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____________________________________________________________________________ _______ _ ____ _ _ _ ____ | |__ ___/ |/ ___\| | | | / | _ \ | Oo._Frequently Asked Codes_.oO | | / | | __| | | | / | |_| | | /| | |/ / | | |_ | | | |/ / | _ < | Level Codes......... 2 | |_| / _ | |__| | |_| / _ | | \\\ | Game Cheats......... 4 \___/_/ |_|\____/ \___/_/ |_|_| \\\ | Easter Eggs......... 2 \\\ |________________________________ (6) (4) (-) (B) (I) (T) \\\ | | MAY 2, 1994 - Vol 1 No 5 ___________________________________________|________________________________ Another month and a few more Tempest 2000 tid bits. Lets hope that Wolf 3D is code infested. Also, keep an eye out for the Joust easter egg in any new Jaguar releases. I would like to thank BATMAN@EN.ITP.TSOA.NYU.EDU for his contribution in in this issue of the Jaguar FAC. ___________________________________________________________________________ Table of Contents_____________________________________________________[TOC] Cybermorph....................................Level Codes [CLC1] Evolution: Dino Dudes.........................Level Codes [ELC1] Evolution: Dino Dudes.........................Game Cheat [EGC1] Startup Sequence..............................Easter Egg [SEE1] * Tempest 2000..................................Easter Egg [TEE1] Tempest 2000..................................Game Cheat [TGC2] Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy...........Game Cheat [TGC1] * - Updated since last Jaguar FAC was publicly posted. END___________________________________________________________________[TOC] Cybermorph_______________________Level Codes_________________________[CLC1] ____________________________Instructions____________________________ The following codes can be entered on the planet selection screen. Any time at the planet selection screen a code can be entered to skip to any sector in the game. Any completed planets in a sector will not reappear until the game is reset. _______________________________Codes________________________________ SECTOR 1 ..... 1008 SECTOR 2 ..... 1328 SECTOR 3 ..... 9325 SECTOR 4 ..... 9226 SECTOR 5 ..... 3444 UNKNOWN ...... 6009 ____________________________Note________________________________ The UNKNOWN Sector Contains four identical looking planets. Although, One contains nothing but bonus power-ups, while the other three contain nothing but massive enemy force. The bonus power-up planet is on the lower right-hand side of the planet selection screen. This code was found on the planet Codex. END___________________________________________________________________[CLC1] Evolution: Dino Dudes____________Level Codes__________________________[ELC1] ____________________________Instructions____________________________ The following codes can be entered in the code entry screen from the main menu screen. _______________________________Codes________________________________ Level 1...ROUND ONE Level 2...LIBERTY ISLAND Level 3...STONE WALL Level 4...G MEN Level 5...WILD WEST Level 6...LEMON ENTRY Level 7...WAGON WHEEL Level 8...OIL DRUM Level 9...MOON ORBIT Level 10..HARD ROCK Level 11..TRIP AND FALL Level 12..ALARM CLOCK Level 13..BIG COUNTRY Level 14..HOG TIED Level 15..CAN CAN Level 16..CUTE MOUSE Level 17..SPARK PLUG Level 18..PONY EXPRESS Level 19..PADDED CELL Level 20..LOG PLUME Level 21..CANVAS SAIL Level 22..GOLDEN ERA Level 23..WIDE SEAT Level 24..BAD KARMA Level 25..CRASH BARRIER Level 26..LIME GLASS Level 27..SURFS UP Level 28..PENAL COLONY Level 29..RELIEF ART Level 30..TRIBAL DANCE Level 31..SODA FOUNTAIN Level 32..PARKING SPACE Level 33..PIZZA DUDE Level 34..CROW FLIES Level 35..TILED ROOF Level 36..SLATE MISSING Level 37..OPENING TIME Level 38..INNER PEACE Level 39..BAD DOG Level 40..SOUR BELLY Level 41..LARGE MUG Level 42..HALF A BET Level 43..SING SING Level 44..BROWN COW Level 45..IRON HORSE Level 46..WHITE MALE Level 47..BOX OFFICE Level 48..CORNY FUR Level 49..ATOM CAT Level 50..FREE WHEELING Level 51..BUSH FIRE Level 52..CAR BRA Level 53..PORK PIES Level 54..STORMY WEATHER Level 55..STAGE COACH Level 56..QUAY BORED Level 57..SPLASH DOWN Level 58..BUG POLITICS Level 59..SHAKE SPEAR Level 60..SCHOOL ZONE Level 61..PINK MARBLE Level 62..ROLLING PLAINS Level 63..ICON DRIVE Level 64..CARROT TOP Level 65..QUILL PEN Level 66..TUTTI FRUTTI Level 67..PUBLIC ENEMY Level 68..BIG END Level 69..TAN PARLOR Level 70..NEVER READY Level 71..SHARK FANGS Level 72..STOOL PIGEON Level 73..PROM QUEEN Level 74..RED LETTER Level 75..CORN PONE Level 76..BILGE PUMP Level 77..SIXTY FOUR BIT Level 78..HALF MAST Level 79..WALKING BOSS Level 80..SPACE TO LET END___________________________________________________________________[ELC1] Evolution: Dino Dudes____________Game Cheat___________________________[EGC1] ____________________________________________________________________ / \ < Unlimited Lives and Disable Timer > \____________________________________________________________________/ ____________________________Instructions____________________________ The following cheat codes are to be entered on the code entry screen. Each cheat requires two codes to activate. When entering the screen select the key to clear out any current code and enter the first code of the cheat and select the key. You will hear a thunderclap if the code was accepted. Then, the code will be replaced with the "ROUND ONE" level 1 code. Select the key again and now enter the second code for the cheat and select the key again. You will hear a belch and a summoning sound that indicates that the cheat code has been activated until the game is turned off. ____________________________Cheat Codes_____________________________ Disable Timer..... TIME STANDS STILL FOREVER Unlimited lives... ONCE DEAD TWICE BORN /\ /\ Thunderclap Belch Sound Sound END___________________________________________________________________[EGC1] Startup Sequence_________________Easter Egg___________________________[SEE1] ____________________________Instructions____________________________ Insert any Jaguar game cartridge into the Jaguar console. Press the POWER button. While the Jaguar logo is appearing on the screen press and release the OPTION and PAUSE buttons simultaneously. The startup