First Buyers' Reaction (Nov.23,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-01:47:54 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: First Buyers' Reaction (Nov.23,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 01:47:54 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 20      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE      23 November 1993 ::

 |||   First buyers' reactions
 |||   Courtesy: GEnie
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>From the ST RoundTable on GEnie:

Category 14,  Topic 45
Message 187       Tue Nov 23, 1993
M.SCHEFFEL                   at 21:16 EST

It's about time!
 About three o'clock today I got a call at work. One of my  employees
reserved Jafuar's were in. Against my better judgement I relayed the
message. Sure enough he dropped what he was doing and left. He showed
up an hour later with the Holy Grail. It is out in the New York area!
 Afetr work I got my first taste, Cybermorph is great. The morphing is
smooth and combination of scrolling and rendering is more than
impressive. This machine must be a winner,
 Only two complaints, they are already sold out (Electronics
Boutique), and we want more games.
 Let me again repeat: someone went to a mainstream store and bought
      Yes I've played Atari today!!!!!

>From SCORPIA'S Games RoundTable on GEnie:

Category 8,  Topic 35
Message 24        Tue Nov 23, 1993
ERIDDLE                      at 21:14 EST

Well the Jaguar finally hit Asheville, NC today (Special order from
our local software store) and M.CARTER14 and myself got to pick ours
up!  The machine is very sleek, although a bit bigger than the
pictures led to believe.

The controller is awsome!  And CyberMorph comes with an overlay for
the keypad similar to the old 2600 Star Raiders.

The box has to been seen... Atari has outdone themselves!!!  Oh well,
more later...

ed @ home

Category 8,  Topic 35
Message 25        Tue Nov 23, 1993
CARBON.14                    at 21:37 EST

 Some comments from people who picked up their Jags today!

 Article 199 (129 more) in
 From: (Todd Nix)
 Subject: Re: Jaguars are IN!!!
 Date: 23 Nov 93 19:21:11 GMT

 In <todd.754075248@xymox> (Todd Nix) writes:
 >I'll be heading over there at lunch to pick it up, and
 >try to get a review out later.

 Well I picked it up, took it home, plugged it in.
 Unfortunately the controller was DOA. One of the buttons is
 shorted or something, because where B should fire, Pause fires instead.
 I'm going back to the store to pick another one up this evening.

 More bad news. The only connector packed in is an RF cable. Maybe
 it was just my unit, we already know it was bad, but the first
 third of the screen was clear, while the right 2/3s was a little
 jittery. I tried using a different channel, socket in the power strip,
 as well as disconnecting the CATV cable from the RF box. Called ATARI
 and they said the composite and SVHS connectors would be out in 1/94.
 They connect to a little card slot in the back, so it would be pretty
 hard to roll your own.

 Good news. Cybermorph looks pretty cool from the demo. Fast, smooth,
 good sounds. The landscape isn't texture mapped, but there is a good
 deal of shading and shadows. Everything moves very very smoothly. Pretty
 impressive.  The landscape doesn't look real blocky either, nice and
 smoothed. You can see some edges, but they aren't very sharp. Not a
 system seller, but I think it will be pretty fun.

 The controller is nice. It would nicer if mine worked, but oh well.
 Fits nicely in the hands. Good feel on the buttons. Not too heavy.
 Cybermorph comes with an overlay that fits over the buttons. You can
 change views to look at your ship from outside in 4 directions, or from
 inside the cockpit. There are buttons to turn off the sound, toggle the
 targetting view, and 3 buttons for "super weapons".

 That's all for now. Hopefully the unit I pick up tonight will be fully

 Todd Nix               (512)794-2855 

 Article 220 (128 more) in
 From: (Grue)
 Subject: Jag stuff
 Date: Tue, 23 Nov 1993 21:45:51 GMT

 Ok, I'm a little more calm now... B)

 Anyhow, I've been playing Cybermorph.  Just got it from the Electronics
 Boutique in Woodbridge, NJ.  They didn't have any games (Boo!), but
 Cybermorph is very nice indeed.  Is it texture mapped?  No.  Is it very
 fast and very smooth?  You bet your ass it is!  Is the sound any good?
 Damn right!  And I'm used to a Roland on an IBM PC.  And it's fun.  And
 addictive.  And I think I'm a-gonna go play it again.  Quick mechanics
 breakdown:  A accelerates, B fires, C brakes, keypad does lots of neat
 things, from firing special weapons to changing cockpit views and turning
 off the music.

 The game saves 100,000 updates to the high score list, btw.

 Gotta run!


Category 8,  Topic 35
Message 26        Tue Nov 23, 1993
M.CARTER14 [Mac]             at 22:13 EST

We'll as of today I am one of the proud owners of a ATARI Jaguar!!!.
I leave in Asheville, N.C.  I finally got a call from my friends at
Babbage's. I flew over to the store and picked it up and then had to
wait three hours before I got my lunch break before I got to play it.
The base unit itself is much larger than I thought it would be, not
that it was bad or anything, I like the bigger unit.  You can tell
that there is some quality in the machine.  The controler is the best
one of any machine I have. (And I have them all!)  It feels like it is
a part of your natural hand.  The control pad and button are all in
perfect finger reach.  The full keypad is very easy to select.  The
opening screen is just like someone said.  The Jaguar logo scales in
and you hear the jaguar growl, the individual ATARI letters fall in
from different directions and the little ATARI theme song plays. The
they split apart and the cube with the photographic image of the
jaguar animals rotates around.  The box and all the manuals have the
same cover with the logo and the cateyes.  It also come with a poster
that looks like the box with some screen shots along the bottom.  The
back of the poster and manual just show you how to hook the unit of
about a million different ways. The carts are curved just a little so
that they are easy to get in and out. Now about Cybermorph.  I only
got to play it for a couple of minutes and I thought it was more of a
game to show off what the machine had in "horsepoer" than a "gameplay"
cart.  After getting home and playing it for about 15 minutes, I
think it is very fun.  The landscape is killer with all of the colors
and shading.  There is NO slowdown at all.  The gameplay is not as
fast paced as say Starfox.  It's more like Stellar 7 than Starfox.  I
got past the first couple of planets and was wondering if that was all
eight levels there was to play.  Then after reading the book I found
out there was eight planets per stage and there were five
stages.(IE:40 levels)  The voices are crystal clear and the opening
music was good.  There is no music during game play.  There are a lot
of different options during play like controling the volume of all the
different sounds. (IE: Skylar, Engine, sounds.)  Over all it is a very
good game for the first cart and pack in.  It's not the best game ever
made but I like it a lot.  I also ordered Cresent Galaxy but I'm not
sure when it will get here.  Now the wait for Aliens Vs. Predator.

Mac Carter @ Home playing Jaguar. (With a big GRIN)

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