietorship based in Austin, Texas, the 
publisher of HieroGraphix Game Journal and home of superhero Max Freeman 
(a.k.a. Eternal Darkness).

1999 OMC Games Div.

James Garvin 

Sandro Sarang 

//// New Atari E-Zine

For Immediate Release
Former Atari Editors to Debut New Online Magazine
[February 19, 1999, Boston] Former STReport Atari Editors Dana Jacobson and 
Joe Mirando announced today that they have begun work on a new Atari online 
magazine.  A-ONE (Atari Online News, Etc.), which will likely debut on 
Friday, March 5, will be a magazine primarily aimed to serve the Atari 
community, according to Jacobson.  "Our goal," said Jacobson, "is to focus 
on a magazine which covers material of interest to fellow Atari users.  
We'll do our best to cover all facets of the Atari experience - computing 
and console gaming.  But, we'll also cover topics that are of a general 
interest to Atari users: general industry news items and other gaming 
"Joe and I have been using and writing about Atari computers for a long 
time," says Jacobson.  "Between the two of us," he added, "we've probably 
written for most of the commercial Atari magazines of yesteryear such as 
Current Notes, Atari Interface, ST Informer, and Atari Explorer.  And we 
just completed a lengthy stint with STReport, an online magazine.  We have 
both considered doing an Atari online magazine on our own for quite some 
time now.  The talks became more serious the past few weeks and many of our 
STReport readers were asking.  The timing was perfect."
Jacobson states that A-ONE readers will see the same coverage as they did 
with STReport, but more.  "Columns such as 'People Are Talking' will 
continue in A-One," states Jacobson, "and the Atari news items, various 
announcements and product descriptions will continue.  We're also going to 
continue with the computing and technology industry news section, as well 
as Atari and other platform gaming news.  All of that will remain 
unchanged, except cosmetically."
When asked what new things A-ONE readers will be able to see in the 
magazine, Jacobson reported that "we have a lot of new ideas; and we're 
going to be able to resurrect some old ones!  We've talked to Michael 
Burkley, of Suzy B's fame.  A-ONE readers will be happy to learn that 
Michael has agreed to bring back his "Unabashed Atariophile" column - a 
column devoted to Atari public domain, shareware, and freeware software. 
We're also looking to get more involved with Atari internet news.  We're 
working on 'guest columns.'  We'll be talking to a number of people to help 
us make A-ONE the #1 Atari online magazine worldwide."
According to Jacobson, A-ONE will be a text-based magazine.  However, he 
stated that an HTML version hasn't been ruled out as an additional format.  
"We're in the process of establishing distribution points for the 
magazine," Jacobson stated.  "We'll maintain our e-mail distribution lists 
as well as making the magazine available on online services such as Delphi 
and bulletin boards.  We'll also make it available for downloading via 
numerous Internet web pages.  The best way to do this, and make it 
accessible to all readers, is text.  But we realize that some of our 
readers may want to read A-ONE while on the Internet.  The 'plain' text 
version will be available initially, but we're also considering adding an 
HTML version, with all the 'eye-candy,' for those who might want it."
To contact A-ONE regarding e-mail subscriptions or other inquiries, send e-
mail to .  For submissions and related information, send e-
mail to <>.

//// Latest Goings-On At Hasbro


LOS ANGELES (May 13, 1999) - Hasbro Interactive's 1999 action games line-up 
is all out fun with the introduction of seven new titles for the 
PlayStationr game console and the PC. New this year are 3D versions of 
beloved Atari classics from the 70s and 80s like Pong, Centipede, and 
Missile Command; arcade favorite Q*bert; and The Next Tetris, a 3D, 
multiplayer version of the popular Tetris game, and more!

"We are extremely excited to debut our extended line of classic arcade 
revivals and fantastic, action-packed games at E3," said Hasbro Interactive 
President Tom Dusenberry. "Our success with Frogger on both the PC and 
PlayStation game console has paved the way for future success in the action 

Leading the action pack this year is The Next Tetris, the newest version of 
one of the most successful video games in history - Tetris. The object of 
The Next Tetris is to clear the lines at the bottom of the playfield by 
arranging the falling blocks to fill a horizontal line. The game introduces 
brand new features like breakaway blocks, cascades and time trials, fresh 
new graphics and sound, and a new multi-player ranking system that enables 
opponents to compete against each other regardless of their skill level. 
Get ready to rumble The Next Tetris style this June on the PlayStation game 

Now let's go back to the arcade...

In the beginning, there was Pong, the legendary, table-tennis-style video 
game that ignited the industry. Now Pong is back for PlayStation game 
console and the PC, challenging players once again to keep their reflexes 
sharp as they lob the ball back and forth in pursuit of high score. Only 
this time, the lush 3D graphics, all new paddles and unique features add a 
whole new element of challenge to the game. Get your paddles ready in 

Another video game "must have" from the 70s - Hasbro Interactive is 
bringing Atari classic space war game Missile Command back to life in 3D. 
Just like in the original, the premise is simple: protect six cities from 
incoming alien missiles. Beware, this time around the enemy fire is even 
tougher to battle as you try to protect the rich 3D terrain planet from 
invasion. Missiles will be launched in November.

Also this Fall - Think quirky, think colorful - that's Q*bert! Join the 
bouncy, bubbling star of Hasbro Interactive's 3D version of Q*bert as he 
bounds his way through cube mazes, turning all squares the same color 
before his zany enemies - Ugg, Wrong-Way and Coily the Snake - foil his 
plans. Q*bert will bounce onto the scene in November for the PlayStation 
game console and the PC. Boing, boing...

For those die-hard Atari fans, Atari Arcade Hits is the definitive classic 
Atari collection for the PC which includes authentic versions of six of the 
most well-loved Atari classics: Asteroids, Centipede, Missile Command, 
Tempest, Super Breakout, and Pong. On top of that, game memorabilia, 
interviews with original designers, information on upcoming 3D releases, 
and more will be included in the collection. Get ready to relive the arcade 
this June.

Hasbro Interactive will also be adding PlayStation game console versions of 
two popular PC titles from 1998 - Glover and Centipede. In Centipede, the 
classic Atari arcade game of the early 80's is back, seamlessly combining 
the addictive nature of the classic version with the excitement of today's 
3D action-adventure. Players help hero Wally battle deadly insects in one 
of two modes: Arcade (classic play) or Adventure (3D from several 
perspectives - top down, third or first person views). The battle of the 
bugs starts in June.

After his debut on PC and Nintendo 64 systems last fall, that lovable 
Glover is bounding his way onto the PlayStation game console! Players must 
navigate seven magical worlds in search of crystals that'll save the 
magical world from Glover's evil twin and restore the land. Look for the 
Glover in December.

Finally, through a recent agreement with Namco, Hasbro Interactive will 
develop, publish and distribute interactive games based on 11 Namco 
properties, including Pac-Man, the #1 video arcade game of all time. The 
license agreement includes PC game rights to such arcade classics as Pac-
Man, Ms. Pac-Man and Dig Dug, and multiple hardware platform rights to 
Galaga, Galaxian and Pole Position, among others. Hasbro Interactive's 
first games based on the Namco properties will be available in the fall of 
2000, coinciding with Pac-Man's 20th anniversary.

Hasbro Interactive, Inc. is a leading all-family interactive games 
publisher, formed in 1995 to bring to life on the computer the deep library 
of toy and board games of parent company, Hasbro, Inc. (ASE:HAS). Hasbro 
Interactive has expanded its charter to include original and licensed games 
for the PC, the PlayStation and Nintendo 64 game consoles and for multi-
player gaming over the Internet. Headquartered in Beverly, Massachusetts, 
Hasbro Interactive has offices in the U.K., France, Germany, Japan and 
Canada. For more information, visit the Hasbro Interactive Web site at 

Frogger is a registered trademark of Konami Co., Ltd.(c) 1981 KONAMI. All 
rights reserved.

Tetris is a registered trademark of Elorg and has been licensed to The 
Tetris Company.

PlayStation and the PlayStation logos are registered trademarks of Sony 
Computer Entertainment Inc.

Centipede, Pong, Missile Command, Tempest, Breakout and Asteroids are 
trademarks of Atari Interactive, Inc., a Hasbro affiliate

(c) 1999 Hasbro Interactive, Inc.

//// New Cheats and Codes

//// VLM External Input Mode... NOT!

Thanks to Sean Routte, Jeff "Yak" Minter has finally admitted that there is 
no external input code built into the JagCD Virtual Light Machine. Here's 
the e-mail:

Date: Thu, 21 Jan 1999 16:59:56 +0000
From: yak ( 
Subject: Re: Atari Jaguar VLM External Input
To: Sean Routte ( 

There was an analog input mode, but it needed to work with special hardware 
- namely, an external A to D board, which we lashed up in Atari to test the 
VLM before it was finally integrated into the CDROM. The only way to get 
external audio in now is to have such a board made and to use a hacked 
version of the VLM code running on a development-system Jag. A mate of mine 
in Bristol uses such a system, and will even make them up to order - but 
since they are all hand-made, they do not come cheap!

I would have liked an external-input option in the JagVLM, but I guess it 
wasn't that important to Atari so it never happened.




   ||  CyberChatter
   ||  Random topics about the Jaguar
\__//  Compiled from online public discussion areas

With six months of postings to pick from, this section is kind of huge this 
issue! So I'm trying out a new feature, the--

//// Index of Topics

     BattleSphere Tech
     BattleSphere Stuff (aka, "Tilting at Hasbro")
     Hasbro Speaks: YES! YES! YES!
     Protector Update
     CatBox Calamity
     Alternate Cartridges
     2600 Emulation
     Curt's Cool Atari Trivia

//// BattleSphere Tech

Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Battlesphere
Posted by Mark Stingray Santora (pool049-max3.ds17-ca- on January 20, 1999 at 16:15:30:
In Reply to: Battlesphere posted by chillski on January 20, 1999 at 

>I would just like to know as far as graphics, is the jaguar
>using its full potential, is it doing the best it can do.
>The game looks awesome just curious. Also I see that encryption has
>been approved by Hasbro so what's the hold up, does anyone know. 

