Sega Saturn/3DO Supporter (Oct.22,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-12:37:14 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: Sega Saturn/3DO Supporter (Oct.22,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 00:37:14 1994

                           SILICON TIMES REPORT
   October 22, 1993                                              No. 9.43

              ** Sega to Create "Next Generation Video Game" **

    Sega Enterprises is attempting to steal a march on rival Nintendo by
 developing a 64-bit video game machine - nicknamed the "Saturn" - and
 getting it to market by the fall of 1994.  Nindendo's 64-bit offering
 isn't expected to reach market until 1995.

    Reportedly the "Saturn" will be equipped with dual processors.  One
 will be Hitachi's 64-bit processor and the other a 32-bit processor. The
 64-bit processor will be used to produce high quality screen movement, as
 well as voice and sound features. It is claimed that the picture can be
 three-dimensional and highly realistic.

    Sega will set up a software development center, called the "Creative
 Center", in Shibuya, Tokyo, to start creating software for its new game
 system.  Besides that, Sega is also planning to set up a software
 development studio, called "Multimedia Studio," next April. At the
 studio, Sega wants to create advanced software incorporating video and
 sound technologies. Movie producers, broadcasting firms and music
 companies will participate in the project. Sega has reportedly already
 signed deals with movie and broadcasting firms.

        ** 3DO Interactive Multiplayer System Gains Major Supporter **

    The 3DO Company this week gained the support Macromedia, a leader in
 multi-media software tools.  Macromedia announced it had entered into an
 agreement to develop a software player that will allow Director Windows
 or Macintosh files to port easily and quickly to the 3DO Interactive
 Multiplayer system.

    This agreement makes it possible for Macromedia Director developers to
 seamlessly port applications to a leading consumer platform. Titles
 created with Director can currently be distributed on Macintosh and
 Windows platforms. With the Director Player for 3DO, developers focused
 on the Macintosh and Windows platforms can now deliver titles to a wider
 consumer audience.

   "Our agreement with 3DO represents our strategic commitment to provide
 our multimedia playback technology on the leading consumer platforms,"
 said John C. (Bud) Colligan, president and chief executive officer at
 Macromedia. "We believe the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer system will be an
 important consumer standard."

    This agreement extends Macromedia's strategy to offer developers
 platform optimization rather than forcing them to develop on the lowest
 common denominator. The Director Player for 3DO will provide developers
 with special extensions that optimize titles to take advantage of the
 unique features of the 3DO platform.

   "The Director Player for 3DO is the next step in providing a rich
 authoring platform to 3DO developers," said Bill Duvall, senior vice
 president of software at The 3DO Company. "The Director Player for 3DO,
 along with the other multimedia development tools that Macromedia and 3DO
 are delivering to developers, ensures that the 3DO Interactive

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