GEnie: Direct from Glendale RTC (Sep.19,1993)

From: Atari SIG (xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu)
Date: 02/20/94-12:25:27 AM Z

From: xx004@cleveland.Freenet.Edu (Atari SIG)
Subject: GEnie: Direct from Glendale RTC (Sep.19,1993)
Date: Sun Feb 20 00:25:27 1994

 :: Volume 2 - Issue 16      ATARI EXPLORER ONLINE     19 September 1993 ::

 |||   GEnie's Direct From Glendale RTC
 |||   Captured and Edited by: Travis Guy
/ | \  Courtesy: GEnie

<[Host] ST.LOU> Our special guests tonight are Glendale organizer -
John King Tarpinian, Z*NET News - Ron Kovacs and Director of
Communications for Atari Corp. - Bob Brodie!  Gentlemen, thank you for
taking time from this busy day to bring us all the latest news from
Glendale. I understand that you are typing at us from the GEnie booth,
staffed by a half dozen GEnie sysops. I am sure they are just as happy
to be off their feet while they watch you do some work <grin>. We'll
ask the sysops for comments later....

I suspect one of you will be doing the typing :-) May we begin with
some general comments about the day so far? King, Ron and Bob... GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> The show has drawn over 800 people so far, the
morning was a very busy time for us.  Atari is up on the stage as
always, showing the Falcon, and trying to get a slideshow of Jaguar
Targas to run with limited success so far.  There has been a lot of
excitement and interest in the Jaguar, with a number of people
expressing interest in becoming developers.  We had a developer
conference last night at the Red Lion which went very well, and
actually lasted much longer than we had expected it to.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Questions, go ahead! :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK Bob...

<[Host] ST.LOU> S.Chapman is first.

<S.CHAPMAN> what are the prices on the lynx at the show...  the good
guys!  have it for 49$..GA.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I'll have to check, I haven't had a chance to
shop yet! :)  The supply of Lynxes that TCN brought to the show is
already sold out

<[Host] ST.LOU> any more?


<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks. Now we have Jaguar Jim. GA Jag Jim.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> CIS lag, Jim? :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hello Jim? Everything OK?

<[JAGUARJIM] J.THORNHILL> i WOULD lik to know when the much touted 3rd
party list will be available?  What part of next week?  Before or
after Wednesday and also will thes be true independent third parties
or is Atari going to just Licnese titles and do the programming

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Jim, much touted???? We'll make the release
next week, I will not, while out of the office be held to a specific
date.  This is indeed a list of true 3rd party developers.  We are not
doing the programming ourselves.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Followup Jag?

<[JAGUARJIM] J.THORNHILL> Well that wasn't the right word I guessno

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> NEXT

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hehehe... OK, John Brenner from Quebec!

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> Hi Bob, did you say you were having trouble
running a slide show on the Falcon! Isn't that a little sad
considering Atari has been claiming for months that the Falcon is the
ultimate MultiMedia machine?  has Atari put the Falcon on the back
burner for now

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Well John, I'd say it is more an indictment of
my own lack of skills. I have been so busy doing other things that I
have not had enough time to properly set this up in advance. The
simple fact is that we are so darn busy trying to get peoples
questions answered here, that I haven't been allowed to really focus
on the project. I'm delegating that task to Mike Fulton, who is
running True Paint to do it, rather than the GEMVIEW slide show that I
was attempting to do it with. And no, we have not placed the Falcon on
the back burner. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> JB?

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> There is only one Falcon in Montreal. How many
dealers are there supposed to be.Would you have any idea offhand? 3 or
10 ?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> How ever many the market might bear.  that is
a question that would be much better suited for our rep in Montreal to
answer, Kaysound. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Folks, hang around for the door prize.... Photo Show
and It's All Relative from It's All Relative... courtesy of Greg
Kopchak. We'll do it soon. Next is Jonesy!

