Kasumi Ninja Frequently Asked Questions

The Unofficial Kasumi Ninja FAQ v1.5 Please send corrections, additions, comments to: svensson@bucknell.edu Q. What is Kasumi Ninja? A. Kasumi Ninja is the first released fighting game for the Atari Jaguar 64 Bit Multimedia System. It was released December 24, 1994. The game is being developed by Handmade Software (based in the U.K.) for Atari Corp. Q. What is "special" about KN? A. KN represents the first Digitized fighting game to rival/exceed the visuals, violence and gameplay of the Mortal Kombat series of arcade games on the Atari Jaguar. By using the Jaguar's advanced graphic and sound capabilities, KN should be the first true "arcade" quality fighting game available on the Jaguar. One other note is about the violence in this game. This will undoubtedly be if not the bloodiest then one of the bloodiest games in or out of the arcade. To this end, Atari has voluntarily placing a warning on the outside and the inside of the game package that states the game is for mature audiences. NOTE: There will be a "gore" setting whereby the player can easily turn on and off the gore in the options menu. Here are the availible settings: 1. None: No blood appears from hits to opponents., no blood from sword lifebars. 2. Combat: Blood sprays from opponents from every hit, but does not pool on the ground. No blood from swords. 3. Disturbing: Very bloody! Blood sprays from the opponents, pools on the ground and drips from the lifebar swords. The player cannot use a deathmove at the end of a match in this setting. 4. Gore Fest: Yep! you got it!! All of the features from "disturbing" are here, and you can dismember your opponent at the end of a round!! The Parental Lockout Feature: People at Atari were concerned about the graphic nature of the deathmoves in Kasumi Ninja, so a lockout feature was added, so that when the lockout is on, the game will function normally, but the player will not be able to dismember his opponent at the end of a match. The lockout uses a 6 digit code, which CANNOT be reset using the conventional memory reset option. This way, children cannot hack into the cart once the parent has set the lockout code. Q. How does the gameplay work? A. Like in most fighting games, it is a tournament format where a player fights one of the other characters which is being played by either the computer or another human player. Each fighter has special moves specific to him/her in addition to basic moves that all characters can do. The "life gauge" is a large samurai sword upon which blood accumulates the more the character is hit. Blood periodically drips to the floor and stays there throughout the round. Needless to say, all blows by an opponent cause massive amounts of blood to fly. The game begins with the players chosing their character. In a one player game the player also chooses his opponent at this point. During this whole process there is great music playing. Once both characters are selected, a door opens and players can run down the hall to their fighting area. The background for the battle is determined by who is the second player. There is a ton of hidden stuff in the game, so dig around and experiment!! Q. Who are the Characters and What is the Storyline? A. The story takes place on the small island of Kasumi in the West Pacific Rim. For many generations, the island has been the source of some of the greatest Ninja Warriors. The existence of the island and its inhabitants is a secret, and the secrecy has been maintained with the help of the Ninja Gods. An invisibility mist shrouds the island, making it undetectable, even by modern technology such as satellites and radar. The Ninja Gods ensure that no ships find it by diverting their course. Recently, one of the eldest Ninjas, Gyaku, went berserk and killed all of the other elders on the island. It is said that Gyaku is possessed by spirits from the Demon World. Now, the Evil Ninja Gyaku has proclaimed himself Lord of Kasumi Island. The Ninja Gods have chosen you, a neophyte Ninja, to defeat Gyaku and re-claim the Dragon Cloud Temple, where Gyaku is planning his overthrow of the Island. The Dragon Cloud temple is said to have a portal to the Demon World, and with such awesome power, Gyaku could not only rule Kasumi Island, but he could very well rule the world. The Gods cannot help you directly, but they can help you as the Ninja to gain more confidence and skill. This is done by your Ninja character assuming the persona of a great fighter from one of the world's fighting races. Fighting as all of the characters, and defeating all of the different characters will prepare you for your final confrontation with Gyaku. The way will be dangerous, but with the help of the Ninja Gods, you can make it to face Gyaku, and destroy him before he unleashes his Demon Minions. Kasumi Ninja Characters The characters will be explained in order starting to the right of the long hallway the player sees at the character selection screen. The Orange Ninja: Habaki Habaki is the Eldest of the two Ninja brothers (by 10 minutes). of the Kiri-ga-kure family. The Ninja Gods have chosen Habaki to face Gyaku because he shows great promise as a Ninja Warrior. Habaki is very adept at the Ninja skill of Teleportation. Chagi: The Kickboxer In his nation, Kick Boxer Chagi is undefeated. He has taken the art of Kick Boxing and Martial Arts to their very limits. The Ninja Gods have chosen his persona because of his great speed and agility. Alaric, King of the Goths The reason the Ninja Gods have chosen Alaric, King of the Goths, is well known. Alaric was one of history's most feared and ferocious fighters. Alaric helped to bring down the mighty Roman Empire, and conquered great portions of Central Europe. Alaric is feared, because he possesses an exploding Bamboo Stick which he found in battle. Alaric uses this Bamboo Stick to keep his people loyal, as well as to defend himself. Thundra, The Amazon Queen Now living on the island of Mazos near Somothrace. Thundra is the Amazon that led her race to Victory over the Gargarians, and negotiated the original treaty between the two races. The Ninja Gods have chosen her because of her close relation to the animals of the jungle. This relation has helped to make her