According to Scott, BattleSphere uses about 70-80% of the Jag's potential. 
If he were to go back and rewrite the engine knowing what he knows now, the 
ships would have a lot more polygons and the frame rate would be rock 
steady at 30fps. But that's a complete rewrite and 4Play's moved onto other 

-Mark "stingray" Santora


Re: Battle Sphere vs. Star Raiders
Author: varelse <>
Date:   1999/05/06
Forum:  alt.atari-jaguar.discussion

In article <>, 
> I haven't put in any time on the Alone Vs. The Empire mode,
> only multiplayer.  Multiplayer mode has no starbases, so it's
> a different kind of game from Star Raiders.  Also, Battlesphere
> has no aft view, which was a big part of the charm of SR.

We're guilty of the latter charge, innocent of the former.  Any future 
edition of the game will have a rear-view mirror option for one of the 
screens.  The polygon bandwidth just wasn't there for it on the Jaguar.

As others have pointed out, both Gauntlet and BattleSphere mode have 
starbases.  Both of these are multiplayer modes.

> It does have variable speed, like SR, and the photon torpedo
> sounds are sampled from SR.
> Also, the multiplayer is all in one sector, so to speak, so
> there is no hyperspace.  There is also no resource management
> in combat mode (can't speak for Alone vs. Empire).  You have
> shields but your energy keeps regenerating.  There is no
> cumulative damage to subsystems as in Star Raiders.

There is resource management in every mode since there is no way to 
replenish weapon stocks without getting fragged in Free For All. The other 
modes all have starbases or other modes of replenishment.

> So the gameplay is very different.  It had to be that way to
> work best for multiplayer.  Just think if everyone had the
> freedom to hyperspace to a starbase.  There needs to be a
> closed "sphere" to keep the ships fighting each other. A single
> player mode works better with the resource management and
> sector hopping strategy as Star Raiders does it.

I would have >LOVED< to do AAtE networked.  It was a question of network 
bandwidth on the jaguar that prevented it.  Our vision was ultimately to 
create a persistent galaxy on a BattleSphere server (back in the days when 
we thought the modem would work) where people could push the battle lines 
back and forth much like in an Air Warrior campaign.  Ah well, I'd settle 
now just to ship the thing.

Where we really diverge from Star Raiders is in the presence of friendly 
forces.  They completely change the nature of the gameplay allowing you to 
play anywhere from a chairbound general to a hands-on kamikaze who needs a 
little help now and then.  Anyone who has tried this has really dug it.  
Time will tell.


//// BattleSphere Stuff (aka, "Tilting at Hasbro")

Jaguar Interactive II
Re: BS updates
Posted by Scott Le Grand ( on January 
12, 1999 at 00:57:09:
In Reply to: BS updates posted by Ice Man on January 12, 1999 at 00:36:54:

>I haven't seen any BS updates for a long time now, I think it's
>time for one now, even if it only is a short one.
>Ice Man

OK, here it is:

BattleSphere is STILL cool.
Hasbro STILL sucks.

The End


Jaguar Interactive II
The last, best hope for BattleSphere...
Posted by Doug Engel ( on February 15, 1999 
at 15:32:33:
In Reply to: ROM size. posted by The Fallen Angel on February 15, 1999 at 

I think most of you are forgetting what was said by our resident Grumpy Old 
Coder about the delay in BattleSphere... there is something going on at 
Hasbro which we are not yet at liberty to discuss, which is impeding our 
progress. At this point, we have the ability to get the cart encrypted, but 
no permission to do so. If we encrypt and sell it, we stand to get sued 
(along with anyone who has helped in the encryption process).

I think perhaps it might be amusing for a large crowd of people to start -
>politely<- inquiring to Hasbro about the status of the upcoming 
"BattleSphere(tm)". No mention of Atari, and no mention of the Jaguar. Just 
ask about the status of "BattleSphere(tm)". This will probably circumvent 
the auto-Jaguar-Brushoff-Replybot from sending that annoying form letter. 
To answer BattleSphere inquiries, a HUMAN would have to read the letter and 
actually try and find out the status of the game. This might draw more 
people into the loop who can override the decision of the roadblocks.

Maybe people could innocently ask the magazines what the status of 
"BattleSphere" is too. 

If anything, the Hasbro people will reply with a dumbfounded "What's 
BattleSphere?" question and someone can explain that 4Play had a contract 
with Atari to encrypt the game and that now that the game was done the 
public wants to know what Hasbro is doing to fulfill their contractual 

Let them stick that in their craw for a while!



Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: The last, best hope for BattleSphere...
Posted by Thunderbird ( on February 15, 1999 
at 15:57:47:
In Reply to: Re: The last, best hope for BattleSphere... posted by Marshall 
W. Carter on February 15, 1999 at 15:53:43:

>My question is, what is Hasbro hoping to gain from this?
>It just doesn't make any sense...

It does when you have all the facts. They DO have something to gain. It's 
something very small (miniscule, in fact) but in the minds of the 
roadblocks it is a big thing... they are worried about the CYA syndrome!



Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: Re: Re: The last, best hope for BattleSphere...
Posted by Scott Le Grand ( on February 
15, 1999 at 22:42:57:
In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: The last, best hope for BattleSphere... posted by 
the UA on February 15, 1999 at 17:11:51:

Basically, if it's reasonably polite, go for it. We are utterly incapable 
of getting these guys to even consider allowing it out the door.

Yes, we had clearance as of October, 1998. That clearance was given to us 
by someone without the power to grant such clearance. It was quickly 
rescinded and until recently we didn't know exactly what the ulterior 
motive in doing so was. Of course, Hasbro didn't bother to tell us it had 
been rescinded and it was only a month and a half later when polite 
inquiries as to why nothing had come of said clearance resulted in them 
telling the then latest story of the week that we found out.


Jaguar Interactive II
Hasbro's response
Posted by Sauron ( on February 16, 1999 at 

Just got this response from Hasbro after asking them when we will all get 
to see Battlesphere. May not mean much right now, but just wanted to share 
it with y'all...


From: HIW Support
To: 'Tim Wilson' 
Subject: RE: Battlesphere for Atari Jaguar 
Date: Tue, 16 Feb 1999 14:15:36 -0500 

Thanks for your feedback. We have no plans at present to develop the title 
you mention. Any new products would be announced at
Thanks for your interest in Hasbro Interactive!


Re: Battlesphere Update Anyone?
Author: James R. Leek <>
Date: 1999/02/21

>>Actually, even though the heart is there, during any time of
>>campaign, you're better off sending snail mail.  See, any idiot
>>can send an email in an instant, but it takes effort to write a letter.
>>Companies know this.  An email is 500 times more likely to not be read
>>than a piece of paper in someone's hands.

This is true, unfortunately, we really haven't gotten a good address yet.  
What I do have is the same director of public relations:

Dana Henry 
Director, Public Relations 
H A S B R O I N T E R A C T I V E 
50 Dunham Road 
Beverly, Massachusetts 01915-1844 
Tel: 978-921-3759 
Fax: 978-921-3735 

Go ahead and try there as well.


Jim Leek


Re: Battlesphere Update Anyone?
Author: James R. Leek <>
Date: 1999/02/21

>This is true, unfortunately, we really haven't gotten a good address yet.  

Ok, I lied. ^_^  This came in just after I wrote that last post on Jaguar 
Interactive II (

Posted by Robert Reichel

Richard Cleveland
50 Dunham Road
Beverly, MA 01915-1844

John Sutyak (I THINK this is what it is)
50 Dunham Road
Beverly, MA 01915-1844

Sutyak is a higher-up official than Cleveland (in fact he's one of the very 
top guys at Hasbro Interactive).

Remember that Hasbro only needs to APPROVE encryption, they don't need to 
encrypt it themselves.

Good luck to all! 

  There you have it, more fresh meat!  Thanks again.


Jim Leek


Re: Battlesphere Update Anyone?
Author: Scott LeGrand <>
Date: 1999/03/09

In article <7c26n7$eat$>, <> 

>What precisely is the issue with Hasbro?

Hasbro will not allow the encryption to occur. 

>They bought a defunct employee-less Atari organization solely for
>rights to old trademarks. To expect Hasbro to assist in the
>encryption, manufacture, and distribution of Jaguar cartridges is
>wholly ludicrous. Hasbro has neither the technical knowledge nor
>the former management organization with which to support such

We don't expect any help from them whatsoever.  We just wish they would 
agree to not drop pianos on us if we do this.  Hasbro refuses to do so. 
Therefore, we (and not Hasbro) cannot produce BattleSphere.  The end. We've 
even offered to donate all the profits to the charity of their choice.  It 
has done no good. 

>If 4-Play wants to release Battlesphere, they are going to have to
>do the encryption themselves and contract somebody to manufacture
>the cartridges. Had Battlesphere development not dragged on for the
>better part of a decade, they would have had the support of the now
>defunct Atari.

We've got the key, we've got the encryption software, we've got the cart 
cases, and we've got the assembly line to put the carts together. We've 
been set up to do this for the past 8 months and the last remaining 
component fell into place 5 months ago with the location of the encryption 
software and key.  All we needed was one line email to the right person and 
it would have all happened, but nooooo.....

Now if you can explain to me why a big company like Hasbro isn't even 
willing to let us donate our profits on this venture to charity then 
perhaps I'll understand the world better.  Until then, I remain mystified 
at how something so simple can be made so difficult by a big corporation.