<[Jonesy] M.JONES52> Any noticeable numbers of non-Atarians
about,expressing interest in current and new stuff?  ga

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Not really.  There have been some new faces
that are asking about the Jaguar, but most of the crowd is very
familiar to me.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Now we have DaveFreeland

<[David] D.FREELAND> I noticed in the Atari Compendium PR that it is
up-to-date as of TOS 5.0.  Is this a typo?  If not, can you discuss
TOS 5.0??

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> No, it is not a typo.  There is another
version of TOS that is already in developer release is documented in
the compendium.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Followup Dave?

<[David] D.FREELAND> What is Atari currently doing to promote the

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> David, we're working with a number of 3rd
party people to come up with asome products that will give people a
reason to select the Falcon over another computer.  Right now, we're
excited that we've gotten a chance to look at Cubase Audio for the
Falcon...  which will raise the stakes in the music software to a new
level and allow musicians with the Falcon to do things that are simply
not possible on any other platform.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Next we have Dave Smith

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Bob, TT production has been a matter of concern.
What's the status *and* are there plans to keep the TT upgradeable to
future technology. If not, would there be a trade up? GA :)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Dave, we are committed to returning the TT to
production, and it's my belief that production has already begun...but
it will be the TT...not a different machine.  And btw....isn't anyone
going to ask anything about the show?????

<[Host] ST.LOU> Dave? Another?

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> No More question, thanks! ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK. Ed Baiz.

<[Ed] E.BAIZ> What stores in SanFran are going to sell the Jag? What
is the overall impression of the people who attended the show? GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> We're in the process of setting up the Jaguar
distribution now, Ed.  I would expect to see it in Toys R Us,
Electronic Boutique, and all the other major entertainment retailers.
The people that are attending the show are anxious to see the Jaguar,
most seem pleased at the presence of a terrific issue of AtariUser
Magazine, and the impressive group of developers.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ed, do you have another question?

<[Ed] E.BAIZ> no

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks Ed.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, please tell us who is in the booth with you.
Maybe questions can be asked of them...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Ron Kovacs, John Nagy, Mike Allen, and all the
rest just ran!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Haha

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> :) :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> May I ask John about the next AtariUser? When can we
expect to see it. We all miss it.

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> go for it... this is john

<[Host] ST.LOU> Oooooh... /nam too!

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> We have released the October issue TODAY here
at Glendale

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hurray... and welcome back!

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> and will ship to all subscribers and groups
next Tuesday!

<[Host] ST.LOU> What articles are in your resurrection issue? :-)

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> It has a COLOR spread on the Jaguar... and is
100% done with Calamus SL.  We have 6 pages of NEWS...  We have a lot
of Falcon news and such....  A GREAT article on digital audio on the
Falcon030...  A lynx BEST-OF review...  and more.  And a SPECIAL $5
Mini-Subscription offer for 3 issues for the faint of heart who are
scared to spend on subscritions in this market.  AtariUser is BACK.
And thanks for all the fish!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks John. Hang around in case we have a question
for you. Now I would like to do the prize thing..... for all paying
customers... no free flags allowed :-)

<[John Nagy] PRESS-13> ga.

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK folks... I will ask the question and you type in
the answer. Wait until you see Room in Talk-Mode before hitting RETURN

<[Host] ST.LOU> What is the location of the Glendale Show?

<[Host] ST.LOU> 30 seconds

** <[Host] ST.LOU> Room is now in the talk mode.

<S.CHAPMAN> glendale
<[Ed] E.BAIZ> glendale, california
<[Dave] D.SHORR> Glendale Civic Auditorium
<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> California, Lions hotel
<[Bondservant] K.RICHARD2> glendale ca
<[Baaad Dot!] DABRUMLEVE> Glendale!
<B.BENCIVENGA> glendale civic center.
<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> Who is buried in Grant's Tomb?
<[David] D.FREELAND> Glendale, CA
<H.SAKAI> glendale
<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> Glendale Civic Auditorium
<[Baaad Dot!] DABRUMLEVE> Gosh, Stargazer, that's not right.
<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Right now? Genie!

