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Welcome to the Atari SIG's Jaguar Support Area! The Jaguar Support Area has been established for owners of the first 64-bit interactive multimedia entertainment system. And what many call the most powerful video game system on the market today! If you are interested in news, reviews, summaries, tips, tricks, info, and great conversation--you are in the right place! These are the things that this support area offers. And...it offers it all for free! What's the catch? The catch is that in order for this to work, you will have to do your share of contributing news, reviews, summaries, tips, tricks, info, and great conversation! The result will be the best Jaguar Support Area possible! The Jaguar Support Area is run by individuals and is no way affiliated with Atari Corporation. The "Atari" name, logo, and any other Atari products mentioned here are copyrighted by Atari Corporation. The Jaguar Support Area is made possible by CWRU, INS, NPTN, and you, the user who contributes time and information. This area is maintained by the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG. It can be accessed by users from around the nation and world for free by using "telnet" at their college or business by one of the following Internet addresses: freenet-in-a.cwru.edu, freenet-in-b.cwru.edu, freenet-in-c.cwru.edu, nextsun.INS.CWRU.Edu, kanga.ins.CWRU.Edu ( or The Cleveland Free-Net can also be accessed by the phone number: 216/368-3888 at either 300, 1200, or 2400 baud (sometimes even greater). Once you have connected to Free-Net, you should enter the system as a visitor if you are not a registered user and apply for an account. The system will not allow you to post to a bulletin board or sign your name to a directory without an ID. Type 'go atari' at the main menu and you will be sent to the Atari SIG. From there, select option 9 for the Jaguar Support Area menu. Parts of the Jaguar Support Area can also be accessed through the Video Game SIG (go vgame). Here is a small overview of each section and its contents: 1. About this Support Area - What you are reading now. 2. The Jaguar Interactive Multimedia System - A description of the Jaguar, a small history of the system, how it compares with other video game systems, game cartridges available, soon to be released game cartridges, and what makes the system so popular. 3. Reference Desk... - A submenu that contains the Jaguar Frequently Asked Questions, Jaguar News Releases, Developers List, and Record High Scores Reported. 4. Jaguar News - The place to find the latest announcements in the Universe of Atari about the Jaguar. Since this is a text-file, please send your news to the Atari SIG (xx004) e-mail box and it will be added. Or just post your news to the Jaguar bulletin board and the SIGOps will get it from there. All past news can be found in the Atari News area on the Atari SIG's main menu. 5. Bulletin Board - A general discussion board just for you and your fellow Jaguar players! 6. Usenet: rec.games.video.atari - An international Atari video games newsgroup (bulletin board) that hundreds of users post to and read from. Since the Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIGOps do not maintain this newsgroup, you must be extremely careful when posting to it. Users misusing this newsgroup (by posting profanity or illegal material) may lose their Free-Net access. The Usenet rules can be found in the Atari Library under the Usenet Newsgroups submenu. 7. Game Summaries - A Jaguar game cartridge summary area! This newsgroup includes summaries on each game cartridge. 8. Game Reviews - A Jaguar game cartridge review area! The only way to see if a game is worth purchasing is to read reviews on it. (See below for information on posting reviews.) 9. Rate Jaguar Games... - A section to rate your game cartridges. You may only rate once for every game cartridge. 10. Tips & Tricks - A place for you to share those neat little tricks you've discovered or heard about in almost every Jaguar game. (See below for information on posting tips and/or tricks.) 11. Online Publications... - This section includes Jaguar related online magazines such as Power Addiction Magazine, Z*Net, ST Report, and Atari Explorer Online magazines. 12. Jaguar Player Directory... - Be sure to add your name to this directory. This is where members can look up other members of the SIG. Finally, don't forget to use the main Atari SIG menu. There are several boards there that are relevant to the Jaguar game player as well, including the Atari SIG's General Bulletin Board, the Wanted & For Sale Board, the Voting Booth area, the Atari Library area, The Newsroom, the Help Line (Q&A) board, and the SIG Directory Services. REVIEWS -=-=-=- In order to avoid confusion, please follow these instructions when contributing a review. When entering the subject of a review, do the following: If cartridge game: SUBJECT: JAGUAR: name of title If CD-ROM game: SUBJECT: CD-ROM: name of title Does that seem simple enough? All you need to do is add "JAGUAR:" or "CD-ROM:" to the subject header when it tells you to name the subject. You then type in the name of the title you are reviewing. The review should be very informative. You should mention what it is about, what you like about it, what you don't, etc. If you are still unsure about how to write the review, post your question on the Jaguar Bulletin Board--many people will be glad to help you! TIPS & TRICKS -=-=-=-=-=-=- When contributing a tip or trick, please do the following similar to above: If cartridge game: SUBJECT: JAGUAR: title and/or what it is, help, hint, or spoiler If CD-ROM game: SUBJECT: CD-ROM: title and/or what it is, help, hint, or spoiler The "JAGUAR:" and "CD-ROM:" will allow the user to distinguish what type of game it is just by looking at the subject. RECORD HIGH SCORES -=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Send record high scores to the Atari SIG (xx004) mail-box. Please include the name, level, score, and any other information that needs to be included. We will add this score to the Jaguar Record High Scores Reported listing. The score you give is expected to be honest. If you would like to contribute other material or help retype hard copies of articles and newsletters, please contact the Atari SIG at the address of "xx004". Each contribution you give will be delayed until it is validated by one of the Atari SIGOps. This should take less than 48 hours. And lastly, if you take any material from this area and have it reprinted in your newsletter or any other publication, please include this necessary information unless the review or summary here was taken from another source: Name of article Author's name Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG telnet freenet-in-a.cwru.edu (216)/368-3888 type 'go atari' at any menu Thank you and please do your part in making this area a success. The Jaguar Support Area is only as good as you mnake it! If you have any comments or suggestions on how to make the Jaguar Support Area better then please send them to the Atari SIG (xx004) e-mail box. The Atari SIG Operators would love to hear from you! Thank you, Len Stys, aa399 Barry W. Cantin, aa852 Jaguar Support Area SIGOps Cleveland Free-Net Atari SIG
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