Scott Le Grand
Lead Coder
The Once and Future BattleSphere


Re: need help submitting to publisher
Author: Scott LeGrand <>
Date: 1999/03/10

In article <>, Cathryn Mataga  
<> wrote:

>Yeah, I agree.  Paranoia about how 'they're going to steal my 
>brilliant ideas' is a dead giveaway that you don't have a clue. Or
>maybe that your goal is really to sue them down the line when the
>come up with a game with any similarity.  "Hey, I gotta' great idea.
>It's just like Ultima Online, except it's 3D!"  Believe me, everyone
>comes up with the same idea at the same time.  I think we're all
>watching the same TV shows or something.  

And then of course there's the exception that proves the rule.  In 1996, we 
commenced our attempts to pitch _BattleSphere_ as a PSX or PC project to 
just about everyone in the Los Angeles and Silicon Valley area.  Nothing 
came of it except for a company about 1 mile from our home stealing the 
concept and name and trying to come to market with their version before we 
did.  The good news is that despite having tons of money, they blew it, and 
their company died in 1998 without shipping the thing.  The bad news (and 
the proof of this story) is that their corpse still owns the domain  The saddest part is that we'd have done the thing for a 
song at that point if they'd just come to us.  I never will understand the 
corporate mentality methinks.  These days, Hasbro will not let us ship our 
completed product even through we've offered to donate all the profits to 
charity which while small are still somewhere between $10 and $50K.  And 
why is this?  Because it would cost them too much money to verify the truth 
or falsehood of our claims of a legitimate development contract with the 
former Atari Corporation (or so they say).

>I don't think it would be such a huge mistake not to blow cash 
>on a lawyer until you were talking seriously about actually doing
>the work, or delivering the game.  

I'd bring the lawyer in the minute there's a chance of real money.  Large 
corporations don't like to even acknowledge the little guy unless there's 
the chance of litigation if they foul up.  It'd be less than $1,000 
investment if you use your lawyer only when you really need 'em and well 
worth it if you're serious about getting into this.  Do your negotiations 
in his absence but always let him look over your work.

My latest horror story involves a guy a who is representing himself as a 
developer to a larger publisher and as a publisher to the actual developer.  
I won't name names, but watch yourself, things can get pretty rough for the 
little guy.


The Other BattleSphere
Author: Scott Le Grand <>
Date: 1998/09/19

Well, it looks like I can finally comment on one of the STRANGEST chapters 
of the BattleSphere saga.  I'm not sure I'll ever know exactly what was 
what, but one fine day I stumbled across >The Other BattleSphere<.  No, not 
the never released space combat game from Virtuality, but an entire 
parallel effort by a company called Viridis to make a networking space 
battle game for the PC called BattleSphere. The funniest thing is that 
these guys were mere blocks from my apartment in West LA (possibly pointing 
antennae at us?).

So how'd I find out about this?  Simple, do a DNS search on and look at who owns it.  I was just about to register 
this domain in late 1996 when BLAM.  Then, when I found their web site at, the game description, the graphics and title screen, and 
the concept were almost dead-on to what we were self-promoting back at SCES 
1994.  This was creepy, this was eerie, and it was the crowning insult to 
our inability to find funding for a PC edition.

Needless to say, we weren't amused.  Upon perusing the web site further, 
they had a second game in development called _Killing Spree_ which sounded 
an awful lot like a game design called "Goin' Postal" that I described as 
joke in an interview with _Intelligent Gamer Fusion_ magazine back in early 

Now I have nothing against someone making that game.  Sheesh, "Postal" was 
a big hit and Jer Horwitz and I used to talk a lot about the game "Cat 
Fight" on IRC in early 1994, and we were both amused when someone actually 
went and made the thing, but this was just too odd, BattleSphere was our 
baby, and I was ready to go postal myself.

And like I said, at a time when no one will fund any of us in 4Play for 
even a measly 100K project, the implication that the suits will even fund 
one of our own games if only we have nothing to do with its development was 
enough to make me believe in crashed saucers in New Mexico, government mind 
control experiments gone mad, and the therapeutic use of shark cartilage.  
This industry sucks and I need more aluminum foil!

So where was I?  Well, Tom Harker called these guys up pronto, got run 
around a bit by their lawyer, and then suddenly the game was called _Sphere 
Warriors_ (but set in the BATTLESPHERE, GOSH!), but of course if one still 
had the links to the original directories, all the original material was 
there, bitmaps, screenshots, textures, purple prose HTML, and all.  I saved 
all this in case it ever became relevant.

It didn't.

Because what do you know, the company appears to be no more. Gee, wonder 
what happened?  Did some pack of overzealous overfunded developers run out 
of money again?  Am I gloating? Yep.  We may be but a videogame footnote, 
but we finished what we started and our reviews kick ass.

So, I'd really love to know the inside story about these guys. Were they 
really stealing 4Play game concepts when they could have just hired us or 
was it all just some cosmic coincidence? They never seemed to release a 
single title, yet they _had_ (heh heh) such a wonderfully elaborate web 
site with ambitious plans to show off their game lineup at E3 '97.  My 
personal suspicion is that either they figured they could take the 
BattleSphere name and run with it since we had seemingly dropped off the 
face of the earth along with Atari in early 1996 or they were related in 
some way to some of our 1996 BattleSphere pitches, but who knows for sure?  
This industry sucks and I'll settle for some Saran Wrap if you're all out 
of foil.

So there you go.  I've just spilled the beans on the most surreal event in 
the evolution of the 'Sphere.  Don't believe me?  Go do an AltaVista search 
crossing Viridis with Battlesphere.  Enjoy.  The world is a strange place 
and the industry still sucks, but maybe we'll get our hands on the 
Battlesphere domain some day.



Re: Battlesphere Update Anyone?
Author: Scott LeGrand <>
Date: 1999/03/14

In article <>,
The Maverick  <> wrote:
>Steve Jacobs wrote:
>> It's not our place to make the decision. 4Play is the group that risks
>> getting sued by Hasbro, so 4Play is (and rightly so) the group that gets
>> to decide whether or not to take the risk.
>Then I'll put up $1 to buy the rights to Battlesphere and I'll take the
>risk of releasing it...  ;-)

Well, we'd probably actually would have been ballsy enough to release 
BattleSphere if we could have gotten it encrypted without Hasbro's 
approval.  But the encryption key lies in the possession of someone who 
flat out will not encrypt the game unless he hears Hasbro will allow it to 
occur from their very own mouths.  I personally don't blame him and after 
talking with several lawyers, I've decided that had we gone renegade it 
would have had serious potential consequences down the road if we ever hit 
it big.

So there it stands.  To all who wish to sue us, blame us for the Y2K 
problem, or curse our existence, I only ask if you've written a snail mail 
letter to Hasbro requesting they allow the release of BattleSphere. If not, 
then go away, you're part of the problem.  If you have, then at least 
you've paid your 33 cents for a ticket to gripe about it.

Scott Le Grand
Lead Coder


Message from Hasbro/ re: Battlesphere
Author: John Hardie <>
Date: 1999/03/10

Hello everyone,

I got a call from Mark Goodreau at Hasbro today and he asked me to pass 
along the following info.

Let me just say that I know Mark to be a straight shooter, NOT a B.S. 
artist. He's been instrumental in working with us on Classic Gaming Expo 
'99 and if he tells you he's doing something, you can rest assured he is. 
He is absolutely a man of his word.

Mark assures me that he is working with the legal team at Hasbro to come up 
with a solution for the Battlesphere problem. Some of the business concerns 
that they have are that people will think that they are involved in some 
way with Battlesphere and/or any future projects (ie. Protector, etc.). 
This could lead to people calling them for service as well as people 
looking at them if the product is defective somehow. He states that they 
are doing everything they can to work it out and that this is of importance 
to them; not something to look into when they have time, etc.

He also states that they have received numerous letters and emails about 
the subject. He asks if we can stop the emails and letters for the time 
being as they are serving no purpose other than to distract them from their 
work which includes working on the Battlesphere problem.

While he can make no 100% guarantee that a solution can be reached, he 
feels confident that something can be worked out and told me that they are 
working diligently on it.

My personal feeling is that we should give them the time to work on it 
(within reason). We've waited 4 years, what's another month or two?

I'll post any updates that Mr. Goodreau gives me.

John Hardie

Atari Gaming Headquarters

Don't miss Classic Gaming Expo '99


Jaguar Interactive II
Hasbro Lies Again Update
Posted by Hasbro is your Friend? BWAHAHAHAHAHAHA (dynamic59.pm01.santa- on March 17, 1999 at 01:11:32:

Well, the latest is that David Etheridge, the guy who supposedly was 
handling the submission of BattleSphere to Hasbro as a title for 
consideration as a PC or Dreamcast title told us last week (well his 
secretary did actually) that he wouldn't be able to meet with us at GDC 
because he wasn't attending.

Guess what?

More lies from Hasbro. He's there alright. Got that straight from one of 
their new and not yet assimilated into anal arrogance employees.


Jaguar Interactive II
Re: To Thunderbird, any thoughts on BS for Nuon?
Posted by Thunderbird ( on March 18, 1999 at 
In Reply to: To Thunderbird, any thoughts on BS for Nuon? posted by Marco 
on March 18, 1999 at 06:26:39:

>I know you guys have mentioned PC development, and I think that's
>a smart move. What about taking a look at the Nuon dev kit, how much
>is it anyway?

That doesn't matter if nobody wants to fund development on ANY platform. 

Writing games for free -really- was a -big- mistake!