an agile and powerful warrior. Danja, The Urban Gang Leader Danja grew up to become the leader of a gang of fighting women. They spent many years cleaning up their turf of lower street life. Danja fights using the dirtiest street tricks she can come up with. She is well respected by her sisters in the neighborhood. Danja has spent most of her life learning to use the Bolas as a powerful, and devastating weapon. She has developed an exploding tip for the bolas that has proven to be deadly in combat, and, through elimination, made her the leader of her gang. Pakawa: The Comanche Indian Warrior Pakawa is the Chief of the Comanche fighting tribe Tu-Wee-Kah. The Tu-Wee-Kah were equivalent to the Greet Berets in their time. They were the ones that were sent in first, to stealthily attack the opposition, and disable key warriors. The rest of the tribe would then attack. Pakawa is very adept with his hunting blade. He has collected many scalps to prove his bravery, and fighting skill. The Green Ninja: Senzo Senzo is the younger of the Ninja Twins. The Gods have chosen him because of his great speed, and agility with the Ninja art of throwing Fireballs. Angus McGreggor: The Scottish Brawler Angus is a burly fighter from the Highlands. He has spent his life mastering the Caber Toss, and is known to use this special skill against unwary opponents in battle. Angus has also learned the fine art of tossing fireballs, although his delivery is somewhat unorthodox. Beware the Glasgow Kiss! Gyaku: Gyaku is the boss character who basically looks identical to Habaki and Senzo except he is garbed in gray. He has a variety of moves that he executes very quickly. Q. What sort of backgrounds are there? A. There was one background made for each of the characters. Each of the photo-realistic backgrounds will have some sort of moving element and multiple layers of paralax scrolling. The Native American's background is an Indian Reservation with a beautiful mountain scene with Teepees, horses and campfires (which are animated). There is also a "canyon" background for one of the fighters and another "oriental" background that was nicer than the dragon/dogs background as well. All backgrounds will have some sort of moving element. One of the more notible parts of the background are the floors, which are comprised of many, many small polygons. These polys provide a "tiled" appearance on many of the backgrounds and is visually stunning. Execution of Special Moves: ALARIC, KING OF THE GOTHS SPECIAL MOVES: Power Slide = C + half circle low from away to towards Goth Hammer = C + towards, up Dynamite toss = C + half circle away from down to up DEATH MOVE: Dynamite mouth C + away,towards,away,downtowards+B [Andy M] ANGUS MCGREGGOR: THE SCOTTISH BRAWLER SPECIAL MOVES: Caber Toss = C + down, up Head Butt = C + down, towards Fireball = C + half circle high from away to towards Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: "The Head Pummel" C + towards, away, down CHAGI: THE KICKBOXER SPECIAL MOVES: Fireball = C + away, towards, towards Hammer Kick = C + away, up Knee Slam = C + towards, towards, B Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: Slams knee into crotch, buckling opponent over, then shoves foot through the opponents chest. C + away,towards,away,downtowards+A [Andy M] DANJA, THE URBAN GANG LEADER SPECIAL MOVES: Bolas = C + away, away, away, towards (far) Teleport = C + down, up, up (quickly!) Crotch Grab = ? Throat Spike = ? Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: Exploding Bolas C + away,up,away,up,away,up [Dan L] HABAKI SPECIAL MOVES: Fireball = C + half circle low from away to towards Ninja Teleport = C + then up,up Whirlwind Kick = C + then away,away,towards,towards Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: Power Head Smash Cut in Half: C + away,up (must be close) [Brian O] PAKAWA: THE COMANCHE INDIAN WARRIOR SPECIAL MOVES: Head Butt = C + towards, towards, towards (close) Hunting Blade = C + half circle low from away to towards. Buffalo Jump = C + back, up, up Throw = B + away DEATH MOVE: Scalping C + half circle low from towards to away, twice SENZO SPECIAL MOVES: Fireball = C + half circle low from away to towards Ninja Teleport = C + up,up Whirlwind Kick = C + away,away,towards,towards Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: Power Head Smash C + up,down (must be close) [Willbill] THUNDRA, THE AMAZON QUEEN SPECIAL MOVES: Jungle Lunge = C + away, towards, towards (far) Jungle Strike = C + towards, towards, towards (close) Teleport = C + down, up Bite opponent = ? Throw = A + away DEATH MOVE: Fly though opponent's upper body C + up, towards, up, towards [Jeff S] GYAKU: THE GREY NINJA aka (You'll see!) He's the same same as Habaki and Senzo. Except he's grey. Also he can do a few extra moves like fireballs bounce off him and back at you and some fireballs pass though him. When fighting Gyaku it's the best of 5. Don't do a fatality on him while playing in Ninja God mode. :) Thanks to: Die Hard Game Fan Travis Guy - Editor, Atari Explorer Online Gordon Craick - Writer, Frontier Magazine Barry Cantin - Writer, CAIN Newsletter Greg LaBrec - Writer, Atari Explorer Online Toh Khai Wee - Usenet News Rob Nicholson - Handmade Software Ted Taquechi - From Atari David Haupert - Attended SCES APE Online SCES Report David Glowacki - Attended SCES Jeff Schlich - Level 7 Software This is an unofficial FAQ. It is in no way connected to or affiliated with Atari Corporation or Handmade Software. It is provided merely for informational and entertainment purposes. (enjoy!) As moves and combos are discovered, please send them to me. This document is far from final and may have several mistakes. All move combos have been confirmed by Jeff Schlich (thanks Jeff!) ========================================================================== Christian Svensson = ATARI JAGUAR 64 BIT INTERACTIVE Bucknell University Comp. & Comm.Srvcs = MULTIMEDIA SYSTEM svensson@bucknell.edu = Atari Explorer Online explorer.5@genie.geis.com = Ask me about the KN FAQ http://www.bucknell.edu/~svensson = Ask me about the FFL FAQ THE UNOFFICIAL JAGUAR HOMEPAGE = ==========================================================================
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