** <[Host] ST.LOU> Room is now listen-only.

<[Host] ST.LOU> I see two winners.... the answer is GLendale Civic
Auditorium. Dave Shorr and Chriss Cassaday....  Congrats

<[Host] ST.LOU> Dave has first choice... It's All Relative or Photo Show?

<[Dave] D.SHORR> I'd like Photo Show; thanks!

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK Dave. Chris..... you get It's All Relative. Thanks
to Greg Kopchak for providing tonight's prizes. Winners please send
your mailing address to ST.LOU after this conference. Back to our

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> A: Cary Grant.

<[Host] ST.LOU> King... :-)

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> King is out, this still JOhn Nagy

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ed from AEO was next... OK Nagy... sounds like a "King
Thing" :-)

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> We've given a couple thousand back copies of
AU away today!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Everyone say thank you?

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> And a Glendale first, there are NO buttons
referring to a certain online magazine....

<[Ed] AEO.5> How many games for the Jaguar will be released this fall
in SF and NY and how many next year for the worldwide release?

<[Glendale Sho] PRESS-13> Looking for bob for this..... hold

<[Host] ST.LOU> I have just been told that Photo Show is a Falcon only
program... Dave, do you have your Falcon yet?

<[Dave] D.SHORR> Nope, but the BCS Resource Center now has one.
Thanks Bob!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Hi Ed, there will be a single title bundled
with the machine...  and that title hasn't been set yet.  I expect
there to be about 5 titles at the time of the rollout.  After that,
there will be a number of other titles, depending on who the developer
is, it is hard for me to project the actual dates that they will be
available.  Right now, we've got about 10 titles in the works on the
Sunnyvale front.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob... I am told a late breaking story in ST Report
says the Jaguar may not be ready for Christmas.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Can you shed some light on this?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Lou, I'm surprised that anyone believes
anything that is written in that publication any longer. He really has
no sources in Sunnyvale at all. It's probably another typical Str word
game in that it will not be available anywhere except New York and San

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hmmmph... another good story bites the dust :-)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Is it true that he wrote that from the Betty
Ford Clinic?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Are you permitted to name the 10 titles under
production for the Jaguar?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I don't have my list in front of me, but I'll
try to get most of them for you Lou...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Cybermorph, Crescent Galaxy, Tiny Toon
Adventures, Kasumi Ninja, Raiden, Club Drive, Checkered Flag, Alien vs
Predators, Evolution: Dino Dudes,

<[Host] ST.LOU> Good re-member-y, Bob!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Tempest 2000. Thanks....that's the list! :)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Next we have Steve Kiepe, Editor of Current Notes!

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> So he wasn't at the clinic?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Bob, are the developers/dealers at the show
happy with the turnout thus far and second, Bill Rehbock once stated
that the Falcon was meant for the HOME market. It appears that
Atari/3rd party developers are focused "primarily" on music
applications.   Is this primarily a survival response or would you
think we've pretty much seen a move toward a niche market?  In other
words, how do you think we can spread this out!  GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Hello Steve, nice to see you!  I have been so
busy myself, I haven't had a chance to gauge that.  The crowd of 800+
isn't as good as we had hoped for, but it appears to be a buying
crowd.  Re the second question, we have always found that while we
might have a purpose in mind for our machines, the developers will
often come up with a product that will capture a particular market.
Music has always been an important part of our market, and the
Falcon's capabilities are very impressive in that arena.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, Nathan posted from Glendale at 12:30 your time...
has he been swamped since then? :-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Steve, followup?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Good to hear that money is changing hands!
Are the remaining developers "enthusiastic" or more cautious in your
opinion.  GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Yes, he has.  Steve, I'll know more tomorrow,
I really have been busy myself, and haven't had a chance to hobnob the
way I would like to.  For example, Mid Cities is doing one of their
promotion announcements right now...they have set up a huge mural of
an island, complete with a VOLCANO, spewing smoke out of the top, and
when the volcano erupts, the have sound affects so the floor
vibrates....really amazing.  Z*Net News Service will be uploading
pictures of this later on tonight. ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> I will ask more after the paying customers get their
questions in. Next is Chris Cassaday... a prize winner. Welcome back,