Jaguar Interactive II
BattleSphere for NUON is BattleSphere
Posted by Thunderbird ( on March 20, 1999 at 

Only a super-lamer would conclude that if 4Play made a version of 
BattleSphere for another platform that they wouldn't upgrade it to the 
cutting edge of that platform's capabilities like they did with the Jaguar 

Is that why nobody wants to get behind 4Play and rally for funding? Because 
they think the game will just be a cheap port of the Jaguar version (which 
would, in fact, kick a$$ on ANY platform).

Here I was all this time thinking we were going to take what we learned 
from each version and apply it and refine it and keep honing it to 


//// Hasbro Speaks: YES! YES! YES!

Jaguar Interactive II
Message from Hasbro!
Posted by ( on May 05, 1999 at 


Since I'm still suffering from the effects of the Chernobyl Virus I figured 
I'd post this here and let someone else cross-post it to the newsgroups.

I got a call from Mark Goodreau at Hasbro Int. today giving me the o.k. to 
pass along the following information. Hasbro will be announcing in a few days 
that they are declaring the Jaguar an "open" platform. What this means is that 
they are giving permission to any present and FUTURE Jaguar developers to 
create games for our favorite system. This also means they are giving 
permission for this software to be encrypted. The full details will be made 
available shortly.

Before anyone gets full of themselves and thinks that they forced Hasbro into 
doing this with all their whining and nonsense talk about protests and 
boycotts, let me assure you that it was their intention all along to work out 
a solution such as this. Hasbro is a people company and tries to make their 
customers happy whenever possible, even when it's only a small minority of 
about 500 people.

I hope all the rabble-rousers that were screaming for a boycott will show 
their support when this happens by buying an extra Hasbro-made product.

John Hardie
Atari Gaming Headquarters


Jaguar Interactive II
Posted by Don Thomas ( on May 05, 1999 at 
In Reply to: Message from Hasbro! posted by John Hardie on May 05, 1999 at 

>I got a call from Mark Goodreau at Hasbro Int. today giving
>me the o.k. to pass along the following information. Hasbro
>will be announcing in a few days that they are declaring
>the Jaguar an "open" platform. What this means is that they

This is headline news and is treated as such at I am very 
impressed with everyone's perseverance. In spite of any efforts Hasbro 
makes to say the decision is not based on the persistence of the Jaguar 
gamers, I strongly disagree. Hasbro would have had no inclination to open 
the platform up if no one indicated a desire for them to do so.

I must say that I am a pleasantly surprised, but mostly impressed and 
elated. Maybe Mr. Goodreau can sign some copies of BattleSphere along with 
the 4Play team to be sold at the Classic Game Expo. I'll definitely buy one 
of those!

Knowing the business side of things the way I do, I truly hope Jaguar 
owners who benefit from this decision make an effort to look for Hasbro 
products that interest them. Send in your warranty card with your attached 

One product you might consider is the PlayStation version of Centipede. I 
heard a rumor that it has finally been released into production. 
(Regrettably it apparently does not support a PlayStation mouse which is 
required for the Nyko Trackball to work). 


Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: Message from Hasbro!
Posted by BattleSphere Bob (Scott Le Grand) ( 
on May 06, 1999 at 00:23:31:
In Reply to: Re: Message from Hasbro! posted by Silly Rabbit on May 05, 
1999 at 19:20:26:

It's not a joke...

It's not in writing yet and we've all been there before, but it's for real 
so far...

And what a turnaround it will be if all goes well!


Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message from Hasbro!
Posted by Keita (AGH) ( on May 07, 1999 at 00:13:28:
In Reply to: Re: Re: Re: Re: Message from Hasbro! posted by DX on May 06, 
1999 at 15:04:27:

>>>Seems a little odd that Hasbro wouldn't wait until
>>>CGE to make an announcement...

>>Why? How about BattleSphere being officially 
>>released at CGE '99? That would be cooler :)

>>Keita Iida
>>Atari Gaming Headquarters

>Keita, I noticed Hasbro is one of the sponsors of the Classic
>Game Expo.. did you have something to do with it or was it
>their move?

Something to do with what? With getting them to sponsor CGE? If that's what 
you're asking, I played a part in it. If you're talking about getting 
approval for BattleSphere, I did discuss matters with Mark Goodreau and 
others at Hasbro (along with John), but believe me -- we were just a cog in 
the machine.

>That is quite a change on their part it seems..

Well, yes and no. Some guys at Hasbro are very friendly and helpful, and 
you have to understand that large companies move slowly. Even John and I 
were getting frustrated despite assurances that things were being 
researched by them. However, Mark Goodreau helped get Hasbro to sponsor 
CGE, so when he called us explaining the Jaguar public domain issue, we had 
no reason to doubt him. You'll be the first ones to be informed when we get 
something in writing, which shouldn't be too distant in the future 
(although perhaps after E3).

Keita Iida
Atari Gaming Headquarters 


Jaguar Interactive II
The latest news from 4Play
Posted by I am code-holio! I must have cc for my bung-holio! (Stephanie 
Wukovitz) ( on May 06, 1999 at 14:21:58:

Well, Mark Goodreau and Scott talked this morning, and Scott left to pop 
into work right afterwards and evidently didn't have time to post (I, on 
the other hand, am in the Zone or something doing intense Nuon hacking)

We have nothing in writing yet, but yes, this really does appear to be true 
-- Scott didn't give details but evidently Mark was extremely pleasant and 
says we should have the official go-ahead .

Personally I'm happy about this for two reasons: First, I've been a 
juvenile diabetic for 26 years and contributing to JDF will feel good! 

Second, my site is getting TV coverage very soon and I'd planned to spawn 
an encryption write-in campaign the day the segment aired, so we might get 
more letter-writers. I was nervous about this, though, and am pleased to 
find that Hasbro's being so helpful.

Note: I just reread the first paragraph and realized that some people are 
going to think that I'm working on some 4Play game for Nuon. No, I'm 
actually a VM Labs employee as of mid-March, working on something quite 
different and also very cool. 


Jaguar Interactive II

//// Protector Update

Jaguar Interactive II
Somebody's been PROTECTing their Jaguar..
Posted by Carl ( on January 08, 1999 at 08:36:18:

Hi, gang. Just wanted to let you know the milestone chart has been updated 
to reflect my recent late-night crusade to polish off Protector.

Here are some fun new tidbits for you:

- There will be at least 3 cheats / easter eggs.
- There will be at least 5 different "ground" graphics (so it all won't
  look like a barren moon).
- There will be several fun powerups that will make every player want to
  collect them all... :) this is in addition to the credits powerups which
  you can collect to make purchases at the "Galactic Shop".

Outlook is definitely good for a '99 release. And as many of you may know, 
we're expecting our first child at the end of March, so the more 
programming I do sooner rather than later is a good thing.

Carl Forhan


Jaguar Interactive II
Ah, the joy of Jag coding...
Posted by Carl ( on January 20, 1999 at 21:44:22:

Woo hoo! I'm adding cheats and powerups to Protector tonight. The game gets 
more fun and more challenging every time I add something.

Oh, did I mention the nasty new boss I added? Heh, heh, heh... :)

Watch for more Protector updates soon!

Jaguar Protector 

//// CatBox Calamity

Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: Tom Harker-Catbox Fraud Challenge (alternative to CatBox)
Posted by Mark Stingray Santora (pool014-max13.ds19-ca- on January 10, 1999 at 23:11:43:
In Reply to: Re: Tom Harker-Catbox Fraud Challenge (alternative to CatBox) 
posted by Wiz of Atari on January 10, 1999 at 20:59:00:

>I wholeheartedly agree with you. I've held off on ordering my CatBox
>to see what would happen, and I'm glad I did.
>Do you know what I've been thinking? Can anyone out there with some
>technical knowledge create a device for the Jag that can link up to
>32 players? Something just like the JagLink, except with two phone
>jacks, and that up to 32 player support. It'd be quite a better
>alternative to the CatBox. Yeah, it might not offer all those other
>things the CatBox does (RGB, headphones, etc.) but then again, how
>many of us just want the CatBox for networking?

Unfortunately, the Catbox is a HARDWARE modification that took a good deal 
of time and money to develop so that more than two Jags could be networked 
together. Even with the major work on the hardware end of it, the 
networking code that Scott put together is most likely the most bug free 
and solid networking code on any platform. And while I feel badly for 
everyone still waiting on their Catboxes, don't take it out on 4Play. They 
aren't ICD. I wouldn't even go as far to say that Tom is an active member 
in 4Play. He's not. I would suggest to all involved to contact Tom 
directly, phone, return receipt mail, etc and demand your money back. There 
is no reason for any customer to be treated as poorly as Tom has treated 
those who wanted the Catboxes. Let's face it, at this point I think that 
the possibility of seeing new Catboxes is about as possible as seeing 
justice come to an ex football player who murderers his ex wife and 
companion to mask his masculine insecurities.

Of course, that's just my opinion - I could be wrong.

