Terrence Valeski, Director of Marketing (Oct.08,1993)

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Subject: Terrence Valeski, Director of Marketing (Oct.08,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 00:32:52 1994

                            SILICON TIMES REPORT
 October 08, 1993                                                 No. 9.41
 Here's something from Comtex Scientific Corporation:

 09/23 1023  Atari appoints new director of marketing/advertising

 SUNNYVALE, CALIF. (SEPT. 23) BUSINESS WIRE - Atari Computer Corp.
 announced Thursday that Terrence Valeski, a 22-year veteran in consumer
 electronics marketing, has joined the company as director of marketing and
 advertising for Jaguar.

    Valeski's immediate responsibility will be to execute the national roll
 out for Jaguar -- Atari's new high performance gaming system.  He reports
 directly to Sam Tramiel, president of Atari.

    "We are very pleased that Terry has joined Atari.  His experience is
 invaluable to us," said Tramiel.  "Developing strong relationships with
 retailers and developers as well as communicating with consumers will be
 critical to our success as we get ready to market and distribute Jaguar

    In an industry dominated by foreign companies, U.S.-based Atari
 announced this summer that it has developed a high-performance, 64-bit
 home video game system called Jaguar, capable of delivering faster and
 more powerful video games to the home market.  Atari will be made in
 America and has signed IBM to manufacture the Jaguar in its Charlotte,
 N.C. plant.

    "Jaguar has truly leaped ahead of the competition in terms of quality,
 price and performance," said Valeski.  "My job will be to ensure that we
 attract the best and the brightest and to market aggressively through the
 channels of distribution.  You can expect to see some major shifts in the
 way Atari markets."  Jaguar is expected to be available to consumers
 before Thanksgiving 1993.

    In an effort to develop strong marketing programs, Atari recently chose
 Cunningham Communication Inc. as its marketing/communications counsel.
 Cunningham is a Santa Clara, California-based public relations firm
 specializing in high technology.

    Before joining Atari, Valeski was founder and chief executive officer
 of Intellivision, a leading home video game manufacturer in the 1980s.
 Prior to that he was senior vice president for the Mattel Electronics
 division of Mattel Toys.  Valeski also held several senior positions at
 Teledyne Waterpik and J. Walter Thompson Advertising, San Francisco and
 New York.

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