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> John Nagy - Is that *really* you in that CI$ ad?
Bob Brodie - (sorry to be off topic) Is TOS 5.0 a machine specific
upgrade?  (Falcon or TT?)  Or is it for a future machine?  What's in
it?  AES 4.1?

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> Chris, John has stepped away from the machine
right now...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Chris, I was wondering too :-) John Nagy is much
better tanned :-)

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> What's the ad you're talking about?

<[Host] ST.LOU> CIS has a TV ad with a John Nagy giving his

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> what Lou said...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Now, answer Chris' question :-)

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> poke - prod

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> No, John says that he doesn't have enough time
to be on CIs, So it wouldn't be appropriate for him to endorse the
Atari Forums on cis.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Beside, THAT John Nagy was not carrying a copy of
AtariUser :-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob, please read Chris' question about TOS and AES

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> I take it you can not comment on TOS 5.0?  If
not, that's fine.  I'me just curious...

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> The version of TOS he's enquiring about is a
beta version that is current restricted to developers only. I'd really
prefer not to comment until it's done. Sorry Chris!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Patience... big crowds down there :-)

<[Chris] C.CASSADAY> very well, Thanks!  Say thanks to Greg Kopchak
for me!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Then we have John Brenner again.

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> will do

<[Host] ST.LOU> GA JB

<[John B.] J.BRENNER1> Are there many hardware manufacturers present.
Like Fastech or JRI ? Is anyone showing upgrade hardware for older
machines as well as memory boards and what not for Falcons? GA

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> ICD is showing AdSpeed for $99, and good
prices on their Super Link Pro, and Pro Software.  Chro_Magic is here
selling their hardware, COMPO is showing Falcon Speed and the
Screenblast er, and of course, Migraph is showing their ColorBurst
hand scanner for the Falcon...Nagy says it is really, really hot!
Wizztronic is showing the Cartmaster, as well as another memory
upgrade board for the Falcon. In The Computer Network Booth, DMC is
showing Calamus SL, using an incredible CYREL Sunrise Card.  Without a
doubt, the finest images I have ever seen....  except in the Gribnif
booth...<grin> Crazy Dots is there.  :) ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is Orange County near you? Bob. Here is

<B.BENCIVENGA> Never mind you just answered my question? about new
products etc...

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ok... on to S.chapman

<S.CHAPMAN> are voice mail products being shown at the show , second,
what are the different MIDI products being shown and by who.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did I miss anyone? The queue is now empty....  Just
/rai again if I missed you or you have a question now

<[Bob Brodie] PRESS-13> I haven't seen any voice mail products.  There
was a private showing of Cubase Audio for Falcon, but that was done
off sight.  Barefoot is going to be releasing a new product soon, and
Compo is showing MusiCOMM.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Bob.... I understand that congrats are in order to
Jonesy who is the new LiveWire writer for us Way to go, Jonesy!

<[Host] ST.LOU> You mentioned CyReL....

<[Ron Kovacs] PRESS-13> Hi gang...

<[Host] ST.LOU> I have Ralf from Cybercube who has an announcement

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> First, congrats to your nice show!

<[Ron Kovacs] PRESS-13> go ahead!

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> Seems that you got a nice crowd down there!

<[Host] ST.LOU> What's the scoop, Ralf?

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We are having a special on the CyReL True Color
cards...  They have been reduced to US $999 for the show We are also
announcing a couple of new products, like a TT Accelerator and a 128
MB TT RAM expansion board!