Mark "Stingray" Santora


Tom Harker- The Catbox Lie !!!!
Author: Curt Vendel <>
Date: 1999/01/11
Forum: alt.atari-jaguar


   It truly saddens me, but I have to agree with you 100%.   I ordered 2 
Catboxes in August of 1997 and waited and waited and waited.   Finally I 
sent Tom an email asking him for an update in March of 98'  (I figured 6 
months would be fair enough) asking him what was going on.  I received back 
a nasty reply saying I was just like everyone else and didn't have faith in 
him or his product.   So I replied back that I didn't mean to offend, but 
all I wanted was an update, I also said that given his long standing in the 
Atari community I would wait, and I did, for entirely too long!!!   I sent 
him an email last week asking him to one way or another do some kind of 
deal with me for some alternate merchandise if he wasn't going to ship me 
my Catboxes and I told him I'd give him a week to reply, NOTHING. 
Fortunately I charged this on my Citibank VISA and they will reverse charge 
anything for any reason, so tomorrow morning I'm doing just that.   Tom 
Harker is obviously not the trusted business man that he was many years 
back and that he has gone back on his word about delivering Catboxes for 
well over a year now (Read his Catbox section of his website where it says 
he would begin shipping in Early 98) and here it is early 99, he claimed he 
needed time to assemble the CatBoxes, how f-ing long does it take to 
assemble these things!?!?!?  Well if he's too busy with his ISP, then 
perhaps he might be a little too busy to go to court for mail fraud.   I 
think the time has come, we have all sat patiently and waited, and I don't 
know of ANYONE who paid for their Catboxes back in the summer of 97' that 
EVER received their Catbox OR a refund, so if you charged it on your charge 
card, talk with your bank and have it charged back to ICD, if you paid by 
check or money order, then I suggest you find the cashed check or the money 
order receipt, and contact the Post Office and file a mail fraud complaint 
and also file a compliant with the Better Business Bereau in ICD's home 
city, you have to wait three months to file a complaint and obviously Tom 
has gone WELLLLL past that time limit.   Its time for the charade to end 
and time for everyone to realize that Tom Harker and ICD, Inc are not 
shipping ANY Catboxes at anytime in the future.

   If Tom Harker or anyone associated with ICD is reading this, then its 
time to hear publicly from you Tom, if you wont reply to private emails, 
then how about a public forum!!!   Prove me and everyone else who doubt you 
wrong!!!!  Let me see my 2 brand new, perfectly working Catboxes show up 
via Priority Mail (Which I paid for too!!!) show up in the mail in the next 
3-4 days at my doorstep and everyone else's doorstep that paid in advance, 
prove us all wrong and I will personally and publicly apologize for 
everything I've written tonight, otherwise if you don't then you are just 
another low-life that ranks down their with Terry Ortman and should be 
treated like the gutter trash piece of garbage thief that you 

Curt Vendel

Matthew Ross Peterson wrote:

> Wondering what Thomas Harker of ICD has been doing all this time
> instead of shipping Catboxes? How about running Rock River
> Internet, a Rockford, Illinois ISP (
> You can read the details on
> (Thanks to Sean Connery <> for this info.)
> Needless to say, this pretty much wraps up all the lies Tom Harker
> has fed to people about "not having enough time to assemble
> Catboxes."
> I ordered mine in September of 1997, it's now 1999...
> ***
> If you ever have a chance to do business with Tom Harker or Rock
> River Internet, DO NOT: Tom Harker engages in fraudulent business
> practices.
> ***
> Matthew Peterson

//// Alternate Cartridges

Jaguar Interactive II
Re: An idea...Jaguar System Cartridges...Hmmm...
Posted by Carl ( on January 11, 1999 at 09:56:44:
In Reply to: An idea...Jaguar System Cartridges...Hmmm... posted by 
Marshall W. Carter on January 11, 1999 at 09:33:39:

>I've heard 4Play state that they could get by encryption if they
>wanted to, but that it could result in a legal can of worms with
>Hasbro due to the fact that it would violate the contract that they
>signed with Atari. What I'm saying is, if we can have an EEPROM that
>allows you to play BJL games from your computer, can you make something
>similar that would allow you to play similar games directly from a CD?

What the Jaguar desperately needs IMHO but is not likely to receive is 
something conceptually along the lines of what you're suggesting. Cart mfg. 
costs will never get any cheaper, and profits are slim at best on cart 
games (let alone on 4MB cart games). Here is my personal favorite solution 
to this on the Jag, but I doubt it'll see the light of day:

Reproduce the flash ROM carts for under $150 each. This would allow games 
like Protector, Native (after modifying the code), and even BattleSphere to 
be released on a normal PC-readable CD. You then just download your game 
into flash ROM from the PC, and the cart is identical in function to any 
other cart. Want to change to a different game? No problem, just download 
another one and overlay the game in the flash ROM.

This keeps mfg. costs WAY down on each game, and allows the developer and 
publisher both to receive some hard-earned profit. This also avoids any 
future encryption issues.

It's possible the JUGS unit could fill this gap, but since I don't have any 
details on JUGS, that's just speculation.

The other choice would be to only make Jag CD games, which helps keep costs 
down, but it's supposedly much more difficult to work with, and you can 
only address the 2MB of RAM for your code (i.e. can't execute code directly 
off the CD).

Yet a third and most unlikely choice would be to hack something like the 
Memory Track, and get it to boot a PC-standard CD vs. a Jag-specific CD. 
This really only helps you avoid encryption problems, I think.

Carl Forhan
Jaguar Protector


Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: An idea...Jaguar System Cartridges...Hmmm...
Posted by Clay ( on January 11, 1999 at 14:48:25:
In Reply to: Re: An idea...Jaguar System Cartridges...Hmmm... posted by 
Carl on January 11, 1999 at 09:56:44:

>Yet a third and most unlikely choice would be to hack something 
>like the Memory Track, and get it to boot a PC-standard CD vs. a 
>Jag-specific CD. This really only helps you avoid encryption 
>problems, I think.

A close, but somewhat different idea would be to build a 4 meg RAM cart 
with a little ROM code to copy game images from a CD to the cart, then set 
the RAM to read-only mode and boot from that as normal.

It would be cool if the boot loader could read ISO-9000 file systems so you 
could put a whole bunch of games on one CD, but really... CD-Rs are so 
cheap these days that it wouldn't be a big deal to limit yourself to one 
game per CD.

I think it'd be pretty easy to create the Jag-format CDs on a PC. Since 
they're basically Redbook format, you'd just tell the CD-R burning software 
that you're creating a music CD from a WAV file. The trick would be 
properly formatting the WAV.

Hmmm... on the other hand, maybe it would be easier to code for an ISO file 

//// 2600 Emulation

Jaguar Interactive II
Re: Re: Jaguar
Posted by Glenn Bruner ( on February 09, 1999 at 
In Reply to: Re: Jaguar posted by MPS on February 07, 1999 at 13:03:34:

>Chris, I quote from the Jaguar Prototypes/Vaporware section of my
>site (link below):
>Dave Staugas, an Atari software programmer and engineer, was hard
>at work on a software emulator that would allow the Atari Jaguar
>to play Atari 2600 games stored on CD. This would have been similar
>to the "Action Pack" series recently released by Activision for
>DOS/Windows based PC's. As late as 1995, Atari still had plans to
>release multiple collections of classic 2600 games on Jaguar CD. 
>It is not known if any prototypes exist, or how far Atari progressed
>with this product.

I got a chance to sit down personally with Dave at the show after he talked 
about that. Here is what I recall from the conversation:

He was working on it up to the end of Atari. He said he was about 90% 
completed. Then the day came when he got his pink slip. He said he grabbed 
his jacket and left. The program he was working on and all source was left 
on the hard drive in his computer on his desk. What happen to the contents 
of that hard drive or that computer, who knows.

Dave did say at the show that the method he chose to do the emulation 
wasn't very good and felt that he should've done it another way. Too bad 
though, I would love to have a Jaguar CD, or cartridge, that has a emulator 
with the entire 2600 library on it, including the Supercharger games.

I also talked with Steve from Wiztronics who attempted to get some of the 
computers used by the programmers at Atari. Steve said that Atari was using 
"wipe" utilities to clear the hard drives and erase the info. He tried to 
get them to use a program he had, but they wouldn't.

All that work and effort, gone into oblivion!!!

Glenn Bruner

//// Curt's Cool Atari Trivia

Re: Pole Position 5200
Author: Curt Vendel <>
Date: 1999/01/11
Forum: alt.atari.2600

Mike Smeal wrote:

> Here's a question, Could anyone tell me why there's two copyrights on
> this game? 1982 NAMCO 1983 ATARI? BTW the 5200 version rules over the
> 2600 version.
> Thanks
> Mike

Hi Mike,

   That's a simple answer, Atari licensed Pole Position from Namco to bring  
it out in the arcade and in home computer and video game versions. Actually 
a little bit of inside Atari history.   Namco actually used to be Atari's 
Japan division, however at the time Atari was unable to manage its overseas 
office properly so it sold it to the management of the office and the 
office and company was renamed North American Company or NAMCO, so in a 
sense, whether it says Namco or Atari, its still Atari in a sense no matter 

Curt Vendel
The Atari Historical Society


Re: Ms. Pacman on the Atari 2600
Author: Curt Vendel <>
Date: 1999/02/09

Actually GCC (General Computer Corporation) did almost all of the final 
Atari 2600/5200 and Atari 8-bit games for Atari before the Tramiels bought 
the company in 1984.   GCC now makes laserprinters and has long since left 
the gaming industry and its work for Atari behind.  GCC is also the company 
that designed the MARIE chip for the Atari 7800 console.



   ||  BattleSphere News
   ||  By: Doug Engel, Mark Santora, and Stephanie Wukovitz

//// BattleSphere Update

[from Doug Engel's Thunderbird's Garage home page < 

//// 05/10/99

Things were looking really well at the time of the last update. We had been 
given verbal approval to go ahead and encrypt BattleSphere, so that it 
would be playable on the consumer Jaguar systems. After that, all we needed 
to do was to produce our cartridges and sell them to our loyal fans.

After that, things took a turn for the worse. Hasbro never came through 
with any written approval, so we could not proceed. This was a very 
frustrating situation. We made many attempts to remedy the situation, and 
at every turn we were unable to make any headway.

After several months of stagnating, many of the Jaguar userbase became 
tired of waiting and there were several email and letter-writing campaigns 
to get the attention of the right people at Hasbro.

Well, Someone at Hasbro was listening. As of last week, the announcement 
was made to the Atari community that very shortly the Jaguar would be 
declared an "Open System" by Hasbro. This means that all the tools and code 
may very-well become Public Domain.