sequence will proceed to the spinning Jaguar cube. At this point you can alter the texture mapped Jaguar cube with the following controls: _______________Joypad:1______________ _________Buttons:1__________ Decrease [OPTION]+[PAUSE] Cube Size PRESS simultaneously to O interrupt startup Increase Left/ | Decrease Left/ sequence. Decrease Right O-*-O Increase Right [A],[B],[C],[OPTION],[PAUSE] Cube Spin | Cube Spin PRESS to continue startup O sequence and start game. Increase [0] PRESS to reverse the Cube Size direction of the cube at the current spin speed. END___________________________________________________________________[SEE1] Tempest 2000_____________________Easter Egg___________________________[TEE1] ____________________________________________________________________ / \ < Controller Type Selection > \____________________________________________________________________/ ____________________________Instructions____________________________ Plug in two Jaguar controllers into their controller ports on the front of the Jaguar. Insert the Tempest 2000 game cartridge into the Jaguar console. Press the POWER button. After the startup sequence, the Tempest 2000 title screen will start. Press any fire button on controller one to enter the Main Game Menu Screen. To enable the Controller Type selection, hold down [PAUSE] and [OPTION] on controller two and hit [PAUSE] and [OPTION] on controller one. You should be able to hear an audible confirmation of "Excellent." On the Tempest 2000 Game Option Screen, you should now have a third option called controller type. The option allows the player one and two controllers to be configured as a joypad or rotary type controller. Without the use of a rotary type controller, configuring a joypad controller as a rotary renders the game unplayable. Please Note, the following easter egg is permanent and will remain in effect forever, unless you physically reset your Tempest 2000 game cartridge as described in your game instruction booklet. ____________________________________________________________________ / \ < Web Rotation > \____________________________________________________________________/ ____________________________Instructions____________________________ Insert the Tempest 2000 game cartridge into the Jaguar console. Press the POWER button. After the startup sequence, the Tempest 2000 title screen will start. Press any fire button to enter the Main Game Menu Screen. With the joypad select a game and hit press any fire button. On the web select screen, UP and DOWN will select web levels, but LEFT and RIGHT will rotate the web on the screen allowing full control of your view of the web. ________________Joypad_______________ Increase Web Level O Rotate | Rotate Web Left O-*-O Web Right | O Decrease Web Level END___________________________________________________________________[TEE1] Tempest 2000_____________________Game Cheat___________________________[TGC2] ____________________________________________________________________ / \ < Level Warp and Bonus Level Select > \____________________________________________________________________/ ____________________________Instructions____________________________ Insert the Tempest 2000 game cartridge into Jaguar console. Press the POWER button. After the startup sequence, the Tempest 2000 title screen will start. Press any fire button to enter the Main Game Menu Screen. With the joypad, move the pointer to the game you wish to play without selecting it. At this point, hold down the following keypad keys simultaneously [1]-[4]-[7]. Next, Press the [A] fire button to select the game while holding down the previously mention keypad keys. You should be able to hear an audible confirmation of "Yes" for the game selection and an "Excellent" for the level select and bonus level select code acknowledgment. The game will appear to play and act normal except for the behavior of the [OPTION] and [6] key. On any level at any time, when the [OPTION] key is pressed, the message "Outta Here" will appear and you will immediately be warped from the current web to the next web and given 5000 bonus points (9000 points in Beastly Mode). To use the bonus level select, press [6] at any time during the game play and the "Warped Enabled" message will appear. Now, upon completion of the web (or [OPTION] for "Outta Here") you will automatically enter one of the three bonus levels. ____________________________Cheat Codes_____________________________ Outta Here........To enable, on Game Menu press [1]-[4]-[7] and [A]. Outta Here........To use, during game play press [OPTION] to warp from current web to next web. Warp Enabled......To use, during game play press [6] and [OPTION] to warp to one of the three bonus stages. END___________________________________________________________________[TGC2] Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy_____Game Cheat____________________[TGC1] ____________________________________________________________________ / \ < Completely Control the Game > \____________________________________________________________________/ ____________________________Instructions____________________________ Insert the Crescent Galaxy game cartridge into Jaguar console. Press the POWER button. After the startup sequence, the Crescent Galaxy title screen will start. During the title screen, on the key pad of controller one type in the code 1193. There will be no acknowledgement that the code was entered and the game will appear and play as normal, but controller two will alter the game play with the following controls: _______________Joypad:2_____________ __________Buttons:2__________ Decrease Increase [A] PRESS to Increase Background O-*-O Background Foreground Scrolling. Scrolling Scrolling [B] PRESS to Decrease Foreground Scrolling. [C] PRESS to use current special weapon with- out deducting from collected weapons. [1] PRESS to power-up gun. [2] PRESS to cycle through power-up on bomb. [3] PRESS to mark other moons as completed. [4] TOGGLE space ship from normal to invincible. [0] PRESS to select special effect sound. [*] PRESS to play currently selected sound. END___________________________________________________________________[TGC1]
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