Gaming News (Nov.07,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-01:13:00 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Gaming News (Nov.07,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 01:13:00 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 19      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE       7 November 1993 ::

//// Other gaming news

o Jay Wilbur of Id software recently posted to r.g.v.m that Id and
Atari both want to create "Doom" for the Jaguar. Jay notes that
nothing is signed, but it looks like it could happen. The SNES version
of Doom is no longer planned, but the Wolfenstein port is still going.
"Doom," is a succesor to Wolfenstein 3D, and is one of the hottest
titles around. In Doom, you control a space marine with plenty of
weapons, in a struggle for survival as your base is suddenly infested
with strange demonic beings. Computer Gaming World calls them "Satan's
Soul Stewards". Doom features texture mapped walls, floors and
ceilings. Walls are no longer alwasy solid, and not fixed to 90 degree
angles. Neater still is that you are no longer limited to a constant
height. In Doom, you can look out across a wide room from a ledge far
above and see what's below. The current MS-DOS version of Doom will be
networkable, something that could really take off on the Jaguar! Hold
onto your whatever you hold onto - this could get hot.

o The Jaguar controller may look big, but *really* is easy to
hold.  I have one in my grubby mitts right now. My left thumb has
access to Pause, 7, and 4. My right thumb can hit A,B,C, 9, and with a
little stretch, Option and 6. They are not made out of lead, and
aren't heavy at all.

o The green holographic head in Cybermorph is named Skylar.

o To the people wondering about who does what in the Jaguar:

Rob Nicholson ( a Jaguar developer
(Hand Made Software) has this to say about the Jaguar:

"...there is no primary processor in the Jaguar. It's up to *ME* which
I decide to use depending upon the task. Such is the flexibility of the

o A Jaguar commercial was spotted in NY, during Batman:TAS on Friday
the 6th. I hope to see them here in the SF bay as well. I'll keep you
all updated.

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