Once the announcement is made, then we will once again be able to start 
thinking about production of BattleSphere cartridges. Let's hope that the 
announcement will come soon!

//// BattleSphere Playtester's Report

[from Mark Santora's BattleSphere Playtester's Page <http://home.earthlink. 

//// 01/11/99

So by now everyone has heard I'm sure. While BattleSphere has been complete 
for well over four months, 4Play is still waiting on one giant suck hole 
within the corporate wasteland we call the videogame industry - Hasbro. You 
see, all 4Play needs is for Hasbro to sign a piece of paper saying it's 
O.K. to publish the game. That's it. They don't need the encryption code, 
they don't need any hardware modifications from Hasbro. All they need is a 
signature. No one at Hasbro is willing to sign so basically, 4Play and 
BattleSphere is FUBAR'd. And it's not like 4Play doesn't have some strong 
allies outside of the internet community with them. But it's too much for 
Hasbro to deal with.

Now, I've basically kept my mouth shut on this 'til now. But I'm tired of 
this crap from Hasbro for the 4Play gang. I mean come on ,it's not like 
Hasbro will lose anything here - in fact they could really use it as a HUGE 
publicity stunt. Think about it... two years after the system is canceled 
by Atari, they okay the release of a game for it that was in development by 
grass-root developers (and they had a contract with Atari).

This little rant is not necessarily a call to arms against Hasbro. I'd love 
to see Hasbro succeed with Atari, but I feel that all they're interested in 
is mining the vast Atari library and milking it for all it's worth. Don't 
e-mail bomb Hasbro yet. But I do think it's time to start beating our plows 
into spears, if you know what I mean.

On a happier note, even after three years of playtesting, I'm still getting 
better! And look for another game that was in development over at Bethesda to 
hit the Jaguar via Carl Forhan-- Protector.

//// E3 Euphoria

[from Stephanie Wukovitz's stefCAM Page <>]

/// 05/18/99

Check out the pictures I took on this trip!

First of all, I'm STILL recovering from E3. I flew down to LA Wednesday 
morning with a number of coworkers (not Scott, unfortunately). We all checked 
into the hotel and proceeded to the LA Convention Center, where we assembled 
our booth. I stuffed press releases into folders for many hours, which is 
about all I was intellectually capable of doing at the time, having had no 
sleep at all. Then some of us got together and had dinner at the hotel. I 
slept a bunch Wednesday night but not enough to really catch up...

Then I worked the booth out front almost nonstop on Thursday... It was fun 
demonstrating a game and some FMV to passersby. It was also nice to sit on the 
big comfy couch that my company provided for a "living room" setting.

A lot of Jaguar fans stopped by to wish me (and the rest of the Battle Sphere 
team, who weren't there) good luck, as well. I also saw a lot of friends, 
acquaintances, and even two former coworkers. One friend hadn't eaten since 
the previous day, and it was late afternoon, so I made him eat some of the 
food I always carry on me. Scott arrived in the hotel in the mid-evening, 
having made good time driving from Santa Cruz. I was glad to see him!

Friday went much like Thursday except that Scott was there. That evening, we 
got together with our LA friend Mark (and later, his girlfriend Ayn) for a 
fantastic dinner at an Italian restaurant we discovered a few years ago (Tira 
Misu on Ventura Blvd, if you're interested)

The best news of the trip, in my opinion, came when Hasbro gave us, IN 
WRITING, word that they are making the Jaguar an open platform. We'd gotten a 
phone call about 2 weeks ago from one person there and had figured that it 
would take a while for all the details to be finalized. So we were surprised 
that they issued a press release so soon! We are SO HAPPY about this.

Saturday, was much like the previous two days until the show ended. Our 
friends Jon (Santa Cruz) and Ryan (San Jose) showed up to say hi. They'd flown 
down somewhat unexpectedly -- we knew they were going to try but didn't know 
for sure that they'd make it. We offered to give them a ride back... we also 
went out to dinner with them. We had planned to show them an Indian restaurant 
we have loved since we found it (Gate of India in Santa Monica, if you want to 
know). However, we got there and found the carpets being cleaned! The owner 
was there, though, and she knows us as customers who have spent way too much 
money eating her food :) She mentioned that she owns the Greek restaurant a 
few doors away and said that if we bought dinner there, she'd make an Indian 
dish for us and serve it to us there as well as the food we paid for. She did. 
It was wonderful and makes me think we should move back to LA... :)

We drove back starting around 3pm, after eating and then stopping at Mark's to 
watch a tape of the TV show he worked on. The trip was really funny -- Jon and 
Ryan were both acting immature, probably because Scott and I were being 
equally immature. Many lewd and scatological jokes were made to alleviate the 
extreme boringness of a trip up Hwy 5. Jon offered to pay Scott $20 when we 
stopped for gas, if only he would take the 198 west to the 101 (which also 
goes north to the Bay Area just like the 5). This is about a 50 mile detour 
through winding roads and really uninteresting mountains/hills. Scott spent 
the entire time complaining about how boring the trip was. Then we cruised up 
the 101 and got back fairly late.

Monday at work, I had a paycheck waiting, which always brightens my day. Many 
hours of hard work later, it was off to concert band, the final rehearsal 
before our concert Sunday. There won't be any more rehearsals until late 
August! I'm bummed! I wish I knew enough people in Santa Cruz to assemble a 
woodwind quintet just for fun. 

When I got home I worked so hard that before I knew it, it was after 4am! 
Given that I have to get up at 7:30am to catch public transit into work, and 
that I must go in Friday for a meeting, I figured it would probably be ok to 
sleep until mid-morning and work from home. I fired off mail to my boss asking 
him to call me when he got in if this was NOT fine with him. He had no problem 
with it, not surprisingly... so now I'm relatively caught up on sleep and got 
a bunch done today. Hurrah!

Finally, I promised that I'd comment on the ZDTV segment, so... here's my 
comment: It was funny and represented the site in a balanced way as a diverse 
and non-adult place. I'm glad they did it! We were on the floor! Check out 
XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX that David made out of the segment (with the permission of 
ZDTV, of course!)

-Stephanie (dreading tomorrow's commute but feeling pretty cheerful otherwise)


   ||  Protector Update
   ||  By: Carl Forhan

//// 04/06/99

Jaguar fans, the wait is almost over... OK, so that's an overused phrase when 
it comes to Atari consoles, but the fact of the matter is, steady progress is 
being made on Protector to turn this decent game into a spectacular one. 
What's been happening over the last six months since I acquired the game?  I'm 
glad you asked that question; let me tell you all about it.

* I've added TONS of audio to the game. Many of the thrust, firing, bouncing, 
etc. effects were simply absent. Net result is a much fuller game now.

* More enemies have been added, including some beefing up of existing ones. 
You didn't REALLY think that one shot should destroy every foe that comes your 
way, did you?

* More background graphics have been included. This helps spice up the 
playfield a bit and keep the game visually appealing throughout the 40+ waves.

* Several bugs have been fixed. They were minor, but annoying.

* Ship handling is very sharp now. No more slipperiness, the player ship turns 
on a dime!

* A number of cheats and an easter egg have been added (wouldn't you like to 
know ;-) ).

* Complete revamping of all waves to provide a steady progression of 
increasing difficulty.

* Complete revamping of the shop screen and the powerup system. There are some 
really fun powerups that will turn Protector into a blast-fest at certain 

* My latest addition to the game: a SAVED GAME feature! Before, the player was 
stuck wading through 10 or more waves to complete the particular difficulty 
level in one sitting. Now, your progress is saved automatically every 5 

So, assuming everything is resolved on the encryption issue, I don't see any 
problem getting this game finished in 1999. However, I do have other projects 
which could get either in front of or behind the actual publication of 
Protector... don't worry, Protector WILL be completed, and any delay in its 
publication will only stem from other Atari projects which may be of 
particular interest to Jaguar fans. =)


   ||  Llatest from Llamaland
   ||  By: Jeff "Yak" Minter

[All of the following postings are taken from Jeff Minter's web page, Yak's 
Zoo <>.  Check it out, and see what 
else Jeff has yakked up lately.]

//// 24 Jan 1999

Well, sorry for not having updated for awhile, I've been away over Xmas, 
had lots to do, you know the score. I'll get the sad news out of the way 
first: unfortunately, Flossie is now a single sheep, Alastair unfortunately 
having passed away just before Christmas. I always knew he was an old goat 
and he wouldn't last forever, but nonetheless it was upsetting to lose him. 
He got ill around the beginning of November - the vet said he had eaten 
something that didn't agree with him, which surprised me, because he had 
been wandering loose all around my grounds all summer and showed no 
interest in eating anything that was poisonous. I can only think that maybe 
the wind blew in some poisonous leaves or something, it being autumn and 
all. Anyway, the vet thought he would possibly die there and then, but I 
brought him into the house and gave him a lot of TLC, and he seemed to 
recover from the poisoning. I duly returned him back out to Flossie in the 
field, and he seemed to be on the mend. Unfortunately, a couple of weeks 
later he became ill again - this time with a cold, which went straight to 
his chest. I called out the vet again, and once again brought him into the 
house, and I thought he'd get over it - but the previous illness must have 
left him too weak, because despite my best efforts, one afternoon he took a 
sudden turn for the worse and expired shortly afterwards. I was gutted, and 
Flossie bleated mournfully for days afterwards. She has got used to being 
on her own now, but sheep are basically sociable animals, so I'll have to 
look out for another companion for her.

I'll miss Ali - he was a proper character, and I miss having to kick him 
out of the pinball room when he decided to come in for a visit. A shame, 
too, to lose him just after he had achieved a degree of fame by getting all 
over that PC Format interview, too. Anyway, here's one final pic of the ol' 
beastie, making himself comfortable in my snug, as always about as happy to 
be in the house as outdoors...