<[Host] ST.LOU> THanks, Ralf... sounds like a can not resist I should
also mention that Dorothy Brumleve President of the IAAD is retiring
from the Live Wire job after years of service Many thanks to Dot!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Steve Kiepe is back...

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> Are significant numbers of Falcons (for
sale) in evidence at the show and how does the sales response appear
to be (thus far)?  ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> I just got a /send that anyone can take advantage of
the Glendale special on the CyReL cards... maybe someone can find
Nathan to tell us how....

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> There are good stacks of Falcons at both
Mid-Cities and TCN At least there was good stacks, They have been
depleted. :-) ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks, Nathan. How about info on the CyReL deal?

<[Steve@CNOTES] S.KIEPE> I picked a heck of a year to be away from
Southern California.  OH WELL, back in 94!  Thanks!  ga

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> On the CyReL cards, Cybercubes special will be
honored throughout North America for the  days of this show, fair is
fair so those that couldn't make it can still take advantage of a one
time above and beyond special. Thanks for asking.  ga

<[Host] ST.LOU> OK... Dave Freeland is last in line

<[David] D.FREELAND> Bob, in one of your previous conefrences, you
mentioned that there would be an 1-800 number to order Speedo fonts
with.  Do you have it?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ooops

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> I believe that Bill Rehbock mentioned that. Please
check in the Bitstream RT as it may be posted there. ga

<[David] D.FREELAND> Thanks.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... Dorothy has a few words for us

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Hi Dorothy.

<DABRUMLEVE> I am very pleased to announce that Mark Jones, our
beloved Jonesy, has agreed to relieve me of my LiveWire columnist
duties.  I have every confidence that Jonesy will do one hell of a
good job for Atari users here on GEnie.

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> "beloved"? ;-) Congrats Jonesy!

<DABRUMLEVE> I'm also missing this show just terribly.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Go Jonesy! Hail Dot! :-)

<DABRUMLEVE> I hope and trust everyone is having one terrific time!
Smoke 'em out! ;-)

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Wish you were here Dorothy!

<DABRUMLEVE> Me, too, Nathan.

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Wish Darlah was here more! ;-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is it true you went outside to have a commemorative
smoke, Dorothy? :-)

<DABRUMLEVE> hehehhehe

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... is my buddy Mike Allen around?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Not at this second Lou. He's raoming the aisles.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Ah... he was hot to go to the dev con... can you give
some impressions?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> The show winds up at 6:00 pm today so Mike's
taking a brouse.  The Dev Conference was mainly handled by Mike
Fulton, Eric Smith and Scott Sanders talking about his new Compendium.
It appeared to be quite well received. There was a solid turnout and
everyone apeared pleased with the discussion on Mint, Multi-TOS etc..

<[Host] ST.LOU> What wasthe reaction among the non-devs?

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> I didn't take a poll Lou, sorry. ;-)

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nathan... I would like some sense of highlights...
what impressed you the most?  Ask the others to join in... you can
type :-)

<[Nathan] PRESS-13> Lou, Mike's back. He's taking over the keyboard.

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Now what?

<[Host] ST.LOU> Mike... what are the highlights in your opinion?
<What did you buy?> :-)

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Sorry - lou - I spent LOTS of money - Saw lots of
good stuff.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Be our eyes, Mike...

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Compenduim is neat.  Warp 9 3.8 is Falcon
compatible.  Lots of Extendo-Save stuff with W9 3.8. I got DevPac3,
DataLite2, Genevea.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Mike.... JB asked me to ask about the Lexicor table...
How was it?  Lots of animations? How about the cards?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Hmmm - ? Back behind the bathroom, I believe.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did you get to see it?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I haven't really had the time to look a cards - the
crowds ...  around the booths Gribnif abnd DMC booths were preety
deep.  I thought there was going to be some kind of display comparing
the Lexicor and DMC cards...  and CrazyDotsII

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Lou - I haven't seen any Lexicor cards here - but I
haven't . . .  had the time to look too hard.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks, Mike... anyone else want to share some
thoughts with us?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I have been abandoned! Just me at the keyboard and I
am getting hungry!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Hehehe... well how about sharing your first experience
in the GEnie booth How did the demos go today??  Did Sandy use Aladdin

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Besides, they left me in Flash, which I've never
SEEN before!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Here, take my Aladdin.....<reach>

<[Mike] PRESS-13> Well, except for the fact the Sandy threw me off the
on-line ...