[pic of Alistair curled up on a rug, in front of a Tempest poster --Ed.]

Well... on to better news now. I'm still beavering away on T3K, which 
continues to look nicer and nicer. I added subpixel accuracy to some of my 
main graphics routines, with the result that my displays are now even more 
smooth and unpixelly than ever; I've just put in the Powerups, which rez in 
in a lovely swirly fashion and look very nice indeed, and the swirly bonus 
points which are quite similar to the old Pixelshatter effects out of T2K, 
but with heaps of translucency and smoothness and rotatey stuff, very 
tasty! I have lots of cool SFX in there too, but unfortunately a lot of 
them will have to be replaced before the game gets released - I basically 
borrowed heavily from the MAME sample sets, so you've got everything from 
Berzerk's robots saying "Chicken detected in pocket!" to Space Fury's 
imperious alien saying "Warships, dispose of my arse at once!" (hey, you've 
got to have a good old play with the sample editor, haven't you?). It's a 
bit of fun while I'm working on the game; I'm sure we'll get some equally 
groovy but legal sample sets for the release version. I've also been 
tweaking at the gameplay (cor, looking at my last update a lot has happened 
since - you can now get killed, the level transitions are in) - 
particularly on the firing, which needed to be speeded up to make the 
gameplay properly Tempest-like. One neat little thing I have added in there 
is that you can steal the enemy's shots! You know how in Tempest there is 
always a little gap in the bullet stream which prevents you from just 
nailing the FIRE button for a continuous stream that would make it very 
hard for the baddies to get you? Well, it starts out like that in T3K, but 
if you're bold, you can augment your firepower. When an enemy fires a shot 
at you, you can either dodge the shot as per usual, or, if you're bold, you 
can tough it out, get in front of the shot, and take it out with your own 
bullets. If you take this more risky approach, then every enemy shot you 
shoot gets nicked from the Enemy Shots Available list and added to your 
own! Of course, you risk mistiming this manoeuvre and getting blasted off 
the Web, but the more often you get it right, the more powerful you become 
and the weaker they become. It's cool.

Since I hadn't been away on holiday for ages, I decided to push the boat 
out for a week over Xmas and buggered off to Barbados, taking my mum, which 
was very cool. It was nice to have a few days away from the computer (so 
long as you don't count the Colour Game Boy I bought to take with me) and 
soak up a bit of unseasonal UV whilst drinking copious amounts of rum. It 
was particularly nice to think that on Boxing Day instead of watching crap 
TV and eating cold turkey I was snorkelling off a yacht in nice warm waters 
:-). Barbados is cool - kinda similar climatically to Hawaii when I went 
there, but much more British :-). Everyone plays cricket and there are more 
red telephone boxes than there are now in the UK, and where we stayed was 
right opposite a nice British pub, which was, as you can imagine knowing 
how I like me beer, rather handy :-).

Upon my return it was straight back into work mode - the audio boys at VM 
had cooked up an FFT for me, and they wanted to be able to demonstrate a 
Nuon VLM at CES, which started on the 7th Jan - so I duly leapt back into 
the code. Despite only having a few days, I managed to come up with a few 
cool VLM effects which went down quite well at the show, so I'm told. It's 
evident that the VLM on Nuon is going to be rather spiffy - already the 
effects I have are far more responsive to the audio than the old Jaguar VLM 
effects, partly because the frame rate is higher so there is less lag 
between stuff happening in the music and happening on the screen, and 
partly because with the extra Nuon grunt I can do much more mungeing of the 
data before passing it on to the graphics, allowing extra cool stuff to 
happen - parts of effects can change size according to the overall energy 
in certain bands of the spectrum, and there are smoothly-varying params as 
well as the immediately-responding raw spectrum which can be used... the 
overall effect is Very Nice Indeed. I figure if I can get such stuff after 
only a few days, gimme a few weeks (and a bit more power, too, because 
there are certain parts of the Nuon audio libs I won't need to use in the 
final version that were necessary for the demo, and I will get about a 
third as much again rendering power in the final version) - anyway, gimme a 
decent run at it and I will produce a beast of a VLM which will cause your 
inner footwear to be forcibly removed ;-)

For relaxation, I have been turning once again to my trusty Ninty - at the 
start of December I picked up the inevitable Zelda, which has occupied the 
bulk of my Nintime since then. I shan't bother going into detail about this 
game, since everyone, everywhere has already ranted at great length about 
it already. If you liked the previous Zeldas you'll definitely enjoy this 
one. The world is large and involving, there are copious dungeons to 
explore and bosses to kill, the graphics are very nice indeed (particularly 
some of the cut scenes, which are most impressive, given that this is a 
cartridge game with no option to spool pre-rendered stuff off a CD) - and 
there are some cool beasties, too! You can get your very own horsie, and 
even win your own cow! The cows in the game, as well as mooing nicely and 
looking cool, are actually quite useful - you can get milk from them which, 
if carried in a bottle, can be quaffed in a time of need to restore your 
life energy. Many a time I have emerged battered from a dungeon and my 
first thought has been "Gotta find a nice cow!".

Silly trick - if you go to the chicken woman's house in Kakariko Village, 
and go into that little doorway on the outside of the house upstairs, that 
leads into a cage with a cow in it (and a Piece of Heart, the first time 
you go in) - go in there, walk around in front of the cow, and stand facing 
her - and it looks like she's giving you a Clinton! Hehe... if you leave 
the joystick alone for awhile she keeps munching and mooing and Link starts 
making what sounds like appreciative noises (actually he's just yawning but 
in this context it sounds like something else). Hehehehe....

I'm almost at the end of Zelda now - I have just to finish off the boss of 
the Spirit Temple and then there is only Gannon and his castle to go - but 
I am in no hurry to finish it, it's too much fun, so I'm going to spend a 
goodly while pottering around the world finishing up the subquests before I 
go in to nail the bad guy. I want to win my own cow so I can enjoy a nice 
bovine Clinton in the privacy of my own hut! :-)...

I've also been interspersing games of Zelda with games of Rogue Squadron, 
for a complete, Star Wars oriented change of pace. RS is better than the 
first Star Wars game, in which the best parts were the Snowspeeder bits 
which were unfortunately too short. RS is all like the Snowspeeder bits, 
but in a variety of different ships, including X-Wings, Y-Wings and A-
Wings. The SFX are pure Star Wars, and if you like the film series and 
flying around blowing lots of things up, you'll enjoy the game.

Another cool Ninty game, which I must go back and finish off one of these 
days, is Space Station: Silicon Valley. This is a cool and heavily beastie-
oriented puzzle/platform game in which you have to take control of various 
different robot beasties and use their various abilities to solve puzzles 
and complete tasks in a variety of bizarre levels. I particularly enjoyed 
the fact that in order to complete many of the early levels it is necessary 
to spend quite a lot of time being a sheep (a very silly-looking Monty 
Python kind of sheep, at that). I'm about half way through the game at the 
moment - apparently on the later levels you even get to be a camel with a 
gun in your hump. No cows though (moo, moo, moo, slurp... hehe)...

Oh well, that's it for now - I'm gonna go upload this and then have a nice 
lie down and try not to think about cows for a while.

(moo, moo, moooo... slurp... hehehe...)


   ||  State of the Lynx
   ||  By: Carl Forhan

/// Preface

April 6, 1999

It's official, there IS a resurgence in handheld gaming. We now have a Color 
GameBoy, a (fading), a B&W NeoGeo Pocket, and a (coming soon) color 
NeoGeo Pocket. Sounds like a new comparison chart might be needed in a future 
issue of JEO to see just how the Lynx stacks up against the new competition.  
Here's one small tidbit: both the Lynx and the color NeoGeo Pocket boast a 
palette of 4096 colors. 

/// Web Lynx

At the risk of a self-serving plug, be sure to check out the Atari HQ web 
pages for lots of Lynx morsels, including footage of the never-released Ultra 
Vortex for the Lynx, information on upcoming games, reviews of recent 
releases, and more.


/// Game Updates

Songbird Productions has been formed by yours truly to assist hobby developers 
all over the world in getting their games completed and published on any Atari 
console. Watch for more press releases in the coming weeks in

If everything has worked according to plan, then by the time you read this, 
SFX should be out the door! Thanks again to all those faithful supporters who 
pre-ordered SFX over six months ago (where did the time go?). Your patience 
has made it easier for Songbird Productions to produce more new Lynx games in 

The following cheats were recently published by Bastian Schick for the SIMIS 
cartridge. Somebody find that easter egg!

  1) Invaders : Shoot shot before you're shot => 1 extra point
     (Actually a bug in the collision check :-) )

  2) For the easter-egg you'll need only press 3 keys at once!

Links to all the above may be found at The Lynx Domain:


/// Ye Olde Rumor Mill

Hyperdrome still is on its rather sluggish track... I think mid-1999 is the 
earliest we will see this game.

Strangest Lynx rumor from a confirmed source: an OFFICIAL Tetris product could 
appear on the Lynx in the future!

Ponx is being lined up for publication now that SFX is complete and out the 
door. Watch this space for more details soon... and don't be surprised to see 
EVEN MORE games published by Songbird Productions in 1999.

Majesco Sales is rumored to be planning a re-release of the Game Gear. Hasbro 
is rumored to be interested in licensing the Lynx technology to a third party. 
Anyone have a few million USD$ to spare so we could get these two working 

Signing off,

Carl Forhan


   ||  Review: Jaguar System Test Cartridge
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell

//// Whither Come the Beast?

Several months ago, Best Electronics added a number of items to the Jaguar 
section of their web site. Among these items was the Jaguar System Test 
Cartridge. The price was nearly seventy dollars-- excessive even for a 
game, ludicrous for a simple diagnostic cart. But my federal tax refund 
rolled in a bit later, and I was still feeling curious, so...

//// First Impressions

The Jaguar System Test cartridge is a heavy little sucker, containing four 
socketed EEPROMs. It comes in a standard Jaguar cart casing, but the 
EEPROMs stick out so far that they had to cut a rectangular hole in the 
front of the cartridge. The rightmost EEPROM is labeled "SYSTEST U1 
5/3/94". The next chip to the left is "SYSTEST U2 5/3/94", and so on. There 
are a pair of "Warranty Void if Seal is Broken" labels in the upper left 
and right, and a taped-on label under the chips that reads "ATARI JAGUAR - 
SYSTEM TEST VER. 5/3/94". I think Best Electronics applied that one.

The only other thing that came with the cartridge was a printed sheet of 
instructions. Instead of rephrasing the whole thing for this review, I've 
just typed it in verbatim below. So, there now follows the documentation:

//// System Test Cartridge 5/3/94

Setup Instructions:
     Insert Jaguar System Test Cartridge into top of the Jaguar console and 
insert one or two Joypads into the Jaguar console to be tested. Turn on 
Jaguar. Note: Normal Jaguar start-up routine will be bypassed. You will get 
a black screen on the monitor/TV for up to 6 seconds and then the test 
sequence will start. To prevent damage to the test cartridge, ONLY remove 
the test cartridge after all of the tests have been completed. Do NOT turn 
off power in the middle of the tests!

1. Several different full screen color displays will appear in a set
     a. Set monitor to RGB mode and inspect image for clarity.
     b. Set monitor to Composite video mode and inspect image for clarity.
     c. Set monitor to the RF mode and inspect image for clarity.

2. Color Bars
     a. Inspect RGB image for clarity. RGB mode shows the best quality.
        Images shown in RGB mode must have sharp, clear edges. There must
        be no color bleeding at all. There must be no snow, visible video
        noise, or flickering.
     b. Set monitor to Composite video mode. Inspect Composite image for
        clarity. Composite mode shows excellent quality, although
        slightly inferior to RGB. Color, hue, and tint should be same as
        RGB image. There will be a very small amount of color bleeding,
        in particular on red edges. From a distance of 4 feet, the
        picture should be indistinguishable from RGB on a 14" monitor.
        There must be no snow, noise, or flickering.
     c. Set monitor to the RF video mode. Inspect for clarity. RF mode
        will look very similar to Composite mode. Color, hue, and tint
        should be the same as the Composite image. There will be a small
        amount of additional blur on the edges of images. From a distance
        of about 6 feet, the picture should be indistinguishable from RGB
        on a 14" monitor. There must be no snow, noise, or flickering.

3. 1 KHz Tone
     a. Check for 1 KHz test tone coming through the monitor speaker. The
        audio tone should be clear, with no noticeable crackling.

4. Cybermorph Test
   May be run in two different modes-- Manual and Auto.
     a. Auto Mode: Do not touch any of the controller buttons and the
        Cybermorph test will run in Auto mode. Once the Cybermorph
        test is done it will automatically go on to the next test.
     b. Manual Mode: After the first screen of the Cybermorph display
        ("CYBERMORPH SYSTEST 3.MAY.94"), when the second Cybermorph
        game screen comes up, press any of the A, B, C buttons on the
        left Joypad controller to start the manual Cybermorph mode.
        You will jump back to the Select Destination screen. Again
        press once any of the A, B, C buttons on the left controller
        to start the Cybermorph test. Note: To get out of the manual
        Cybermorph test mode, press the # and * keys on the left
        Joypad at the same time. Hit A for the next test.

5. Color Bars Again
   Hit the "B" button for next test.

6. White CRY
     a. Inspect solid white RF image for clarity. In particular, check
        for vertical black lines, or any dots in black or any other
        color. Hit "A" button for next test.

7. CRY Color Band with 1 KHz Tone
     a. Check for smooth gradation in RF horizontal bands image, no
        abrupt changes in color or shading.
     b. Check for 1 KHz test tone coming through the monitor speaker.
        The audio tone should be clear, with no noticeable crackling.
        Hit the "A" button on the left controller for the next test.

8. RGB Parrots
     a. Inspect RF image for clarity. If the image rolls (loss of
        synchronization), shimmers, or flickers in any way, the Jaguar
        unit has failed. There must be no visible snow, video noise or
        wavy lines. Press the "A" button on the left controller to
        select the next test.

9. Joypad Checker
     a. Press each button on Joypad 1 (left) and make sure that
        only a single button appears highlighted in green on the
        monitor image.
     b. If a second Joypad is installed in Port 2, press the "#" button
        on the right Joypad and observe the controller position move
        to the right on the TV screen. If a second Joypad is not
        available, move the Joypad from Port 1 to Port 2 and press
        the "#" button.
     c. In Port 2 Joypad repeat the test sequence in Step "a".

10. End of System Test
     a. Turn off the Jaguar and remove the Jaguar System Test Cartridge.

//// Overall

Consider this an item for Jaguar completists only. If the built-in game had 
been some unreleased or extreme beta item, that would have been cool, but 
alas, it's just a slightly-modified Cybermorph. If you have a whole pile of 
Jags it might be useful for occasional troubleshooting... except that any 
repairs that could be made would surely cost more than buying a whole new 
unit. Well, it looks neat sitting next to my AirCars and Iron Soldier 2 
cartridges anyway.

//// Final Ratings

        Title: System Test Cartridge     JagNet: n/a
       Design: Atari                    Players: 1
 Published by: Best Electronics           Media: 16 megabit cart
       Retail: $69.95              Availability: NOW - LIMITED

  A Summary of Ratings:
              "*" is a whole
              "+" is a half
               5 stars maximum

Graphics - **     Mostly color bars. Neat parrots though.
   Audio - **     Just some test tones.
 Control - ****   Well, there's certainly nothing confusing about it.
Gameplay - ***    It is kinda cool having a THIRD version of Cybermorph.
 Overall - ***    Consider it a must-have only if you're a rabid,
                  "collect-everything" Jag owner. Otherwise it's
                  basically an expensive paperweight.

Key to Clay's ratings
  (a fine tools state of mind)

   ***** - Leatherman
    **** - Swiss Army Knife
     *** - Spork
      ** - Pointy stick
       * - Big rock


   ||  The Trials and Joys of a Flash ROM Cart
   ||  By: Carl Forhan

Several months ago I received a flash ROM cart on loan to assist me in 
Protector development. This cart is capable of receiving a binary download 
from a PC and essentially let you play games on a stock Jaguar without 

Well, as cool as that sounded, it wasn't easy getting the thing to work that 
first time. I spent several hours playing with parallel port settings, 
alternating between a dev Jaguar and stock Jaguar, pressing buttons at 
different times, and so on. FINALLY I got the download process to work, and I 
want to share that process so no one will have trouble (hopefully!) in the 

Apparently I had to switch my parallel port from 'Normal' mode to EPP mode. It 
worked on the first try after I did this. I never got it to work with the 
parallel port in any other mode, and I should point out you must have a bi-
directional port.

Here is the complete sequence of what I did:

1. Start the utility with the proper -pN parameter (-p1 for me)
2. Turn on Jag and hold 3 on the keypad
3. Press space bar on the PC to continue the program
4. Jag screen says "Erasing" on yellow background
5. PC says "Erasing"
6. Jag screen says "Screen will blank out for a moment" on blue background
7. PC begins data transfer and dynamically indicates number of bytes sent
8. Jag screen says "Success" on green background
9. Game starts on Jag automatically, or unplug cable and reboot Jag

That's all it takes. I hope people find this information useful in years to 


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions


   ||  JEO Trivia Challenge V: The Answers
   ||  By: Clay Halliwell and Carl Forhan

1. What was the first console cartridge-based system?
   Fairchild Channel F - 1976

2. What was the first handheld cartridge-based system?
   Milton Bradley Microvision - 1979

3. What was the first color handheld cartridge-based system?
   Atari Lynx - 1989

4. What was the first tabletop cartridge-based system?
   Entex Adventurevision - 1982
   (we would also have accepted the Entex Select-A-Game, which came
   out even earlier than that, but which was more of an overlay-
   based system)

5. What was the first tabletop cartridge-based system to use a column
   of red LEDs and a spinning mirror to generate its display?
   Entex Adventurevision again!

6. What was the first console game with digital speech?
   Quadrun on the Atari 2600 - 1978

7. What was the first console game to do real-time anti-aliasing?
   Ballblazer on the Atari 7800 - 1984

8. What was the first console system with analog joysticks?
   Atari 5200 - 1982

9. What was the first console system with 4 controller ports?
   Bally Astrocade - 1978

10. What was the first system to generate a true interlaced display?
    Magnavox Odyssey^2 - 1978

11. What was the first console system with a 64-bit memory bus?
    Atari Jaguar - 1993

BONUS QUESTION: Which system had a larger color palette-- the Atari 2600 or 
the Nintendo Entertainment System?

     The Atari 2600. The 2600 has a 128-color palette (16 colors x 8 bright 
levels), versus the NES's 52-color palette (13 colors x 4 bright levels).


   ||  Shutdown ....................... Power off, * + #, EOL, Game Over
\__//  -----------------------------------------------------------------

Buzzword Index:
     Buzzword     Occurrences
     Texture      1
     Bug          4
     Network      9
     CD           35
     HTTP         51
     BattleSphere 76
     Hasbro       111

Useless Fact O' The Month: The Atari 7800 uses a 960-bit encryption key.

'Til next issue!

Your Editor
Clay Halliwell


                 (This issue printed on recycled photons)


                              Portal Now Open.


                                Cheers Mate!


                   Where do you want to play Atari today?


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