<[Host] ST.LOU> You mean they left the rookie while they went
shopping?  Shame...

<[Mike] PRESS-13> machine before I could get an "Update Topic" done on
. . .  aladdin (for the demo machine) things weren weren't too bad.
Nathan's disks had the whole starter kit . . .  ZIPped, which defeated
the purpose!  I'm glad I brought CodeCopy!  We've been remaking the
Stater Kits on the fly!  This is the last time we let Nathan make the
starter kits <g>!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Is there a lot of interest in GEnie, Mike? What kinds
of questions have you had?

<[Mike] PRESS-13> I am, however, going deaf.  MidCities has a volcano
that goes off (loudly) every so often to announce their specials!  I
have seen LOTS of Falcons go out the door!  TCN is selling 4/80's

<[Host] ST.LOU> WOW!!!  With a free Jaguar?  :-) Does anyone have the

<[Mike] PRESS-13> We've distributed about 30 copies of the starter
kit.  Haven't seen any 14/80s.  The Gizmo board looks real nice and

<[Host] ST.LOU> Did you sell modems with them? :-)

<[Mike] PRESS-13> there are several folks selling  Compo Falcon Screen
enhancer (I forgot the name!)

<[Host] ST.LOU> ScreenBlaster!  rhymes with volcane <grin>

<[Mike] PRESS-13> We all miss Dot and have had several smokes for her!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Thanks for the sights Mike.... going to talk-mode

//// Editor's note: Moments later, this converstion occurred!

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Ralf, could you give some details on the TT

<[Gregg] AEO.7> TT accelerator?????  yes.... TALK!!!!

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> The CyReL CaTTamaran is a small module for the TT
and allows you to run your TT either in 32, 36, 38, 40 and 45 !!! MHz.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Where do you pay... I want one NOW!!!!

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Ralf, is it an 040???

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Ralf, do you have a press release for the

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> The price will be US $99! No CPUs to replace, no
costly caches!

<[Host] ST.LOU> I want TWO of them... right now. I'm driving over,

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We have not yet completed the beta testing. So
there is no PR as of yet but there will be!

<[Host] ST.LOU> Plug and play?

<[Gregg] AEO.7> Sounds GOOD!  any more details?  need a beta tester?

<[Host] ST.LOU> I will pay to beta test!

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Cool. Congrats! (me too?)

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> It's a really small module. Some SOLDERING is
required.  Sorry, but this kind of thing can't just be installed like
a graphics card. *grin*

<[Host] ST.LOU> Nice name, BTW.

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> I'll Beta test on lots of Graphics apps...

<[Host] ST.LOU> I can vouch for Dave Smith...

<[Hai-Keeba!] AEO.MAG> Ehhhh, I'd burn a hole in my TT. :-(

<[Gregg] AEO.7> Hey, I know someone that'll put it through it's paces
with DynaCADD and Calamus.

<[Host] ST.LOU> Where does it connect? Can you say...

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> Yep, we thought that you get a lot more speed with
a CaTTamaran. *grin*

<[Dave] D.SMITH200> Thanks Lou!!

<[Michael] AEO.4> How in the world does it work without a replacement

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> We have invented something... cannot elaborate too
much, but it's based on our CyReL XtraClock technology. So you get a
lot more kick out of your TT than you might have thought possible.

<[Ralf] CYBERCUBE> OK, for more details, please wait for the PR!

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